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Politics / Re: 2nd Term Is Easier To Win For A Strong Powerful President Like Tinubu??? by 12inchess: 12:51pm On May 16
Much easier.Anybody here deceiving himself that Tinubu won't win 2nd term regardless of performance doesn't know the type of Politician Tinubu is. Tinubu will either win by hook or crook. All those stand and defend your vote won't work let's be honest. You cannot be more violent than political touts they will employ. Let's wait and see sha.
Politics / Re: Atiku: Tinubu Must Not Fiddle With Nigeria’s Pension Funds Asset by 12inchess: 7:41pm On May 15
So pe "Pension otilo" e don cast e don cast. e don cast
TV/Movies / Re: 5 Nigerians Who Have Received Oscars Nomination, Award by 12inchess: 8:01pm On Mar 12

Forrest whitaker is a red cap titled chief of nkwerreland
Yeah right. And I'm the King of England.

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TV/Movies / Re: 5 Nigerians Who Have Received Oscars Nomination, Award by 12inchess: 7:47pm On Mar 12
The OP is high on expired ugu leaves. More than half of those people on the list except for TEMS have nothing to do with Nigeria.


Politics / Re: Why Tinubu Can’t Separate Himself From Buhari’s Failures – Farotimi by 12inchess: 2:40pm On Mar 10
tilumbu and Buhari are from the same party. In fact Tinubu marketed Buhari to us as the messiah so how can he try to separate himself from Buhari failure especially when he himself is also currently failing woefully.

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Investment / Re: USDT Is Not The Same As US Dollar by 12inchess: 4:34pm On Feb 23
What's the obsession with Usdt, your problem should be with Ngn, is there a way to make it a stable coin

Hahaha.... What is the Naira backed by? A useless govt. Is naira itself stable. How will you create a stable coin for something as volatile as Nigerian Naira. Mschewww angry

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Investment / Re: USDT Is Not The Same As US Dollar by 12inchess: 4:26pm On Feb 23
Foolish op . So why did TINUBU ban binance if USDT has nothing to do with dollars?. And for your information there is crypto ATM card which you can use for shopping or even withdraw money from any ATM machine. Here in south Africa ,we shop with crypto ATM Card and wallet balance.

USDT is the same with physical dollars . But it's a digital currency. Same way that the Bank transfer you send to your girlfriend is also a digital Naira

This is not true. USDT is not same with physical dollars but converts at a rate close to physical dollars. I'd take my chances with USDT being stable than Naira being stable. Or is it yeye enaira you want people to keep their hard earned money as??
Travel / Re: Sami Court: ₦115K Per Night Hotel At Abuja Airport by 12inchess: 10:54pm On Feb 21
I regret supporting this BAT govt. They are so uselesss. While other countries are building and expanding airports to handle more cargo, passengers and trade, this yeye govt is celebrating building common hotel in the airport. From a traffic stand point it's even a bad idea because it will induce more traffic into an airport area which should just be for transportation.

Nonesense and ingredients.

Maybe in 4 years we should give P.O a chance if this Tinubu cannot put in programs to improve Nigeria's infrastructure and stabilize the economy. The problem now is that it will be extremely difficult to get that demagogue out and he will likely do his 8 years complete.

Who swear for Nigeria? Abeg naa....
Politics / Re: EFCC Goes After Bureau De Change Operators In Sabo, Ibadan (video) by 12inchess: 5:01pm On Feb 21
This is totally a wrong move.

Usage of Brute force will not force the arbitrageurs to renounce the only business line they have ever known.
Let the CBN sell FX through DMBs to all at competitive rates and the BDCs would crumble naturally. All these dramas will create unnecessary heating up of the FX market with the attendant scarcity of FX and continued naira devaluation.

I'm not a prophet of gloom and doom but I can deduce from the actions of the government that they may soon criminalize the possession of the dollar.

If all interventions fails to halt the slide of the naira, they may confiscate the dollars in dorm. Accounts.

There is no low to which this government can not sink.


Na that confistication we dey wait for since then last year ooo. This is why you should not be operating any dorm accounts right now. At worse change your money to usdt crypto or any other stable coins to avoid stories that touch. He who has ears, let them hear oooooo. No low Nigerian FG cant go.
Foreign Affairs / Re: UK Nuclear Missile Test Fails Again After Trident Weapon Belly Flops Into Ocean by 12inchess: 1:55pm On Feb 21
for them allowing this news to get out. they must have agenda
Fashion / Re: See What This Lady Wore To The Bank That Sparked Outrage (pic, Video) by 12inchess: 1:38pm On Feb 20
The person that made that video and gave the commentary is very jobless. Cant you just withdraw your money and go home?


Religion / Re: Woman Speaks Up Against Pastor Adeboye by 12inchess: 3:09am On Feb 18
That is Yoruba people for you. If our person no do well, we can't keep quiet about it ooooo.....All the prayer wey we don dey pray for Nigeria since I was a kid yet no change. It's either we are praying rubbish or something else is fundamentally wrong because the prayers are not working. Pastors are driving rolls royce and private jets and regular Nigerians some of who are members of these churchs have no job and cannot feed 3 square meals a day are being told they are the problem and to pray harder. Haba now!!!!

Let church focus squarely on gospel and engaging in church activities and leave the isssue of Nigeria alone abeg. They clearly have no solutions other than pray and pray and pray which have been praying yet no result.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Appoints Son-in-law Ojo As Managing Director Of FHA by 12inchess: 2:17am On Feb 16
Mr Peter Obi has been going round donating millions of Naira to worthy courses ,while the people that promised to teach him a lesson are wailing and gnashing their teeth in hunger.
You voted for ethno-religious reasons,please bear the consequences.

Chief donationist and President of Nigeria on Twitter. I hail am. If he thinks this is how he will win the next election against Tilumbu, make e dey play.
Politics / Re: Petroleum Commission To Relocate Key Departments To Lagos by 12inchess: 1:47am On Feb 16
Lagos go turn capital soon with all these moves...

At this rate Tilumbu is moving all key sectors to Lagos. First it was CBN now ministry of Petroleum. Sooon Aso Rock so he can finally govern Nigeria from his bedroom in Bourdillon. Nigerians never see anything. Emi lo kan is a master strategist and master scammer.

Shebi Lagos is no man's land. E o ti mo me me grin grin grin grin
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Ivory Coast AFCON 2023 Finals (1 - 2) On 11th February 2024 by 12inchess: 10:54pm On Feb 11
Nigerian team and players are neither good nor motivated to win. They are playing like they are all 9 months pregnant. This is why I stopped supporting Super Eagles.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa AFCON 2023 Semi-Finals (4 - 2)pens On 7 Feb 2024 by 12inchess: 8:55pm On Feb 07
I thought the commentator said Naija won't stand a chance in PK becos of their superman keeper grin

The hater commentator. he will be in tears by now.

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa AFCON 2023 Semi-Finals (4 - 2)pens On 7 Feb 2024 by 12inchess: 8:53pm On Feb 07
Dj play me "Water Remix" by "Tyla ft Davido to celebrate Iheanacho's final PK grin grin grin grin grin grin

Make God of amapiano no shame us oooooooo grin

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa AFCON 2023 Semi-Finals (4 - 2)pens On 7 Feb 2024 by 12inchess: 8:00pm On Feb 07
Super Eagles are masters of raising your hopes up and then dashing it. Can someone explain to me how the match went from 2-0 to 1-1. This is why I no longer watch their ball abeg.
Politics / Re: Hard Times Over Soon – Remi Tinubu Tells Nigerians by 12inchess: 5:21pm On Feb 06
yinmu. Your enjoyment as first lady started since May 29 2023 but our own sufferness is still on going. Yeye talk.
Romance / Re: Who Will Marry The Beautiful Nigerian Women In The UK? by 12inchess: 12:02am On Feb 05

Oh so women are the cause of the death of traditional family and marriages? purely women? because we were empowered with education, so education should be withdrawn from us? that is the only way traditional marriages can thrive? only when women become illiterates?

No wonder Nigerian men cannot produce anything, they cannot invent anything, they cannot even rule their country right, except to kill, kidnap, steal, yahoo, skull mining, cannibalism, cultism, corruption, fraud, and all sorts of evil vices, Nigerian men have spoilt our images abroad, you are not known for anything good outside this country except negativities, that is why in your own little 2 by 2 cubicle, you can spew all this nonsense and think you are making sense, western countries that are above you in every ramifications will never be caught saying utter rubbish like this and be proud of themselves, no wonder Africa is seen as a cesspit and a third world continent when the men ruling it are nothing to write home about with their sad little thought process

The world is failing, from Africa to the whole world, thanks to men and their bad decisions, yet what your limited brian could only think of is women education as the cause of men's inability to hold the home front as the captain of the ship by sailing it to the right direction for a productive end result,

The next generation of Nigerian men will be the undoing of this nation, which is a good thing anyway so that everyone will be accountable to their own region, which will make it easier to remove shafts from wheat.

And the only thing Nigerian women know how to do is hoelosho
Business / Re: Femi Otedola Emerges Chairman Of First Bank by 12inchess: 2:08am On Feb 01
The past Northern rulers pushed in and funded Dangote.
Now BAT is pushing and funding Otedola.
They are all human money reserves for the elites.

Finally, someone who gets it.
Business / Re: Femi Otedola Emerges Chairman Of First Bank by 12inchess: 2:07am On Feb 01
so how does that affect the price of garri in the market. Abeg abeg. This is not news.
Politics / Re: Lagos To Float Airline, Build Airport In Lekki by 12inchess: 12:05pm On Jan 26

Badagry are not Yoruba they are Eguns and they can't enjoy Lagos they should focus on their Cotonou relatives
A fo.o-l needs no introduction. Lagos is and has always been a multicultural melting pot in Yoruba land.
Politics / Re: Ikoyi Obalende LCDA Announces Plans To Roll Out 200 Electric Taxis by 12inchess: 1:27pm On Jan 23
take note , the world is coming to this, people asking where will they be charging it, remember when we do go about looking for where they on gen so we can charge our fones but today there is powerbanks solar powering devices, someday this cars will be moving around with their charging sources....watchout

Na lie. This is s.tup.id. In a country with poor electricity, you're buying electric cars. How will they be charged?
Family / Re: How Do You Cope, Divorced And Separated Men by 12inchess: 7:37pm On Jan 22
we are not in the western world, why will your ex-wife keep the kid when you two have divorced am thinking out loud oh

Na this part dey vex me pass. Some Nigerian women are very wicked. So the ex husband is only good for financial provision. He too cannot enjoy the company of the children. I will say you're quite ignorant (for lack of not wanting to use a more derogatory word) to accept such an arrangement. Even if you went ahead to marry someone else you should still have the right to your kids company and love. It's like you spend your time and effort watering and planting a tree and then only your neighbor is enjoying the benefit of it's shade. Guy wise up ooooo. Make dem no do wetin dem do Do2dtun to you.

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Family / Re: How Do You Cope, Divorced And Separated Men by 12inchess: 3:25pm On Jan 22
Bro you have right to your kids too so long as you're paying child support. It absolutely ridiculous that your kids will be with your ex wife 24/7 while you will be paying child support. You also have a right to spend time with your kids esp since you'e corvering many of their financial needs.

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Career / Re: Tolulope Fayokun Wins Racial Profiling Case Against US Pharmaceutical Firm by 12inchess: 5:34pm On Jan 21
Tolulope Fayokun. Abeg get the bag jare. Fu.c.k all them racist crackers.
Health / Re: Video Showing Nigerian Caregivers Abusing 89-Year-Old Granny Lands Them In Jail by 12inchess: 12:12pm On Jan 19
Well all I can say is that they know the job they signed up for to get pounds. Na Naija cause am. It Nigeria was good, we won't be having Nigerian bank managers resigning their job here in Naija to do care giver work abroad.

A lot goes on in care giving and mental institutions especially when the patients cannot advocate for themselves. I don't subscribe to jail for them but that they all should be fired from the job. If you cannot do the job then don't accept it.


Travel / Re: Oyo Government Reacts To Ibadan Explosion, Urges Residents To Remain Calm by 12inchess: 11:34pm On Jan 16
How long does it take to determine source of explosion. It's either earthquake or it's not. Is it related to gas or in the military barracks as in a bomb explosion. Slow paced govt.Mschewww.
Travel / Re: Tremor In Ibadan, Oyo State; Residents Run For Cover by 12inchess: 10:18pm On Jan 16

We too dey rush for this country, tremor, gas explosion....... No real explanation.
Is it tremor or gas explosion or bomb blast. Nigerians and carrying rumours with no real journalist to do the real reporting. Mschewwww angry angry

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Celebrities / Re: I Prefer Alcohol To Tea Or Coffee And Will Do A Sex Scene With RMD – Iyabo Ojo by 12inchess: 9:24pm On Jan 14
There's no shred of shame in her

Very darkman said she does 3somes with her daughter. Na so we see am ooooo

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