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Romance / Re: Is Sex Necessary In A Relationship? by TheSERAPH: 7:56am On Dec 13, 2020
Fornication is a deadly sin, flee from it. The consequences are brutal. Any man that wants to sleep with you while dating you does not actually love you and when he gets tired of you, he will move on to the next lady. Stop sharing your body, your body is the temple of the holy spirit which dwells in you. Stop creating soul ties with strange men, you will regret it later by the time sexual demons start tormenting your life, that is why many men and women have spirit husband and wife.
This shouldn't be coming from you.

You are guilty of this but May God have

mercy  on you.Romans 7:15     
Romance / Re: He Has A Girlfriend But Does Not Want To Let Me Go by TheSERAPH: 9:49am On Dec 11, 2020
I do not know how to start this but i will write as it comes... I was in a 2 year relationship that ended in march this year.. I was so commited in it like naturally when im dating, i DO NOT notice other guys and i DO NOT ask my boyfriend for financial assistance because i feel im not his responsibility,, what i do appreciate mostly were little things like, chatting, kindness, hugs, opening and closing of doors for me,, just little things, coz i adore them so much.. But anyway it ended.. And i vowed never to date again come what may.. During the break up process, all my friends (guys, hardly have a girlfriend) were there to help me pull through.. Calls and texts constantly because, according to them, they knew my type, thus the help.. Funny enough, i never got attracted to any of them (even the ones that initially asked me out when my friendship with them was fresh) and im not the sex sex type to just fall for any to satisfy my desire.. Though i got advice from neighbours to find someone else than staying alone, i said no especially as i am a loner but a happy loner.. I keep myself busy with work or any stuff that makes me happy.

Fine, two months later (june), some guy reached out to me even as he knew he's got a girlfriend, whixh according to him later, they were in an open relationship.. He stays in oshogbo, his girl stays in kaduna while im in sagamu..Before then, he reached out online by first stalking me on facebook (even though we did same online business), after a while he got talking with me.. At first, i was harsh, very harsh to him but he never minded.. At a point i stopped talking to him.. A month later he reached out again, asking if we were still friends.. I was like yeah, not nice to him at all but he was patient with me..

From mid-july we started talking well as friends, he was very open as i was to him. We flowed well that things were happening to us coincidentally.. Whenever he yawns, i do at my place, if im having a scratch, he does too.. There was just plenty of this connection that we never got tired of each other.. In the procesa of our been honest, he told me about his girl and how she was still keeping her ex and all whatnots... I didnt feel any iota of jealousy because i had not feelings for him yet.. I asked to talk things through with his girl and he says well if she gave the chance.. So laters, by august, september,october, feelings grew.. He got so fond of me... According to him, he has not seen my type before.. Fine! During my birthday, he wanted to do something for me, i said no, then two weeks to his birthday in nov, he asked that i visit him at their family house, that i did..

What struck me most was how the elder brother (married) took care of me... I was not allowed to do nothing.. The brother even cooked for me.. God, it made me fall more for the family.. The kind gestures i have never experienced in my life.. There are kindnesses but there is kindness, the real one.. I felt it.. Every thing that i want in a man, those little things, this guy has them all.. According to him, it baffles him that with the little he shows me, i do not take for granted even before he told me he's having a girl..

When i returned home, we continued our normal talks and he then said, that his girlfriend would be visiting during his birthday.. At that point i went silent.. (Meanwhile he met his girl this year but before me, also during her break up).. He was unhappy that i displayed this little jealousy.. So he says he has not broken up with his girl to start a new relationship and he is hurting that he is hurting me.. He's got feelings for me but he loves his girl.. So i said i was going walk, even though i never meant it, twas hard to even say that but i had to and he says no... That he's become so attached to me even his family thinks he's dating me.. That he controls his feelings for me, could i do same and i said no.. I could not be friends with him when i know that feelings are involved.. Finally, we came to terms to just flow with things since he was not engaged or married to her.. Even so, this guy just lost his job and he says unlike his girl, im the one pushing him to have something doing, he says i help him alot but i wouldnt know.. So we continued to let the whole feelings to flow until last week, when with my help, he was called for an interview in lagos..

As usual we talked and i wished him well.. I always pray for him.. In lagos, we talked well until the third day, our communication changed and before it did, my heart was literally aching, so i knew something was wrong.. I called to know why but he was telling me that he'd let me in when he got back to oshogbo, which he did.. He said his girlfriend who was having something to do with her ex, called him and wanted to settle things with him.. But the truth is, because this lady already had his facebook password when they were together in kadauna, she 3 days before her birthday on the 8th of this month wanted to know why her boyfriend was no longer perturbed over her behaviour, so she saw my chats with the guy and decided to do something,,, this now pushed to talk things out with the bf and apologise to him.. Then she asked him if anything was going on between is and he said no.. That we just friends,close friends.. He lied to her but opens up to me.. He says he doesnt want the girl to ask him to cut me off totally.. So the whole thing got him confused.. He says he's never double dated and he isnt happy that he's hurting me and im taking it... I asked him again if i should walk and he says no.. He does not want to lose me and i do not want to lose him either but i want to prove my love for him so that he one day sees that the girl, probably loves him but she's got no integrity.. And i purely love him.. But because i respect his relationship, i CAN NOT TELL HIM TO BREAK UP WITH HER but wanting him to see things himself but the question is for how long.. He says they are working things out now but he doesnt want to lose me esp as a friend... Difficult.. Out of God knows what, we agreed to let things flow since i will respect his relationship, like whenever his girl is around, i should make him believe that i will be fine.. Now, he isnt happy because he said if he hadnt met the gf, he'd have gone ahead to date me.. For me, i cannot sleep, ive been typing this since God knows when and this is 3:36am.. Since he is confused now, please people, friends, family, can i use love to make him see the difference between his girl and me.. He loves his girl, he is controlling his feelings for me and afraid to let it grow because he knows we'd bond, while my feelings toward him is real.. Money has not been involved in this.. We are 6months now.. I believe in true love and that it does not come easy.. Talk to me Y'll because i have no parents to talk to,, i would have talked to my mum now but she isnt here... I want to win with true love.. I turned 27 this past november and he turned 30 same november.. Thank You and God bless..

Been following up on your story and the

comments but didn't want to comment but I will

now cos the most important part of this your

story is been skipped by people that



And answer to that will help me to advise you

on how to kill your feelings for this current


Health / Re: Defence Minister, Buratai, Others Go Into Isolation As GOC Dies by TheSERAPH: 8:37am On Dec 11, 2020
Do not mock him or abuse them because death

is a part of all human lives. Whether they

like it or not, it is bound to happen. Human all

have the same body, the same human flesh, and

therefore all humans will all die. More death to

beckon those feeding and cashing out money

from NE insurgency. This is just the beginning of

what is to come to them all. From the

impersonator in abuja down to the cabals giving

him orders and some of the cabinet members

and most importantly the tyrants in army

uniform and the NL Mod that will delete this






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Romance / Re: My Experience With A Ghost by TheSERAPH: 9:04pm On Dec 06, 2020

   smh I want to read     
Or what are you thinking sir         
Romance / Re: My Experience With A Ghost by TheSERAPH: 4:46pm On Dec 06, 2020

Done...check your PM

I've been working on the merman/mermaid lore for sometime now. Compiling data from eye witnesses, little footages, places of occurrences. I have some evidence from people outside the country but I still need more.
Can you send me some of the data you

Romance / Re: My Experience With A Ghost by TheSERAPH: 4:44pm On Dec 06, 2020

Mr Luminouz, I've read lot of ur posts, especially the mystical ones. Unfortunately, I can't disclose my encounter with the merman here. Maybe u shud send me a PM. It's a sensitive stuff. The church is quite popular.
I sent a PM

You can send me the story              
Romance / Re: Help Me: Please Is This Lady Telling Lies? by TheSERAPH: 7:36am On Dec 06, 2020
I have learnt to give benefit of doubt to people so as not to judge them wrongly or hastily. There is this lady I started liking and thought of marriage, but she made some statements that made me bothered, and thinking of changing course with her. Truly, I am not looking for a perfect person, but a person that is good. Please can this be true? Or can I still give some chance?

I do call this lady and we enjoy gisting, but there have been issues at some points...

(1) I called her one day and as we were gisting, I stopped hearing her on phone. The reason she gave was that "her phone fell down".... Your phone fell down while gisting?

(2) I sent her a WhatsApp message, I didn't force her to reply, but she said "I didn't have data to reply". But she has data to see it.

(3) I called at a time, as we were gisting, I stopped hearing her and her reason "I slept off"... This was not at night ooh!

I was considering to take a marital step with her, but these statements above are troubling me...

Guys, I am not a SIMP, I just want to be more mature in handling this, and do not want to act hastily.... I want your views or advise because I want to go for someone..

Young Man, why are you been paranoid for no

reason. To make the matter worst the kids here

are telling you to do away with the lady. You are

just feeling so insecure cos you felt maybe she

is too beautiful to be faithful to you. Ignore

the advice saying you should let her go.

To the accusations you lay against her-- 1. Phone

could slip and fall from anyone while on a call.

And that can make the call end without any prior

notice. 2---If you are conversant with mobile

device esp android app you will notice that some

apps can work sometimes even when your data

is exhausted(whatsapp inclusive). I can

receive messages on my whatsapp even without

having data and I can reply the same message

but it will take time for it to deliver provide my

data connection is On(MTN 4g sim users can


3---As people will say no one can cheat nature. I

have on many occasions slept off while on phone

with someone at night. Not because what they

are saying is boring but because I was stressed

out and my face is heavy with sleep. It can

happen to anyone.

Be at peace young man all your accusations are

not valid and doesn't make sense enough for

you to do away with the girl.


Politics / Re: Prophet Odumeje Visits Abia Government House, Anthony Agbazuere Sprays Him Money by TheSERAPH: 5:46pm On Dec 05, 2020
RAPTURE will Settle Many Matters!

RAPTURE will Tell who is who!!
Don't be foolish preacher. Don't allow the spirit of

hatred to possess you. Because you don't

like him doesn't mean he is not a real man of

God. Mind your business and forget who is

who in this case     
Celebrities / Re: Basketmouth, Bisola Aiyeola, Others Join Malta Guinness 30 Years Anniversary by TheSERAPH: 5:44am On Dec 04, 2020
Is it the same Mods that deletes comment about JESUS that move this piece of shit to FP. Wow

Most NL Mods are hypocrite.



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Celebrities / Re: Duncan Mighty: God Punish You If You Buy Car For Your Woman & Your Mother Treks by TheSERAPH: 10:38pm On Dec 02, 2020
The earlier men understand that their WIVES need more attention and caring than their moms the better for them. Something like 60:40.
If you want to experience hell in your marriage, buy something for your mom first before buying for your wife or give your mom a quality item than your wife.


I pray you get married and when you get married

your husband will take care of you. i pray you

conceive male child or children. They will be a

joy unto you. They will grow and live and will not

die when you are alive. They will wax great and

become great in life and you will be alive whenit

happens. Death will not take you away. As God

lives, I decree that they will get married when you

are alive. The sons will love and take care of their

wives more than you. They will value their wife

more than you and buy all they are suppose to

for their mother to their wives. They will spend

lavishly on their wives and spend less on you.

They will repay your struggle over them to a

woman and never buy you expensive gift. They

will make their wives their priority and you

nothing. At the point you will need your male

children care they will not be there for you but

will always be there for their wives. And even if

they will be there, the attention for you won't be

more than 2% but the 98% will be for their wives.

This is my prayer for you.

It will happen according to what I have written

here. This is my word of prophecy over your life.

As you want it for another woman, so it will

come to you .



Celebrities / Re: Motora Apologizes For Mocking Beggar In Viral Video by TheSERAPH: 10:44pm On Dec 01, 2020
My Sister, For all Have Sinned and Come short of God's Glory..

Mercy is available as long as there is Life..

Ask GOD for Forgiveness! If you can locate the little girl , get to her and ask for her Forgiveness...

Ignore twitterians, Nairalanders or whoever is speaking against u..

Whom GOD has Forgiven is Forgiven!!

""Whom GOD has Forgiven is Forgiven""

You are not God mouthpiece nor a prophet, please don't say what you don't know

Did God tell you that he has forgiven her?

Were you there when God forgave her?

She apologize to the people and not God

Do she even believe in God more less practice religion?

She apologize to people because she lost her job and will lose more deals not because she really cares

Please Never say what you don't hear God say


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Romance / Re: What's The Most Expensive Gift Your Girlfriend Has Ever Gotten You by TheSERAPH: 7:34pm On Nov 23, 2020
June 21st was my birthday... I'm still expecting my gift from her o grin... Then I'll modify dis comment d moment I get it

Comment yet to be modified.

No show right               
Celebrities / Re: Williams Uchemba's Groomsmen: AY, Peter Okoye, Banky W, Falz Spotted by TheSERAPH: 10:41pm On Nov 21, 2020
that best man na my classmate that year for C I C Enugu, class of 2007..nigger has been living in California since we left secondary school chai! Odera Udeorji
Never late bro.

God will open your way too if you believe or not

I give you three weeks



Romance / Re: My Ex-Girlfriend Has Become Best friends With My Current Girlfriend by TheSERAPH: 11:55am On Nov 19, 2020
Experienced and tested advice needed please.
I used to have a perfect relationship with a sister, every every worked well, until she began to keep too many male friends and they wouldn't stop asking her out.

I made her understand I wasn't comfortable with it, even if she claimed she was doing nothing with any of them, and truly I never did catch her but her chats with them will give anybody a different idea. They visited at will (and randomly cos it isn't just one guy) and will stay in closed doors 'gisting like she calls it'.

Well, I had to find a way out of the mess she was doing to my heart, so I broke up with her.

Twas really hard for her to get over me, and bla bla bla... She did try to get me back anyway, but I just couldn't bring myself back.

Fast forward...
I have another beauty now, and we've gotten along fine together. She is Meek, and this means she could be good to anyone, and anyone could be her friend...
She knows about my ex. initially, twas hatred my ex displayed for her, but now...

A day came and my ex came to my house to tell me, she's tried her best to get over me, and I couldn't help her heal, she's going to help herself and find a way to revenge.

Lately, she's almost always with my gf currently, she wants to go where my gf is going... Always in her room... In fact always with her. Somehow, I feel unsafe with it.

I've told my gf I don't like it like it, but I can't do more than that. Any good advice can help me right now.


Two years after. The So called Ex and the Gf.

Where are they now?

Are you guys still together?              
Business / Re: Be Careful When Making A Transaction At A POS Terminal (Here Is Why) by TheSERAPH: 9:00am On Nov 18, 2020

No fraudster can take money from your account without your ATM pin.
Dont say what you don't know sir.

I can easily remove all your funds from your

bank if you own a master or visa card without

your pin or OTP. We can test it out, if you are doubting       


Religion / Re: Not Attending Church Every Sunday. Is It Such A Big Sin? by TheSERAPH: 5:09pm On Nov 15, 2020
Next FEBRUARY will make it my 13years Anniversary of staying away from Church and its related activities.
Join me as I mark such an adorable feat.

I prefer teaching my KIDS, standard Morals than enrolling them into "speaking in tongues" classes which they completely know nothing about.
CHURCH isn't the only place wia morals can be taught.
In Fact the teaching of MORALS usually stems from the home and the way we do things.
AFRICAN TRADITIONAL HOMES were birthed on morals even before the WHITES came.
KIDS respected their parents and assisted.
WIVES honoured their husbands.
Husbands were really heads and not now.


You on a religion page and not attending    

church is discussed and you even contribute.

Don't you think your anniversary is broken

and you are even in a sunday school.

Remember the building is not even the

church. But people contributing ideas and

praying together is church       
Romance / Re: As A Guy, Have You Ever Been Misinterpreted By a Lady Your Trying To Help? by TheSERAPH: 11:32am On Nov 14, 2020
Please who can track phone number some one just strip my boss

This is the number09038478482
100k for the person who can get him

He is not just a scammer but a yahooboy. I have

a reason for saying that. The boss you are talking about

is he into cyber crime too? Meanwhile his name

is Emmanuel Nwadike and if you can tell what

he did wrong. We will discuss how I can help

you get him
Phones / Re: Is The Syinix 55 Inch TVs Worth It? by TheSERAPH: 8:57am On Nov 13, 2020
most Nigerians live in poverty, person never see money chop better food OP de talk about TV.

All these our politicians eh, their level of stinginess and greed is mind blowing, I don't think there was anyone in history who wewe as stingy and selfish as Nigerian politicians.

After scattering our educational system and health care, after stealing Money meant for the poor and suffering masses, they still want to starve us to death.
They were giving palliatives to share to the poor and hungry masses, instead of them to at least share the food so people can just stay alive, they hid everything, despite the fact that they and their families have more that enough to last them and their generation.

They don't just care if you and your family starve to death, if you come out and try to fight for your right to survive, the tag you a terrorist and send the army and police to kill you.

You see na our military de vex me pass, government when nor care about you go give your order and you go just go execute like zombie, instead of you to join in bringing down the government who inflict pain and suffering to everyone, you are allowing them to use you.

We need to scatter/divide this country, we can't continue like this, I'm tired.

I just finished praying for you. The countdown

starts today, in two weeks times you will be

elevated, financial help from people you don't

know and people you know will be all over you.

This isn't bluffing, sit and see it happens..




Romance / Re: When Did You Decide That The Relationship Was Over? by TheSERAPH: 5:38pm On Nov 12, 2020
DM me if you're around west coast or TX area
Momoreoluwa90 is the only person you are

following on NL.


Within how many hours�. It wont be funny when

I see you guys pre weding pictures in weeks to



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Politics / Re: CBN Accuses EndSARS Campaigners Of Terrorism by TheSERAPH: 8:28am On Nov 11, 2020

Politics / Re: US Army Vs Nigerian Army Treatment Of Fellow Citizens by TheSERAPH: 12:36pm On Nov 01, 2020
I sometimes wonder how this nda

clowns sucessfully carry out this their plumming on

civilians. It is my daily prayer to jam any of them in this

dirty act and them go buy JOB that day. They will pay for

all the previous evil their seniors has been carrying out
Health / Re: Second Wave Of COVID-19 Imminent! - Nigeria's Health Minister Warns by TheSERAPH: 12:16pm On Nov 01, 2020
What second wave? Is corona still in


This money sucking demons in human form are looking

for another means to eat free money again.

The second wave will hit you( Mr minister) and your

family and not the rest Nigerians

#curse be any mod that delete this post. #amen

Politics / Re: #endsars: Why We Won’t Reveal Soldiers Deployed In Lekki Toll Gate –army by TheSERAPH: 12:16pm On Nov 01, 2020
who ordered them to shoot??
Business / Re: Share Your Worst Broke Moments Experiences In Life by TheSERAPH: 5:25am On Nov 01, 2020
You can never understand what it really means to be broke until you have seen millions before experiencing hardship.

From a millionaire at 26 to nothing after I had a terrible autocrash that left me incapacitated for months and It happened shortly after I had invested so much in getting a new office apartment and bought some computers for a cyber cafe business in those days when it was still the real deal.

I spent more than a year recuperating and I became so broke that I was drinking water from morning till night yet nobody knew cos I was always full of smiles. A case of seriously suffering and smiling and I became so lean. The worst part was that I'm the type who hardly disturbs anyone with my problems.

I sold all I had just to feed and the office I rented became a waste cos I was not in good shape to go anywhere.

It got to a point that I called a food hawker in my area and secretly begged her to start selling food for me just once a day that any day I have money...i was not even sure when I will have but surprisingly she said she will be giving me free... It was as if I won a jackpot.

GOD BLESS HER WHERE EVER SHE MAY BE and too Bad I can't even identify her anymore.

No matter what you are going through today please be positive cos weeping may last for a time but you will surely overcome.

Hmmmmm! What a nostalgic feeling.
Isnt there a way we can find her?

I am intrested to pay her back the good deeds

she did               
Romance / Re: Ever Tried Breaking Up With Someone And The Person Refused? How Did It Go? by TheSERAPH: 3:22pm On Oct 31, 2020

Guy, have u heard about Ilaje people in Ondo State?
She pass me abeg. I couldn't cope any longer.
   I am from ondo state myself.
I understand how most women from the riverine
ilaje area behaves.
Culture / Re: Igwe Alex Nwokedi Of Achalla Is Dead by TheSERAPH: 9:15am On Oct 31, 2020
     After all, we brought nothing

with us when we came into the world, and we

can’t take anything with us when we leave it.



Romance / Re: Ever Tried Breaking Up With Someone And The Person Refused? How Did It Go? by TheSERAPH: 9:33pm On Oct 30, 2020
Mine was twice with different ladies. Both threatened me with suicide! The last one was even practically displaying the suicidal, like she'd faints suddenly while we were having such discussion. Later on, I gotta know she's marine spirited. Fear grips me. I confronted her, she admitted and explained her mum told her when I enquired further that she is indeed. I had to start praying fervently for God to deliver me from her. How we separated was still mysterious to me till date. She just stop calling and seeing me. Since then, I knew God love me!

What she needed was a simple deliverance and

she would be free, but alas you were not

thoughtful about that.                
Crime / Re: Inmate Who Fled In Edo Killed Neighbour Who Testified Against Him In Court by TheSERAPH: 12:14pm On Oct 29, 2020

#GODHaveMercy #RepentHumans #JESUSisComingSoon                 
Crime / Re: Inmate Who Fled In Edo Killed Neighbour Who Testified Against Him In Court by TheSERAPH: 12:12pm On Oct 29, 2020


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Romance / Re: Jacob Odulate, The Man Who Invented Alabukun Powder Over 100 Years Ago by TheSERAPH: 8:18am On Oct 27, 2020
God bless your generation. Nigerians appreciates

your invention.

Crime / Re: Rice Miller Loses N188m Goods In Adamawa As Hoodlums Loot Warehouse by TheSERAPH: 9:00pm On Oct 26, 2020
It will be replenished   



Politics / Re: Gbolahan Macjob: DJ Switch Should Be Prosecuted by TheSERAPH: 9:05pm On Oct 25, 2020
where is the proof and why did dj Twitch lie?
Use your brain please.

Check the username in the screenshot you

posted. The twitter acct is parody and not

switch official account. Get your facts right


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