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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Team12: 12:42pm On Jul 27, 2016
Hello people smileySorry I have been MIA (it didn't easy.. grin grin).

Anyway just thought to bring you guys an important info because I know there has been or used to be a lot of debate on the length of PGWP. I speak for Manitoba alone sha o... Anyway.. For those of you looking for a 2 year course just to get 3 year PGWP, that might not be necessary. If you school in Manitoba you would likely get a 3 year work permit for a masters program even if you did coursework only that lasted for minimum of 8 months.

Una know say I no dey talk wet in I no know cheesy:DAnd take it from me, this is not a special case o, that is what is reigning here!

The only people I know that got 2 years after 1 year masters was because their passport would expire soon and they have option to renew the PGWP after they renew their passport.

Manitoba is the place mehn! Plus you only need 6 months work experience to apply for PR....

Congrats to all those who recently got their TRVs and double congrats to those who are still waiting on God!!!

Cheers! God Win!!!

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 4:16pm On Sep 12, 2015
@dreamsoso you need a US visa to transit thru the US. U can either apply for a transit visa or a normal visit visa (B1/B2). We applied for the normal visit visa and got 2 years...I think that's their default visa duration...


I ensured my flight didn't go through the US but you need a US (transit) visa or so if your flight passes through US.

@Team12 will be in a better position to address this issue I think. Her flight passed through Chicago and she obtained her US visa before leaving Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 3:24am On Sep 12, 2015
Sorry guys for posting this late, being busy trying to settle down and furnish my apartment.

My trip was long (30 hrs plus transit time) but not stressful; Lagos-Dubai-Chicago-Winnipeg.

Transiting thru the USA was very easy, they didn't even check my 32kg Ghana must go of food stuff sef grin They just asked what I had inside and I said food stuff...das all!

Then at the Port of Entry in Canada, I had a trailer load of docs to show them...but the officer was just gisting me how Nigerians in her neighbourhood dress beautifully to church...she nor even ask for POE Intro letter sef, nothing at all. She just dey gist with me as she dey print my Study permit and my daughter's Visitor record (same format as a study permit)

They asked me what type of food stuff I had and I just listed some (I had all sorts of food stuff u can think of ...and yes! I had Zobo leaves and Ofio...lol...my preparation na die!)and one of the officers started telling me how I can get beans and Dry fish in Winnipeg...

It was fun and easy gaining entry and they were very much willing to assist with questions I had.

My Winnipeg goons where una dey? @Supermum, @Sholay2011 et al..we should hook up some time.

To all TRV hopefuls, I declare divine speed and favour on your apps in Jesus name, Amen.

Btw, I applied for a visitor visa for my mum. She has a conference in Halifax and I just got her pp request yesterday..#grateful


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 4:05pm On Sep 01, 2015

Na wa for these people o. I am so sorry for your delay!

It is well dear...I really had hopes...let's chat on whatsapp...

So, this morning, i got a maill from CIC, application refused.

I immediately sent a mail to my school UofM & UBC (though i prefer Uof M) requesting that my admission be deferred till next Fall.

Reasons for Denial:
_ Travel history
_ Purpose of visit

Lots of Love to all the very friendly though unknown faces, I appreciate you guys
especially Team 12 & Midnightparis aka Sholly 2011, you are both my forerunners, I WILL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR & WE SHALL CHOP YOUR GRADUATION chops together.

I"m running back to my legal practice, be right back next year.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 4:23am On Aug 30, 2015
Cic no remember say na Naija we dey...

I asked for it at consultant practice during my medicals becos I read from cic website that I could do that. Although I was even willing to pay for the extra report, they said they could not give me...

I don't know if its a process, from the attached, CIC says I can ask for it
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 4:18am On Aug 30, 2015
Yes please.

Hello peeps,
please am new here. I am planing for canny to study & work. Please how do I start. Do I get the admission first?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 10:39pm On Aug 28, 2015
Thank you for the info dear!


am at st Catherines already very quiet area winter come earlier here cos of the presence of the rivers

at for the food stuffs they allowed all I carried noodle garri yam floor melon ogbono dried fish dried pepper

note oilly substance would not be allowed both in hand luggage and checked in luggage also meat won't be allowed and make sure u declare properly wen u entering at the port of entry cos they have seen the content of ur bag if u lie it might result in a fine
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 10:32pm On Aug 28, 2015
I am still in Naija. Flying Emirates

@team12, I'm still in Nigeria. I just booked my ticket, you?
@cocobaby! Lol what airline are you going with?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 10:31pm On Aug 28, 2015

@Team12 @Graviton2 I'm still in Naija o. @Team12 what airline are you going with?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 10:30pm On Aug 28, 2015
Yes I am going to Winnipeg. I am using Emirates. They fly through US. Just got our USA Visa approved 2 days ago...


Thanks for the mention. You're going to Winnipeg too right? What airline are you going with? Mine is lufthansa.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 8:55am On Aug 28, 2015
Hi everyone..welcome to part 9. I wish everyone awaiting TRV success.

Congratulations to Sholay2011/midnightinparis and all those who got their TRVs.

@HayqinsbFX...its good to know that u have finally decided to opt for PGD or Masters...it is well with ur next app, in Jesus Name

@Graviton2...so sorry about ur refusal. Brace up...God will give u at the right time-ur next app.

@TempusQ any news?

@Darefestus, don't worry ur case will be like that of Taike...

@Supermum when are u entering Canny?

@Berexi01, @2grozz and @Seyimillan how far with ur next app?

@tnuola and @favour001 what are u waiting for...l see ur TRV waiting for u ooo

@Crich babay wassup with ur plan B? Are u giving Canny another try?

@thebae, @Cocolav are u in Canny already?

@thesoj thank you for the help u are rendering to the house. God bless u

@Justwise I hail u sir!!!

To all those who have gone ahead of us to prepare the way...How is Canny?? Most importantly pls list the food stuff u were allowed to enter with



Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by Team12: 8:42am On Aug 28, 2015
It happened to me too. Right click on the form and click on "save link as". The link will download as pdf and u are good to go

Pls I want to know why the cic website kept giving update adobe to latest version when I have already done that already... Pls help house
Travel / Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Team12: 8:37am On Aug 27, 2015
Travel / Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Team12: 7:40pm On Aug 26, 2015
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 3:54pm On Aug 19, 2015


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 8:22am On Aug 17, 2015
I was in Frankfurt with family and I never smelt anything like racism. We had to use the train a couple of times, and they were all so friendly. In fact, I had people who had to come sit beside us cos they wanted to have a close look at my daughter's hair style (with all the stylish beads and all) and they wie all throwing compliments. There were times we did not get a seat and some had to stand up for my daughter and I to sit. So like I sed, I smelt no racism, just a couple of nice pple here and there...and yes! they were very helpful in pointing us in the right direction. We had a great stay!!!

Oga! Even right from Frankfurt airport sef, there's already racism, speaking from experience. We're not saying everybody is racist but there are some countries that are generally more racist than others. Eg Russia and Germany. There's racism everywhere but it's is very prominent in some places
My opinion: if he's so particular about racism, especially as a minor, he should consider other countries instead

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 6:43pm On Aug 12, 2015
I promise grin Thanks

Congrats team12. Please promise us u will still be checking on this thread to help people like us on TRV applications. I really love your spirit! Shine on girl!

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 6:51pm On Aug 04, 2015


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 3:43pm On Aug 03, 2015
Sorry I have been MIA guys...not being in Naija...busy...but i have to share dis good news.

Medicals requested for SOWP. 13 days!!!

Blessed be God. It never hurts to try grin


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 7:24pm On Jul 29, 2015
If she is an agent of the school, then she will get commission from whatever u pay. She is only looking out for her self. Be wise!

Hi everyone.
This is wt really happened I applied to redriver college international business nd my partner applied to university of manitoba ( medical line) he got his visa and I was not given cs I stated that it was my uncle dat was going to sponsor me but my dad been a partner in the company. I attached d partnership deed nd all.other documents wiv bth properties.nd since I work in the company. It's an audity/ acctn.comp stating dt for me to.come bk nd wrk so I used an agent nd she said cs the course I was going for doesn't go wiv the company m working so she got another admission letter at lampton.i applied wiv dt and added all other fins cs of the other reasons of denial nd submitted I was like I'll still change bk she said I can change to a one year course in lampton.i once I get there instead of the two I got my trv now nd she told me I can mk payment in schl cs she's an agent of the schl I now told her I m still going to red river nd she said at least I should do a semester at Lambton dt I should not give myself bad record dt if I change wen I get der without first attending the schl dey will tag my permit dt it will b difficult to renew dt I should not try it den she called me yesterday dt she will advice me to pay d first semester fees 6k+ now be I travel so I won't av problem wiv immigration when she knows I don't intend going der.pls I need honest advice from those that are really sure pls.* Note I av not paid any fees I av it in my account
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 5:14am On Jul 29, 2015
You don't need a study visa for a program that is less than 6 months in duration
Good evening good people of nairaland. I have already got myself into the hand of an Idiot called Agent before I found this thread through Google. Below are the summary of my situation: The so called Agent introduced to me a Three (3) Months Training Program which is schedule to hold in Ontario Canada between 7th of September, 2015 through 11th of December, 2015. Course fee and other charges already paid through him amounted to about 1.3million naira. In short we have submitted Application for Temporary Residence Visa since 30th of June, 2015 still praying and hoping for the TRV. Please I need your assistance in the following area: 1. Is there anything like study Visa in Canada below 6 months? If Yes 2. Can someone work with it? 3. Is it renewable there in Canada? Your prompt response will be appreciated God bless..
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 5:04am On Jul 29, 2015
Scan as black and white or grey scale
I merged my docs into a file and d file was 4.19MB in MS word, when I converted the file to pdf using doPDF software, the file size was 21.9MB. I tried using the method in richcasey's link to reduce the file, it does reduced the file to 4.12MB but the problem is that the documents are very blurred. Pls who knows a best way to reduce file and also retain or nt affect much the legibility of the docs
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 5:01am On Jul 29, 2015
Mine was 23 days for TRV grin (not Medicals)

@Team12... 23 days for medicals
@waleakins... 21 days for medicals

Grace at work.
Please, @waleakins which program did you apply for?
College or University?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 4:56am On Jul 29, 2015
I did not get my POE letter attached to an email. I simply downloaded it directly from my cic account. Unless thats what u mean..then I understand
That is what we regard as approval mail. Your POE letter is sent attached to an email. And since the first paragraph of the letter states that the visa is approved, we're simply calling it approval mail. Do you understand? What we're saying is that he/she didn't get that mail
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 4:34am On Jul 29, 2015
@Crich congrats sis. I remember ur "USA visa story" and how worried u wie...cant help but thank God for you. He will favour who he will favour. Enjoy!!!
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 4:31am On Jul 29, 2015
U nor dey sleep?..lol. Good morning dear! Trying na catch up with the thread before my busy day starts grin
Team12, Good morning. Had no idea you were an earlybird. grin
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 4:30am On Jul 29, 2015
Oga u are old on this thread now...why are u the one asking this question? shocked ...congrats
YES THEY ATTACHED A PHOTOCOPY OF MY INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT WITH CIC STAMP ON IT.. pls dont be annoyed im asking dis questions, i havent applied before and i have been following this trend from part 6, im cold nau. This is my first time of applying, u shd understd me. Mevisbleek where are u @darefestus thank u God BLESS U. I submitted d first tuesday in july 15.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 7:57pm On Jul 28, 2015
I didnt get an approval mail. My cic account status just changed to "this application has been approved". The POE letter is sufficient

Nah, everyone should get it. The mail comes with an attached letter that introduces you to immigration at the airport. Some people just get it later than normal. If she picks her passport and the visa was approved, then she must request for the letter.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 9:00pm On Jul 27, 2015
I dont gerrit...***confused***

The guy is 2 in 1.

He is d saame guy aas d agent and also the guy the agent applied for.
I personally didn't buy that story..
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 8:58pm On Jul 27, 2015
Please stop spreading wrong info. This is d second time u will be posting this...


Doing upfront medical complecate issues. if you go for medical examination whener cic as you to do is always faster.
The analysis is very simple, doing medical whenever medical request pop up on your application takes approximately one week, then what you see next is medical examination result, pass or fail.
Moreover, passport request also takes one week prior dispatched.
Up front medical complicate issues at times, they will have to merge your medical result with your application, i can see lot of peeps on the thread complaining about medical result or passport request.
So choose wisely.


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by Team12: 7:44pm On Jul 27, 2015
@Godymn please do not lie on your family information form. State the facts, look for a co-sponsor and pray..you will be fine.


Was just thinking....Whats the implication if you only state that your the only child or mayb you state you and one of your sibling?

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