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Politics / Re: Double Standard Of The Nigerian Government And The Hypocricy Of The Igbos by pabish(m): 6:59pm On Jun 30
It is now an old news that the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been rearrested and extradited back to Nigeria and is currently in DSS detention and court have even started the continuous proceedings on him after he jumped bail and fled to Is real and UK according to him for fear of being killed by the Nigerian government. Point of correction bro. Ohaneze never made any comment about MNK's arrest. The Ohaneze PG, Obiozor has refuted such publication.

His rearrest have been triailed by different version of stories making rounds especially on the social media. Some have said he was picked up in Israel, some say UK, some say Kenya while some say in a yet to be confirmed location.

The truth is whether arrested in UK or Israel or even Libya the point is he has been rearrested again by the Nigerian government. Secondly, one is left to wonder why the exact location of his arrest is a topic of debate.

Let me say this categorically, for some reasons I am not a fan of Nnamdi KANU. I do not support his violence nature, emotional immaturity, uncivil language in most cases, said that I support the Biafran struggle 100%. I owe no one an apology neither does anyone owe me.

Upon his arrest, different interest groups has praised their god to high heavens jubilating at his rearrest. Groups like Miyetti Allah have adviced Nigerian government not to waste some much time in court with Kanu, but should immediatley prosecute him because he is a known terrorist and even more terrorist that Boko Haram, Bandits and Fulani herdsmen who the Nigerian government has treated with kids glove even when their commanders are all within the sures of Nigeria yet remain untouchable by the hypocritical Nigerian government.

To make matter worse, the Ohanaze Ndigbo in their usual show of shame and irresponsibility have claimed that the rearrest of Nnamdi KANU is an aversion of another civil war against the South East. And I say to them Really?

Take it or leave it, the Igbos are the most irresponsible set of people in the black continent. They never stand up for the truth, they don't speak when it matters most neither do they defend their own. How can the extradition of Nnamdi Kanu be something the Ohaneze Ndigbo should be proud about and even went ahead to that the Nigerian government for the arrest?

My point is, when will the Igbos unite? When will they truly forge alliance against their common enemy? When will they learn to speak with one voice and to stand up in defence of their own when it matters most? When will this self acclaimed developers have sense?

Is a Pantami was fingered for sympathizing with terrorist, not a single Northerner rose against him. Sheikh Gumi has been at the vanguard of advocating protection and even negotiation for bandits who have killed, maimed and sacked many and not a single Norther have risen to speak against him. The point is all the atrocities of the northern foot soldiers have been encouraged, viewed as pdonable offences but only Nnamdi KANU.

Let also ask the Nigerian government, if it was this easy to arrest Nnamdi KANU who is a British citizen and who recides in far away UK, how come you were not able to arrest Shekau, Herdsmen leaders and sponsorers as well as those aiding the bandits? Can you see how the Nigerian government have continued to show bias, favoritism, sectional, promoting Northern agenda against the rest of Nigerians?

Isn't it obvious that all is truly not well and that the Southerners really need to wake yo the height of injustice, conquer and subjugation going on against the South?

Let me also remind those who are laughing at the rearrest of Nnamdi KANU, especially those from the South. Please take a chill pill. Do well not to laugh again rather open your eyes, be ready for what is yet to come because Nnamdi KANU has now been rearested. If you do not know, this mans presence has checkmated the Fulani agenda and now that he is in detention, watch the trend and I pray it meets you well.

Finally, Ndigbo, no need asking you to unite against our common enemy because you will never and you have never. It is about self, investment and pride, but the danger beneath none is seeing it. Since you take pleasure in the rearrest of your son who has been calling for self freedom, let's watch and see your fate in the coming days.

Education / Re: Ejim Chinazom Judith Graduates As A Medical Doctor In A Wheelchair In Enugu by pabish(m): 12:29pm On Jun 29
Waste of time, money and resources. She won't even be smart enough to be attending to patients.

It would have been far more better of her begging on the street than this.
Na human being be this?
Politics / Re: A Landlocked Biafra Vs A Deadlocked Northern Nigeria, Who Actually Has The Keys by pabish(m): 3:13pm On Jun 11

Lmao....red oil?? So igbos sell red oil to the north

How many northerners eat vegetables or include it in their delicacies??...infact, the only vegetable Igbos have is Ugwu, any other vegetables belong to the Yorubas....how many northerners eat Igbo garri??.....

All those 3 things you mentioned, the northerners can do without them for months and they wouldn't blink......but 80percent of foodstuff u consumed are always coming from the north....so who's now a parasite
So because the north produces most of the food Igbos eat,makes you feel that if the north stop selling to them,they will starve?Guy go get some sense,these are the kind of mentality most Yorubas have that makes them not to care if they are in perpetual slavery or not.
Politics / Re: Nobody Should Take President Buhari Serious by pabish(m): 7:56pm On Jun 10
vedaxcool :
We should take your babe serious?
Try and be serious for once.
Politics / Re: Nobody Should Take President Buhari Serious by pabish(m): 3:51pm On Jun 10
So who should we take serious? You?
You like wahala sha.


Politics / Nobody Should Take President Buhari Serious by pabish(m): 3:44pm On Jun 10
I am sorry if the topic doesn't match with the body of this article,but be rest assured that I am saying the truth.
I took out time to listen to the interview granted to the president by Arise TV. It became obvious that Buhari is not in touch with us,he is living in a different world entirely. Initially,I was angry with all the shenanigans from the presidency,not until now. I am now convinced,that we have to bear this as a burden/cross for two more years. It shall be well with Nigeria again,I bet you. After rain,comes shine. Please let us bear him, it's a tse tse fly in the scrotum,He doesn't know what he is doing/saying.

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Politics / Re: We Can't Deceive God: Who Did Pastor Adeboye See In Aso Rock? by pabish(m): 2:57pm On May 08
Now it is crystal clear Igbos ain't playing politics but pure hate,we agree u hate buhari but y link someone's misfortune with Buhari.

So u are insinuating that Adeboye saw another version of buhari n he didn't talk n that's y his son died right?
In your mind u believe it's punishment is d death of his son because u believed he lied to u?

Just imagine how can a whole tribe b unreasonably stupid,with this madness u are displaying I will prefer to vote Shekau than any Igbo man alive.

Buhari can b all shades of evil but the igbos are far worse
. How did you come to the conclusion that the OP is an Igbo man. Guy your hatred for Igbo will kill your family soon.

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Politics / Solution To The Present Insecurity Bedevilling The Country by pabish(m): 7:36am On Apr 28
In a very short and simple logic,since various interest groups have been clamouring for state police,it will be nice we start from somewhere, rather than ignore the calls, would it not be expedient,if all states have their sons and daughters directly oversee the command structure of the security. By doing this, emotions won't be attached to whatever decision taken to quell uprising.
Romance / Re: My Wife's Sister Is About To Crash My Marriage by pabish(m): 8:35pm On Apr 27
OP did you even read the nonsense you posted. In life there are somethings called a NO-GO zones, no matter the temptation. If you truly love your wife and never cheated since you got married a year ago... You need to learn self discipline bro. No go use your hand cause gbere for yourself. Johnny no get sense..Johnny no get mind of em own...your brain controls Johnny... So use it...
SHOT UP, Do u know what is Penis when he sees breast?

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Health / Re: I'll Be Undergoing Colon Cancer Surgery Soon by pabish(m): 8:27pm On Apr 27
May the Good God see you through.

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Romance / Re: Oga Punters,whats difference between 1 or 2.5 and 1 and2.5 by pabish(m): 5:26pm On Mar 26
Home or 10+ corners, simple
. Hmmm
Politics / Re: Thunder Fire You There, Wike To Ben Ayade Governor Of Cross River. by pabish(m): 8:07pm On Mar 21
Wike might end up making alot of enemies for Ikwerres than friends. I suggest somebody should hurriedly advice/cushion him.

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Politics / Re: Six Policemen, Naval Officers Feared Killed In Anambra by pabish(m): 2:07pm On Mar 19
During the Biafra war,one of the tactics considered by the military government of Biafra,was to use guirilla war strategy. Unfortunately, before it could be implemented,the war ended.
I believe, that's the tactics the UGM have now adobted.
Health / Re: World Cancer Day: Only 3 Public Radiotherapy Centres In Nigeria by pabish(m): 3:43pm On Feb 04
Nigeria is a shit hole,if one goes to the hospital,and peradventure the ailment diagnosed is not malaria or headache. My dear just know you are in a mess.
Politics / Re: Tunde Bakare: Osinbajo Should Leave If He’s Not Allowed To Perform As VP by pabish(m): 6:14pm On Feb 03

So that who should replace him?

Good question. Some persons don't seems to know that Osibanjo remaining in office is to everyone's advantage. If he dare resigns,I bet you,Buhari's handlers will certainly pick Yahaya Bello or El rufai as VP and nothing will happen. Yemi abeg nor resign o.[color=#990000][/color]

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Dancing Over Removal Of Buratai As Chief Of Army Staff (Video) by pabish(m): 8:56am On Jan 28
COAS and all the service chiefs security details has been increased.

Meanwhile, Badeh wasn't an Army officer so couldn't have been COAS but a CDS.

Guy,u are confusing yourself. The CDS is the head of all service chiefs,he is even supposed to be more entitled.
Politics / Re: Does Peter Obi Really Have Any Political Value In The Current Political Space? by pabish(m): 11:53am On Jan 19
Peter Obi seems to be the top and preferred igbo contender for the Presidency (atleast that is what we are led to believe on Nairaland and much of other social media platforms), yet we aren't hearing any serious endorsements of him anywhere in or outside igboland.

We are currently witnessing how the likes OUK and Umahi keep getting endorsements within their home states and political base. Not to mention an unknown Anambra politician, one Professor Umead, who also reportedly received massive endorsement to run for the presidency from 2000 community leaders in his state.

All this suggest that in spite of the social media hype, Peter Obi might actually be a feather weight politician even in his own home state (though this could be due to his political emasculation by his hand-picked successor, Governor Obiano).

Or, could it be that his supporters are just not confident enough of his general acceptability? Either that or they are expecting and hoping he will once again be picked as VP candidate to Atiku in 2023, and are therefore afraid of 'rocking the boat' by even giving him common endorsement, so as not to dash his chances of emerging as Atiku's VP once again.

Peter Obi supporters, wetin dey happen na Even if na fake endorsement, make una dash am small na.

Lalasticlala Mynd44
[color=#990000][/color] The reason he can't get endorsement,is because Nigerians dislike meaningful change,and from indications,Peter Obi is the kind of person that will disrupt the entitlement arrangements in the political space. Peter Obi can bring the desired change,but because the common man relys on the media propaganda of endorsement,he stands no chance.
Politics / Re: WIKE SHOT Himself(own Goal) by pabish(m): 7:57pm On Dec 11, 2020

Was there anything that happend in Rivers state that didnt happen in all the 17 states in the South of Nigeria during ENDSARS protest? Police stations were burnt, properties were destroyed, lives were lost on both sides, security agents and protesters alike.

Why was Wike the only Governor who reduced his state to a war zone? You think other Governors dont know how to blame IPOB and invite the military in like Wike did? They did not do that because they knew it would lead to more bloodshed and further destruction of property, which is in nobody's interest

Wike displayed outright stupidity. The people who he was blaming for causing problems were long gone and he was inviting Army to go and just kill people in his state. The man is a total idiot.
. Na man you be.This is what everyone has be saying,he played into the hands of the enemy.

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Politics / Re: WIKE SHOT Himself(own Goal) by pabish(m): 4:21pm On Dec 11, 2020

Let the ipoRATS come online everyday and keep writing rubbish it will only remain rubbish but won't change anything. Their Igbo governors like Peter Obi have taken similar actions that Wike took in the past but were not accused of genocide.

Coming online to write trash seems the only way of shedding their tears since they have been uprooted from Oyigbo. They can't raise their filthy flag over there anymore. Chai, e pain you die. I can see the anger in you. Lol.


Politics / Re: WIKE SHOT Himself(own Goal) by pabish(m): 4:20pm On Dec 11, 2020

Let the ipoRATS come online everyday and keep writing rubbish it will only remain rubbish but won't change anything. Their Igbo governors like Peter Obi have taken similar actions that Wike took in the past but were not accused of genocide.

Coming online to write trash seems the only way of shedding their tears since they have been uprooted from Oyigbo. They can't raise their filthy flag over there anymore. Chai, e pain you die. I can see the anger in you. Lol.

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Politics / Re: WIKE SHOT Himself(own Goal) by pabish(m): 3:28pm On Dec 11, 2020

Bloody liar. No Deltan will ever vomit this lie!
He pain you, chai. You want to be more catholic than the pope. I am full Deltan. Mama and Papa is Delta. We love Ibos,they are our brothers,if you like smash your head on the rock.

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Politics / Re: WIKE SHOT Himself(own Goal) by pabish(m): 2:24pm On Dec 11, 2020
do the sultan need to call wike before wike will do his work? Wike is the chief security officer of Rivers State,are you telling me that he is there to only protect igbos? So if you happen to be governor of a state you will only protect
Other tribes and leave others to die abi?
I don't to believe iam reading this rubbish.
Bro.you called it rubbish because of your understanding . Read through again cos I only postulated.


Politics / WIKE SHOT Himself(own Goal) by pabish(m): 1:00pm On Dec 11, 2020
I Live and work in Rivers State, though I am from Delta State. After reading this ,I know most bigots will come for my head .A lot of tribal war rages in Nairaland over comments and posts, which are majorly based on imaginations and mode of understanding. Why I am saying this, is because some people will definitely read a different meaning to this topic.
There is this notion I want the rest of Nigerians to be aware of, before dabbling into matters. Virtually every South southerner and south easterner have these mutual relationship, either by marriage ,friendship ,business partnership and even by neighborhood .Space will not permit me to write a long epistle .
As a resident of River State ,I observed this silent resentment towards Nyesom Wike for his action against Ibos in Obigbo and the recent ones .I assume it silent, because it's as if everyone is waiting for him somewhere imaginary.
Take a look into the demographic distribution of the population in River State, especially the Ikwerre's, you will find out that, for every family, there is at least one Ibo man or woman attached to the family, which happened by marriage and by extension the proximity of the state to the mainland Igbo states of Abia, Imo,and even Anambra. Almost every Ikwerre man have one or more Ibo friend or Neighbor ,whom he/she has a very strong affinity towards. In so making, anything that affects the Ibo man indirectly affects him/her. I can boldly tell you that, Nnamdi Kanu has a huge followership in River State than even Imo state, not just followers residing in Rivers, but indigenes.
There are a lot of River state stake holders, that are married to women from core Ibo states, which invariably qualifies them as Ibo men. These people, by implication have been insulted severally by Nyesome Wike, through his actions and utterances towards the Ibos. The wives of the two former governors of the state are Ibos, most of the militants on whose influence Wike attacks the Federal government have Ibo wives, some Ikwerre Kings and Chiefs have Ibo wives, many Ikwerre landlords and big players in the state politics have Ibo wives. Can you now decode where the resentment is arising from? If these group of people that I just mentioned have Ibo wives and Ibo children, it therefore means this adege in my place comes to mind "GBU NWAM BU ÉMA" which interprets as, KILL MY CHILD IS PRETENCE OR JOKE.
To further buttress my findings, at the moment, virtually everybody that once loved and cherished Wike are regretting ever supporting him. The regret is not based on performance ,but his perceived support for the killing of people whom they have affinity towards. Can you now get where I am driving at? Even some Ikwerres are harboring this same resentment based on my earlier submission of marriages and age long relationships.
It is widely accepted that Ibo women are very beautiful ,which gave them the opportunity of being married to the rich and highly placed individuals, both politically and otherwise.
Ponder on this, If you were in the shoes of people like, Dr,Peter Odili, Rotimi Amechi, Godswill Akpabio, Liyel Imoke, Akeredolu of Ondo State, Atiku Abubakar and even some Wike's foot soldiers, who have Ibo wives. What will be your thought as it affects Wike politically, will you support Wike at national level? This is why I postulated earlier, it's as if everyone is silently waiting for him somewhere.
Nyesom Wike aggravated the whole own goal by giving the Northern Elders Forum, the platform to spill whatever they spilled.

What baffled me is, how come the relationship between Wike and Ipob got soared, because I can remember vividly that the leader of the proscribed group Ipob visited Obigbo and was planning to visit Lagos State. It was Wike that said they need him here in South south/south east, that he shouldn't risk his life going to Lagos, because he might be assassinated.
In my own observations, during the end sars protest, the Sultan of Sokoto might have called Wike to as a matter of urgency protect Northerners residing in River state, else he will loose any support from the North if the need should arise. With this, Wike swiftly started the eye service venture, which eventually comminuted in the lash back from every one that have soft spur for the Ibos, this was where he scored the own goal.

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Agriculture / Re: This Onions Farmer Has Made It In Life (Pictured) by pabish(m): 8:25pm On Nov 25, 2020
Billionaire indeed... A bag of onions sells for an estimated 60k and dats d middleman price who has factored in cost of transportation and extra profit. Do U know how many bags he'll need to sell to make a million?
You Sabi argue o. It's just a way of expressing how opportuned the guy is. Chai una go just come Naira land de argue unnecessarily.


Politics / Re: Darah: Threat To Withdraw Northern Food Supplies To Rivers, A Welcome Challenge by pabish(m): 10:00pm On Nov 09, 2020
stop lying to yourself!

The south east have nothing! I mean nothing without the food from the north.

Beans we bring you beans from the north!

Rice we bring you rice from the north forget that ebonyi audio rice that can't even feed a local government.

Tomatoes na we dey give una!

Goat meat... Do you know how many trailers of goat dey enter east per day?

Cow... Na we dey give una!

I just pray this country divide.

The east will surely be at receiving end!

You have no access to the sea!

You have no fertile land for Agriculture!

Erosion is ravaging the remaining land you have!

All you guys do is to cheast beat! And make mouth!

My Generation will teach the East how to respect the north!

Just pray we divide this country sooner... Cos it's not gonna funny in future!

I am a future governor and a future king maker!

I just pray we divide soon Sha... Cos if we don't.

It's not going to be funny! Our fathers failed the north!

My Generation will never fail the north!

We shall make the north Great again
. I am only going to reply one of your statement,that the east doesn't have access to the sea. My question to you is,does your Edorado North have? Talking as if your own better.
Politics / Re: Ngige To Faleke: "You Are A Small Boy, I No Get Time For You" by pabish(m): 11:02pm On Jul 22, 2020

Ebenezer Obey, Fela Kuti, just two examples of people whose wealth and fame Ngige cannot touch....both lived in Mushin.

VI is just name popularized by colonial legacy. But it seems Ngige would rather have the name as a badge of honor anyway....even as he serially looses election after election in his homestate.

If Governor Tinubu in Lagos, who he mocks, has been as incompetent as Governor Ngige was in Anambra, Lagos State....whether VI or not, would be inhabitable and all its elites would flee as Ibo elites have all fled home and relocated to Lagos to escape kidnappers and assassins in SE.


Faleke may live in Mushin but he is not running from kidnappers and nor hiding his daughters from baby factories.

Get sense when you talk!

God bless Asiwaju for making Lagos habitable for all. Can Ngige get a praise from his kinsmen at home?

Kaai....dont make me talk. My Alhaja is from Anambra. grin

The thing pain you,chai. See how you are sounding as if someone Bleep your sister.


Romance / Re: What I Found On My Sales Girl's Facebook Messages by pabish(m): 10:51pm On Jun 06, 2020
We should learn how to separate business from personal life.

She is your sales girl, relate with her strictly on business and show less concern on her personal life.

The way I’m reading your message, there is already a growing emotion in you already towards the girl, the reason you felt so highly disappointed and wanna lay her off, not because she is underperforming but the way she chose to live her life, which should be less of your concern.

In as much she is performing her responsibilities to your satisfaction and not using her “wayward” life to affect your business like she did the first time she went for abortion, leave her alone.

The only reason why you can lay her off is if she goes on abortion again and that makes her to take a time out of work and underperforming.
Education / Re: I Have Been Withdrawn From Medical School. I Can't Tell My Parents by pabish(m): 9:47am On Jun 04, 2020
Don't tell your parent anything. Or you want to kill them too? Pretend as though you are still in school, collect money for books, get your school fee by yourself; use the money to drink and have all the fun you can, take drugs, just have fun. Never make the mistake of writing another Jamb or reapplying. Who studies biological science? You are far beyond that. In the next three years, go to wherever in Lagos and get a university MBBS certificate. Travel to the north, you will get a job. Pay your tithe. You will be forgiven for those that die in your care. It is their time_ right? The best Sir--+ and don't forget to hide or delete the diary where you said you are studying engineering. May you get the attention that you seek.
Na laff Wan kill me hia.
Celebrities / Re: Davido Displays Beautiful Interiors Of His House: New Banana Island Mansion by pabish(m): 2:40pm On Jun 01, 2020
Nothing special about the mansion. He should focus on better things. So what should the likes of Drake now do with their own mansion if this one no wan allow us hear word. You will see better interiors than this in mansions at lekki , maitama, ikoyi and asokoro.

Also, there's no proof his mansion costs 350M as he's claiming. Don't be deceived by their fake lives and what they tell you on social media. Davido can't cough out 350M easily like that without bleeding his bank account.
Oboy if you want to know,go ask Sujimoto,He was the developer. Giuliano is worth that amount. The Deal is buy and pack enter. Nor be Toko Toko.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Asks Wike To Withdraw Charges Against caverton Helicopter Pilots. by pabish(m): 8:59am On May 20, 2020
I laugh at the comments of some folks in this forum,for believing this write up,it means you are more gullible than before. From the onset,you could have deduced that the writer is a clown or a fake news peddler. Please be wise and stop attaching emotions to everything.
Family / Re: Have You Ever Lost A Dear One That Makes You Cry Till Now? by pabish(m): 4:45pm On Apr 26, 2020
quote author=elchapoo post=88877821]In 2009 I lost my Aunt that that was so good to me. She has been taking care of me since I was born and we don't joke with each other.
We spend every Christmas together in the villa till 08 December when I told her I was gonna spend the Christmas period with my family in my own villa,she was not happy with my decision but she later agreed after trying to convince me to spend the Xmas with her.all her children stays abroad so she stays with a house help.i visited like twice during the festive period and I can still remember how happy she was.
On 3rd of January 09 my Dad received a call that my auntie fell down while she was taking her bath so we rushed to her place.
Half of her body was paralyzed but she was still conscious.
I remember sitting beside her feeding her breakfast before we took her to hospital, I still remember the drama when she insisted that I should eat before she continued eating again,the people around there started laughing and exchanging words of how we both Love our self..festive period has come to an end for us so we all left for the city.
She was admitted at the hospital on that 3rd of January 09 I was with her all through till 15-jan 09 when I was supposed to pass the night in the hospital with her , I came up with all the excuses I could so will go in the morning. I can remember my conscience was telling to me go, that maybe something was about to happen but I insisted on maintaining my decision. I was watching TV in her sitting room suddenly around past 2am. I saw something approaching me from the kitchen in human stature shares same height with my auntie and the colour I saw was the same with rapper she was tying in the hospital, my head swollen and it suddenly disappeared. My instincts told me that something bad has happened but I kept my cool since I have not received any call from the hospital. In the morning I and my sister left for the hospital with her food, as we got there and opened the door( I was a private ward) I saw her lifeless body and oxygen cylinder which was not there before,chai It was like my world has come to an end,i placed my ear on her bared chest nothing, grabbed her wrist to feel her pulse nothing. I tried breathing into her mouth to see if will stare breathing, nothing, chai I felt like the world has come an end, I looked at my Dad, his eye balls was like red Sea but was not crying ..I made sure I didn't shed a drop of tears because I have had a myth that if someone close to you or relation dies and you didn't shed tears the person's ghost will be visiting..after her death no week will pass without seeing her in my dreams,like 4 days out of the 7 days in a week and continues like that till the end of 09 then I started seeing her like 3 times in a month and stretched to 2014 -15. I still see her once I while till today. I do pray against, cast and bind scary attacks in the dream but when she died and I started seeing her in my dream, it made realize I could ask her questions in my dream, question I needed answer to in real live. I always ask her (who killed you) because I don't believe her death was a natural death you know (village people)now lol. every time we meet in the dream my question continues but the problem was all along I was asking she was always mute steering at me in the dream while I asked her with anger and vengeance in my heart. one day at the last quarter of 2009 I saw her in my dream and she said that I should follow her so she could tell me who kill her, she took me to a bush part, entered inside the bush I followed and insisted that she should tell me who killed her, she started smiling as she was looking at me and was smiling till I woke up. After that day I stopped seeing her in my dreams the way I used to and I also stopped questioning her.
Sorry for the long story, but I just see this thread as an opportunity to pour my heart out.

RIP Decency
[/quote]Sorry about that,i have read so many deaths traceable to bathroom falls. Let's be careful and admonish our aged ones.


Family / Re: Have You Ever Lost A Dear One That Makes You Cry Till Now? by pabish(m): 2:58pm On Apr 26, 2020
I read through the thread,my heart bleed. My son became 3yrs on his way to 4 when like joke a flash of light seen in his eyes turned out to be a nightmare for the entire family for the next two years. My son suffered cancer of the eyes,he underwent 14 circle of chemotherapy.Even when the eye was enucleated,some particles of the tumour was left behind due to lack of precision equipment during the surgery.what we thought was over,we began another set of journeys in saving his life,by then the tumour had spread to the optic nerve. CANCER is a bastard. My son started radiation again,he had radiotherapy three separate times. At the end he couldn't fight cancer any longer. Somebody help me I am crying profusely over here. Before now,i have read of cancer,but it never occurred to me how deadly it is. Treating CANCER is like a white Elephant project. I thank God for Nairaland and the OP for the previlliege to pour out my heart and to announce to the whole word the thought of Him(my Son) remains indelible. Bishop my son,your daddy is crying,your mum,grannies aunts,uncles and neighbours,even your little siblings won't forget you in a hurry. In this 21 century,it is impossible to forget you,your pictures and videos are all stored in the cloud,flash drives,memory cards even emails. Sorry we can't forget you.Adieu NNwajesu(Bishop).

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