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Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 9:12am On Nov 22, 2012
labella12: Hello fruitful mums
So much is going on here its hard to catch up I am an old member of this thread whom God has now blessed with a beautiful baby girl I kept planning to come share my testimony here. Well I took the bull by the horn and had surgery to remove a fibroid and conceived 4 months after the surgery on the first try after clearance from my doctor. In that cycle I used clear blue digital ovulation test kits (as the lines in conventional OPK's can be confusing) to detect ovulation and used preseed (just a little pea size) and prayer na so I get my BFP oh.
God will surely bless everyone on this thread we will all hold our babies as more testimonies will continue here

@pink 22 from the ultrasound report the fibroid tho small is in a location that affects implantation since it is submucosal and distorting endometrial lining. ur doctor would probably advice u to take it out but ask about using hysteroscopic myomectomy to remove it. It is a less invasive surgery read more about it so u can discuss with ur dr during your appointment

Congrats on your lovely baby girl, more shall come for by God's grace.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 9:01am On Nov 22, 2012
ebony13: @ Aladunni,I remember the argument quite well but that's not where my question came from. My question came from what she posted yesterday,although she has edited it now.
Please dnt let fear of the unknown control you, we should not be pushed by our fears or problems but be led by what we believe and our dreams. Pls and pls dnt let fear dictate for you. God has given us authority over the devil,and fear is not of God but the devil.
So whatever decision u make should be out of faith! I personally dnt see anything wrong with assisted conception as everything in life has risks.

thanks I really need this at this time to actually work on myself. It is well with us all.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 8:59am On Nov 22, 2012
@ Pink22: Your fibroid is quite small but that does not mean it should be ignored. I learnt there is a natural way to shrink it and improve your general fertility well being. ie By taking Apple Cidar Vinegar(2 table spoon mixed with half glass of water 2ice daily).You can google it and read up testimonies on it. Also learnt it works best when mixed with Black molases all these info are found on the web. I think someone has advertised that on NL before cos i got one for my sis who has fibroid & ovarian cyst.
Also, watch what you eat, cut off milk completely if possible and chocolates, white flour. Food reach in fibre, fruits and vegetable is what you need to be eating.
It is well sis! You are not alone, trust me there are people who have had worse issues than you and today they are joyful mothers of children!
Stay blessed...

sub_zidi, please can you send the details of where you got the stuff from into my mail. Send it through nairaland mail, thanks.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 8:54am On Nov 22, 2012
Pink22: Well i guess no one has anything to say as per my scan. Still awaiting Dr's appt. For now all am doing is praying and trusting

Pink22, if I may ask is the fibroid giving any symptom like heavy or light or irregular periods? If not try look for a way to shrink it instead of a surgery. Surgery is most wicked thing someone can do for fibroids, it will definitely re-grow. Except it is laparectomy or something like that, it is a less invasive surgery and you are likely to have no scars or adhesion. But the best advice is to find a means to shrink it, there are herbs/supplements they claim can do it, I am starting a line of treatment in 2 weeks time and I will if don't mind keep you updated.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 8:41am On Nov 22, 2012
ebony13: @ Alwaystrue,thanks for that piece. God bless you. From you previous post (uve edited it now) you sounded like you're not doing anything 'science' to boost your chances,did I assume wrong or is that true?
If you dnt feel comfortable answering its okay,but there are drugs your hubby can take to help apart from fruits you know.

Ebony I remembered this argument sometimes ago, I think if I was clear that day she was more against any assisted reproductive system, like IVF and donor fluid. I need to confess that after that argument and some views on the internet, I personally took it to a pastor who is a discipler and I respect a lot. He said doesn't by the idea of IVF as a form of abortion or any other ideology flying around among some christians, since then I rested my case. I only personally (not spiritual) have fears with IVF, what if the first attempt does'nt work? What if they used someone else's fluid for me or they used someone else's eggs just to prove their success rates (I heard some clinics do that). What if there are complications in the fertilization process and the child becomes an slowpoke or something? They are just fears that am working on and at the same time waiting for a miracle. In fact my brother had taken it upon himself to fly me out of this country to do it. But as I weigh my options I keep questioning why would my maker not do it without all the stress going through me. It does not cost Jehovah a thing to give me a child (its the way my pastor say in his prayer whenever he prays for me). I believe He will do it.

@alwaystrue, thanks for those words, it inspires my heart to do more.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 10:27pm On Nov 21, 2012
@Chi16, heknowsmyname and skimpychick, I am so glad my life now motivates someone else, I have always prayed for that and its awesome am getting it online too. The good Lord who says children are a reward and a gift will surely look down in mercy give us those two.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 10:21pm On Nov 21, 2012
Beloved1993: Omg Aladunni, I love your piece, a very good outlook. Keep doing you.
Aladunni, Olorun a dun e ninu.
I don't know you but I feel for you, the almighty God will answer your prayers. I'm also dealing with the hydrosalpinx issue now. I did hsg last year and Dr said its fine. Fast forward this year, I showed 2 Dr's my surgery photos and they say there is hydrosalpinx in left tube, they couldn't even see the right tube in the photos, so we don't know what's going on with that.

Miracles do happen and I'm waiting for mine.
Have you looked into ivf?

Wow, such a similar story. Thanks for those kind words. You know the beauty of it is this, the same doctor that did an unnecessary surgery for me was the same one that is now suggesting ivf as if he kept money for me to do it with. In fact that why am telling God I need a miracle not an ivf. I have been to 2 other doctors who were asking why he would go on with a surgery if the fibroids were that small and giving no symptoms at all. I know my times are in the hands of God, I had prayed severally to God to forgive the doctor and move on.

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Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 4:44pm On Nov 21, 2012
Hi all, am here to post after another long while and wishing to thank you MamaTriplets for ever remembering I still exist.
@Udoka, it is permanent this time. No more crying, no more weeping and you are well with your baby IJN.

@all, I can see everyone is doing well one way or the other, our miracles are closer to us than when we started. I cannot leave this thread because I saw it when it started and I won't till I come here to announce my BFP too. I have a lot to post today.

About dreams, I cannot say too much because I dream a lot and they usually come to pass except the ones that involves me, isin't that weird. I see 1 week pregnancy of friends in my dream, I see what my friends who are not with me are passing through, I see things that are yet to happen in my dreams but when I dream about myself no manifestation. If not they are countless time I have touched, carried and handled babies, at a time I told God enough!!! My babies are to be carried in the physical not in my dreams and I keep praying about it. I keep vigil always and put every TTC member in my prayers. I have a great assurance because long before I was even interested in a marriage I received definite instructions about the kids, I may not be sure of my name right now but I know I heard God about them, 3 of them (I keep seeing them in my dreams too). ..."by two immutable things (his oath and his promise) in which it was impossible for God to lie." Heb 6:18 (Amp).

I have gone ahead to run all my test again and will visit the gynea and endo in 2 weeks times. Well I think because of the blocked tube, the endo wants the gynea opinion first but I intend telling him to do his part and keep my hormones in place. As per the tubes I have deliberately ignored it, it is not enough to hold me back. HSG said fluid is collected in one and the other is being kept but not highlighted cos of intramural myoma. I remembered the red sea, it was not enough to hold the Israelites back WHEN IT WAS TIME TO GO, that is my 2 cents for hydrosalpinx.
Another thing I noticed (I may be wrong) even from the days of Kathyekiti is that when anyone comes to the thread with tube issues, she is simply ignored or left on her own to fend. It isolated me a bit even here and I felt as though am I this alone on this path? I maybe wrong as I said.

I changed!! Even DH saw it, my colleagues saw it, I dressed so dashingly these days that everyone started asking what was wrong. I told them something is right not wrong. I dont throw caution into the air anymore, I am meticulous about what comes on me. About what I eat, my friends, even I changed with my in laws, am UNIQUE as me. I am not begging anyone to love me again, its either you love for who I am or you waka pass. I am raising my face up like a flint and facing all challenges before me. Let me tell it worked, I am now invited by Management of my workplace for advice and attention is least of what I am enjoying right now. Whatever I do, I am convinced of it and nothing will make me chicken out so easily. There is a new me right now is all I can say.
DH now wants to make love to me not for BD but cos he is moved by what he is seeing. I have lost weight, so I do everything and anything in bed (sorry TMI). Whenever AF shows, I look forward to its being over so that it doesnt disturb my business, I have a lot to do than whinning over something wey no get mouth to be controling me. So much to write, but I will leave it to when am back from DR's appointment.

Keep on PRAYING, ROCKING and LIVING friends.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 6:48am On Oct 11, 2012
wow!!! shocked shocked shocked shocked

So much had been going on here, especially the prayers and I am so inspired. I could not catch up on all the pages but I tried my best. It shall be well with us all in Jesus Name. I wish I can come up here daily like you all but I have some issues with this place. Someone I know already knows my ID, (I think). Well maybe these days that I have declared myself officially TTC, I don't care what they say, all I pray for are babies from the throne of grace.

Updates: I was at the lab a few days ago and it was the day 3 of my cycle, though now that the result came my doc said he wrote day 21 on my form not 3. I will repeat the test on day 21 again God's willing. No conclusion written on the report but it goes thus (can someone interpret for me?)

Prolactin - 12.8 (3.3 - 26.7)
FSH - 8.1 (4 - 10)
LH - 4.7 (4 - 10)
Oestradiol - 294 (100 - 350)

I did not do the progesterone that day cos the lab guy said it is better done on day 21. That is the current step ave taken, where is beetle or anyone who can help me with the above analysis. When am back on day 21, I will still post for proper analysis.

As per the prayer chain, please am in. Just fix me and lemme know which day I will fall in the next prayer day. Mama Triplets remember that those that water shall be watered too. Well done everyone, we shall be fruitful.

I am 3 years 8 months in marriage and TTC.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 7:58pm On Sep 14, 2012
Well done all ttcers, the Lord will help our weaknesses and answer our prayers at those times that it will glorify His holy name. I am always impressed and encouraged reading everyone's replies and experiences. Our efforts shall never be in vain, our expectations shall never be cut short.

Right now am seeing an endocrinologist and a gynecologist, and I have been told to do a new set of tests which am very eager and optimistic to repeat them even when ave done all that before. I know my story will change for good and I will surely sing a new song. Just as I said, my faith is hung on Jesus Christ and I know he will never let me down.

I read somewhere someone talking about a.n.i.o.n sanitary pads, it is actually working for me. Initially the flow was heavy but with continual use, I have my flow reduced from 7 days to 4 days now (my normal days before fertility katakata) and I am so relieved and happy about it, no more clots too. The pain is still there though (always had pains since inception of flow at age 12), I don't see that as much of a matter anyway except it does.

To all who have had their prayers answered, thank God more and never see it as something you did or did not do. For those of us waiting, let us wait patiently and lean on the strength of Jehovah to see us through this phase of our lives. We shall prevail.
Health / Re: Daily Exercise And Food Routine For Those Who Want To Lose Weight by Aladunni(f): 3:29pm On Jul 25, 2012
Hi all being part of this forum for a while. Am doing stuff but on another site. Well done @all
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 12:03pm On Jul 25, 2012
Acupuncture I am not sure that is exisitng around here o. Or is it the same as this popular 'massage'? Thanks for the encouragement, but what does 'pill' do. Will it stop my periods or the pains. Why is it bad for me?
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 10:18am On Jul 25, 2012
AF yesterday. Please does anyone know how I can go through a painless AF? The first two days are becoming something else o. Ani.on sanitary pads had regulated the heavy and long flows for me but the pain is still something else.

For all going for HSG, all the best and wishing you happy results.

@Udoka, it is well with you and your baby.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 8:46am On Jul 24, 2012
Thanks o GenBuhari. Am not really familiar with this new scheme on NL o. I was not even aware of the banning.

@beetle, thanks for the analysis. Although am trying very hard to comprehend your post o. On the PCOS stuff, does the result give any sign of that. I have regular cycles, there is no fluid from my boo.bs although its most times painful days before menses, I have scanty hair on my chin though, those are the symptoms I can describe for now.

As I said, I will be seeing a new set of doctors very soon and from there I will post my findings here.

Thank you all, am very grateful for your concerns. Such wonderful people.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 10:02pm On Jul 23, 2012
Thank you so much for the responses, so lightening.

I will check those pages right now, the name is Bromergon 2.5mg (just checked the bottle). I will do my best to be fit and healthy and I will always log in here to catch up on experiences and testimonies too. It shall be well, if I never had those skipped heartbeats, those other effects would not have been a major problem to me anyways. I also know the medication was for the high prolactin too.

What only baffles me is that I had never missed my period since I started flowing at 12, so I cannot say I have PCOS (Though am trying to loose a few pounds).
I also had episodes of heavy and long periods since 2010 (it was after a series of clomid) so late last year I started using anion sanitary pads and it had helped a lot beyond its cost. The periods were regulated to 5 days max and not too heavy for comfort.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 9:14pm On Jul 23, 2012

@Udoka be encouraged, try to encourage yourself with the word of God. Did you dr check your beta HCG levels? beta hcg levels are monitored via blood test and in early pregnancy the beta levels should double every 48hrs. that is what my dr did when the scan results showed nothing and the hpt was still Positive. I hope Dr asked you to continue taking your progestron.

Ceemlon, welcome. bettle did well on the anaylsis.

@Aladunni .. looks to me that your LH and Prolactin need to be controled to be in the normal range. what have you done about them? did the dr. prescribe anything. I will defer final analysis to Beetle,she is really good at this. God bless her.

Thank you for the quick reply camrygirl, how are you and the baby doing?

To your question, the man gave me bromergone5mg(he said its the same with palodel) or something, can't remember the name well right now. I used it religiously then and low and behold came the side effects that became a little severe later. It started with mild headaches that refuse to leave throughout the day, then I stopped going to the toilet for more than 7 days I will be eating and no loo, I felt so heavy and uneasy with myself then came the last one that made me stop, my heartbeats started missing cry cry, I had no option but stop and I was really frustrated then, such that going to another doctor was the last thing I wanted to do. Until now I refused doing anything but pray and I did not discuss with anyone except DH. That had been the ordeal, the only thing is just that when I start with a new gynea in August God's willing, I will make him understand the effect ave been going through.

Still awaiting more responses from loved ones.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 8:41pm On Jul 23, 2012
@all, I can see everyone is doing their best, our expectations shall not be cut short in Jesus Name.

Udoka, thank God for all things and I know in your thanksgiving all your request will be met. I just started thanking God and giving testimonies of everything God has done for me. I know happiness shall be ours at the end of this whole journey.

@Beetle and others, please can you help analyze this? Though I did this more than a year ago, on a CD 21

FSH - 0.9miu/ml (<10)
LH - 21.3miu/ml (<15)
Prolactin - 29.7ng/ml (4.2 - 19.5)
Progesterone - 6.1ng/ml (2.0 - 25.0)
Oestradiol - 188pg/ml (44 - 196)

I have never for once missed my period in my entire cycle only varying dates between 24 - 28 days. With your ideas with TTC, just let me know what this results could mean.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 9:53pm On Jul 15, 2012
Sorry house just to say one more thing before this case closes,

A yoruba proverb says and I quote

"Eni Ija ko deba, l'onpe ara l'okunrin" meaning (A man who has not faced a fight will always brag himself strong)

@Believer84, if your heart does not condemn you, who is man. I know how scared I was initially was when DH's count was 8ml, there was nothing that dint come to mind. But God did it with medications but for God's sake this is a case of no count at all. Believer I can only imagine what you're going through, I am writing this to actually encourage your heart and let you know particularly I will pray for you (I wish I know your real name). God of wonders is still alive and will do it. He will surprise you, remember Abraham, that night the Lord brought him out to see the stars again and it strengthen not only his heart but manhood strength too to awaken a dead womb like Sarah's and in Hebrews 11:11 "Sarah received the STRENGTH to conceive". Do not put this to mind today, just stay focused and if a donor is way out, so be it. You never slept another man, neither did you cheat on your DH and the bed is still undefiled. I will encourage you with this last verse of the scriptures in Roman 4:17 (I love it in KJV) "(As it is written, I have made thee (your DH) a father of many nations,)before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were."

@Alwaystrue, I will [b]truly [/b]learn from you next time when you mind your words. Its matured of you to apologize and Believer thank you for accepting that apology, do not be discouraged.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 6:41pm On Jul 15, 2012
Alwaystrue: @Aladunni,
What you are expecting to hear might offend people so I think my response above will make you actually study the whole IVF process and understand my point.

As per my choice of words on adultery, I am sorry as I will not try to sugarcoat it.
If I am going to be painted black for being blunt then so be it.
As a married woman who believes God and trusts in His power, the only pregnancy we should be carrying or planning to carry should be that of our hubby's. That is all I have to say and I know no one can fault this.
Please let us call a spade a spade.
May be everyone is angry because of my choice of words but that is all because I want us to see it as it is.

@Believer, please does your husband consume cucumbers? I think you should read it up online as its a good fluid booster along with praising Him.
I think I should refrain from posting further as I think tempers are kinda high and nerves raw.

What is adultery? Am really confused right now.

Anyway, your posting has helped me in no small way, (trust me).
What do I eat for blocked tube please? Its very important.
Folks are diagnosed with PCOS here, what can they start eating?

@all, in every conversation please sieve it and pick the food but throw the chaff away. For me I know I need to pray more, have more faith and eat healthy when I need to be otherwise minded, the Lord will reveal it to us. Take care. Am out
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 6:19pm On Jul 15, 2012
My prayer to you today and all days is this, that this whole fertility issue will not become a matter to me anymore. That I will understand better, that child and children is not the reason for my living, it should not define my focus and purpose in life, the godly SEED that you desire in Malachi should be this assignment in my hands first now that children has not come. That my womb will first of all carry VISIONS to term and labour and deliver it at the right and appointed time. That I will be happy and fulfilled in this union and it will glorify God. Children are your heritage, may you count me worthy to be give them to me to nurture and profit wherewithal with them, cos I know I must give account of them one day. I know the promise you gave long before I even met DH about THEM. When I go to hospital, I don't doubt. When am giving clomid, I know you are Jehovah. When I use parlodel, because you still remain God. If there is ever ever a need IVF(the devil did not invent it), I believe its your way to tell me, the devil may make efforts, he can never stop you from giving me this heritage to take care of. Thank you Jesus Christ for always been there for me.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 6:04pm On Jul 15, 2012
On the IVF stuff, you did not even give me the answers I wanted to hear.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 5:57pm On Jul 15, 2012

Is that a trick question?

I will answer this as best as I can. I believe every child has the right to be conceived in the sanctity and darkness of his/her mother's womb.
I also have enough scriptures to back that up for those interested in knowing.
Hope that suffices.

Wow!!! I need this kind of faith Jehovah Lord.

Alwaystrue, I really understand your stand o and thank God right from time, you said it was your parochial view. Please Believer, I think she is trying to advice but calling it 'adultery' is where the problem lies. The fact that you wont do it does not make it a sin before God, try check Romans 14:1-4, it is saying something that is useful to our faith. What I only advice anyone is not be too deperate to do anything devilish like witchcraftcy or herbalist.
Rejecting even to follow folks to prayer mountains and meetings had turned me into an 'ogbanje' so I know whats on. DH will not even hear any suggestion. Its the major cause of strive between me and MIL right now. What is my point? Someone take vegggies, the other one doesnt, no fight. Respect the other person's opinion and go on. May our faith give us all our heart desire.
I used to have an Apostolic Faith friend whose fore finger chopped off (witlow)because of faith, is that really the will of God? It was actually stupidity reloaded in my opinion.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 4:46pm On Jul 15, 2012
I can see this place is bubbling with life.

Just one question @AlwaysTrue, What is your take on IVF?

@all, Hope all is well?

I am doing good, treating 'jock itch' right now. It has afflicted me for some months now and I have also associated it with the office toilet but I had not taken care of it so much DH is constantly embarrassed when I scratch every night. I went to see a phamarcist friend who gave me drugs (antibiotics) to treat and just the first night, I stopped scratching.
Lesson learnt, maybe I am not just doing enough with this fertility issue, I have been praying infact since May last year till now I had not gone any hospital just praying. I will not stop praying but I know now is the time to take action.

Thanks so much for the encouragement and I promise to use my God-given legs to go out and search for a solution. I have a lot on my schedule right, so August is Action Month, (AA) lol and I must get A in this matter soon.

Wishing you well and showering baby dust on all.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 5:52am On Jul 14, 2012
GenBuhari: My wife is now home and feeling much better.

The tissue was confirmed to be placenta and a scan had shown it has been completely evacutated thank God.

It is well my brother, the lord will vindicate you. You and your wife will suffer no more loss.


I have been depressed since two days and mere looking around, there is so much darkness and uncertainty. I wish the good Lord will just miraculously change my story. I just newly realized that my in law are in desperate need of a child from this union. No matter how well am good to them, how much I try, they seems to tell me to take it away now and give them a child. No body had opened his/her mouth to tell me all this, but I can easily just read their attitudes and I am becoming more confused by the day. I ave been trying for the past three years not to be desperate on this matter, but right now I don't know what to pick as the next option.
My hussy is quite supporting but now from all indications, I know he misses the presence of kids in the house. He needs to prove his masculinity, he had never been with a woman before he met me and so makes it more difficult for me and he had been proved medically fit but am the one with medical issues presently. I hate crying because I always feel my enemy will laugh the more when I do, but there are some times I just allow the stuff to flow.
But I trust God to make me fine and I can only say it is wrong for anyone to give up on me right now or do anything rash to suggest giving up because when God finish with me, some will be confounded. MIL is quite overbearing and wherever she goes is where others follow including FIL, so I am most disturbed right now but in the face of all, am still believing God.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 7:59pm On Jul 12, 2012
GenBuhari: Thanks you to each and everyone of you for your support. I am overwhelmed and touched by the support God bless you all.

My wife came home this afternoon. Thank God she is regaining her strength and she is ok.

I think the prolonged period of trying to save the pregnancy may have elongated her cervix and even some of the junior doctors were not aware what the protrusion was, my wife thought it was some some sort of congealed blood, it took a more senior doctor to explain that the cervix had enlongated. My wife was assured that it would naturally retract over time.

I hope that everyone could learn from our experience and be very aware of how a simple urinary tract infection could lead to a miscarriage (early labour). Urinary tract infections are common between 6-24 weeks of pregnancy and could be cause by the pressure of the womb pressing against the bladder and restricting flow of urine and causing a build up which could lead to the infection.

Please find out what the warning signs are so that treatment could start in time. The warning sign that I believe we failed to act upon, was that my wife was urinating very frequently during the night at one point almost hourly!

Baby dust to us all smiley

Gen Buhari, I am really sorry about the loss. The Lord will enable you to recover everything you have lost and much more. It is well. Say hi to your sweetheart for us.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 7:48pm On Jul 06, 2012
udoka2: Aladunni
Long time! Have you tried flushing for once? A friend of mine whose one tube was blocked, did another round of hsg, and it got it cleared, but me l did flushing also had only one blocked.
Online research l did says Tiger nuts prevents blockage of tubes, so i eat it often.

Udoka thanks so much for remembering me. I had stopped everything and anything since 2010 but I desired to just do some few more tries trusting on Jehovah to be my main help this time around. One of my main tries as it is impressed in my heart is not only to change gynea but go far away from my base to see a gynea, I know I will have great rewards for this. The second thing is this issue of flushing and knowing how far it will take me and of course to know where my hormones are at the very moment. One of the reasons I need the laparoscopy is to know the state of my reproductive organs, I don't have so much money to enter IVF now (my family will be too willing to raise more than enough if I shout o), nevertheless I need to understand the state of body even I will still try the IVF.
My sister, I have suffered in the hands of careless and nonchalant doctors, and if you ask me, enough is enough.

Some of the stuff, I however tried taking care of last year (absentmindedly)was my hormones and I realized the prolactin was high, was given bromocriptine and I was having headaches like my breath process, I stopped without even informing the doctor and going for remedy. I know I will still repeat all these test wherever I decide to go so I can really start on a fresh page.

Sprinkling baby dust to all
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Aladunni(f): 8:01pm On Jul 05, 2012
gracefull: Hello fruitful ladies, since my last post,I have been silently following the thread. I admire the faith and encouragment exhibited on this thread. I sympathize with all the ladies who have suffered loss in form of miscarriages, be rest assured that that none willcast their young ever again on this thread. Congrats to all who have got their bfp's. God is surely at work with all of us and he isn't through with this thread yet.To all the mothers to be,I'm sending a truck load of baby dust your way. Update:the new RE I had been seeing for a few moths now looked at my HSG result and felt it was misleading and both tubes were blocked as there was no evident spill of of dye from the Xray film. He suggsted repeated flushing to unblock the tubes. He had only flushed once when he sd the tubes were open. DH personally requested dt he repeat it but he said it wasn't necessary. I had a laparoscopy to ascertain the real state of my tubes & d result was there"bilateral tubal occlusion" though he said the blockage can be cleared as it didn't get to my cervix. I was advised to. Either keep repeating the flushing or opt for IVF. DH prefers the IVF route but I'm a bit skeptical as I didn't know that it will ever get to this.in all I'm still very hopeful and still expecting a miracle from God. Thanks for your patience in reading my long post. God bless us all.

Gracefull, it is well with you. God will direct you on the right path to take. I have a similar situation here, pls can I know where you did the laparoscopy. I will really be grateful for that before I draw my conclusions.

@all, its good to know this thread is still running and more positive outcomes too. I used to be an early member of this thread, got discouraged at a point and stopped coming but I can see things had really shaken up here. Good luck to all waiting mothers and congratulobia to all BFPers. We dey.

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