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Travel / Re: Adventures Of Lionlee216 by TrillionBrains(m): 11:16am On Sep 18
Travelling as a Nigerian Passport Holder Vs travelling as a US Passport Holder.

Too much wahala and documents for Naija Passport Holder

Too much documentation, screening and explanation �
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TrillionBrains(m): 10:39am On Sep 18
Good evening great minds. Please my younger brother is applying for a school with his waec results for an undergraduate course. Now d school is asking for his transcript. Please someone should tell me what d (TRANSCRIPT) means. Thanks looking forward to replies here.

Some schools will require you to send them your result checking details like exam num and scratch card info to confirm on the waec website.

But if they insist on a transcript, just go to any secondary school you attended and get a list of subjects you did from SS1-3 with their scores
Programming / Re: Need A DSA And Job Application Partner by TrillionBrains(m): 11:26pm On Sep 03
Keep pushing!! If e hard carry am come here


I'm a Computer Science graduate currently grinding Leetcode as I apply for jobs abroad. But its hard and I'm losing morale :' (
If anyone else is in a similar position and would like to partner up, please let me know.

Programming / Re: My Journey Becoming A Web Developer by TrillionBrains(m): 11:24pm On Sep 03
They’re entirely different stacks all together, but you might want to keep up with both initially to see which really tickles your fancy more. Also, I bet Google does teach DA with python, so it might be different language to you’ve been on with web dev.

If you’re not convinced on dropping one, just hold up with the two and see which has your interest at heart more

Hello guys so I started myfmy web development class on aptlearn, now I got a fully covered financial aid from Google to study data analysis for a period of 9months.

Though I plan on continuing my frontend web dev. So I will be learning both..

Guys what advice will you give me..

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Programming / Re: I'm About To Start My Programming Learning Journey by TrillionBrains(m): 11:19pm On Sep 03
If programming is your interest, you might want to understand the rudiments of web development learning HTML and CSS.

Then, you can scale from there to mobile when you’ve got good understanding of the above. Btw your pc is okay and should be worthy to handle any of the IDE out there.
Travel / Re: From Oshodi To Las Vegas - Pix by TrillionBrains(m): 12:12am On Aug 03
Nice thread man!!! I read it through to he end �

Here is a video I made of my trip from Las Vegas to Uruguay.

Please like and subscribe if you have not. Thank you!



Programming / Re: My Job Hunting Experiences As A Junior Developer So Far by TrillionBrains(m): 9:32am On May 07
This is true

Now if there's something I know everyone in tech agrees on, it's the fact that the tech interview process is broken.
Like, most interview process are too hectic and mentally draining even more than the actual job. (I'm speaking from a developer's point of view).

I don't know if the designers have it easier, but I suspect no one does. Even the PMs and the rest.

I'd always see tensazangetsu20, qtguru and the rest talk about data structures and algorithms, and how hectic it is to learn them. When majority of them wouldn't even be used in real life software development.

Well, for juniors like us, I wouldn't reckon we need to learn that. At least I've not come across any company asking DS and A for a junior role.

Except of course some FAANG-ISH companies and startups. I'd be documenting my interview experience in the last 2 months, unbiased.
Programming / Re: Diary Of An Aspiring Software/web Developer by TrillionBrains(m): 6:19pm On Mar 14
This is just awesome bro. I figured out you signed up for ALX program too...keep going bro, we hope to met at the top someday.

Mind connecting on WhatsApp?

Hey D! It's been a while, but I am here again, LOL grin grin

I am glad that I am making steady progress even though there are days I feel like giving up, but I just remember why I started out in the first place, and that tends to rekindle the zeal to continue.

I finished a module on Numbers and strings, where I learnt about the floating point precision, the .toFixed method, the Big integer, The global Number and Math objects and assoicated methods and properties such as the .random(), .floor, etc. I also learnt about Regular Expressions.

I also finished another module on Asynchronous JavaScript, where I learnt about synchronous code execution, asynchronous code execution, blocking code and event loop, the effect of multiple callbacks. I also learnt about promises

Another module on Promises is gone too as I learnt about how to create promises, how to chain multiple promises using the .then() method. I also learnt about error handling using the .catch() method, the async - await, and the other some other methods available for Promises, such as the Promise.race(), Promise.all(), and the Promise.allSettled.

I have also finished a module on HTTP requests and I sincerely loved and still love this module. I learnt about how to send HTTP requests, the different types of requests, the concept of JSON data and Parsing Data, how to get the response when we send a request, and an alternative way of sending requests using the fetch API.

Yesterday, I finished a module on JavaScript libraries, where I learnt about some third party JS libraries available and how they make life the life of a developer easier. I learnt the different methods of adding libraries - by downloading or by using the CDN link. I specifically learnt about AXIOS, a library that makes sending HTTP requests way easier. I delved into jQuery, but its capabilities can be done by core JS APIs. I also learnt about using npmjs.com to search for resources and documentation regarding JS libraries.

I also started creating basic javascript projects and they are really basic though grin grin, but it keeps getting better. I created a counter app with live url: https://mirthosas.github.io/counter-app/

A random number generator app with live url : https://mirthosas.github.io/Random-Number-Generator/

A hex-colour generator app with live url: https://mirthosas.github.io/Hex-colour-generator/

It keeps getting better D!
Travel / Re: Canada Start Up Visa by TrillionBrains(m): 11:49pm On Mar 06
Congrats to y’all!!! Keenly praying you guys pull this off

Congrats to our team !!! We have been officially accepted into the program. We have two weeks to pay the first 20k CAD as a team. The contract says we can finish between 4 weeks and 8 weeks and get our letter. So, in the next three months, most members of the team may be on their way to Canada with work permit while awaiting the PR. I started this as a dream ..... wrote the business overnight one day without prior thinking... I submitted the plan same day and here we are. Although the business is very very innovative and the team members are saying this is not just for immigration that we will see the business through. We may be starting the next google
Travel / Re: My Plan To Relocate To Uk by TrillionBrains(m): 9:28pm On Feb 21
That last edited paragraph, thought I read that calculation wrong but then DEVALUATION!!!

#1.5m per month is alot of money in Nigeria, truth is you can't earn more or equivalent in uk except or probably 5 years of your stay in u.k.
Meaning you have to spend more than 5 years in u.k before you can be earning upto #2m per month excluding bills.
Japa is for a better living and that of your kids.
Now for your business in naija, I advice you have a plan to be coming to naija once in 3 months to monitor and audit .

Using myself as a case study, I started earning 500k ($2000) per month in 2016.
In 2021 I was earning 600k ($1200).
In 2022, am currently planning to japa before the end of this year.

@op, think twice!
Programming / Re: Diary Of An Aspiring Software/web Developer by TrillionBrains(m): 8:42pm On Jan 31
Sorry for replying late to this but, for programming courses, I love the manner “John Smilga” brings everything down to eart grin


I don't know about any other of his courses though but the e-commerce course, he totally nailed it compared to the earlier course I took. Like I am re learning, I have to be honest. Some tutors are really times wasters to be honest. Which tutor do you rate high? Would like to know

Travel / Re: The Bitter-sweet Life Of Nigerian Students In Canada by TrillionBrains(m): 3:41pm On Dec 27, 2021
Lol this looks like a chronicle, I’m in for it tho! wink
Programming / Re: Diary Of An Aspiring Software/web Developer by TrillionBrains(m): 2:46pm On Dec 27, 2021
Man to be honest, you totally nailed it. I always wonder why schools start from the basics like introduction to computer science not until I had to go back and read up each time I get stuck on them.

In all practice makes perfect, good tutorial or not, you never truly know how far you’ve come until you get “into the badlands” grin

Brad is a good tutor no doubt but I still got my reservations of him tho!


I am sorry to dispute you my brother. Html, CSS nor JavaScript. Non of them is hard or difficult. Just that you must jack before you understand and know it. All this video tutorial just makes those stuff look difficult. Truth be told, we need all the video tutorial. Many a time, video tutorial skips prerequisite topics making assimilation difficult. I am a newbie too, how do I cope? Firstly, I used W3Schools to study all the basics of what I need, W3Schools takes everything step by step. When I am done, I proceed to video tutorial. At the end I only learn applications and a few new things in the video as I already learnt and understood majority from W3Schools.
The right tutorial also helps. Some tutors are only good at programming but not good at teaching. Teaching in the sense of organising their topics and codes. If you learn with the wrong tutorial, you will hate programming. I am a victim but I already made up my mind before embarking on this so I had only one option.
Thank God for God, I am on frameworks now building some projects using the MERN stack.
Secondly, do not depend on one tutor, learn from different tutors. As a newbie, any tutor you watch teaching, seems so overly good until you try another. I thought Mosh was over good until I tried Andrei. I also thought Andrei was overly good until I tried Brad. But this Brad guy, is over bursting my brain.
Programming / Re: Diary Of An Aspiring Software/web Developer by TrillionBrains(m): 9:33am On Dec 21, 2021
java script tough abi? I'm still on CSS though

Nothing really is easy but I think JS takes it somehow too far grin

Learn your CSS wella oo
Programming / Re: Diary Of An Aspiring Software/web Developer by TrillionBrains(m): 8:47pm On Dec 19, 2021
This thread is just amazing bruv, knew I’d definitely find something like this here. grin

Keep going man! I recently started the development journey too and must confess Javascript isn’t what we all newbie thought oo

We move shaa


NYSC / Re: Corper Proposes To Female Soldier In Kwara NYSC Camp (Video) by TrillionBrains(m): 8:15pm On Dec 14, 2021
Wait a sec...hollup this guy pack ring enter camp abi he buy for MAMI grin
Travel / Re: My Japa Chronicles AS IT UNFOLDS Live. by TrillionBrains(m): 7:11pm On Nov 19, 2021
Wow congrats man!!!
Every sounds like the kind of sound alert a tech job money will bring grin

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Travel / Re: Travel Freaks But No Money Get In Here Let's Talk by TrillionBrains(m): 10:44pm On Nov 11, 2021
Well said �


I like your dreams. If it's only invitation Letter you need, then look for an organization that need volunteers and apply if you are successful then they will send an invitation Letter to you but as a l mentioned it's a voluntary job opportunity, you wouldn't earn money during your stay in the host country but work experience and Living your dream.

For volunteers website

1. Workaway

2. Helpx

The above websites will help you to get started

But if you don't have money , please don't waste all your time on Travel section. Go to business section and see if you can learn something

Note: l will advise you to Learn a skill and join any of this site

1. Upwork

2. Fiverr

Or any easy to join freelancer job site.

Trendy skills for ladies is to be Virtual assistant.

You can add writing, animation, voiceover or whatever skill you want to the list.

Use the skill to earn money. Don't expect it to be easy but if you really want it you will go for it.

Imagine that you can Make at least $500 a month for one year. You will have enough cash for you Bank statement. With this you can contact a Tourism company in your desire country and buy any of their tourism package. Apply f for your visa and travel.

But if you don't want to travel as a tourist, check for freelancer visa friendly countries and travel down there.

Everything is possible if you believe you can make it.

Don't wait for people to tell you things, do your personal research and get started.

You're not poor, just that you don't have the right information.

Those guys outside Nigeria don't value your paper qualifications as a Nigerian but your skills.

Imagine being a good Growth hacker, copywriter,or programmer, with a good portfolio. Any of this startup companies will be begging you to join their companies.

I just have to take time and reply this your post. Because l believe you're smart enough to work your way out of your fear and live your dream Life.

I wish you success

Travel / Re: Naija to Yankee Thoughts And Experiences by TrillionBrains(m): 10:10pm On Nov 10, 2021
I’ve always wanted to know why this is, not fair tbh sad

Bro you are confusing “Illegal Immigrant” to “immigrant” ... Not everyone was once an illegal immigrant.. There are students who go to school in USA, After their schooling they got a job that sponsored their green card, they are immigrants not illegal immigrants..There are thousands of people from South America that are escaping violence and come to a valid POE to claim Asylum and are granted entry they are “immigrants” not “ illegal immigrant”.. Citizenship doesn’t determine if someone is an immigrant or not.. if Macky becomes a citizen tomorrow, he’s still a immigrant.. Even His Kids can claim to be immigrants because we have 1st generation immigrants, second generation Immigrants and Third Generation Immigrants. Linda Ikeji child would be an Immigrant whenever he goes back to the USA.. He’s a first generation immigrant by definition,He’s not an illegal immigrant.. Being a first generation immigrant he can’t contest for Presidency in the United States.. That’s the Law.. it may be unfair but it’s the law

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 20 by TrillionBrains(m): 8:43pm On Oct 12, 2021
Please guys, is tuition deposit compulsory for most schools in Canada eg University of Saskatchewan ?
Career / Re: The Privileged #nairalife Of An Investment Banker With Multiple Side Businesses by TrillionBrains(m): 8:16pm On Aug 17, 2021
The exact kind of threads I signed up to read on NL�

Every week, Zikoko seeks to understand how people move the Naira in and out of their lives. Some stories will be struggle-ish, others will be bougie. All the time, it’ll be revealing.

This 23-year-old has an investment banking job and a couple of side hustles, but that’s not the most interesting thing about him. It’s how he makes much more money from his side businesses than he does at his 9-5, and how leveraging his privilege and connections got him there.

What’s your oldest memory of money?

I can’t think of a specific memory but growing up, my cousins and I danced for my uncles and aunts at weddings and other family events, and they sprayed us money. I liked balloons, and I understood that I needed money to buy balloons. I had to dance to get the money. It was that simple.

Haha. That makes sense. Can you tell me what growing up was like, financially?

My dad works in financial services and is a senior employee at a company he has worked at for decades. My mum did and still does a lot of business. I grew up comfortable although I didn’t understand how well the family was doing until I was older. A part of it was because I was too young to understand how money works. Also, I was exposed to a lot of kids who came from wealthier families, and that skewed my perception of money. At some point, I may have developed a bit of an inferiority complex.

For context: I went to a private secondary school and the kids there could spend $500 on an item when they go on vacation without blinking. There was no way my parents would sign off on such purchases.

However, once I started to get a wider perspective, I understood that my family was indeed doing well.

When did you come to this realisation?

That would be around 2014. I was 15 and about to leave Nigeria for uni. My dad had planned for me and my sister’s education and had a university fund for us. I had to go for my A-Levels first and I decided on a private college in Canada. The tuition was C$50k and my dad told me he couldn’t afford it at the time. Subsequently, I got a partial scholarship at the college and my dad still paid about C$30k. That was a lot of money, but he made it happen. Later that year, I moved to Canada.


At first, I was living on a C$100 allowance every month, but my dad always ended up sending more money before the month ended. When he realised that it was more expensive sending smaller sums of money to me, he started sending C$2k at a time. Now, it wasn’t a monthly thing. The money was supposed to last me for a few months before I could request more. On average, C$2k lasted me for three to four months.

I finished my A-Levels in March 2016 and got into a university in the US to study Economics. I moved there in May 2016

How did it go in the US?

Nigeria was in a recession in 2016, so I knew that my dad must have been stressed having huge expenses in dollars. He was sending $200 every month, and I was determined to make do with it.

In my first year, I lived in school housing and was on a meal plan which had been paid for. I wasn’t saving money or working, so the $200 was everything I lived on. I finally picked up a job at a call centre on campus in my second year but I wasn’t completely committed to it. Thankfully, the minimum wage was $14 in the state I lived in. On average, I worked 20 hours in a month, which brought in an extra $200-$300. At that point, I’d say that at least half of my income went into feeding. I managed to save some $100 a month if I didn’t party a lot in the month, but those were far and between. I partied a lot when I was in uni.


2018 was when I became intentional about making money.


I saw what was happening in the financial market in Nigeria, and I was like “Wait, this could be a gold mine.” Here’s what happened: the CBN decided that they were going to start a “promo” and would be giving between 13% and 15% returns on short-term government securities. I thought that was a sweet deal and went in.

With ₦100k, I started buying and trading treasury bills. The returns weren’t a lot but I started to understand how money compounds over time. I did the math and the ₦100k would compound into millions of naira in 30 years, and I wouldn’t even have turned 50 years by that time.

However, in the short term. I realised that to scale, I needed to increase my capital. The way I saw it, it could happen in two ways: I could work more hours to earn more money or I could convince people to let me manage their money for them and charge them a small commission. I went with the second option.

Mad. Tell me how it went.

I started with my dad. I pitched the idea to him and managed to get ₦1m from him. I bought a few equities and invested most of the money in treasury bills, and it did very well. I made about ₦200k in fees I charged him.

I managed to convince a couple of other people in my family to help me invest for them and I got small sums of money here and there. I put whatever money I made from them into my portfolio and by the end of the year, I had about ₦500k in it.

That’s interesting.

I had been coming to Nigeria every summer since my first year in uni to intern at investment companies, so I was plugged into the climate. This came in handy in 2020 when COVID hit. Prices of assets all around the world dropped like crazy. I reacted quickly and sold as many treasury bills as I could and started putting money in the Nigerian stock market, which was also pretty risky at that point. But when I was returning to Nigeria in August 2020, my investment portfolio was worth about ₦2m and I had another ₦250k in cash.

You want to know why I returned to Nigeria, don’t you?

Now that you mention it, please.

I’d been thinking about it since my second year at uni. For the most part, I got my summer internships in Nigeria through my dad’s connection. My privilege became clearer and I thought it wouldn’t make sense not to take advantage of it.

Also, something happened when I was in the US that solidified this decision.

What was it?

I tried to get into an internship program at a big investment bank. During one of the interview stages, I met a girl I knew from school and her dad was one of the managing directors at the bank. We were in the interview room when one of the analysts came and was like “This is so and so daughter.” They took her from the interview room and gave her a tour of the facility. It was very clear that she was going to get the internship. I felt like I had this in Nigeria, so it made perfect sense to return and explore the opportunities I have here.

That makes sense.

I knew getting a job here wouldn’t be a problem. I had an understanding with one of the investment banks I had worked with to return to work for them when I graduated. I reached out to them, took a few tests, and that was sorted. In October 2020, I resumed work. My salary was ₦100k.

That didn’t make all the difference though. What I did between August and October did.

What did you do?

A couple of my old friends had returned to Nigeria before I did, so they had their feet on the ground already. When I got back, one of the first things I did was reconnect with them. I realised how much money they were spending when we went out.

We could go to the club and by the end of the night, they would have spent ₦1m on drinks. They split the bill but each person chipped in at least ₦150k. For the first few times we went out together, they didn’t ask me to chip in but I knew it was only a matter of time. The first time I dropped ₦50k, I knew my cash savings couldn’t possibly sustain that kind of lifestyle. I figured that they must be making a lot of money if they could afford to spend like that, which was interesting because they weren’t working 9-5 jobs — they had businesses.

What kind of businesses?

They did everything they thought could work. Eventually, I spoke to a couple of my friends and asked about businesses I could do with little capital. They gave me a couple of ideas but the most viable one was pushing large volumes of commodities. In my case, it was finding a rice supplier who needed to sell their trucks of rice and a buyer who was willing to buy.

A truck takes 600 bags of rice. Now, if the supplier sells a bag for ₦24500, I could add my markup, sell a bag for ₦25,500 and make a profit of ₦600k. The good part was that I didn’t need capital to start — I was just a middleman. The hard part was finding a buyer, but I committed to it.

The easiest way to find the right buyer was by leveraging my contacts. I asked everyone in my family and someone linked me to another person who knew the right person to call. Ultimately, it was about my connections. Between August and December 2020, I was able to sell three trucks of rice, and I made about ₦1.8m from these deals.


This was also the period my perspective started to shift away from my job. It would have taken me 18 months to make ₦1.8m at my day job. Naturally, I started looking out for more business opportunities. The next one happened in January 2021.

I’m listening.

In December 2020, I met someone looking to sell two plots of land in an upscale neighbourhood on Lagos Island valued at ₦350m. I told them that for a commission, I would ask around and see if I could find a buyer, and they agreed to it. I was pretty confident about it because a few of my friends’ families are into real estate development and are constantly on the lookout for properties. Within a week, we found a buyer. Less than a month later, the deal closed and they bought the land for about ₦340m. I got the biggest lumpsum amount ever in commissions.

How much?

₦20m. It was a complete dream. I mean, it was the kind of thing I envisioned would happen for me in Nigeria — being able to use my contacts for opportunities like that but I had no idea how it would materialise. Then this happened.

I was just looking at my phone over and over again, trying to take it all in. Once I got over the excitement, I knew I wanted to keep grinding. Now that I had some cash, I could afford to join a few of my friends in one of the businesses they were so big on — importing cars.

These moves. Inject it!

I wanted to see how it would work out, so I dropped ₦1m the first time when the total cost of bringing the car in was ₦4m. My cut on that was ₦100k when the car arrived and we found a buyer for it. Afterwards, I started increasing the amount of money I had in the business.

What types of cars were you bringing in?

At first, it was the old 2008/2009 Lexus RX and Toyota cars. We have a car dealer in the US who finds these cars at auctions and ships them to us. On average, it cost ₦3m or ₦4m to bring one of such cars in and we typically added a 30% markup, but it’s not set in stone.

Later, we noticed an uptick in demand for higher-end cars, so our focus shifted to the Highlanders, the newer Lexus RX, and Mercedes C-300 cars. We could make a profit of about ₦2m each on these cars. It’s only been a couple of months but we are growing and expanding the business.

I put ₦18m in the last batch of cars we imported from the US. They should arrive soon, and I expect to make about ₦4m in profit, which I think is very fair. Fingers crossed on their arrival.

Fingers crossed. I’m curious about what your earnings look like now.

Well, I still make ₦100k from my day job. But I make anything from ₦3m-₦4m every quarter from importing cars. Usually, I re-invest whatever I make back into the business and only take money out once every quarter.

What about your investment portfolios, how much are they worth now?

Most of my money is tied up in physical businesses, mostly car importation. The total value should be about ₦30m now. My other major investment is primarily in the Nigerian stock market and my brokerage account has about ₦10m in it. Because my portfolio is liquid and I can take money out any time, I don’t feel the need to save a lot of money in Naira. I have less than ₦500k in cash at the moment.

I’m very focused on opportunity cost and returns. If I think that I can make more money from my portfolio in the period it would take to ship and sell a car, I will pull money out of the business and put it into the portfolio.

Interesting. Let’s break down your monthly running costs, please.

How much do you think you should be earning now?

At least ₦600k at my 9-5. I’m underpaid at my day job, and that’s mostly because I haven’t done my NYSC yet. I love my job but I’m starting to value my time more than I value the work and the experience. The original plan was to work in the capital market for five years, then branch out on my own to start a business in fund management. Now, I’m not even interested in managing money for other people. I’m all about generating money from multiple businesses and pumping it into my investment portfolio. That’s always been the end game.

Nice. How have all your experiences shaped your perspective about money?

Working in the capital market where my job is to bring people who need money and the people who have it together has shown me that the best way to make money is to have money. It gets exponentially easier to grow wealth when you have some of it.

Also, the people around me have always been wealthy, and the more I see the way they spend and make money, the more confident I am to take risks.

Do you think there’s a part of your finances you could be better at?

Ah, yes. My investments are not as diversified as I’d like them to be. Most of my money is currently tied up in the car importation business. If something goes wrong — like if a ship sinks — it will wipe out most of my net worth.

I could be better with budgeting as well. Sometimes I need to make a purchase but can’t because I don’t have liquid cash around. For the most part, this wouldn’t happen if I’d budgeted better.

Speaking of purchases, is there anything you want right now but can’t afford?

It’s not a pressing need but I’d like a new car. I only started thinking about it when our focus shifted to higher-end cars. A Mercedes GLE-63 will be great but I need around ₦20m for it. As much as I want it, I can’t spend that much money on a car right now. My net worth has to be at least 10x what it is now before I consider it.

What about a purchase that significantly improved the quality of your life?

I paid for a one-year subscription to an online service that provides data in financial markets across Africa. It cost only $300, which was such a good deal and since I paid for it, it’s been way easier to do research. The quality of my life has improved because of it.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your financial happiness?

7. I’m not doing badly for a 23-year-old, and I acknowledge that I had a lot of help to get here. I know the role my privilege has played, and I’m proud of the ways I have leveraged it. My salary from my day job is only enough for my baseline expenses, and I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have people to help me get into these side businesses. I’m definitely in a better place than I was a year ago. However, there’s a lot of things I want but can’t afford yet but I’m taking it one day at a time.

Source: https://www.zikoko.com/money/naira-life/privileged-nairalife-of-the-investment-banker-with-multiple-side-businesses/

Travel / Re: MMy Journey To Rwanda Kigali by TrillionBrains(m): 3:42pm On Aug 15, 2021
Is no big deal bro, Rwanda is one month visa on arrival at Kigali airport, wich is also renewable upon expiration. Just have enough money and u are good to go.

Their currency also doesn’t look the best too. A dollar converting for more than 800Francs
Travel / Re: MMy Journey To Rwanda Kigali by TrillionBrains(m): 3:04pm On Aug 15, 2021
That’s really bad idea he had in the beginning. I also spotted the weird contents on his YT page cos I know most student vlogers always update school related stuff more but that’s btw...

I picked interest in Rwanda after a citizen friend of mine who just completed undergrad in a different discipline got into IT and doing really good, told me bout the local firms and startups one can use as a springboard to build portfolio while aiming for the international scene.

I’m a techy too, done with bsc here and would love to visit Rwanda someday maybe not sure on a visiting visa tho

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by TrillionBrains(m): 11:01am On Apr 13, 2021
Morning guys!!!
Please, any Cons associated with going to the embassy with SOA from the company where i work? (My uncle is basically the MD and he’s also the one to sponsor my studies but the SOA is in the company’s name)

Ps: Undergrad
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by TrillionBrains(m): 4:41pm On Apr 06, 2021
Hello guys. Got my visa approved today at the Abuja consulate.
2nd time attempt. Again, first to be interviewed.

Here's my my transcript:

VO: Good morning (I replied)
VO: have you ever been to the US before?
Me: No. Not to the US.
VO: OK. How about any other country?
Me: Yes.
VO: Where?
Me: China. (He didn't hear, and I had to repeat that)
VO: for how long were you there?
Me: 2 years (he said oh, cool)
VO: what did you go for?
Me: I went there for my Master's program.
VO: Ok.
*The conversation above took place under the first one minute or so, even before taking my biometrics*

VO: ok, please place your fingers for capturing. (I did)
VO: pass me your passport and documents. (He perused my i20 and typed at length. At a point he nodded his head as though in agreement with something. That sent a relaxing feel across my mind. I was like, this man is getting convinced I'm worthy o. lol

VO: What's your highest qualification?
Me: Master's degree
VO: In what?
Me: Mechanical Engineering.
VO: what's your specific area in mechanical engineering during your MS?
Me: Electrochemical Corrosion (At this point, I was uneasy because my PhD research will not be exactly in this area any longer, and I will have to explain why it so. I wasn't really happy at this point. Thanks I have my nose mask on, cos my smile went away momentarily. lol)

VO: Ok, I see you have assistantship. How much of your tuition does it cover?
Me: My tuition is around 33k but my overall expenses is $52,741 and that's even below my assistantship. And I have about 4k in surplus.
VO: Yeah, that's right.
VO: Are you single or married?
Me: I'm married. (He briefly glanced at my ring finger, it was empty.
VO: So, will your family go with you to the US?
Me: No they won't. (He waited for more explanation) I continued to say, "but I plan to pay scheduled visit to Nigeria at least once in an academic session". A beautiful expression came on his face when he heard "scheduled visit" I really could perceive it. And he continued to type at length.

VO: What does your wife do?
Me: She's into sales of clothing materials, shoes and bags.
VO: Ok. He puts my newest passport in a box beside him leaving the old one behind at his front. At this moment, I knew it's a YES!
He handed me the white paper and said "It will take about a week before your visa will be ready and you will need that paper to claim it"
Me: Oh, ok.
VO: You can go.
Me: Wow. Thank you very much. God bless you.
VO: you're welcome.

I'm the happiest man today!!! grin grin

Congrats man, this is huge!!!
I mean with the flow of the conversation you already know it’s a YES� grin

I tap into this walahi


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by TrillionBrains(m): 11:31pm On Apr 03, 2021
Please anyone going from lagos to missouri university of science and technology who have gotten his or her accommodation should kindly contact me, I need help regarding accommodation

Hello man!

I know you finally made the trip to Missouri S&T during spring, I’m going for Fall and desperately need assurances on this school bro
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by TrillionBrains(m): 12:04pm On Mar 21, 2021
Hey guys! Trust y’all having a great Sunday...

Please I want to enquire the chances of a 2014 high school grad been approved of a student visa for undergrad studies for Fall 2021 cry

Ps: Been working/cooperate job as well as taking online upskilling courses since then
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by TrillionBrains(m): 6:31pm On Mar 08, 2021

Who said what God cannot do does not exist..... Read your Bible well tongue . God does not lie, that one thing God cannot do

Numbers 23:19
“God is not a man, that He should lie ....

Truth be told, I was expecting a more robust and bogus counter-explanation after that first para� grin
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by TrillionBrains(m): 6:22pm On Mar 08, 2021
Hello brother, your story really touched me and every day we learn that doing it ourselves is the best and not to use any agency of any kind. I finished high school in 2013 but just started school last year august so you have a lot of time ahead of you. Don't be bothered about your friends in school, everyone has their own path and I believe you have chosen the right part.

Now, if you want to make progress, you have a lot of research to do. I know for a fact that public schools in Germany, Norway, Belgium and some other scandinavian countries are tuition free. It appears your parents can pay for the living expenses so you are good to go. Start making your research and reaching out to people who are already there.

Yeah comparison definitely shouldn’t be his thing right now, he should take a look at those countries you listed up their alongside Sweden too. Good things come only to those that never give in.

About you finishing high school in 2013 bro, how did you navigate the custom question from colleges that ask for a written explanation of what one has been doing since graduation?

I actually completed high school in 2014 and though I’ve had couple intern roles and jobs to go, I am anxious of this also being a possible question at the embassy.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by TrillionBrains(m): 7:36am On Mar 05, 2021

What will the program do for you?
The program will provide me with the skills needed to have a successful career as a Hydrogeologist, specifically in the areas of contaminant hydrogeology/groundwater geochemistry. I intend to establish a/my consulting firm (Groundwater Treatment Plant) to provide consulting services to the Nigerian Breweries to help purify their water from radioactive elements before production. As well as State and Federal Ministry of Environment, in the remediation of polluted sites.

I ll be taking courses such as Aquifer Systems, Introduction to Groundwater Modelling, Hydrology, Aqueous Geochemistry.

God bless you!

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