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Romance / Re: U.S.A and Europe Na Glorified SCAM by Allaboutkatiee(f): 4:10pm On Jun 30, 2022
Abroad is good for Vacation not for settling
Nowhere is better than Home

You see my uncles years of hurstle has gone down because of old lady
That is America for you. Her family is suing my uncle almost $600k.
His family has now remebered us in Nigeria grin
They are thinking of relocating and settling in Nigeria.
Abroad na your mate grin grin

How is this funny though?


Education / Secondary School Transcript by Allaboutkatiee(f): 4:06pm On Jun 30, 2022
I'm trying to help someone upload their secondary School transcript,
Is it still compulsory to go back to the school to get your total result compilation?
Because he has all his secondary school result intact.

Please help.
Romance / Re: Religion Is Slowly Ruining My Happiness by Allaboutkatiee(f): 7:58pm On Jan 15, 2022

Saying bye bye to religion was the best decision I made.

My life is so peaceful devoid of unnecessary man made fears of imaginary enemies or non existent demons trying to hurt one . grin

Or non existent hell.

I live life with open mind and I look forward to every day with joy.

No time to sit and listen to trash talk from business men while reading from a book filled with folk tales.

I think freely and appreciate humanity more.

Always thinking of how to better the life of humans.

Religion is a chain of slavery. A tool for subjgation ,exploitation and mindless brainwashing.

Choose freedom, dearie !

Been a while here..
And I'd say I love this piece you beautifully sculpted down
Now that you have put all the negatives behind, you could as well put Jesus in front. cheesy

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Romance / Re: Witches Are Everywhere by Allaboutkatiee(f): 2:51pm On May 28, 2021
I'm Back Again. Witches/wizards Are Everywhere. In Every Family, In Every Compound, In Every Church Too. No Church Is Exempted, Not Even Deep Life Church, Yes. There Are 2 Types Of Witches/wizards. 1. Those Dat Know Dat Dey Are Witches/wizards 2. Those Dat Don't Know Or Aren't Aware Dey Are Witches/wizards. Under Dis Types Of Witches/wizards. 1. We Av D White Witches/wizards 2. D Black Witches/wizards. D White Witches Use Theirs 4 Good Or 4 Their Own Good While Black Witches/wizards Do Theirs 4 Evil Or Wickedness. So, If U Find Urself Leaving Ur Body(out-Of-body-experience) To Meet & Chat With Friends, Neighbours Or People U Know In Ur Sleep, U Are A Witch/wizards.

I dont just know what certain people on here drink before posting.
It is highly alarming. angry
Romance / Re: Tips For Dating An African American (akata) Woman by Allaboutkatiee(f): 8:30am On May 28, 2021

"Bro we neither comparing intelligent here, nor in a IELTS, two errors in just one short sentence, that's poor really poor. The right use of the word is 'intelligence,' also dont say "a IELTS,' it's "an IELTS," kapish? Also dont say "former." it's "formal." So you are not aware it takes discernment to learn a language? So you have discernment? What an interesting clown! What kind of young people are we producing in this country nowadays? Imagine still talking instead of hiding and learning?

Damnn you just had to go all hard on her grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Why Is It Easy To Forgive A Man That Cheat But Not A Woman by Allaboutkatiee(f): 5:46pm On May 27, 2021
after all the urgent 2ks
all the pizza pepper soup,sharwama,all the phone you still gats mind cheat dey expect forgiveness......signing out

Honestly typing,judging from how you constructed you sentence
I could tell;
Guys like you spend zeros. grin
Forming keypad alphamales grin


Romance / Re: Gonorrhoea: My Reward For Cheating by Allaboutkatiee(f): 5:36pm On May 27, 2021
My girlfriend has been faithful but I just decided to taste another babe.

Now I have contracted gonorrhoea, i feel pains while urinating and a discharge from my penis.

I couldn’t risk having sex with my girlfriend as I noticed it but she forced me to have sex with her last night.

Now I’m spending a lot of money to treat the both of us.

I feel bad.

I dont even know whether to call you stupid or dumb.
You still had to drag her into it,you sincerely wanted her to contact this if not you would have tried harder to avoid her until you knew completely you were cured of this..
It is a pity. undecided angry
Romance / Re: Why Are Women Like This? by Allaboutkatiee(f): 1:09pm On May 26, 2021
Just a short one

I made 60k on a supply i did then for the love of Chelsea i staked them to win today as expected with 40k out of d money. I gave my fiancee 20k.

As we know Chelsea lost unfortunately embarassed i approached my fiancee to borrow me 5k from the money i just gave her, I need to manage it till d end of d month...She is blatantly refusing

How do you see this
grin grin
Very Good
Next time you wont let the devil tempt you.
Health / Re: Some People Are Unaware That They Are HIV Positive by Allaboutkatiee(f): 4:14pm On May 25, 2021
What part of the country are you?

Why is everybody you know dying of HIV?

He certainly might be from SA grin
Romance / Re: Should I Fire Her? by Allaboutkatiee(f): 4:08pm On May 25, 2021
I own a company, none of my staff knew me as the owner except the Manager and the Secretary.

I don't visit, I told both of them not to disclose my identity to the other staff.

One day, I visited the company and I saw my Ex, I asked the Manager and he said she is one of their staff.

I instructed the Manager to promote her to personnel officer, which he did.

A month later, I went there as a job applicant, as she saw me with my application and CV, she rejected me outright, she remembered all the past, and told me never in this company would I get employment.

I came the following day to beg her, she refused and called the security men to throw me out, then I left.

On Monday, I went to the company in my real identity and I entered her office with the Manager who introduced me to her, she knelt down crying and begging that all the family depends on her for survival.

If you were in My Position, What Would You do?
Cc: lalasticlala

Credit: Ibadaninfo
Romance / Re: Spying On Your Partner Or Spouse Social Media Accounts by Allaboutkatiee(f): 4:04pm On May 25, 2021
Morning nairalanders

Yesterday at work we had a discussion if it's wise to spy on ur girlfriend or boyfriend social media accounts eg WhatsApp,Facebook,Instagram,email etc.
The ladies all said it's is totally wrong for a guy to be going through a ladies social media accounts even if they are engaged not to talk of boyfriend and girlfriend level.some of the ladies said what ever the guy is looking for in a ladies phone he will see with his eye and they totally disagree on spying.
On the other hand, we the guys told them if they are clean why are they scared of spying,if I don't have any skeleton in my wardrobe why will I be scared of police coming to search my house.one of the guys said the time he spyed on his girlfriend phone he found out that they were like 4 of them dating the girl grin grin grin and they where all complimenting her sex skills.he was so diverstated as he felt he could marry her and he trusted her.another guy said the girl he was with is a coded prostitute :Das he found out after he spyed on her phone.Cheating is not only for women,men too do cheat.even married men cheat more compared to married women.
If u have ever spyed on ur boyfriend, girlfriend,husband, wife,fiance tell us what u found,how u felt,what was ur action after that ,what method did u use in spying and what do u think about spying on one phone.am planning to spy on my lady social media accounts.pls pray for me so I don't get heart attack grin grin grin

My ex did this shit.
It was a twisted relationship I'd say. grin
Crime / Re: CCTV Captures The Moment A Lady Stole Bone Straight Hair Worth 200K by Allaboutkatiee(f): 6:21pm On Jan 22, 2021

Hey Its been a while you posted on NL,I miss your posts embarassed

Awwn been so occupied smiley
Crime / Re: CCTV Captures The Moment A Lady Stole Bone Straight Hair Worth 200K by Allaboutkatiee(f): 9:18pm On Nov 27, 2020
A CCTV footage making rounds on social media has showed the moment a lady reportedly stole a bone straight hair worth 200k.

The owner of the shop was lamenting on the incident and also calling out her sales girl for not noticing what happened.

Bone Straight is a human hair wig which is currently trending in the fashion world.

In a footage, the customer of a big hair shop, can be seen stealing one of the wigs on display in the shop.

The customer places the wig behind herself, away from the view of the unsuspecting shop attendant.

She goes on to ask the shop attendant to take pictures of another bone straight hair, as a form of distraction from the crime.

According to the store owner, the stolen hair is worth N200k.

Watch the video below;


It is such a shame.
Ladies should learn not to live above their means..
StilI it all boils down to peer pressure.
Nonsense and ingredients angry
Politics / Re: Desmond Elliot Blasted For Calling Nigerian Youths "Children" by Allaboutkatiee(f): 10:03pm On Oct 29, 2020

I still insist that term children is appropriate.

They are neither is age mates nor peers.

You are a big fool... undecided


Nairaland / General / Re: Mention The Good News That Made You Lose Your Appetite by Allaboutkatiee(f): 8:26pm On Jul 13, 2020
Mine. The day I got alert of approval in my office.
The day my wife put to bed.
What are those good news that have made you bite your chicken once and left the whole meat.

Getting admission into the university
Mehn my appetite was replaced with happiness grin


Phones / Re: Social Media Is Ruining Your Life (I Quit) by Allaboutkatiee(f): 11:12pm On Jul 12, 2020
I'm fond of writing long epistles, only because the ideas that flows through my brain can be somewhat overwhelming.

In that case, I'm going to try and make this article short and to the point. That way, I don't lose your attention.

Now you're asking, how is social media ruining my life?

You probably have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. installed on your phone. Who doesn't?

Ask yourself, "How much time do I spend using these apps every day?"

When you're arguing with some strange online warriors, posting and watching tons of videos and memes, do you know how fast time fly?

Of course you don't, cause these platforms were created to be addictive.

If you're not using these online platforms as a tool, chances are you're using it to activate your dopamine.

It's stronger than meth, cocaine, heroin...It's like a drug you might never overcome!

Right now, you're alone. Perhaps lying on your bed. If I'm to go through your minimized apps right now, I'm certain I'll see these social media apps.

Oh.. A message just came in that you're about to check, right?


Should I add Nairaland to these addictive drugs? Em.. Maybe!

When was the last time you slept early? Better put this way, when was the last time your phone took a one hour break, without you touching it?

Probably when you're sleeping!

You're so bored, with a very short attention span that sometimes, you find yourself depressed.

You're probably looking for reasons to close this thread, cause it's so boring! Oh yes! Your dophamine level is now getting low and its frightening.

Social media is killing you! You know it, but you're too weak to do something about it.

Every minute you're checking your messages, your notifications.

You want to know if that picture has gotten enough likes, or if that online warrior has replied to your comment.

While you're busy brushing up your social media lifestyle, your skill, talent, and career are dying.

How am i so dead accurate? Because I've been there.

You either use it, or it uses you. Do you know that the creators of these social media apps don't even use their apps?

They don't even allow their children to use it. They know the truth, how addictive it can be even to the most discipline.

I learned the hard way, and the enlightenment changed my life.

When I removed these social apps from my phone, I felt free. I felt happier! I was more productive, and richer.

Oh! I said this was going to be a short article, but look how far you've gone. For the first time, you are paying attention!

In that case, I am here to share my experience, and to help you overcome this addiction that's about to ruin your life, just like it nearly ruined mine.

This purpose of this thread is to help, cause this is a pandemic that the world isn't tackling. I have nothing to lose or gain creating this thread, but you have everything do gain.

Apologies for any grammar error or misspelling.. This isn't an English class, but an enlightening class that will change your mind.

I beg to differ mister
You can actually control how you use these sites.
They are not created to be addictive rather you make it addictive when you overuse it.


Celebrities / Re: Jada Pinkett Denies August Alsina Affair by Allaboutkatiee(f): 10:39pm On Jul 02, 2020

Which jaden is a drug addict? Hahhahaah Fool. Pls go indepth and do your research.Will and Jada may have an open marriage which i feel is their business and nobdy's (after all,a good number of your spouses are cheating hooHaa without ur knowledge) but asides that,He has very very very responsible children and highly intellectual too. From his first child with his ex wife to Jad to Willow.NON! are into drugs and they are into their careers.

Go do your Research again babes. undecided
Science/Technology / Re: Photos Of Aliens Living Under The Earth by Allaboutkatiee(f): 4:09pm On Jun 22, 2020

Maybe that explains why the Chinese and Japanese are so smart in innovative technology

The way those chinese eat it raw..
I feel for those octopus,the pain they go true. sad
Romance / Re: Guys Don't Be Sad If A Lady turns You down by Allaboutkatiee(f): 4:03pm On Jun 17, 2020
My fellow guys, I know how it feels when a lady turns down your request.... I have been in your shoes before and I can tell how its hurts shocked

Nevertheless, don't be bothered because a lady turned you down, what you should focus on is how to improve your self so that when she sees you in the next coming years, she will envy you and want a comeback with you...

Example: I have an ex that I loved so much then.. I did everything to please her and she still fvcked up later... That was 2015... But now, I can't see her naked and get erection.... She Don fat and look less beautiful than b4.....

2ndly, there is this lady I like so much during my ND days, she was in business admin, I was in banking and finance but our lecture hall is beside each other... Very beautiful and nice shape..

Today, I saw her in the bank... I think she is married and she Don fat small... I began to wonder if this is the same lady I trip for then in school.....

So guys, focus on getting better than b4... Don't feel sad bcox she turned u down.... U may see her 3 years later and thank God that u never approached her......

Note: all I'm saying is don't waste ur useful life wanting to please a lady.. Develop ursef and see ladies striving to please you.

Be wise... Focus on ur life rather than shaping ursef for a woman to accept u

It is very obvious that you dont like fat ladies.
Biko if you dont like them,other guys do.
As the saying goes,one man's meat is another man's poison. cheesy

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Science/Technology / Re: Aliens From Space Visited Igboland 2000 Years Ago.. by Allaboutkatiee(f): 2:07pm On Jun 16, 2020
When I read about lost ancient civilizations that existed thousands of years before us.
I begin to wonder if there are reminants of these lost civilizations.
From ancient Egypt, nazca lines in Peru,gold mines of Zimbabwe and now to Igboland I have seen evidence that aliens actually visited humans back thousands of years ago.

Looking at pre colonial Igbo art proves tha?t they were visited by beings from different dimensions thousands of years ago.
These alien beings were thought to be gods and they were worshipped.
These alien beings had powerful healing and magical abilities like
1. Disappearing and reappearing
2. Strike an enemy with electromagnetic equipment ( like Sango hammer)
3. Anti gravity levitation of heavy objects like rocks (that's how pyramid of Giza was built)
4. These aliens showed us how to cure illness with herbs all around us.
Each alien being was given a name or title
Ikenga and others

Since there was no camera back then, artists back then had to carve pictures into wood.
As a tribute to these alien gods creatures
Here are wood carvings of these alien creatures that visiteed us and helped us live longer by giving the high priest knowledge of herbs for curing and prolonging life for us humans back then.

I've always wondered how everything came about..
Always wanted to know more about this things..
And your story is actually starting to make sense
Guess I will be keeping tabs on you. smiley

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Romance / Re: My Junior Sister Is Gay by Allaboutkatiee(f): 1:59pm On Jun 16, 2020
Bro..... You can take the horse to the water but you can't make him drink it.
What you told her in her teenage years about men most likely steered her away from men period. Going to live abroad...in a country where Blacks are scarce and not respected....during the exploring relationships with men years of her life only made matters worse. When sexual desires got the better of her no doubt she will turn to her mates...females for satisfaction. I believe her situation then has a lot to do with her present position. If she listened to you back then... she will listen to you again. My advice is to let her know she has her life to live.... her choice to be a lesbian but you do not agree with it.... but you will not condemn her for it. Take some responsibility for her choice because of the "fear men" lecture you gave her. Assure her that you will always have her back as long as blood is thicker than water. Let her know your greatest worry is your parents.... whatever is hidden in the dark must come to light..... they will not be able to cope with such news.... they would not be able to survive the news that their pride and joy will bring them shame.... you can manage... but not them. Ask her to reconsider the marriage.... put it off for a few years or after the passing of your parents....so at least they can live out their last days in joy and not sorrow. Admit that you know you are asking for too much... but you are pleading for the sake of your parents. In time... you can guide her to develop closer friendships with men and hopefully... nature takes its course.
Bear in mind... she knows only one side of the coin... things can turn around super fast if she knows the other side. Seen that at my work place. Whatever you have to say... say in a friendly tone... not as big brother.

The best advice so far.
Romance / Re: Trying To Toast A Girl As A Shy Guy. Share Your Experience by Allaboutkatiee(f): 7:02am On Jun 16, 2020

I was only a young teenager then. I've gotten over being shy long ago, but i just can't stop wondering what causes the anxiety then

This statement just means your still shy,not shy long ago
Lol grin grin

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Romance / Re: What Is That Weird Thing You Love It's Smel?? by Allaboutkatiee(f): 8:29am On Jun 12, 2020

Happy birthday!

Thank you kiss
Romance / Re: What Is That Weird Thing You Love It's Smel?? by Allaboutkatiee(f): 10:46am On Jun 09, 2020


The smell of books
You just cant take that feeling away
Its something else. kiss

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Romance / Re: What About You, Do You Like Them Young Or Old? by Allaboutkatiee(f): 10:45am On Jun 09, 2020
Am I the only one who prefers dating older man? Well my friends will always say , Constance why can’t you date someone in your peers and I guess I don’t even have a good reason. Or it is the fact that they experience life differently or it is the fact that I love people who have wisdom to share or give out, or is it the fact that they wear trousers up to there waist line not under there bottoms?

The truth is, as much as many people would want to question why I enjoy dating someone 20 years or 15 years older than me? The fact still remain that these men are sensitive in nature, passionate lover , they give you the best advice about life and when you confront problems and most importantly they are ready to be a lover and a father at the same time, they just have this beautiful instinct of protecting you���(which I find quite romantic)

And by the way, am Constance and am 20 and have dated older people all by life. What about you, do you like them young or old?

I actually feel it's normal.
I personally cant date someone in same age bracket with me.
I kind of find them less matured.

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Education / Re: See How Crowded This Classroom Is (photo) by Allaboutkatiee(f): 10:06am On Jun 09, 2020
This should be UA hall
Romance / Re: Is Nairaland A Good Forum by Allaboutkatiee(f): 8:01pm On Jun 03, 2020
Is Nairaland a Good Forum?
If yes give reasons if No give reasons


It's a fun place..
With so many mad men grin grin
Health / Re: I Forget Things Easily: Should I Be Worried About This Condition? by Allaboutkatiee(f): 5:42pm On Jun 03, 2020
I tend to forget where I keep my stuff easily, and it's really annoying. I may do something right now and forget it seconds later. Ironically, I remember things like names of people, what people said and the faces of people easily and accurately. I can still remember the surnames and names of my ex-classmates in secondary school perfectly, and the names and surnames of 202 people in my class at the University level.

My forgetfulness, however, petrifies me a lot as I'm 22 years old. What could be wrong? Should I be worried or it's normal at such an age?

Mods please help me push it to the FP let me get replies from the good people of NL. smiley

It's normal.. I tend to have same issue
But it doesnt occur all the time,just once in while.
Romance / Re: Beware Of Girls With False RAPE Accusations by Allaboutkatiee(f): 5:37pm On Jun 03, 2020
I have male brothers and a father
I can't call all men rapist just because of the evil another man committed.
I also know how society has a soft spot for women than men.
If a woman accuse you of rape, 90% of society will believe her..
As a woman I know that I can tarnish a man image just by rape accusations..
Even if it's not true, if I'm caught I will just come out and apologize that's it.

My point is, Some Low life Girls will hijack this RAPE trend and use it to Target men they want to tarnish.
It happened to Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more during Mee too trend.

This is the major problem we women have when it comes to rape accusations.
The more fake rape accusations the more unserious future rape cases will be treated.
Let's face the truth, when you have well known documented cases of women deliberately lying inorder to put a man in jail this makes police reluctant to investigate rape cases.
To the girls who lay false rape accusations, you are the reason rape cases are not taken seriously.
Just like thieves hijacked George Flyod protest inorder to steal and loot
Bitter,spiteful women will hijack uwa rape trend to bring down men. Beware Guys

Yes it's a very annoying.
Just because you want to get back at a guy,you try to use the rape allegations.
It's totally wrong..
And it should not be taken likely.
Just like how they tried to accuse somto wrongfully.
Bunch of nuissance. angry

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Romance / Re: How Long Is Too Much Asking A Lady Out Before Giving Up? by Allaboutkatiee(f): 5:34pm On Jun 01, 2020
A guy got so attracted to a lady while shopping in a popular Nigerian departmental store. He was at the clothing section but noticed she was at the cosmetics section doing her thing, so he decided to get a deodorant, just for the sake of having a word.

He made his intention known but @ last she didnt obliged him. "Call me" she said, here have my number"... This happened before the lockdown !!!

And as I speak, this guy is still calling like 500 (five hundred) times daily and chatting 24/7 with hope that his luck will shine one day. cheesy

What manner of fvckery is that?grin

It's obvious the person is you...[/s]simp[s] grin grin
Romance / Re: A Lady Online Named Pamela Okoli Wrote An Open Letter To Her Crush.. by Allaboutkatiee(f): 8:33am On May 30, 2020
Miss Pamela Okoli According To Her Data On her Profile Is An upcoming Model..She said She Like to Go for modelling If The Chance Is Given...
She Suddenly Made A Post About Her Crush Online Today While The Post Has Sparkle A lot Of comment in the Group Named Yorochitv...
She Openly Wrote The Letter Like This..

Premium tears.. lipsrsealed
Romance / Re: 18 – Years Old Lady Confirms Sleeping With Over 200 Men As Way To Survive by Allaboutkatiee(f): 8:05pm On May 29, 2020

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