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Politics / Re: American Jewish Congress Description Of Nigeria's Three Main Ethnic Groups by strangleyo: 5:03pm On Jun 30, 2011
No wonder Yuroba hate igbo so much.

In society, whenever 1 group is challeneged by wealth of another, there is always hostility.

Just like the Jews were hated in Europe, The Chinese in Indonesia and Indians in Kenya.

I weep for naija.
Politics / Re: G.A.Y Rights: Anglican Primate Urges Nigeria To Quit United Nations by strangleyo: 4:48pm On Jun 30, 2011
homophobia in Nigeria is stunning.

Priorities are fvked up. No wonder the country is such a mess, tolerance of different opinions and ways of life is zero.
Politics / Re: President Obama’s Action Figure? (photo) by strangleyo: 7:52pm On May 13, 2011
Obama a real black president.

His call to have the Somali pirates last year all murdered by the Seals, and this year his order to assassinate Osama Bin Laden.

Obama, the smarter, more efficient version of Bush.
Politics / Re: Arrest Me If You Can, Buhari Dares Jonathan <Misleading> by strangleyo: 4:17pm On Apr 26, 2011
It's not GEJ's place to arrest anyone. This is not how the system should work. Presidents should not be given arbitrary powers to arrest people.

What should be done, AND WHAT IS BEING DONE, behind the scenes is this:

The justice system is being unhinged from the presidency and made independent, if the inspector general (who should be acting independently), based on a quantitative, and conclusive investigation finds that someone is responsible, be it Buhari, northern Elites, or even some southern elites, he will issue an arrest warrant. It's that simple.

It's not for GEJ do be doing any arrests. And he's responsible for bringing stability now. He's the sitting president. Not Buhari, or some shadowy northerners we all hear about all the time. It's time we started behaving like a REAL democracy.
Politics / Re: 80% Of Nigerians Think 2011 Will Be Better Than 2010 by strangleyo: 4:57pm On Apr 25, 2011
We just had our first free and fair elections, possibly since 1993.

Democracy is the only way forward, 2011 will be better than 2010 for Nigeria.
Politics / Re: I'v Start Regreting Why I Voted For Gej. by strangleyo: 6:06pm On Apr 21, 2011
Nigeria is becoming a real democracy!!!

You vote for a candidate and 2 days later you hate them.

Politics / Re: In Event Of A Successful Military Coup, What Happens? by strangleyo: 4:45pm On Apr 20, 2011
There will also be crippling sanctions.
Politics / Re: In Event Of A Successful Military Coup, What Happens? by strangleyo: 4:16pm On Apr 20, 2011
A coup will be the end of Nigeria.

It will split.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Asks Buhari To Call His Supporters To Order by strangleyo: 9:46pm On Apr 18, 2011

Well, I don't think it is wiser for the president to fold his hands and do nothing. He has had about a year to work on preparing the forces to better manage these sort of crisis. He has had an average of one riot a month to test the preparedness of the team on since he took office last year. I don't think at this point we still need to be deciding on his behalf whether he should send them in or not send them in. He is a grown man with serious responsibilities here . . .

He's not folding his hands, he's appealed for calm, and I'm sure he's working behind the scenes, and also working not to inflame the situation further.

A massacre by security forces is NOT what's needed before the guber elections.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Asks Buhari To Call His Supporters To Order by strangleyo: 9:33pm On Apr 18, 2011

I didn't say you were a Goodluck supporter either. Analyzing things objectively is good but what you you posted there was NOT OBJECTIVE IN ANY FORM. NOT AT ALL.

Goodluck is the President of Nigerian(Not newly sworn in-- but has been for about a year now), the OBJECTIVE thing to happen is for the president to get the forces in to protect the people. It is common sense response in any country, and also in Nigeria. Police men and Army men are trained on ways to avoid bloodshed at all cost. It is NOT YOUR PLACE OR MINE to decide if the authorities should be sent in or not when the lives of innocents are involved.

I've noticed the tone in your posts, and it seems like you're confusing Nigeria for Canada or even semi developed Mexico.

This is Nigeria.

In developed countries, the opposition party leader does not say "we went to court last time it didn't work we're not accepting the results and we're not going to court!".

This is Nigeria, where illiterate people know no reason. People vote along ethnic lines, where men refuse election results, whether cooked or real.

If GEJ sent the army in early, with their lack of equipment, again, this isn't Canada, there's no rubber bullets and tasers, and handcuffs, it's Kalashnekoffs.

It would be a massacre that could lead to full out ethnic uprisings.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Asks Buhari To Call His Supporters To Order by strangleyo: 7:48pm On Apr 18, 2011

Is Buhari the Commander in chief of the armed forces?

Is Buhari responsible for the security of citizens?

This man is as clueless as ever.

In case you dont know Odechukwu, You are the commander in Chief and responsible for the security of Nigerians.

I have never seen a president shy away from his repsonsibilty like this man.

Maybe we should heed his call and pray for rioters to repent


Nigeria's security forces aren't well equipped enough to put down a massive Islamic uprising without massive loss of life.

You see, we don't have rubber bullets, batons and tazers like most well equipped security forces.

It's the Kalashnikoffs, if the supporters go home everyone is happy, if they don't, the army will massacre them and that will exacerbate the sitation.

Janathan is right to ask this of Buhari, as Buhari has shows he is VERY irresponsible.

Also, people are forgetting that there are many southerners and Christians who live in the North, and they probably voted for GEJ.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Asks Buhari To Call His Supporters To Order by strangleyo: 7:33pm On Apr 18, 2011
Nigeria's army's job is to impose order. Not govern.
Politics / Re: At Times I Feel Ashamed As A Hausa Man by strangleyo: 6:11pm On Apr 18, 2011
I hope that the new government formed after the final elections next week will raise the standards of living for all Nigerians, and bring security to all Nigerians regardless of religion of tribe.

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Politics / Re: Video Evidence Of Massive Rigging! by strangleyo: 2:42pm On Apr 15, 2011
Many people, especially in the rural parts are still illiterate. Having a fair system is one thing, having people who take advantage of the fair vote is another.

Brothers and sisters it will take time before the system is perfected. The vote was still much better than 1999/2003 and 1993 for that matter.

I'm hoping every election henceforth will get better and better.
Politics / Re: Report Here On National Assembly Elections: 2nd April, 2011 by strangleyo: 4:01pm On Mar 31, 2011
People please go out and vote.


In summary, the system was copied from the American Federal system (Poorly copied).
This system does great harm to Nigeria in the sense that there are too many elected and appointed people doing the same things.
There are senators & reps (Fed level), members (State level), Councillors (LG level) all doing WHAT Legislators doing the same thing: LEGISLOOTING!

Not necessarily true. Running a country is not an easy feat. If it was simple every country in the world would look like pre-Quake Japan.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Can Nigeria Defend Her Self From Foreign Invasion by strangleyo: 5:00pm On Mar 22, 2011
The real question is, will a dominant Asia be better for Africa than a dominant Europe/America?

China may not be nicer to us than America and Britain. Look at Zimbabwe and China.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Can Nigeria Defend Her Self From Foreign Invasion by strangleyo: 6:55pm On Mar 21, 2011

By your logic, if everyone has a right to bear arms and has a military training, then that ought to keep invaders at bay? . . . .Ridiculous, in a world Tomahawks missiles?  Who says you can't be shot from a thousand miles away?

I'm not saying they wouldn't bomb us, but to what end?

If they're going to invade they'll still need to impose order after the invasion. They'll need to put boots on the ground.

Tomahawks work great in deserts, and against armor and heavy weapons, but when your enemy is an armed civilian population, they'd pretty much be ineffective. Someone still has to come on the ground to impose order.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Can Nigeria Defend Her Self From Foreign Invasion by strangleyo: 6:30pm On Mar 21, 2011
Legalizing the right to bear weapons and military training of the population would also work well in our favour, as a democratic country we should have nothing to fear if we have a well armed population.

Think of Brazil, nobody would consider invading them, even if they went rogue. With a population of 180m, well armed civilians it would be almost impossible.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Can Nigeria Defend Her Self From Foreign Invasion by strangleyo: 3:29pm On Mar 21, 2011
Our military can't defend us, but with a population of 150,000,000+, most would be attackers won't bother ever putting troops on the ground. The security void that would be created if the Nigerian government is removed would require any western nations, and even China to basically draft an army to keep the peace.

Iraq's population was 20million, and the coalition had difficulty controlling it after the Baath party was removed. Ours is 150m. And we've got jungles. Groups like Mend, Boko Haram, etc will grow in ranks and become like the Al-Sadr brigades of Iraq.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Libya: Col Gaddafi Told To Leave Now Or Face The Bombers by strangleyo: 7:58pm On Mar 19, 2011
Yemen's government is murdering its own people too, why doesn't NATO bomb them?
Politics / Re: Gaddafi Wants Atleasts 5 Billion Euros/yr from EU To Prevent "black Europe" by strangleyo: 6:16pm On Sep 07, 2010

What a pity indeed. In this day and age people still don't know the difference between Arabic and Islam.
But you can direct your Islamphobia to the following people

Nope. Islam is a direct derivation of Arab cultural norms. It is a system designed to keep conquered territories unified. The Quran is a glorified rule book, it controls every aspect of life. And how cunningly its authors insinuated that Arabic must be understood to understand the true words of god. In this manner, they can spread their Arab language upon a multitude of different people. 

It's an ingenious system. But nevertheless, like most religions, designed to brainwash and control unruly masses.

When I see a bunch of Fulani/Housas murder their fellow countrymen because somewhere on the other side of the planet some muslim was wronged, it makes me shake my head in pity. These same people are seen as sub-humans by the authors of this religion. A damn shame indeed.

And Islam is a one way street, very ingenous indeed. Once muslim, always muslim.


[edit]International law

See also: Religious conversion

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights, considers the recanting of a person's religion a human right legally protected by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: "The Committee observes that the freedom to 'have or to adopt' a religion or belief necessarily entails the freedom to choose a religion or belief, including the right to replace one's current religion or belief with another or to adopt atheistic views [, ]  Article 18.2. bars coercion that would impair the right to have or adopt a religion or belief, including the use of threat of physical force or penal sanctions to compel believers or non-believers to adhere to their religious beliefs and congregations, to recant their religion or belief or to convert."[5]


Iran – illegal (death penalty)[6]
Saudi Arabia – illegal (death penalty)[citation needed]
Nigeria – illegal in twelve states (death penalty)[citation needed]
Qatar – illegal (death penalty)[citation needed]
Sudan – illegal (death penalty)[citation needed]
Mauritania – illegal (death penalty)[citation needed]
Afghanistan – illegal (death penalty)[citation needed]
Somalia – illegal (death penalty)[citation needed]
Yemen – illegal (death penalty)[citation needed]
Malaysia – illegal in five states (fine, imprisonment, and flogging)[citation needed]
Canada – legal (protected under Section Two of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms)
Netherlands – legal (protected under Article Six of the Constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
United States – legal (protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution)
India – legal, Although the Constitution of India allows for freedom of religion, in some provinces such as Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and some others anti-conversion laws exist due to the unfair ways adopted by some sects and religions for mass conversion and social tensions of the conversion arising due to it.) [7]
Philippines – legal (protected under Article III, Section 5 of the Philippine Constitution)



Julian the Apostate the Roman emperor, given an Arian Christian education by those who assassinated his family, rejected his upbringing and declared himself to be a pagan once it was safe to do so.
Sir Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford was declared 'The Great Apostate' by Parliament in 1628 for changing his political support from Parliament to Charles I, thus shifting his religious support from Protestantism to Arminianism.
Abraham ben Abraham, (Count Valentine (Valentin, Walentyn) Potocki), a Polish nobleman of the Potocki family who is claimed to have converted to Judaism and was burned at the stake in 1749 because he had renounced Catholicism and had become an observant Jew.
Maria Monk sometimes considered an apostate of the Catholic Church, though there is little evidence that she ever was a Catholic.
Lord George Gordon, initially a zealous Protestant and instigator of the Gordon riots of 1780, he finally renounced Christianity and converted to Judaism, for which he was ostracized.
Brian Moore, spoke strongly about the effect of the Catholic Church on life in Ireland.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali labelled an apostate by Theo van Gogh according to Ayaan Hirsi Ali[40]
Tasleema Nasreen, from Bangladesh, the author of Lajja, has been declared apostate – "an apostate appointed by imperialist forces to vilify Islam" – by several fundamentalist clerics in Dhaka[41]
Younus Shaikh, from Pakistan was sentenced to death for his remarks on Muhammad[42]

Politics / Re: Gaddafi Wants Atleasts 5 Billion Euros/yr from EU To Prevent "black Europe" by strangleyo: 4:31pm On Sep 07, 2010
And we have millions of Nigerians willing to die for an Arab religion.

What a pity indeed.

At least the white British, after all the dirt they did, actually ended slavery globally. This was directly attributed to the evangelist movement across England and the USA in the 17th century.


In western Europe and the Americas abolitionism was a movement to end the slave trade and set slaves free. The slave system excited little protest until the 17th century[citation needed] when Quaker and evangelical religious groups condemned it as un-Christian and the 18th century, when rationalist thinkers of the Enlightenment criticized it for violating the rights of man. Though anti-slavery sentiments were widespread by the late 18th century, they had little immediate effect on the centers of slavery: the West Indies, South America, and the Southern United States. The Somersett's case in 1772 that emancipated slaves in England, helped launch the movement to abolish slavery. Pennsylvania passed An Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery in 1780. Britain banned the importation of African slaves in its colonies in 1807, and the United States followed in 1808. Britain abolished slavery throughout the British Empire with the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, the French colonies abolished it 15 years later, while slavery in the United States was abolished in 1865 with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Political influence against the inhumanity of the slave trade grew strongly in the late 18th century. Many people, some African, some European by descent, influenced abolition[b]. Well known abolitionists in Britain included James Ramsay who had seen the cruelty of the trade at first hand, Granville Sharp, Thomas Clarkson, and other members of the Clapham Sect of evangelical reformers, as well as Quakers who took most of the places on the Committee for the Abolition of the Slave Trade, having been the first to present a petition against the slave trade to the British Parliament and who founded the predecessor body to the Committee.[/b] As Dissenters, Quakers were not eligible to become British MPs in the late eighteenth and early 19th century, so the Anglican evangelist William Wilberforce was persuaded to become the leader of the parliamentary campaign. Clarkson became the group's most prominent researcher, gathering vast amounts of information about the slave trade, gaining first hand accounts by interviewing sailors and former slaves at British ports such as Bristol, Liverpool and London.

The Arabs resisted. The Arabs enslave blacks, even today, they are called "domestic servants".

However the ultimate servitude is mental, they have you pray 6 times a day towards the world Arab capital Mecca. They have you waste your life savings by visiting it, for some empty pilgrimage, so they can treat you like a sub human. Read stories of Nigerians being mistreated in Saudi.

Simply unacceptable.
Travel / Re: Sungbo's Eredo In Ijebu-ode Is Africa's Largest Single Monument! by strangleyo: 5:30pm On Aug 29, 2010
This thread needs a bump.

I'll add more:



The walls are built of a ditch and dike structure; the ditch dug to form an inner moat with the excavated earth used to form the exterior rampart.
The Benin Walls were ravaged by the British in 1897. Scattered pieces of the walls remain in Edo, with material being used by the locals for building purposes. The walls continue to be torn down for real estate developments.[3][4]
The Walls of Benin City is the world's largest man-made structure.[5] Fred Pearce wrote in New Scientist:
"They extend for some 16,000 kilometres in all, in a mosaic of more than 500 interconnected settlement boundaries. They cover 6500 square kilometres and were all dug by the Edo people. In all, they are four times longer than the Great Wall of China, and consumed a hundred times more material than the Great Pyramid of Cheops. They took an estimated 150 million hours of digging to construct, and are perhaps the largest single archaeological phenomenon on the planet.[6]"

It is our history is destroyed. Torn down for real estate development.
Politics / Re: Nigeria At 50,do You Think The British Left Us Too Early? by strangleyo: 6:34pm On Aug 28, 2010
If they left late, we would have destroyed the country later.

Politics / Re: The Greatest Failure Of Abacha by strangleyo: 7:17pm On Jul 17, 2010
Some of you people are fking slow. Seriously.

And as if Abacha didn't steal over $3 billion USD from Nigeria. Calling for your countrymen to be murdered because of tribe.

You people fuking sicken me.
Politics / Re: Again Another Death Nail On Nigerias Coffin. . .NY Times Article! by strangleyo: 8:53pm On Jul 12, 2010
Lagos, capital of Nigeria??

Shows how much they know lol.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Prepare For Post-world Cup Xenophobia Threat by strangleyo: 3:43am On Jul 10, 2010

Why xenophobic attacks are against black foreigners?.
They don't seem to attack white foreigners. This is very strange!!

But they are not in competition for the same jobs, housing and medical facilities as whites.

Whites, Asians and other foreigners occupy the upper strata of society where people don't compete using violence.

Black RSA = Medieval Europe.
Politics / Re: Africa And African-americans: How Deep Is The Resentment? by strangleyo: 3:25am On Jul 03, 2010
African Americans have many problems, but Africans are the least of them, or so I should hope anyways.
Politics / Re: Stop Calling Benin City Acient! by strangleyo: 12:06am On May 28, 2010

Like Benin-City is more ancient than 99% of other areas in Nigeria including Abuja? 

Oh Puleeese!

Travel to other areas in Nigeria in the North, East, West and South and you will be shocked what you can find.

I had the misfortune of going to attend a chieftancy title gig with ma parents in one place in Delta State about 2 months ago.  Very swampy area--Come see road?  If anyone had told me such a place existed in present day Nigeria 2008, I would have vehemently denied it.  If was brought to my knowleged that during the raining season, you can only get in and out on foot.  Nobody leaves and no body enters that area. This is a very rich oil producing area if a may add.

So please check other parts of Nigeria for seasoned ancientness. 

NO PLACE IN NIGERIA QUALIFIES TO BE CALLED A CITY. . . . . .even by the lowest standards world wide!

Unfortunately, you are quite right. The majority of Nigerian metropolitan areas are simply large agglomerations of people placed into an area, there is no actual planning.

These densely populated areas are nothing but human fungi, the sort you see growing on a tree stump, or on a moldy sandwich.
Politics / Re: Nigeria $360 Billion A Year Economy 32nd Position In World Top 50 by strangleyo: 1:20am On May 27, 2010

GDP does not equal exports. . for example,USA GDP is $12trillion
exports is only about 10% of that. . so dont confuse the two. .

That wasn't the point of the quote.

Also having a robust Agric industry as a backbone of the economy is a good thing. .
every yr u produce goods from your land,and create wealth for the ppl

I agree that Nigeria needs a solid agricultural industry.

also u can help feed countries like saudi,algeria and uae that live in desserts but have too much dollars

We are not in a position to export large amounts of staple crops yet. We are a net importer of food, unfortunately.

Politics / Re: Nigeria $360 Billion A Year Economy 32nd Position In World Top 50 by strangleyo: 10:34pm On May 26, 2010
Paddy Lo, good lookout,

but (you know there has to be),

Agricultural output does not constitute a solid export base, and is most probably below 10%, it is mostly domestically consumed, and there is still a shortfall of food (we still import staple crops). The export numbers are small and are at the mercy of European regulatory bodies, and since intra African transport networks are weak, the sector is suffering.

Nigeria's major export, and revenue generator is still oil, as it is our only (major) source of foreign capital investment.

Nigeria's priority should be infrastructure. I would say that building an ECOWAS highway system should be our primary priority. A deep sea port in the South East, with a major 6 lane highway connecting it to the far North would increase our trade capacity, and significantly lower the cost doing business (transport costs in W.Africa are the highest anywhere in the world). It would also open up the interior to development and investment.

With a major highway spanning the nation, we would have the capacity to transport large capital projects safely across the region. We could also kill two birds with one stone, the security situation in the North would significantly increase with the ability of the military to reach troubled hot spots immediately.
Politics / Re: Nigeria $360 Billion A Year Economy 32nd Position In World Top 50 by strangleyo: 5:05pm On May 26, 2010
This is a terrible indicator.

The correct way to measure the health of a national economy, and its citizens economical well being is to look at the GDP per capita, with regards to its Gini co-efficient.

The GDP per capita on its own can be misleading, if too few people have the wealth concentrated (especially in Nigeria). For example, a way this can be eschewed is; 5% of the population earns 50,000USD per year, while 95% of the population earns $500 USD per year. The GDP per capita will be misleading.

The Gini coefficient will take this into account, the lower it is, the more equitably wealth is spread across the nation.

Nigeria has both a high Gini, and a low GDP per capita, therefore it's actually a lot worse than indicated.

Nigeria's economy is in a failed state, where a very small percentage of people, benefit greatly from resource rent  while adding little value to the overall economy, while the majority of the population wallows in poverty and has no way of generating income for themselves due to a lack of proper economical framework and civil planning.

We have no major domestic industry and our primary growth driver is oil, which has erratic price fluctuations. Nigeria has no control over its own ability to export due to non existent infrastructure and weak distribution networks.

All in all, Nigeria is in a terrible state.

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