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Romance / Re: Temperament N Love. by spicyv1(f): 10:29pm On Oct 22, 2014
Owk, I've read Tim Lahaye's why you act the way you do and am san-phleg. I'm 90% san_phleg and 10% choleric.

This is a really nice thread

Great book! I read it over n over n over again.
Romance / Re: Temperament N Love. by spicyv1(f): 8:00pm On Oct 22, 2014
Am Mel-Phleg

wow, extremely introverted. smiley
Romance / Re: Temperament N Love. by spicyv1(f): 7:44pm On Oct 22, 2014
hahahahahahaha, cute-hector. Hilarious. Honestly, I don't know why they are named such. I read the reason then oh, i don forget, lol. But the entire concept is true. There are other elements used to describe temperaments though.

Wind Earth.

Lol, imagine.
Romance / Re: Temperament N Love. by spicyv1(f): 7:35pm On Oct 22, 2014
San-phleg-mel-chol....dats my temperament....mtcheeew

cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy why you dey para?
Romance / Re: Temperament N Love. by spicyv1(f): 7:21pm On Oct 22, 2014
This is intellectual, more of what we should be discuss on this forum. Nice one OP.

If I were to consider every of the temperaments; I think I have got them all but more to San-Phleg and Chol than Mel.

Thank you smiley. what a combination you got there. cheesy
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 6:26pm On Oct 22, 2014
A year and six months later after we met, we are still as close as ever and without jobs.

‘Oke, fly dey call you.’ Rume called out to Oke, whose phone was lying on the bed ringing.

‘Na wetin dey worry dat yeye man sef? Shu!’ Oke responded. ‘D man no dey yeh word. I no know wish tactic to use again, he just won’t let me be.’

‘I beg, come and pick this call’ or I go pick am oh!

‘By all means do, my durling.’ Oke replied Rume. Giggling, Rume answered the call.

‘Talk to me,’ she said, mimicking Oke. Oke and I burst into laughter; Rume held a finger to her lips, signalling us to keep shut. She then put the phone on speaker.

‘Baby geh, kekwanu?’ entered the voice from the speakers. ‘I have been carring and carrying you, where you reave ya phone?’ amidst silent chuckles, Rume said,’ I was in the kitchen.’

‘Kitchen, ehen what ah you doing inside dia? Ah you cooking?’

‘Errm yes, no.’
‘Which one is yes, no?’

‘I just finished cooking.’

‘Hmmm baby geh, what did you cook, ret me come and eat na, invite me na.’

Oke began to move her head in disapproval.

‘It’s concoction rice oh,’

‘Which one is concoction lice again? If you want to eat lice, eat lice. Which one is concoction lice? Bia nne, get leady ret me take you out to eat betta food, you will eat point and kill?’

‘Errm’. Rume looked at Oke for approval, Oke looked at me and I giggled.

‘Baby geh, ah you dia?’

‘Err, yes’

Okay, so you want me to come and corret you flom ya house?

Ummm, no. My roommate is not feeling well.

‘Ya loomate? What is long wit ha? Ret ha forro us to chop point and kill, I plomise you she will well.’

Our controlled laughter escaped our lips. Rume quickly cut the call. We were still laughing hard when the phone rang again. Rume pushed Oke, ‘go and talk to your pest abeg’, I no dey.

Hello,’ ‘yes herro’, what apun to d rine?

Sorry, the line went off.

‘Okay oh. So, wia is ya house? Ret me come and corret you.’

‘We will meet you at Nyanya under bridge, Oke replied.

‘Why na? ret me come to ya house to cally you pipu.’

‘Our street is not motorable, it is better we meet you at the bus stop.’

Okay, ngwanu. What time is that?

‘Hmmm, in the evening, 5pm should be okay.’

‘Okay, my baby geh. By e by e oh!’
Oke dropped her phone on the bed. Funny man I said. Are you really going out with him?

‘Oh yes we are!’


‘Yes! We!’

No, no please I am not…

‘Look Ivie, I know you are feeling low right now, but that is the main reason I want you to come with us. Besides, this man will not let me be if I post him again. So, let me just agree to go with him but not alone.’

I really don’t feel like it, I really just want…

‘Ivie, please let’s go. Going out will get your mind off the stress you are feeling now.’ Rume joined in.

Okay, okay. I have heard. I know you girls won’t let me be if I don’t accept this unwanted invitation. I got up to return my half-finished meal to the kitchen, drank a sachet of water and returned to the room. I took off my dress, lay on the bed and shut my eyes.
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 5:21pm On Oct 22, 2014
I was beginning to get agitated. ‘Where are these people?’ I asked myself. ‘I tried mum’s number, for the uptenth time, no response. I looked around, at other students filled with excitement and taking photos with their families who have come to celebrate with them as they matriculated. I felt like taking off my matric gown.

I took a picture and left for my hostel. Later that evening, I got a call from my adopted mum’s line and the tragic message was delivered! My new family was involved in a fatal car accident on their way to Benin, for my matriculation. No one survived!

I went through the university with a vengeance! I was angry at the world. I always wore a sad look, never made any friends because I was scared to. I believed that anyone who became close to me was doomed to die. Thankfully, I was on full scholarship and money for my upkeep was not an issue. I had some money in my savings account, worked at a cyber café in school and got paid to type students’ projects.

I looked forward to life after school. I would graduate with excellent grades, get a good job and maybe get married. Six months after completing the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme, I still had not gotten any job, despite graduating with a first class degree. The only job that was being offered to me was that of a mistress, to scrawny looking men looking for fresh blood to rejuvenate their dwindling cells..

‘Mtcheeew.’ I hissed loudly, as I came back to reality. I scowled at a man who offered me a lift and flagged a taxi headed to Wuse. I got to Wuse just in time to catch the BRT bus headed to Nyanya. I quickly hopped in.

As I approached the self-contained flat I shared with Rume and Oke, I couldn’t stop myself from wishing I had my own apartment. Right now, I wanted to be alone.

‘Babe, ha far na? Rume welcomed me excitedly.
‘Omote, give us good news’, Oke chipped in.

I ignored them.

‘Shu, wish levos na?’’ wish one you jus dey bone our side lie say na we be federal govment wey no gree provide job?’ Oke continued.

‘Oke, calm down.’ Rume cut in.

‘Babe, I am so sorry, why are you so upset?’ Oke asked me, seeing the tears freely flowing down my cheeks.

‘I, I d-don tire’. I stuttered.’ W-what is it? I jus-just want to get a decent job.’ The stutter increased because I was talking and crying.

‘It is okay,’ Rume said, patting my back. ‘Don’t talk again; we will talk later when you are calm.’

‘There’s concoction rice in the kitchen, lemme dish some for you’. Oke stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

I was famished, yet had no appetite. I met Oke and Rume at the NYSC orientation camp at Kubwa in the Federal capital territory. We were pleasantly surprised to find that we were all from Delta state and more excited that we were from the same tribe; Urhobo. We called ourselves, the three hot chicks and stuck together.
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 5:21pm On Oct 22, 2014
lovely writeup yh...😘😘😋🙋

smiley thank you.
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 5:13pm On Oct 22, 2014
Thank you, Almacherish and Aisha. Welcome on board. smiley
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 4:32pm On Oct 22, 2014
First, I'd say it's a nice start and really your mastery of the Hausa accent is impressive!

I'd say you avoid too much details though. Leave the readers to their personal imagination sometimes.
Then cut down on your 'ly' adverbs. And finally show more and tell less.

In all, I anticipate a great work.

Please note that these observations are subjective and some might not think same. Remember, it's your work and you have the sole right to decision.

Thank you wink
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 4:23pm On Oct 22, 2014
DanWrites, i see you. wink Oga, welcome. I am a fan oh.
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 4:16pm On Oct 22, 2014
Thank God, it was a Saturday. I don’t know how I would have concentrated in class. I chewed silently, and then lay on the bed after my meal. I woke up to see that it was past 2pm. I sat up on my bed and wondered where my dad was. I decided to go check his room. The door moved when I turned the knob, but my dad was nowhere around. I went out of our two bedrooms flat, hoping to see him outside, still no sign. We lived in a mini estate along airport road in Warri, where everyone pretty much tended to their own businesses. I wasn’t sure who to ask about my dad and went back indoors, hopeful that my dad would return soon.

He wasn’t back until a week later. But then, I had lost my dad forever. Things changed completely, his mental health continued to deteriorate. My dad was checked into a private mental institution by his sister my aunt. Two years later, he passed on. I never told anyone about the events of that night.

I lived with my aunt and her family, consisting of her husband and my two male cousins. They tried their best to give me a home. I excelled at the annual scholarship exams offered by the high school I attended and was offered a university scholarship to study communications. Then, disaster struck again.
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 4:16pm On Oct 22, 2014
Oya come and kontinu what you have started o

grin grin grin, oh boy. na who send me thiis kind work. I don dey taya oh. lol.
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 4:03pm On Oct 22, 2014
Thank you Muna smiley
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 3:53pm On Oct 22, 2014
I lost my mother at the tender age of four. She died in a plane crash. I was an only child and my dad who never remarried died, grief-stricken over the death of my mother, when I was sixteen. My dad always said I reminded him of his sweetheart, as I was the splitting image of my mum. Many times, I caught him weeping, clutching the picture of my mum, close to his heart, repeatedly asking why, why. He never got over her death! He became depressed and began to exhibit signs of dementia.

When I turned fourteen, my dad began to see me as his late wife. I was confused. He would call me pearl; which was the pet name he called my late mum. One rainy night, I woke up to find my dad on my bed, undressed! I jumped out of the bed, screaming ‘Daddy, I am your daughter’. I ran out of the room and locked myself in the bathroom. I sat down, folded my hands over my knees which were drawn to my chest and began to weep. I woke up, to the rays of sunlight, streaming through the window. I was cold, from lying on the tiled bathroom floor and my body ached all over. Recollections of the previous night’s event began to fill my head and my heart became heavy. I suddenly felt like I had been punched in my stomach.

I felt so much fear and confusion. I wasn’t going to get out of this place. After what seemed like three hours, I began to feel the pangs of hunger in my stomach. I stood up, washed my face and brushed my teeth, then turned the key in the lock open as quietly as I could. I opened the door with more caution than a burglar trying to break into an apartment.

It was silent everywhere. My room was devoid of any other human; I quickly locked the door to my room. I was too scared to risk going into the kitchen and also too ashamed to face my dad. What am I going to do now? I silently asked myself. Another thirty minutes passed, I decided to go to the kitchen. Ignoring the wild beat of my heart, I unlocked the door, took the key out of the key hole and locked it as I stepped out. Then I tiptoed towards my dad’s room and pressed my ear to the door, silence. I waited for about five minutes, still no sound. Then, I proceeded, still on tip toe to the kitchen. I opened the fridge, took out four slices from the loaf of bread and made a tuna sandwich. I took a bottle of sprite and hurriedly went back to my room.
Literature / Re: The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 3:32pm On Oct 22, 2014
‘Walahi you are such a bootipul gehl! What is your name again?’

‘ Ivie sir.’

‘Ibii,’ he drawled, in an attempt to pronounce my name.

‘No sir, Ivie, I.V.I.E, Ivie.’ I responded politely, attempting to repair the damage done to my name.

‘I.B.I.E, Ibie.’ He repeated, this time with a smile that made him look like a dog on heat.

I rolled my eyes resignedly.

‘Hab you been to Dubai bepor?

‘No sir? Does the job require travelling to Dubai?’

Alhaji Jibril smiled once again, revealing his gold teeth. He looked at me with tiny, almost blood shot eyes. His thin fingers, stroking the goatee that almost reached his chest. Then, he took of his hat, revealing a shiny bald head.

‘Look Ibie, poget avout dis job. I want to takea op you; I will take you to Dubai and around za world, you will neba hab to look por job again.’

I looked at him, struggling to conceal my irritation and taking in his features; lanky, bald, well over fifty, with the tiniest eyes I have ever seen and lips as thick as a bat fish.

I couldn’t understand what was happening. I mean this is the fourth job interview in two weeks and all the prospective employers preferred to have me warm their beds.

I didn’t dress provocatively; in fact, I always deliberately dressed conservatively; loose fitting clothes, always a size bigger and well below the knee. Yet, I always seem to receive undesired attention from the opposite sex.

I knew I was quite beautiful, very attractive to many. I had a lithe physique, taller than the average lady, with a height of 5, 11 on bare foot. My caramel skin tone was flawless and my hair, which was kept in its natural state, is long and full. My face, which was oval, presented huge, dreamy hazel eyes, a small nose and full soft lips. My slightly chubby cheeks hid a set of dimples which becomes prominent every time I smile or even curve my lips.

I jerked as I felt the rough palms of Alhaji Jibril on my chin. What nerves! The man actually touched my face!

‘Excuse me sir, this is supposed to be a job interview. Please, if you don’t think I am qualified for the job then…

‘Shush, bootipul ladies are not suffosed to work, why do you want to suppa when I can gib you ebrytin you want?’

I stood up immediately, ‘do enjoy the rest of the day, Alhaji’. I walked out of the office gracefully. I wasn’t going to give the heartless, shameless man the satisfaction of watching me display anger induced by frustration.

As I hit the streets, walking towards the junction where I would take a commercial cab back home and struggling to prevent the tears stinging my eyes from rolling down my cheeks, I began to mutter to myself. Is it my fault that I was created this way? Is beauty not supposed to be an advantage? Mine seems to be a disadvantage, more like a curse even! Men always wanted to take advantage of me.
Literature / The Abj Babe by spicyv1(f): 3:31pm On Oct 22, 2014
Hello All,

This would be my first time posting a literary work, on this section. I really enjoy reading other people's stuff, people like DanWrites and some others whose username I can't recall now. I hope to give as much fun as I have received and yes, keep the constructive criticisms flowing.

Cheers wink
Fashion / Re: Fab Photos From The Genevieve Pinkball Foundation Event by spicyv1(f): 12:18pm On Oct 20, 2014
Thank you op, really great job.

I really can't figure what is wrong with Eku Edewor. Everything is wrong with her outfit. That crop top looks like a nightwear and that accessory on her neck looks like a suicide tool. One word for her look, hideous.

Osas is a sight for sore eyes, just look at how toned she is...lovely.
Celebrities / Re: The Intrigues In The Linda Ikeji Copywright Infringement Saga. by spicyv1(f): 2:50pm On Oct 10, 2014
Who do we now believe?

Lol, the facts are pretty obvious.

Una no dey tire for this woman sef

How now? Who gets tired of talking about someone successful?
Celebrities / The Intrigues In The Linda Ikeji Copywright Infringement Saga. by spicyv1(f): 10:14am On Oct 10, 2014
Let me start by stating I respect the grace upon Linda's life. I mean, she is not the best of writers, she is not a seasoned journalist, she is often accused of "never verifying" her stories before publishing (the case with Yvonne Nelson featuring Iyanya in a movie, amongst many others) and certainly not the best gossip peddler.

But, you gotta hand it to her, she is the most sought after...that is what I call grace!

Now, to the issue...I am somewhat amused(for lack of appropriate adjective) at how vengeful and scheming Linda can get. Y'all recall the Toke Makinwa and Tonto Dikeh saga? Linda is not someone you offend and apologize to and expect all to be forgiven and forgotten, nah she will draw the battle line and throw the eraser in the Atlantic ocean. She will get her pound of flesh, acting all innocent whilst doing so.

She warned Mr Aye Dee and co, in her first post about the whole drama. She said, "you guys don't know who you are dealing with". And, she has lived up to her warning. Lol. Now, after reading the published private chat between her and Aye Dee, I couldn't help but notice some oddity. It seemed too...scripted? Fictional? Edited? Not sure what it was but I felt there was some vital information missing.

So, I checked out Aye Dee on twitter. You know, as we always say, there are two sides to a story, I hoped to catch his side of the story and yep, I did.

He never denied that they had a conversation but was firm in stating the obvious, the chat published by Linda was edited, so there is more to the story. Another baffling thing was that Linda claimed that Aye Dee's name is Emmanuel Efremov (or so), a stalker who registered the name lindaikeji.net and 8 others, all in an effort to make money off her. Aye Dee's side, lindaikeji.net was actually registered on Linda's behalf and presented as a gift, far back in 2011, which she was so excited about. See the image of the convo, as posted by Aye Dee.

If you read the chat, you would see that he actually made reference to the address and asked her if she had forgotten. A question that didn't display any answer. She even expressed her unwillingness to have a website, yet she always claims her reason to be that her preferred names where all taken. Question, how come the screen displaying the convo from 2013 showed the name Aye Dee, yet she claims she thought it was her long lost love[s][/s] friend Alex? How come she chose to copy and paste instead of displaying the actual screen shot of the chat? So she can edit perhaps?

Aye Dee has stated, he would not publish the actual chat they had because it would make Linda look bad and insists the entire drama was solely a case of copy wright infringement, although I can't help but wonder if a bruised male ego ignited this whole drama.

I could go on and on, picking the oddities in the whole drama, but I will conclude by stating Linda should quit playing the victim. Quit riding on the ignorance of your fans and their thirst for juicy scandal to gain more publicity. You made mistakes, learn the lessons that should be learnt and move on.

I continue to wish you well.

Romance / Re: What Should I Do? by spicyv1(f): 11:14am On Oct 05, 2014
**singing** It's a super story. A life of stife and sorrow cheesy

You look like Tonto Dikeh.
Romance / Re: Why Do Most Women Prefer Abroad Based Husbands To Nigerian Based Ones? by spicyv1(f): 1:37pm On Sep 26, 2014
lalasticlala: It's a common knowledge that most women prefer abroad based guys/husbands to Nigerian based ones.

Babes trip so much for guys that returned from the UK, US, etc.

I knew of a lady that swore that she would never marry a Nigerian based husband. She was a banker. Fortunately for her, a customer saw her, liked her and sent her pics to the brother living in the US. The abroad based guy later married her and took her abroad.

There are several other cases where some babes had to dump their serious suitors based here in Nigeria because of another guy that returned from abroad.
A times , the abroad based guys may disappoint them even after promising them marriage.

When I was in year one in ABSU, my uncle's daughter was doing her NYSC already. Two suitors were already coming for her hand in marriage. One was working in a federal ministry in Abuja, the other had just finished his NYSC and was retained by the bank where he had served.

She was showing more interest in the one with a federal ministry until she met the son of the MD of the company where she was posted to. Everything changed. The MD's son was resident in London. They fell in love as she dumped the Abuja guy.

The MD's son promised her marriage. She was so excited. She flaunted him for all to see. He later went back to London with a promise to come back for her or send for her. After the service year, she came back.

To cut the long story short, I graduated, finished service, yet she's yet to marry. The Abuja based guy now has 2 kids. He married another lady. I heard the Banker one that also came to marry her then is now in Canada.

She's now so desperate for marriage as her 2 younger sisters are all married with kids.

What is so special about abroad based husbands that make women long for them?

Ever heard the word greener pastures? The answer you seek is in the bolded.

1 Like

Romance / Re: CONFUSED... Can You Change A Prostiitute? by spicyv1(f): 1:29pm On Sep 26, 2014
nonny1212: My friend is about to get married to a prostiitute, I wonder how good he was able to convince her into marriage. Doesn't it make u wonder?. A lady that was a prostiitute in profession... What's his fate? Is he going to change the lady forever being good or would she still return back to her bad OLDs later in the marriage? Another QUESTION!!! If it is possible to change her to be faithful, How do we make the good attitude in her remain PERMANENT?

We? Please google the word boundaries.
Romance / Re: I Love Her To Bits But Can I Do This? by spicyv1(f): 1:13am On Sep 20, 2014
Dear Mayim,

How old are you? I sense teenager or at most young adult in his early twenties, from your posts. You need to focus on being a "man" first before having "serious" relationships. You are not yet close to being ready for marriage.

My spicy opinion.

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Business / Re: How To Have Successful Business Partnerships? by spicyv1(f): 11:20am On Sep 16, 2014
disc20: @spicyv1 You've raised a nice question there. I want to ask you. Can we do business together?

Thank you. Depends on what you are offering.
Business / Re: How To Have Successful Business Partnerships? by spicyv1(f): 11:19am On Sep 16, 2014
Anthrophile: Partnership in business is very good for the hawkish partner but bad for the dovish one. One may not know who is who in the pioneering period of the business but when the venture becomes prosperous, A partner will want to take all the stake.

Even when proper measures have been taken? And a clear MOU drawn up?
Business / Re: How To Have Successful Business Partnerships? by spicyv1(f): 11:18am On Sep 16, 2014
tooltip: Partnerships are like marriages,that need a prenuptial agreement,understanding and tangible value brought to the table by the partners

Okay, so why can't we have it then?
Business / How To Have Successful Business Partnerships? by spicyv1(f): 1:59pm On Sep 15, 2014
It is a question. How come we can't have it in Nigeria? Developed economies thrive through partnership.

I have the idea, another has the technical skills and another the finance. Why can't we just come together and make it work? It would be great, unemployment would drastically reduce and our economy would thrive more.
Health / Re: Nigerian Meals That Kills Body Fat by spicyv1(f): 3:30pm On Jan 09, 2014

Please verify. Do these meals actually burn fat or they are just recommended meals for people who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Thanks smiley
Romance / Re: Temperament N Love. by spicyv1(f): 11:04am On Jan 09, 2014
Darlynlara, lol cheesy

I find your reaction to my post quite humorous. You seem to be a very sensitive person and your reference to the fact that you are a secretive person, you brood a lot-often playing in your mind words you perceive as negative, spoken by others. This clearly shows that your dominant temperament is MELANCHOLY! I have also noticed that a lot of people with a dominant Melancholic temperament often think they are Sanguines.

Try taking some personality tests.

Also, even if you insist you are Sanguine, you shouldn't get offended because someone stated the truth about your perceived personality which may be their own opinion. If you are really true to yourself, you would know your weaknesses, accept them and work at becoming a better person rather than being overly defensive when your weaknesses are pointed out! Besides, does my post not point out the strengths of the different personalities? Why did you choose to focus on the weaknesses alone? That is an attitude that is typical of Melancholics.

Let me also point out that my post on this subject is thoroughly enlightening, how you comprehend is entirely your prerogative.

Cheers smiley
Celebrities / Re: Governor Oshiomole Gives Girl Hawking Plantain Chips N1million Cheque by spicyv1(f): 2:09pm On Jan 08, 2014
moscobabs: Bias act again!!!!! why can't he called other children and share the the money with them.

Well because the other children ran away in fear..

The lesson learned is, "only the courageous deserve the reward".
Health / Re: Man With Tumour All Over His Body After Doctors Remove One From His Waist by spicyv1(f): 2:05pm On Jan 08, 2014
This is so sad cry cry cry

I truly wish I could help this man.. cry cry

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