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Politics / Re: Awolowo's Letter From Prison To Aguiyi Ironsi Pressing For His Release by AndreUweh(m): 3:13pm On Aug 11, 2018
i'm Igbo but this man is a sage.

Awo is the best visionary leader in black Africa.

he saw tomorrow. Britain knew it.

Zik would have been really envious of him.

prior to 1960 his motion to include secession in our constitution was turn down.

so Belewa and his co-travelers like Bello and Okpara did not want opposition.

no wonder they created Mid-West in 1963 to reduce AG influence in the West

but left the North and East intact by not creating Middle-Belt and CORE* region.

Calabar Ogoja Rivers provinces of Eastern*

as a federal prisoner, Ojukwu decided not to hold him back.

Awo built OAU at Ife outside of Ibadan

before Zik built UNN at Nsukka outside of Enugu

then Bello built ABU at Zaria outside of Kaduna.

he set the pace, others follow.

though he gave my mom and dad 20 Pounds each after the war,

nevertheless my respect goes to you Sir.

had it been Awolowo ruled Nigeria say from 1979 to 1983 this country would have endured just for 4 years and enjoy forever.

Biafra is a model of Awoism ideology

UNN was built before University of Ile Ife.

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Sports / Re: Why I Left England For Nigeria – Alex Iwobi by AndreUweh(m): 11:30am On May 20, 2018
He was born in Nigeria but came to England at the age of 6.
Sports / Re: Klitschko: Why I Turned Down £22m Joshua Rematch by AndreUweh(m): 1:38pm On May 12, 2018
The two guys above me didn't watch that fight.

Klitchsko was goin' to win the bout before the KO. He rocked AJ from the 4th onwards. AJ's corner had to go for broke & they got lucky. If that fight had reached Round 12, AJ would have lost. Fact. Go check their points sheet before Round 11. AJ's feet was even wobblin' & surprisingly, Klitschko, who's known for finishin' off opponents refused to capitalize.

The match looked fixed after that - like Klitschko was asked to lose deliberately since their time was comin' to an end & nobody could wrest the belts from them. Same happened to his elder bro against Fury - very weird fight.

I think they agreed with the boxing world to retire since they vowed not to fight each other.

Noops. His elder brother did not fight with Tyson Fury. The same chap who fought Fury also fought against AJ.
Sports / Re: Liverpool Star Oxlade Chamberlain Spotted Wearing Arsenal Kit by AndreUweh(m): 6:28pm On Nov 21, 2017
£40 million deal?. Lies upon lies.
Romance / Re: Cleavage Photos Of Miss Sahhara, Nigerian Transgender by AndreUweh(m): 6:17pm On Nov 17, 2017
What about the dick,how are they going to remove it and put hole inside
That has been removed to create way for toto.
Sports / Re: Why Michael Emenalo Quit Chelsea by AndreUweh(m): 11:19pm On Nov 07, 2017
That Emenalo ran the affairs of chelsea like a typical Nigerian. Very corrupt and after nothing but his own stomach. Glad he left .

Nicholas Goodison once said ''A tired chairman is a bad chairman. A dead one is usually worse.''

DO you have any evidence to show he was corrupt?.
you just want to use ex Nigerian player to seek cheap attention here. Idiott.

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Politics / Re: Channels Television Commits Blunder : Photo by AndreUweh(m): 1:25pm On Oct 31, 2017
Even yesterday, they announced that Hamilton finished 9th at the Mexican Grand Prix while the young man came first.
Sports / Re: Shooting Stars Gets New Technical Adviser by AndreUweh(m): 7:19pm On Oct 26, 2017
Up shooting.
Good luck to the most educated manager in Nigeria.
Sports / Re: Kelechi Iheanacho Wore Igbo Cap To Leicester City Vs Swansea Game by AndreUweh(m): 9:53pm On Oct 22, 2017
After reading the comments from other tribe in Nigeria because Kenechi put on his native red cap, it is then obvious that Nigerian is already divided.

Some people talking trash here can NEVER achieve what Kenechi has achieved even if they are allowed to leave for 2000 years. Bad Belle people everywhere! Ndi ALA!

Don't mind the enemies of progress here.
Sports / Re: Kelechi Iheanacho Wore Igbo Cap To Leicester City Vs Swansea Game by AndreUweh(m): 9:16pm On Oct 22, 2017
Shortly after Nacho's arrival at the club, he picked up an injury, but thank God he is injury free now and getting games. Prior to his arrival, Leicester had and still have Vardy, Slimani, Okasaki etc. this guys won the title for the club 2 seasons ago and it wont be easy taking over from them just like that.
He is wearing a red cap and what about it?. This chap can afford all of you combined who are chatting envy about him here. He doesn't even know you guys exists.


Culture / Re: Ikwerre Reject Hosting Of Igbo Day In Portharcourt by AndreUweh(m): 6:07pm On Sep 20, 2017
The summit is rotational. Whilst Asaba and all the south east state capitals have had their turns, it's now the turn of Rivers state to host this mammoth gathering.
However, this is not the first time it will be hosted in PH. During the Igbo union era, Port Harcourt was one of the cities that hosted such events. This will not also be the last.
Politics / Re: Between Igbos, Wike And Rivers People. My Question Is.. by AndreUweh(m): 11:24pm On Sep 19, 2017
I think Ohanaeze just want to cause controversy...

This is not the first neither will it be the last in Port Harcourt.


Politics / Re: Between Igbos, Wike And Rivers People. My Question Is.. by AndreUweh(m): 11:10pm On Sep 19, 2017

Don't get it twisted, RIVERS people NOT IGBOS or ANY ethnic group determine the direction of Rivers election.

Honestly, Ohanaeze (and IPOD) should take their stuff to one of the 5 SE states. Why host in PH? Is it to give the impression that Portharcourt is Igbo city or Rivers people are Igbo? Why is Ohanaeze trying to create problem for Igbos and strain the relationship between Indigenes and Igbo people in Rivers state?

Igbo day should be celebrated in the Southeast where

Igbos are

It should be a joy to the city that has been chosen to host this large gathering. An opportunity for business, enlightenment etc. It should be seen as a blessing and not a curse.
For those of you who lack history, since the days of Igbo union, towns within Igboland and outside igboland have been chosen to host this type of events. This same Port Harcourt has in the past hosted Igbo union gatherings.
But as it is now, Rivers state has representatives in Ohanaeze and it's a privilege to host their kins. No one has a right to deny them that.
For those who do not know also, the current Vice President of this umbrella body is from Rivers state. So deal with it.

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Culture / Re: Learn To Speak Ikwerre by AndreUweh(m): 11:38pm On Jan 07, 2017
No need for long story here. You may help the OP by supplying him the needed materials to learn Ikwerre. Those who have expressed their opinions here knows that materials are in short supply in that area. Am sure if they have it they won't hesitate to upload it here.
I don't know why people get HBP anytime Igbo is mentioned.


Culture / Re: Learn To Speak Ikwerre by AndreUweh(m): 1:59am On Jan 07, 2017
You can not criticise people for offering their opinions on the subject matter. Since when are people no longer allowed to offer advice or opinions in this forum?. There is nothing wrong whatsoever to suggest learning Igbo and from there proceed to Ikwerre. If the op is not happy with the opinions of people raised should complain and not anyone else.
Am sure if someone says he wants to learn Ijebu there will be suggestions from people on learning Yoruba first and then Ijebu.
That is the way it is. If not then help the person learn Ikwerre.


Culture / Re: Are Aworis And Eguns Yoruba? by AndreUweh(m): 11:23pm On Dec 20, 2016
In actuality, the Egun people are not yoruba. Their language is Egun which is similar to Ewe language spoken in Benin and parts of Togo. The Egun language is more 'eweid' than 'Yorubaid'. Some Egun people speak Yoruba just as Okrika people speak Igbo but are not Igbo.
The Aworis claim early link with Benin, however, they are Yorubas in today's Nigerian context.

Wow, never knew I wrote this here.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: 2019 EUROPA League Winner by AndreUweh(m): 11:11pm On Dec 20, 2016

#Chelsea have an offer of £42million on
the table to tempt Bayern Munich
midfielder Arturo Vidal to move to
Stamford Bridge. [Express]
7:27 PM - 20 Dec 2016
132 162

Not exactly what Chelsea needs at the moment. Needs a left footed wing forward probably Mahrez. The club should be worried for lack of goals coming from free kicks. David Luiz has been so wasteful with most of our kicks. May be play Willian more as he can do a better job with free kicks.
Politics / Re: Okigwe Zone: Time To Get It Right At The Senate. by AndreUweh(m): 12:43am On Feb 07, 2016
^^^I was in Isinweke during the Xmas period and all my phone lines were functional.
There is no part of OKIGWE zone where there is no network. He attracted the new IMO state college of education to his area. What else are you talking about?.
We are not looking at it from the OKIGWE zonal aspect of it but what will benefit Ndigbo. Senator Achonu before he was dismissed could not even attract a committe chairmanship position to the zone talk less of the entire south east. Would the APC ruling party entrust him with a key position?. No way. So Benjy Uwajumogu is the answer.

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Politics / Re: Okigwe Zone: Time To Get It Right At The Senate. by AndreUweh(m): 8:28pm On Feb 06, 2016
The February, 2016 rerun in OKIGWE zone is an opportunity for the east to be properly represented in the senate through the ruling party.
As a consequence, do it by voting in Rt Hon Benjy Uwajumogu as your senator.
Politics / Re: ImoAt40: Okorocha Celebrates Past Governors by AndreUweh(m): 8:22pm On Feb 06, 2016
Happy birthday to my lovely state- heart of the East.


Politics / Re: Okigwe Zone: Time To Get It Right At The Senate. by AndreUweh(m): 8:14pm On Feb 06, 2016
Let me begin this discourse with nostalgia about the development affinity of Okigwe and Igbo people of the 1960s where mediocrity and retardation are rejected without any fear or pedestrian considerations. Today, all that has changed, for the worse, as extremist political party bigots, nonentities (Ndi Efulaefu), stomach minded individuals, dissidents and other sundry deviants ravage the land.

Admittedly, I hold freedom of expression, association and the right to vote and be vote for in a democracy so dearly, but however, to foster economic growth and solve critical societal problems militating on infrastructural decay, unemployment, education, etc, is the responsibility of the entire people across political lines and linens to work-out how best to build a consensus support for the most viable candidate who has both the political and legislative experience, as well as political party advantage to deliver for the people, to emerge in the interest of their overall well-being.

Obviously, the fence that divides development and retardation of a people has to do with identifying opportunities and exploiting such opportunities, as well as, visionary leadership and enlightened followership. There is no doubt that in the construction of the present democratic setting, as it concerns the legislature, principal or Chairmanship positions and party connections play a big role in the advancement of zones, while the combination of the four identified qualities leads to prosperity and productive representation with attendant improvement in infrastructure and the general wellbeing of constituents.

In Nigeria, it is no longer news that, the absence of an All Progressive Congress (APC), senator of the Igbo extraction in the National Assembly, altered the power sharing formula of the entire country, while sending a negative signal to the President and the APC, that the southeast region did not support its emergence to power. A development that is wildly believed to have been the major bane of Igbo progression, prosperity and socio-political development, as well as appointments.

This has been so even worse now that the country is facing severe economic difficulties as a result of the sharp fall in the global price of oil and mismanagement of the country’s resources by the past administration. This, coupled with the inability of the previous government at the centre, to address the infrastructural decay and marginalization of the southeast region, portend great danger for Ndi Okigwe, if they fail to realign to the mainstream politics of Nigeria.

As much as Ndi Okigwe zone and by extension, the southeast region continues to talk about marginalization in federal appointments and attraction of federal presence to address its infrastructural deficit, without putting in place the much needed palliative that will reassure the presidency and the ruling APC, of the regions support to its cause and programs, as well as, electing for the region an APC, ranking senator, who will be their eye in the several decision bodies in Abuja, they might as well forget it .

It is pertinent, at this juncture, to consider some of the benefits of electing an APC, senator of the Igbo extraction into the Nigerian senate. For one, it will offer Ndi Okigwe and the southeast region, an opportunity to reintegrate into the mainstream politics of Nigeria, while strategically positioning an Igbo man in the various caucuses of the ruling APC, for the purposes of representing the Igbo Interest during decision making sections, to drive the manifesto of the ruling APC, from the viewpoint of Ndi Igbo, and to further galvanize the needed support for the president, in the passage of important bills and motions that will fast-track development in Okigwe Zone and the Southeast region.

Secondly, it will offer a rare advantage and opportunity for Okigwe zone to exploit directly, some of the benefits that accrual from having an unhindered access to both the federal and state governments.

The economic impact of this is that the zone, will leverage on its ability to produce the only APC, ranking senator from Igbo extraction in the 8th senate, who will naturally emerge a chairman of a powerful committee, and the political party connections of their senator, especially as it regards membership of various caucuses and committees and closeness to the ruling APC to boost citizens access to federal connections and earning capacity, which will in-turn generate attractive opportunities and thousands of direct and indirect businesses, as well as facilitate the siting of federal projects to the zone.

Electing a Senator for Okigwe zone, to make it clear, isn’t just about electing a senator for representation sake, as has seen in the quality of representation provided so far, by the sacked senator from the area, achieving political party dominance over the APC or fighting the government at the state level for suspending some workers of Okigwe descent or other personal reasons. No, it presents a significant opportunity and front to fundamentally address several developmental challenges and other nagging issues like the recent suspension of workers that is confronting Ndi Okigwe zone and Imo state.

Properly considered, APC senate for Ndi Okigwe zone will address the misconception that the southeast did not vote for the incumbent president and its resultant effects on the people of the southeast region, as well as, positively alter the ‘’total architecture of the zone, by confronting the infrastructural, employment, empowerment and the socio-political needs of the people of the zone.

It is within this discretion, that history has beckoned on Ndi Okigwe zone, to save the entire southeast region from political and infrastructural extinction in the present Nigeria, by passionately taking ownership of this laudable Igbo project of electing an experienced APC, senator as an eye of Ndi Igbo, In the National Assembly, and ensuring 100 percent victory for Ndi Igbo in the February 20th Okigwe Senate elections.

Though it has been discovered that the major problem affecting the progress of Ndi Igbo in the present Nigeria, is the lack of political sense among some youths, systematic erosion of Igbo values and the Igbo kindred spirit, rancor among leaders, lack of integrity and selfishness among Igbo leaders and the inordinate chase for money. Commonsense, progress and tactical reintegration of a people for advancement of a tribal course or interest have all being thrown to the dogs, so far money is involved, even when it is clear to them and everyone else that truth is being trampled upon and that the peoples wellbeing and progress are been dispensed for temporary material gains and inexperience.

What is, even more surprising is that it is the same people who sell their conscience and sense of justice for few notes of American Dollars or often keep quite when issues of zonal advancement and progress are being discussed or averted, that are quick to condemn and castigate the government whenever the effect of their bad conduct bounce back at them. Shouldn’t it be clear to Chief Athan Achonu’s supporters that their principle did not only warm the bench during the 11 out of 65 plenary sections in which he attended while in senate, but could not even grab a significant committee chairmanship position that could be off benefit to his Umunumo community not to talk of his local government, zone or the southeast region.

Similarly, can they claim not to be aware of the Importance of the Okigwe Senate election to Ndi Igbo and its resultant negative effects or implications on the fortunes of the entire Igbo race if the election is lost to a political party other than the APC. Are they not, also aware of his inexperience in legislative matters and his anti-social and unpalatable records. Yet they chose to go for his Dollars and assist him in his only campaign strategy of peddling of falsehood, lies, cook-bull stories and moon light tales against the APC candidate.

At this point, it has become appropriate to draw the attention of Ndi Okigwe to the uniqueness of the divine opportunity to produce for Ndi Igbo the much needed APC, senator of Igbo extraction, at a time when the zone needs God’s guidance and wisdom to steer and still keep the ship of Ndi Igbo afloat amidst the socio-political and economic storms. A political zone like Okigwe, that has every reason to embrace every opportunity that comes its way due to many years of neglect and backwardness cannot afford to waste a God given chance to solve her myriad of problems, on the alter greed and selfishness.

Ordinary, if not that democracy calls for voting , considering the peculiar case of Okigwe senate election and its importance to Ndi Igbo, it would have been natural to just give it to the APC, candidate, Rt. Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu, who has the experience and the political power advantage to deliver for Ndi Igbo and Okigwe zone.

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Politics / Re: Okigwe Zone: Time To Get It Right At The Senate. by AndreUweh(m): 8:11pm On Feb 06, 2016
We have to get it right this through a vibrant and experienced lawmaker- Hon Ben Uwajumogu

Politics / Okigwe Zone: Time To Get It Right At The Senate. by AndreUweh(m): 8:09pm On Feb 06, 2016
Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Tribunal Nullified The Election Of Senator Athan Achonu. by AndreUweh(m): 6:55pm On Oct 13, 2015
Hon Benjy Uwajumogu was the actual winner.
The order was: 1. APC, APGA AND PDP.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: 2019 EUROPA League Winner by AndreUweh(m): 12:02am On Sep 22, 2015
Not banned yet. He has only been charged. He may not be guilty.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: 2019 EUROPA League Winner by AndreUweh(m): 6:39pm On Aug 27, 2015
Chelsea and Porto to go through.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: 2019 EUROPA League Winner by AndreUweh(m): 11:38pm On Aug 22, 2015
Peace biko nu.
Sports / Re: Why I Want To Buy Arsenal Instead Of Nigerian Club - Dangote by AndreUweh(m): 1:32pm On Jul 05, 2015
Dangote will not be the first African to own a club in premiership football. Fulham until recently was owned by an African from Egypt.
Culture / Re: Igala Nigerian American In The NFL by AndreUweh(m): 2:17pm On Jun 18, 2015
Culture / Re: Igala Nigerian American In The NFL by AndreUweh(m): 10:12pm On Jun 17, 2015
He is not Igala. He is from Katsina-Ala in Benue state. He was born in Ibadan to a deeper life ministry family. The sister Glory, is a gospel singer.
Get the facts right please.
Culture / Re: A List Of Igbo Dialects And Where Their Speakers Are Found. by AndreUweh(m): 4:12pm On Apr 23, 2015
Nsu,Uboma, Obowu and Ihitte all in Okigwe South of Imo state speak same dialect yet no common name for their dialect.

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Culture / Re: A List Of Igbo Dialects And Where Their Speakers Are Found. by AndreUweh(m): 4:07pm On Apr 23, 2015
So OP you disregarded the best Igbo group, ANIOCHA?
You added Ukwuani but no Aniocha? You added Ika but no Aniocha? You added Ikwerre but no Aniocha?

Okay kwa

The OP listed Enuani. Aniocha is part of Enuani.

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