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Politics / Re: Military Bombard Bandits In North-West, North-Central Forests by 12inchess: 12:13pm On Jun 16
How terrorists have been remixed to herdsmen and now bandits. No more news of Boko Haram since they have been technically defeated so we can conclude that Boko haram is the same as Bandits.
Literature / Re: My Feud With Akwaeke Emezi - Chimamanda Adichie Tells Her Side Of The Story by 12inchess: 12:07pm On Jun 16

Lalasticlala did you see any single place in the write-up that Chimamanda mentioned Akwaeke’s name?

You guys need to be careful with reporting, even though we know she is probably talking about her, headlines like this open up Nairaland to a lawsuit. Chimamanda intentionally removed the name of the person she is addressing while your headline suggests otherwise.

Seun Mynd44

She is the one. Akwa eke is the one. Everyone knows it.

But to be honest I don't even give a shit about her write up. I wasted my time reading it. Why didn't she just set the record straight and keep quiet? Why all these stories?
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Performs Fela's Song On His Grandpa's 85th Birthday by 12inchess: 1:14pm On Jun 14

It was only recently my hubby just told me his mum was a dancer for Fela. Apple does not fall far from its tree
I don't know why people keep revolving this fake news when Burna's mum has said it on several interviews that she never knew Fela personally talk less of being his dancer when he was alive.
Politics / Re: Buhari: I Told Sanwo-Olu To Tell Lagosians To Walk After Buses Were Burnt by 12inchess: 10:55pm On Jun 12
By now you will be a fool to think Buhari has anything to offer. Even if he is president for 50 years. Nigeria will get progressively worse in every important metric during that time period. Since there is no way in or democracy to remove a president, he should just do his 2 years and go. And not one day extra. What a useless president. To think this was the man many thought will bring the much needed change is a disappointment.
Politics / Re: Buhari: I Told Sanwo-Olu To Tell Lagosians To Walk After Buses Were Burnt by 12inchess: 8:30pm On Jun 12
Buhari is a wicked tribalist and hypocrite. When his Fulani brothers are creating havoc all over the country he will always find excuses for them I. E His cousins and herders who are Nigeriens. They will create all sort of programs for them. Build rail to their second home in Niger. And grantn terrorist herds men amnesty. But when it comes to dealing with the south he will act like it's not his business. It's evident that the man has a bitter heart that he has kept since they removed him in 1983. But this time around he is smart enuff to know how to manipulate the democratic system so that no Coup happens. He has nothing to offer a Nigeria other than sorrow, tears and n bad.

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Politics / Re: FG: Twitter Is Showing Little Enthusiasm Toward The Dialogue It Initiated by 12inchess: 9:10pm On Jun 11
Yeye. Twitter doesnt give two bleeps about Nigeria. Twitter is worth more than the whole Nigeria.

My stock in twitter has risen by 16% in one month. I have made almost 500 dollars just in one month. While the X million naira I have in Nigeria loses value and get devaluated daily while Aboki is making money off selling dollars and doing nothing. Abeg Make Lai Mohhammed go and sit down. Buhari's govt is still working on Pentium when the world is using i11 processor and AWS cloud computing.

The best decision I made in recent years so far is to Japa.

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Politics / Re: Democracy Day: FG Declares Monday Public Holiday, Warns Against Agitations by 12inchess: 5:39pm On Jun 10
Protest is part of democracy. You want to be enjoying your position without any opposition then please go back to military rule. People have the right to protest and its your responsibility as an elected official to make sure its done peacefully.
Politics / Re: President Buhari will Commission Brand New Lagos-Ibadan Rail Line tomorrow!!! by 12inchess: 2:23am On Jun 10
"Presidency" abi shey na President, if e sure for you, carry this news to Twitter.
Politics / Re: 2023: Nigerians In Diaspora Endorse Yahaya Bello, Set Up Office In Germany by 12inchess: 9:45pm On Jun 06
We have reached an era in mankind where rather than advertise yourself in TV its better for you to pay a couple of hopeless souls to sing your praise. Nigerians in the Diaspora my ass. I'm in the Diaspora and I've never heard of them. Anybody can now form a group collect bribe from a Politician and start talking smack. Anyway I'm not from Nigeria. I'm from UAR sad angry
Politics / Re: Britain Warns Twitter & Facebook To Regulate Their Sites Content by 12inchess: 9:39pm On Jun 06
This is why I left Nairaland. It's infected with BMC. This person created a profile today. And somehow manages to get a very sensitive topic to the Frontpage. I've been on Nairaland since 2006 and I've never hit frontpage. If there is any social media site that needs monitoring, it's Nairaland. Seun doesn't care about the site anymore I guess.
Romance / Re: Upcoming Wedding Palava by 12inchess: 3:08am On May 19
I'll try to make this short.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with my fiancée about my mum's suggestion about how to go about our wedding which is scheduled to take place Jan next year. My mum suggested that we do both trad and white wedding on the same day to cut cost. She opined that we do the white wedding in the morning and hold the traditional marriage as a reception in the afternoon. I pretty much see reasons from her perspective considering the harsh economic condition in Nigeria.

I was relating this to my fiancée yesterday in a phone call, when she flared up and said I should have consulted her to seek her opinion on this marriage arrangement before going to my family to seek theirs because I said my mum's advise seems okay.

What I deduce from her plight was that she wants the trad marriage at the village (south-east) while the white at the town where we base (South-West). That was what I initially wanted but due to high inflation in the land, I'm actually tilting towards my mum advise because I can't go bankruptcy just because I want to satisfy her. Why not use a stone to kill two birds?

She wants a cream-de-la-cream kind of wedding but she's not ready to assist financially to make that happen. (she's an awaiting corper)

I told her that the cost of transportation and lodging people from the village (hers and mine) to the city for our white marriage alone is gulping about 500/600k. That's transportation & lodging alone ooo.. I'll now spend if not x2 of what I spent on trad for white.. Why not just do everything in the village and move on with our lives? We can actually have it in the village and it will still be all nice and glamourous.

She said she wants to have a say in how her marriage will look like. Her imput is welcomed. But if she still insist on having the white wedding and not putting finances into consideration. I'm thinking that she want the white wedding on the city because of her friends who will attend which is not enough reason to go bankruptcy for.

It was a heated argument yesterday. We both went to bed angrily and not in talking terms till now

Pls advice accordingly. Thanks

You better don't waste all your money or give yourself hypertension because of one wedding ceremony. Your mum is the right one here. I wonder how fiancee that is not dropping money is now dictating how much money should be spent on the wedding. Except her daddy is Otedola, and is bringing funds for the wedding she better keep silent
Business / Re: China Bans Financial Institutions From All Cryptocurrency Business by 12inchess: 3:00am On May 19
grin cheesy
Crypto business is unpredictable and it's not good to be counted as an asset

Amgray Logistics
I see cryptocurrency as a form of currency like FIAT but U.S govt treats it's like property and taxes just trading it. This is unfair and unreasonable. You don't get taxed from just changing one currency to another. This is why to me trading Crypto in places that have such laws is quite stupid.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Mocks Pastor Adeboye After Son’s Death [VIDEO] by 12inchess: 3:35pm On May 09

He just outdid himself... I am a Yoruba man, but this has gotten to another level, Sunday Igboho just shot himself in the foot.

Baba Adeboye isn't someone you will insult or ridicule and go scot free. Every Christian in Yoruba land is by extension, a child to Baba Adeboye and we say NO to this!

I know my own parents that sent me to school. If Pastor Adeboye is your own father, then good for you. But for me, I know where my own father is.


Politics / Re: A Pastor Bailed Boko Haram Founder, Yusuf 3 Times: Sultan's NSCIA by 12inchess: 7:03pm On Apr 26
Whether pastor or Imam oooo. The time to split this country is ripe. Let everybody go their way. Atleast now we know who this one is working for. The only thing how this our potential "feudal leaders" know how to do is create division. Nothing to add to the country. Just division and born battalion of children. Picture about Nigeria is now clear to many of us. Both CAN ooo and MURIC ooo, Sultan ooo, Ooni ooo are all playing for the same team.

APC= PDP = Third force ( that may be created)
Politics / Re: Feminist Coalition Accused Of Withdrawing $51,000 From #EndSARS Donations Wallet by 12inchess: 12:22am On Mar 13

Where is that idiot who attacked me when I said Africans are genetically evil.

I've officially left nairaland. But I'd come back because of just to say this. It's your grandmother that must genetically evil.
Nairaland / General / Bye! Nairaland. by 12inchess: 5:39pm On Mar 12
I'm officially leaving Nairaland. I really can't handle or compartmentalize being on both NL and Twitter at the same time so I have to pick one. Thanks to Seun for giving me the opportunity to vent and discuss with a lot of intelligent folk here. And my nairaland heroes "born2fuc. k" and "lefulefu" Respect.

I've been on Nairaland since the beginning i think around 2005 or 2006 as a registered user with a diff name so leaving is a bit......

To the developers of this site and Seun. Perhaps it's time to think about how the site operates and revise. Maybe an App?

To those that want to keep listening to my rantings. Follow me on Twitter @yoghurthag. My Twitter name is 12inch33s.

Peace Out ✌️
Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Healthcare May Become Fastest Growing Sector In Nigerian Economy by 12inchess: 1:37pm On Mar 12
The rate at which Nigeria loses Drs to abroad. That is the real problem. So many UCH or LUTH trained now working for the benefit of the U. K. TO think of it. Education in Nigeria is very subsidized. So Drs are being trained for the benefit of other countries. But I won't blame them. Who wants to live in a country like Nigeria. No light and petrol just turned 213. Me sef I don japa.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UK Has Stopped The Recruitment Of Doctors And Nurses From Nigeria And 46 Others by 12inchess: 1:33pm On Mar 12
... Who knows the level of attrocirites the African health workers are committing already.

Dem fit Don dey thief medicine or do illegal abortions and delivery.

It's the African man... He's genetically evil

You're very St. upid. It is you and your family that is genetically evil. Is it Africans that dropped nuclear bomb in Hiroshima. Or is it Africans that carried out the slave trade or Holocaust?
Education / Re: UI, LASU, UNILAG Ranked Among Top 800 World Universities By Times Higher (THE) by 12inchess: 3:04pm On Mar 11
UI first class graduates that can't communicate well in English. Could it be that English isn't their mode of communication or they write their exams in Yoruba language?

Knowing English means nothing. A student that studies Maths can get 1st Class and still be very bad in English. If your school is not on the list, that doesn't mean it's not good as those schools but I believe the school management needs to submit the school for evaluation. And I consider the Times Higher Education List to be "Grammy" or "Emmy" awards of schools. So their list is fairly sound.


Politics / Re: Olusegun Osoba Takes COVID-19 Vaccine by 12inchess: 1:22pm On Mar 10

Very good sir,
Pls just convince all present and past governors and political job holders to be taking the vaccine.
We like ur movies but we the Nigerian populace are okay.
After all, we never benefitted from ur government, so keep the vaccines within ur circle.
We the Nigerian populace, our focus is how to make end meet so we can put food on our table.
You can take another round of the vaccine next week if that one you have taken is not okay for you. U may send the pictures we will clap for you wherever we are.
"We are no want"
So typing trash. The vaccine is scientifically proven to reduce incidence of Covid. For now it's the best the world as got. If you have elderly parents it would be good they took the vaccine since they are very vulnerable.
Politics / Re: Olusegun Osoba Takes COVID-19 Vaccine by 12inchess: 1:19pm On Mar 10
You people that will be supporting this useless leaders. You see that they are not vaccinating out elderly parents. They are only vaccinating themselves after classifying themselves as strategic leaders. Even the I. G of Police will get the vaccine but the rest of the policemen and police women who are on the street 24/7, no vaccine for them. How many essential workers have gotten the vaccine?
Politics / Re: I Am Not A Criminal - Iskilu Wakili Breaks Silence by 12inchess: 4:18pm On Mar 09
The man even said with his own mouth that he knows his many cattle stray into other people's farm at times to forage on farmers' crops. Naija na cruise abeg. grin grin grin

So if this is not a crime, then what is?

Na OPC Bleep up sha. After they caught this man, they should have hung him or put tire on his neck just like the wild wild west rather than handing him over to the police.
Celebrities / Re: Simi: Music Industry Pits Women Against One Another by 12inchess: 9:30pm On Mar 06

Sorry, why did you mention me?
I was talking about Ayrastarr the artiste. Not Ayrastarr the hoodlum angry angry angry angry angry angry

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Business / Re: CBN Introduces ‘Naira 4 Dollar Scheme’ For Diaspora Remittances by 12inchess: 9:25pm On Mar 06
Very useless government. This is what happens when you keep bringing forth useless policies. They have realize that people like me have cease to remit forex.

I stopped remitting my money the moment they stamped the $100 withdrawal limit on foreign transactions. I realized that this government can destroy the country one day with their corruption, nepotism and quota system, and then come around to say Nigerians are only entitled to #100k of their money even when you have #2b in your account while government use the remaining to rejig the economy. The funny part is that the resolution will only apply to the masses while they continue to use theirs to cater for their families.

My brother na then me too I stopped trusting this govt ooo. CBN no know say people wey dey work for diaspora dey make dollars don't trust them.

5 Naira kill them there.

It's that 100 dollar limit that opened our eyes. They don't really give a shit about us. Now they want us to be remitting them dollars.

Make them go sell oil naa. Shebi Dangote will soon complete his forex subsidized refinery. Make dem collect the dollars from him.

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Business / Re: CBN Introduces ‘Naira 4 Dollar Scheme’ For Diaspora Remittances by 12inchess: 5:35pm On Mar 06

I agree with you. If truly the banks are doing the giveaway at #5 per $, with $20,000, someone is in a profitable to-and-fro business.

International transfers cost about $30 per transfer, so to and fro is $60 — let's say $70 (assuming any other charges). Every inflow of $20,000 gives you #100k from CBN, while your expenses is only $70 (#30-35k). You're in #65k profit per full trip!

Invariably, these dumb fellows, through this dumb policy, have created another means for their folks to milk the country more!

Even $10k can give you more than #30k per full trip.

Smart man. They have created a successful strategy for some bankers to round trip. Only people with "access" can be involved in this and CBN is essentially given them a loophole to do this. Probably this may already be going on given our dual exchange rates. But hustlers like me wont drop one dollar because additional 5 naira. Naira that before you open and close your eyes again the 5 naira has become 2 Naira. What if after May CBN devalues the naira again which is consistent in their ways. Then the additional 5 naira you made on your dollar will be how much?

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Business / Re: CBN Introduces ‘Naira 4 Dollar Scheme’ For Diaspora Remittances by 12inchess: 4:42pm On Mar 06

You will collect your $2,500 in cash and an extra NGN12,500 CBN promo

Oh I see. Essentially the CBN is trying to attract all our dollars into Nigerian banks. So for someone that has a lot of money stored as dollars already, do you think this scam is enough for me to risk sending my dollars to Nigerian banks. After people have sent all the dollars finish, they will now change the policy and say you can only withdraw the money out as Naira. Just like was done in Venezuela.

Awon olofo grin grin grin grin grin


Business / Re: CBN Introduces ‘Naira 4 Dollar Scheme’ For Diaspora Remittances by 12inchess: 4:35pm On Mar 06
Hahaha. The worst thing to keep now is the naira. If you invest your naira as stock or shares, or even as treasury bills, it will get devalued before you cash out your profits. So what is the point. Its better to kuku find a way to convert all your naira to dollars or crypto and leave it in the Chase bank or put it under your pillow and be staring at it.

CBN knows the right thing to do all this while but they won't. If they had devalued the naira to close to market rate and didnt give "special rate" to Dangote and his other cronies, all in the name of CBN rate, all this won't have been needed.

They think say we people wey dey work for inside cold for Yankee say we be mumu abi.

Your 5 naira kill you there.

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Celebrities / Re: Simi: Music Industry Pits Women Against One Another by 12inchess: 8:33pm On Mar 05
Do you know Simi has a record label? How many young female artiste's has she signed. Even Tiwa Savage rather than start her own record label and sign young female artiste like herself, she went to sign with Universal. By now someone as big as Tiwa shouldn't be under any record label. If she was male I assure you that she will be a record label owner. I can go on and on Yemi Alade nko, how many artiste she sign? Later they will say women supporting women but they are not willing to do what their male counterparts are doing. Dem no wan hustle or take intiative. Look at Dj cuppy sef too. Upon all the money her papa get and access to funds, rather than start record label that will be signing artistes like her that her female, she wants to do Masters in African Studies. She and Davido wey get 30 BG shey dem no be the same set everythingwise ? You know how many artiste's Davido don sign since he start 30 BG and DMW. Na Davido go still sign Liya when Tiwa dey. Na Don Jazzy go sign AyraStarr. Later Nigerian female artiste go sit down there dey complain. But all the big gods wey they finance their lifestyle in Nollywood while thy male counterparts are broke etc. dem no go talk about that one.

If you sing good song whether you be man or woman, people go jam your song. Na the one wey I know be that.

Anyway the future is female what do I know angry angry angry angry

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Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy Gains Admission Into Oxford University For Masters (Photos, Video) by 12inchess: 5:16pm On Mar 05
I can agree that she is very lucky. When someone has a lot of money and money is not a problem, that is when stupid ideas start coming to your head like getting a Masters in African Studies when your primary work is DJ or entertainer.

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Politics / Re: Another Monopoly: Dangote's Troubling Petroleum Industry Bill Proposal by 12inchess: 12:31pm On Mar 04
Na so Dangote they do ooo. Last last na still Atlanta and Florida babes go dey chop him money. It's crazy that you will monopolize oil Refinery to a monopoly.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Commissions Newly Upgraded Glover Memoriall Hall by 12inchess: 4:35am On Mar 04

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