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Romance / Re: A Note To The Man Who's Willing To Brave My Storm by TheStarsAlign: 12:27am
Nice writing EmpressT. Your words melt like butter on a fresh bake. You should consider writing more, taking a course, or even becoming pro?

Fret not so much, just continue to be real; your love will find you at the right time.

Politics / Re: Nigerians Mock James Momoh Over 'Dream About 24-Hour Electricity In Nigeria' by TheStarsAlign: 10:59pm On Jan 22
See grown man acting like a kid. His patronizing is an open secret.
Politics / Re: Buhari: Lack Of Foreign Investments Denying Youth Employment by TheStarsAlign: 9:38am On Jan 20
I'm a professional tailor with over 6 years experience, I stay in Lagos and currently looking for job
My number: 08067658851

Baba, abeg leave this old confused man. Create a thread and post all your designs there, people will patronize you. I even want to make new set of kaftans sef.
Politics / Re: Fayemi: APC May Collapse When Buhari Leaves Office by TheStarsAlign: 5:43am On Jan 20
See fear fear! They know there won't be any dictator to shield their fake & kwarapt souls. Hehehehe!

Every discerning Nigerian knows this.

PMB is the rallying point in APC and once he's gone, it's to your tent.

I won't be surprised to see Northern politicians return in droves to PDP in 2022 just to retain presidency in the North.
Oil dey your head jare. They all business men; some slow kids have not yet realize that. That's why they fight anyone who doesn't share their myopic understanding.
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Buys A House With 8 Rooms And Swimming Pool In Lekki by TheStarsAlign: 10:34pm On Jan 18
can't some reasonable fella just push him from where's sitting sad

Baba, why na?
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Buys A House With 8 Rooms And Swimming Pool In Lekki by TheStarsAlign: 10:14pm On Jan 18
Politics / Re: Charles Idahosa: Oshiomhole Wants To Be VP To A Northern Presidential Candidate by TheStarsAlign: 10:12pm On Jan 18
Osho has been scheming since NLC days but people thought he loved Nigerian workers so much. It was all lies; it was part of the scheme. Short-man dubious. undecided

Karl Marx didn't push selfish fraud-type of Socialism.
Celebrities / Re: Davido, King Patrick, Chioma, Peruzzi: The love-vendor Story by TheStarsAlign: 9:17pm On Jan 18
All that glitter is not gold. That's all!
Education / Re: Video Of Out Of School Children In Northern Nigeria Stir Panic Online by TheStarsAlign: 9:10pm On Jan 18

No kinda conditions or situations surprises me no more in Nigeria.

That's the spirit. Until someone is able to reach that level, he/she'll be bothered by everything and anything cause absolutely everything has gone wrong with Nigeria.
Religion / Re: Damilola Mike Bamiloye And Wife Welcome Baby Girl (Photos) by TheStarsAlign: 12:37am On Jan 18
Damilola Mike Bamiloye and his wife welcomes baby girl. In his words: Join us to praise the lord. He added a beautiful daughter of Zion to the family. Make welcome Gloria, Praise, OluwaSemilogo, OluwaTumininu, OluwaSeyifunmi, Deborah.

Nice. I just love the name Deborah aka Debbie. Most people with that name are usually kind-hearted and peaceful.


TV/Movies / Re: What's The Name Of This Old Movie ? by TheStarsAlign: 7:04pm On Jan 17
I'm going to share a vague memory i have of the movie, I've been trying to to download it but everyone i asked doesn't have a clue.

In the movie, i think there some soldiers (i think) on an island or so... There are some beasts that look like half man half dog/lion... If they bite you or scratch you, you become one them. In the end i think only two survived, they escaped with the help of one of the soldiers who was bitten, he sacrificed himself for them to go underground while he blew up the place with gas.

Anyone with a clue of the movie ?

Can you remember the year the film was released and maybe remember any face so search can be easier.
Properties / Re: 3-Storey Building Collapses In Ago Palace Way, Lagos by TheStarsAlign: 2:53pm On Jan 17
Damnnnnn niggarrr
Too bad
Quick recovery to the man

The man go don dey believe the saying that goes:
" For every day we wake we are faced with more than a hundred ways to die"

Him be nor think say building go ever collapse on he head for this life

Death is only the beginning niggarz
And we are born to die. The only prayer we should be praying as real niggarrrz is for us to smoke enough weed, drink enough beer, bang enough pussy and make some dope money before we die

Dude, it is well with you grin
NYSC / Re: We Want Skirts Included In NYSC Uniform - Serve With Skirts Movement Protests by TheStarsAlign: 2:48pm On Jan 17
As expected, we are having hard right comments here, but why are we soo resistant to differing opinion?
If people consider trousers as improper dressing, why should they be shouted down and heckled?
NYSC should be a scheme of national pride and people shouldn't be forced into accepting what they aren't comfy with. Even proper military women wear skirts, so what's the fuss with hard rightists?

Later we would expect not to be looked down on as Musulmi ladies for dressing like masquerades in the name of religious adherence or we will turn around to scream islamisation when policies aren't made to favour us, yet we dont want to listen to the voice of the minority. Nigerians are rooted in so much hypocrisy.

We really need to be tolerant of each other's inclination.

NYSC (especially camping) is suppose to be a form of combat/hardship simulation. Does army wear skirt to war? Would it be proper when a lady is mounting a wall/tree while guys below be getting distracted by her pants?. Or the lady herself pulling the skirt up to be able to mount/climb/jump a hurdle?

Women in office can choose to wear skirt because their work environment is not affected. If govt would ever allow skirts, they should kukuma cancel NYSC sef. Some arguments don't need to rise at all.

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Politics / Re: Amotekun: Who Ordered Registration In Churches? - MURIC Raises Alarm by TheStarsAlign: 2:18pm On Jan 17
This man has trouble in his genes
Politics / Re: FG Committed To Sending Nigerians To Space –onu by TheStarsAlign: 2:15pm On Jan 17
I move a motion to vote this as the joke of the decade 2020 - 2030. Oya na, let's go.
Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah: Amotekun May Deprive Southwest Of 2023 Presidency by TheStarsAlign: 2:12pm On Jan 17
See liver so, so herdsmen now dictates who govern Nigeria. Nigeria own don better!
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Troops Were Injured In Iran Missile Attack Despite US Denying Casualties -CNN by TheStarsAlign: 1:25pm On Jan 17
Whose interest is CNN serving since Trump became president?

Sorry, they are not supposed to serve anyones interest, they are to report issues unbiased & truthfully as they happen. Period.

That's why they are the fourth estate of the realm. Same principles applies to all media the world over.

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Pulls Down Fela's Statue On Allen Avenue To Ease Traffic by TheStarsAlign: 11:15am On Jan 15
I dont understand. What part of Allen Avrnue. Is it not Toyin junction. Voice of Jacob, hands of Esau.
Education / APCON Certification: Abeg I need your suggestions? by TheStarsAlign: 6:14pm On Jan 10
After a lot procrastination on my part, I've finally decided to start my APCON program this year.

Good people, are you certified or in the process? Kindly furnish me with any information that you find useful in the process that can also be help.

For example, best learning centre on mainland, access to past question (should I just get texts and self-study), anything or any experience you have or had.

Thanks, God bless.
Politics / Re: As Nigerians, Can We Ever Witness Stable Electricity In Our Life Time? by TheStarsAlign: 4:44pm On Jan 10

And the fukcking bastard OBJ and thief ATIKU still get their dirty mouths to talk in public.

Nigerians are too mumu na gragra to each other the poor masses we sabi do.If not people like Obj and atiku would have been killed or if God help them to run away to exile and never to return to 9ja again.

You're still not getting the point, you can't use politics to solve problem of economics. Why blame OBJ alone, was Buhari too not a former president? Until we truely understand what the problem is, we'll just be passing blame on others and nothing will happen.

Edited: I've suggested my humble possible solution to the problem. //few comments above//


Politics / Re: As Nigerians, Can We Ever Witness Stable Electricity In Our Life Time? by TheStarsAlign: 4:37pm On Jan 10
This country is so messed up. How do we Nigerians really expect our country to grow I look at our budget, convert am to dollar, I was shocked when I saw how much it was in dollars, e small die.

Just imagine say babaginda or abacha don solve light matter, or if OBJ or GEJ had solved it, Buhari for face other things. But, as Nigeria dey now eh, every sector is messed up and we no com get money.

Baba, see it's not about budget size; all we need to do is live according to our means ie no wasteful spending up and down - problem solved. Just go and study what has been happening in Rwanda in the last 5 years or so.

For power to be fixed in Nigeria is simple. Decentralize it. Let each region or state fend for itself and give them at least 10 years. Most will stumble in the beginning but would eventually catch up. The system we're running in Nigeria is ineffective, wasteful and unproductive. The FG wants to control everything politically even though it lacks capacity financially and mentally. Same thing in rail system, policing, mineral resources. Look at all the countries of the world, which among them is using this kind of formulae?

Example, let's say Cross River state is able to generate stable power for its state alone, it should be left to do that but under the current system, that power must go into national grid to feed other state like Kano, Rivers, Ondo etc. Tell me, will any of the 3 states have stable power? To drive my point home, some states are not even producing at all. So now you see?

The problem is primarily based on suspicion and fear by some region that others might develop and leave them behind but it doesn't have to be so. The govt is essentially lazy, lacks vision and want to continue to do lip-service while feeding fat on oil money.


Travel / Re: Proposed BRT Fares Increase: Are The Reasons Valid? by TheStarsAlign: 3:48pm On Jan 10
Arrangee gofment. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. What is the name of the Chairman MD again sef?

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Politics / Re: Buhari: We’ll Position Universities To Produce Quality Graduates by TheStarsAlign: 3:36pm On Jan 10
Five years down, the song is still "we will, we will". This man sabi fool some people sha! Baba, abeg dey your lane and stop giving people false hope.

They deceived you back to back before, if you let them deceive you again, na ya fault be dat.
Travel / Re: Fresh Crisis Brews In South Africa As Nigerians Get Eviction Threat by TheStarsAlign: 10:06pm On Jan 09
Why this people just like trouble like so, they no dey tire?
Celebrities / Re: I Am The Sexiest In The Whole Wide World – Teni Declares by TheStarsAlign: 9:21pm On Jan 09
Teni Mi!! You brought so much into the Nigerian Music Industry
You made us understand u don't need to open your body before you get people's attention... even your freestyle alone na fire
I love you.. Our Nigeria Missy Elliot.

Ah! even Missy sef las las changed her mind when she realized she was on an unhealthy slippery road grin
Crime / Re: Policeman Seen With POS, Asking A Passenger To Bring His ATM Card (video) by TheStarsAlign: 8:28pm On Jan 09
Impunity, lawlessness, irresponsible, embarrassing, degrading, shameful... I dont know what to say.
Car Talk / Re: Fuel Pump Scam: How To Prevent Attendants From Cheating You by TheStarsAlign: 5:54pm On Jan 08
All you've said are true, you can catch them sometimes but not all the time.


Business / Re: Do I Need To Register My Website With C.A.C Before Operation Begins? by TheStarsAlign: 5:47pm On Jan 08
OP, if you want to operate it as a proper business, you need to register a business name or Ltd to support it.

Also, you need to evaluate your business model properly, JAMB or any higher institution as it stands in Nigeria today will not use a platform not theirs for the purpose you're intending. If you want to use it as a practice ground for those preparing for those exams however, you may need to get clearance from such exam body as those questions are their copyrights.

Goodluck all the same.

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: How Can I Record At Home Using My PC Or Iphone Without External Noise by TheStarsAlign: 5:28pm On Jan 08
Crime / Re: Sell things online.. by TheStarsAlign: 12:10am On Jan 08
Toshmoney, thanks for the moves. He's become a born again (at least for now)

Almost got caught up. Thank God.
Foreign Affairs / Re: The 230Mph Hellfire Missile That Killed Soleimani (Photos) by TheStarsAlign: 1:01am On Jan 07
As long as terrorists are the target, pls more of this wink

I didn't want to type this but then I just thought you should know. Awolowo & Azikiwe were once called terrorists by the colonialist. So before you pitch tent, know both sides of the coin. Peace
Romance / Re: Using A Condom Is A Sign Of Lack Of Trust by TheStarsAlign: 11:54pm On Jan 04
Their is no feeling like diving in raw.

Raw is sweet

That Niggah Raw grin. I'm sorry for you

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