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Business / Re: Am Based In Gambia, If You Need Anything Let Me Know!!! by sol2galay: 7:22am On Aug 14, 2016
Op what can one export to Gambia from Nigeria,pls send ur what's up number to sol2galaxy@yahoo.com,
Business / Re: I Need 8m Loan With Property In Festac Town As Collactera by sol2galay: 9:36pm On Aug 06, 2016
Oga go to the bank

My dear the time is too short,I Ve less than a week.
Business / I Need 8m Loan With Property In Festac Town As Collactera by sol2galay: 8:50pm On Aug 06, 2016
I urgently need a soft loan of 8million naira to pay. 10million naira within 3months duration,I Ve a property in festac town to be staked as security.
Please if u are interesting contact me via email: sol2galaxy@yahoo.com.
Politics / Re: Why Are The IPOB Yoots Applying For The "Zoo" Police Jobs? by sol2galay: 10:06am On Apr 02, 2016

yea. Eva oma na adakwa ga Iva ndi ibeanyi

Ngeneukwenu bu onye Isu,o du g'ibu onye okposi?
Travel / Re: Construction Of Airport Fences To Cost N25bn by sol2galay: 8:44am On Mar 28, 2016
Let FG save 10billion,i will get the job well done at 15b. FAAN should pm me ASAP.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Pays Civil Servants March 2016 Salaries Ahead Of Easter by sol2galay: 4:53pm On Mar 26, 2016
I hate media propaganda, how does this suppose to be a news? Ebonyi paid teachers on 15th and other on 22nd even though the governor inherited a dilapidated treasury but u hardly hear anybody talking about it,how much more Obiano which Peter Obi made everything easy for. Pls stop these noise making,it's getting so annoying.


Politics / Re: Rochas Okorocha's True Identity Finally Exposed !!!imo State Beware!!! by sol2galay: 5:28am On Mar 26, 2016
Only fools can be brainwashed just like the bokoboys, the wise ones here are reading and smiling at your folly for taking out your whole time and conjure rubbish just to defame your fellow man. God is watching all of you in 3d.


Agriculture / Re: Make Millions From Dried Fish. by sol2galay: 8:09pm On Mar 25, 2016
Politics / Re: Jonathan Made Me The Richest Man In Africa And 25th In The World - Dangote by sol2galay: 8:55am On Mar 25, 2016

Bia fool, is GEJ an Igbo man? Just pack well, who made all Ministries, and Agencies to be using Innoson cars as their official vehicle and for DG's, who lifted the ban on Ibeto cement and products? GEJ empowered the IGBOS and even every other Nigerian economically with favourable economic policies not only Dangote. If you don't know what to say, please keep quiet.

Taa mechie Onu gi dia!! Innosson is a self made businessman even till this moment no government agencies is mandated to use Innosson as it's officier cars,and I can condifidently tell u that IVM is receiving more recognition now more than ever. And who told u it was GEJ who lifted ban on Ibeto? No it was Alhaji Yaradua which we jubiliated for that,pls read ur history book well.
Politics / Re: Turkur Buratai Visits Obiano - Photos by sol2galay: 10:40am On Mar 22, 2016
I still wonder what Okorocha did this man and other eastern governors are doing differently,cant just imagine how this thread would ve been supposing it's Okorocha that was caught in the middle of this men.
Remember this man and his boys murdered our able youths in his backyard and he was mute,the only thing he will do is to invite him to great romance and handshake. Pls my dear Biafrans if you re criticising do it constructively not with sentiment. So that others will take us serious.
I could remember is only in Imo state they didn't record and causality throughout the debacle and it still beat my imagination why only Rochas is being single out for crucifixion just because he refused to Jonathan's shoe shiner. Biko umuigbo time to be wise.
Politics / Re: Can Buhari Win The Next Presidential Elections? by sol2galay: 8:40am On Mar 20, 2016
The answer is a big "YES" I have studied Nigerian politics very carefully. One lesson I have learnt is "never ever underestimate the Yorubas igbophobia".
It is the foundation and driving force of southwest politics on a national level.

The Yorubas are one of the most intelligent groups in Africa and the world at large but they are the only group in modern history that will support a backward group to rule if they feel politically threatened.

Yorubas feel threatened by the possibility of an Igbo dominance both economically and politically. Because of it, they make irrational and ultra emotional political choices that are beneficial to them in the short term but always disasterous to them in the long term.
History proves me right. So let's all continue suffering and smiling.

Wrong observation,last time I checked Ndiigbo have not presented any Candidate and Ndi yoruba refused to vote for him.
First of all let us get a brand and nature him other tribes will be forced to vote for him than pulling our own down. Instead of exalting GEJ,fayose,saraki,dasuki etc. We have Ezekwesili,ngige(he used to be a beautiful brand of Anambra politics bt sentiments has let us hate him),we Rochas and soludo,how about Kalu,is he not Presidential brand supposing we value our own. So put down the blame game and lets put our house in other,nobody is our problem but we.
Business / Re: Packaged Water Business by sol2galay: 4:49pm On Mar 17, 2016
What a wonderful work bro,pls send me breakdown of the total cost of setting up pure water plant. Sol2galaxy@yahoo.com
Business / Re: What Business/investment Can Get Me 15-20% Monthly On A Step-up Of 2M Naira by sol2galay: 2:11pm On Mar 14, 2016
I ve a great idea,you will invest 2.2m and u re assured of 150k monthly. You don't need to do anything. WhatsApp me on 08037143119 for details.
Business / Re: Please, I Need Business Ideas And Partners . by sol2galay: 2:02pm On Mar 14, 2016
There is business am working on right now,but need investors to raise up capital,u can contact me on sol2galaxy@yahoo.com for details.
Business / Re: Finishing Pictures Of Owerri Mall by sol2galay: 9:28am On Mar 14, 2016
stop masturbating on every Igbo thread this hopeless sycophant. angry ..
Nice mall there ..

But I guess what the guy says is nothing but the truth,i ve observed through this forum that no matter what Rochas,Amaechi,Ezekwesiri and Ngige do it most attract criticism from most his natives all in the name of politics. It is high time we Igbos try putting our houses in order,its just getting out of hand.sometime I am always ashamed of the comments that spill from our youths here,

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Politics / Re: What Do Nigerians Want From SE AND SS by sol2galay: 8:48am On Mar 11, 2016

Anambra. Ke ihe me iji a bachitelu ndi ugwu? I maro no ha Na ndi ofe mmanu tinyelu anyi na onodua?

Nnaa ka any gwa Onwe anyi eziokwu,onweghi onye tinyere anyi na onodua,nani anyi Onwe anyi ti nyere Onwe anyi na onodua. Assuming we played our cards well since 1999 nobody will be crying like a baby right now. Even when all odd favour us to produce a president of Igbo extraction we overwhelmly sold it to GEJ even without good bargain. Now why are we blaming yoruba and hausa?
Politics / Re: Okorocha To Present The "Ikoro" Igbo Newspaper, March 15 by sol2galay: 2:48pm On Mar 07, 2016
He is regarded as the greatest because he is the only governor who agreed to be openly accepted to be an Hausa slave. No normal igbo will agree to be enslaved

If he is an hausa slave what do you call his colleagues like Peter Obi,T.A Orji and co,who continue to rick-boot Mr GEJ until they drawn Ndiigbo into political oblivion. Are they Ijaw?


Politics / Re: BIAFRA: Buhari Panics, Moves To Block Kanu's Release @ ECOWAS Court by sol2galay: 9:06am On Mar 05, 2016
Any sensible person reading this will know it is a prior to incite igbo against igbo or to make others see igbos as betrayals or one who dont love thier brother. IPOB youths be careful before you start washing your dirty linen in public. The news is fake and it has a devilish agenda.
Politics / Re: Is Obasanjo A Blessing To Nigeria? by sol2galay: 8:30am On Mar 05, 2016
I blame Jonathan for making this epitome to corruption seem like a hero,assuming Jonathan lived up to expectation the man would have conferred into the dustbin of history. Nigerians will only remember him as one of the drivers of Nigeria dark ages.

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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Celebrities Of Ebonyi State Origin by sol2galay: 11:42am On Feb 08, 2016
How about Teckno? I heard he is from Okposi in Ebonyi state. Can anybody confirm this?


Politics / Re: Emmanuel Emenike Hangs-out With Okorocha In Dubai by sol2galay: 9:32pm On Jan 26, 2016

PMB zombie please give him space

Tufiakwa, am just a true Igboman who love every igbo sons and daughters for who they are and not you bigots who is hating thier own brothers for the failure of a failure. Or can u vehemently tell me u re not GEJ apologist then I will take u serious.
Politics / Re: Emmanuel Emenike Hangs-out With Okorocha In Dubai by sol2galay: 8:32pm On Jan 26, 2016
Nwaturuawusa Okoroawusa. The Con man in stirring the affairs of IMO with the voodoo governance principle like his mentor PMB. Job losses on the increase and the wild chase of frivolities and globetrottings

GEJ's goat is on the loss,pls catch him before he go mad. Ndi ala!!
Politics / Re: Sharon Ikeazor Appeals To Anambra People by sol2galay: 9:45am On Jan 23, 2016
[quote author=chukwudi44 post=42241042]
Her name is SHARIAon Ikeazor what else are you looking for

pained niggas, so una never repent even when u people successfully rendered Ndiigbo political hopless.
God will still pay una for bringing ridicule to Ndiigbo and demeaning our pride. Ndi anu mpama!!
Politics / Re: I Never Called For Nnamdi Kanu’s Hanging – Okorocha by sol2galay: 8:12am On Jan 21, 2016

Biko nu..

Gini ka onye ofe-ose na mmanu a n'ekwu??

the onye ofe ose is more reasonable than u, keep on washing ur dirty linen in the public.
Politics / Re: A Clarion Call For Us (igbos) To Restore Our Image: by sol2galay: 2:56pm On Jan 20, 2016
[size=14pt]Silence is not always golden and idiocy is usually very infectious![/size]

To say a lot of misguided, emotional and unsound Igbos have totally rubbished the image of the Igbos nation since the days of GEJ till date is an understatement. With the criminal silence of reasonable Igbos, the idiocy of the unsound empty vessels has spread like an infectious virus at an alarming rate. The continued silence of reasonable Igbos continues to make matters even worse. That the opinions of the Igbo nation today around the world is now taken as a joke is a very painful but frightening unfolding reality which is caused by the senseless utterances of a 'few many,' and the criminal silence of the wise majority; this embarrassing trend really needs to be checked.

@SamjohnnyB and the FB author, I do not know who you are, but if you are Igbo, then I urge you to ignore the imbecilic comments from the imbeciles who insult you. This criminal silence of sensible Igbos cannot continue, more people need to speak up to prevent the Igbo nation from being completely written off as a bunch of jokers all because of the brazen foolishness of a few.

one million likes to u bro,i wish we can get at least 30% igbo youths who can think and reason like u and op with my humble self Ala igbo will be fine. the six ugly year of GEJ's reign has turned to be curse to the entire igbo race instead of blessing. each time I read comments of our so called leaders tomorrow in this forum my heart bleed in pain. only miracle can change this ugly trend cos if u speak contrary to thier view they attack u with venom.


Business / Re: Kolanut Business: You can be a Millionaire within 6 months by sol2galay: 6:41pm On Jan 15, 2016
this is my email Bro sol2galaxy@yahoo.com. may God bless u aboundantly
Sports / Re: Bet9ja Daily Predict #zero_risk by sol2galay: 8:41am On Jan 12, 2016
welcome Bro, can we get a crew on tonight matches?

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Politics / Re: Wake Up Call For The South East Region!! by sol2galay: 2:42pm On Jan 11, 2016
You don't have sense and you're so carried away by propaganda, falsehood and half-truths. The only way an Igbo man can ever become president in Nigeria is through the Jonathan way... Divine providence. The average Yoruba and Northerners would NEVER vote an Igbo man as president. They would rather vote someone from Sao Tome than allow an Igbo man get in there. It's the bitter truth and it has to sink into your skull

I don't think Yoruba,hausa/fulani hate us as much as Ijaw people,thats why GEJ duped us by promises of second niger bridge from when he was acting president just to garner our vote. to tell u the truth u hardly believe, the Yoruba,hausa/fulani u think are ur problem can easily vote for an igboman in an election to compare an ijaw man who will rather evoke the spirit of Idi Amin of Uganda to rule them instead of an igboman.
Politics / Re: Wake Up Call For The South East Region!! by sol2galay: 12:56pm On Jan 11, 2016

I don't know if truly you're from the east but every rational thinking Igbo man should meditate on this. Likewise the other tribes. That fellow or tribe you're fighting for what type of life are the leader of the tribe what types of life is he living. Has he contributed any good thing in your life or your clan at large.

Bro am a true Igbo son and I think igbo before others,i don't fight for Buhari neither am I fighting for GEJ but I have to be rational in my reasoning. I shall Ndiigbo heading to political oblivion when we adopted GEJ as our political son in 2011,i cried my eyes out telling everybody that care that we ve mortgaged our political future with a porridge of yam and nobody listen d to me. Assuming we prayed politics with rational mind rather than politics of timidity nothing will stop a true Igbo son from being being nigeria president in 2015. fast forward to 2016..we re lost in political circle owing to our myopic instinct. Can imaging how the most popular ethnic group is wailing around like an orphan instead of us to be deciding how our common feast will be shared. I weep for my people and I weep more for igbo youths. let get since because it's not too expensive. otu mpkuru okwu zuru onye ma'ala ihe. ka emesie nu.

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Politics / Re: Wake Up Call For The South East Region!! by sol2galay: 8:16am On Jan 11, 2016
@op leave Ndi Ala alone to be wallowing in thier folly, I told them but they won't listen and they labelled me anti-igbo and pro buhari. In time when their eyes will clear they will understand who the real igbo enemies are,they will know it's not Rochas and Co but Mr Peter Obi and all pro Jonathan Igbo elements who saw nothing bad in our dilapidated infrastructures throughout Jonathan's tenure,but by that time it will be too late to cry.


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