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Celebrities / Re: What Do You Think About This Beauty Queen? by TanyLoe(f): 2:07pm On Mar 23, 2021
From what I know about her
We stayed in the same compound for a year
She a giver
Beautiful inside and outside
Ofonmbuk edet
Celebrities / Re: Lateef Adedimeji Distributes Sanitary Pads To Students In 6 States (pix) by TanyLoe(f): 11:27am On Dec 17, 2020
Sanitary pads should be subsidized in Nigeria.

I don't know why a pack of pad goes for 250 and above when its not like its our fault we menstruate.
Nice of him to do this. Very nice

Romance / Re: I Have A Boyfriend But I'm Falling In Love With Someone Else. by TanyLoe(f): 7:15am On Jun 10, 2020
I started dating my boyfriend months ago and even before we started dating we've been good friends. He is intelligent, funny, has a great personality and takes good care of me. When he asked me to be his girlfriend I was so happy, because he is such a great guy. My boyfriend is in his final year in the same university that I attend. I'm still in my second year.

There is this guy in my department who is very good looking and also intelligent. He isn't jovial and extroverted like my boyfriend, but he is cool in a very confident and attractive kind of way. We started talking recently and he told me he finds me attractive. I told him that I have a boyfriend and he didn't seem fazed and never talked about the subject of my relationship. He still complimented my body and looks from time to time even though I didn't respond to his compliments in a way that indicated that I was in support of his actions.

During this covid-19 break we began talking more often over the phone and through texts and I always found our conversations interesting. A lot of times we'd talk till midnight. He is very witty and creative with words and I always smile whenever I see his texts or receive his calls.

Few weeks ago we talked about sexual fetishes and I realized we both had similar fetishes. This made him even more interesting because I found myself able to talk about stuff I hadn't talked about with anyone before, not even my boyfriend. This guy is not like anyone I've ever met before. His views on life are very unique and original and his personality is so complex and his sexuality is very intriguing.

The problem now is that I am beginning to develop strong feelings for this guy. When he calls me on the phone I don't wish the call to end. I find myself talking to him for minutes not minding the time. He is beginning to occupy my thoughts a lot and I don't know what to do. I still love my boyfriend but there is something about this guy that just seems to draw me to him.

I don't want to do anything that will break my boyfriend's heart.

My Advice to you as a sister not friend
Yes! That feeling is normal
Especially when he talks about sex on phone and your wet and then you starting imagining him touching you for real but the truth is,#anyman replying you fast is replying his girl slow..value what you have with your boyfriend...unless his actions tells u other wise....

Me I dey always talk am
Na something wey I dey like tell my girlfriends
Its better for a man to cheat, flirt than a woman because once u do
U will start comparing

But it seems ur mind is made up because if u really don't want to hurt ur man u for no reason am at all
Family / Re: My Brother's Wife Served Me With Just A Meat Instead Of Two Meats by TanyLoe(f): 10:03am On Jun 02, 2020
Hi everyone! So I was at my brother's house yesterday and could you believe his wife cooked rice for me and served me with a meat shocked I mean just a meat.

This is the person that knows how choosy I could be when it comes to eating.

I'd recall vividly before my brother married her, then when I visit my brother at his place I do the cooking and the least meat/fish I'd always dish my food with could be two or three.
But I have been wondering how on earth would she serve me her in-law with just a meat.
This is an insult of the highest order, like I'm gonna need to call my brother's attention to it.

Well at the end of the day I had no choice than to eat the food like that with the one meat she served me. The food self no sweet.

If you like bant me, it's none of my fuvking business.

What is this
Ur seriously sick in the head
Na u give her the meat or money to buy am
Ur sick
If I be ur brother as u tell me finish I will stop you from coming to my house
Because na person like u fit advice am to send his wife parking if them get misunderstanding

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Family / Re: Seeing Dead Aunty In My Dreams Repeatedly. I Need Any Solutions Please by TanyLoe(f): 9:39am On May 28, 2020
I just did. read it up again as I expatiate. when you keep seeing someone at the negative side of your dreams. and very frequently known that its not coincidence. it means that did diabolic things on you. even if they died you will never stop seeing them.

which trybe what she?

Stop thinking about her
Ur imagination is tricking u
Romance / Re: My Ex-boyfriend Sent Me Money by TanyLoe(f): 8:24am On May 28, 2020
shut ur mouth,u reason with ur assss

OK o
I don keep shut
Romance / Re: My Ex-boyfriend Sent Me Money by TanyLoe(f): 2:29pm On May 27, 2020
My ex-boyfriend just me money out of the blues, should i be worried? We broke up since the beginning of the year and haven't spoken since then. All of a sudden he texted me asking for my account number and then sent me money. It's just weird.

Its more weird u send him ur account number
Why u come the post am?
U no think before u say am ur account
Before u no he will want to see u for old times sake. before u no u guys don back
Celebrities / Re: Femi Otedola Rejects Man Wooing Temi, His Daughter Says She Has A Boyfriend by TanyLoe(f): 2:23pm On May 27, 2020
[quote author=Millenniumlady post=90011147]Can you imagine what a youth of this 21st century is saying Instead of him to think of ways to create vaccines for the corona virus he's trying to shoot his shot where his greatgrand father tried and failed.....He should have asked ote to bless him with job instead........

How this your sentence take support this post now?

Hope your brother
Father no be Nigerian man

Babe I no support u for this one joor
they aren't that useless
These days they hardly even have ur time for sex
Talk another thing


Romance / Re: What Happened Between My Girlfriend And My Mother by TanyLoe(f): 7:28pm On May 18, 2020
[quote author=funkmrflexx post=89653044]We Have Been Dating For 1 Year and 6 months now. I’ve met her parents, we wanted to get married last year but her dad told me to wait till she finishes school which is supposed to be next year. I’m 25 years old and she’s 22 .

I live alone in the city while my mom lives in the village. My younger sister who I’m sponsoring through school sometimes comes to my place during holidays and weekends. My girlfriend practically lives with me because she comes from a type of an Abusive family. So she lives with me and I even assist her with school fees and house rents sometimes. I’ve spent even more than her father for her school.

Everyone In my family knows her and she’s a very wonderful girl. Typical wife material. She supports me every time even when I’m broke. I’m not the type of guy that dates a lot of girls . I don’t even cheat on her. Since I met her I’ve done away with a lot of ladies. I’m 100% committed to the relationship

But the problem is that she Has very bad anger issues. I mean she can destroy your property when she’s angry and I’m the quiet type. I don’t like hitting a lady execpt once in a while a general brain resetting slap. When she starts she doesn’t listen to anyone. Not me, not even her parents. So anytime she’s angry like this I will just find a way to make her laugh. Both of you can just be eating and she will get angry if you ate the fleshy part of the meat and left oily part for her (we have quarreled because of that I mean serious quarrel) . Sometimes I get tired of the whole situation. At the end even when she’s wrong I’ll let her for peace to reign. So I try to manage the anger at home so it shouldn’t go out

So we went to visit my mom in the yesterday. Because of curfew we slept over. So my mom bought us mangos this morning and told us to carry.

My girlfriend then said she doesn’t like mango that if I want to eat my mango I should carry it myself. Then my mom (she is the type that always shouts at every body. The real wahala woman) told her that if she can’t carry the mango then she should just put it on my head for me to carry na (If you no fit carry the mango u for kuku put am for e head make e carry am na).

That was the only thing my mom said. Then she sparked. Started shouting at my mom. That she should stop talking to her like that, that she doesn’t like it. In fact she’s going home. So she carried her bag and started going home. Every one in the compound started saying it’s ok (Na dat thing why dem tell u Dey make u Dey vex so) she was still shouting. I was even try to calm her down but no way. She was still shouting. Even my sister who had never seen her angry before became angry (na so you b? She said). I was really disappointed In her

The issue is what even made me angry is how she reacted. If she didn’t like what my mom said made her angry. At least she should have waited till we got home (this was the first time we were both sleeping over) then she would tell me. Or she could have called my sister and told her what my mom said. After all the fracas, she went inside the room till we left. I just told everybody to just leave her.

So when we got home I told her what she did was wrong that she shouldn’t have reacted like that. Na there war start. She started yelling and shouting at me that if my mom talks to everyone like that she won’t take it (my plan was to tell her that she should apologize to her. Because my mom already apologized that she won’t talk to her again like that. Which I know she will o . So we can just forget about the issue. But she never accepts she’s wrong ) She said I took her to my village to intimidate her in front of my family people, I was really angry and called her uncle and told him what happened. He said there was nothing wrong with what my mom told her (If you no fit carry the mango u for kuku put am for e head make e carry am na) and that he would talk to her .

I even scolded my mom before I left that I didn’t like what she said what she did that’s she was just causing issue. My girlfriend said when my mom said the word (If you no fit carry the mango u for kuku put am for e head make e carry am na) that I should have immediately rebuked my mom. But me sef no see anything wrong with what my mom said( If you no fit carry the mango u for kuku put am for e head make e carry am na)

I just Dey follow her uncle advise and leave her be until she calms down and I talk to her

So my people what’s offensive in this word? If you no fit carry the mango u for kuku put am for e head make e carry am na)

But this her attitude don tire me. Break up is not on the card for me at least not yet. She always thinks that they are other guys out there because she has a lot of toasters but I know they can’t do quarter of what I’m doing for her. In this modern time it’s difficult to see a guy who will allow his girlfriend stay with him thereby losing his freedom to do certain things. A guy who doesn’t cheat, a guy who takes care of her does everything for her .

I just think the things she went through in her family is affecting her physiological. And sometimes when I think about leaving her I feel pity because she can’t go back to her parents house.

No be bad tin ur mama talk sir

She just has anger issues
And don't stay with someone out of Pity
No even think àm
Romance / Re: I Never Wanted To Have Sex With Her On The First Visit by TanyLoe(f): 7:19pm On May 18, 2020
Na wah to U o, no be u dey use her Firstly, U say you no want sex, U take style do aka gum form say transfer no work so DAT make she no collect ur money clean mouth, forgetting DAT na u dey invite her. Now she borrow money come, U find money impress her for chicken republic abi na shoprite. After una come back, girl say she wan sleep, U come see say opportunity come, u no see cushion or floor to lie down, u jump enter bed with her as ur john Thomas say make u no miss this opportunity.
U do all this finish, come they ask us wether she wan use u, just because she say she go like make u they holla her every day. Oga, na u they try to use her, because U don dey talk say u no trust her after u don chop her finish.

If he didn't want to sex her
He would have stopped him self from doing it
She asked u for money to make her hair
U gave her 3k for hair and tp
Is 3k for the relaxer or hand work.

No be say u no wan do the transfer
Na fear no gree u
And what's bad in dating an undergraduate?

U carry her comot after u don't blow her finish because of guilt.

If u know u won't take her serious please let her know
Wic one be is she wife material
A man that can't control his dick is DAT one a husband material


Celebrities / Re: Kizz Daniel Shows Off His 2020 Car Collection (Pictures) by TanyLoe(f): 9:04am On Feb 10, 2020
Dude is even still struggling.

Not even an Evija, Brabus or Maybach in the garage.

How many u don buy
Romance / Re: Im Thinking Of Divorce Just Few Months Into Marriage by TanyLoe(f): 4:30pm On Feb 02, 2020
Pls i need a sincere advice here.

Im 3 months old in marriage and im so unhappy about the set up (my wife too)

My wife is a student and she tried everything to shift the marriage until easter this year but i refused due to many projects for the year. so we got married 3 months ago.

I took care of her bills since she got admission and we dated for 5 years

But she is so disrespectful and want to make important decisions in marriage which ive refused to allow.

Now, she claims i forced her into marriage and she is not mentally ready because i asked her to change to my family's name.

She has been good then bad then worse..And i think her words about forcing her into marriage has irreparably hurt me.

I spent over 3m of my cash to give her the wedding she wanted (Without any support from her family) against my wish for a 1m wedding.

And despite getting the big wedding she wants before consenting to marry last year, she claims she is not mentally ready and was forced into marriage.

she has repeated this over and over and its making me go crazy..in fact im tired already

Right now she wants more time to be a wife..but im beginning to feel there is a love issue here..I feel she does not love me as she always claims

Though weve settled but we dont talk as usual..we dont even want to hear from each other...

it seems i nolonger love her like i used to..And worst still, continuing with the marriage when she claims she was forced is degrading and disreputable.

My question is, at what point should anyone seriously consider a divorce?

Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Just Caught Me Red Handed by TanyLoe(f): 9:02am On Dec 29, 2019
Have no fear, u will be 2geda.
Call her and observe how she responds.
She's expecting ur call or some explanation right now.
If she doesn't take ur calls send her messages.
Tell her that the girl was just a fling...girls don't generally care about who u f*ck but who u r dating.

As the conversation goes on find
a way to put some of the blame on her grin grin

At d end nak her the make up nak.

Can you imagine!
He should fine a way and put the blame on her
Hmmmm...God help us
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Just Caught Me Red Handed by TanyLoe(f): 8:59am On Dec 29, 2019

Thank you ... I deserve even worse than that..
Pls how do you think I can fix this

She won't forgive you sir,
Even if she does that feelings for you won't be there.. I just can't imagine the pains she's passing through.
Now answer this
If she was the one in your shoes
Will you forgive her?
Romance / Re: When A Lady Says "I'm Not Ready To Suffer A Second Time" by TanyLoe(f): 2:48pm On Dec 17, 2019

He's still growing. He can't be talking anyhow just because some minor amounts recently started coming his way.

How do you know his growing
If your the one say it joor
Romance / Re: When A Lady Says "I'm Not Ready To Suffer A Second Time" by TanyLoe(f): 2:47pm On Dec 17, 2019
[quote author=Ariza post=84971474]Oh well, in this part of the world, a woman is expected to "suffer" with her man as a proof of love. cheesy[/quoe]

OK na
Romance / Re: Am I Making A Mistake? by TanyLoe(f): 1:07pm On Dec 17, 2019
I opened a new account to remain anonymous.
This story is a bit long but pls bear with me.

I met this man almost 2yrs ago at an event a friend invited me to. The next week, he collected my number from my friend and called me, we began talking from there and agreed to go on a date. He proposed marriage to me on the first date which I rejected. I told him that I can't marry outside my church and from the little I've heard from him, our life dreams differ. I decided to cut him off from that day and I stayed away for about 3months. Meanwhile he got my friend to introduce him to my sis, mum and another friend who happened to be from his place, I'll call her Grace.
He made them all aware of his intent towards me and my stand and asked for their help to change my mind. Grace became his biggest ally and convinced me to have another date. He asked that we date for a while and see if we can work out our differences. During the date I noticed he has a very hot and quick temper and he listens to gossip a lot so I do tell Gracethat I don't see a future with him but he was too persistent, Grace always had words of encouragement and considering the fact that for some strange reason, it was mainly married men always approach me for a relationship with stories of how they got married to a wrong woman and they are or are almost divorced, dating a single man with no kids was very tempting and I decided to give it a try.

He asked me to tell him everything about me so there are no secrets between us and I did. Starting from secondary school to that day, I told him everything, from my first kiss, the colleague who tried to rape me, my ex who lied about his marital status and disvirgined me etc. he did the same too and I felt a burden roll off my shoulder.

Few days later I began to notice changes in him especially towards my business. I thrive in a male dominated industry in a ratio of 9men to 1woman. He asked me to show him the pictures of my colleagues which I did, he also asked if they make passes at me which I said is almost inevitable but my boundaries are clear and rigid.

Fast forward to now. I noticed that whenever I drop my phone, he goes through it. Facebook, sms, WhatsApp etc. He even picks my call when I'm not close to the phone. He asked me about a certain colleague who cracks dirty jokes like how I rushed to get married (I told him I'm already married). I didn't think much about it.

He later began to complain about my partners and how I'm sleeping with them like the prostitute I am, called me an unrepentant liar, unsubmisive, manipulating etc. Said he regrets asking for my hand at all and he's just waiting forthe day he'll catch me redhanded so he can dump my sorry a*s.
I told him to end it now cus I'm fed up, family came in and I later found out that Grace has been telling a lot of lies against hoping to get him for herself as well as hate filled advises from some aggrieved friends who felt ladies from my tribe are no good and just there to "chop money". Apologies were said and received and we continued.

Another time I visited him and we had an argument, he gave me several heavy knocks on my head and I developed a headache and began to insult him which resultedin more heavy knocks. I broke up with him and left. Later my mum called him to ask why he laid his hands on me, he denied it swearing with his life. Said I insulted him and he lost his temper and insulted me back that he's sorry. He began to drop messages everywhere and I eventually gave in.

3rd incident happened on our way back from an event. He saw a message from a colleague he told me to stop doing business with cus he feels the man has his eyes on me which is totally not true. He flared up, stopped the car and was even threatening to beat me up. I came down from his car and stood by the roadside. He came down too and gave me the insult of my life in full public view and glare and told me to enter the car which I refused. I had no money on me and had to beg a stranger for money. By that time he was coming back, he quickly took a picture of both of us and sent it to everybody of how he caught me in the act with my lover on the road. He called me and said that if he must marry me, I must break my business sim card and look for a wife friendly occupation or sit at home.

He later apologised over it. Meanwhile he and my sis don't flow as before as he once called her a prostitute.

I want to call it quits but everyone around me feels it's a mistake and he is saying everything out of anger and if I'm patient enough, he will change completely.

I must admit that he has changed alot since we met but the progress compared to the timeframe and the heat I face everyday is nothing to write home about.

He loves me to a fault and I don't know if I can find someone who loves me like him but his other attitude is sniffing life out of me. Do I stay or quit?
Thanks for reading and pardon any typos

My sister
I had the same experience with my now ex
Before we meet he told me I won't work for anyone..that he wants me to stay at home and take care of our kids, he goes through my phone like his life depended on it. When he made his intentions know to me, he requested to come see my family when I hardly know anything about him..when I told him have gotten an admission into the university he got angry. Saying why didn't I tell him first and all that.
I made him understand that u don't marry like that and that both parties involve must know each other very well( courtship)
Him say him no want that his 40years old, do I see him like someone than wants to court...
My dear nobody advised me
I advice myself
Marriage is not a ludo game
U don't rush into it
Not especially with a man that doesn't value.
Leave love, he loves he loves you, yes we know that but at times even in marriage u try to fine the reasons that made u fall in love but can't.
He knocks on your head( just imagine what he did do when he finally gets married to you)
I still recall him calling my mother names ( that was the end) u can call me names but not my mother.
He said if we get married I won't go visit my family
And that no family members are welcome in our home( but when he sees my family he will be forming homely...they didn't see what I was seeing, to them his the perfect son in law but I saw the devil himself)
The thing just tire me
I couldn't
I left
So my dear stop listening to people because no be dem go marry am na u
Let him go

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Religion / Re: Pastor Emiaso Oke Emir Curses Lady: "You Shall Die Without A Husband" by TanyLoe(f): 7:37pm On Dec 01, 2019

No matter how fae my dear lady, never allow any man of god curse you. Abeg.

So for your mind, na man if God him be?
Romance / Re: My Sister Is About To Marry An Osu Man, About To Commit A Serious Taboo by TanyLoe(f): 8:32am On Nov 24, 2019
My Sister Is About To Commit A Serious Taboo All In The Name Of Marriage

Hello Nairalanders!

Please ignore any typographical or grammatical error. I just want to pour it out the way it is in my heart.

I am seriously confused and worried about what is happening in my family and I will appreciate your candid advice.

There is this guy my sister has been in a relationship with for over seven years now. so he actually asked her hand in marriage and decided to come see my parents for introduction, about some months ago. My family decided to take their time to find out more about the guys family background as is required in Igbo tradition.

After several questions asked, my family came to find out that the guy is an Osu (an outcast). On knowing this, everybody in my family told my sister to cut ties with him and discontinue the relationship because it is a big taboo to get married to an Osu in my place . If you do, no family member or friend will attend your wedding or even have anything to do with you again.

But my sister refused to listen to anybody claiming she really loves the guy, that they have been together for a very long time and that she is not getting younger anymore (mind you, she is in her early thirties). Everybody (my parents and extended family members) tried to talk her out of it but she still didn't listen.

After much pressure and her continues insistence, my dad decided to give them his blessings, although against his wish (my dad is actually not really deep into tradition). Now the guy has done all the traditional rights and paid for her dowry. Their wedding is coming up soon.

But the problem now is, according to tradition and from what I heard, if she was allowed to go with the guy without my dad giving them his blessings, the stigma would have just been on her and she alone would have been considered Osu, since she insisted to continue with the marriage. But now that my dad has given them his blessings, it is considered that all of us (her siblings) will also have that link of Osu too. Except if she decide to put an end to the relationship and discontinue with the wedding, which I don't think my sister is ready to do.

I am really worried and depressed about it, cause I don't want anything that will affect me tomorrow when I want to get married just because of my sister's mistakes.

I will really like to get opinions and sincere advice especially from those that are familiar with tradition, cause I'm seriously bothered. Thanks!

Wetting be this
In this time and century

"I am really worried and depressed about it, cause I don't want anything that will affect me tomorrow when I want to get married just because of my sister's mistakes"

She is in her thirties and you guys are saying she shouldn't marry someone she has been dating for 7years?

God have mercy on us because sometimes the people fighting us are our "BLOOD"


Romance / Re: I Had Sex With My Fiance's Friend, Please Help! by TanyLoe(f): 4:29pm On Nov 23, 2019
As a follow woman,
1.You didn't love your man

2. This world is small, its better for a man to sleep around than a lady..( person wey you know, know person wey know you) I don't know if you understand me
3. Like how were you comfortable letting another man' s dick inside of you..wey no be person wey you love o
4. Tell your guy about it..say the truth ( have watch lots of movies) don't try to plan along
5. You can't eat your cake and have it

I always tell my friends
If you claim you love a man , then other men doesn't matter. Because if you can Bleep some random guy ..when you guys eventually get married you go still do am.

Tell him before he does
Romance / Re: I Had Sex With My Fiance's Friend, Please Help! by TanyLoe(f): 4:21pm On Nov 23, 2019
grin grin grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: Mature Mind Please by TanyLoe(f): 8:42pm On Nov 22, 2019
the one that asked for her hand in marriage may be after 'chop and clean mouth' because the op's friend sounds too desperate for marriage

She isn't desperate
So are saying you shouldn't ask a man if he sees you in his future after two years of dating?
So you know your not wasting your time and emotions?


Romance / Re: Mature Mind Please by TanyLoe(f): 8:39pm On Nov 22, 2019
Tell her to better follow the one that asked for her hand in marriage and move on with her life.

To avoid use and dump stories in the near future.

What's your reason
Like she doesn't have feelings for the guy asking for her hand in marriage
Romance / Re: Mature Mind Please by TanyLoe(f): 8:37pm On Nov 22, 2019
just friends and he asked for her hand in marriage undecided this story is not complete

Yes just friends
Am aware of this one
Romance / Mature Mind Please by TanyLoe(f): 8:28pm On Nov 22, 2019
A friend of mine needs an advice and I don't know what to tell her
So I brought it to the house to help me.
She has been dating this guy for 2years now and the guy in question haven't said anything about marrying her or not.
She said she ask him where the relationship is leading and he replied her " its heading to your village while laughing) me I no even understand which kind replied or answer be that. So now there's this guy she is friends with( just friends) that has suddenly ask her hand in marriage!
She told me this and I dont know what to tell her..
That's why I had to seek for advice here
Romance / Re: Losing Interest In My Girlfriend by TanyLoe(f): 10:46am On Nov 17, 2019

Very dangerous

grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Losing Interest In My Girlfriend by TanyLoe(f): 10:38am On Nov 17, 2019
'She asked for a 2-week break'

Congratulations, you got yourself a girlfriend with scruples. She doesn't want to cheat on you. The two-week break is to allow the new guy twist, turn and tweak her system to his full pleasure and her carnal satisfaction without the accompanying conscience-crippling guilt of infidelity.

In plain terms,
She's going to get sexually intimate with the new guy.

And there's no stopping her. If after the tryst, she still fancies you then she can come back with a pure heart, devoid of guilt. Since, technically you guys were not together during the time she did the deed.

If on the other hand the experience was orgasm-inducing, she's going to dump you or fxck with your head and make you walk away.

So, you have to just understand that your girlfriend is gone with the new goon. Forget her and move on!

You can thank me by working on yourself and NEVER giving any girl your absolute commitment.

Rich Regards!

Was about giving you an A
Before I saw this
( You can thank me by working on yourself and NEVER giving any girl your absolute commitment.)
Just because she doesn't know the value of loyalty and commitment no mean say another girl won't
When will u men stop judging some ladies because A messed up..e no mean say B na the same

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Romance / Re: Losing Interest In My Girlfriend by TanyLoe(f): 10:29am On Nov 17, 2019

Am really sorry on behalf of ladies on how you have been treated by your lady.

But I need to explain some few things
You may have not understood about ladies.... So you do not make the mistake again in your next relationshipssss

You can kiss a lady and still not know her
. You can sex a lady very well and she will still not be yours.
You may even spend money on her education, looks, parents, health and in gratitude she will cheat on you.

The key to a Lady's heart, soul and body is COMMUNICATION.

Once a guy has good communications with a lady NOT just talk games o, the girl is owned even if she denies it vehemently.

Many guys stop pursuing impressive communication once they have gotten the girl to date them or marry them. That's man's biggest mistake or oversight about women.

Communication is a life long work both parties must do for the relationship to remain strong and grow.

Yes I agree to this
A man that can make a woman laugh and has good listening ears and communication skills
Are dangerous
I must say

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Romance / Re: Losing Interest In My Girlfriend by TanyLoe(f): 10:23am On Nov 17, 2019

You might be right though cos I don't know what a guy and girl will be talking about at after 11pm for 43mins+. But I try my best for her. If my best isn't enough then she's free to do whatever pleases her. One bad thing about me is once I lose the feelings, there's no gong back.

Well as a woman
Let me say the truth
Maybe she has moved on not necessary with that guy your thinking
Or maybe she thinks your not serious, its not about your whole family knowing her.
Or maybe she just needs space.
Or maybe she is now listening to her friends ( reasons I don't keep friends) they can spoil your man eh.
Just try talking to her
Then from there you will know where you stand as for now.
And some ladies hate it when ur always trying to check them ( insecurities)
Or u can as well download "whatswep app" on your phone ( scan her WhatsApp code and from there all the chats both the once she had deleted and about will show on your phone) or better still
Move on dear
Some women are complicated and don't really know what they want.
Education / Re: Flood Takes Over Government Technical College Abak, Akwa Ibom State by TanyLoe(f): 8:42pm On Oct 24, 2019
I feel like crying......it's still the same way I left it few years ago!

I swear!
The governor should do something about it
Education / Re: Flood Takes Over Government Technical College Abak, Akwa Ibom State by TanyLoe(f): 8:40pm On Oct 24, 2019
Is this a school or a brothel?

It looks more like a short time hotel
Its a school
Because am from there

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