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Investment / Re: Crypto: BUY In US/Europe, SELL In Nigeria Is This Possible? by Petlowalex(m): 7:14pm On Jun 21
How do you plan to get FX at bank rate? The plan seems easy but getting FX at bank rate is almost impossible except...
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Osinbajo, Christian Lawmakers Hold Prayer Session Thursday by Petlowalex(m): 5:51pm On Oct 28, 2021

Not just prayers, train Christian soldiers, prepare God's army, buy them AK47 to protect themselves from this Islamic extremists. Even their southern counterparts are bloody pretenders.
Investment / Re: Earn Passive Income Daily 24/7 by Petlowalex(m): 11:27am On Sep 22, 2021
Investment / Re: How I Earn Free BITCOIN Daily by Petlowalex(m): 3:25pm On Jan 09, 2021
Politics / Re: Rigasa Residents Protest Against El-Rufai's Bad Governance In Kaduna by Petlowalex(m): 1:26pm On Jan 09, 2021

Stop saying nonsense

He's right though. But that's not enough to make him a good/bad leader.
Politics / Re: EndSARS: My Wife Is Protesting, I Earn N64,000, Bought My Uniform - Policeman by Petlowalex(m): 7:22pm On Oct 16, 2020
First child in 2017 and now has 4 kids.

4 kids in 3 years

We shouldn’t blame everything on government.
Did your eyes skipped the year he joined the police force. How old do you think he was?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Bahrain Recognizes Israel As A Nation by Petlowalex(m): 5:19pm On Sep 12, 2020
Isreal grabs Palestine lands..


Trump is always Israel asshole..

Its even all US president
as Buhari and Nigeria muslims are Saudi Arabia's asshol
Family / Re: Marriage And Its Challenges; My wife is pushing me to the extremes by Petlowalex(m): 8:03pm On May 20, 2020
She's far gone from that relationship, but keep trying your best. I wish I could share my Boss story with you


Politics / Re: Kallamu Musa-Dikwa: 3 Northern Governors Created Boko Haram by Petlowalex(m): 3:59pm On Mar 02, 2020
I remember one Ekiti corper that was killed in kaduna 2011 post election violence, his family cried so much during his burial, I saw pain and agony written all over them. Since that day I made up my mind that If I lose any family member to any group of Islamist abokis in nigeria, since the government and religious leaders cannot protect anyone, I will resign and come home to fight. I will kill as many as possible on a daily, weekly basis.

I love your spirit man... I want Christian organizations to raise people who will fight and defend them in the time of struggle. I will like to join if there's any. Nobody has monopoly of violence

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Politics / Re: Ansaru Planning Renewed Attacks In North-Central Nigeria - Sahara Reporters by Petlowalex(m): 8:38am On Jan 23, 2020
Yes of course, you know it was Muslim nations who started and fought in the WORLD WARS that claimed millions of lives. Bloody deluded hypocrite

It's so shamefull you still comment here, you should be ashamed of the evil organization you called religion. Your families will one day be wiped out, then you will know that your Islam is evil.

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Crime / Re: 4 Herdsmen Killed In Kogi, Their Bodies Dumped In Ofu Rivers -Retaliatory Attack by Petlowalex(m): 6:44pm On Jan 21, 2020
“Normalcy have been restored. They took the photographs of the corpse and was taken to general hospital mortuary for autopsy as investigation continue,” he stated.

My question is did the police even when they claimed to have witnessed the death of the farmer put up the same measures to investigate and arrest those bastard fulani herdsmen? God punish them all.

I want a Christian organization who can train me to fight wars... The earlier we start preparing the better equipped we are.

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Career / Re: Earn Crazy Dollars Doing Dropshipping by Petlowalex(m): 8:58pm On Sep 30, 2019
Jobs/Vacancies / Have You Ever Heard Of Tgresource Interview by Petlowalex(m): 10:34pm On Sep 28, 2019
I received a message this morning inviting me to an interview on Monday. The message reads...
"Good day, you have been invited to be part of interview session with the Management of TGR"
I really don't know anything about the company. I am not even sure of where and when I applied for the job.

This is their website as contained in the message : www.tgresource.com
Their phone number was also included. Can I put a call through to confirm what they are into.

If you have any Idea please help a brother...
Career / Have You Ever Heard Of Tgresource Interview by Petlowalex(m): 1:32pm On Sep 28, 2019
I received a message this morning inviting me to an interview on Monday. The message reads...
"Good day, you have been invited to be part of interview session with the Management of TGR"
I really don't know anything about the company. I am not even sure of where and when I applied for the job.

This is their website as contained in the message : www.tgresource.com
Their phone number was also included. Can I put a call through to confirm what they are into.

If you have any Idea please help a brother...
Crime / Re: 23 Nigerians To Be Executed In Saudi Arabia (Names, Full List) by Petlowalex(m): 11:48pm On Aug 24, 2019
Do they called this "holy land"? I bet this is a blood sucking nonsense land. A place where forgiveness is a sin. Well it serves them right. Let them die in the hand of their slave masters. Shameful...

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Celebrities / Re: Wedding Photos Of Babajide Awobona by Petlowalex(m): 3:35pm On Jun 12, 2019
The bride and her hijab, watin she cover breast or ...

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Politics / Re: Jihadists Recruited Heavily From Fulani Pastoralists Across West Africa - IRIN by Petlowalex(m): 6:26pm On Jun 08, 2019

Yet some western fools on this forum were criticizing Danjuma and d others for raising alarm in UK angry
May the bloodthirsty fulani killers start from d western states in Nigeria, in Jesus name.......nonsense
And may sword never depart from your household
Celebrities / Re: Odunlade Adekola Vs Ibrahim Chatta: Twitter Fans React To Comparison by Petlowalex(m): 1:51pm On Jun 04, 2019
Ibrahim chatta is being pushed by Islamic mob who have turned yoruba films to nothing but Islamic movie
Watch Africa magic Yoruba, u would think u were watching an Islamic movie channel
Odunlade was not pushed, he strived for everything by himself
Ibrahim chatta like femi adebayo was pushed by Islamic mob in Yoruba movie industry
I hate watching yoruba movies now,d only thing u hear is Allah Akbar brother quadri mutiu aunty mulika rifuyat,and making fun of pastors
Yoruba movies are now crappy rubbish
You just hit the nail on the head... Guam

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Investment / Re: Has Anyone Heard About BUSINESS EXECUTIVE INTERNATIONAL by Petlowalex(m): 6:02pm On Jun 02, 2019
However, you can go through this, from BEI Telegram group. Let's be hopeful and be prayerful. BEI WILL RISE AGAIN IN JESUS NAME

BEI Adekunle:
Unreserved Apology

Good day our esteemed investors, as we all know this platform is to accomodate more information than discord, as the saying goes "wat goes round, comes around". If everyone and every investors thinks that franchising is not real, we need to get figures and facts that despite 80% of stakeholders are literate to the core, we can attest to the remaining 20% not ligible enough to know what the franchising merchandise is all about, but BEI still remain undaunted as to what we do and stands for.

Having gone through so many pressures, unbearable for any human to bear, despite the sayin that there is a limit to human endurance, despite that money is all that revolves around every one of us, even when not every investor had the mind to stay this longer, we still stayed on till now. You're really appreciated for this. If we had stayed this long, then our waiting cannot ever be in vain in that we have lots and lots to achieve as an experience when after payments is been effected, maybe true or false, BEI will stand out to get the applause for standing tall and even against all odds.

Coming online this afternoon is to inform us (investors) that we have just little, yes little time to get to our promise land, little time more to get out of all these postponed and postponement of this payment. There is no start without end, there is always an end to every act or action, everyone of us are very much involved and affected in this standstill, everyone of us have one thing or another that is been put on hold over this stop, we all have obligations to meet.
Infact no one can imagine magnitude of insults and abuses that we receive on daily bases by private chat and txt/sms. Only God can acknowledge the unruliness, and to what extent people have gone to bastardised BEI, while people who were tutored and fed with bare hands from the scratch as dealers are not left out in the betrayal, but the end justifies the means, it is not easy, not any easy task getting here, coupled with the "Nigerian factor" which BEI had fought to a fault, no hiding place for the wicked, yes all these is quite frustrating, not to investors alone, but to all that are concerned, but it faithful vendors, sub dealers, marketers, an agents not to even talk about BEI committed staffs.

Some investors even gathered around to chant series of names calling, pls would thus pay ROIs? The reason there had been silent on the platform, trading words with anyone is of no use because everyone(investors) are aggrieved, and until the payments is done no information on this platform may sound meaningful. We never wish to say a word on the platform until payments commences ( as this is what matters most to all at this time), but no matter what we need to get our esteemed investors informed. It's not that there had been no words or informations to trend, really we are not supposed to be saying anything until payments schedules commences, still not all stakeholders will turn deaf ears to us, some will still reason with this message here.

According to the radio program that was promised end of May, on which we both had our minds, but was unable to make it, we thought it wise to wait for them until the 6th/7th June, which was the actual date the fixed funds will complete 3 months, we have waited an still waiting, "ogbon osu nbo wa ku ola". Aside this, BEI cannot go down neither close down if investors would show some understanding to our plights as it concerns each one an investors.

On behalf of the NIGERIAN HUB,(NIFA) who are the steps to stardom in the FRANCHISE systems, who are the architects of all these frustration because of their inhuman attitudes towards BEI for leaving the hub partnership, and moving ahead in the system, BEI is hereby sending an unreserved pleads to all concerned and aggrieved investors, let's give ourselves that this a trying time for us all and BEI, but I bet u, it will all end in praise God Almighty willing.
If we have to think abiut all that has been on since January, an if BEI had any ulterior motives, BEI would have been a forgotten story, but because BEI is determined to get to higher levels in this franchising merchandise reasons it is still standing against all the bitterness like the heavens should come crashing, but as God Almighty is still on our side, smiles, laughter, and happiness will be our lot this is an assured intense desire and assurance

Personally BEI is a body on it's own, FRANCHISE merchandise through partnership was what brought us together an it is still binding us together except otherwise stated by investors who had already shown intentions of leaving, with all that we have experienced in this past few months, we have learnt how to be a better franchisor when it comes to Africa, this experiences had giving us a breakthrough and better functional development and approach to franchising in Africa for Africans.

Ones again, please accept our apologies for the delay in payment.

Best regard
BEI Admin
Politics / Re: Oyo NSCDC Deploys Officers To Car Parks After Makinde’s Directive by Petlowalex(m): 5:54pm On Jun 02, 2019
The way this particular op dey murder, resurrect English language severally in the same writeup, tire me wallahi. I only read the first paragraph without initially taken note of the op's moniker, having discovered the strange but familiar mumbo jumbo words combination I had to scrolled up n boom, it's him again. Na only U n baba God know where you learned this colonial era English.
Birds of a feather... Sago n bugo
Investment / Re: Has Anyone Heard About BUSINESS EXECUTIVE INTERNATIONAL by Petlowalex(m): 5:43pm On Jun 02, 2019
I got this message from my Sub-dealer today, i think this will help your curiousity.

Good morning the esteemed investors, Happy Inauguration of New Regime.
This is to update ourselves of current situation though this updates is coming this late, still it is of importance to send updates in respect of our payments schedules. All issues and challenges that led to backlogs is been resolved, while we await payments schedules to commence soonest - 1st week in June we appreciate your patience and endurance all this while.
Kindly call our hot lines for any related issues on payments.
We appreciate you all for your support, prayer and patience all these while.
Investment / Re: What Good Business Can I Invest 30-50k In by Petlowalex(m): 8:23pm On May 28, 2019
Boxers business
Investment / Re: Turn your #100 to #256,000 on VMG Platform by Petlowalex(m): 7:37pm On Apr 11, 2019
I am about to register but they have a lot of programs that I can't understand and your WhatsApp number isn't going tru
Investment / Re: What's Your Biggest Investment In 2018 And How Much Did You Make? by Petlowalex(m): 5:53pm On Jan 02, 2019
Franchising is the best investment of all time
Investment / Re: What Offline Business Can I Invest 10 - 15million Naira by Petlowalex(m): 7:32pm On Jan 01, 2019
Franchise is the answer, you will not even need to use all you have and you will be glad you did

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Politics / Re: 'I Only Fear God And Buhari' - Amosun Knocks Oshiomhole by Petlowalex(m): 2:51pm On Dec 22, 2018
forget it in state is for amosun .forget A PC propaganda .APC candidate can't win

.....and you think APM will do. Akinlade is a complete failure and Amosun is a joke

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