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Politics / Re: PMB Certificate Controversy: Shocking WAEC HQ Letter Shared By Reno Goes Viral by SBG04: 6:31pm On Nov 03, 2018

Who is more credible, Rino or premium times?

Besides, no one can request for confirmation, attestation, transcript or certificate for another person. WAEC cannot give such a reply to a third party.

Cambridge themselves refused to oblige to such request by any third party saying only a candidate can request for any confirmation of results. As such WAEC cannot give such a reply to a third other than telling the third party it cannot provide any info as to the results of any candidate. The candidate is the only one thatn can do so.

Its just obvious, PDP is a propaganda machine and have not changed their ways.
I have to agree with this because its just ridiculous to think that all Nigerians are dumb at the same time. How on earth can you write a letter to WAEC requesting for JAMES OLA's results while the person's name is actually JIM OLA, and then start jubilating when WAEC tells you they don't have JAMES OLA'S record? Completely ridiculous!!! When did MUHAMMADU BUHARI become MOHMMED BUHARI? What kind of deliberate mass deception is this?

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Politics / Re: PMB Certificate Controversy: Shocking WAEC HQ Letter Shared By Reno Goes Viral by SBG04: 6:24pm On Nov 03, 2018
So really uptil now, nobody on this thread has been able to spot the difference between MUHAHAMADU BUHARI and MOHAMED BUHARI? So Reno omokri and his criminal NSA billion looting gang wrote a letter to WAEC requesting for information on a mystical MOHAMED Buhari, knowing fully well the spelling of our Presidents name and knowing fully well that MOHAMED Buhari from Provential school Katsina doesn't exist!!! And everyone here on Nairaland has bought it?? Nobody has spotted the fraud from Reno and his people? Except there is a conspiracy of ignorance here on NL, ita safe to say that NL has become the home to unsmart people.


Politics / Re: PMB Certificate Controversy: Shocking WAEC HQ Letter Shared By Reno Goes Viral by SBG04: 6:07pm On Nov 03, 2018
This is a really useless thead! So from pages 1-5 of this thread, nobody could recognise that the so called 'Reno letter' had Mohamed Buhari on it and not Muhammadu Buhari our President? Mohamed Buhari from Katsina does not exist! That's why WAEC has no record of him!!!! The one we know is MUHAMMADU BUHARI!!! Let Reno and his gang of thieves and saddists continue deceiving the gullible. Are Nigerians actually this closed eyed? Obviously there is no Mohamed Buhari that graduated from provential secondary school Katsina!!!
What on earth is this country turning to?

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Politics / Re: "Probe Oshiomhole" - Osadolor Ochei Tells Court To Compel EFCC To Probe Ex Gov. by SBG04: 11:59am On Jun 15, 2018
This is just ridiculous!!!
The judge that gave that order is setting a bad precedent!
So any riffraff can approach the court to compel the EFCC to probe someone based on a flashy house? or a nice car? With no evidence that the person is actually corrupt?
Normally if you have evidence that someone is involved in corruption, you write a petition to the EFCC detailing your evidence and the EFCC investigates. But to ask a court compel the EFCC to just probe someone because the person has a fine house, it amounts to overstretching the resources of the EFCC. Instead of that man to provide evidence that Oshiomole stole money, he is just making noise. This is a very bad precedent and will subject everyone to EFCC scrutiny. If we by mistake we have a dictator as president, he can make use of the precedent that this judge has just set, to go after anyone he dislikes with the EFCC.

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Politics / Re: "Saraki Treatment Awaits Dogara" - Obasanjo by SBG04: 3:46am On Jun 09, 2018
I'm very saddened by the turn of events in Nigeria today. We all hoped and prayed for a messiah that would correct the ills in our society and justice for all, irrespective of who was involved. We voted Buhari in to do exactly what he's doing today. Now that we have it, we're still complaining. If you want to understand what the children of Isreal did to Moses in the desert after their release from captivity in Egypt, then study what's going on in Nigeria today! If you want to understand how the Jews treated the messiah they had always prayed for (Jesus), then study what's going on in Nigeria today.
We have had people who have consistently looted our commonwealth since 1960. We have had families that have stolen and lived off the Federal government. Generations of Nigerians that have turned Nigeria into their ATM and schooled their kids abroad for generations. These people have had the money pipe turned off. They are angry!!!
Atiku and INTELS had been ripping Nigeria off for years! Nobody was bold enough to do anything about it. The NPA MD came in and did something about it. Buhari did not dare to intervene like he promised us. Everyone screamed and shouted political persecution. Buhari did not care. The law had to take its course.
Saraki and his family have been stealing from Nigerians and killing for decades. Nobody did anything about it. Ibrahim Larmode, the former EFCC chair invited Saraki and his wife to the EFCC, Saraki quickly arranged for a criminal lawyer to indict the former EFCC boss for not accounting for EFCC recoveries. Larmode was sacked because Buharis hands were tied. The current EFCC chair faced a similar fate. The DG of the DSS was coaxed into writing a memo to the Senate indicting Magu on flimsy charges after Magus EFCC charged Saraki before the CCT. Buhari refused to sack Magu this time because he knew he had been deceived with the Larmode incident.
The same Saraki got himself involved with robbers. Selected a team of Senators to beg the President on his behalf. The President refused to intervene. Saraki, knowing fully well that he had a case to answer, got his fellow criminals in the house to pass a vote of no confidence on the IGP, same way he got rid of Larmode and tried to get rid of Magu.
Nigerians are like the stupid children watching on the sidelines, not understanding what is going on while the real enemies of democracy are raping us silly. We have a messiah and we have no idea. It's until we lose him that we'll realise what we have.


Politics / Re: Senate, Reps In Closed Door Meeting Over Impeachment Plot by SBG04: 3:41pm On Jun 05, 2018

You don't understand what is happening. Buhari is not the ones behind these things, he doesn't have the strength and he's not that intelligent. Hear the nonsense Buhari says. Does he sound like someone normal?

Them Abba Kyari, Daura, Tunde (his PA), and others in the mafia are beyond these. When needed, they conscript others into the plot.

The plan is to reduce Saraki to nothing before the next elections so that even if he decamps, he'll be politically worthless and no threat to Buhari.

Saraki is no Maradona anywhere since he and Kwara Governor were stoned in Ilorin 2 years ago. His Senator colleagues are willing to impeach him to have peace. He's just another yeoman in the Senate.
I pray Nigerians will realise who their real enemies are before its too late! So Saraki is now everyones hero?
Oga please that lexus jeep that was found in the Kwara state government house, was it Abba Kyari that planted it there? The Kwara state government in the press release they put out yesterday, did they deny that the jeep was found in the premises of the government house? Instead they said they actually gave money and cars to those boys and didn't know what they used the money for! How then did Abba Kyari enter the argument?
I pray God will give you the wisdom and sense to understand those that are against Nigeria and those that are for Nigeria. The EFCC has arrested Senators Peter Nwabaoshi, Jonah Jang and is about inviting Stella Oduah and Ekwerenmadu. Many more are going to be invited. These people that we all thought were untouchable before! They thought they could take our money and go to the senate and pretend nothing happened. That era has gone! And instead of Nigerians to be thankful to the FG for helping us do away with that era, we are praising the very people that have oppressed and stolen from us for so long!

I never thought i'd live to see the day when people would hold Saraki to a higher moral standard than Buhari. Nigerians are indeed a mad people.


Politics / Re: Saraki: Timi Frank Writes To UN, Accuses Buhari Of Persecution, Terror by SBG04: 6:22pm On Jun 04, 2018
saraki could easily move billions just with his pen. I don't understand what's up with arming thieves. I thought lying was easy, till this government came on board.
Bros pls sit down and read the police press release yesterday and stop ranting like a mad man! Nobody accused Saraki of robbery. He purchased a vehicle for the gang leader of the robbers through the chief of staff to the governor. That vehicle was used in a robbery and was impounded in Kwara government house. isn't it wise to invite Saraki to explain how a vehicle he purchased for that thug ended up being used in a robbery?? What is wrong with that?

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Politics / Re: Saraki: Timi Frank Writes To UN, Accuses Buhari Of Persecution, Terror by SBG04: 6:15pm On Jun 04, 2018
I don't understand this madness! Even Saraki has restricted this persecution bullshit to the IGP and the invitation saga, he never mentioned Buhari. Why on earth are these useless people going on and on about Buhari??
A car was seized in the Kwara State government house. That car was used in a robbery. That car was purchased by Saraki for the gang leader of the robbery. Please is it out of place for the police to ask Saraki to explain his relationship to a robbery, especially as the robber mentioned his name?? What is wrong with Nigerians. Why do we always complain about the system yet we harass those that are trying to make te system work? I tire for this country honestly! These Saraki foot soldiers don't know Saraki has a big file in the major western capitals of the world. He is known in the Panama leaks fraud, the Societe General bank fraud, owning houses in London with money from "sugar" and "farming" and now sponsoring robbers that killed 33 people. Nigerians Please let's allow the system to work for once!!!! Please! Stop all this persecution nonsense. Saraki, in his press statement yesterday, didn't even deny knowing those robbers. He just said he had nothing to do with the robbery. The Kwara State government too didn't deny sponsoring those robbers, they just said they gave them money but didn't know what they used te money for. What then is the problem of these people shouting persecution? Even when the accused haven't denied their involvement!

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Politics / Re: IG Keeps Mum After Meeting Osinbajo, AGF, DSS Boss by SBG04: 5:44pm On Jun 04, 2018
Why won't he? Nothing to transmit yet. The IGP is a disgrace to Nigerian police force.He should be ashamed of himself. Chai,he even used sticker as a plate number just to implicate his perceived enemy.
He's a disgrace for trying to get justice for those 33 people that died? You'd rather life went on without bringing those robbers to justice?
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: "Inclusion Of Arabic Studies In Police Recruitment Unacceptable" by SBG04: 5:35pm On Jun 04, 2018
That's not Oyedepo's Facebook page. He didn't make that statement. Buyers beware.


Politics / Re: We Are Saraki's Boys - Video Confession Of Offa Robbery Suspects(watch) by SBG04: 4:12pm On Jun 04, 2018
This is dirty politics nigerians play. I don't know saraki very well and I'm not his supporter but even a novice will know that this is political motivated . It's high time nigerians go to the street and protest so that all this nonsense will stop. This government should know that nigerians are suffering therefore should do something as a matter of urgency to remedy the situation . How is it that anyone who is against Buhari will turn a bad person overnight ? And nigerians will be jumping up now when they such propaganda . Shame !
Bros are you telling me that the Police should have shut their mouths and done nothing because Saraki is Senate President? Even the governor of Kwara hasn't denied that he bought those cars for those robbers. He hasn't denied that the car that was used to kill 33 people was impounded at the Kwara government house. So what exactly is your problem sir? Where is the politics here? You people should be careful with the way you analyse issues. It's very dangerous to come out and say rubbish when you haven't seen the facts of the case. Please endeavour to read the press release the police released yesterday concerning the issue. The press statement Saraki released yesterday didn't contain any rebuttal or denial that he knew those robbers. He just said he wasn't responsible for the offa robbery. Please read and post carefully and with caution.


Politics / Re: We Are Saraki's Boys - Video Confession Of Offa Robbery Suspects(watch) by SBG04: 4:05pm On Jun 04, 2018
Yes, there's political issue between Saraki and Buhari.

And yes, Saraki has "good boys" he's providing money and fire arms for political purposes.

Now, because Saraki has issue with Buhari should we now dismiss Saraki's culpability in providing dangerous weapons to dangerous peoples ?

Absolutely no!

He who price must pay... regardless the method!
The funny thing is Buhari has absolutely no issue with Buhari. Even the Saraki himself has been restricting his nonsense witchunting theories to the IGP and the invitation he declined. Saraki has never accused Buhari of witchunting because he knows Buhari has nothing against him. It's these illiterates and ignorant ones that keep slandering Buhari for no reason. Someone bought a car that a criminal used in robbing and killing 33 people, Abeg if this happened in the US, the first thing they would do would be to track ownership of the vehicle used in the robbery, which is exactly what the police has done!!! What then is the problem with these senseless Nigerians screaming Buhari and persecution. The person in focus sef hasn't accused Buhari of anything, why are you accusing him Nigerians?

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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani Reacts To Saraki's Looming Arrest, Police Invitation by SBG04: 9:18am On Jun 04, 2018
There is so much ignorance and illiteracy in Nigeria. A group of robbers invaded Kwara State last month and killed 33 people! There was outcry everywhere. They even accused Buhari of incompetence in terms of security. The police tracked down the members of the gang and arrested them. The leader of the gang used a Lexus jeep in the robbery. The vehicle was impounded in the Kwara State government house!!!! The licence number of the vehicle had been changed while the owner of the vehicle was in police detention!!!!! Do Nigerians read at all?
The police provided full details of the crime to all Nigerians. The Lexus jeep was purchased for the gang leader by the Kwara State governor chief of staff!!!!! The PA to the governor asked his brother to smuggle some of the weapons in their custody to his farm!!!
All this evidence and people are still screaming witchunt!!!! We have been screaming for a messiah that would clean up Nigeria from corrupt politicians and their thieving ways. That would uphold the rule of law irrespective of whoever is involved. We have Buhari doing exactly this and we're still complaining. Even That thief called Saraki has never accused Buhari of witchunting him. It's Nigerians that Buhari is fighting for that are taking Sarakis side!!!!
God deliver Nigerians from stupidity!!!


Politics / Re: Police Invite Saraki Over Offa Robbery by SBG04: 7:38pm On Jun 03, 2018
Use your blockhead!

What sense does it make that Saraki will stoop so low as to get involved in a senseless bank robbery?

Is it difficult to fathom/fugure out that this is a sinister attempt to besmirch/sully the name of the Senate President in futile attempt to neutralize the impact of his impending/probable exit from APC?

Wait till the muzzle of a gun scrape the back of your neck till you realize that what we are about entering now is a full-blow police state...

Dey there dey form one kain yeye rule of law advocate..
Bros please go and read the entire police release on Premium times.
Those thugs are were not sent by Saraki to rob those banks. Heck we don't even know. But what we know is that the leader of the gang is a Saraki boy. They traced payments from the chief of staff of the governor of Kwara to the guy. One of the vehicles used in the robbery, a Lexus jeep was impounded in the Kwara State ministry of environment. The vehicle was smuggled there because the owner knew the police was looking for it. The chief of staff to the governor ordered them to put it there after he was arrested.The story is really dirty. Please open premium times.

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Politics / Re: Police Invite Saraki Over Offa Robbery by SBG04: 7:33pm On Jun 03, 2018
I'll advise anyone wanting to comment on this particular topic to please go and read the full press statement from the police on Premium times. Then go to Sahara reporters and search for a 2016 story they did on Sarakis sponsorship of cultists and thugs. Saraki is as guilty AF! That's why he started all this nonsense witchunt nonsense with the IGP. For christs sake why would the IGP organise more than 30 criminals in Kwara and accuse them of being Sarakis thugs just because the IGP didn't appear before the Senate??

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Celebrities / Re: Iheoma Nnadi To Take Adenike Balogun, Her Wedding Planner To Court by SBG04: 9:03pm On May 31, 2018
All of your talking trash here against this lady are the reason your country Nigeria is in a mess. All of you will be complaining about president buhari government, yet you were telling a bride who knows what she wants and paid for it and complain when she did not get what she paid for. if its abroad, That is the end of her event planning carrier. That is why Event planners in abroad are satisfy professionals who pay so much attention to details. Majority of event planner in Nigeria are thiefs and arrongant who know notting about event planning. I am a professional videographers who has covered both events in Nigeria and Abroad.
Bros it's about the civility of what she's doing!
She got married last week! She's supposed to be on her honeymoon! Even abroad, isn't sane for a newly wedded bride on honeymoon to go on Instagram and Twitter to curse out someone? Threatening fire and brimestone since the day after the wedding last week till now! Someone that is supposed to be on honeymoon!!!
That one is a serious character flaw of the woman. Emenike obviously married her face, not her character.


Celebrities / Re: Iheoma Nnadi To Take Adenike Balogun, Her Wedding Planner To Court by SBG04: 8:59pm On May 31, 2018
BEST WIFE EVER!!!! Beauty plus brains plus brave - this is the same way she will defend and fight for the rights of her children and husband.

Correct woman, not the liability slay queens everywhere, empty brains that cannot add any value to a man's life, always looking for what to grab, think their puss is golden and writing dumb posts above. No wonder she is the one getting married and you are there single and posting your lonely rubbish nonsense online. Mtcheeeew, smh.

I ENVY THAT YOUNG MAN, Emenike you got yourself one of the best remaining Nigerian women and you better support her.
Bros you sure you'd get married to a woman that will start fighting her wedding planner on Instagram and Twitter because of a wedding that was last week? When you're supissed to be enjoying happily ever after? I can imagine her scrolling down her Twitter and Instagram on her honeymoon with a bitter face and insulting the wedding planner!
Emenike has truly entered one chance.

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Romance / Re: Lady Who Posted Her Topless Picture On Facebook, Blasted By Online Users by SBG04: 10:42pm On May 29, 2018
doubt if she posted those pictures. Probably a bitter bf that created an account and posted pics she sent him or hacked her account and posted.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Democracy Day Speech Is Full Of Lies - Reno Omokri by SBG04: 10:51am On May 29, 2018
my brother this reno guy sha na wa o. Finished Buhari with facts...o me we oooo. Buhari is now a liar because all I see here are lies....was the speech actually sent to reno? The response with evidence must have been a serious assignment for him
You're exactly the kind of person Reno targets when he churs out his nonsense facts. You haven't verified or checked them, you just believe.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Democracy Day Speech Is Full Of Lies - Reno Omokri by SBG04: 10:48am On May 29, 2018
So our reserves are not increasing because of the increase in the price of oil? It's because Buhari borrowed N11 trillion? And this Reno is supposed to be an intelligent person with followers?


Celebrities / Re: E-money And Wife Juliet All Smiles As They Jet Out For Vacation - Photos by SBG04: 10:44am On May 29, 2018
I still believe those who are wealthy and add value to the society will not waist their time taking selfies.
Do you agree with me?
100% bro!!!
The logistics alone of taking that sefie tells you that these people are chronic narcissists. He would have to beg someone on the plane to stand in a certain way, give them his phone and ask them to snap only when they're holding a glass up and smiling. It takes someone with a really depraved mind to pull stunts like that. The real rich and balling people in the world, nobody knows their story because they're not narcissists like these fake wannabes and dubious people who are only happy and content when others envy their fake lifestyles.


Business / Re: Nigerian Stock Market Loses N416b In One Week Amid Political Anxiety by SBG04: 3:33pm On May 27, 2018
Dear SBG04, I hope you know that the late passage of the 2018 budget had a negative effect on the market. Now, what caused the late passage; disagreement between the executive and the senate.

With foreign investors knowing that election in Nigeria is just 9 months away and the budget has not been signed yet, won't they panic, knowing full well that six or five months to elections in Nigeria are used for preparations by politicians?

This and others are what investors weigh to readjust their portfolio compositions. Nobody wants to be caught unawares.

And to end this, when dog bites man, it is no NEWS, but when man bites dog, it is.

Bros the NSE is being affected by FPIs pulling out of emerging markets because of happenings in the US. End of story. Stop trying to think for foreign investors! The major fund managers in the US have been talking on Bloomberg and CNBC. It's all about the dollar and yields rise in the US. Don't add your own. You are not a foreign portfolio invesror. Thank you!
Politics / Re: Mace Theft: DPO Of National Assembly Transfered To Yobe Over Arrest Of Suspects. by SBG04: 3:28pm On May 27, 2018
This is very bad and probably sponsored journalism. Why didn't the report mention the fact that the DPO is a prince from the Illorin emirate council? And that Saraki was the one that influenced his posting to the national assembly? It was therefore not surprising that the DPO went with Saraki's distorted facts and alleged that it was Sarakis enemies in the Senate like Ndume and Omo agege that arranged the break in by those thugs. Simply put, the DPO was transferred because he attempted to distort facts and rope in Sarakis enemies in the mace theft.

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Business / Re: Nigerian Stock Market Loses N416b In One Week Amid Political Anxiety by SBG04: 10:10am On May 27, 2018
Mr dipoolowoo and business day, please let's be very careful with the kind of Journalism we practise. Emerging markets worldwide have been tanking since rates increased in the US. Rates in American securities are around 3.1% now, the highest since 2012. Emerging markets like Egypt, Argentina and South Africa have been feeling the heat from FPI withdrawals since February. Nigeria just started feeling it last month. The naira is now falling on the I&E window even with increasing reserves, which is unusual.
We don't hear South Africans or Argentinians playing politics with simple international economics. It's stupid Nigerians that always turn something so simple upside down. Are you telling me that out of 180million Nigerians, nobody opens Bloomberg.com or watches CNBC? Or even CNN money? It's just shameful!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Police Recruitment 2018: JAMB Reacts To Claim That Candidates Wrote Exam In Arab by SBG04: 7:28am On May 27, 2018
These satanic Jonathan people's agenda won't happen. Everytime they fabricate stories with the sole intent of setting the country on fire. They said Buhari gave money to CAN which was a lie. They were even the ones using CANs private jet to launder money in South Africa. They said only Christians are being killed by armed bandits in the north. Another lie. They said Buhari plans to islamise Nigeria. Yet they were the ones that shut down the government when Jonathan packed his friends and his cabinet during his pilgrimage to Isreal. Now this Arabic nonsense. They will do anything and manufacture any story to set Nigerians against each other so they can come back and continue stealing our heritage.

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Politics / Re: Victor Uwajeh: "Buhari Admin Sacked Me For Refusing To Go After Opposition" by SBG04: 8:51pm On May 22, 2018
This Victor guy is a bloody liar. The Presidential panel on anti corruption sacked him after a premium times article revealed he had corruption cases in court. It was even coveted here on Nairaland. I remember the dome idiots here were accusing Buhari of hiring crooks. The man was immediately sacked and still some people are not satisfied.

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Business / Re: IMF Doubts Nigeria’s Capacity To Repay Debts by SBG04: 2:13pm On May 22, 2018
Hmmm mr man companies don't pack up and leave if they are making profits.
The first hindrance is electricity (POWER) it costs more to run businesses
Costs are high (pertol) and EVERY other thing but standard of living is falling hence closure
Check out the European startup act, that's a country that understands start-up's becomes the next MTN's and jealously guards them
How much tax breaks does Dangote and the likes get? learner


Oga firstly, Europe is not a country!
Secondly, there is a tax holiday scheme in Nigeria called the pioneer status tax. Start ups are granted tax waivers spanning a couple of years after establishment. Please you seriously need to read up on things instead of coming online to call me a learner when its you that doesn't know anything. Please you haven't told me the part of FG policy that forced Shagaya to make losses on Konga and sell to Zinox.
And bros if you dare call me a learner again, i'll give you a serious online dress down.

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Business / Re: IMF Doubts Nigeria’s Capacity To Repay Debts by SBG04: 1:13pm On May 22, 2018

Is it a lie that Nigeria is in currency deal with China and that currency war exists between America and China?I'm amazed that you said we owe World Bank and IMF in naira.Did we borrow in naira or dollar?Do WB and IMF speak in naira or dollar?All these explanations about deal Yuan are not foreign to me ,I have read some articles on that.Though is a good move but the fact still remains that Nigerian economy is still at the becks and calls of American currency.It is not as if debt is bad if there are means to repay but as it stands now according to the news report above our borrowing percentage is almost moving at par with our GDP.Seeing N21.73trn($73m) in naira does not mean the at all our debts are in naira.Our bail-out and total freedom lie in exporting home-grown technologies and revamping our manufacturing industries for more foreign earnings but not all in Nigeria-China currency deal.
Oga please go to the first page, reread the article, especially the part where the local and foreign components of the 21 trillion naira debt are listed. Then come back and apologize to me. Again most of what you've written is rubbish. Our borrowing is almost at par with GDP? Where? Please sir read more and enlighten yourself. Start by reading the article on the front page again, twice if necessary. Then use google when in doubt.

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Business / Re: IMF Doubts Nigeria’s Capacity To Repay Debts by SBG04: 1:10pm On May 22, 2018
Thanks for the APC campaign reply.
Why are companies closing down esp start-up's?
CAMPLUS, KONGA, OLX, SHOWROOM.NG etc all complained about the high cost of doing business in Nigeria
These are the future of companies in Nigeria just as online media would make newspapers obsolete, and should be given priority.
We can't all 'go into farming' like the president suggested.
The problem of taxation in Nigeria is a lack of institution like everything else infact, of course people should pay tax but it should reflect the fact that 112M people live in poverty and taxing them won't lift them out of poverty, creating a free market would.

Oga OLX closed down operations across Africa except South Africa. Naspers SA decided to reduce their Africa portfolio and move East towards Asia. Google it please. Konga's operational costs were ballooning more than revenues. Shagaya had to sell to save his pocket from losses.
I absolutely hate it when people sit down and say Government everything!It disgusts me! Exactly what part of FG policy killed Konga? Please specify? Nobody is discouraging you from starting a business. Start a business and manage it well. When you mismanage it, accept responsibility and learn lessons. Don't blame the government!!! Its plain irresponsible! There are several businesses thriving in Nigeria today.

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Business / Re: IMF Doubts Nigeria’s Capacity To Repay Debts by SBG04: 12:19pm On May 22, 2018
Hummmm Businesses are shutting down!!!
We are hemorrhaging jobs, this gov't should be all about creating a conducive environment for people to (re)start business
1 year tax break for new biz (esp Tech start-up's since they are the future) for example not the ridiculously high 'land bill' introduced by Lagos and others or the N3000 by Rochas, increasing rates and govt squeezing people isn't going to give us real growth, in fact I expect growth to stall soon,
This is a government that doesn't know how to grow an economy and it's obvious, imagine 1billion$ going into solar power generation in the North, creating nothing less that 200,000 jobs and adding to the grid and that's in the North alone, but the gov't is searching for oil there.
Big businesses in Nigeria already pay tax, small business (Market women) pay LGA/State taxes, which is remitted or not to the FG, I know I do,

The FG actually has no business with state level taxes. If you have issues with how the Lagos state government is taxing you, that's another topic entirely. The funny thing is there are actually large scale solar power projects ongoing in the North right now. I know about Kano and Jigawa. You can Google the rest. I understand where you're coming from though. If the government is going to increase taxes, then we must see commensurate investments in infrastructure. I can vouch for the FG in this regard. I know all the borrowing and taxing at the FG level has gone into revamping legacy projects like the second Niger bridge, Ikorudu - Sagamu, amongs others. I know the proceeds of the Sukuk bond (borrowed funds) is being used to kick start a major highway In the East. I also know that the foreign component of the borrowing is being used to kick start the Lagos - Ibadan rail project. What the states are doing with their own taxes is left for you to find out. If its not commensurate with what they're collecting from you, then its your responsibility (Not the FG's responsibility) to demand accountability.
If your state governor is using internally generated revenue (mostly tax revenue) to host super eagles vs Athletico Madrid in Uyo, or buy bags of rice to feed people in Ado-ekiti, its your responsibility to demand better.
Business / Re: IMF Doubts Nigeria’s Capacity To Repay Debts by SBG04: 12:00pm On May 22, 2018
Finally the stupid illiterates are gone!!!
Now we can have an intellectual discuss here!
Business / Re: IMF Doubts Nigeria’s Capacity To Repay Debts by SBG04: 11:34am On May 22, 2018
I may not understand how these things work but I choose to look at this from a different perspective, not just the simplistic point of view. Someone should correct me if I'm wrong, as at 2008/2009, Nigeria was virtually free of debts, and our debts rose from nothing to 12 trillion by ending 2015. And then between ending 2015 and 2017, a further 9 trillion was added.

From my vague understanding of economics, countries as a matter of urgency need to borrow to spend their way out of recession. As at late 2014/early 2015 when oil still sold for up to $70, warning shots were already being sent out by the Finance ministry that doomsday was nigh and the government's borrowing was ramped up at that time. As at end 2015/early 2016, oil price dropped to $28 and oil production dropped by over 60%; in total, Nigeria's revenue dropped by up to 70-80% in that period and throughout 2016, and there's was virtually nothing in savings to counter the revenue shortfall. Workers had to be paid, hospitals and several other services needed to be run etc and all these needed money which was non-existent.

In my opinion, I think its quite clear why Nigeria had to borrow N9trillion between 2015 and 2017; what I do not understand and can't explain however is why Nigeria had to borrow N12trillion between 2009 and 2015, a period when the country enjoyed the largest unprecedented oil income.

Ordinarily, with the nation's income now back up, and with the aggressive tax drive, I imagine the rate of borrowing will drop, and the little projects here and there which those monies were spent on over the years would start becoming visible (hopefully).
Excellent observations Sir. Your arguments are spot on! Well done!

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