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Politics / Re: Buhari’s ‘Sit There In Lagos’ Statement: Gafar Olakanmi Reacts by TechSkill: 4:05pm On Jun 11

Powerful abi. U think mai bunu and co are jumping from govt house to govt house to get pdp govs to defect to apc because of tinubu. You think they are stupid people who don't know what they are doing. Talking too much is a southern trait. Bringing the enemy close to deliver a sucker punch is a northern trait. Tinubu will get that sucker punch
kai.. baf man, abeg nack this man better beer... i go pay.
Politics / Re: Buhari’s ‘Sit There In Lagos’ Statement: Gafar Olakanmi Reacts by TechSkill: 4:03pm On Jun 11
All these things don't move Tinubu. He knows OPC will defend him if shit happens

grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Buhari: You Can’t Sit In Lagos And Decide For APC by TechSkill: 2:14am On Jun 11

Hahahahahaha I keep saying this and it's not hard to even predict.

Only a fool will think that Apc under buhari will zone ticket to the SW or Tinubu.

It's very simple and the easiest way of Apc loosing is zoning to South while Pdp zone to North.
alot of division in the south and no serious party that wants to win will zone their ticket there.
normally SE/SS has the same voting pattern and I'm 100% sure that they'll never vote Tinubu or yoruba candidate (Edo State failed Oshiomhole more because of Tinubu)

while SW or north will not vote for an Igbo man for presidency.
SS seems to be on neutral level but in minority.
and in conclusion there's no way Northerners are voting any southern candidate while a northerner is on the ballot.
so twist it anyhow and anyway power is staying in the north and APC cannot risk zoning to the south while Pdp zones to the north because it'll be a landslide for PDP.
imagine Tinubu vs Atiku or kwankwaso lol
even the weakest northern politician will defeat any southerner in the north.
north no dey follow una play that kind of party politics.
if there's one thing I'm sure it's buhari will never ever endorse a southern candidate.
he'll rather fake neutral and work underground for a northerner irrespective of party.
if buhari can allow Obaseki to have free ride in Edo under Pdp just to spite Tinubu
lol you already knew the answer grin

I pity Tinubu sha and I hope he has a plan B

what reasonable Southerners should be pushing is total restructuring because the current system is designed to keep producing a northern president forever.

what reasonable Southerners should be pushing is total restructuring because the current system is designed to keep producing a northern president forever.
and Tinubu is the one that caused it... he miscalculated in 2015 because of desperation to become president lol

I told them here several times that the move by Tinubu in 2015 will come back to haunt him.

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Politics / Re: Continue Tweeting, National Assembly Minority Caucus Tells Nigerians by TechSkill: 12:57am On Jun 10
Who told you we have stopped in the first place? Our leaders just showed the world their true colour. A phone u didn't not buy for me, data you didn't buy for me, social media account you didn't create for me all because one Jubril's post was deleted, I shud now deactivate my account.
help me tell them ooo
Politics / Re: Twitter Ban: Facebook, Instagram Must Register As Businesses In Nigeria – FG by TechSkill: 12:47am On Jun 10

Shut up and use your brain.

Twitter is a private company in business to make money.

What the hell would they be doing in Nigeria if it's not going to make money?

Are Twitter a charity?

You bombaclat nitwits with stinking, sky-high inferiority complex underrate and hate yourselves so much, you can't even admit that a private American firm is in your country to make money.

They must be here on charity because you have nothing to offer and are nothing.


Do you use Twitter of business or any social media for that matter? Dude, what they make from other countries, Nigeria does not even reach 1/4 of that... it is what is it.

If you are not a media buyer, please just shut your mouth and face your BMC job in "pieces". They do not need Nigeria. Instead, Nigeria needs them.


Politics / Re: Northern Food And Cattle Dealers Threaten To Stop Food Supply Nationwide by TechSkill: 12:24am On Jun 10
Onion bandits should stop attacking legitimate businessmen.

You claim you can do without northern food items but lose your senses at the sight of cows and onion trucks undecided

Which card? So you think our hardworking farmers will continue spending their time & money to grow their crops only for some impoverished criminals to steal them in the SE? Or you prefer violent reprisals on thousands of Igbo businesses in the North?

No more free onions for hungry bandits in the East tongue
You mean the hardworking farmers that bandits and terrorist are killing in their farms up North? I have never seen you talk about that ...
Politics / Re: Twitter Ban: Facebook, Instagram Must Register As Businesses In Nigeria – FG by TechSkill: 12:07am On Jun 10

Twitter needs Nigeria 1,000 times more than Nigeria needs Twitter.

And if any of the platforms refuse to comply with Nigerian law, they will be kicked out of the Nigerian market.

Now run along and go sing for your white master, little slaveboy.
Did they take permissions from the useless APC government befor using it? Twitter didn't beg Nigerians to join. we all went there on our own will. It is not a must. The infrastructure we use for this is not in Nigeria. That is what you people are failing to understand and you are not dealing with idiots.

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Politics / Re: FG Communications Suffer As Agencies Return To Old Ways Of Information Sharing by TechSkill: 10:19am On Jun 08
I don’t think the president knows about it, it is the presidency that imposed the ban. Stupid people
so after watching that video where he warned Igbos that he will repeat the civil war on them, you still think he is not aware?
Politics / Re: Cattle-Laden Truck Attacked In Onitsha, Driver & Conductor Killed by TechSkill: 11:15pm On Jun 07
Heard the truck killed two locals hence the reprisal
I knew something must have happened. And the newspapper omitted this part. na wa o

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by TechSkill: 5:30pm On Jun 07

Been tough embarassed
lori iro cheesy

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Politics / Re: Obi Abel Umahi Resigns As South-East Security Committee Chairman by TechSkill: 5:16pm On Jun 07
did you read before calling coward, you this keyboard warrior...

man is resigning because the South EAST Refuse to fund the security outfit that was formed. Imagine South West governors refusing to fund Amotekun....
Food / Re: Yoruba Girl Eats Igbo Food (abacha) For The First Time (pics, Video) by TechSkill: 12:05am On Jun 07
is it not nigeriansanyway, to me #food is what one culd take as meal!can u take those two as meals?no!give them their rightful names ie vegetable/soup!!

In certain discussions like this one, there is not like "to me" which permits you to give something a different meaning from what it is. I have helped you cure your lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

Food / Re: Yoruba Girl Eats Igbo Food (abacha) For The First Time (pics, Video) by TechSkill: 9:35pm On Jun 06
ewedu and gbegiri?do u call them food?u av a lot to learn!
so to you soup is not food? I am not surprise... is it not Nigerians again?
Politics / Re: #Twitterban: Hackers Leak And Deface Social Network Websites Of Adamu Garba by TechSkill: 9:32pm On Jun 06

This is the relationship.
You are scared of my economic strength , so you introduced protectionist trade policies which you have always argued against just to reduce my power.... Then you get your friends in europe to ban and cancell orders for huawei products citing strange security concerns.......

All these are traits of dictatorship and bullying which should not be allowed f
They said China execute corrupt leaders but you stylishly ignored it while replying... how about Buhari copying that and killing himself and others along so that Nigeria can be free from their stranglehold?
Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Moves To Block Nigerians From Using VPN For Twitter, Others, by TechSkill: 9:16pm On Jun 06
Chai grin

Anyway, you can brag that you can tweet using vpn and other methods that can bypass vpn, good for you grin but Twitter influencers cant earn while brands cant use or advertise on Twitter.

Twitter make money from advertising.

Imagine, government block your debit cards from working on Twitter. That means brands won't be able to advertise on Twitter thus making Twitter lose revenue.

Twitter and Twitter influencers will close shop in 1 month.

Nigeria government have many ways to destroy Twitter.

Blocking Twitter and vpn is just one way, Twitter are losing some revenue with this ban, if government stops bank debit cards from working on Twitter, they will run away and block you from tweeting. grin grin

So who wins again? NIGERIA

Lol... I don't know how some of you are happy with what is happening. I mean, are you really human? like for real? with everything surrounding you but aimed to kill you by this same government, you are laughing?

Kai.. OMo, Jack does not need money from Nigeria. I doubt he does as much as $1M per month in Nigeria as opposed to other countries... Nigeria's purchasing power is so so low as a result of your Buhari but you are laughing abi? No worry... the evil will consume all of us before 2023 and there is no way you and your household will escape it.
Food / Re: Yoruba Girl Eats Igbo Food (abacha) For The First Time (pics, Video) by TechSkill: 11:48am On Jun 03
ur personal opinion!does not mean ur right!obviously,u only take yoruba food prepared in restaurants not bukas or villages!!
Apart from Amala and Ewedu, Gbegiri, Ifokore... which other food Yoruba have? Please share.


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by TechSkill: 7:06pm On Jun 02

Thanks.. The tutorial you're about to do, is it the same with appmaster??
MAN, the boh have locked me out 6 times I tried to drop a link... I even had to find a tutorial and forward one of my domain there and it still wouldnt let me. so I am attaching the domain here. Just visit it and it will forward you to the tutorial

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Properties / Re: My House Is About To Be Demolished, What Should I Do? by TechSkill: 10:35pm On Mar 29

I just tire bro, those people didn't pay my money till date, I bought another land and developed it and now this is happening. I finished it just 2 weeks ago.
I think you need to learn how acquire land in Nigeria.

Even from the way you are speaking, it means you might buy another bad one in the near future.

Fix up your education on property Asap cos u will likely repeat this mistakes again

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Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Lagos Panel Awards ₦16.25 Million To Four Petitioners (Photos) by TechSkill: 4:25am On Mar 28
Which panel? I thought they had stopped sitting. Lol.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Man Ordered To Leave Mall In South Africa For Wearing 'Indecent' African Attire by TechSkill: 10:33am On Mar 27
My problem with him is that he refuses change....

His forefathers have reasons for dressing like that then, such reasons no longer apply

Culture has never been static
that is why the White man will continue to impose their Ideology on you.

They give you Bible and took your sculptures to display in their museums, make money out it but you are here defending the total eradication of your root and tradition.


Politics / Re: Yoruba Groups Set June 12 As Referendum Date by TechSkill: 12:40pm On Mar 26
southern Nigeria would be better
it is just noise.. Nothing is happening. They just want to force the presidency to give them South West a chance.
Business / Re: Nigerian Exporter Ships 7,000 Metric Tonnes Of Coca Bean To US by TechSkill: 6:35am On Mar 26
Ol boy, this is by no means near a good news.

Serious countries left extractive industry centuries ago. Migrated to industrial production, then hitech production. But here we are still talking about selling raw cocoa for almost free.

You export a raw bag of cocoa at N20,000. White man refines it at the cost of N10,000. Sells the byproducts (cocoa drink, chocolate etc) at N200,000.

White man makes N170,000 profit from your N20,000 years of sweat.

Extractive production impoverishs a nation.

As a matter of urgency, we must learn to add value to our raw materials, be it gold, diamond, crude oil or cash crops like cocoa and cotton.

See, Nigerians are short sighted. They like quick money and the government also is not helping.

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Crime / Re: NDLEA Discovers Large Marijuana Farm In Kano by TechSkill: 5:32pm On Mar 22
grin grin grin grin grin

grin grin grin grin grin
I knew it, that thread really pained you guys,
The same way NBS has been doing with other region...
You guys should know that he who leaves in a glass house shouldn't throw stone.
It's on record that the Yourbas can't take 0.3% of the rubbish they dish out on a daily basis to other regions.
You guys should work on yourselves.

I am not Yoruba
Crime / Re: NDLEA Discovers Large Marijuana Farm In Kano by TechSkill: 3:48pm On Mar 22
I thought South West is the only place for hard drugs? grin


Business / Re: Is Lagos A Good Place To Build A Refinery Like Dangote Refinery? by TechSkill: 10:40pm On Mar 21

That's what they fail to pay attention to. Greed and the lust of wanting to overtake everyone is blinding eyes to reality

My family stay close to the area. I've told them all to run. And vacate the territory that the money people would generate would be used in treating cancer and all. I was around Ajah before.

From the hold up to the unhealthy air, I calculated the completion time of the refinery and made sure I ran as far as possible to a complete far place from that entire axis.

Before the refinery, Lagos has a highly toxic air. Now to add to it, what would be the resultant cumulative environmental impact on living, air, the Atlantic ocean, traffic etc.

Nigerians and greed are 5 and 6. Thats why Nigerians only look at Pros without looking at Cons. I ain't buying a single foot of land in that terrain. Lai lai

They should ask people in Warri and Portharcourt. They will learn. Add the sea port coming on that same axis and you have a complete chaotic atmosphere.

The air in that Ajah is unhealthy. In fact, air there hardly circulate...

Well the refinery was formally for Ondo but the then governor of Ondo state rejected it. So Tinubu asked them to come


Business / Re: Cryptocurrency: Nigerians Are Free To Use Bitcoin - CBN by TechSkill: 5:53pm On Mar 20
Crypto was never banned.

Most Nigerians cannot read, assimilate what they've read and understand it. People just follow the popular narrative if it suits their agenda, it usually does.

Nothing has changed. All CBN said was don't transact crypto through the formal banking sector.
hear yourself... lol

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Business / Re: Cryptocurrency: Nigerians Are Free To Use Bitcoin - CBN by TechSkill: 5:51pm On Mar 20

Waiy till an official announcement is made.
Don't fall for /scheming


It's been confirmed
what is confirmed? read it again. The ban is still very much active.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by TechSkill: 1:39am On Mar 20

grin grin Goodluck
I burst laugh from toilet lol
Business / Re: Chicason Recycling Company, Nnewi Opens In Anambra. Buys Refuse From Residents by TechSkill: 1:30am On Mar 20

Akwaibom is simply a refuse dump..

And I enjoin this new plant to recycle everything in Akwaibom to nothingness
why must you lie? AKWA Ibom in the cleanest state you will ever find in Nigeria because the people. Of Akwa Ibom take personal hygiene very serious, even the poorest among them understand this. It's like a DNA in them.

I have been to That state on several occasion and I have lived among them too.


Politics / Re: APC Senators Block Bill To Make Appointment Of Service Chiefs Independent by TechSkill: 2:47pm On Mar 19

Guy,the bill does not make sense.has buhari contravened federal character in appointing the service chiefs
even for what is obvious to everyone this one is asking silly questions. Wetin concern me. Shebi na all of us dey suffer the repercussions lol
Politics / Re: APC Senators Block Bill To Make Appointment Of Service Chiefs Independent by TechSkill: 2:46pm On Mar 18
Globally, every Head of State and Commander-in-Chief reserves the right to appoint service chiefs that are loyal to him for the preservation of the government of the day and defence of national sovereignty.

Pres. Buhari may have disregarded federal character principle in his own appointment but having an independent body appoint service chiefs is fraught with danger of political instability.

Yes, Buhari has displayed irresponsible nepotism but by this bill, Senator Abaribe displayed dangerously pregnant mischief that looks like a well-orchestrated agenda.
you APC apologist will always find a way to justify rubbish.

It will come back to haunt you sha. Worry not
Celebrities / Re: 2face Celebrates Burna Boy On Grammy Award by TechSkill: 2:34pm On Mar 18

If you win headies nobody go congratulate you..

A bunch of white people come together to organise a show where they give people a wooden piece... winning the piece doesn't make one the best.. you're only the best in the eyes of the organisers..

Bleep the Grammy's.. it is over hyped.. Eminem, jay z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West have all thrash talked about the show even though they were once winners

All these mf quoting me.. I never mentioned davido in my post neither did I say burna is a loser for winning it.. I don't do stanship.. I vibe to music I like.. carrying stanship for head are for people with low iQ.. all I'm pointing out is the way we are all celebrating the Grammy that is not even appreciated by their own people.. badboy timz, omay lay won headies but I didn't see all this accolades.. not even BET is celebrated like this
headies lost credibility cos of politics involved

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