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Politics / Re: Pat Utomi Condemns Conduct Of Labour Party Lawmakers by TechSkill: 2:15am On Mar 16

Ok, all these law makers voted under obi agenda (goodwill) of Obi, joined them in budget padding and never against it.

New Nigeria is POssible is the slogan they ride to national assembly, it is Obi agenda they vow to implement. Who is now fooling who?

Is it Obi that told them to join and eat and keep quiet?

Of course they all their own going forward and will
Not get second chance. Many of them better make enough of money cos they have proven to be who they are
Politics / Re: Pat Utomi Condemns Conduct Of Labour Party Lawmakers by TechSkill: 10:50pm On Mar 15

Obi is not in anyway different to them. No be integrity Buhari use to enter government, what later happen in his government is worse.

Corrupt is the source of income of power

This is the excuse that people who supported APC usually give.

Obi is different from them all but you can continue to lie to yourself after voting APC twice with nothing to show for it.
Politics / Re: Pat Utomi Condemns Conduct Of Labour Party Lawmakers by TechSkill: 10:49pm On Mar 15
Corruption doesn't know tribe, religion nor political party in Nigeria.

When it is time for good governance; politicians will divide us across tribal and religious line but when it is time to eat the national cake, they are always united.

Budget padding, SUV, constituency projects etc are done in unison if not for the few aggrieved lawmakers who felt cheated we won't have known what's happening behind the scene.

God bless you.

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Politics / Re: Akpabio lamented Obi received more applause during Wigwe's funeral - Peterside by TechSkill: 10:44pm On Mar 15

Insensitive? Yes!

You can accuse him of being flippant and stolid at the same time because he doesn't know where to and where not to crack jokes.

Bitter? No

Akpabio isn't a bitter person, please. God has really blessed him so he has no reason to be bitter.

Which god blesses a criminal minded politician who padded budget and gave out 500M each.

This how you soulless nonentity aid criminality and use God to adorn it.
What’s wrong with you Nigerians for heaven sake’s? What is your education meant do? Do some of you hear what you sometimes say out loud and without feeling any iota of shame?

I just regret being born a Nigerian where I have to tolerate craps like this from a fellow Nigerian.

All of una dey mad. Go furkkkk yourself ass-hole!
Politics / Re: My Turn Will Soon Come: Garba Adamu Tells Tinubu To Enjoy Amid Nepotism Claims by TechSkill: 2:13pm On Mar 15
Don't mind those Peter Obi followers. They are so annoying and I wish the federal government can ban Peter Obi from contesting any elections again in this country. His followers keeps insulting Tinubu and others forgetting that the so called Obidient movement enthroned Tinubu as president by draining traditional PDP votes. See where we are today.

E no go better for you.

E no go better for the useless father wey born you.

E no go better for the useless mother wey born you.

E no go better for the useless family wey produce you since all of them couldn’t do a proper job at raising you properly.



Business / Re: Exchange Rates In Official And Parallel Markets Converge by TechSkill: 1:01pm On Mar 13
Actually, it's now more than 9 days. Great job by the CBN and Mr President. Binance and other criminal crypto money-laundering channels must be held to account for their financial crimes committed against the nation.

Mallam Ribadu and Cardoso must never leave those two Binance small fries and their collaborators within Nigeria until the identity and details of those behind the $26 billion moved through their platform last year is unveiled and all of them prosecuted.

Never again must our hard-earned forex be used to defend dollars criminally manipulated on Binance and on the street to be overvalued against the naira. We were using hard-earned money that we should use to build schools, roads, electricity etc and FG still took loans to defend the naira against the dollars some unpatriotic elements and criminal foreigners were manipulating shocked FG must hold them to account o.

God bless Nigeria for ever! Check my signature for free stuffs!

When dollar gets to 2000 naira, I will quote you and cures your entire lineage!

6 months from now is not far
Celebrities / Re: "Baba Suwe That Stopped Downloading" - Seyi Law Dragged Over Comment About GRV by TechSkill: 8:41pm On Mar 12
Somebody should pick this guy's call before frustration kill him.
best caption lol


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by TechSkill: 9:35pm On Mar 03

It seems you've patronized me before. Your moniker seems familiar. Unfortunately, I won't be able to share the requested data. It is confidential.
Who taught you this kind of business strategy? You just lost an opportunity to get more clients lol. grin
Health / Re: What Helps You Sleep At Night? by TechSkill: 11:11pm On Feb 29
Me, I put on white noise on my phone & voila I'm in dreamland!

I also have this app that plays different rain sound, I love the sound of rain on the roof.

What about you?

What is white noise?

I accidentally discovered that musical instrumentals from the blues and other calm and slow genre makes me sleep.
Business / Re: Tax Clearance Certificate Required For Foreign Exchange Transactions In Banks by TechSkill: 4:54pm On Dec 20, 2022
Emefiele is out to frustrate Tinubu
The Aso Rock cabal definitely is backing the CBN governor
Tinubu is going nowhere
God forbid BAT thing grin
I wonder how you guys reason. This thing affects even people
Who have nothing to do with APC or PDP


Romance / Re: What I Did To An Ungrateful And Unappreciative Girlfriend by TechSkill: 2:47pm On Dec 07, 2022
in the end, 95% of relationships na better waste of time and resources..
in Nigeria
Romance / Re: What I Did To An Ungrateful And Unappreciative Girlfriend by TechSkill: 2:43pm On Dec 07, 2022
We have been in the relationship for Just 2 weeks now, yesterday as i was going out, normally whenever i am going out she used to implore me of buying something for her when I'm coming back, but i don't really see the need to impress nor spend on a girl that never also invest in the relationship, so yesterday as i was coming back i bought her biscuits and some chocolate bars worth 1,500 and i told her the amount intentionally.

So today when I'm coming to her place i was already anticipating gratitude or 'thank you' from her to no avail,thus our convo goes;;

At the instance, i told her she is not appreciative and she should forget everything about us and she should never dare call or stop me on road wherever she sees me

Till now neither she have find way to call me nor me calling her

Moral of this is girls lives at the moment,what you did for them now ends there, stop impress a girl financially that don't show gratitude nor reciprocate your show of care.

Waiting for that biitch called magnoliaa to come and attack you because that is all she does online with her life.

Very useless lonely pusss.y jobless wanderer with over 10,000 post on Nairaland as her only credible achievement in life.

I mean this person goes from thread to thread looking for attention cos she is so lonely offline.

An irrelevant e-feminist
Politics / Re: Pictures From The Labour Party Presidential Campaign Rally In Owerri Imo State by TechSkill: 4:44pm On Dec 06, 2022
Lol even Oyo Was more than this shey people don finish for Imo ni....

Or imo no follow dey in the bag ni....
BROS, even that Oyo own, it didn’t start till about 2pm to 3pm…

People were gathering bits by bits until the whole place became engulfed.

One guy that shared his experience said he almost gave up because he was not seeing enough people

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by TechSkill: 4:17pm On Jul 14, 2022

For a GBP bank account, when submitting payment details entry on Afternic, fill in your names, phone number, and the GBP bank address provided by Grey.
To fill in the payment method, see the photo below.
what about address. Is it Nigerian address that will be there?
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso: If I Cannot Get It, I Will Support Tinubu (Video) by TechSkill: 9:51am On Jul 11, 2022
Put the way this Kwankwaso addressed issues around Tinubu's Presidency and compare it with the way he addressed Peter Obi and Atiku's Presidency...

That gives you a signal that, if you are still thinking Northerners will not vote Tinubu or APC because Buhari is not on the ballot...Your understanding of Nigeria's politics is little.

This man Kwankwaso, like every other formidable Nigeria's politicians, if they can't get power, they prepare themselves strategically to be relevant in the Government of the person they feel can win.

2023 elections will be very interesting
e no concern me sha... my own is nobody should complain later. By God's grace, I will leave una to una own wahala..
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by TechSkill: 5:48pm On Jul 09, 2022

Congratulations �

Your sale made be pick


Looking at Boats4sale.com and lands4sale.com being developed I feel the "4" can work although "for" would be epic.

Congratulations once more.

It's really been a while I commented here

My old moniker Favour149596 then I switched to channel5�

I have been around since 2019

Got my biggest single sale with a . network in May $4,111 (HandReg)

Done 4 four figure sales in total since 2019 2 HandReg 2 from aftermarket and alot of 3 figs ranging from high Bleep to low Bleep

Overall it's been a sweet ride and I am happy with the growth..

So far we don't give up we can't lose and that's the criteria for the successful ones

Domains changed my life and those around me I am proud to say so.

I am also very sure I am Just one of those it did change there Life, many of us here as well..

Don't give up so quick if you are just starting out.

Just stick around and keep gathering knowledge.

Picking up domains because someone sold one will most likely not bring much success... and it will limit your domain picking strategy in the long run. Also, what you just displayed here is why a lot of people stopped reporting sales because nobody likes the idea of someone contacting their buyer just because they chose to share what is sold.


Food / Re: How I Prepared A Very Delicious Ogbono Soup On A Budget with 1k. PICS. by TechSkill: 11:51am On Jul 07, 2022
Same way I'm advising my OBIdient folks, yes Peter Obi is very delicious and a man sellable to Nigeria but the issue is that he's a low budgeted politician atm and I so much love him ion want him to fail. it's better he back down honourably and fix his foundation or head for a massive disgrace
The only person that will be frustrated at the end of it all is you and your family.

Obi can travel to anywhere in the world and have the best medical care... can you or your family have the same? Me, I don;t have such luxury.
Politics / Re: Calistus Okafor Still In Court Over LP, Case Threatens Peter Obi's Candidacy by TechSkill: 11:47am On Jul 07, 2022

It’s part of the lies peddled by Obituary followers. Where is your evidence that Tinubu went to France for medical reasons? He went to France for meetings many pictures have shown that. Tinubu greatly improved the health system of Lagos. He started the ambulance service and emergency system, he created many hospitals and upgraded health centres. He converted Ikeja general hospital to a teaching hospital for LASU medical school. I was working there at the time and I saw what beautiful equipment he bought and many other things in the hospital. He made healthcare free for under 5s and 65 and above. They bought drugs for pharmacy etc. He did his best within available resources. He will do more with massive resources at federal level.

And despite all these, he had to travel abroad last time for medicals... I mean, the one Buhari visited him . continue deceiving yourself

Politics / Re: Calistus Okafor Still In Court Over LP, Case Threatens Peter Obi's Candidacy by TechSkill: 11:40am On Jul 07, 2022
I don't understand this Okafor. . .

His family and friends should advise him na!

He ought to have forgotten this issue a long time ago — he has no case.

Even INEC does not recognise him sef undecided undecided
INEC and NLC have confirmed that OBI is the right candidate... but trust brown envelope merchants to continue in their nuisance lol

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Tips and Tricks in Design. UI/UX Designers, Gather Here!!! by TechSkill: 6:47pm On Jul 06, 2022
I dunno much about them

But I know Perxels and Ovalay is good

I called Perxels last week and I was told that their course is online, no physical classes. I wanted an in-person class.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by TechSkill: 1:49pm On Jul 06, 2022

Is it free?
yes, free
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by TechSkill: 12:53pm On Jul 06, 2022

Domains registered with GoDaddy would show your name and your country unless you have whois privacy enable at $9+ per year. Some registrars like dynadot, Epik, name silo etc are free.
whois privacy is now automatic at Godaddy except you remove it yourself.
Family / Re: I'm 30 And Still Living With My Parents..smh by TechSkill: 11:20am On Jul 06, 2022

bros life has no menu whatsoever, it might work for you and not work for others,
you might still stay in your parent hus and still be useless and u might leave them and still plan your life, cus wat i know is outside will show u how to manage life thats wheere reality lies. all good its well
IN everything u said, u missed the vital ish...

u no even fit calm down and ask the OP what was he doing to make that money... lol. he has a skill OP DOES NOT HAVE. This is the problem with a lot of us Nigerians. Go to youtube, go to Skillshare... make una no dey slack.. consume information like ur life depend on it.

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Family / Re: I'm 30 And Still Living With My Parents..smh by TechSkill: 11:18am On Jul 06, 2022
That's the choice (yahoo) I made bro and it has helped me.

I'm not forcing anyone here to do yahoo. I presented two choices before them (learn a profitable skill or do yahoo).. The choice is left for them.

I'm just telling y'all what is working for me. I'm a graduate in civil engineering but today na yahoo I dey do and it's paying me big time.... Make my certificate dey one side first
Bros, the thing be say, if FBI dey find you now, u just give them opportunity... nairaland was part of the place dem use nab Hushbingo.... no worry lol...

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Celebrities / Re: Victoria Ajibola Creates Scene In UBA After ₦1M Was Withdrawn From Her Account by TechSkill: 12:13pm On Jul 05, 2022
UBA AND ZENITH BANK are banks for scammers... probably have the highest number of bank thieves as staff


Romance / Re: Good Men Marry Bad Girls, Bad Girls Marry Good Men by TechSkill: 1:23pm On Jul 04, 2022
Why does this always happen please?
Packing out soonest.
11years, 3kids.
Kudos to the successful ones out there.
This is my fate.
Am happy and unhappy

So sorry about your experience.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by TechSkill: 5:05am On Mar 14, 2022
very correct. Truth be told, some sales report motivates and inspires. A friend once told me a sale he made for 4 figures, I registered similar keyword and sold it $500 within few days. Would this have happened if I wasn't informed? what's the message you're passing when reporting a sale without revealing the domain name? How would others benefit from it?

But not every sales you can report if you still wish to explore the keyword or the niche more. These I usually do. I still did it last month.

There is one consistent factor that I have come to love about you and that is the character of being truthful. NEVER EVER trade this for anything in the world. ALWAYS STAND BY THE TRUTH and Stand for the voiceless no matter how much money is involved!

There is some information you give out that shocks me sometimes. Keep up the spirit


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by TechSkill: 4:58am On Mar 14, 2022

Thanks for your response. I felt it was clearly underpriced. Make e no be say na so someone don miss him blessing o.

By God's grace, me sef go begin dey get liver small small to ask better prices like budosky and iCauseTrouble dem. All die na die abeg. grin

For now, I no fit price a domain like that immens...more than 2k to 2.5k.
It is a new trend. Appraisals are not humans but bots that are built with available records. If you are the owner of that domain name, collect nothing less than 4 figures. Hope it is in dot com?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Invasion Convoy Ambushed In Ukraine (Video) by TechSkill: 10:17am On Mar 13, 2022
Guerrilla warfare, very difficult to counter and maneuver , solution
1,cut off food supplies, medicine and humanitarian aid
2, cut off ammunition supplies and destroy stockpiles
3, fins and eliminate pocket commander and raid commander,
4, air cover and control of the battle field
5, evacuation of injured victims and follow on forces ,

The rest is for intelligence
You know this and you are from a country that use food starvation kill innocent kids and women during the biafra war but has failed to use same on Bokoharam... very intelligent of you, huh?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Jens Stoltenberg Warns Russia That Attack On Arms Convoys Will Be An Escalation by TechSkill: 9:18am On Mar 13, 2022
grin There is no election in Nigeria. Wot obtains is selection and rigging.
cry cry cry cry

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