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Crime / Scam by Aleora(f): 9:33am On Jan 28
My sister was scammed by this individual,all effort to reach catch her as been abortive
If you know her kindly let me know,she scammed her of 290,000
Attached is her picture and her phone number ,her name is abimbola motunrayo
0814 250 8685

Romance / Re: Be Sincere. Why Are You Not In A Relationship? by Aleora(f): 1:04pm On Jan 26, 2023
Baby girl, i can give you peace of mind. Nigeria stress is not for those soft skin. cool
Family / Re: I Want To Divorce My Husband As Soon As Possible by Aleora(f): 6:23pm On Jul 31, 2022
If this case is reversed will he accept your child in that condition if your ex husband con abandon pikin with am!!since he didn’t tell you about the child before hand just for your sanity and your unborn baby leave for now …

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Romance / Re: Be Sincere. Why Are You Not In A Relationship? by Aleora(f): 7:16pm On May 07, 2022

My Love Machine does the magic more and I am financially independent. So to me now, relationship is meaningless.
honestly..at this stage all I want is peace of mind …��
Crime / Re: Please She Said I Raped Her But I Didn't Do It Now She Is Threatening Me by Aleora(f): 12:18pm On Apr 04, 2022
Nigerian girls are useless......all of them.
including your siblings dear…oh yea your aunt and all����
Family / Re: How I Sent My Troublesome First Wife Packing Peacefully by Aleora(f): 6:45pm On Mar 31, 2022
O boy people from broken home plenty for Nairaland no be small..as if dem pursue their mama for house ..damn
Family / Re: My Mother Finally CURSED Me Last Night. I DON'T Give A Bleep!! - TheGidRedpiller by Aleora(f): 10:03am On Mar 16, 2022
That explains your hatred towards the female gender.

One thing I have observed is that male children that grew up without mother's parental care and love tend to turn toxic to the female gender.

You are just a bittered soul feeling rejected and worthless cos you have been deprived motherly love, that you choose to vent your frustrations on the female gender under the disguise of redpill movement.

You feel like you are not worthy and can never be loved by a woman and the only way to make yourself feel better is adhere to the 36 LAWS OF POWER;, Disdain what you cannot have.

You are simply a misogynist!


for those calling me out for being too harsh, check through his topics and you will see how this guy insults and downgrades women, somebody like this can use a girl for rituals without thinking twice.

Honestly you nailed it …you know I wonder at times why a normal person will write such thing on a public forum and I concluded that either thy are mentally unbalanced or problem from home …and you see others like that liking the comments …it tells a lot about his background…

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Family / Re: My Mother Finally CURSED Me Last Night. I DON'T Give A Bleep!! - TheGidRedpiller by Aleora(f): 9:59am On Mar 16, 2022
This one Calling his mother a bitch is an example of those that tells people here on Nairaland that Bleep marriage ,calling another human a SIMP..when I see comments like that I laugh,what thy don’t understand is that what you post here tell us where you come from and the disaster in your family ….
Health / Re: Natural Birth Or C-Section For Twins? by Aleora(f): 6:57pm On Feb 21, 2022
Congratulations but my own is that which style una do wey give una twin ,cos me I want twins o
Sports / Re: Tonto Dikeh Runs At Her Son's School Inter House Sports, Came Second (Video) by Aleora(f): 9:50am On Feb 20, 2022
When your son grows up the first thing he's going to do is search for his father.
Romance / Re: Lady Fired In My Office For Celebrating Valentine With Her Lover In The Office by Aleora(f): 11:27pm On Feb 18, 2022
Life of a bank marketer .
Romance / Re: My Conscience Is Judging Me. Please Help Me by Aleora(f): 12:00pm On Jan 25, 2022
And the worst part, the guy will be banging her every night and be releasing in her with the hope that he will get a child soon. Not knowing he is pouring his akamu in a sieve known as a womb. If by chance he tells her if she has done abortions before. She will deny it with all her being even swearing with a deity to prove a point.
someone that is telling me ,me o that my face looks familiar, honestly ,it’s possible she hasn’t damaged her womb..some people can be very lucky …extremely lucky …seeing this guy talking about his ex,how nice she was,how she helped him build himself, caring and all but made a mistake cos she was drunk and it happened and he couldn’t forgive after the babe confessed to him herself oo…and how he was lucky to have the new babe who helped him heal from the heartbreak ,I was just laughing all through…and for real e no concern me ,I don’t know the extent the new fiancée fit go,before dem pour me better acid..I just kept my mouth shut …
Romance / Re: My Conscience Is Judging Me. Please Help Me by Aleora(f): 11:38am On Jan 25, 2022
Chai some women are terrible, 7 abortions. That womb is gone for life.
abi nah…from frying pan to fire ..
Romance / Re: My Conscience Is Judging Me. Please Help Me by Aleora(f): 11:31am On Jan 25, 2022

You are a wicked soul.
After killing 2 innocent children and destroying her womb you now want to marry another woman.
Who are you leaving that gal for better marry her before your suffering go begin.
another guy will definitely leave their good girlfriend and marry this babe ,then come here and rant that their ex is this and that,not knowing the new babe is this guys ex…

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Romance / Re: My Conscience Is Judging Me. Please Help Me by Aleora(f): 11:24am On Jan 25, 2022
Do you know the new girl's own story?
You think she's perfect bc up met her in the church?
Na church girls love preek pass sef
I'm not saying you're wrong by ditching your long time babe but don't be in a hurry to marry any woman until you knos her well

Lights up my kpoli in peace
so on point ,this comment made me remember an incident ,I know this couple,but I don’t really know the guys ex girlfriend,we were discussing and he said he left his ex because she cheated and he couldn’t forgive her ,I say okay ,truth be told the one he wan marry now ,hehehehehe the babe Dey pretend like say she no sabi me,thy tell me say my face look familiar �,she forget when she Dey jist for birthday party how she take do 7 abortion for her ex ,she Dey discuss among her close friends (alcohol involved)��I was nodding my head like agama lizard,e no concern me ….happy married life to him ….


Romance / Re: My Conscience Is Judging Me. Please Help Me by Aleora(f): 11:16am On Jan 25, 2022
What is the possibility that the new girl hasn’t aborted severally for another guy ?make una Dey deceive una self, the other lady tell you say she be virgin?hypocrisy everywhere…last last everyone na person ex …
Family / Re: Help! My Wife Is Suddenly Too Violent by Aleora(f): 5:12pm On Jan 18, 2022
Sir her down and talk to her,guess she is blaming or regretting her action and she is taking it out on you…
Read more online about it ..best of luck

Please married folks in the house,

My lovely wife and I have been married for almost 2 years now. I know I am not a perfect person and she is not too but we have been managing.

Why I opened this thread is that I am very afraid of her new attitude of always carrying weapons anytime we have a misunderstanding.

It started when I found out she had an abortion without telling me and when I confronted her she flared up and started behaving like a tout jumping here and there.

On Friday last week we were discussing about how to go about the new business I want to set up for her and somehow we got into an argument and she ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

Again, this morning I simply asked her to waybill some foodstuffs to her father as I wouldn't be able to do that before heading to my place of business and she grabbed my clothes and started calling me names, next thing she picked up the belt hanging on the wardrobe and started threatening to teach me a lesson.

I have never been a woman beater and honestly don't know what has gotten into her.
We have a pending issue we are yet to sort out but still I am keeping my calm why is she the one suddenly going violent??

Please what do I do? I don't want blood on my hands because if I touch her it will be very bad.
My marriage is still young.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Interview; Please Help. by Aleora(f): 8:22pm On Jan 04, 2022
Your location
Good evening everyone, I'm sorry to bother you all; please help me out on this matter that's quite disturbing.

I graduated from the university November last year, and since i could not immediately resume the business i was into while in school due to paucity of Capital, i decided to apply for a job just to keep myself engaged and avoid idleness (besides, i have a number of responsibilities).

Fortunately for me, at the point of giving up, having sent my curriculum vitae to a number of Organisations, schools etc, i got a message earlier today, inviting me for an interview and aptitude test.

[/b]The point is that, my degree certificate is not ready, and i applied as a B.Sc. holder. Although i have a National diploma which i also included in the CV, but the job requirement is a degree [b]

Ever since i got the message, i have been thinking of the best approach to address this situation as i don't want to miss this opportunity. Please, bosses and experienced ones in the house what should I do?

Lalasticlala, please i don't mind if this is moved to the front page.
Romance / Re: My Experience Dating A Lady From Zimbabwe by Aleora(f): 3:51pm On Oct 06, 2021

so you too watch cheaters ®
bad girl wink

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Romance / Re: My Experience Dating A Lady From Zimbabwe by Aleora(f): 3:35am On Oct 05, 2021
when you talk about cheating it's general thing, even European ladies cheat, Dan dama if you have Nigeria lady that fear God,they can be faithful.
very right..let them watch Cheaters on CBS,thy will be shocked that Nigerian ladies are learning �
Family / Re: My Wife Is Ungrateful by Aleora(f): 11:58pm On Sep 17, 2021

Let her go back to her teaching job. The more you invested in a woman, the more the regrets. That money could have been used for a life insurance for your children. Women don't deserve this treatment you guys are giving them. That gender wasn't created to give, so putting so much in their custody is a wrong move!
you are so bitter ...my brother take it easy on yourself ....I hope you find peace
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Biggie Punishes Saga For Violating Secret Task Rule by Aleora(f): 10:57am On Sep 16, 2021
That is how you different a real man from the weakling simp. Ordinary task maria played professionally twice, e reach werey turn him allow puzzy deceive am ..
and where is MARIA��������
Family / Re: Help, My Fianceé Masturbates by Aleora(f): 8:07pm On Aug 16, 2021

for sure man. she was able to open up to me cos she sort of find a friend in me, but she is generally supportive
open up to you and you brought it to Nairaland �,chai na pity I pity that babe .....A friend indeed...
Jobs/Vacancies / Administrative Secretary Needed by Aleora(f): 6:21pm On Aug 05, 2021
Administrative secretary needed at G-Gold Autos Akure

Salary :50,000

Applicant must be 25 years of age or below
Must possess either of the following OND,HND or Bsc .

Directing internal and external calls, emails, and faxes to designated departments.

Arranging and scheduling appointments, meetings, and events.

Monitoring office supplies and ordering replacements.

Observing the best business practices and etiquette.

Processing, typing, editing, and formatting reports and documents.

Interested candidates should send their cv to igboayakavictoria73@gmail.com

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Career / Re: How Do You Handle A Difficult Boss? by Aleora(f): 10:32am On Jul 11, 2021
Good evening. I got transferred to a new office and my boss is just the direct opposite of the Previous.My current boss is a bit nice but then doesn't have managerial skills. She really doesn't know how to handle her subordinates. At a slight mistake, she's all shouting the roof down. She exaggerates a lot and looks for every means to put a blame on you when things don't work even though it's not your fault.
E.g, you're working on something and probably you have network issues and can't complete or round off on time, she'll just look for a way to put in on you.
Now it's almost affecting the way I work. Asking her questions sometimes is almost difficult and then I do it my way. There are just so many complains and I can't afford to lose this Job right now.

In front of you she's acting so nice but behind she's all saying dirty things.
I'm getting fed up. Coming to work seems tiring now.

Please how do I handle this?
You just described my boss...(he though)most time when he screams or exaggerate things,I just keep quiet without minding him.....and at every opportunity he insult and body Shame his workers and worst have never seen someone as hypocritical as him...so my advice to you is keep calm when she shout...and low key start gathering money to be self employed..remember no one becomes wealthy by working under somebody ...

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Events / Re: Pastor Essay Oggory Refuses To Join Couple Because Of Bride's Lateness To Church by Aleora(f): 1:29pm On Feb 07, 2021
That's not a kind and understanding spirit that so called "pastor's has.....you can't just ruin people's day just because they came 5 minutes behind schedule. That's not discipline but wickedness and unchristlike behaviour.. undecided
this is why I love low key wedding,na me go carry pastor come where he go join me and husband ...I no fit shout...all this people behaving like thy are God..
Jobs/Vacancies / Sales Representative Needed Akure by Aleora(f): 7:02pm On Feb 06, 2021
Urgent Job Vacancy

Company : Automobile

Job title :Sales Representative



* Must posses a minimum of SSCE .

* Applicant must reside in Akure

* Be smart and willing to learn about Cars

*. Proficient in the use of social media

*. Applicant must be able to communicate in English language,Yoruba language is an added advantage

Job description

* Greet and direct customers.

* Provide accurate information (e.g. product features, pricing and after-sales services)

* Answer customers' questions about specific products/services.

* Conduct price and feature comparisons to facilitate purchasing.

* Cross-sell products.


Interested candidates should contact 07067208697 or send email to igboayakavictoria73@gmail.com
Family / Re: Undetected Sickle Celler by Aleora(f): 9:01pm On Jan 30, 2021
Are you sure your neighbors wife is telling the truth?are you sure your neighbor is the owner of that child?honestly how can AA genotype result from 5 different hospitals all of a sudden change to AS,please your neighbor should conduct a DNA test on that one first,am not judging her but possibility she covered her little secret is high..peace....



Good day family people. Please what can you do in this case?

My neighbour's second child, 5 year old girl that used to fall sick often was just recently confirmed sickle celler much to the surprise of the parents and all of us. But that is not even the issue.

The real issue is that the parents tested to know their genotype before marriage and the father was known to be AS and the mother AA. The woman went to 5 different hospitals and laboratories, government and private, to confim her genotype before committing to marriage with the man. After their marriage and during her two antenatal in the hospital, she tested her blood each time again and her genotype was still confirmed AA. Now suddenly when her daughter was fallen sick often she requested for genotype test for the daughter and it was confirmed she was SS. That made the doctor to ask the mother to go for genotype test again and it turned out as AS.

Please how do you explain this family people and doctors in the house? What do you do to those that conducted the 7 previous tests both in government and private hospitals?

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Fights Her Friend For Telling Her Boyfriend She’s Cheating (Photo) by Aleora(f): 8:26am On Jan 23, 2021
Street slay queens with their Okrika hair always like to leak each other secret when they have issues, real niggas don't leak secrets no matter what happens between them cheesy cheesy
Hahahaahahahahhahahahahahaha which one be okrika hair again...you too like play���������
Family / Re: My Wife Gave Me The Shock Of My Life. Help! by Aleora(f): 10:16am On Jan 17, 2021
When thy say marry your best friend e get why,just imagine the nonsense you posted here,what were you expecting?she think say you be her gist partner not knowing Wetin she talk don Dey Nairaland...honestly ehn you make marriage tire person....


Romance / Re: I Told My Wife That The Dna Result Of Our Kids Will Be Ready Tomorrow. See What by Aleora(f): 12:45pm On Jan 06, 2021
See the advice wey dem Dey give you,bro you just scattered your home ,if you have doubt you could have you know at one point talk about it ,let’s flip this case ,imagine your father collecting your sample for DNA because of what he saw online..how will you feel?something wey you no fit accept no do am to someone else ..most of the guys here don’t even have a happy family not to talk of having a home .....it would have been different if you suspect your wife of infidelity..Goodluck..

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