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Science/Technology / Re: Hamza Abubakar Ningi Manufactures A Solar Stove In Bauchi (Pics) by streetsoldier1(m): 7:59pm On Jun 18
What manner of scam are these people trying to cook up? He should explain the Physics behind this. Getting heat like hotplate is understandable but flare... i no trust this process

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Politics / Re: Pictures Of How The Yaba Transport Exchange Will Look When Completed by streetsoldier1(m): 6:17am On Jun 16
They shoulda allowed Ambode to finish all the projects and his vision for the state
Business / Re: Central Bank Of Nigeria Agrees To Mint The Gambian Dalasi by streetsoldier1(m): 5:19pm On Jun 15
Hope guys will not start printing from here to go and spend in Gambia
Health / Re: Lobster Diver Swallowed And Spat Out By Humpback Whale (Pictures, Video) by streetsoldier1(m): 10:22pm On Jun 14
There's a controversy over the accuracy of the story of Jonah and how possible it is/was for a whale to swallow a human.

Perhaps, this ought to put such arguments into perspective.

if python can swallow a cow, why cant what swallow human?
Politics / Re: Abdulsalami Abubakar Celebrates His 79th Birthday Today by streetsoldier1(m): 11:35am On Jun 13
HBD sir. What about your helicopter that supplied -------- to the -----?

are u saying he is the major sponsor of -------??
Health / Re: I Have Erectile Dysfunction And Its Really Affecting My Relationship. by streetsoldier1(m): 10:31pm On Jun 12
I will be very short and precise on this one and I really need help. I am in my late 20s and the current relationship I have with my fiance is hitting the rocks because I don't even last up to 10 seconds during sex(yes, it's that bad). We have been together for awhile now, but these days I can really see she is really frustrated at me. Anytime we make love, I end up being ashamed. Please I want someone to help me out a permanent solution. Thanks as I await responses from meaningful NLers.
why not get married first before engaging in sex?? anyways, change your diet and stop fornication

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Flags Off Construction Of Gas Inland LPG Terminal, Oil Palm Mills by streetsoldier1(m): 9:09am On Jun 12
This is job well done. But there is an oil mill in okitipupa local government. What is the state of that one? Please somebody should enlighten me

Nepa refused to give okitipupa light to power the industries there, olokola FTZ, and other promising mills died, if the Gov have biz sense, he shoulda concentrated his dev in okitipupa moreso considering its close proximity to Lagos
Agriculture / Re: Hidden Truths About Catfish Business!!! by streetsoldier1(m): 4:28am On Jun 11
*The Hidden Secret Of Making A Fortune In Catfish Production*

The quality of the water in your pond affects the growth and productivity of your catfish.

Without adequate management of water quality, catfish are prone to slow growth, diseases and death.

Most fish health problems occur because of poor water quality, overcrowding, dietary deficiencies leading to stress.

Maintaining the quality of water in your fish pond by using Fish - Zyme helps in prevention of catfish mortality and diseases, creating a stress free healthy environment for it to grow faster.

Fish - Zyme is highly effective in fish pond fertilization and pond conditioning, creating a near aquatic environment for the fish to thrive in the pond.

Fish - Zyme is the best way of maintaining quality water in ponds for fishes, ensuring adequate oxygen supply, reducing water pollution, increasing absorption of nutrient for faster growth in a short period of time.

Why You Should Use Fish -Zyme

Reduces the cost of feeding

Reduces water pollution

Increases oxygen content in pond

Enhances fish growth and weight in a short period.

Reduces rate of water change

Making profits in catfish production is guaranteed by using Fish - Zyme for pond fertilization and feed preparation.

For delivery of the product kindly contact us on +2348033492090

To learn more about our products visit www.zenithenergyenzyme.com

can this be used in a tarpaulin pond
Politics / Re: President Buhari's Interview On Arise TV (Updates) by streetsoldier1(m): 7:34am On Jun 10
i ahsuar u it wont happen
Sports / Re: Ashleigh Plumptre: Leicester City Women's Star Keen On Playing For Nigeria by streetsoldier1(m): 7:31pm On Jun 09
when they start owing her allowance she will change from plumptre to slimtre, btw is she really 23 cos ayam not understanding
Politics / Re: Northern Food And Cattle Dealers Threaten To Stop Food Supply Nationwide by streetsoldier1(m): 7:26pm On Jun 09
Necessity is the mother of all innovations....

The North is playing their major card too early at the detriment of the northern populace while the south would only provide alternatives to block future blackmails which is becoming constant.... anyways, it's only a matter of time before internal conflict between Large scale and small scale farmers erupt on politics of sales to a slimmer market and smuggling of produce to the same SE while factional groups would spring up to claim they are not part of the ban.

This is just mere threat, the north stand to loose more. a simple solution of attaching security to trucks alongside dialog with SE market leaders on the situation for the interim would suffice rather than cutting of supply and loosing a huge chunk of market advantage if your benefactors provide alternative.. honestly this is not strategic thinking.

You think say aboki get sense before? They talk before think
Car Talk / Re: Flying Cars Are Now Imminent As Researchers Finally Hit A Major Breakthrough by streetsoldier1(m): 6:28am On Jun 09
No need to spend money on visa application, just gatter money buy the flying car and plan your route to canada or anyother place of choice...
Politics / Re: Soldiers Prevent Sunday Igboho From Entering Igangan Forest (PHOTOS) by streetsoldier1(m): 9:22am On Jun 08
Let's see how our sophisticated fear fear pipuu from the accommodating tribe will react to this..

Fuulani comes to kill without anybody stopping them...., soldiers and police only show up to stop anybody from harassing the killers who are safely relaxing and organizing in the forests! Meanwhile no arrests have been made! What else do you want to see before agreeing that Buhari is the commander in chief of the fulani Herdsmen murderous gang!?

If you sense left, you will know its the fulani that is actually the fear fear people, that is why they only attack at night and run away, that has been their modus operandi, someone has come to face them daytime with less weapon , yet u still call them fear fear people... May God redeem you reasoning. All i want and pray for is peace. No evil agenda will prevail on Nigeria. Amin


Family / Re: Why Are Mothers So Loved By Their Children Than Their Fathers? by streetsoldier1(m): 11:44pm On Jun 05
It's natural, some men are just useless maybe by curse or behavior. If I give my mother #30 million, I'll give my father #1million cool shocked

Quote me and I'll give you your sincere answers cheesy grin grin
perhaps you were raised by a bad mother who didnt make you see your dad's sacrifice or your dad is just naturally useless, not all men are useless and not all women are wicked like your mum
Politics / Re: Gunmen Hijack Chimola School Bus In Ondo, Kidnap Staff by streetsoldier1(m): 9:20am On Jun 03
Its obvious the UGM is state sponsored... how did we get here in the first place? Going to school is gradually becoming a crime. Maybe parents should resort to home schooling.

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Politics / Re: Security: Hakeem Odumosu Meets Market Leaders In Lagos by streetsoldier1(m): 7:48am On Jun 03
A short list of security outfits and where they primarily operate they can help out

Abu Sayyaf, Philippines
Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Gaza Strip and West Bank
Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, Egypt
Al-Qaeda, worldwide
Al-Shabaab, Somalia
Ansar al-Islam, Iraq
Ansar al-sharia, Libya
Armed Islamic Group (GIA), Algeria
Boko Haram, Nigeria
Caucasus Emirate (IK), Russia
East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), China
Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Egypt
Great Eastern Islamic Raiders' Front (İBDA-C), Turkey
Hamas, Gaza Strip and West Bank
Harkat-ul-Mujahideen al-Alami, Pakistan
Hezbollah, Lebanon
Islamic Movement of Central Asia, Central Asia
Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, worldwide
Jaish-e-Mohammed, Pakistan and Kashmir
Jamaat Ansar al-Sunna, Iraq
Jemaah Islamiyah, Indonesia
Lashkar-e-Taiba, Pakistan and Kashmir
Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Pakistan
Maute group, Philippines
Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), Iran, Iraq and Europe
Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Philippines
Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group, Morocco and Europe
National Thowheeth Jama'ath, Sri Lanka
Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Gaza Strip and West Bank
Tawhid and Jihad, Iraq
Amongst many many others

all muslims , why?

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Business / Re: Nigerian Company, Ketron, Acquires Shoprite Stores by streetsoldier1(m): 8:12am On Jun 02
I want to ask, who owns ketron?

bad student, read properly stop reading only headlines , Tayo Amusan owns Ketron


Politics / Re: Kidnappers Of Islamiyyan Students Arrested In Niger State by streetsoldier1(m): 10:29pm On Jun 01
I'm maniacally bewildered, is the deputy governor now the police spokesperson say "some of the bandits are now in our custody" these Northerners are not even smart with their lies.

Stupid and confused gonment.

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Politics / Re: Breaking: Nigeria Restructuring Bill Concluded Ready For Ratification: by streetsoldier1(m): 10:48am On Jun 01
tales by moonlight

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Politics / Re: Altine Daniel, The Policewoman That Shot Sowore (Pictures) by streetsoldier1(m): 4:33pm On May 31
Sahara reporter can lie sha.... that guy there is a man nah..
Politics / Re: Gulak: We Can No Longer Coexist With Igbos In Nigeria – Northern Coalition by streetsoldier1(m): 11:51am On May 31
Desmond idiots everywhere, you can not coexist, why hold them down, let them go and spare us all the bullshit...useless parasites


Politics / Re: Pictures Of President Buhari, Goodluck Jonathan, Other African Leaders In Accra by streetsoldier1(m): 8:29am On May 31
GeJ don dey fat oop, he should watch his tummy
Celebrities / Re: Simi Celebrates Her Daughter, Adejare's 1st Birthday (Photos) by streetsoldier1(m): 9:19am On May 30
why is Adekunle not in the pix? Abi dem still dey fight or seperated codedly
Crime / Re: Soldier Beats Driver For Stopping For Children To Cross Road In Lagos by streetsoldier1(m): 9:18am On May 28
so, four or five people cannot gather and beat up the soldier, unless the driver is guilty, he cant he weak and be receiving slaps unnessarily
Celebrities / Re: Beauty Instifanus & Tsapel Douglas 5-Month Marriage Crashes, Cautions Ex-Husband by streetsoldier1(m): 9:11pm On May 25
what do expect when olosho marries a yahoo guy. BTW the girl should just shut up and stop threatening to expose the guy, we already know he is a yahoo guy, so whatelse? mtcheeeeew
Politics / Re: Plane Crash: 3 Brigadiers, 2 Majors In crashed Plane, Fati Attahiru Alive by streetsoldier1(m): 7:33am On May 22

Who are the unpatriotic elements? Those who are tired of being killed by murderous herdmen? Those who are tired of the nepotism of the umpire in charge? Those who hate being dragged back by the unworkable system? Those who believe in equity, justice and egalitarianism?

And the patriots in your definition are those who daily institutionalize nepotism, those who aid, provide protection and supply ammunition to the killer herdsmen? Those who do not share the principle of equity and justice?

You see, being political erodes the sense of objectivity all the times.

succintly rendered
Politics / Re: Labour Crisis: FG Directs Kaduna To Follow Principle Of Redundancy by streetsoldier1(m): 1:39pm On May 21

Aswear, the only region where local government offices are not opened until 11 am and closed around 3 pm.

I know this during my stay in the north.
The only time you see them in their numbers is when there are things to share, things like sewing machine, popcorn machine/majer, generating set etc.
And when there is a validation exercise.

you are right
Politics / Re: Labour Crisis: FG Directs Kaduna To Follow Principle Of Redundancy by streetsoldier1(m): 4:08am On May 21
Why do El-Rufai always win his battles ? He had won this one again simply bcs NLC their say while El-Rufai has his ways .labour can only protest while the governor has the final say on how many numbers of work force he wants in his state.

but really the gonment is right though i'm not Hell Rufai's fan. The rot in the workspace in the North is really terrible especially Loku gonment(Local Government).
They dont come to work and you seen them in large number appearing 2 or 3 days to the end of the month loitering around the secretariat only to be see sharing and distributing money in Large sacks. At least i witnessed that while in the north.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Iniobong Umoren’s Sister Receives Job Offer (Photos) by streetsoldier1(m): 4:07pm On May 20
Am i the only one thinking this is a ploy to silence the family, the company hiring the sister may be a benefactor of ..........................., no be my mouth una go hear say teacher mama die.
Is there any sensible person with discerning spirit from the girl's family Wisdom is profitable to direct

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Sports / Re: Odion Ighalo’s Mother, Martina, Watches Him Play For The First Time In Stadium by streetsoldier1(m): 4:01pm On May 20

Where are the fathers Everytime na so so mother we go dey hear about

pele mr father, dem go don use stress/responsibility kill the papa, so whoever is left behind will groove the dividend, meanwhile take care of yourself , yolo

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Crime / Re: Man Strangled To Death After His 101kg Wife Sat On His Face During An Argument by streetsoldier1(m): 11:23pm On May 19
the man must be an idiot, coward of a county, just 101kg and the idiot died
Investment / Re: Why Do Nigerians Keep Falling For Ponzi Schemes ? by streetsoldier1(m): 5:05pm On May 19
pure greed, i dont do biz that isnt physical, even as legit as fx and crypto is, i still no do. Poverty has made Nigerians greedy


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