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Travel / Re: Naija to Yankee Thoughts And Experiences by Teedawg: 2:26pm On Aug 19, 2021
The softcopy offer came in this morning... Woke up and saw the email.

Yearned to leave to a lower cost of living state...

I applied for a Senior Engineer role, and added a Principal Engineer application as a leap of faith...

Had in mind to haggle a few 'units' into 6-figures as salary...

Now here's where the madness comes in :
1. Got a role in Texas
2. Fortune 100 company
3. Got the Principal Engineer position
4. Haggled a few 'tens' into a 6-figure salary
5. Will be working directly with a C-suite executive (Director)

All I wanted was to go to Texas! How my head no go burst!?? cry

Oluwa too much!!! cool
God wey do am for me, go do am for you too. Keep pushing, never give up!
Proud of you man! Recently just went through a whole interview process got the job, then haggled my salary a little lol. This is just my OPT sef cause I just graduated. Wahala Dey for dem.


Nairaland / General / Re: I Notice Strange Marks On My Body When I Wake Up by Teedawg: 7:07pm On Mar 01, 2021
I gotta say I’m proud of you guys so far for not insinuating some spiritual attack ish.. Nigerians starting to accept reality lol


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by Teedawg: 3:55am On Oct 21, 2020
Hi everyone.

Please I need clarification on something and I’ll appreciate if someone can help.

My school emailed my I-20 and asked me to print it in colored to show their signature in blue and I should also sign in blue.

I emailed them to ask if I can go ahead and pay the shipping fee so they can send the original (as I’ll still need original at the port of entry) but they said the one they sent should serve for both visa and traveling, that they are not mailing any I-20s.

Please does anyone have this issue or know about this? Can that document serve for both visa and travel?.

Thank you.

Print that s#it and sign it lmao else you’ll just be paying them extra money to do wah they just told you to do lol.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by Teedawg: 5:17pm On Oct 16, 2020
I found this.... Hope their admission can secure me a visa? And generally how much did i need to deposit before i can be given admission or is it compulsory i must make full payment for tuition fees . Just asking

University of Nebraska--Kearney

Kearney, NE


inRegional Universities Midwest (tie)

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If it’s a decent school you should be okay. It doesn’t guarantee a visa though. Deposit is at the discretion of the school it could range from as low as $50 to full tuition. You’d have to read through their admissions criterion on their website to get the information you need.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by Teedawg: 8:12am On Oct 16, 2020
Good morning, please am going for master's degree. Can you kindly suggest any schools with low tuition fees and they do accept student easily.. no ielts . Pls ma

Look for schools in the Midwest and south of the US.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by Teedawg: 5:32am On Feb 20, 2020

It worked for him back then, doesn't mean it would also work for someone now. I'd always encourage people, go to good schools for nice programs. The love/marriage option shouldn't be the priority. Many students get internships and full time job offers from career fairs at their universities. There is always room here for students who strategize wisely before and after coming.
full-time job? for where lol. Tbh having a computer science degree or other stem degree doesn't help anymore. In fact, most companies require applicants to identify whether they'll need future sponsorship. They use this as a criterion to filter most international students. Most jobs, boldly state that you "must be an American citizen to qualify". So if you're not innovative or a genius park well lol.(This where the top companies come in)

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Politics / Re: No Rational Nigerian Will Vote For APC, PDP In 2019 - Omoyele Sowore by Teedawg: 9:36pm On Feb 09, 2019
Lol as long as pdp or apc is in power you'll continue to suffer recycled politicians everywhere recycle suffering lol


Travel / Re: Abandoning Nigeria's Good Life For The Us,its A Blessing If.... by Teedawg: 7:35pm On Jan 01, 2019

Are international students able to get SSN in the USA?
Yes but you need a reason thou mostly a job

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Celebrities / Bbnaija 4th Runner Up Nina IVY Hacked Instagram Account Recovered by Teedawg: 8:18am On Nov 26, 2018
NiNa has recovered her account that was hacked

Programming / Networking Pros I Need H/W Help Lol by Teedawg: 7:17am On Nov 14, 2018
I have a homework it's basically about using Dsl and modem and hub to set up a guest wifi in a company while restricting them to internal machines you have to make your own ip address or use dhcp subnetting gateways an other stuff...!! Pm if you can help thanks !
Travel / Re: F1 Students In The USA Tips Guide Advice And Caution Thread by Teedawg: 7:06am On Oct 29, 2018
Update coming soon I promise lol
Politics / Re: Buhari And Donald Trump Yet To Meet At UN After ‘Lifeless Comment’. Photos by Teedawg: 7:40pm On Sep 26, 2018
I Listend to President Donald Trump's Speech to the UN Yesterday....


Here it is below.... give it some of your time.

WTF this sounds exactly like last year speech
Phones / Re: Google Free Wifi & What It Means To Nigeria Digital Economy by Teedawg: 11:28pm On Aug 09, 2018
[b]The problem is who is taking the bulk of the profit?! Uber takes in money, Facebook from advertising and same as Google. Capital flight leaving the country in billions of dollars. Was it really difficult for all these people graduating from Andela to trail uber ? Took taxify years to step in and they've established themselves and still taking the profit to small Estonia.
You hear the programmers beating their chest and you think they are colonizing Jupiter already. No legislation because leaders cant swe the future. Those with enough money to bootstrap people with the ideas are rather employing miscreants to take pictures of them while gallivanting here and there from one man's built city and airline business.
We are in a long ride in this country. It will be for the longest of times.

By the way, there is nothing free. It has it's own price that mostly silly people don't even care to ask. Your information is for sale and anyone with access to that network can be malicious. Stay safe people, the only American you can trust is the one unborn. [/b]
sir I'm trying to grasp your point in this statement you're just dangling from here to there undecided
Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by Teedawg: 11:15pm On Aug 07, 2018
I'm planning on leaving this country ...but I need a legal means ....I'm thinking of other countries with good Economy .....With my Flair for IT I know I'll make it!!! I wanna go into NETWORK SECURITY but the Cost of training and cost of certification!!! is expensive!!! so I wanna go into Software Dev 1st then I'll later try my hands on NETWORK SECURITY following the CISCO ROUTE........ I JUST WANNA GIVE MY FAMILY A BETTER LIFE!!!
once you go into software development I doubt you'll go back to security lol it's very sweet

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Travel / Re: F1 Students In The USA Tips Guide Advice And Caution Thread by Teedawg: 5:54pm On Jul 31, 2018
Sorry I totally forgot I started a thread lol this summer has been quite fun will post some things soon
Sports / Re: Mouez Hassen 'Fakes Injury' To Break Ramadan Fast by Teedawg: 1:54am On Jun 05, 2018
So professional footballers are putting their victory at risk over a religious rule that came into existence when there were no professional footballers?

Why can’t people think outside the box?

The Qur’an makes concessions for travellers breaking fast early simply because when the qura’an was written travelling was one of the tedious task of the time

Why people can’t understand that if professional sportsmen existed when the qur’An was written they too would have had a concession Beats my imagination
this is among the smartest piece i've come across in NL this month cool


Romance / Re: Blood Stains On The Floor Each Night With Her by Teedawg: 2:02am On May 29, 2018
That's what i plan on doing....
I have tried to get another girl but have not yet seem a Godly girl.
I will let her go

My mum seems to like her, just concerned about the blood
Lol after your the all night sex you are still searching for Godly one that speak in tongues and later fornicate cool grin
Celebrities / Re: “Everybody is trying to act like its cool its really absurd” Falz on cyber crime by Teedawg: 6:18pm On May 28, 2018
Falz should go and sit down somewhere before some of his colleagues will take it personal with him.

Nigeria entertainment industry depends on Yahuu Yahuu money if you don't know you don't know.
Without Yahuu money Nigeria entertainment industry will still be langing behind.

I'm not supporting Yahoo but since you cannot take away drug money from American entertainment industry then you cannot take yahoo money outta Nigeria industry.

So FALZ leave dirty for Lawma. Don't be too holy.

Your father cannot be defending corrupt politician and you will be forming saint.

Nobody holy pass.
shut the fk up don't compare drug money and fraud
Programming / Re: Front-end Web Developer Needed At Firstmilcom Solutions Limited by Teedawg: 1:14am On May 23, 2018
Lol see requirements I hope your employees bank account will look like that at the end of the month
Travel / Re: F1 Students In The USA Tips Guide Advice And Caution Thread by Teedawg: 11:07pm On May 09, 2018

Which of the Consulate did you go?
Fakking DC
Travel / Re: F1 Students In The USA Tips Guide Advice And Caution Thread by Teedawg: 7:11pm On May 09, 2018
Nigeria is a joke iswr can you imagine a traveled 5hrs away from my location to come renew my passport and after biometrics and all the said I should come back and collect it next month ?? Saying it boldly to my face that they don't have booklet undecided ?? Are you normal why did you now schedule me for passport renewal ??
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Teedawg: 12:43am On May 02, 2018
To all those who have renewed their passport here in the US please how long did it take to get the renewed passport ?
Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by Teedawg: 1:22pm On Apr 21, 2018

The requirements to get a job is kind of rigid though, for instance to be a junior web dev, some places require a minimum of a degree in computer science, some require like 3 years experience along with skills in up to 2 languages, various frameworks, libraries , APIs, databases etc.
Toh what do you want to go and do if you lack the skills? Watch them and cross ya legs ?
Politics / Re: Fire At Kaduna State Electoral Commission Office (Photos) by Teedawg: 1:11pm On Apr 21, 2018
Lol so it was literally on fire grin grin the way this nairaland topics are self


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Teedawg: 11:43pm On Apr 17, 2018

You don't have the intention to work in the US or work no show? OPT things
Lol yemi osibanjo is it by force to do second term tongue talk to baba na haba grin


Celebrities / Re: Moesha Boduong Replies Critics Of Her Interview With Cnn’s Amanpour by Teedawg: 3:43pm On Apr 13, 2018
Still doesn't change the fact that she is 100% right it may not apply to you but it does to a lot of women .
African women are beginning to get Independent but they ain't there yet and with time they will

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Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests Another 14 Yahoo Boys In Lagos State. by Teedawg: 7:28pm On Apr 11, 2018
People clamor for youths to take over power in government. These same youths
Some of the things they indulge in, even the older generation have never given it a thought. undecided
obviously they didn't give it a thought because they've done worst than that . It's the decision of the older generation you're talking about that put them in this situation


Programming / Zuckerberg Deflects US Senators’ Facebook Questions, And Gets $3 Billion by Teedawg: 7:21am On Apr 11, 2018
Mark Zuckerberg has come far since the early days of Facebook Inc., and that growth that was extremely apparent in how deftly the chief executive dealt with several hours of inscrutable questioning by U.S. senators Tuesday over the social network’s role in presidential election-meddling and the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Wearing a conservative suit and light blue tie, an outfit he would rarely wear in Silicon Valley, Zuckerberg sat ramrod straight in his witness chair for most of the many hours of questions. He responded to each questioner by first addressing them as senator or chair. He looked earnest and serious for almost every question, even during some of the laughable questions from some of the less tech-savvy members of the Senate, such as the one by Sen. Orrin Hatch, who asked how Facebook FB+4.5% makes money if it doesn’t charge users anything.

“Senator, we run ads,” Zuckerberg said with a smile.

Read more: The internet was outraged by senators’ questions

That calm response was in marked contrast to when Zuckerberg faced another type of grilling, at the All Things D conference in 2010, when he gave vague and rambling answers about Facebook’s changes to its privacy controls at the time, and had to take off his famous hoodie while wiping sweat from his face under the lights on stage.

Part of his preparedness for the Senate hearing, where he managed to repeat several core phrases that the company has been perpetuating in the media, came as a result of Facebook’s information bombardment over the past month. Some of the company’s obvious talking points have been repeated throughout the past weeks, such as how sorry Zuckerberg is (an apology also appeared in full-page newspaper ads in the U.S. and the U.K.), how much control Facebook users actually do have over their own data, how Facebook is trying to build a positive community and constant reminders of how the company started in a Harvard University dorm when he was 19.

Source: https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/9DABE0E6-3CFF-11E8-9DAE-8350C1618C8C

Travel / Re: F1 Students In The USA Tips Guide Advice And Caution Thread by Teedawg: 6:13am On Apr 09, 2018
Hope you're good bro? Been expecting a reply.. I guess school & work is holding you down
sorry man been busy lately approaching finals week so a lot of work . By the way, do you mind just leaving the msg here as i don't have access to my email I should recover it soon. Others might be able to contribute
Sports / Re: Asisat Oshoala Is "Sad And Pained" That She Won't Be In The Team Against France by Teedawg: 5:17pm On Apr 05, 2018
When I say F you say TC



When mama Folake said you should borrow her 5k from the award money you told her to go and play football and get her own now you're complaining
Phones / Re: Transfer Wise Launches On Facebook! by Teedawg: 5:38pm On Apr 02, 2018

Are you on Transferwise? Please I need to hear your opinion. Transferwise aren't verifying my account because I submitted Driver's license. They claimed to only verify Nigerians with a valid Nigerian passport? How were you verified? Is it the same with you, too? I understand they wouldn't accept my utility bill because it doesn't carry my name but the ID... What do you think?
use WU

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