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Celebrities / Re: Eniola Badmus: Stop Adding Up To My Age. I’m Not 44-Years-Old by UchecoOtentic(m): 10:22pm On Sep 09, 2021
This one na midnight newspaper, she's way past her prime and she never marry sef or born. Make she kuku employ me make I dey service her punna

Mr servicer
Celebrities / Re: Eniola Badmus: Stop Adding Up To My Age. I’m Not 44-Years-Old by UchecoOtentic(m): 10:21pm On Sep 09, 2021
Her waist 44, chest 44 and she's 44yrs
Car Talk / Re: Nigerian Lady Unblocks All Her 'Haters' On Instagram As She Celebrates New Car by UchecoOtentic(m): 6:52pm On Oct 26, 2020
Nigerian Lady Unblocks All Her 'Haters' On Instagram As She Celebrates Purchase Of Her Dream Car (Photos)

A Texas-based Nigerian beauty Youtuber, Sophiology gifted herself a 2020 Mercedes Benz E350, IgbereTV reports.

Sophiology took to Instagram on Sunday, October 25, to share her testimony along with photos of the new car she purchased two months ago, adding that she unblocked all her haters so "they can shine their eyes too"

She wrote:


Sometimes I wonder who's my enemies
Who gat to holla me when i make money.
Crime / Re: Salman Hassan Stabs Husband To Death In Bauchi Over Sex (Photos) by UchecoOtentic(m): 7:59pm On May 21, 2020
All your male siblings will die first
Health / Re: Coronavirus: India Lifts Ban On Chloroquine Export After Trump's Threat by UchecoOtentic(m): 5:17pm On Apr 07, 2020
India is the Whites' version of Nigeria.Blessed country with too much corruption..

Mordi pls hoard the drugs.Dharavi need it more.
they are not White's but colours
NYSC / Re: Nysc January Allowance by UchecoOtentic(m): 6:41am On Jan 28, 2020
3days left
Pets / Re: Adult Male Doberman For Sale by UchecoOtentic(m): 10:11pm On Mar 20, 2018

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Politics / Re: Makurdi Flood: Victims Chased Away By Govt Official Because Registration Is Over by UchecoOtentic(m): 4:25pm On Sep 04, 2017
hmmm this one their is no comment I hope all is well
Romance / Re: Shy Bride Refuses To Kiss Groom At The Altar In Port Harcourt. Photo by UchecoOtentic(m): 2:37pm On Sep 02, 2017
A woman who was shy to kiss her man at the altar during their wedding ceremony - jokingly pushed her husband away when he brought his mouth to seal the union. Even when she eventually kissed her hubby, she did so passively as her family, friends and other church members erupted in laughter.

According to social media reports, this happened in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state capital over the weekend.

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2017/09/see-shy-bride-groom-tried-kiss-altar-photo.html
Well she is pretending but if u see her in oza rum ehh u go fear fear
Celebrities / Re: Family Photo Of Dija With Her Husband And Son by UchecoOtentic(m): 1:31pm On Feb 11, 2017
Education / Re: Estate Management Vs Quantity Surveying Vs Urban And Regional Planning.. by UchecoOtentic(m): 3:14pm On Dec 06, 2016
Take Estate Managment is equally good but not as good as Architecture, as an Architect take ESM, mores time I can work without URP n QNT sur. But u can can't do ESM duty.
Then who is going to approve your plan.
Car Talk / Re: Bulletproof Land Cruiser On Fire On Lokoja Road (Video) by UchecoOtentic(m): 7:31am On Dec 01, 2016

lol... this is bad oo.. but good if na dirty money he use buy am
which one be dirty moniker my guy anyway na way
Car Talk / Re: Bulletproof Land Cruiser On Fire On Lokoja Road (Video) by UchecoOtentic(m): 7:31am On Dec 01, 2016

lol... this is bad oo.. but good if na dirty money he use buy am
which one be dirty moniker my guy anyway na way
Health / Re: Before And After Hitting The Gym Pictures Of A Nairalander by UchecoOtentic(m): 2:46pm On Sep 26, 2016

What your success story from the gym?
The last pic shows dat ur preak carries it too
Romance / Re: Dwarf Couple Wed In Ebonyi At Catholic Church (Photos) by UchecoOtentic(m): 7:41am On Mar 06, 2016
They didn't think for the future how there children will look like
Music/Radio / Re: Toilet Studio: Who Killed It, The Game Or Phyno? by UchecoOtentic(m): 6:58pm On Feb 11, 2016
the game even telephone is Dia chai diaris god oo
Car Talk / Re: Vehicle Parked Close To A Heap Of Rubbish Burnt Alongside It In Yenagoa (photo) by UchecoOtentic(m): 8:52pm On Jan 04, 2016
Fire incidents occurs mostly because of human negligence. We do not adhere to safety precaution and procedures which later leads to tragedies and start complaining about government and our village people. We die in dozens and scores because we are not safety conscious rather we are money conscious That is why it is not also too good to curse your enemy because sometimes we are our own enemy. Do good for good to come your way
Agriculture / Re: Photos Of A Pig Humping A Goat In Enugu by UchecoOtentic(m): 6:19pm On Dec 22, 2015
Hole is hole
Sports / Re: Man Breaks His TV After ManU Lost Their Match Tonight (Photo) by UchecoOtentic(m): 8:05am On Dec 13, 2015
Romance / Re: Ladies, Can You Marry A Guy Who Is Handsome And Educated, But Poor? by UchecoOtentic(m): 6:54pm On Dec 05, 2015
As for me myself and I....i cannot even date a poor man grin

Religion / Re: Alcohol: good Or Evil. What The Bible Really Says. by UchecoOtentic(m): 8:57pm On Nov 14, 2015

(What does the Bible teach?)

answers from the Bible

The English word "wine" comes from the Proto-Germanic "winam", an early borrowing from the Latin "vinum".

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits. Fermentation in wine making turns grape juice (or other fruits) into an alcoholic beverage. During fermentation, yeasts transform sugars present in the juice into ethanol and carbon dioxide (as a by-product). The natural chemical balance of grapes lets them ferment without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes, water, or other nutrients. Yeast consumes the sugars in the grapes and converts them into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Different varieties of grapes and strains of yeasts produce different styles of wine. The well-known variations result from the very complex interactions between the biochemical development of the fruit, reactions involved in fermentation, terroir and subsequent appellation, along with human intervention in the overall process.
Wines made from produce besides grapes are usually named after the product from which they are produced (for example, rice wine, pomegranate wine, apple wine and elderberry wine) and are generically called fruit wine.

One of the first mentions of wine in Scripture is by Melchizedek, priest of the Most High God at Salem (Jerusalem) during the time of Abram, whose name was later changed to Abraham. Melchizedek “brought forth bread and wine”for Abram and his companions - Genesis 14:18. The Hebrew word translated wine in Genesis 14:18 is yayin. This word is used over 130 times in the Hebrew Bible to mean fermented wine, not grape juice.

Genesis 9:21 says that Noah drank too much yayin and became drunk. Lot also became drunk on this beverage - Genesis 19:30-36, and so did Nabal - 1 Samuel 25:36.
Nevertheless, God told his people to enjoy yayin at the yearly festivals - Deuteronomy 14:26. In addition to using wine as a beverage, God also commanded the Levitical priests to include in the sacrifices a portion of wine(yayin) as a drink offering - Exodus 29:40. A blessing of wine was prophesied as a heritage to the chosen people in Genesis 27:28: “May God give you heaven’s dew and earth’s richness — an abundance of grain and new wine[tirosh].”
The Hebrew word tirosh,meaning “new wine,” is used in 38 places in the Old Testament. People sometimes conclude that this word means grape juice, or fresh-pressed juice of the vine. However, Hosea 4:11 states: “Old wine [yayin] and new wine [tirosh] take away their understanding.” Grape juice could not have this effect.
These scriptures make it clear that there can be a right and a wrong use of wine.

Scripture has much to say regarding the drinking of alcohol. Leviticus 10:9; Numbers 6:3;Deuteronomy 29:6 ; ...encourages, “Yes, come buy wine and milk…”
The Bible says that God gave wine to make men glad - Psalm 104:15.
What God commands Christians regarding alcohol is to avoid drunkenness - Ephesians 5:18. The Bible condemns drunkenness and its effects - Proverbs 23:29-35. Christians are also commanded to not allow their bodies to be “mastered” by anything - 1 Corinthians 6:12; 2 Peter 2:19. Drinking alcohol in excess is undeniably addictive. Scripture also forbids a Christian from doing anything that might offend other Christians or encourage them to sin against their conscience - 1 Corinthians 8:9-13. In light of these principles, it would be extremely difficult for any Christian to say he is drinking alcohol in excess to the glory of God - 1 Corinthians 10:31.

Jesus changed water into wine. It even seems that Jesus drank wine on occasion - John 2:1-11; Matthew 26:29.
John the Baptist did not drink wine (oinos in the Greek) or any other form of alcohol because it was prophesied that he wouldn’t (being a Nazarite) - Luke 1:15. However, Jesus Christ did drink oinos (wine) - Matthew 11:19: "The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by her deeds.”; Luke 7:34. Jesus did not preach against the use of wine; instead he did like most other Jews of his day. He drank wine in moderation.
In ancient times it was normally diluted with water for drinking, and was one of the principal beverages at that time — as it is today.

Jesus gave a parable involving the fermenting process of oinos in Matthew 9:17. At that time, instead of having metal or glass bottles to enclose wine, the skins of animals were used. The fermentation of the wine could burst an old skin, but it would not break a new stretchable skin.

In New Testament times, the water was not very clean. Without modern sanitation, the water was often filled with bacteria, viruses, and all kinds of contaminants. The same is true in many third-world countries today. As a result, people often drank wine (or grape juice) because it was far less likely to be contaminated. In 1 Timothy 5:23, Paul was instructing Timothy to stop drinking the water (which was probably causing his stomach problems) and instead drink wine. In that day, wine was fermented (containing alcohol), but not necessarily to the degree it is today. It is incorrect to say that it was grape juice, but it is also incorrect to say that it was the same thing as the wine commonly used today.


John chapter 2 records Jesus performing a miracle at a wedding in Cana of Galilee. The point of the account is summarized in John 2:11, "He thus revealed His glory, and His disciples put their faith in Him." Usually, though, when this passage is studied, a side issue becomes the main issue. Did Jesus transform the water into wine (fermented, alcoholic) or into grape juice (non-alcoholic)?

Throughout the passage, the Greek word translated "wine" is oinos, which was the common Greek word for normal wine, wine that was fermented/alcoholic. The Greek word for the wine Jesus created is the same word for the wine the wedding feast ran out of. The Greek word for the wine Jesus created is also the same word that is used in Ephesians 5:18, "...do not get drunk on wine..." Obviously, getting drunk from drinking wine requires the presence of alcohol. Everything, from the context of a wedding feast, to the usage of oinos in 1st century Greek literature (in the New Testament and outside the New Testament), argues for the wine that Jesus created to be normal, ordinary wine, containing alcohol. There is simply no solid historical, cultural, exegetical, contextual, or lexical reason to understand it to have been grape juice.

Those who oppose the drinking of alcohol, in any quantity, argue that Jesus would not have turned the water into wine, as He would have been promoting the consumption of a substance that is tainted by sin. In this understanding, alcohol itself is inherently sinful, and consumption of alcohol in any quantity is sin. That is not a biblical understanding, however. Some Scriptures discuss alcohol in positive terms.
Ecclesiastes 9:7 instructs, “Drink your wine with a merry heart.”
Psalm 104:14-15 states that God gives wine “that makes glad the heart of men.”
Amos 9:14 discusses drinking wine from your own vineyard as a sign of God’s blessing.
Isaiah 55:1 encourages, “Yes, come buy wine and milk…”
From these and other Scriptures, it is clear that alcohol itself is not inherently sinful. Rather, it is the abuse of alcohol, drunkenness and/or addiction, that is sinful - Ephesians 5:18; Proverbs 23:29-35; 1 Corinthians 6:12; 2 Peter 2:19. Therefore, it would not have been a sin for Jesus to create a drink that contained alcohol.

A second related argument is that by creating alcoholic wine, Jesus would have been promoting drunkenness, which the Bible clearly identifies as sinful. This is not a valid argument. Was Jesus promoting gluttony when He multiplied the fishes and loaves far beyond what the people needed? Of course not. Creating a substance that can be abused does not make one responsible when another person foolishly chooses to abuse it. Jesus creating alcoholic wine was in no sense encouraging drunkenness.

The belief that Jesus created alcoholic wine is definitely more in agreement with the context and the definition/usage of oinos. The primary reasons for interpreting it as grape juice, that alcohol is inherently sinful or that the creation of alcohol would have been encouraging drunkenness, are unbiblical and invalid. There is simply no good biblical reason to understand John:2 as anything other than Jesus performing an amazing miracle by turning water into real wine.

Alcohol is not, in and of itself, tainted by sin. It is drunkenness an addiction to alcohol that a Christian must absolutely refrain from - Ephesians 5:18; 1 Corinthians 6:12.
Alcohol, consumed in small quantities, is neither harmful nor addictive. In fact, some doctors advocate drinking small amounts of red wine for its health benefits, especially for the heart. Consumption of small quantities of alcohol is a matter of Christian freedom. Drunkenness and addiction are sinful. However, due to the biblical concerns regarding alcohol and its effects, due to the easy temptation to consume alcohol in excess, and due to the possibility of causing offense and/or stumbling of others, it is often best for a Christian to abstain from drinking alcohol.

There is only one group of people who are explicitly told in the Bible to never drink wine/alcohol, and that is the Nazirites - Numbers 6:1–4. Jesus was not a Nazirite; He was a “Nazarene,” a native of the town of Nazareth - Luke 18:37. Jesus never took the Nazirite vow.

Christ’s first miracle of turning water into wine at the wedding at Cana almost certainly involved a fermented beverage. According to Jewish wedding tradition, fermented wine was always served at weddings; if Jesus had provided only grape juice, the master of the feast would have complained. Instead, he said the wine was better than what was previously served; it was apparently a “fine” wine - John 2:10–11.

The Greek word for “drunk” in John 2:10 is methuo, which means “to be drunken” or intoxicated. It is the same word used in Acts 2:15 where Peter is defending the apostles against accusations of drunkenness. The testimony of the master of the feast is that the wine Christ produced was able to intoxicate.

Of course, just because Jesus turned water into wine doesn’t prove that He drank the wine at the wedding, but it would have been normal for Him to do so. What it does prove is that Jesus doesn’t condemn drinking wine any more than He condemns eating bread. Sinful people abuse what is not inherently sinful. Bread and wine are not sinful, but gluttony and drunkenness are - Proverbs 23:2; Ephesians 5:18.

In Luke 7:33–44, Jesus said, “For John the Baptist has come eating no bread and drinking no wine, and you say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!". In verse 33 Jesus is making a contrast between John the Baptist’s “drinking no wine” and His own practice. Jesus goes on to say the religious leaders accused Him (falsely) of being a drunkard. Jesus was never a drunkard, any more than He was a glutton. He lived a completely sinless life - 1 Peter 2:22; however Luke 7 strongly suggests that Jesus did indeed partake of alcoholic wine.

The Passover celebration would also have commonly included fermented wine. The Scriptures use the term “fruit of the vine” - Matthew 26:27–29; Mark 14:23–25; Luke 22:17–18. Of course, Christ participated in drinking from the Passover cup - Mark 14:23).

All Christians would agree drunkenness is sinful, and Christ Himself warns against it - Luke 12:45. However, a biblical view of wine is that it is given as something to delight in - Psalm 104:14–15. There are plenty of warnings against alcohol abuse, in texts like Proverbs 20:1, because sinful men are more likely to abuse wine than to use it in moderation. Those who try to use Jesus’ probable use of wine to excuse their drunkenness should heed the warning in Luke 12:45. Christians who want to keep a biblical view of drinking wine should either drink in moderation, never to drunkenness, or abstain totally.
The Lord be with you.

- O.S. Emejulu

CC Lalasticlala
Who made weed......... GOD
who made cigar........ MAN

Which one should we follow?

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Phones / Re: Dont Fall Victim, Pics by UchecoOtentic(m): 6:09pm On Sep 16, 2015
the painful thing is dat i used my last 6k to buy it, and i am currently unemployed, may God purnish the producer, the distributor, the importer, the marketer and the seller
AMEN angry
Your sins has been forgiven

Romance / Re: Lol, Ladies Be Like?? by UchecoOtentic(m): 6:36pm On Aug 26, 2015
I heard dat in 197 0
TV/Movies / Re: One Film You Can Never Get Tired Of Watching? by UchecoOtentic(m): 7:30am On Aug 09, 2015
there are films and there are films as for me talking about non Nigerian film I will choose 3 idiots then coming up to Nigeria film I will chose phone swap.I find myself watching this films over and over again

phone swap

what about u ?

Prison Break
Education / Re: UNIABUJA Male Student Allegedlly Wanking While Peeping Into Female Hostel by UchecoOtentic(m): 8:53pm On Jul 10, 2015
This makes me remember one of ma guy back in college grin

konji na bastard
Conji was a bastard since the days of David son of Jerssy
Fashion / Re: See What Girls Now Wears To Pop Out Thier Buttocks. by UchecoOtentic(m): 8:42pm On Jul 10, 2015
what if she wanna poopoooooooooo
Jokes Etc / Re: Hell Fire by UchecoOtentic(m): 11:07pm On Jul 04, 2015
old joke

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Celebrities / Re: Blood Of Jesus:- See Popular Comedian I Go Die Throw Back Photo by UchecoOtentic(m): 8:29am On May 04, 2015
Poverty was a bastard since the days of Joseph son of Jocab
Religion / Re: Is Smoking A Sin? by UchecoOtentic(m): 7:17am On Mar 01, 2015
Before it is written smoking is not good to human health and cigarettes are not selling well but since they changed it to it is liable to die young see customers the that are already planning to commits suicide..

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