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Politics / Re: Babachir Lawal Tackles Tinubu Over Comment On Buhari by YUSUPH1986(m): 5:40pm On Jun 03, 2022
Tinubu forgot that State, Regional and National politics are the very different "animals" . You approach and treat each very differently.

Being a virtual overlord in Lagos, the condescending and derogatory manner of addressing his vassals in his state/fiefdom has to be curbed when in "states or fiefdoms" governed or under the influence of other leaders.

And being antagonistic to a sitting president or putting a sitting governor (Abiodun) to ridicule, will jeopardise your chances rather than endear you to anyone.

Baba, I am with you on this, but how can you describe a situation where people you sharpen teeth for are using it against you and even telling it to your face..
I am happy Tinubu put the record straight. It is the needful thou derogatory

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Politics / Re: Okada Ban: Lagos Set To Crush Another 2,228 Motorcycles by YUSUPH1986(m): 8:06am On Jun 03, 2022
Thiefnibu you and your ATM Sanwo Olu should stop punishing Northerners because their brother Buhari denied you the Presidency.
And you were not alive when your brethren are parasitic to their host?? You people can not even swallow one-fourth of the medicine you are given out.. Simply put , We value life In this part of the world so rest "abeggy"


Politics / Re: Tinubu: Without Me, Buhari Would Have Lost In 2015 by YUSUPH1986(m): 7:49pm On Jun 02, 2022
He talks too much
You don't know the importance of favour..
What Tinubu just said is long overdue.. a quick reminder of a favour done for an ingrate is necessary once in while for brain factory settings

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Health / Re: 47-Year-Old Accountant, Afolake Abiola Commits Suicide In Lekki by YUSUPH1986(m): 6:06am On May 30, 2022
Suicide is the best way to end this pain called life. If u are grateful for life another has the right to want to leave it. Suicide is human will triumphing over the will of creation. The force that puts creation in motion. It's the ultimate decision that tells the creator I don't want Ur life(pain) and u can't force it on me. I have the right to reject it. It's a movement still in its infant stage but will continue to grow.

You are joking right There can never be a good justification for sucide.
Although as human being the thought might be coming to mind once in a while but someone who understands the position of scripture (Qur'an) in my own case , will surely know that what is after death supersede death. And no one should be hopeless about the mercy of God.. You are not the one that created yourself and there is always a reason for the celebration of a season . Although, it still take the grace of God to sail through in the days of trials and tribulations
Romance / Re: Perfect Gentleman:boy Spotted Carrying The Bags Of Two Girls(photos) by YUSUPH1986(m): 7:50pm On May 28, 2022
Mumu if men were created to serve women wouldn't God create women first? Aboki wey no get sense.

Instead for you to stick to you Koran.
Even in your koran, was your prophet created to serve 9 year old Aisha?
And where is your sense? Why dragging the Prophet (SAW) into this
Now tell me did you make any Sense.. You have diaheoria of mouth
You guys are the one with violence tendencies!!!
Politics / Re: Seven Years After, Ese Oruru Now In The University by YUSUPH1986(m): 8:00pm On May 17, 2022
only animal will kidnap somebody because of sex, a minor for that matter. I don't blame them, they are following the footsteps of prophet mohammed who started raping aisha since age 6.
You don't need to mention the prophet name before you can drive home your point..
Get this fact straight . Till eternity there is going to be
Traditional e.t.c
Take care
Family / Re: His Mother Finally Died Due To His Wife Ignorance by YUSUPH1986(m): 11:31am On Jan 09, 2022
Sorry for your lost bro . God will stay by you..and guide you in your current state of mind

I was compelled to log in to chip in this
A couple of years back, i was in a sociology class, and our lecturer asked a question to feel the impulse of ladies about their prospective mother in laws . More than 80% of the ladies there were so hostile to having their mothers in law around. One took it further by saying if her mother in law fell sick she could only take care of her for two days maximum.
Note: this has nothing to do with this topic as it is not meant to add salt to the injury on ground

The question is why Is it that they see their MIL as a rival??
Career / Re: Is Business Analysis A Good Course Or Career To Venture Into As A Post Graduate. by YUSUPH1986(m): 10:08am On Sep 04, 2021
[quote author=killALIEN post=105450972]I wanted to give some insights on the below topic, then i realised i have to swear an "oath " to some useless allah

If your islamic religion is not all about bullshit and gibberish why ask for my allegiance.

Modafcking ignorant Islamic bastards.

Pls check ur time !!!
How funny! you keep giving yourself sleepless night because of ignorance !!!
Religion's view difference is what you fail to embrace ? Look if you continued ranting like this till eternity it has no toll on the religion.
I wish for you to percieve true light before ur end comes
Peace! My brother
Romance / Re: I Just Noticed This Thing Turns Women On Like Crazy by YUSUPH1986(m): 12:14pm On Aug 29, 2021

Every woman needs a man that will assure her that she is well protected and in a safe hand
As if men were God .. mumu of the highest order


Islam for Muslims / Re: Treating The Husband’s Addiction To Pornography by YUSUPH1986(m): 10:32am On Aug 27, 2021
Terrorists, you people should focus on how to stop terrorism, bombing, child abuse in the name of marriage and oppression of women in Islam angry

Why are Muslims all over the world known with terrorism instead of peace they claim to stand for?

Go to Northern Nigeria Muslims are causing havoc.

Go to Middle East Muslims have turned that region to hell fire.

Go to Eastern Russia and China, Muslims want to turn it to lions den if not for the Iron hand Chinese and Russian governments are using to strangle you bloody Muslims down there.

Go to most European countries now where Muslims are in large numbers and its all about chaos and tense atmosphere.

Go to North Africa and Central Africa, Muslims have destroyed the region.

Dear Muslim people, you need to tell yourselves the truth and focus on how to rid Islam off terrorism and mob attacks.

The whole world now see Islam as a religion of terrorism and massacre.


Pornography is better than terrorism and bloodshed.

Stop chasing shadows and first cure Islam of the terrorism its known for. Nobody takes you guys serious and if you guys don't address this earlier enough, Muslims might become endangered specie all over the world, just watch and see
why are you working up yourself on something you know that is not beneficial to you
At any given chance you showcase ur hatred for Islam
Is it force down ur throat I am 101% sure your answer is no .
This your every time outcry does not pinch a real Muslim an inch .. the earlier you know this the better for you.
Have a wonderful day

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Did You Receive A Mail From DCSL/ICPC Recruitment? by YUSUPH1986(m): 10:57pm On Aug 25, 2021
I just check mine and alas it's there .. to take the test tomorrow 26 between the hours of 9 and 4 p.m

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Politics / Re: NDA Attack: We Can’t Rule Out Insider Collaboration ― Lucky Irabor Declares by YUSUPH1986(m): 9:58am On Aug 25, 2021
grin we the civilians has urged our ungallant soldiers to remain calm and go about their normal businesses of extortion in the South ,that we the civilians are working round the clock to bring the perpetrators to Book grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Kiki Kiki kiiiiiiiii
Man !you got me laughing
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ICPC Recruitment Test by YUSUPH1986(m): 11:55pm On Aug 23, 2021
Got same message , I didnt apply for anything like this too

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Religion / Re: Fr. Kelvin Ugwu: Wearing Trousers For Ladies Is Not A Sin by YUSUPH1986(m): 5:53pm On Aug 22, 2021
The Bible says, a Man shall not put on a woman's Garment neither should a woman put on a man's garment. All that do such are Abomination to GOD.

You don't need an angel, Prophet or seer to tell you what is men clothing or women clothing except you wanna Deceive yourself.

No Matter what we argue and say this or say that. We can only Deceive Ourselves, we cannot Deceive GOD. The Foolishness of GOD is wiser than the wisest of Men.
Everyone will stand before GOD.

Eternity is a very Serious Matter! It is a Personal Race so do not let anyone irrespective of title or Position make you miss your place in Eternity.

Nobody will answer or speak for you before GOD.

So Get the Word of GOD ( The Holy Bible) and stick to what it says not what Man thinks.

Heaven is Real
Hell is real
Don't play with your Eternity
Sir, can you recommend one holy Bible pls
Crime / Re: CCTV Footage Of Chidinma & Usifo Ataga At Restaurant Before She Killed Him by YUSUPH1986(m): 6:03pm On Jun 26, 2021
Imagine, People will think Father and Daughter catching up not knowing that fvcking dude is a womb shifter ....

When you are having sex with a girl that's not wet nor in the mood (Mentally connected to the sex) , it's as if you are slaughtering her ... She responded in like terms ...

How can a 50s be having sex with 21yo ... There Brain and Maturity is far apart and you are smoking SK and Loud and Beer with a Depressed girl from a broken Home ... an Introvert ....

I'm on Moral basis here not Legal Basis ...

She will get Manslaughter, few years in prison if she proof she was raped after she said No .. she should return his money back ...

That girl should go to Rehab and repent ...

That dude has a case with God now ...
As you rightly said that you were coming in from morality standpoint . The girl has taken a life and pls can you help with the penalty for killing from scripture point of view
Politics / Re: Usifo Ataga's Murder: Inside The Neighbourhood Of Suspect, Chidinma Ojukwu by YUSUPH1986(m): 7:11am On Jun 26, 2021
Somehow, d murder maynot have bin intentional. Think about this - a 21 years old undergraduate staying with her dad and other family members wouln't jus murder a 49yrs old billonaire jst like dat. M beginning to see some truth in her story. Sometin went wrong. She isn't mad enough to come up with such plan, imagine where d whole tin took place.
She was aware, people knew they where dating & they had actually spent time together @ public joints. So m tinking, she wouldn't reason coverin up d murder was gona b easy. Another point to prove her innocency, d poor girl was easily apprehended by d police. If she had planned it, dnt u tink she could hv manage to cover up & stay off police radar. My people, sometin went wrong. Somehw someone took excess advantage & exploited her young age as he was a billonaire. Cnt u see d injustice. He did drugs & has excess money, it possible he abused d poor girl.
I was with you until ur last words. It's was not a one night stand going by her narration but you made an impressive observation.Who knows.. But in all honesty refraning from "don'ts" of God will ever be at our own advantage
Family / Re: How To Check The Expiry Date Of Your Gas Cylinder To Avoid Explosion by YUSUPH1986(m): 8:55pm On Jun 23, 2021
I don't know how to interpret this mine :

U got me laughing ..
URS can be passed on to another generation
Religion / Re: Kumuyi To Return Tithes, Offerings Of Sinful Deeper Life Members by YUSUPH1986(m): 8:03pm On Jun 21, 2021

Wetin concern headslamming for here na I blame Seun when nor know wetin him dey do with this nonsense site undecided
Did you lost ur way
Religion / Re: Kumuyi To Return Tithes, Offerings Of Sinful Deeper Life Members by YUSUPH1986(m): 9:41am On Jun 20, 2021

You be sinner too? Go and ask him for your Tithes oooo
Nope. We don't give tithes
Religion / Re: Kumuyi To Return Tithes, Offerings Of Sinful Deeper Life Members by YUSUPH1986(m): 9:38am On Jun 20, 2021
Politics / Re: An Armed Robber Who Ambushed Abiola Became A Governor - Zainab Duke-Abiola, Wife by YUSUPH1986(m): 10:20pm On Jun 14, 2021




Pick from the above...

Since Na Yoruba state
You have done well by narrowed down the options but it cannot be ladoja ... He is a vegetable who has been watered before the emergence of rain .. So permit me to call on permutators to do justice to others.. over to you my able and knowledgeable nairalanders

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Crime / Re: Face Of Uduak Frank Akpan, Killer Of Iniobong Umoren Who Went Job Hunting(photos by YUSUPH1986(m): 7:10am On May 03, 2021

Just look at how cute he is.
So I just read that he killed her in self-defense and all we did was mob the poor boy here on social media.

Now this is what I think.
She apparently couldn't resist him when they met and begged for a taste of him.

He reprimanded her but she wasn't taking any of that.
As he stood up to walk away from her, she pushed him unto the sofa and whipped out his preek from inside his trousers and was just about chewing it like fresh hotdog when he matched her face so he could flee from her but sadly her neck snapped in the process and she died.

But this probability is highly improbable and his hunt for free kpekus will ruin the rest of his life.
This is one of the reasons I'd always recommend and never stop jerking. Simple masturbatiion would have prevented this grave crime.

What I however find disturbing is the arrogance of women's sense of entitlement and the generic misconception that the world revolves around them or that the earth should stop spinning when they sneeze.
If not, what will make a girl jobhunt on Twitter when newspapers abound with vacancies asides the confidence that the crevice in between their thighs can part the red sea.

I hope this finally teaches girls that not every pressing need should be put up on social media because no helper is on their timeline.

The future is not female, the future is bleak if the female has a blockhead.
When I first read this what you typed , I thought I didn't understand English. But scrolling down, I saw someone who condemned your post.. I have to come back to write this against my present state( some one who is fasting) do you pray to experience this kind of situation in your life?.. what has come over you Unsound mind Insanity. Oh ! No... I don't know what to type as a response to this ur post this morning .. I have never cursed someone on cyber space before but this act or yours is very inhuman

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Remote Task For Stipend by YUSUPH1986(m): 6:26pm On Oct 09, 2020
I am way above the age thou, but we can still roll , sakirullahiyusuph@gmail.com
Business / Re: Are You Computer Literate And Interested In Online Tasks? by YUSUPH1986(m): 7:45pm On Oct 01, 2020
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Telecommunications Agents Needed by YUSUPH1986(m): 5:56pm On Jul 15, 2020
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 2 Hours Data Entry Job by YUSUPH1986(m): 8:32pm On Feb 06, 2020
I'm currently looking for someone to do a 2/3 hour data entry job for me. The job requires you to copy links from several sites and paste them on a notepad.
I'll be paying 3k for this service. If interested, please dm me your phone number.

Islam for Muslims / Re: The Ways To Forgiving Others In Islam by YUSUPH1986(m): 8:26am On Apr 12, 2019
jazakumulahu khairan

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Politics / Re: MURIC Reacts To NJC’s Decision On CJN, Onnoghen by YUSUPH1986(m): 7:36am On Apr 06, 2019
All of you people saying one thrash or the other to MURIC, let me ask you a question, Is the body not entitle to its opinion ? You are the one constituting public nuisance, and taking swipes at other people's religion. You are free to bear your mind in whatever issue that is being aired but not to abuse other people religion's view. thanks
Jobs/Vacancies / I.T Placement by YUSUPH1986(m): 2:42pm On Apr 04, 2019
Good day, pls which organization can a mathematics student do his I.T
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Help Confirm This Job Invite by YUSUPH1986(m): 4:59pm On Apr 01, 2019
please did u later attend this interview? How legit?
no, I was told it was scam

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