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Romance / Re: How Do I Peacefully End My Relationship With My Gf by sirzee1660(m): 6:38pm On Jan 07, 2022
This story too long but eh! You're bad guy and you will b hurt later in future after wasting her time....guys please if u don't want anything serious just end it within 2 to 3 months it can be easily fixed. Well girls are the course of they problem, most of them loves bad guys ...they will strictly tell u I love bad guys with bad vibes ...this gender no get sense
Romance / Re: Her Past Is Too Much For Me by sirzee1660(m): 2:37pm On Jan 07, 2022
It all started in a bus station ten months ago. I was waiting at the station to board a bus from PH to Calabar, when suddenly this lady appeared. She was and still is one of the most attractive women I have ever seen. Talking about looks, she had everything: very tall (about 5ft 11), perfectly aligned front and back elevation, glowing skin, perfect dentition, etc. When she walked, her hips had this lazy movement that aroused every sexual passion within me. Fortunately or unfortunately, when we finally boarded the bus to begin our journey, she was sitting right beside me! Applying all the toasting skills I knew, I started a conversation and we jisted all through the nearly four-hour journey. In the end, we exchange phone numbers and parted ways. That night I put a call through to her and after talking on phone for a number of days, she agreed to visit. As envisaged, the first day of her visit ended in bed, and after several rounds of …, we slept; she ended up spending four days on that occasion. From then on, we practically lived together, doing everything together. I have been quite very happy in this relationship and I believe she has too.

Recently however, she has been suggesting that I go and see her parents to formalize the relationship. She has most of the qualities I want, and ordinarily I wouldn’t have any objection to her suggestion. But as I consider marriage more serious business that ordinary relationship, I went behind to carry out independent checks of her past and what I found out are not positive at all. She was quite loose. It’s so bad that if she were to pass through the street she lived when she was growing up, she will be sure to run into several men she had either slept with or used to sleep with.

Now even though I have been happy in my relationship with this woman, I cannot marry her because of where she is coming from. Her past is too much for me. I can’t imagine being married to a woman I can’t comfortably walk on the road with without running into one man or the other she used to Bleep. So I have made up my mind to end it all. She doesn’t know yet that I want to leave and I know she is going feel hurt when it happens. Now I don’t have anything personal against her and do not wish to hurt her, if it  is avoidable; so  my dilemma is how to end all this in way that she will not feel hurt or at least in a way that the hurt will be reduced. Or perhaps is it best to try and forgive her past? I really need suggestions here cos I need to move on and get my life back on track.

You need Suggestion when u have made up your mind...I have nothing to say just remember everyone has a past but if u can't deal with it,you just have to let her go and stop wasting her time....the worst thing is too keep somebody at of pity
Romance / Re: What Should I Do, Help! by sirzee1660(m): 2:27pm On Jan 07, 2022
Keeping this simple
Am very confused right now

I am 25 years while she is 30years
Currently doing my NYSC, while she deals on laptops and other accessories,which is going fine

We have stayed for a year and few months now
We are very compatible and of like minds
We love each other so much
Very decent
And very humble all these while we have known
We never had sex as she is still a virgin
Whatever desired in a woman she has them all

On November,this started cry
She came to my house and after eating
She asked me out for a marriage and she doesn't mind footing all the bills and everything as regards to that

I never expected this because our agreement is to marry when any serious suitor comes

What will my family say due to the age gap ?

My elder brother is 28years and not dreaming of marriage yet
I come from average family same as her

I don't have a house of mine neither any source of income

She suggested I join her in business as well, as her business is my business as well while searching for a job

At same time I so much love her

Actually at this point
I don't know where to start

Is okay the age gap doesn't matter as far as you both loves your self....but try not to b lazy because women loves guys who worship them especially if they are the breadwinner ....just try

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Romance / Re: Was She Doing Rituals When She Slept With Me? by sirzee1660(m): 2:10pm On Jan 07, 2022
Hmm......someone split blood just to have sex. ...and ignorance won't allow you to ask questions...well you just have to becareful next time because is obviously that was a ritual and u might have been initiated

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Romance / Re: If You Are In Your Late 20's & Still Starting Baseless Relationships, God Help U by sirzee1660(m): 7:21pm On Aug 18, 2021
Relationship is not for everyone, the boredom is too much for me and the heart have been stabbed severely, dating this days is better to be alone ,when you want to start a new date that person you're planing to date sees you as her victim to payback , naija love is not real...it only take God grace to find the love undecided undecided


Romance / Re: Why Are Girls Most Pampared Even When At Fault In A Relationship by sirzee1660(m): 8:39pm On May 07, 2021
Thats what am facing right now....any little thing becomes a problem even when I see no reason to apologize I still have to ...after the apology she will just say leave me alone let's talk tomorrow....me I have made up my mind am not calling her again if she doesn't call that's her problem ....loving this days is a crime


Romance / Re: That My Girlfriend Lied To Me That She Lost Her Phone MeanWhile She Did Not. by sirzee1660(m): 7:33pm On Mar 24, 2021
That's the kind of girls we have now in this 21st century and the cause is computer age.....social media, smart phones, I want to trend like my mate .....one just need to becareful .....me the one am dating once she Bleep up my brother now to stay on my own and avoid dating
Romance / Re: That My Girlfriend Lied To Me That She Lost Her Phone MeanWhile She Did Not. by sirzee1660(m): 7:04pm On Mar 24, 2021
Buying your woman gift is not a bad idea but some idiot among them uses it , as opportunity to fraud us....I once bought a phone for the girl I was dating last year,everything was moving fine between us but immediately I bought a phone for her that's the beginning of my trouble she ended the relationship few weeks later, I felt like i was used but now is all over sha, the idoit is now using one dead Itel buttoning touch phone ....she's asking for forgiveness now but eh my heart have found someone whose better some times we have to accept the fact is over so that the real deal will come our way


Romance / Re: If Your Wife Falls Under Any Of These Categories, Go For DNA TEST On Your Kids by sirzee1660(m): 7:56pm On Jan 05, 2021
Funny....but true women can't be trusted
Romance / Re: My girlfriend wants to breakup by sirzee1660(m): 8:50pm On Dec 10, 2020
Woman when love you go stay.....relationship nowadays are scrappy...just b ur self bro
Romance / Re: Am Not Attracted To My Girlfriend She Looks Like My Sister by sirzee1660(m): 8:33pm On Nov 30, 2020
Looking for excuse to dumpe d innocent girl after eating her tin


Culture / Re: Funniest Superstition You Were Made To Believe by sirzee1660(m): 6:35pm On Nov 30, 2020
As a kid then, there are lots of shit I was told..

(1):-As a kid then, if u re having a meal or snacks and it mistakenly fell on the ground automatically it becomes devils food.

(2):- If u lose a tooth, throw it on the zinc so that it'll grow back if not u won't have a tooth if u throw it on the ground.

(3):- Back then I was a block head at school, and I use to hear people saying if u drink coconut water, ur brain go open, na so guy man use coconut water as food morning, afternoon, and night. na so I dey visit toilet every now and there.

(4):- If u see a chekeleke flying and u want to get a white nails, wave ur fingers on sighting them which after u will get a white nails lol..

lots of crazy crap mehn..
number 4 really worked for me ,even till now I still have those tap white on my fingers
Romance / Re: Wish Men Ask For Bank Account The Way They Ask For Sex by sirzee1660(m): 6:09am On Nov 17, 2020
See talk.....making money in a time like this Is very hard but getting sex is more easier grin grin
Education / Re: I Checked My Waec Result And It's Showing Outstanding by sirzee1660(m): 5:15pm On Nov 04, 2020
Outstanding is okay your result will be release, they was an error committed but in the case of held ...just forget it ,especially if your sch is involved in exam malpractice just forget it...Even when it will be release by God grace is going to take years U might not like ur result because D7 will b dorment
Romance / Re: So Romance Is Dead... by sirzee1660(m): 7:19am On Oct 26, 2020
Exactly what I observed in dating world....the moment you began to care and love more the other person see's you as a trash....I have experience this shit countless time.....love is analysis like football possession....the moment...ur playing higher than the other team there get lower possession..... 75%...35%....so too much of attention curse see finish


Romance / Re: Checkout New Photos Of My Son by sirzee1660(m): 7:24pm On Oct 07, 2020
Cha!! Baby of yesterday, the way babies dey grow this days eh...what of the beautiful girl
Romance / Re: Lady Twerk On Half Open Coffin by sirzee1660(m): 10:53am On Sep 19, 2020
This one dey try her village elders
Romance / Re: Nairalanders I Need Advice by sirzee1660(m): 10:24am On Sep 19, 2020
I love your style bro u played smart for not allowing ur self to be friend zone....my advice just ignore her and forcus on Amara....
Romance / Re: Why Wait This Long To Marry!! by sirzee1660(m): 5:11pm On Sep 18, 2020
Every woman dream is to marry a rich guy,whose good looking but her desire began to depreciate as soon as she clock to 28, now she want a guy who is ready to settle down ,this priod she easily accept any guy,but not knowing that the guy is just a gamer. Before she knew what's going on shes already in her early 30s... believe me any girl u catch this period can pay your bills especially the ones that have fat body grin grin

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Romance / Re: Guys, Can You Borrow To Meet Up With Your Girlfriend's Demand? by sirzee1660(m): 10:09am On Sep 17, 2020
Hmmm... imagine borrowing to make your gf look expensive then tomorrow she will leaves you for someone who fit in, in her shoes grin grin....Cha!! Unbalanced life
Romance / Re: Black Vs Yellow Skin Ladies, Which One Do You Prefer (photo) by sirzee1660(m): 8:14am On Sep 16, 2020
I love both but I have never ask any fair girl out....I believe in real colour grin grin


Music/Radio / Re: Lyrics Of Davido's 'Fem' Vs Burna Boy's 'Monsters You Made' by sirzee1660(m): 7:49pm On Sep 12, 2020
The two music is a bomb but on different direction.... meanwhile Davido focus on gossips but burna talks on bubu leadership


Politics / Re: What Is Electricity Supply In Your Neighborhood Like? by sirzee1660(m): 7:55am On Sep 12, 2020
Here in Ezenei Delta State ...6hours morning 6hours in the evening
Politics / Re: Idia Ize-Iyamu Presents Football Kits To AZ Football Club Ekae (Photos) by sirzee1660(m): 11:14am On Sep 09, 2020
I love the camera....Biko is it an iPhone camera
Romance / Re: When A Relationship Is Coming To An End, The Signs And Symptoms by sirzee1660(m): 9:16pm On Sep 06, 2020
Yeah you are right bro
You forgot the most important one "brokeness:" they suddenly become very broke to even afford 100 airtime lol
Romance / Re: When A Relationship Is Coming To An End, The Signs And Symptoms by sirzee1660(m): 9:14pm On Sep 06, 2020
Which is
cnt believe you forgot the most obvious one which is always taking the relationship asif they are doing you a favor and asif you would die if they dump you
Romance / When A Relationship Is Coming To An End, The Signs And Symptoms by sirzee1660(m): 9:05pm On Sep 06, 2020
When a relationship is coming to an end, the signs and symptoms
1. Deafness: I didn't hear it ring.
2. Blindness: I didn't see your missed calls.
3. Formination of busy: when you called, I was frying stone grin grin grin
4. Nowhere to be found: Can we meet? Oh I'll be going to the moon with my mom wink cheesy
5. Online but not chatting: I just on my data to check if the sun is shining

Just note oh cool cool cool cool cool
Romance / Re: What Are Your Experiences With Older Ladies? by sirzee1660(m): 3:46pm On Sep 06, 2020
Make I just sido and observe


Religion / Re: Do Dreams Really Matter? by sirzee1660(m): 12:51pm On Sep 06, 2020
Those who are projected to pick snail in the dream should know that there is a demon in place of their blessings. There is a demon of wasted efforts in place. It also means the spirit that makes one to struggle hard and achieve nothing in life is in operation.
Education / Re: How To Prepare A Lesson Plan by sirzee1660(m): 2:27pm On Sep 04, 2020
Not only are you dumb...you're also ignorant.. Its an interview , how would you know what questions to expect......
If you don't know what questions you will be asked at the interview how can you then post it before you go for the interview.
you are a big fool for typing this.one who is going for an interview should make more search on the type of questions he/she is expecting.....


Education / Re: How To Prepare A Lesson Plan by sirzee1660(m): 2:08pm On Sep 04, 2020
Lolz....you should have told us earlier nah....nah small thing be that
Crime / Re: Pregnant Girlfriend Stabs Boyfriend To Death In Anambra (Photo) by sirzee1660(m): 5:25pm On Sep 03, 2020
This is bad....she never wanted to kill but her anger made her to kill


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