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Literature / Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by SEALL(m): 11:18am On Nov 27, 2020
Business / Re: My Bank Account Restricted Unjustly by SEALL(m): 12:26pm On Mar 16, 2020
if u can take my advice, then it will be easy for you without needing a lawyer...

1. u said he used the ATM same day, if so, it wont be long that he used the ATM u help him out... let the bank know that the said customer used the ATM same day judging from the time u did a transfer for him and let them provide evidence or comfirmation of that withdrawal, and also the evidence of transfer into your account of the #3,000. (The phone contact of the customer will be there and let the bank or you do the calling)

2. Then file a complaint with the said bank via there complaint center with the evidence with your and a letter to sue them on not carrying out a due diligence on the afore-mention transaction and also not giving a call to notify you of a restriction on your account base on a customers complaint before taking such decision on your account.

3. Ask for a picture evidence captured by the ATM machine of the withdrawal of the #4,000 which will also show you the time and also ATM no (every ATM machine has a unique no and a camera). all these will surely point out the hiding agenda with the location. These will help, if his ATM wasnt stolen and he used his ATM himself, then its not possible that within the short time of withdrawing at the ATM someone used his phone but himself.

4. u can also intimate the bank to ask/or demand from the telecom company of his call log.

5. All these will help you to point out his fraudulent ass. ask the bank to invite him over and you also on a fix date.... then ask him questions regarding all the said transaction. ask him how he got back his line his line if it was clone, ask him how the said transaction was verified, because for every ussd transaction, there is a[b] FOUR[/b] digit code which serves as a transaction verify for all transactions and it is a secret code known only to the owner of the account...

he will surely split
Sports / Re: Deontay Wilder Taken To Hospital After Tyson Fury Defeat by SEALL(m): 2:08pm On Feb 25, 2020
I really underestimated Fury

underestimating a former WBC and a 2 time unifier of the belt WBO, IBO, WBC is a wrong move. i knew fury will defeat him because the first fight, fury was only back from the hospital(Phycological issue) less than 4month b4 the fight and even at his 50%, wilder couldnt defeat him in punches, he beat wilder and wilder was only able to draw the fight due to the 2 knock down.

so my bro when u c him run and dont forget, that omo shagamu dey him back(AJ)
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Only Calls Anytime She Wants Sex. by SEALL(m): 8:58am On Feb 12, 2020
Good morning

I dont really comment on things like this but i felt the urge to do on these particular issue and will try point out somethings for you and also abuse u small (permit me)

1. u ask a question, are u stupid? (Capital letter Y.E.S) but i didnt mean that as an insult, just pointing out something for u. and y i said yes is because when the free sex was sweet u did come here and tell us, u wre enjoying it (sebi we no kuku date and na free sex). thats what i was able to pick from the info u provided, now u now felt bad abt it u seeking for retribution. go and meet bros J.

2. use and dump? (NO). both of una use una self, she was enjoying it same as u, and i have these feeling that there is more than u let out... let us know wetin dey sup

3. you wan leave am, thats very easy. make her know u get girl and b sincere with the new lady, possible make her not just talk to the new lady but meet her in person and always make sure the new lady is always around.

4. i could also see that in ur write up, it seems the new guy in question cant do half of what u are doing for her but she want a relationship with the guy means there is something she could or is getting from trhe guy that u are not giving.... Ladies always know their onions, possible she sees a better future in the guy than u or in the plan of the guy, she is seeing herself but in urs, she is missing... ladies do sense danger.

5. what is ur plan as a guy in the next 2yrs. ask urself and ask the girl next time she shows up... what am insinuating is u guys lack *COMMUNICATION* . ur defination abt communication might b the downfall of the relationship, becos communicationb is deep than just mere chating and talking. it takes everything and all to go deep with a lady , its not just a walk in the park, holding hands, show-off, introduction to parents, etc. its the bedrock of every successful relationship. i can talk to you from now till next year and there is no communication and we can chat or talk fr just 30mins and av pass a vital message (COMMUNICATION)

guess av been able to help u........
Romance / Re: What Do Men Offer In A Relationship? by SEALL(m): 8:39am On Nov 20, 2019
no one knows

pls, a link to this story

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Sports / Re: 'i've Won 3 Trophies, What More Could I Do?' - Ronaldo Talks About Ballon D'or by SEALL(m): 9:43am On Jun 11, 2019
The fact still remains that Ronaldo has played in different leagues with different trophy makes him stay ahead of Messi, although Messi is a great player but if he leaves Barcelona, then I will take him serious,Messi performance with Argentina teams has shown that he Cannot perform very well with another team apart from Barcelona, it's just like someone that was named a king of one kingdom because he knows how to defeats everyone in that kingdom but inside himself,he's scared of going out of that kingdom for the fear of being defeat..

Npt been sentimental here but you just nailed it, either they like it or want it, ororo has achieved a feet here, four UCL in six year, 2 national trophies (Euro & UNL) in three years let the beefers continue, yes u might think messi deserve it but these season, their are players who deserve it more these season than messi,
1. Saido Mane deserve it more with his performance with liverpool
2. Vigir Van Dirk deserve it more for his steller performance with liverpool
3. Hazard deserve it for his individual performance with chelsea leading them to a UEFA Cup
4. Bernando Silva deserve it for his performance with Club and Country 3 trophies for club and 1 for country
5. Raheem Sterling also deserve it for his performance for Man City
i can go on and on including players both in Seria A, La liga, Bundesliga and Ajax Players who had a better season than messi.

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Politics / Re: On Festus Keyamo’s Tribal Baits Against Igbos; A Reflection by SEALL(m): 12:21pm On Feb 06, 2019
This is a well written article.

To butress the point of the writer, let us look at the crashed chopper of prof. Osinbajo. Obi and Osinbajo are not safe. Yeah. It is more about 2023 battle. I wish this 2019 is Osinbajo and Obi ticket. These are two combo that can take this country out of this mess. We need to get out of this mess before talking of anything else. APC and its next level slogan are unserious. But I do not see it happening. Nigeria is in another mess with Atiku or Buhari on board. But it seems Buhari just needs to go away. He has done enough damage. He should go rest and die in peace in Daura. And there are still many Osinbajo and Obi out there. Why Buhari and Atiku?

Another issue is that the ibo tribe needs to sit down and put Nigeria first. Hausa and Fulani are one if you want to hear the truth. If we are using rotational system (which by the way is a wrong strategy in my opinion), Fulani and Hausa are one. North (Fulani and Hausa) and South West (yoruba) have a strong understanding between themselves. If the ibos do not stop this crazy Biafra, Ipob, or whatever madness they are doing, they will not smell that seat in Aso rock. Rather, it is another Ijaw or Irobo puppet the solidified Yoruba-Hausa-Fulani algamation will put there. Atiku himself knows he is on a big mission by having an ibo as his vp. That was a big minus for him. He could easily pick Yoruba and counter Osinbajo and can make Fayose's work easier in SW. And I think this is the main point of Ayo Fayose. I am going to be straight forward without any fear. Ibos can be easily bought. So why bother pick a VP there if you want to win. I am sorry, but this is the main truth. Can you hear what Okorocha is saying? Or is it Orji Uzo Kalu? They can be bought easily to betray their own people. Let us just say the truth. By the way, Fayose is a big shot in pdp anytime. That man is the only man I see that can face Jagaban in SW. That he lost that election does not mean he is a coward. In fact, he did his best. He himself showed APC the strstegy to use against him. Lol.

The last point is that we must all make it about Nigeria first. Are we not tired of this mess we are in? I suggest we just revert to the old regional system. Let us just be under Nigeria with prime ministers from the regions we have now. To me, this will solve this barbaric war.

It is well with Nigeria.

Thank you sir, that the main issue we need be talking abt and not these buhari (Apc) and Atiku (Pdp) issue.
Let's look beyond them, look for a third force and a better and grounded person and not these so called cabals, it's just like the kettle calling the pot black.
The problem of Nigeria up till today is that 1999 Constitution and until we fight to remove it I guess we Will remain like these cos that Constitution has over use it's stay it should be eradicated.


Politics / Re: On Festus Keyamo’s Tribal Baits Against Igbos; A Reflection by SEALL(m): 12:07pm On Feb 06, 2019

We are talking about , Loss of Jobs, Insecurity, Poverty, Corruption and all you say is infrastructure Abeg how did the infrastructure solve all those things I have listed there

And we are talking of illegal money used in opening illegal offices and also illegal business perpetrated under the watchful eye of the public which is y d igbo are angry cos that's what they do most, including some Yoruba folks.
It's always a war when u tell a bad person to change for good cos dey will c u as an enemy. Now it's payback time u can't take it.

Secondly y not support Duke and c maybe pple including Yoruba won't vote, but because his ideology doesn't support those dirty ways u won't support him and regarding atiku, it has been the tradition of the SE to always paint the bad ones that we Yoruba are trying to purge out as good. We all know atiku and his contribution to the state of the economy but because he wants amnesty for corruption u going for him,

And talking of inclusion, at least we know atiku, go back to his time as the VP, tell me what he did in ur region, they are part of the people who impoverish the SS and u crying inclusion, it's funny how a thief becomes a saint cos of the pot of stew.

Talk of tribalism, Yoruba are the list to put it on the table because if we do, then few of you will be in the SW, many of you are making ur money here, forget abt the market, it's because of the enabling environment that has been put down by the Yoruba folks, how many youruba ppple can do so in ur region including becoming an house of rep member which is more than 1, and yet u saying Yoruba are tribalistic.

My brother check fact before you talk cos we the Yoruba don't fight if you don't bring the fight to us .

Now you all want a safe landing for Atiku, am sorry obi is running with him but he choose wrongly, u can't call the pot black and yet want to av a taste of it's delicious meal.

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Education / Re: Crazy Things You Did While Single On Campus. by SEALL(m): 11:40am On Jan 11, 2019
thats becos u think they dont know what is going on, if u look deeply into that marriage, u will see something else and not what u tot, am also an introvert, but had some flings. my 1st sexual experience is with my gf and that was my final year and on my birthday and yet i was in a relationship for six years without sex.

most men know what they want in a relationship and thats were the matter lies, it depend on the man in question, try av a chat with a man regarding the choice of woman she married then you understand y, most of them know the woman they got married to on the long run but they cont in the relationship to save face. i dont date without knowing who you are and hw i get my facts, is my own doing.....


Reasonable/decent men can't recognize olosho/refurbished olosho when they see one, it is only fvckboys that recognize them. That is the more reason why those your so called refurbished olosho are getting married every Saturday, because a decent man will not see what a fvck boy will see. So you can see how fvcked life is
Politics / Re: Reason Why We Disrupted 2019 Budget Presentation — Minority Leader, PDP Reps by SEALL(m): 12:06pm On Dec 20, 2018




Literature / Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by SEALL(m): 3:21pm On Dec 04, 2018

Borrow me urs,I can see u are not usin it

what i can deduce here is u trying to make a name for uyrself but there are better and less stressful way to do that Mr. Brainless Brain-Maker
Religion / Re: The Experience Lagos 2018: Don Moen, Kirk Franklin, Others Set To Visit Nigeria by SEALL(m): 3:16pm On Dec 04, 2018
Can't wait to be in HIS presence with mouth, soul and spirit filled with HIS praise and worship.......
Literature / Re: Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) by SEALL(m): 10:17am On Dec 04, 2018
Before u praise dis lame story ask ursef "if it was shown on T.V will my butt still cling to d couch?".Hell no!.Y'all readin dis cus dere is no electricity at home to watch a good movie.I would be starting a story soon so u can see how a story is written.Silver1996 take note.NwaAmaikpe take note.Mavikizolo2020 take note.SokoDobo take note.Infant take note.Shreder take note.

y dont u start first b4 showing ur stupid ass to the public, som1 is doing his own and need advice to grow u coming here to say rubbish. na pple like u no dey complete dre own work cos dey no get the required and needed passion and competence to write but like to spoil anoda man work.....

guy its easy to pull down but hard to raise up.....

use ur brain

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Literature / Re: Silver1996 Wins November Awards by SEALL(m): 8:36am On Nov 13, 2018
i nominate SILVER1996 (Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) )

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Literature / Re: The Day After Asaya Kabba- Story By Jolvinlynxx by SEALL(m): 12:18pm On Jul 17, 2018
hmmm, y b say na kogi u fifu are doing this,
na my M do im own for asaya with the ugly guy and now u. me too beta go kogi and av a feel grin

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Literature / Re: NYSC: National Year Of Sex And Comfort <<<Adventure of the year: 2013 Awards >>> by SEALL(m): 1:02pm On Jul 10, 2018
Romance with Casey1 Click here to read (link to be available soon)

pls how will i read dis
Literature / Re: NYSC: National Year Of Sex And Comfort <<<Adventure of the year: 2013 Awards >>> by SEALL(m): 12:55pm On Jul 10, 2018
pls i will like to get a link to the cassy part cos am A NEW follower of ur story and will love to enjoy it the way others av

thank. more ink to ur pen
Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by SEALL(m): 1:02pm On Jul 05, 2018
after reading through for four days, and i didnt input my comment, then am not encouraging u.
these story is actually one of the best, filled with suspense and intrigue, it actually propagate the thought of the average nigerians on issues and life and how its taking and treated.


more INK to ur PEN........ continue and am enjoying it.....

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Celebrities / Re: Mayorkun: "A Compliment From A Girl Doesn't Give You A Free Pass To Sex" by SEALL(m): 9:00am On Jun 08, 2018
ask from the person who has been called IMPOTENT resulting from that and u will get ur best answer ever.
Politics / Re: FG Declares June 12 Democracy Day, Award MKO GCFR Posthumously by SEALL(m): 8:15am On Jun 07, 2018
A fantastic move long awaite, even thou we know y its coming now bt am happy he took the right decision because this will make him going against his fellow northern brodas, what our own broda(u know who) who spent 8yrs couldnt achieve.


Education / Re: Nigeria Scraps Award Of HND Certificates By Polytechnics by SEALL(m): 8:11am On Jun 06, 2018
So, what's the difference between B. Tech and HND.
We can just simply say, certificate changed name.
So, it will still face the same discrimination.
Do you remember when NEPA was changed to PHCN?
What's the difference between the two?
it simply means there wont be any discrimination btw the B.sc(Bachelor of Science) and the B.tech(Bachelor of Technology) and HnD holders anymore because all course will now be governed by the respective university, like an external campus or so
Literature / Re: Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon by SEALL(m): 4:35pm On Jun 05, 2018
Oh boy, u a badass, kip it up vos am enjoying it, just start following today

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Romance / Re: I Dont Want To Hurt My Jobless Boyfriend again for My Bestie by SEALL(m): 9:45am On May 30, 2018
hmmmm, its easy for us all to abuse the lady in question bt hw many of us av actually giving the advice she needed.
she is confuse becos pple are saying she should give it a try and she needed help. if actually these new guy is serious and she left him or miss that opportunity, we will all abuse her that when she new the guy is serious, she should av leave the broke ass 3yrs bf. my opinion is for her bf, what is he presently doing toward his predicament or is he waiting for manner from her at all time. lady will not stick to a guy who is not planning towards the future, and trying to make the future possible which i know thats y d girl cheated on him before.
if 1 of those 2 cheat as worked out, she wont b here seeking for advice, she would AV LONG BEEN MARRIED.


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