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Politics / Five Questions Nnamdi Kanu Put To Nigerians In His Broadcast Yesterday by zendy: 3:18pm On Feb 05, 2021
The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, asked some questions during his broadcast yesterday 4/2/21. Broadcasting on multiple platforms such as Youtube, Radio App and his website, Kanu asked the following:

1) Since 2014, I have been warning Nigerians that Fulani herdsmen are on the march, that they will come to kill, rape and take over people's lands. They said I want to cause war, they said I want to destabilise Nigeria. All I said, isnt it happening today?

2) Anyone criticising me for setting up ESN, anyone who is saying that ESN has no legal backing like Amotekun, I ask you this. If your parents are being killed, your sister is being raped and your land is being taken over, will you first defend your parents, your sister and your land? Or will you first go to look for legal backing?

3)In 2017, IPOB had no guns and killed nobody, the government declared a military expedition that came to the East to kill us and tag us terrorist. Today, Miyetti Allah and the herdsmen are armed and killing people all over Nigeria. Not only has no military expedition gone after them, and no talk of tagging them them terrorists, you actually have government defending them. So why do you want me to be part of a country where such injustice prevails?

4) Yoruba journalism is evil. I have many Yoruba friends that I respect, but most Yoruba journalists are  about hypocrisy and brown envelope. Whenever they write about me, they say I am a fugitive who jumped bail. Yet they have seen the video of the Nigerian Army storming my house to kill me. They have seen pictures of those killed in my house. They know all of this is wrong and illegal, but they cannot tell the truth. One wonders why they have become such hypocrites?

5) In 2014 and 2015, some people kept shouting "an ex-general is what we need!". You finally got your ex- general, where is Nigeria today?

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Politics / Re: CALSER Exonerates Army, Buratai, Says No Record Of execution Of Six Igbo Soldier by zendy: 2:55pm On Feb 05, 2021
These people are crazy. You expect the Army to execute 6 people and keep record of it? What sort of investigation is that? If you want to know if the 6 Soldiers were executed, their names and pictures have been provided. Find their families and ask if they are alive!

This group is stupid
Politics / Re: The Incredible Letter Ojukwu Wrote To Victor Banjo At The Start Of The War(pic) by zendy: 10:42am On Sep 12, 2020
Ojukwu was a hero

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Politics / Re: Okowa Says Asaba Int'l Airport To Be Ready In Four Months by zendy: 8:50pm On Feb 04, 2018
That will mean a second International Airport in Igbo land.
Politics / Re: Is One Nigeria A Real Thing? by zendy: 8:47pm On Feb 04, 2018
One Nigeria? No such thing exists

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Politics / Re: Should Nigerians Apologize To Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB by zendy: 6:22pm On Feb 04, 2018
Nnamdi kanu wanted a referendum that would just fall from heaven or how do you think he'll get it? If it could be that easy then I can request for a state in Nigeria, I'll be the governor and you'll be my deputy with our normal federal allocation every month, how about that?

You miss the point. The point is that if Kanu is calling for a referendum then he actually did nothing wrong.

How, when and where he gwts a referendum is a completely different thing, but the call its self, for a referendum, is not wrong and neither is it illegal

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Politics / Re: IPOB Loses Suit Against Nigerian Army To Produce Kanu. by zendy: 4:50pm On Feb 04, 2018

You're too dull, I knew you'll come to ask me those questions.

Mumu..... read for yourself here after we will see and know who's making noise .


Delta: Man jailed seven years for threat to life - The Nation Nigeria
May 31, 2016 - Chief Magistrate Ena Odjugo found the 32 years old accused guilty on the three count charge proffered against him by prosecution and sentenced him to ... is paid and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 406 of the Criminal Code Law, Cap C.21 Volume 1, Laws of Delta State of Nigeria,

Ode keep ranting ................................Bank Manager arraigned over alleged threat to life - Vanguard News
https://www.vanguardngr.com › News
Jan 24, 2014 - The charge read, “that you Victor O. Ayemere on 2nd day of October, 2013 in Benin City at the Oredo Magistrate's district reported a case of threat to life/ attempted kidnapping to the Commissioner of Police, Edo state Command through a written petition dated 2/10/2013, against Emekeme Joseph, knowing ...

Post Express reported on 14 January 1998 that two persons were arraigned before an Ikeja Chief Magistrate Court on a two-count charge of "conspiracy and threat to life." The charges read, in part, that the two "…'did conspire together and directly or indirectly to write a letter to Momoh [a London-based industrialist and businessman] threatening to kill him,' an offence punishable under section 323 of the criminal code, cap 31 Vol. 2, of the laws of Lagos State" (ibid.)

Boy listen there are many things going on in Nigeria which is against the law but people mostly don't have such time for court cases and they just let it go, that does not mean it is not against the law.

Some offenses you commit and police will stop you intimidate you and forcefully take huge let's say 10k bribe from you , if you have the time to go to court for that same offense take it or leave it the penalty may not even be up to 1k

Don't you know some people are in police cell beyond the given hours they supposed to spend for the offense they committed ? it is against the law but how many people do sue the police for such offenses ?

It took you almost 5 days to have something to say when I proved to you previously that I know what I'm talking about when I said threat to life is an offense, and I know it may take you forever to thank me for opening your eyes on what you never knew or heard of .

I'm still waiting for another dumb question from you . maybe you can ask me if threatening a president from the north is an offense.


Try and get a brain. I told to answer two questions

Where does it say in the constitution the verbal threat is a criminal action

And secondly, mention examples of anyone who has been convicted of making verbal threat alone

What you then did was to cite examples of where people took action. Writting a threatening letter, attempted kidnapping, conspiring with another, these are all action.

So for the last time, I ask.

Show us where verbal threat is cited as a criminal act in the 1999 constitution

And mention anyone who was convicted of making verbal threat alone.

The reason you will never be able to will this argument is because a criminal offence must be partly or wholly an action.

Verbal threat is not an action and cannot be a criminal act. This is elementary law
Politics / Re: My Country by zendy: 3:37pm On Feb 04, 2018
I am from a nation with plenty of disruptions, with media full with scams, killings,kidnaps,and corruption. where the common man suffer from poverty and hunger yet my question is why I still love my country ? The reason I can't fathom. God bless Nigeria.

Sorry but you have no nation. What you have is a scam set up by the British in 1914
Politics / Re: Why Is Rochas Okorocha Always Putting On A Tie On His Neck? is he a ritualist? by zendy: 3:39am On Feb 03, 2018
In the second picture, Okoroawusa introduces the two most important men in his government to Tinubu, his deputy governor and his son in-law and chief of staff and rumoured heir apparent.

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Politics / Re: Young Soldier Vow To Preserve,protect And Defend Nigeria by zendy: 2:51am On Feb 03, 2018
Young Soldier vow to preserve,protect and defend Nigeria


A young Nigerian soldier, who goes by the name, Adebayo Olatayo David has taken to the social media to declare his total allegiance to the preservation, protection and defense of the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

Adebayo who posted a picture of himself and other soldiers posted as follows:

''You can have no oath registered in heaven to destroy the Government; while I shall have the most solemn one to "preserve, protect, and defend" it''.

Im starting to understand why Nigerian Soldiers lack professionslism.

This same brute and his ilk who daily subject people to human rights abuse, exterer-judicial killings, and terror? I know they are supppsed to protect the territorial intergrity of the country and government

But which territory were they protecting when they went 'Python dancing' in Igbo land were there was no armed struggle or killings?

The same territory where Buhari's own ethnic Fulani herdsmen will be armed with AK 47, kill people, sack communites?

And still demand cattle colonies?

IPOB never takes up arms and never kills anyone, they get military deployment and terrorist probscription

Armed Fulani herdsmen kill people on a daily basis.

The argument is when anti-grazing law is lifted for them and when they get their cattle colonies

Nigeria is a joke
Politics / Re: Photos From Alex Ekwueme Burial. His Grave Pictured by zendy: 6:34pm On Feb 02, 2018
Oke mmadu n'Okoh!

He will probably be the last politician who on his death, most of the people will say "this was a good man"


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Crime / Re: Timeline Of Fulani Herdsmen Insurgency In Nigeria: From 2012 Till Now by zendy: 5:03pm On Feb 02, 2018
Armed Fulani herdsmen slaughtering people, are just common criminals. The real terrorists are unarmed IPOB who have never killed anyone
~ Federal Government
Politics / Re: Breaking: Herdsmen Strike Again In Taraba Killed Four by zendy: 3:08pm On Feb 02, 2018
So they got only 4 this time? What a narrow escape!

Oh well, they said that Kanu who didnt kill anyone is the real terrorist................


Politics / Re: Breaking News! Tiv Seeks Independence From Nigeria, Writes United Nations by zendy: 2:38pm On Feb 02, 2018
Those who laugh at innocent and unharmed Biafra protesters while live bullets are shot at them will soon start begging to declare their own country.

No man on earth can stop the Sun from Rising


Nigerians make me laugh, they dont know that their so called country is just one big grazing reserve for Fulani herdsmen.

You people should go and stop the herdsmen, you think it is to deploy Soldiers against unarmed IPOB agitators

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Politics / Re: Breaking News! Tiv Seeks Independence From Nigeria, Writes United Nations by zendy: 2:31pm On Feb 02, 2018
So you people thought Nnamdi Kanu was the enemy? Wait, the herdsmwn still have time to reset your brains, AK 47 style!

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Politics / Re: Chief Charles Okereke, Composer Of Biafran Anthem Declares For Abia Governorship by zendy: 2:11pm On Feb 02, 2018
use ur flat mud brain. he sang for 'biafra' but wants to be a governor in NIGERIAgrin

Of course, until Biafra returns, he is entitled to aspire to any office he wants in Nigeria, use your cone head.
Politics / Re: Chief Charles Okereke, Composer Of Biafran Anthem Declares For Abia Governorship by zendy: 12:06pm On Feb 02, 2018
So he wrote "All hail Biafra"? Nice one.

Shout it!
Sing it!!
All hail Biafra!

We shall get there


Politics / Re: The Man Alex Ekwueme : His Achievements (pictures) by zendy: 12:02pm On Feb 02, 2018
A rare breed of man. He is one only 3 Igbo leaders I respect
Politics / Re: Throwback Photo Of Ojukwu Laughing And Hugging A Biafran Old Woman by zendy: 8:15am On Feb 02, 2018
Declare war against the yorubas n let see if they will run. Declare it first.

Yorubas are a walkover, everybody knows you people cant fight, as far Nigeria is concerned. Only good at talking


Politics / Re: Why Igbos are Angry With Nigeria "A Must Read" by zendy: 8:12am On Feb 02, 2018
Its quite unfortunate
Igbos have to abandon this "victim" mentality. It will not get anybody anywhere.
Do math: if igbos are to take a more leading role in the country they must be ready to sacrifice, negotiate and cooperate with other tribes

As of today, nobody trusts an igbo man to rulethis nation. And all these chants of "biafra" are not helping issues. Igbos must be ready to face reality. Afterall, even the diff viallages that make up the lg, abd the diff lga that make up the state are also artificial creations. And i can tell u that even in the east, not all igbos are equal

The Igbo man wants his own country. This old mantra of "staying in Nigeria to see what you can achieve" has become stale. Nigeria is a Ship that aimlessly drifting nowhere and all the Igbos are asking for is to disembark to a smaller boat and find their way to shore in a different way.

This "I was born a Nigerian and I must die a Nigerian" sort of mentality is not for the 21st century.
Politics / Re: Okorocha To Commission 1,125 Hectares Of Land For Cattle Business by zendy: 7:23am On Feb 02, 2018
They dont call him "Okoroawusa" for nothing
Politics / Re: Should Nigerians Apologize To Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB by zendy: 1:06am On Feb 02, 2018

The problem was that at the rate NK was going many people feared that the East was going to be dragged into another Civil war conflict and knowing fully well the type of very unprofessional and ill trained military filled mostly with Rogues and slow pokes we would have witnessed blockade of food stuffs , rape of women , burning of houses and properties and more shooting of unarmed young men,

So people like you dont know the difference between referendum and war? Nnamdi Kanu was asking for referendum which is a democratic process

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Politics / Re: Throwback Photo Of Ojukwu Laughing And Hugging A Biafran Old Woman by zendy: 1:01am On Feb 02, 2018

Victor Banjo was a Yoruba man and he lead your biafra army for the period of years you mentioned till Ojukwu became jealous and ordered his execution.

Yorubas responded in kind in the person of Benjamin Adekunle (Black scorpion) and Olusegun Obasanjo who led the final push that ended the war.

Those men I mentioned are real warriors ready to die by the gun unlike your ojukwu that wore bra, lipsticks and bum shorts to eacape.

A coward soldier he was. Effiong was far better than him.

Victor Banjo was leading the Army Biafra gave him. Without Biafra, Victor Banjo woild br nothing because he wouldnt have an Army to lead.

As for Obasunjo and Adekunle, they were leading the Army of the North. Obasunjo, Adekunle and Banjo were leading other peoples Armies because Yorubas have no fight in them. Thats why Yorubas can never do what Ojukwu did such as declaring independence and fighting. All you people know is to be leading other peoples armies and be fighting other peoples wars.


Politics / Re: Throwback Photo Of Ojukwu Laughing And Hugging A Biafran Old Woman by zendy: 7:27pm On Feb 01, 2018

grin grin

I sha get liver pass Ojukwu. That's what matters.

Really? The liver to declare a separate country and fight the combined military might of Nigeria, Britain and Russia for 3 years?

Such a man with such liver will not be born in Yoruba land in my life time

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Politics / Re: Opinion Poll About What A True Igbo Person Really Wants Concerning Nigeria by zendy: 5:11pm On Feb 01, 2018
The army did not go into the southeast to confront unarmed citizens as you IPOB people like to claim. They were there to counter the threat to law and order as poised by Nnamdi Kanu and his miscreant IPOB gang. Were some abuses recorded? Unfortunately yes but don't make it look like it was some kind of genocide. Zendy better be a patriotic Nigerian and drop this Biafra folly or you will live to regret. Biafra is dead simple

Counter the threat to law by IPOB? So what do you think is the job of the Police? The constitution does not allow the Army to be used to fight crime, that is the job of the Police. The Army is only used to fight war or an armed conflict and there was nothing like that in the South East. No one was complaining that IPOB was sacking communities and killing people, like Fulani herdsmen. What happend in September was state sponsored genocide against unarmed people and the evidence is in the fact that only a government that doesnt mean well will be deploying Soldiers to an area where no one is complaning of trouble but the same government can never deploy Soldiers to Benue and Taraba where people are shouting that herdsmen want finish everybody.

Patriotism is not forced, it comes naturally. My patriotism is to Biafra, not this fake 1914 contraption of the British called Nigeria

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Health / Re: Don Prince Sampe Undergoes Liver Transplant, About To Die, Calls For Prayers by zendy: 4:51pm On Feb 01, 2018
Brother, may you live to see Biafra

Politics / Re: Chinwoke Mbadinuju At Alex Ekwueme's Burial In Anambra (Photos) by zendy: 4:49pm On Feb 01, 2018
He looks like he is wearing a wig? Mbadinuju was always bald

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