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Webmasters / Re: Nigerian Blogs by ugodaniel(m): 7:59pm On Jul 31, 2007
Here's mine. www.nkemugo..com (WINNER-TIMES MAGAZINE MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD)

See you there!
Politics / Re: Crowd Kills Man After Car Hits Child by ugodaniel(m): 6:23pm On Jun 23, 2007
If your vehicle hits and injures or kills a person in Nigeria, FLEE THE SCENE AS THOUGH YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, and head for the nearest Police Station to turn youself in before the mob picks up your trail.

shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked
Romance / Re: How Can I Stop Thinking About Her? by ugodaniel(m): 1:46pm On Jun 19, 2007
Come, so you gals are busy gossiping about me here, eh!, wetin! Whatever, it still makes for hilarious reading. BUT for records purposes, we're still together, waxing stronger and stronger and if any other man attempt to put asunder, na im head im go take carry am oo! grin grin grin
Webmasters / Re: Describe Your Ideal Personal Website! by ugodaniel(m): 11:44am On Jun 15, 2007
@uspry1, why upgrade to flash 8 when flash 9 in the inthing now. It's horrible sweet. Try it out
Politics / Re: Nigerian Bloggers Mount Campaign On BBC by ugodaniel(m): 4:37pm On May 30, 2007
Wonderful, This is great news! At least somebody someone is watching and reporting, Kudos NIgerian Bloggers!!!

Politics / Re: Reuters Breaking News-voters Protest Engulf South-eastern Nigeria by ugodaniel(m): 7:37pm On Apr 14, 2007
BUGUMA, Nigeria, April 14 (Reuters) - Voting didn't happen in many parts of Nigeria's richest oil state on Saturday because of poor organisation, attacks and disputes over allegations of vote-rigging, residents and opposition candidates said.

In Buguma, a town in the wetlands of Rivers State, residents said they refused to vote because the result forms provided by officials were photocopies instead of originals.

"We didn't want to vote with the fake result sheets they brought because the PDP boys will use the original ones to rig the election," said Princewill Opunabo, an opposition supporter, referring to the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP).

"There was no election here today. If they call a result, everyone in the community will know it is a lie," he added.

Ballot boxes and other voting materials lay unused on the floor in the electoral body's local office.

The Asari-Toru local government area, which has its headquarters in Buguma, was expected to be an easy win for the opposition Action Congress, whose gubernatorial candidate Tonye Princewill is a member of the local royal family.

Princewill accused the PDP of trying to steal the election in the whole of Rivers State and said he had written to the electoral commission to protest and demand a new election.

PDP members and electoral officials denied there had been rigging and blamed delays and confusion on logistical hitches.

In Ikwerre, another local government area, gunmen attacked a minibus carrying ballot papers and stole them. The vote was cancelled in one ward, an electoral official said. Local radios reported a similar incident in Ahoada-East local government area, while in Okrika they said angry youths burnt ballots.


A phone-in programme on private radio station Rhythm FM had people calling in from across the state all day to complain there were no functioning polling stations in their wards.

In the state capital Port Harcourt, voting took place but mostly without booths for people to vote in secret.

At a polling station in Mile 3 area, voters had to put their thumbprints on ballot papers in full view of a noisy crowd of electoral officials, members of political parties and fellow voters standing around the table.

A young man who said he was representing the PDP stood over the voters, pointing at the PDP symbol on the ballot papers. Almost all voters put their thumbprint where he indicated. There were at least five other young men from the PDP standing around.

"These boys are not supposed to be there. They are not supposed to be telling the people who to vote for. They are interfering," said Collins Owhonda, a student waiting to vote.

In the last elections, in 2003, Rivers was among several states where there was evidence of significant vote-rigging. The official number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters in the state by 200,000.

Like the rest of the oil-producing Niger Delta, it is plagued by violence rooted in poverty and neglect, political rivalries, turf wars between gangs and a dangerous trade in stolen crude. Incidents multiplied in the run-up to the polls
Politics / Reuters Breaking News-voters Protest Engulf South-eastern Nigeria by ugodaniel(m): 7:35pm On Apr 14, 2007
ABUJA, April 14 (Reuters) - Election irregularities sparked pockets of violence across Nigeria on Saturday in a vote which should lead to the first fully democratic transition of power in Africa's most populous nation.

Saturday's election of state governors and legislators was a test of the strength of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) and should give Nigerians an idea of what to expect from presidential polls in a week's time.

Voting began hours late in most places and ballot papers failed to turn up at all in some locations in the north, southeast and southern oil-producing Niger Delta, sparking violent protests and boycotts by the opposition.

Youths protesting the absence of ballots in the southern Anambra and Delta states torched three offices of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Four people were killed in nearby Benin and Ondo when armed men stormed polling booths to steal ballot boxes, local media reported.

In southeastern Enugu, voting began in the mid-afternoon when polling stations were already due to close.

"Many of us have not voted and we have no chance of voting," said Senate President Ken Nnamani, a PDP member from Enugu, on local television. "Any person being declared a winner as far as Enugu is concerned has no mandate of anybody. People believe that the result has already being predetermined."

The opposition Action Congress said there was no voting at all in many parts of the Niger Delta. A coalition of opposition parties warned INEC not to announce results in northeastern Gombe state because of deficient voting.

"There are massive irregularities and fraud. Soldiers and police have been used to intimidate voters, cart away ballot boxes and rig in favour of the PDP," said Action Congress spokesman Lai Mohammed.


Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999 after three decades of almost continuous army rule, and this vote should bring the first handover from one elected president to another since independence from Britain in 1960.

Dozens of people have been killed in political violence in the months leading up to the poll. Dozens of mostly opposition candidates have been disqualified over controversial indictments for fraud.

Poor preparation of the voter register and lack of accreditation for observers have also raised doubts about the credibility of the exercise.

"If Nigeria works well, so might Africa. If the democratic experiment in Nigeria stalls, the rest of Africa suffers and loses hope," said Robert Rotberg of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations in a special report.

Nigerian governors control big budgets and have enormous powers in their states, making the gubernatorial polls as important to many Nigerians as the April 21 presidential vote.

The PDP now controls 28 of the 36 states, with the rest split between a handful of opposition parties.

With unrivalled funds and powers of incumbency, the PDP should coast to victory, analysts say. But endemic corruption, failure to deliver basic services and deteriorating security have boosted the chances of the opposition in many states. (Additional reporting by Ardo Hazzad and Mike Oboh in Kano, Estelle Shirbon and Austin Ekeinde in Port Harcourt, Tume Ahemba and Daniel Flynn in Lagos, Ibrahim Mshelizza in Maiduguri, Ijeoma Ezekwere in Obiaruku)
Nairaland / General / Re: She Did All This, And I Forgave Her But Slept Wit Him by ugodaniel(m): 6:41pm On Apr 02, 2007
Thats one helluva story!
Nairaland / General / Re: What Tribe Are You? by ugodaniel(m): 6:37pm On Apr 02, 2007
Another IGBO guy in da house

Kedu ka una mere?
Romance / Re: Toasting Lines (give Urs) by ugodaniel(m): 5:38pm On Apr 02, 2007
Omo Eko:

terrible toasting line shocked shocked shocked

If u said that to me the first thing i will think is, u are either a drug dealer or scammer/419

erhm, ehe

clearing throat and pondering over nothing in particular
Romance / Re: The Two Of Them Want My Hand In Marriage: by ugodaniel(m): 5:18pm On Apr 02, 2007
I think the best thing to do is not to marry either of them!!!
Romance / Re: Confused: Does This Mean She Like Me Or What by ugodaniel(m): 5:15pm On Apr 02, 2007
Hahahahehehe, i like the part about gigantic erection and all, lol

Well, the girls attitude to you may be due to the fact that she doesnt really like you to the extent of wanting to go out with you or hang out.

Her actions that party night may be due to her drunken state. Probably, she may not even know who she was dancing with.

Alcohol can be a biatch sometimes!!!
Romance / Re: Guys like girls with skimpy dresses and tight trousers, but they won't marry them by ugodaniel(m): 5:05pm On Apr 02, 2007

The truth must be told. Girls with skimpy dresses are for Chop! Just Chop!

grin grin grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Why Is It That Girls Throw Guys Love In Their Faces by ugodaniel(m): 5:01pm On Apr 02, 2007
Its really very very funny when something like that happens. I mean i also know a lot og guys that starts misbehaving the moment a girl declares her desire openly to him

Like Cute-ass rightly mentioned, it works in both ways and shouldnt be seen as an only girl stuff.

I am of the belief that if a girl messes up and comes back later pleading for forgiveness, she sould be given a 2nd chance! BUT, i repeat but, the circumstances surrounding her earlier withrawal should be thoroughly looked into adn necessary actions taken to forestall another occurence.

Problem with most of these is that most guys love the statement that "A bird in hand is worth 2 in da bush!"
Romance / Re: Ain't No N*gga ! by ugodaniel(m): 4:34pm On Apr 02, 2007
I am wondering and will still continue to wonder wat da hell is wrong with Raymand today? tongue
Romance / Re: Is This Natural by ugodaniel(m): 4:11pm On Apr 02, 2007
Like they say, "Age is nothing but a number, so get on with ya life. Who cares!"
Romance / Re: Guys like girls with skimpy dresses and tight trousers, but they won't marry them by ugodaniel(m): 4:03pm On Apr 02, 2007
I half-agree with the original poster lipsrsealed
Culture / Re: Where Did The Colonial Masters Get The Name Nigeria From ? by ugodaniel(m): 3:57pm On Apr 02, 2007
Nah, its not true. The name was coined from River Niger
Romance / Re: In Love With A Promiscous,pregnant Girl(i Need Help) by ugodaniel(m): 3:49pm On Apr 02, 2007
@adeboo, God bless you!! angry
Romance / Re: Ain't No N*gga ! by ugodaniel(m): 3:39pm On Apr 02, 2007
I feel some deep hatred going on here! lipsrsealed
Romance / Re: I'm 23, Neva Dated, Kissed: by ugodaniel(m): 3:26pm On Mar 30, 2007

@topic, i think you should enrol in a monsatery since u're a perfect candidate for celibacy

I heard even in monastries and seminaries, they practise a different kinda emotional release there, dont say yu heard it from me
Romance / Re: My Friend Is 'Dying' After Being Dumped by ugodaniel(m): 3:24pm On Mar 30, 2007
this girl left him for another guy [also a student]and since then[close to a year now]

FACT number 1 is that your friend is a very BIG fol who was dumped by a girl for watever reason and also should be noted that a year has passed since this haapened!

my friend has bin down,as in emotionally.he talks about her like craze,and most times he cries

Somethings seriously wrong here. I have to point out that your friend (the guy) is a weakling, who shouldn't be called a man, in fact, he's not even a human being! He's a disgrace to manhood. How on earth can a fully-fledged man be talking about a girl like that close to a year, and even crying at instances. How pathetic! lipsrsealed

though ve bin advicing him,and also assuring him that he girl wil come back if they belong together

How can you guys advise him like that. After the girl must have finished enjoying herself and bleeping her brains out with another man, the guy should continue waiting for her. Does he like eating left over food. What assurance does he have that this cannot repeat again! angry angry

please i need your advice on this' case'.

No dear, you dont need our valued advice. What you need for the guy and those advising him to wait for the girl dat she's gon be coming back is the address of the nearest shrink
Romance / Re: Interracial Dating by ugodaniel(m): 8:19pm On Mar 28, 2007
I remember there was a Filipino girl in high school i liked and the only reason we couldnt date is because she didnt think her parents would like the idea of an her dating a black guy

can you imagine, poor wretched filipinos. angry
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Lied About Your Relationship Status? by ugodaniel(m): 8:15pm On Mar 28, 2007

i think da phrase should have read lust at first sight
Romance / Re: Ladies Defending Thier Territory by ugodaniel(m): 8:13pm On Mar 28, 2007
bottom line: Its a bleeping FREE world! 'nuff said!
Romance / Re: Have You Been Heartbroken Before ? by ugodaniel(m): 4:02pm On Mar 28, 2007
Omo Eko:

Have never in my life been heartbroken because my heart is hard like a rock wink wink

I just don't give away my heart like that
but one person got my heart now kiss kiss kiss kiss.

Stop dreaming, nobody's got your heart, dont forget its as hard as stone wink
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Lied About Your Relationship Status? by ugodaniel(m): 3:45pm On Mar 28, 2007
muki, am yet to be convinced! i know wat to do, am gonna set a trap for you
Romance / Re: My Ex Boyfriend by ugodaniel(m): 3:43pm On Mar 28, 2007

The Paraga is still in full control and he knows it!!!ugodaniel grin

grin grin grin

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