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Politics / Re: Presidency: Lack Of 25% In FCT Disqualifies Atiku, Tinubu - PDP Witness by 12inchess: 3:30pm On Jun 05
Abuja people dey craze if we have to get 25% in Abuja to announce president in Nigeria.
Food / Re: Dog Lovers Call Out Hilda Baci & Influencer Enioluwa For Eating Dog Meat (vid) by 12inchess: 9:22pm On Jun 03
That dog lover should rest. Chicken wey she dey chop na another man's pet. Cow wey she dey chop na another person's god.
Ask Indians if cows are edible.

So this mumu post finally enter fp.
Mods of this site mo get taste.
I also noticed they love animals, bush meat or snakes. Smh!

Bro you said it all.

Muslim don't eat pigs but they eat cattle
Western world dont eat dogs but they eat pigs and chicken
Indians don't eat cattle but they eat pigs and chicken
Calabar people will eat your dogs with fried rice
Chinese people will eat both your dog and your cats with Tofu
China man dey chop frog and tortoise shocked shocked shocked
Oyinbo man dey chop squid and octopus shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked
Poor Naija man no fit afford chicken so him wack beans an bread.
Rich man for naija dey chop snail

To each is own.
Live and let live
Just remember that eating bat causes Ebola. Enuff said


Politics / Re: APC Governors Accuse Oil Marketers Of Causing Hardship by 12inchess: 1:58pm On Jun 03
I don't want to think Tinubu is already making a pact with giving excuses. If you guys had leaders can't resolve this small issue, then what are you doing in that small position. With all the state power that you have there is no way you can say that you cannot ensure that hoarding of PMS is stopped. If you start sealing erring stations and fining them. Then they will comply. This is quite annoying excuse to give. This why leaders are elected.
Politics / Re: Police Declare Mukaila Lamidi 'Auxiliary' Wanted by 12inchess: 8:16pm On Jun 02

Where is even the one called Tokyo or Something. He has been out of lime light for a while..
That one has been used and dump. Even MC Oluomo may go the same way soon if e no give himself brain.
Politics / Re: Police Declare Mukaila Lamidi 'Auxiliary' Wanted by 12inchess: 8:14pm On Jun 02
What is it with the name "Lamidi" in the South West?

Lamidi Adedibu

Lamidi Apapa

and Lamidi Auxilliary

Bro people wey Dem dey name Lamidi. Idi ti de aiye won baje baje.lol. This Auxiliary fellow is a well known political thug that was used by Makinde during the elections according to reports. Now since he and Makinde don fall out, we no go hear word again. Abeg abeg.
Foreign Affairs / Re: I'm Like Monalisa: People Attend My Campaigns To See How I Draw Crowds - Trump by 12inchess: 1:11pm On Jun 02
I want Trump to be re elected so he can end the the Russia Ukraine war
Yes. That is the only reason I can even consider Trump as President. The war to me is ridiculous and a pointless waste of lives and destruction of property and resources.


Business / Re: Devaluation: ‘We Stand By Our Story’, Daily Trust Replies CBN by 12inchess: 9:57pm On Jun 01
Politics 101. How to give a dog a bad name to hang it. Tinubu will come out and say the current CBN governor doesn't know what he is doing and he is incompetent. Emefiele is a gunner. Case closed. The Naira will certainly be devalued.

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Literature / Re: Professor Ama Ata Aidoo Dies At 83 by 12inchess: 1:29pm On May 31
Very intelligent woman. She even differentiated between Europe and the western world. Na pesin wey dey think deeply dey talk like this. RIP madam. Africa lost a Gem.

Chimamanda can pick a thing or two from her intelligence and not die on the altar of PO politics and ethnic sentiments. Afterall they are in the same profession


Politics / Re: President Tinubu Meets Emefiele At The Presidential Villa by 12inchess: 4:34pm On May 30
Please sack him sharp sharp. He is an enemy of Progress like Bubu.
Politics / Re: Obi v Tinubu: Tribunal admits documents on Tinubu's alleged illicit drug offence by 12inchess: 3:48pm On May 30

Exactly! All we are seeing is tinubu past history. Tell us how the elections were rigged. That is what we should be seeing, not telling us about tinubu drug dealings, what does that have to do with the elections? Tell us how the elections were rigged...

Peter Obi has no case apparently. He is just trying to save face. Shameful

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Romance / Re: Am I wrong for Rejecting a UK Visa? by 12inchess: 10:50pm On May 26
Bro don't let anybody push you anywhere. If it's Nigeria you like then stay there. There are people prospering on both sides. I'm typing from America and I can tell you that there are people in Nigeria who are even living better lives than those in U.S and vice versa too. You can go there for a while and see how it is. If you don't like it go back to your Nigeria. Atleast you will have family and friends surrounding you in Nigeria. You will eat local foods without any wahala. Good weather. A culture you're used to. But remember there is not constant electricity also, no good roads, poor health care etc. So both have advantages and disadvantages.

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Politics / Re: I Acted In Love For The Common Good- Pat Utomi by 12inchess: 4:59pm On May 25
OBI is not a very good politician. LP was PDPs greatest undoing. I became sure Obi was either compromised or naive during Buhari and Emefiele impelemented led changing of Naira note policy and Obi was in support of the government while people were suffering while Tinubu was very vocally against Buhari for this. Everyone knows Buhari is bad market so APC create this dynamic close to the end of the campaign cycle to make it seem like Tinubu and Buhari are not from the same camp. Any all you obidients just kept lapping up everything like low mentality and reasoning individuals that you are not looking at the bigger picture. If there is anything that should have been as clear as day by then considereing the way BAT won at the APC primaries, it is that Jagaban aka Oko awon omo ibo is a political juggernaut. LP took a huge block of traditional PDP votes. Even though APC lost Lagos by a small margin in totality LP was beneficial to APC because traditinally SE and SS vote mostly PDP.

Everyone should try again in 4 years.*rolls eyes* by then he will be president and let's see how he wont finish his 8 years except God wills.

All I have posted is simply common sense and I'm tired of saying this over again and again sef.


Sports / Re: Victor Richard Kipo, Nigerian Boy With 7 Guinness World Records by 12inchess: 5:21pm On May 19
Rather than pursuing seemingly useless (or pointless) records.Let's pursue ways to improve our GDP, promote business enterprises and reduce youth unemployment. No shades to any record holders and congratulations to all of them.
Politics / Re: LP: I am Back As National Chairman, Restraining Order Set Aside – Abure by 12inchess: 9:21pm On May 18

See your face calling Peter Obi monumental failure... You really think you are faceless..lmao David

You leave twitter still carry your retarded behavior of posting people's personal pictures on twitter on Nairaland because you dont' agree with them. Typical ob.i.di.ot didinrin behavior. angry angry angry
Politics / Re: LP: I am Back As National Chairman, Restraining Order Set Aside – Abure by 12inchess: 7:16pm On May 18
Labour party na very useless party. Shebi we talk am that time say the party no get structure. You people were abusing us. The Party was hijacked by this Abure fellow and the Presidential candidate slot was sold to Peter Obi without conducting primaries after he lost PDP Presidential ticket to Atiku. Shebi you nonsense obi.mdi.ots were abusing BAT on his win in APC primaries. At least APC conducted primaries. LP Presidential primaries was a scam.And a party built on fraud cannot stand.


Celebrities / Re: David Hundeyin Mocks Seun Kuti Over His Arrest by 12inchess: 9:55pm On May 17
This David Hundeyin is reta.rde.d. So because he didn't support your P.O he is now a bad person. If what he did us bad to you the condemn it. But to connect it to your support for P.O is just quite du.mb I must say. Anyway what does one expect from a guy that cooks ups story in the name of investigative journalism. He and Kemi Olunloyo are in the same Whatsapp group.

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Politics / Re: If APC Wanted Nigeria To Work, Why Didn't They Bring Osinbajo - Peter Obi by 12inchess: 12:47pm On May 17
This man mumu no be small. He thinks APC party Primaries is just the way his Labor in pain party was conducted where they just pick him as the Presidential candidate without due process.
Culture / Re: Ooni Of Ife welcomes 6th Wife to Palace (pics) by 12inchess: 10:16pm On May 16
I would like to encourage our Ooni Ho.rn.y to aspire to break a record just like Hilda Bacci wey cook till infinity with the Guinesss World record of most twins and triplets married by one man. He can start with this Okan twins next monththen the Tomiwa, Tosin and Toni triplets the following month. That will make him now be like 11 wives in total. At the rate at which the Ooni Ho.r.ny is going, he fit do pass King Solomon and bring pride to Yoruba Lnd angry angry angry angry angry angry

I hear say this Ooni H.or.ny get Oil well so na small thing. Money bokun. angry angry angry angry

Nonsense and rubbish

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Family / Re: How Am I Suppose To Fight For My Home Here? by 12inchess: 10:03pm On May 16
If you have done enough and he doesn't want to change..join him. They said if you can't beat them, then join them.

Locate his popular betting spot and meet him there, as he is staking games, stake your own too. Two of you will join hand and go home empty after loosing..he won't expect you to prepare food at home since both of you went to work gamble at the betting shop..

You will sleep with empty stomachs, but make sure your baby dey chop.

Na the man go use him hand begin advice you say make una stop.

No be only him sabi madd

I swear. I wan talk say make you leave that your mumu husband. But you see this advice I quoted is the best. Next time him wan go gamble back your baby and follow him. When you get there make sure you gamble everything till no money dey again. Just make sure plenty baby food dey for your baby to eat. By the time you got come home empty handed multiple times and no food dey for you both to chop hin head go correct. And who knows may be na you God go finally use to hammer winning (sure) number grin grin grin grin


Family / Re: My Husband Doesn't Want Us To Get A House Help by 12inchess: 3:02pm On May 10
This is why I dont like commenting on women marriage issues because they are usually one sided. Madam you're the problem. If he is agreeing to a non live in maid, then you get the non live in maid to do some of the work for you in the day while you try and rest as much as you can and do the rest of the work when the maid is gone.

However, it seems like you just want someone at your beck and call to send on errands and do all the work for you like the madam of the house while you do nothing angry angry angry angry just like some of your friends have.

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Family / Re: My Husband Doesn't Want Us To Get A House Help by 12inchess: 2:42pm On May 10
You didn't give the reason he gave. Money? Or he wants you to do housework to death? If it's because of money or some other understandable reasons then maybe you suck it up and do the work and try to rest more often. However, if you can afford it and it's just because he thinks you should work yourself to death then maybe he has a poverty mentality. Then I suggest you dust your own kpali and also head out to work in your career. Even if you go to Prince Charles house today, I'm sure it is people helping him leace his shoes because he has huge battalions of money angry angry angry angry
Travel / Re: Max Air Boeing 737 Suffers Multiple Tire Bursts Upon Landing Abuja Airport by 12inchess: 2:41am On May 08
This is not the time to thank God. This is the time to try to figure out why the fu,c.k this should happen!!!!! Nigerians and thanking God. God will not come down to maintain the aircrafts. An investigation needs to be done to see how this can happen. In the U.S they have the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in Nigeria we have FAA. FAA should do something before crash land turns into real crash.

Thank God sha.

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Politics / Re: What FBI Told Me About Tinubu’s File - Jeffrey Guterman, by 12inchess: 2:37am On May 08

Client don turn Obi supporters to maga... The guy even open GoFundMe page dey chop Dem cashout

Baba dey throw format for Twitter steady


I don laugh tire.... Oyinbo sef dey do yahoo... make una seat down there. No be Oyinbo teach us fraud? This guy na agba picker grin grin grin grin grin grin.... who can add the link to the thread so mumu obidio.ts can donate.

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Politics / Re: Details You Did Not Know About The Ekweremadu Case By Emeka Ugwuonye by 12inchess: 1:07pm On May 06
The more I read about this case, the more confused I am.

Ekweremadu is rich enough, why didn't he just go to other countries with standard hospitals where it isn't a crime to donate kidney for a fee? Countries where even Nigerians travel to, just to sell their kidneys?

Why all the shadiness surrounding the deal... The lies... Deceits?

Is there a special condition the daughter has, that makes finding a matching kidney a rarity, that made it look as if we have to deceive someone to get a kidney? I'm sure if the boy was told what he was going to do and also informed that it is a crime, so he must not tell anyone, I'm very sure he would have consented... So why all the deceptions?

I read somewhere that the said daughter had a reckless lifestyle, I hope this has taught her a lesson to calm down

A question for out judiciary, if this case was tried in Nigeria, would they have the balls to dispense justice rightly? (I really hope many of our judges are seeing their lives outside)

I don't believe it's karma or whatever, I just think maybe, just maybe, Ekweremadu didn't know the boy was being played... He might have thought the boy had an idea of what was going to happen and agreed to it... It might have been a shock to him when he started hearing news of the boy saying he is ignorant of the organ transplant offer... [/b]just maybe[b]

Anyhow sha, let him, his wife and their wonderful doctor serve their prison sentence... Maybe when he comes back, another Ibori treatment might await him and he'll become a godfather, as we never ready to get sense for Nigeria na
Stop giving excuses for Ekweremadu. He knew well alright that they were cheating the boy as poor and vulnerable youth. What he didn't envisage is that the boy as a Lagos Street Guy will fight back. The reason he used doctor Obeta and did it in UK is because this same Dr. had successfully done the same thing for himself when he needed a Kidney in 2017 and was never caught. So with that assurance he thought his daughter own will be successful as well. He lied the boy is Sonia's cousin when he knew she was not. He knew perfectly what he was getting into. That one is for sure. He tried to import Nigerian lawlessness to UK but it failed him and his village pple finally got him.

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Politics / Re: Ekweremadus: Those people can kill me, I want to remain in the UK - Nwamini by 12inchess: 6:59pm On May 05
Political elite for Nigeria never know anything. The boys and girls out now. The Generation Z. You think say you go fit play them. Boys wey don get access to global knowledge. Na dem go scam you sef. Ekweremadu wan comot the boy's kidney's. The boy change am for them for UK. Thank God say na U.K. If na naija,na so dem go comot him kidney. One day bush meat go catch the hunter. we don dey reach that day small small. angry angry
Politics / Re: Ike Ekweremadu & Wife Nwanneka Sentenced To 10 Years, 6 Years Each by 12inchess: 3:00pm On May 05
This is the law of karma. uote author=shortgun post=122947356]This is not justice but witch hunting.

How can you sentence a man that wrote to your embassy about his intention to take someone to UK for the purpose of organ donation.
The donor is not a minor.
What nonsense law do they practice in the uk

When you try to carry out very critical stuff in another country, common sense should tell you to understand the laws there. Actually, the understood the laws there, they were just so desperate that they didn't care. Sorry for them and their daughter but the law is the law and was made for a reason e.g to stop human trafficking and organ sale in the black market

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Politics / Re: Ike Ekweremadu & Wife Nwanneka Sentenced To 10 Years, 6 Years Each by 12inchess: 2:57pm On May 05
I urge Ike Ekwerenmadu to Appeal his conviction.

This is not in any way justice. We have documents proof that the senator write the UK Embassy officially notifying them about the kidney transparent.

This is mere witch hunting and I condemn it, I condemn it. I condemn it and I call on all Nigerians to rise up to their voices to demand for a fair justice.

The FG must as a matter of urgency sanction the British govt.

The British embassy should be shutdown immediately.
.all British companies or businesses in Nigeria should be shutdown immediately.

This is unacceptable and we condemn it, we condemn it, we condemn it.

Because of yeye ekweremadu your foolish self thinks Nigeria should cut diplomatic ties with Britain? I have no other way to say this but "Your head is not correct"


Politics / Re: I Made Efforts To Lure Tinubu To PDP – Wike by 12inchess: 2:00pm On May 05
Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a cocaine sniffing vagabond

LOL. Baba calmn down. All this curses wont stop him from being inaugurated in a few weeks time grin grin grin
Health / Re: How Student Doctor Caused Woman's Death During Childbirth In Edo (Photos) by 12inchess: 1:52pm On May 05
First of all there is nothing like student doctor. Maybe a doctor on housemanship? A medical student? A doctor undergoing residency for specialization. From the way this as been written. It's a doctor undergoing housemanship being referred to as "student doctor" A doctor undergoing housemanship has not yet received his medical license. He is just an MBBS graduate in a teaching hospital. There should be a licensed doctor in charge of EVERY patient at all times.

Where was the licensed doctor?

This should be the question we are all asking! The licensed doctor should also be on site at all times. Some of the consultants leave their govt assigned jobs to do operations at private clinics leaving the patients in the hands of doctors under training. I remember at some point I had a surgery in LUTH. The consultant was not in the hospital and was just making calls with the resident doctors on how to go about things. If something happened during the operation nko that needed his expert hands on attention right away. By the way resident doctors already have their medical license and are under training to become specialist. Yet, this is wrong. The consultant should always be on site for every surgery. Abroad he must even be in the room during the operation otherwise if anything goes wrong and the patient sues, he will be in trouble. But you know Nigeria is the land of lawlessness. angry angry angry

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Assassination Attempt Made On Russian President, Vladmir Putin by 12inchess: 5:16pm On May 04

U appear to have some fraction of knowledge but beclouded by bias.

Let me ask you this, if you were Zelensky what would you have done differently?

If I was Zelenskyy, I will have negotiated for the safety, security and prosperity of my people knowing fully well that Russia is stronger than me military-wise. I will make sure the war doesn't start and be willing to give concessions. You make call it falling for a bully but I will call it battle for my survival and safety of my people.

Despite the rows that have gone on between U.S, and China on Taiwan for years, you don't see them nuking each other to Oblivion. Just skirmishes here and there to prove points. Both countries love their people too much to start a full blown war that will result in mutually assured destruction and huge loses on both sides. These are countries that are fairly equally matched militarily. Talkless of a country that is military subservient to Russia. Up till now Ukraine has not been allowed to join NATO. Go figure. In the past, smaller Kingdoms will pay tribute to larger Kingdoms. It doesn't mean the smaller kingdoms are stup.id. It just means they understand their place. Any war of such magnitude in modern times may lead to a nuclear fallout and immense loses and damages on both sides.
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Behind Drone Attack To Assassinate Putin - Russia Claims by 12inchess: 4:36pm On May 04

With this comment of yours, you are one of the top ten dumbest person on nairaland. You need exposure on geopolitics and international relations.
I concur to this too. If Russia attacks Ukraine. How does America get into the mix. Ideally, this makes no logical sense


Foreign Affairs / Re: Assassination Attempt Made On Russian President, Vladmir Putin by 12inchess: 6:28pm On May 03

There is a fourth angle. Oligarchs are getting tire of the prolonged war and are losing their money in billions. They/ some of them therefore empower a local terror group to mop Putin up.

You guys just type hearsays. One of the biggest Mercenary insitutions in the world the Wagner group is owned by a Russian Oligarch who is Putin's close friend and personal chef. If you don't know let me tell you. War is profitable to some. Resources are stolen during war, Guns and war atillery are sold and resold. You will be surprised that the same Guns used in Sudan are the same ones that were used in Iraq or Afghanistan. Sold and re-sold to generate billions for the War machine. If Russia nukes Ukraine with one atomic bomb the whole of Ukraine will be levelled. The reason why the war is going at a snails pace is to feed the War machine till it's fed fat. Then after you will hear of peace talks. Last last na still agreement go end am. It's just the Ukrainians I pity who have lost their homes and their dumb ass leader who couldnt negotiate out of this waste of lives early. Both Putin and Zelensky are living large and young people are dying. The only people benefiting for war are the people selling weapons and paying for mercenaries.


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