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Politics / Re: Recapitulation Of Two Major Cities That Shaped Economy Of Anambra State-photos by Xander85: 10:42pm On Apr 18

Orient Petroleum is currently not operational. In fact they haven’t been for last 2 years or more. I am not here to argue with anyone. Just prove me wrong with an unseen facts and I will humbly accept it.

Given all the talk of oil and gas being one of the pillars of the Obiano admin development strategy, one would have thought that the state gov't would have taken this seriously and come out to inform its citizens of the current situation of things in this regard! Or have the bullies from Kogi (obviously encouraged and assisted by the shadowy forces who have sworn Ndigbo will benefit little or nothing from oil and gas) succeeded in stopping oil and gas exploitation in the state? How exactly has Obianos' closeness to APC and Buhari benefited the state?
Politics / Re: Recapitulation Of Two Major Cities That Shaped Economy Of Anambra State-photos by Xander85: 10:24pm On Apr 18

They don’t have any in the east last I checked.

Orange drugs boss likes Lagos a bit too much for my liking!

Did you see the baroque-inspired palace he put up in Ikoyi? It's so lavish that King Louis-XIVs Palace of Versailles would pale in comparison!
Politics / Re: Recapitulation Of Two Major Cities That Shaped Economy Of Anambra State-photos by Xander85: 10:18pm On Apr 18
Let me visit Anambra north consist of seven local government, they are Anambra East , Anambra West , Ayamelum , Ogbaru , Onitsha North Local Government Area, Onitsha South , Oyi apart from Onitsha north and south others are agro areas, Anambra north is blessed with 100 percent arable soil, its rich in natural gas, crude oil, Orient oil and gas is located there

Please, can anyone in the know tell me how many barrels of oil the wells in Anambra state produce, and what (in terms of naira and kobo) are the returns the state made from oil and gas exploitation last year...2018?

Any link to a gov't or Orient petroleum site where one can see this?
Politics / Re: Recapitulation Of Two Major Cities That Shaped Economy Of Anambra State-photos by Xander85: 10:11pm On Apr 18
Juhel Pharmaceutical company

I think Juhel, Orange and Emzor pharmaceuticals are the biggest drug producing firms owned by Igbos. Though Emzor and Orange have their factories in Lagos, anyone know if they have secondary factories in the east?
Politics / Re: Recapitulation Of Two Major Cities That Shaped Economy Of Anambra State-photos by Xander85: 12:21pm On Apr 18

Ogun state is more developed than Igboland and

you are pained that only Ibadan is more developed than your tiny undeveloped igboland.

Just SOME OLD PARTS OF iBADAN in this video.....
Ibadan only has up to 12 GRAs while your tiny Igboland has not up to 6 grin


Dude, open your own Ibadan thread and post whatever you want to post there! You come across as one sad, insecure weakling! None of us Igbos are interested in what you have to say or show about Ibadan on this thread! And if we were itching to find out the latest on your Ibadan, i'm sure there are some dead Ibadan threads we can revisit!

Fuc/k off!


Politics / Re: Recapitulation Of Two Major Cities That Shaped Economy Of Anambra State-photos by Xander85: 12:15pm On Apr 18
In my own little way I'm a boss on my own grin according to Joe C. David his bestselling book,"Be your own Boss" gain financial independence and employ others, that's my favorite book grin the book always staring at me in my office, I'm a freelancer, I work for politicians and private individuals, outside these, I own my own business called[b] Lasser Tech[/b] , I started from Lagos after my national service, before moving down to east in 2015, I wrote my story here about my experience in Lagos before I moved down to east, with the username Beautfulmind, after I left Lagos I never regretted leaving the city, I have peace of mind now, with in the space of four years I have created more opportunities, than years in Lag, I'm to IT, I own Salon, laundry, Business center, Video and photo coverage with editing, also with my freelance, not just jack of all, also master of them all, Outside this I love my tribe so much, then I was in Lagos I always read on media negative news about east, when I became a vising guest on nairaland towards 2013/14 I do see rubbish pictures and negative news about southeast especially Anambra by E-warriors from West who go and be recycling rubbish pictures just to paint us black, their propaganda changed many minds then, being a Lagosian then schooled in Unizik understand their games, the perceptions on east changed when I and other great minds from east took the battle to their doorsteps, I understand why many of them feel very uncomfortable when ever I open thread on Anambra or other eastern states especially the dude deomelo. let me market myself to cure ignorant minds who think my life start and end here

cc. kayfra

I don't like how you're giving these hateful, jealous and insecure bastards attention!

Don't know why they're interested in the thread, since it's about Alaigbo and has nothing to do with them! When they post cra'p, just ignore them! Of course i know some of them with Igbo monikers will want to engage in argument just to derail the thread, but just ignore the pathetic bigots and continue with your pics posting! smiley

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Politics / Re: Ihedioha Woos Commonwealth,seeks Investment In Imo by Xander85: 11:55pm On Apr 17
Rochas went on many foreign trips. Can anyone tell me what Imo benefitted from them? Get the wealthy Ndi-Imo to invest their billions first as this is a more realistic goal than hoping oyibo will come and invest their own billions in your state!

Also, the new administration needs to make the huge palm plantation at Ohaji/Egbema viable! It should be a PPP initiative! I can’t believe Rochas spent a good 8 years in office, and that place is still moribund! sad
Politics / Re: Kelechi (Kaycee) Madu Wins Election In Canada (Photos) by Xander85: 8:31pm On Apr 17

You skirted the question I asked. I know it is possible, but why is not not happening? Why has any other tribe or nationality not been able to do business, live, buy houses and lead in Igboland? We have Lebanese, Chinese, Indians, etc doing business in Lagos and Ibadan, we have Lebanese communities in Kano, but no foreign communities in the south east. Are you insinuating that all other people of the world are not courageous and open minded except the Igbos?

Quit asking daft questions! You talk as if you’re not aware of the political-economy of Nigeria that’s been in place since from the uncivil war to date!


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Xander85: 8:02pm On Apr 17
The hotel is massive, our people are not smiling

Love the attention to detail and greenery already being considered even when they’re yet to finish work on the main building! You can tell it’s a refined and exposed person with good taste that’s bankrolling this project!


Career / Re: Meet Mayen Adetiba, The First Female Civil Engineer In Nigeria by Xander85: 7:48pm On Apr 17
Afonja Ajoka

Zero, behave! smiley
Travel / Re: Chinese Embassy To Open Consular Office In Anambra - Commissioner by Xander85: 3:47pm On Apr 17

Oh Lawd!! angry
NOT again!!

Shut da fuc/k up! Why does it irritate you so when mention is made of the glaring injustice against Ndigbo in your country! You don’t give them a sense of belonging and joint-ownership, yet moan ‘not again’ when they complain!

Ask any neutral between Kaduna and Aba which city is better known for tailoring and mass production of clothes!


Politics / Re: INEC Server: Atiku To Invite Microsoft, IBM, Oracle As Witness by Xander85: 2:38pm On Apr 17
Atiku giving INEC hardcore....gringrin

.....nightmares and high fever! grin
Politics / Re: A Nigerian Wins Parliamentary Election In Canada by Xander85: 2:28pm On Apr 17
Good going!
Politics / Re: Recapitulation Of Two Major Cities That Shaped Economy Of Anambra State-photos by Xander85: 12:05pm On Apr 17
What I my seeing here,what the hell is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is talking about that is only north that manufacture everything in Nigeria in which the Igbos owned manufacturing company are being closed or run-out of business by Haus Fulani eg IBETO CEMENT( Economically Strangulation).
Please OP help me out here, is this your IBETO different from the one that own IBETO CEMENT, whenever i go to Aba town I always see how my brothers , sisters and relatives from Ngwa along with other Igbos how they succeed/ progress in their business which is progressive, I'm wondering how much truth is there with the so called Economically strangulation.

There IS economic strangulation and marginalisation...it's done codedly or with fake claims that gov't is just carrying out it's 'normal' duties/functions! The successes you're seeing on here is in spite of said wickedness!

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Politics / Re: Recapitulation Of Two Major Cities That Shaped Economy Of Anambra State-photos by Xander85: 11:42am On Apr 17
this is very impressive, the OP has to do more than nairaland publicity campaign to meet broader audience. once again, Good job
but just 3 questions;
1. are there plans to create a GAS POWER PLANT for these budding industries.. coz if these guys are relaying on EEDC or worst still diesel for their power, there is almost nothing to celebrate here, but rather keep praying that God should give these industrialists more Grace to endure Nigeria
2. this one is for the experts in the house; how are these guys surviving when multi coys are closing shops left and right in Nigeria, some are relocating to Ghana, due to terrible working environment/bad govt policies.
3. despite these impressive industries, why do States like kano, Kaduna, Enugu stand shoulder to shoulder or even higher than Anambra in terms of IGR

I will love to engage in intelligent discussions, no time for insults?

Good questions!

I'm no economist, but i think the answer to number 2 can be found in number 3. I suppose there's less pressure on the companies sited in the state by way of limited taxes and levies! This may account for why the IGR isn't as high as it should be!

There was this ranking released about two weeks ago....didn't Anambra feature highly in ease of doing business, or something of that nature?


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Xander85: 11:31am On Apr 17
I think the Anambra state gov't needs to talk to the Chinese embassy to have strong words with the Chinese firm contracted to build the airport. It's obvious nothing is happening on site two years after the much publicised launch in which the esteemed likes of the Obi of Onitsha and Chief Anyaoku graced the event!

I feel some fraudulent companies just like signing of MOUs so they can use it to tout for other businesses. They show these MOU to potential customers to deceive them that they're a big business, and this is the intention of some of those companies that signed MOUs with the Anambra state gov't but haven't even picked up a shovel never mind commencing construction works; they now have a document showing they've signed MOU worth millions of dollars and can now use it to 'big up' their image!


Business / Re: Golden Guinea Breweries Dispels Rumours On The Commencement Of Full Operations by Xander85: 7:38pm On Apr 16
Do they have a plant anywhere else in Nigeria?
Politics / Re: BREAKING: EFCC Arrests Justice Ofili-ajumogobia As Court Strikes Out Corruption by Xander85: 7:28pm On Apr 16
So if there's a case law that prohibits the prosecution of judicial officers without first been dealt with by NJC,why was onnoghen arraigned at the CCT without recourse to the NJC first?,why didn't the NJC defended this provision in the onnoghen's case?,yet somebody will want me to believe that the onnoghen saga is not a premeditated affair.The hypocrisy deciet n bias of buhari/Apc is the reason why personally I can never support them.

They needed to get the ‘pesky’ Onnoghen out of the way ASAP, so a favourable CJN could constitute the elections petition panel! They were planning ahead knowing fully well that after all the wuruwuru they got up to before and during the elections....coupled with the fact that Buhari has no certificate, they couldn’t leave someone that wasn’t onside to remain as CJN!

Buhari is sleeping easy now knowing he’s got the judicial/tribunal angle sorted! wink


Politics / Re: Recapitulation Of Two Major Cities That Shaped Economy Of Anambra State-photos by Xander85: 4:13pm On Apr 16
There should be a rule that 50% of IGR generated in any LGA should be ploughed back into the area for infrastructure development! If this is strictly adhered to, and gov steps up its efforts in revenue generation and collection, places like Nnewi and Onitsha could easily have an extra 15 billion naira per year each to play with!

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Politics / Re: Policeman Looking As Wike Kisses His Wife (Photo) by Xander85: 3:18pm On Apr 16
If he could do this in public, what would go down in private is best left unimagined.

I think the wife is his pillar and does all the work behind the curtains.

How do you get to such a man as wike? Go after the things he loves and fears the most.

The way i see her, i think Wike will be the ‘soft touch’ for the kids, while his wife would be the strict one! They’d be going to Dad for something they want and know Mum would say no to!


Politics / Re: Nigeria Railways Lights And Air Conditioners Are Powered By Generators Carried A by Xander85: 2:24pm On Apr 16
When you hear of stories like this that beggars belief, you begin to wonder just what all those trillions of naira borrowed in the last four years were spent on! There’s not a commensurate level of quality infrastructure to backup all the money spent!

The Chinese have pulled a fast one on us!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Architect Loses A N3.5m Job For Being A Buhari Supporter by Xander85: 2:11pm On Apr 16
Hehehehe grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Xander85: 10:14am On Apr 16

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda and should be compared to Abuja. Kigali is being developed with by their federal government unlike Anambra that hardly gets any meaning infrastructure from the FG and u should also remember that Onitsha has a bigger urban landmass than Kigali which requires more money to spread infrastructure evenly across.

I share the same sentiments with Rosskii, but i'm also cutting Anambra (and other S-E states) some slack because what you stated is true!

However, even if we're still building roads with open gutters, that doesn't mean we still can't clean the gutters regularly, regularly sweep ALL our streets and plant trees/gardens/lawns (as shown in the pics of Kigali Rosskii uploaded) to give the city a fresh, welcoming feel!

As you stated, cities in Anambra don't get any federal assistance/input in their maintenance and socio-economic activity so it's a bit unfair to compare Onitsha and Awka with Kigali. Rather Kigali should be compared with Lagos and Abuja...and in this regard, both Nigerian cities don't even come close to Kigali in terms of beauty, organisation, safety and livability!


Politics / Re: Onitsha Port Has it Been ConcessionTo Clarion Shipping West Africa ?-photos by Xander85: 1:24pm On Apr 15
Honestly Onitsha is looking beautiful. We are getting there.

Ndigbo, Don’t forget to build your next skyscraper in onitsha. grin grin grin

Specifically, by the waterfront!


Politics / Re: Onitsha Port Has it Been ConcessionTo Clarion Shipping West Africa ?-photos by Xander85: 1:22pm On Apr 15
onitcha is beautiful

Self made city! smiley


Politics / Re: Dave Umahi Building Project In Abakaliki, Ebonyi (Photos) by Xander85: 1:04pm On Apr 15

Politics / Re: Dave Umahi Building Project In Abakaliki, Ebonyi (Photos) by Xander85: 1:02pm On Apr 15
And now the intervention by the Umahi admin:

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Politics / Re: Dave Umahi Building Project In Abakaliki, Ebonyi (Photos) by Xander85: 12:59pm On Apr 15
The Dave Umahi admin efforts in flood channelisation and erosion control!

First set of pics show the problem on ground (abi na on water undecided) before the intervention!

Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Xander85: 11:32am On Apr 15
13-year-old Wins Nigerian Mathematics Queen Competition

A teenager, Tochukwu Ndukwe, 13, from Federal Government Girls College (FGGC) Leeja, Nsukka, Enugu State on Wednesday emerged the overall winner of the Nigerian Mathematics Queen Competition for 2018.

Saibu Medina from FESTAC College, Lagos, took second position while Olayiwola Adedagun, FGGC, Ketu, Osun came third at the competition.

115 female students of Junior Secondary School across the country participated in the Girls’ Mathematics Olympiad Competition, organised by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At the ceremony, Prof. Stephen Onah, the director NMC said that the competition was aimed at encouraging and addressing the gap between males and females in the learning and teaching of Mathematics in the country.

Onah said the maiden edition with the slogan ‘Leaving No One Behind’ of SDGs Mathematics Competition and Award ceremony for the crowning of Nigeria Mathematics Queen was geared towards achieving SDGs 4.

‘‘The Nigerian Girl Student has been placed in a disadvantaged position especially in the area of education which has relegated her in the general scheme of things.

‘‘Being a victim of discrimination and male chauvinism, the girl-child hardly could compete educationally with her male counterpart.

‘‘This attitude has badly affected the girl child’s education in the area of enrolment in school, performance in class and her quest to progress educationally.

‘‘The girl child’s low interest in Mathematics is a serious concern to NMC and it is on this note that we encourage and boost the interest of the girl-student in Mathematics,’’ he said.

He added that one of the objectives of the competition was to stimulate enthusiasm in the learning of Mathematical Sciences among young Nigerian girls.

On her part, the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the President on SDGs, Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, called on teachers and parents to work harder towards improving the learning of Mathematics sciences.

Orelope-Adefulire, who was represented by Dr Ify Nnamchi, called on relevant organisations to adequately fund the girl-child education to reduce street hawking among young girls in the country.


***** ***** *****

Congrats to the winners. Nice spread....from the east, west and north!


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Xander85: 11:03am On Apr 15
Another New completed hotel opposite Onitsha mall

Nice one!

The finishing of this building looks top-notch, though i hope they have plans to plant trees and lawns where space permits!

There seems to be a general improvement in landscaping and cleanliness in the city as a whole, but as always, you can never have too many trees!


Business / Re: Ghana Is About To Wreck Nigeria by Xander85: 4:11am On Apr 15
The one that got me green with envy was the report last week that said Ghana is poised to be THE FASTEST GROWING ECONOMY IN THE WORLD IN 2019! I was furious! angry

I said it didn't i? I warned a few years back that we will be busy bragging that we're the giant of Africa; have the biggest population in Africa; have the largest GDP in Africa....we'd be wallowing in this false sense of security and superiority, and wouldn't know when little Ghana overtakes us!

Nigeria is a basket case! This is what you get when a people who are ill-equipped to govern not only insist on governing, but also insist on filling all sensitive positions with their people!


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Xander85: 12:09am On Apr 15

I hate red zinc. I hate it, its ffucking ugly.

I think it lowers the tone of the neighbourhood! I prefer tiles, but i guess it’s a case of better soup, na money kill am! sad

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