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Forum Games / ~~~~*600* Posts By April 1st!~~~ by WesleyanA(f): 10:24pm On Jan 02, 2010
This thread should have at least 600 posts by APRIL 1!! Just gist or gossip or chat with your friends here. keep posting to help us reach the 600 posts mark before April Fool's day. i think we can do it.

If we rise to this challenge, I will pay the people who make the 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th and 600th posts a sum of 50 dollars each. Then I'll reveal a surprise to all of us on what's so special about April 1!!!

Are we Nairalanders up to the challenge?

Let the Posts Begin!!!!

cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
TV/Movies / Re: Yemi My Lover by WesleyanA(f): 10:19pm On Jan 02, 2010
the movie is on youtube now!!! type "yemi my lover" in the search to find it.

technology is great. cheesy
Forum Games / Re: *600* Posts By August 26! by WesleyanA(f): 10:18pm On Jan 02, 2010
wow dat's really cool

[size=15pt]CONGRATULATIONS SIMA [/size]you really did make it happen!!!  kiss kiss kiss

anyways, I forgot what happened on Aug 26 but I think school started back for me on that day. it meant my summer holiday was over. lol
Sports / Re: India Vs Nigeria: 99-1. Abeg Who Watch Am! by WesleyanA(f): 2:47am On Feb 19, 2009
I heard about this when I was growing up as well! I also heard that after that game, they banned India from ever playing in the world cup because of their juju. Gosh this was so long ago. I was probably 6yrs old at the time.
I dunno but some player died on the field around this time as well sam oparaji and there was a song about him. It was so long agooo. . . .lol
Romance / Re: Re: Ladies/girls Appreciate Gift Like Piants,underweass And Breasars So Much Even Than Money: by WesleyanA(f): 9:39am On Feb 10, 2009
Romance / Re: Extreme Compulsive Duty To Break Up On Or Before Valentines Day! by WesleyanA(f): 9:29am On Feb 10, 2009
get over yourself jeez! the girl doesn't deserve you one bit and I feel very sorry for her.   
your posts remind me of a youtube video I saw online of some idiot with AIDS trying to infect as many unsuspecting women as possible because he was infected by some harlot. face your damn problem and stop bringing anyone and everyone down with you.
people like you don't deserve to walk the earth.
do a little research on the word psychopath and you'll see you fit every description.
Nairaland / General / Re: Facebook Is Addictive! by WesleyanA(f): 7:12am On Jan 06, 2009

I for one, see nothing bad in facebook, i can search and see old friends, To me its fun

Nairaland / General / Re: Facebook Is Addictive! by WesleyanA(f): 7:06am On Jan 06, 2009

what is there to be addictive about?
people posting photos
updating their status to get attention
writing on walls
all those things are juvenile

how old r u?
Romance / Re: Night Bus Romance by WesleyanA(f): 7:05am On Jan 06, 2009
ewww angry angry

Nairaland / General / Re: Facebook Is Addictive! by WesleyanA(f): 6:59am On Jan 06, 2009

I for one do not agree with you. That is why I shall never join it. it is a pure waste of time (almost like Nairaland. . . LOL shocked tongue). But seriously, I know people who spend hours upon hours viewing other peoples photo's and finding out what they have been up to. Geez. . . Get a friggin life. undecided

well, join it and you shall see what i'm talking about tongue
Health / Re: How Can I Get Rid Of Black Spots On My Face? by WesleyanA(f): 6:55am On Jan 06, 2009
nvr mind ur 27. maybe you have adult acne or your spots never faded from your teenage years (that's why they say don't touch or squeeze your pimples. lol)
go to the doctor.
Health / Re: How Can I Get Rid Of Black Spots On My Face? by WesleyanA(f): 6:52am On Jan 06, 2009
if it's caused by acne (pimples), it will fade off by itself in a couple of months. This won't be very obvious to you since it takes a while to fade off, and especially if you have acne, other pimples will appear and leave their marks so it seems like you are forever having black spots on ur face.

advice: wait for puberty to end  grin

while you're waiting, try shea butter (i think the yoruba name for it is ora the stuff they use on babies skin). It's supposed to fade spots faster I heard.
Nairaland / General / Facebook Is Addictive! by WesleyanA(f): 6:45am On Jan 06, 2009
Why is facebook so addicting?
you get to see what everyone is doing with their life, esp. who's in a relationship with who, what they're saying to each other etc. that's always interesting.
esp. now that more and more ppl are starting to post videos.

I feel like a creep. lol. But i'm sure there are lots of u out there who agree with me  tongue
Religion / Re: Marriage Between Xtian & Muslim? by WesleyanA(f): 5:52am On Jan 06, 2009

See hia, i say take it up with Jesus . . . shebi you know better than Him now.

Mark 10:28-31 28 Peter began to speak to him, “Look, we have left everything to follow you!” 29 Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, there is no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for my sake and for the sake of the gospel 30 who will not receive in this age a hundred times as much – homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, fields, all with persecutions – and in the age to come, eternal life. 31 But many who are first will be last, and the last first.”

“If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple” (Luke 14:26).
No be me talk am o. If you vex tear the page from your bible or create your own open minded heaven. no wahala abi.  grin there is plenty of space for you. 9 planets . . . na only one dey occupied.

that's your own interpretation of the passage. My interpretation is quite different.
Jesus is talking about "sacrificing all (including yourself) to follow him." This is especially for those who get a calling from God to go into the ministry. We all know that out of the numerous candidates he only chose twelve to follow him during his life on earth.

I don't interpret the passage as "leave your family because they're unclean" more like "leave your family because you have to sacrifice your relationship with them for relationship with ME"

He even mentions the same thing in Matt. 19:21. He told the man (in his quest to be perfect) that in order for him to be perfect and fit to follow him, he as to sell all his worldly possessions. The man couldn't do it because he was rich. It's easier for the poor to enter the kingdom of God.
Romance / Re: 29 Yr Old Virgin by WesleyanA(f): 5:39am On Jan 06, 2009
why does your siggy say you're starting feeling insecure from nairaland?
nice font
Religion / Re: Marriage Between Xtian & Muslim? by WesleyanA(f): 5:23am On Jan 06, 2009

If only "tolerance" were a ticket to heaven. My sister . . . read what Christ had to say about denying family to follow Him. Read what He said about bringing a sword between father and son, read Christ's statement about those who He refered to as His mother, brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately we live in a world where it is now easier to "rationalise sin" under the guise of being "open minded". Look i'm the first to tell you i'm no better than you, we are all striving to make heaven by God's grace . . . but the truth has to be said sometimes.

You can live with sinners from tomorrow till Jesus comes . . . if you are a sinner no heaven for you. The bible is plain . . . i repeat before you label me a bigot . . . i didnt write the bible. If you have issues with it go take it up with Jesus.

lmao. @ deny family to follow him. lol hahaha
why not accept family and follow him at the same time? shocked or better still, bring family along on the trip (if they agree).


so just because i comot hiaaa for 2 mins una wan finish my wesley abi?

wesley no mind them jare,make them talk tire,their talk no dey convincing enoff

I tire o. lol
I will just commot from this topic i guess. tongue
Romance / Re: 29 Yr Old Virgin by WesleyanA(f): 5:17am On Jan 06, 2009
Use these trusty magic 8 ball answers to inform your decision on who to date if you want to remain a virgin till marriage:
you seem to need help

he is hairy? My sources say no
he is too muscular, looks like testosterone is seeping out of him? My reply is no

he is black? Don't count on it
he is asian? Outlook good
some of his best friends are girls, and a few guys? You may rely on it

he (likes to)hang out around mostly guys and has some close girl friends? Very doubtful

Did you meet him at church? Concentrate and ask again

Did you meet him in the club?  Outlook not so good


seriously though. I wish you goodluck. . .until you decide to join the monastery?. . .
Religion / Re: Marriage Between Xtian & Muslim? by WesleyanA(f): 4:54am On Jan 06, 2009

if the guy wanted a brand of chewing gum to get rid of his halithosis,you may have something to say

lol. yes I will have something to say!!! cheesy
chewing gum won't cure halistosis. He needs to see a dentist to prescribe a stronger medication. lol jk
Religion / Re: Marriage Between Xtian & Muslim? by WesleyanA(f): 4:50am On Jan 06, 2009

What concord hath light and darkness?

Sometimes you read from some christians and you wonder if you still have the correct bible. Open mindedness? What is that all about? Paul would be absolutely horrified!  grin He even said it would be better if we didnt marry at all.

ok. let's all be close minded then
let's kill of the homosexuals, burn off the muslims, hindus etc, then. . . . let's jail all the RCCG people, Catholic people, Deeper Life people, Fire of Mountain people, only the Winners Chapel people are true christians.  but no. . . .the ones that wear blue hats are not worthy. . . tongue
Culture / Re: If Your Wife-To-Be Can't Cook by WesleyanA(f): 4:34am On Jan 06, 2009
If you are a man and firmly believe that a woman must know how to cook, i don't know why she is your "wife-to-be" in the first place. why would you get engaged to such a person

if on the other hand, you feel that your wife's cooking ability (i'm assuming that this topic is referring to nigerian dishes) is not the priority for your marriage, then marry her.

simple as that.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Is It "safe" For A Christian To Read The Qur'an? by WesleyanA(f): 4:27am On Jan 06, 2009
lol @ "safe."
It's ok if you want. depends on your conviction
I used to read it when I was young (around 11 yrs) just out of curiousity some of the stories are similar to the bible's own but they will get you confused as the scenarios and some  minor (but important) details are different. I used to read my friends koran for fun and make fun of him. lol
It is also written in arabic although some have english translation on the side. lol.
Religion / Re: Marriage Between Xtian & Muslim? by WesleyanA(f): 4:19am On Jan 06, 2009

What's the question here if you're both in love, you're both happy and have future plans for each other. The parents and the religious leaders will not be there with you when you commit suicide.

thank you jare.
esp. when some of these "religous leaders" (cough* osisi* cough) are fake and self-proclaimed. I don't know who appointed them judge over others.  undecided holy holy
Religion / Re: Marriage Between Xtian & Muslim? by WesleyanA(f): 4:11am On Jan 06, 2009

and I have testicles the size of dumbells
I will thump that Bible
thump it
thump it.
let your demons revolt all they want
open minded Christianity from the pit of hell.

I really could care less about the size of your testicles undecided
Religion / Re: Marriage Between Xtian & Muslim? by WesleyanA(f): 4:06am On Jan 06, 2009

You missed the whole point.
I am one of those Bible thumpers who are telling him that the Bible abhors marriage between a Christian and an unbeliever.
He says he's a Christian remember?
Since it's obvious you're neither a Christian nor a Muslim,why wouldn't you just be silent on the matter ?

well I am Christian.
And, just because he mentioned that's he's christian doesn't mean he wants only christians to post in the thread (did you see a "christian only" sign in the description of the topic?) . I don't think he's as closed minded as you bible thumpers other wise, he wouldn't date a muslim in the first place.

by the way, not every christian believes in your idea of what the bible says and not say about marriage. He's Christian remember? And i'm sure he opens his bible and reads it once in a while.
he's not looking for your advice on who and who not to be with.
Religion / Re: Marriage Between Xtian & Muslim? by WesleyanA(f): 3:56am On Jan 06, 2009
read the original question again please. The main concern of the OP is the alhaji who is against his union between him and his girlfriend. He clearly doesn't want to lose his muslim girlfriend even though he's a christian and personally has no problems with inter-religious marriage. He is only concerned about his girlfriend's bigot dad.

He asked a separate question from what these bible thumpers are answering.
At least he himself decided as a christian to date a muslim and planned to marry her  The point of the topic is to get help and advice concerning the stumbling block (alhaji) standing in their way.

why turn the topic into a sunday sermon. . . . , . . . . .as delivered from Pastor Jeremiah Wright's own pulprit? lol
TV/Movies / Re: Yoruba Movies From Back Then: List Them Please by WesleyanA(f): 2:59am On Jan 06, 2009
thanks 4 the priceless info. lol

*runs off to youtube*
Jokes Etc / Re: Why Did I Dream About Simibrasil? by WesleyanA(f): 2:57am On Jan 06, 2009

I dreamt about SimiBrasil last night.

I dreamt that I read about her and saw her in newspapers and TV news that she was being returned to Brazil. In the dream, she had been living, I think in the US, as a fugitive of some sort and there was quite a fanfare that she was now free to return to her own country.

and in your dreams, you transformed into superman and tried to rescue her from the hands of the feds. . . but as you were about to reach for her hand, your alarm clock woke you up from your dream. lol grin
Religion / Re: Marriage Between Xtian & Muslim? by WesleyanA(f): 2:52am On Jan 06, 2009

ttalks don't bother . . . were Jesus to be alive today . . . a lot of those who will stone Him as a religious bigot are those who never miss a sunday service.

So your own measure of a sanctified marriage is outward appearance? And someone said we arent in the last days yet.

I don't have any measure for "sanctified marriage." only HAPPY  cheesy marriage.
please don't put words in my mouth. I put quotations around some phrases (read: "spiritually" failed) for a reason: to question their definition i.e i don't agree with their ideas.

yes we are in the last days. that person was wrong.


when I say a person is inconsistent in the faith,it simply means he or she is not allowing the provisions of the faith to rule his/her life in most issues.
That is my point,and it clearly explains the scenario u painted as regards a Christian seeking divorce from a partner who smokes,drinks,etc.The divorce seeking in that case and the bad habits in that case are examples of inconsistensy in their faith.
The fact that u have an example of a Christian/muslim marriage that is working is not the issue or the point.Examples or experiences are never yardsticks to build theories on issues concerning God.The word of God is the only acceptable yardstick.  

Your post is clearer to me now. I don't agree with the bulk of your reasoning but there is that wonderful thing called freedom to express your opinion, so it's all good  wink
TV/Movies / Re: Yoruba Movies From Back Then: List Them Please by WesleyanA(f): 2:06am On Jan 06, 2009
iyami leko, ayamatanga  shocked (i don't know if these are movies but I hear these words very frequently)


i love it too , waiting anxiously for part 2

me too. I heard it's out already. i'm just waiting for it to be loaded onto youtube. grin
Religion / Re: Marriage Between Xtian & Muslim? by WesleyanA(f): 2:03am On Jan 06, 2009
ok. let's all come back to earth here. . . so if the original poster marries the lady in the question at hand, what you religious bigots are saying is that:
1. he is committing a sin by marrying an "unbeliever".
2. It is a "spiritually" failed marriage (whether or not there appears to be nothing wrong in the marriage and the couples have no problem with their married life)

. . .such silliness. lol

anyways, I think the OP is just concerned about the alhaji. I don't think he worries too much about these stuff you religious bigots  are spilling out here. In fact, you belong to the class of mr. alhaji he's trying to avoid. lol
yeah you david
Religion / Re: Big Bang For Dummies by WesleyanA(f): 1:50am On Jan 06, 2009
big bang theory seem comical to me for some reason. even the name makes me laugh everytime grin

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