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Politics / Re: CAN Disowns Fake Bishops At Shettima’s Unveiling by tegafej(m): 7:42pm On Jul 20
Smh. They never learn.

CAN and PFN officials are rehearsing the same macabre dance while using same unchristian, very unsavoury words and disrespectful words they used for President Buhari -Prof (Pastor) Osibanjo pair during the 2015 Presidential election now for the Asiwaju-Shettima pair.

They eventually ended in shame and disrepute in 2015.
Please where is Bishop Wale Oke since 2015 when he threatened hell and brimstone? Where is Papa Oritsejafor who was the spiritual father of HE GEJ and President of I think CAN then?

There was paricularly one very rude spokesman for PFN then who use very despicable words even without respect for Pastor Osibanjo, where is he now?

They will lose again.

This is what happens when you go outside what the Bible new testament teaches on how to relate to those in authority ( Rom. 13:1-2) and no scripturally organized Church will take orders from a body outside its Elders like CAN or PFN.

CAN will lose again and they, not Christianity, will be disgraced again.

I am a Christian and I will vote for Asiwaju-Shettima.
Vote for Asiwaju Tinubu.He is the best among all the candidates and he will lead Nigeria to greater heights.

May God bless Nigeria for ever!
Meanwhile, if you want free business ideas and directory of money sources, please check my signature. Cheers.

Cold zobo
Politics / Re: Osun Election: PDP’s Adeleke Wins, APC Kicks - Vanguard by tegafej(m): 7:36am On Jul 17

Court is still there.....

Meanwhile tinubu will get a million plus votes in osun.. knowingly fully well power is coming to the west...the people will be heavily batified..

Meanwhile tinubu has no other choice other than to pick a Muslim...cus APC majority votes comes from the NW since Yoruba Muslim aren't seen as real Muslim he has no other choice my.

Besides he will get majority of christian votes bc of his wife (RCCG pastor)

RCCG has the highest population of any church in Nigeria..


Lol.. some people sha

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Politics / Re: Relist Nigeria As A Violator Of Religious Freedom, US Senators Write Biden by tegafej(m): 2:14pm On Jul 01
I'm just to really understand how relisting will help the country?

Someone should be pls educate me.


Politics / Re: Everything You Need To Know About Tinubu’s Certificate Controversy by tegafej(m): 7:45pm On Jun 26
grin baba couldn't complete secondary and primary school due to poverty. But surprisingly could afford to travel overseas.

I thought basic education was free and encouraged in West due to Awolowo, how come Tinubu wasn't a beneficiary?

It was also speculated, Tinubu mother was a rich slave trader and business woman , how come she couldn't finance her child basic education?

Tinubu is definitely the Nigerian Version of Raymond Reddington...

This explanation is a BS

The document you just showed us of the university, confirming he attended the institution...

Why can't he also retrieve the remedial documents from Richard Dale, at least that's also abroad..

As it stands to me, this issue is still controversial...

Before you quote me unnecessarily, answer this!

If it was the requirement of a Job in your office, that I present my academic qualifications and I came with all this stories, wouldn't you press further?

OR would you accept my incomplete presentation?

Cock and bull stories!
Romance / Re: My Friend Who Married Woman With Heavy Front And Back Is Crying Now by tegafej(m): 5:19pm On Jun 26
Naim mean say I dey wahala like this...

My woman is thick.

Seriously thick.

Religion / Re: What Is The Most Effective Way Of Preaching The Gospel? by tegafej(m): 1:04pm On Jun 26
Tell people about the blessings that are available in God.

Invite them to come and taste of it.

When they come, they will encounter Jesus and end up surrendering their lives to him.
Politics / Re: ‘Be Careful’ — Adamu Warns Machina Over Yobe North Senatorial Ticket by tegafej(m): 9:13pm On Jun 23
Last last, rules only apply for the common man.

This is Lawan that did not participate in the primaries. At the end, Machina will win in court and Lawan will be a goner.

BTW, it seems Adamu is out to kill their party.

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Politics / Re: Okowa's Achievements In Last 7 Years As Governor Of Delta State by tegafej(m): 8:02am On Jun 17
Same Okowa. grin grin grin

Mod’s should please move this thread to jokes section.

Okowa that is just a sitting furniture in government house.

Even Deltans know that their state does not have a governor

I shock... Okowa when we know?

That failure?

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Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: This Is The Most Corrupt Regime In The History Of Nigeria by tegafej(m): 10:47pm On Jun 13
Medicine after death. You are talking now because the regime has almost ended. Even during 2019 election, you did not sound this way. Were you sleeping or was the regime good then? You are talking now because you know your statement will not work against them. You should have said it when it mattered, when they would have come after you, when your followers would have gained correction from the statement. Keep deceiving yourself.

People are quoting me saying he has been condemning Bubu since 2015. Please, how did he fight Buhari? On which date did it happen. The only time I know he spoke was when a pastor became a victim of the kidnapping in the North. Another time was when the government made a move to tax Churches. When did he fight Buhari concerning bad leadership in general? Please, inform me, give me links to his fight against Buhari. Do not tell me to go to Google oh. You might be saying the truth. So, give me evidence, apart from his reactions to kidnapping and taxing of Churches. Give me an evidence so I will be convinced my first paragraph is wrong. Post at least links to the evidence here. Do not tell me to use Google oh. And, the evidence should not be his reactions to kidnapping of a pastor and taxing of Churches. I already know those ones. If I get the evidence, I will add an apology as a third paragraph. But if no evidence is provided, those who insult me should keep ranting.

Sense is very far from you...

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Romance / Re: 200k Per Month Is Small Compare To What Other Men Give Their Wives .. Lady by tegafej(m): 8:15pm On Jun 12

The more I read these stories, the more stinginess in me towards ladies increase.

I don't just know why.

Last last, don't use money to get a lady. It will backfire


Politics / Re: Apostle Suleman Reacts To Owo Massacre, Calls Government Clueless by tegafej(m): 5:56pm On Jun 05
Imagine people that woke up, had their bath and went to Church....

And got killed in the house of God...


Buhari is a disaster!!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Please Narialanders I Need Your Advice About My Career by tegafej(m): 11:22am On May 28
Here is what I will advice.

You stand an employment if you have the experience.

Degrees are good but it all boils down to experience. So for now, get roles that would get you sales experience.

God bless you

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Religion / Re: Post Your Church Name And Your Position/Duty In Church by tegafej(m): 10:06am On May 22
Methodist. Full time saxophonist

Winners, Usher
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Asks Media To Apologise For Saying GEJ Will Contest APC Ticket. by tegafej(m): 10:17am On May 14
You are covering ground for GEJ.

GEJ was approached.

He agreed...but wanted consensus, backing and anointing of President Buhari that was why he visited APC Chairman.

PDP Miscreants and wailers were confused, obtained BMC forms... suddenly stopped criticism of APC.

President Buhari said, he is not a Pastor and has no Anointing Oil.

GEJ backed out

Because you were there all through the meetings abi?
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: I Will Never Accept To Be President Of Nigeria, It's Demotion by tegafej(m): 12:46pm On May 09

I only hate those who hate me.


Bishop Oyedepo you mean?

If yes, then you hate yourself actually...
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: I Will Never Accept To Be President Of Nigeria, It's Demotion by tegafej(m): 2:02pm On May 08

Impacted Nigeria positively?

List the impacts and how it affected Orlu LG not to talk of Nigeria.

And the man is source of hatred not me.

Unnecessary hatred has blinded your eyes

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Otoniel: Colombian Drug Kingpin And Gang Leader Extradited To The US by tegafej(m): 10:34am On May 05
Unfortunately.. another head will step in.

Killing such organization is always very difficult
Romance / Re: Where Did You Meet Your Spouse Or Partner? by tegafej(m): 9:33pm On May 04

Girl wey dey collect anoda d!ck steady, na en you wan go spend millions untop so??

Una simping dey gv me uppercut..

Epa because say you never meet better girl for your full life nor mean better girls nor dey this life.

All those your simping nonsense nor go carry you go anywhere.

Put eye for ground find better girl and build your life.

Or you fit loose guard yourself get carry okpo dey waste your lil funds troway.

Na your call...make am...and get the fvck off my comment.


Romance / Re: Where Did You Meet Your Spouse Or Partner? by tegafej(m): 7:24pm On May 04
She was my neighbor in school.

I was a Master's student and she was an undergraduate.

We didn't even speak for a two years that we were neighbors. It was when I was about packing out that we started speaking.

And boom! We clicked and we are about getting married now ...

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Politics / Re: Yemi Osinbajo Pictured With Clergymen by tegafej(m): 9:44pm On May 03
Election season naso

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Phones / Re: Twitter, Elon Musk Reach Deal On Buyout For $44bn, Announcement Imminent by tegafej(m): 6:41pm On Apr 25
Twitter shareholders are smiling...e done happen!


Romance / Re: He Doesn't Have A Job But Wants To Date. by tegafej(m): 1:34pm On Apr 23
These same men you are telling not to fucck women unless they make money, don't forget to mind your business when they make this money and decide to fucck battalion of women.

Asin ehn
Foreign Affairs / Re: Turkey Explains Position On Ukraine by tegafej(m): 8:44am On Apr 21

Compared to the US military, Russia's military is. Joke. Only a weak nation make threat of nuking the world.
Are you saying Turkey should allow Putin have his way?

I have heard you sir.

Nuclear war should start. You are carried.

Let's end the talk.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Turkey Explains Position On Ukraine by tegafej(m): 8:18am On Apr 21
That foreign minister should keep shut, as he is obviously clueless!!

I noticed that these countries always have a way of dragging the US into mud, whenever anything ugly pops up in the world..

If not Russia that is behaving like an uncircumcised Philistines, what's wrong with Ukraine taking the decision of joining a particular association??

Despite the destructive atrocities of Vlad Pig in Ukraine, the US/NATO has refused to fully engaged them, yet some people feel " US is afraid of Russia", Russian military that's a little better than the Nigerian military..

For your info, 1)Russia is no match with the US..
2) The US/NATO reluctancy, to actively defend Ukraine has nothing to do with economic/political benefits. They NATO just understand that two wrongs can't make a right and human lives are considerably important...

Russia military is a joke?

It's like you people don't understand the capabilities of nuclear weapons.

You guys really think it's a joke right?...


Here is an idea.

So think before you talk about war between nuclear powers.

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Education / Re: US After School Satan Club Up For Vote At Elementary School (Pix) by tegafej(m): 7:09pm On Apr 20
Hmmmmm the book of revelation in the bible is not a mere story after all.

At all...
Politics / Re: Nigerians Have Short Memory – Oyedepo Slams Buhari’s Govt Again, Warns Over 2023 by tegafej(m): 5:00pm On Apr 18
It is easy to talk! Talk is cheap!

No one can go against the regime except God Almighty!

You have all kept quiet for far too long!

What is the church doing to liberate the people

The people are groaning, even the northerners who threw their weight behind him initially are no longer happy

Just like what Oyedepo is known for, I expected practical solutions!

Elijah faced king Ahab, not by talking, he acted and so many examples in the bible

Everyone is saying the same as you Oyedepo but who will bell the cat

Nonsense talk...

You have the power to vote...who did you vote for in the last election?

Who are you supporting now?

We are Nigerians and no one should blame anyone...

Bishop warned in 2015, una hear??

Nor be only confront Ahab


Education / Re: Chrisland School Sex Video: We Have Commenced Investigations - Lagos Police by tegafej(m): 3:09pm On Apr 18

You are not just a rape apologist but a rapist defender.

Nobody has been arrested or even charged with rape but you have been spamming
every thread to preemptively defend those who might be involved.

Something must be seriously wrong somewhere.

If it is a rape case, who is the plaintiff and who is defendant?

They are both below the age of consent


Politics / Re: 2023: I’m Not Running For President To Negotiate VP Ticket – Wike by tegafej(m): 2:21pm On Apr 14

Though what you are trying to say is not clear but I assume you're trying to say Trump did likewise. If that's what you are saying, then you don't know what you are doing. After insulting Saraki, Tambuwal, Peter Obi and the rest, is he now going to expect them to work for him if he's given the ticket.

That means you don't know politics...if you think insults will make them not work together.
Politics / Re: 2023: I’m Not Running For President To Negotiate VP Ticket – Wike by tegafej(m): 10:12am On Apr 14
Wike can't talk without throwing jabs at people. This guy is not presidential material at all.

But Trump US presidency abi?
Politics / Re: Good Luck, Senate President Tells Osinbajo by tegafej(m): 10:13am On Apr 13
So that means Osibanjo is on his own...

It's funny how the good luck would have sounded...

At the end, it would about who Buhari supports...


Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukrainian Children’s Hospital Completely Wiped Out By Russian Bombing by tegafej(m): 5:14pm On Mar 10

little boy, what has "ZELENSKY's LATEST ASSERTION ABOUT NOT JOINING NATO got to do with your advise that UKRAINIANS SHOULD TROW IN THE TOWEL AND FLEE FROM THEIR ANCESTRAL LAND?" - you can not argue solidly on your initial stand and you are making a futile attempt to drown the discussion with irrelevant comments Zelensky made about NATO

MY question to you is that - DID AFGHANS NOT DEFEAT USSR in 1979 ?


Afghanistan and Vietnam do not have nuclear bombs like RUSSIA and USA

Ukraine can be today's VIETNAM and AFGHANISTAN judging my historical precedents

So, why are you telling the Ukrainians to flee their country? grin You are a fearful kid!!!!

Lol... Life of a faceless platform
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukrainian Children’s Hospital Completely Wiped Out By Russian Bombing by tegafej(m): 7:13am On Mar 10

If Afghanistan listened to this your advice, today the Russian flag will be the official flag of Afghanistan- Afghans died in their thousands but they wore out the Russians by not retreating and Russia was defeated as they had to run away - that was 1979 here, Russia, then called USSR had more colonies and was more powerful than it is today in terms of resources and yet Afghans wore them out and defeated them - Go read your history and stop talking trash here - yiu think it’s everyone that will run away at the sight of a gun or bomb? no wonder fulani herdsmen have taken over your farmlands, communities, raping your women and be heading your men because you lack the balls to confront the enemy- white people don’t reason that way, to them honor and pride of country is more than anything - i hate nansense from black men with out courage

And are you even aware that Zelenskyy has said Ukraine has no interest in joining NATO again in this second round of peace talk that is about to begin?

Lol... Maybe you don't really know how international politics play out.

At the end, the war will be for nothing...


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