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Foreign Affairs / Re: Tanzania's President John Magufuli Dies by alanmwene: 3:05am On Mar 18, 2021

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Tanzania's President John Magufuli Dies by alanmwene: 3:03am On Mar 18, 2021
Mzee Magufuli spent less than 7 years in power,yet achieved way way more than any living african president.A true mwanachi africa.A true african leader who always spoke and made speeches in swahili.





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Romance / Re: South African Lady Calls Nigerian Girls 'prostitutes' And Calls Out Nigerian Men by alanmwene: 11:29pm On Apr 24, 2020
The Nigerian guy messed up. Even If he doesn't have the money to "import" the Boujee chick, he should have still kept his cool and maintained the friendship. But no, he wants everything to be sharp-sharp. Typical trait of the average Nigerian man when wooing a lady.
Her response was mature. He doesn't even deserve to be friends with her, not because she is foreign or something but because he is childish.
He should grow the Fu ck up.
100% correct.The guy has zero pulling skills.He became arrogant and defensive for no reason.If a girl says to you "can you afford a ticket for me visit you",you just reply "I cant,but ,for you ,I will walk from nigeria to johannesburg.Just wait for me".Just be chilled,funny and honest.No need to play the entilted fake big man.He could have made a friend for life.


Culture / Re: Is Ethiopia, The Greatest Country On The Continent by alanmwene: 1:00pm On Sep 16, 2019
If ethiopia and congo was one the first countries to accept christainity in africa

How did nigeria become the greatest
How is nigeria the greatest?Is nigeria a moral example?To have a huge gdp coz of a huge population doesnt mean to be the greatestAs a congolese,I salute my ethiopian brothers coz they have a deep respect for god matters.I have never seen a single ethiopian using religion to con people.You cant compare ethiopian monks to all these nigerian "men of god"(TB Joshua,Oyedepo,.....).Kongo and Ethiopia are very old names that pre-existed the white man.Nigeria is doing fine right now,but the journey is still very very long.As a kongo proverb says " to go first isnt to arrive first".The mvuluzis(prophets of kongo traditional religion) were right when they predicted,long time ago,that,from the 5th president,kongo will start to rise again.Tchisekedi,the new president,bears all the signs of the prophecy.


great ethiopian monks:

Celebrities / Re: Lupita Nyong’o Acts Igbo Character In Americanah, Movie Adaptation by alanmwene: 12:54am On Sep 16, 2019

Firstly, Of course Igbos don't look like South Africans, the only Africans that look somewhat like Igbos are other eastern Nigerians.

Secondly, If what you say is true then that is something that South Africans should have taken up with whatever white people produced and directed that movie, because no Nigerian knows nor cares about whatever you are talking about.

Thirdly, why is exactly that a Congolese fellow like yourself continues to roam around a Nigerian board and put your mouth in Nigerian affairs when you could be happily roaming around Congolese discussion forums?
Well,this is internet and I am very happy that it is not a nigerian invention,otherwise guys like you would be banning people from using it.Are youtube,instagram,etc...nigerian inventions?Why are so many nigerians on these platforms?Funny enough,south africans are asking nigerians what are they doing on south african soil,considering they aint south africans.
Celebrities / Re: Lupita Nyong’o Acts Igbo Character In Americanah, Movie Adaptation by alanmwene: 9:02pm On Sep 15, 2019
Igbos are generally not as dark as Lupita which will make the entire thing look fake. She will be best fit for role as Edo, Bayelsa or Yoruba where a greater percentage are that dark.
Do igbos look like south africans?Why did an igbo actor play former south african president Thabo mbeki?South africans could have also say igbos are way too dark to play a south african role.

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Crime / Re: We Will Kill You All - Nigerians In South Africa Say To Looters (video) by alanmwene: 9:48am On Sep 01, 2019
Nigerians no dey carry last. Last last South Africa go collect from our people!!
Why dont nigerians do the same against indians in india?Inferiority complex?Indians beat and abuse nigerians on a daily basis.What have you done against that?


Politics / Re: Olusola Ojemane Orevba, Nigerian Ambassador To Congo Ejected From Embassy by alanmwene: 10:57pm On Aug 09, 2019
This happened more than a year ago,and it is now that people are reporting about it?According to the story,the okito family owned that piece of land since 1957,but it seems that,at some point,somebody sold that land to nigerians coz the okitos live abroad.The property isnt the nigerian embassy,but the house where one nigerian diplomat is living.The issue has been going on for years in courts.The okitos have all the initial documents left to them by their father,but the nigerian who bought that place isnt known in the council.For what I understand is that a nigerian bought that property and rented it out to nigeria embassy.Only him call tell how and from who he bought that property.
Crime / Re: Man Destroys Cars At Nigerian High Commission In London Over Passport Delay by alanmwene: 6:20am On Jun 18, 2019
His lawyer will claim he suffers from depression and he will be let off with a fine and a community service.Then ,his life now being n in danger,he cant go back to nigeria.His lawyer will ask for the british gvt to protect him.He will definitely get a permanent stay coz british people aint fools.They know how things work in nigeria,and they aint going to send him back there.

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Celebrities / Re: Okoro Blessing: Onye Eze Set Me Up by alanmwene: 11:35pm On May 29, 2019
This girl again? She needs to learn to shut up for once. She talks too much. She comes across as a pathological liar.
Why should she shut up?Who is this guy to abuse people like that?Let him try this in Uk and see how the law will come very very hard on him.Black people like abusing power They always think that their little wealth gives them the right to do anything.This is what happens when you live in a society full of savages.What crime did she commit?So to take pictures in front of a property and pretend to own it has become a crime?White people do it on a daily basis.They take pictures in front of nice cars,houses,...etc...and post them.Looking at the picture of this clown who owns this property,he looks like a hardcore criminal.Is he in a position to judge people.She must take this guy to court and ask for damages.Even he threatens to kill her,is he immortal?Who is anyway?

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Celebrities / Re: Blessing Okoro Arrested By Onye Eze, The Real House Owner by alanmwene: 11:13pm On May 29, 2019
AFricans and their savagery.This is a total abuse of power.She must take this idiot to court and get some civil damages.Who is he to disgrace people like that?Try this nonsense in Uk and see how the white man will deal with you.Did she break into his house?Did she steal something?Even here in Uk people take pictures in front of properties and pass them for theirs.White owners dont even mind,they just see the funny side of it.I dont understand how people who are supposedly educated can support such a barbaric act.She must sues this guy and get compensations.
Culture / Why Cant Nigeria Win A Gold Or A Silver At Imo? by alanmwene: 10:39pm On Oct 21, 2018
It is a well-established truth that nigerians are,by far,the smartest people in africa(Should I say in the world?),yet,so far,they have failed to win anything but a bronze medal at IMO(International mathematics olympiads).South africa has won one gold,9 silvers and about 40 bronzes.Tunisia has has one gold,4 silvers and 16 bronzes.Morocco has won 4 silvers and 33 bronzes;Ivory coast that participated for the first time in 2010 already has one silver;Ghana has 0 gold,0 silver,0 bronze and 0 mention.I just want to know if naijas are as smart as they claim or it is just another nollywood fiction? grin
Your views are very much appreciated !
Check this link for naija results at IMO since 2006:
Politics / Re: Benjamin O'Keefe Calls Obianuju Ekeocha "A Joke Of A Black Person". She Replies by alanmwene: 2:33am On Aug 23, 2018
Nigerian writer Obianuju Ekeocha reacting to the cancellation of a show on Netflix had Benjamin O'Keefe, an African American influencer call her "a joke of a black person". He forgot that unlike him, she knows her roots. Her response has been trending on Twitter since yesterday
The response and idiotic and out of context.Can she traces all her ancestry up to 400 years?I am pretty sure this African-American guy can!She just played on the sense of superiority africans have towards African-americans.And what is so special to be buried in an Igbo village as opposed to be buried in America?Isnt the result the same?
Culture / Re: Are Eastern Nigerians From Central Africa? by alanmwene: 12:12am On Jan 21, 2018

Indigeneous Igbo exist. They have been silenced by a more noisy and chattery Igbo, I will call it mainstream Igbo for purpose of clarity.

Mainstream Igbo is a settler with origins in Congo and whose original tongue is not Igbo language but Bantoid.

The Bantoid Igbo (the mainstream) migrated to the Udi Hills and later assimilated linguistically. No trace of Bantu left in their dialect but it is evident genetically in their physical features and social evolution.

In all of the ethno types in Nigeria Igbo mainstream has a physique and feature that is an outlier from the pack.

In all the KWA groups, Igbo mainstream does not have similarity with any other in looks or evolution.

This is because its roots is in Bantu, a people historically known for migrating and settling other places. They are physically stocky, muscular and move with quickness.

If there is a Igbo in KWA group it will be the indigenous Igbo that has so far been silenced into the background, they are far less in number and may face extinction.

Look at how mainstream Igbo has continued in its evolution of migration and settlement even till today.

Do you get it now?

Oh so you do agree Catherine Acholonu is a copy and paste scholar, stealing artefacts and history around Africa and labeling them Igbo history.

Anyway, tell why you are scared of bantu.

I want to be a Bantu, I want to come from Congo....but why every Ibo is scared to be called Bantu? I dont get it... grin
Is there anything wrong with coming from congo?If igbos come from congo,then that explains why they are ways cleaner and neater than the average nigerian grin


Culture / Re: The Head Elongation Fashionistas Of Central Africa (photos) by alanmwene: 12:06am On Jan 21, 2018
The Mangbetu women:
The Mangbetu people had a distinctive look and this was partly due to their elongated heads. At birth the heads of babies were tightly wrapped with cloth to give their heads the elongated look.
The custom of skull elongation called by the natives Lipombo, was a status symbol among the Mangbetu ruling classes, it denoted majesty, beauty, power & higher intelligence.
Deformation usually begins just a month after birth for the next couple of years until the desired shape has been reached or the child rejects the apparatus.
It began dying out in the 1950s with the arrival of the Europeans & Westernization. It was outlawed by the Belgian government who ruled over colonial Congo. This deformation usually did not affect the brain as long as intracranial pressure remains the same as with a normal person, the brain should/was able to adapt and grow into the new shape of the skull resulting in no damages.
The brain is a developmentally plastic organ and grows(expands) in the shape it's given

Source: Historyville

this culture come from ancient egypt!
Culture / Re: Are Nigerians And Ghanians Partially Disabled? by alanmwene: 12:16pm On Jul 22, 2017

lol Nigerians in the UK (or US) are in the upper quartiles of the immigrant populations there. You can't honestly be comparing the educational and Income averages of Nigerians in the UK to say Congolese people in France, like LOL
Yes a lot of Nigerians will chose football, they pay is good, but still they have a better chance of making equally good money (well at least satisfactory pay) by studying professional courses than spending their entire lives in football academies where like only 2% of everyone who enroll will ever make it to professional level.

Thanks but no thanks, becoming an Engineer is much better than gambling your life to become a professional footballer.
Given the amount of opportunities in uk and usa compare to france ,it it obvious that Nigerians and ghanians would do a bit better than .But even then,the first black ceo of a major English company was francophone Tidjane Thiam(CEO of prudential plc)congoleses have a bigger cultural presence in france than Nigerians have in uk.Congoleses control completely the music scene in france and have change French people musical taste.A there plenty PHDs holders in france,trust me!
Culture / Re: Are Nigerians And Ghanians Partially Disabled? by alanmwene: 11:52am On Jul 22, 2017
Because Nigerians in Europe have their sights st on better things maybe?
You have to understand that Football is a sub culture, and even though most Nigerians passionately love football, seeing your son become a professional footballer is still not the wish of any Nigerian parent.
Given the opportunity,nigerians and ghanians would choose to be professional footballers than accountants or security officers( a lot of them are!).The money is just too good!Find another excuse.....
Culture / Re: Are Nigerians And Ghanians Partially Disabled? by alanmwene: 11:50am On Jul 22, 2017
Besides West and Central Africa is dominated by Francophone countries with Nigeria and Ghana being the only notable exceptions... so what do you expect?
Each of these francophone countries have their independent systems in place as sovereign states, with each having a chance to contribute a quota of football talents to the world stage, compared to a country like Nigeria that even though big is run by a single system.
10 teams won't represent Nigeria in any football competition because the country is big. A country like Togo and Nigeria will field the exact same number of players, even though the later might have much more pool of people to tap into.

What you are therefore doing- is comparing a single country to the entire Francophone Africa of like more than 25 countries, which anyone would honestly find very funny.
What about Nigerians and ghanians born in Uk?There are about 1million of them there,but how come not a single of them in in the English national team?And the only English-born footballers I can think of were slops like Shola Ameobi,Ehiogu,........But,in france you have the Patrick Vierra,Drogba,Pobga.......etc..Would you say that England is a third world country?
Culture / Are Nigerians And Ghanians Partially Disabled? by alanmwene: 11:30am On Jul 22, 2017
Are Nigerians and ghanians part-disabled?

Hey guys,how are you doing?I just want your opinion on one thing that has been bothering me for the longest.I am a passionate football fan and cant wait for the premiership to start.For the last years,I have observe that 99.9% of black A-list stars have always been francophones.Check the list below:
Patrick Vierra
Thierry Henry
Yaya Toure
Kolo Toure
Vincent Kompany
Alex Song

Ngolo Kante
The only naija or ghanian players worth mentioning are Kalu,Okocha,Essien.Even when you look at the English national team,the only player with an African name is a mixed-race going by the name of Dele,but , in the French team,blacks account for almost 90% of players.Considering there are about 180 millions of Nigerians and ghanians,how come there aren’t more players from these countries.Ghanians can be excused coz they mostly don’t look fit(I don’t know what food people eat over there!),but ,in appearance,Nigerians look quite fit(although a bit lanky for my liking).What wrong with you guys?Is it a genetic thing or is it about the food you eat?
Business / Re: Photo Of Naza, Folorunsho Alakija‘s Daughter-in-law by alanmwene: 5:45pm On Nov 24, 2016
One of Nigeria's richest women, Folorunsho Alakija's son, Folarin, got married to his beautiful Iranian bride, Naza, in a lavish ceremony in Lagos this past weekend. MUA Joyce Jacob shared this stunning new photo above

SOURCE: http://www.nairanaijanews.com/2016/11/stunning-photo-of-billionaire.html

Average looking woman!
She looks like a tranny!
Fashion / Re: African Contestants For The 2016 Miss World by alanmwene: 7:06pm On Nov 12, 2016
Family / Re: End of Part 1 by alanmwene: 10:05pm On Oct 12, 2016
As a black man, if you want to live long, better opt for white women before it's too late.

They cook, clean, look after you, give you listening ear when you need it, and they're also great mums. And they're not as needy as black women (most black girls these days are escorts) There are more white kids raised by single mums, yet their mums always raise them better than black single mums. That alone should tell you what you need to know.

And with these black women getting more belligerent daily by questioning the authority, despite the excessive testosterone that they possess - it's only going to get worse. Don't self-destruct - opt for white women.
You are using against black women the same words the white man uses against black men:Aggressive, belligerent,ugly,etc...I must command the Englishman for doing a good job on black british boys!
I think you are trying to project on all black women the bad experiences you had with women in your family(mum,sisters,aunts...).It doesn't work that way!Are English women really as peaceful,caring,etc.....as you claim?Arent they the same alcoholic women who drink like men and end up walking naked in the streets shooting insanities at people?
Frank Bruno:Married white woman and he is now broke and mentally unstable!
Chris eubank:Married white woman and is broke now
Lennox Lewis:Married black woman and is still one the richest sportmen in the world
Tidjane thiam:Married to a black woman and first black CEO of a major English company(Prudential plc).He is now the first black CEO of credit Suisse.I would like to tell you that there are far more rich white men married to black women than rich black men married to white women.How many black men married to white women have the wealth of a guy like Georges Lucas or the arab billionaire who is jeanet Jackson husband?
Culture / Re: Why Nigerians Think They Are Better Than Other Africans? by alanmwene: 2:49am On Jun 17, 2016

That struck-through part has little or nothing to do with it.
I've had the privilege of visiting a few African countries, and over the past 20 something years, the privilege of interacting, working, befriending/unfriending, almost all the over 50 nationals of Africa, either in Africa or out of it.
My verdict: There are smart people all over Africa, and dumb people as well.
On the average, Nigerians are generally more exposed/informed than most other Africans; above all, Nigerians are more daring, brave, courageous, and confrontational.
Ask people who went to Libya in the 90s, they will tell you Libyan policemen have a saying: one Nigerian is equal to 10 other Africans (in everything, from good to bad).
If so,why are some illiterate herdsmen causing fear and chaos in the whole Nigeria?

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Celebrities / Re: papa Wemba Slumps And Dies During Performance In Abidjan by alanmwene: 8:01am On Apr 29, 2016
We need to know our destination.

What profiteth a man that he gain the whole world yet lose his soul?
Which direction are you talking about?
He came to this world,lived life to the fullest and died doing what he loved the most.What else do you want?
L`homme est toujours pauvre,mais la vie doit etre riche.Gianfranco Ferrre
Ce qui a ete est ce qui est,Ce qui est est ce qui sera.Il nya rien de nouveau sous le soleil.Shakespear
Celebrities / Re: papa Wemba Slumps And Dies During Performance In Abidjan by alanmwene: 12:01am On Apr 26, 2016
Shungu Wembadio Ekumani,Mzee fula mgenge,Mwana Kongo

Miss Besange

Miss Matebu


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Culture / Re: Horn Africans Are NOT BLACK by alanmwene: 2:19pm On Mar 19, 2016

Even nigerian fulanis are not dark skinned. Nobody is actually black. Its like you are setting urself aside from being african simply because of ur skin tone. Nobody ever judged africa based on skin color until now. Tye truth is we africans never notice that we even have skin color until we travel out and feel the impact. You are her calling urself african and talking about skin color. Africa is d most variegayed place in the world. And egen in nigeria there are tribes lightwr than your somalia so be honest and tell us if u just want to dissociate urself from africa with this horn story.
What wrong with being black?Black is color like any other color and it is the most beautiful color of skin.The funny thing is that,it is always Africans who are into this obsession with light skin.When you date a white girl she never care whether you are dark-skinned or light-skinned.Actually they prefer very dark-skinned Africans!But black boys and girls are the most light-skin obsessed people in the world.It boils down to insecurities:They don't feel comfortable with their own skin!
The fulanis who are light-skinned are the ones who are descendants of arabs.The same goes for Somalis coz the original Somalis are among the darkest people you can get in Africa.

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Culture / Re: Horn Africans Are NOT BLACK by alanmwene: 5:11pm On Mar 06, 2016

LOL, we both know you guys can't compete with Somalis on beauty and that's why you want to claim us (Somali). If you honestly believe NEGROIDS with big noses and thick lips are good looking than why do your women (Nigerians) hide their natural self by wearing weaving and bleaching and having surgery to fix their nose and lips? grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Scientist proves that BLACK NEGROIDS (bantu) are closely related to Apes!! grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
You Nigerians are monkeys grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
What wrong with being related to monkeys?
Your claim for fame is to be arabs bastards,what is great about that?Isnt better to be related to monkeys than to pigs?Your arabs ancestors are known for being the biggest b@ttymen grin grin grin in the world and for bringing homosexuality and pedophilia to Africa on an industrial scale via their religion on top of being very friendly with female camelsgrin grin grin
Cut the bullsh*ts,nobody is claiming somalis cheesy cheesy You are a bunch of pathological attention-seekers that everybody despise for being lazy,free-loaders,stupid,etc..... grin grin grin How come every single race in the world hate zoomalis?


Culture / Re: Horn Africans Are NOT BLACK by alanmwene: 11:32am On Mar 06, 2016
We Somalis don't consider ourselves as Black because we are not negroid bantu.
We are cushitic race and we proud of it.
Somalis have rich culture and we are not Slaves like you lot (Blacks).
Somalis are proud Africans but not black. cool
You are quite right coz 9 out of 10 Somalis I have met so far looked like hardcore bengladeshis kebab shop workers grin grin
But you can guess they are Somalis coz of their signature rat face cheesy cheesy
Anyway,how can a Somali be choosy and proud?Shouldnt Somalis be humble,agreable,smiling....etc....in order to increase their chance for a full meal?

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Culture / Re: Refuting The Myth:African Americans Vs Africans(Nigerians) In America by alanmwene: 1:23pm On Feb 27, 2016

You Congolese are in utter denial:

These aren't not a very meaningful statistics coz it just about collecting the number of people having a degree or higher,regardless of the quality of the degree.It is more quantity than quality!
To dominate academics is to be the best in the universities and produce the best papers.In that respect Nigerians are no where to be seen!Next,you will tell me that enoch opeyemi ,a Nigerian mathematician, has sold the riemman hypothesis grin grin grin

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Culture / Re: Refuting The Myth:African Americans Vs Africans(Nigerians) In America by alanmwene: 12:35pm On Feb 27, 2016

Why am I not surprised that Congolese guy or a guy from another Bantu country (not sure if you are from DRC) would beg to differ.
Look, there are no two ways about it. Nigerians are known and renowned for their educational excellence (not to brag or boast) in both the U.K. and the U.S. no matter how much you want to deny it Monsieur Congolais. C'est la verite! Many Nigerians and Ghanaians abroad are going to top schools of their own choosing.
sure there are Nigerians that are doing well in school ,but to say that they are n01 in uk and usa isn't true,specially in maths and physics.And it is easy to prove it.
If you take maths and physics for example,there is no Nigerian teaching these subjects in the top usa scientific school(Harvard,MIT,Stanford).Just check it online and it take just 2minutes to do that,In Harvard maths and physics,mboyo esole is the only black there.In the MIT,you have one Nigerian teaching computer science and at stannford you have also 3 Nigerians teaching engineering.The 2 best Nigerian mathematicians in usa are kate okikuolu(more british than Nigerian) and adebisi agboola.And they aint teaching in great universities.Definitely you cant compare Nigerians to Russians or Indians or Indians who have produced the likes a grigori Perelman(Fields medallist for the Poincare conjecture) or manjul bhargava(Fields medallist) or Terence tao (fields medallist).Lets stop exagerations and tell the truth:asians(chineses and Indians) are by far the best minorities in academics in usa coz ,right now,they dominate in maths and physics in all the best universities in America!And I think that with the right investments francophone Africans,specially camerouneses,congoloses,benineses can give them a run for their money(specially if they are trained in school like Normal sup in France).
Young Asians in Harvard:Best students in physics!
And one of them (shu-heng shao) works with mboyo esole:
Best student in maths at Harvard:Ravi jagadeesan
He has worked with mboyo esole:


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