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Culture / Re: Africa Americans Of Fulani Descent by BahPulo(f): 4:21am On Jun 28, 2015

Takamba( what does the name mean, I like it).
Sister, how do Senegalese feel about Guinea Fulbe? Unlike other foreigners, we are not called "Gnak" but is there any form of resentment?

Yes there is they call us 'nderhingue' mostly coming from the wolof though. I considered myself most of my life Senegalese, but when I went to Guinea for the first time I changed to being guinean grin and on top of that I married a Guinean poulo. so I started speaking poular more. being around the culture made me feel belonging for the first time and I liked. I don't even carry my Senegalese passport anymore. My father was one of those forced to leave during the reign of Sekou Toure. Don't get me wrong Senegal has been good to him and his family. My friends whom I went to school with just don't get this change of identification to them I am as senegalese as they are. But I love this feeling of not being a guess smiley. I am very pro fulani. I can be respectful to anyone but the moment I sense you have this hatred toward my people you will loose me for good.

As for the Gnak word I hate it!! I don't hesitate to call anyone around me who uses it. there is just this arrogance about saying the word that irk me the wrong way. My school had many camerounais expats, I thought them the nicest of people i just can't tolerate this word.


Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 8:27pm On Oct 13, 2014

'Penda Yoro was a girl who has shown the value of dignity, nobility and sensitivity. She does not live, but she must not be forgotten. Penda Yoro was a young, beautiful, educated, sought after girl. She was the revelation of the year. As a servant to a French Catholic missionary she received an advanced European style education. She was more educated than her brothers, for whom whites were taboo. She dressed in the expensive boubous/kaftans referred to by the name “expensive oil.” It was the fabric of 1968 sold in Pakistan. She lived in the Tenenkou area (in the region of Mopti) where there were weekly village markets which still exist today. The young Ful6e(Fulani) people took advantage of these meetings to show off their best clothes and their beauty. Penda Yoro was a very welcoming girl and every evening griots gathered around her in order to celebrate with her completely dazed by her legendary beauty.'

I want to go back to those kind of times. I want to own thousands of cattle, some goats and some camel as well. I want to have the beautiful traditional Fulani woman (she does not have to wear a Burqa because I know that our women are very respectful and are very dignified without it). I want to return to a time where we Fulbe were living our lives as true free nomads. Islam is beautiful like I said before, but one must never forget their culture before Islam. Our culture predates Islam by thousands of years. I'm not speaking completely through bernde am right now because I feel some of you may be upset with what I'm trying to say.

I feel that traditional Fulani culture is one of the most beautiful things in this earth.

totally agree with this post especially the part about name. I believe most people in Guinea associate the real fulani names with being machudho. Which is crazy I mean name such as yero, samba, diouhayratu would instantly tell people who you are but say Fatoumata, Aissatou or Kadiatou you could be anything in west Africa from wolof to malinkhe. The worst part now is some have even decided to take the africanized version off these names completely. Djenabou is Zainab only now or Mariama is just Mariam. As for the burqa I don't think anyone hates it more that my dad. He won't even great you back when you are wearing one. I think you are right too about wahhabism ability to cause problem. I mean it causes problem even between family members. I love the name Cirah but remember my cousin getting pick on for this name a lot.

EId Mubarak my Fulani brothers, I hope you had a good eid. I hope fulani sisters will join the conversation so I won't be so outnumbered in here


Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 4:45pm On Sep 04, 2014
@ omarbah thanks I forgot to log out but I was not online. Anyway from your last post you answered my question. Do you happen to know of any good book on this period? I am from pita too that's crazy Gongoreh Maci to be precise. But my dad moved to Senegal in 1954 and married there; all his kids were born in Dakar where we still call home. I didn't know much about Guinea until I got married and travelled there for the first time. I know many people from timbimadina by the way.
@ rest of the posters stop diverting the thread please . you want to discuss cameroun open a mm other thread thank you
Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 8:15pm On Sep 03, 2014
This thread has develop to a great learning place. My brother fulaman I see you guys have made a new friend from guinea. I am telling my dream of a united fulbhe seems to be making progress little by little lol. Keep posting guys I am learning .@ omarbah where in guinea are u from? Do you happen to have any info on the nine Almamys who founded the kingdom of foutah?? Thanks


Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 4:35am On Aug 18, 2014

Hello @BahPullo, I am intervening because you are maybe talking about I contribution I made earlier. Just to make a little clarification, I talked about the intermarriage of the Fulanis I did state the 3 reasons i believe led to intermarriage and I said that it was not a fulani specificity. I mentionned as an example that some fulani rulers did have mothers from other ethnic group as a form of alliance. All of these are facts and happened in all Fulani societies.
Fulaman asked me a question about Daby Balde who is Poulo Firdo, not from Fouta Djallon. I did not talk about specifications or case by case country, we all know that it is easy for a nomad tribe to intermix with others. #facts.
All of these are facts, no lies there.
No need to use some harsh words either to state opinions, we are happily exchanging and learning from each others. I will happily learn from your contributions as well.
With all my respect, salam.

Now you have made me really ashamed of myself. Sorry did not mean to come off like that. But the fact that a king married a woman of another tribe to form alliance does not mean everyone in the community will follow him. marriage in most Fula families is very much arranged to these days.
Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 4:01am On Aug 18, 2014

Nice meedting you too
Ajaraama, ajabbama, aweltanama no fotti, mido seyii. Mido yidi mi andii dereewol facebook maada, to a hebbi ndum, hokk'am adress innde nden.
Or You can also remain anonymous, like Fulaman cheesy
Ajaraama bandham ankhadi. Mi ala or dayna Facebook. I diactivated my page a year ago. But I am going to stick around I like meeting Fulani from other parts. By the way I recently met this girl who's a distant cousin. Her mom is Nigerian Fula and her dad from my husband village. Don't know why but it made me really happy and starting to wonder if the musiidal fulbhe should encourage such marriages to reunite our community. What do you say? Fulaman this question is for you too.

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Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 2:53am On Aug 18, 2014
@ MisterG and Bororojo you guys are right the Fulani are very diverse even within a family. My Siblings and Me we go from light to dark brown and from silk hair to course 4c type of hair just within my nuclear family. Being the palest of them I also have the toughest hair texture too. People are always surprise to see my hair texture they always assume from my look I must have soft hair. Like my sister says I am the proof that our family has no no African blood lol lol. @ Fulaman I have heard of this singer but your bandham here is very limited when it come to music in general I try my best to avoid seen the general belief is that it's a sinn. But I am always guilty of baba maal enchanted songs. Do u happen to have his song Yele in your collection. @ my bandham Bororojo kosadimaa kotoliih nice meeting you

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Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 7:10pm On Aug 17, 2014

I used to think that at first especially with the name Diallo, but I have spoken to Fulani in Senegal, Mali, Niger and Rep. of Benin and they do not do that grin. Btw, I'm just giving you a hard time grin

Really it's funny since I am as Guinean as I am Senegalese in a way but I have always thought that diarama is written the same in both countries. The pulaar in guinea though is very soft especially the endings of their words. Have you ever heard a guinean speak pulaar it's like they are singing. Lol u are fine badham lol doing it again.

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Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 6:54pm On Aug 17, 2014

Hey I have been meaning to ask a Guinean Fulani this question BahPulo.

How come whenever the I speak to Guinean Fulani people in Fulfulde/Pular, they make excessive use of 'h'.

For example - you just said bandham, I just typically write bandam there are other examples like

this one always confuses me - 'on diaraama bandiraabhe fulbhe' It took me a while to realise that diaraama is jaraama. I don't mean to sound offensive if I am, but I noticed that it is only when I'm talking to Guinean Fulani (and sometimes Sierra Leonean Fulani) that the spellings of certain words confuse me. I understand that sometimes "himbe" could be written as "yimbe"

I believe it has to do with the fact we are French speakers. For instance di in French can be made using the j in English. As for the 'h' it's a matter of accent. I remember when I first got married my husband and his friends used to make fun of the way I said some words my pulaar had a heavy Wolof accent but with time I started 'softening' the end of my words with h without noticing now it's like a second nature. Lol that's funny you think that's offensive.
Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 6:37pm On Aug 17, 2014
Another thing I want to add is the Fulani look. Nothing irks me the most than when I see people attributing the light skin of some Fula to mixing with non Africans like Arabs. I know it may be hard for some to believe but Africa is diverse and many looks and complexions are bond to be found here. I am very light to the point you can see my veins so is my husband but of our 3 kids only one is as light as us the other 2 are 2 shades darker than us. We are not mixed with any non Africans. While my dad is also light, my mom is light brown her mom was very dark. So we are not mixed. What some people forget to consider is the environment some Fulani live in. In guinea Fulani live in areas that are protected from the sun due to dense trees. Plus their diet and way of life can contribute to their appearances. A Fula whether dark or light is easy to distinguish to those who know.


Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 5:43pm On Aug 17, 2014
@ bororojo u have a point there but those cases are not the reasons we are discussing here after all every child answers his father last name at least in Africa. But the notion that half of guinea fulanis are mixed with manlinkhe is pure lie and intentional from that poster. The only 2 states you see this in guinea are telimile and mamou this make sense because of all the Fula states these 2 are ve in close proximity with the manlinkhe. Guinean Fulani follow a caste system so unless a femal non Fula or 'machudo' has been what they call rendindhe she can't marry into a family of important blood line. Case in point Almamy Bakar Biro of timbo's mom she was a machuddo debo but had to be rendindhe before she the Almamy's dad.
@ Fulaman thank you bandham nice be here again.

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Culture / Re: Meet The Most Beautiful People On Earth- The Fulanis by BahPulo(f): 4:23am On Aug 17, 2014
Have not been on this forum for so long. It seems nothing has changed. I can't believe some of the wrong info passed on this thread as fact. I will try my best to return later to clarify some especially the Guinea part for I know for sure Fulani in futa djallon are no half breed with manlinkhe those who are we know them and they know themselves too. Their last names are dead give away. Any way will return to this thread later to address it. For now good night

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Muslim Sisters Circle by BahPulo(f): 1:06am On Oct 26, 2013
ummsulaym: A friendly and sisterly plea to Deols
I don't know how else or where to get this to you... I thought of sending you a PM but I doubt if you do receive my mails... I brought this here cuz I dnt want it 'public' though this thread is no less than 'public' too but @least, it's a public for 'us'... I don't know how to explain this or beg you of this and I dnt know if you will even comply but I have to say it anyway... Sis deols, I understand your point and every sane person should do but people will never see reasons with you even if you make more points especially when your point is not only in-line with Islam but also coming from a muslim... I know you wouldn't want to give up on that thread cuz no one will want to give up to losers... But I beg you, please unfollow cuz the arguement*or not so* is not @ the verge of stopping soon...
You have your reasons and I respect it if you don't want to unfollow it but this is the first request by me to you and only pray you honour it...
Something about your profile makes point to me and now it has to make point to you too... You know what that is? YOUR LOCATION...
After reading the link I can see where you are coming from. But I also support her stance on staying and dealing with the problem to the end. I know it's a good thing to take the moral road however sometimes one has to put the dot on the i's especially in this forum where people think they can insult you and get away with it. Sometimes one is force to descend to their level

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Islam for Muslims / Re: What Stops You From Wearing The Hijab? by BahPulo(f): 12:49am On Oct 26, 2013

ma sha Allah. I always like it when you tell your stories. Long time. How have you been?

Hijab is beautiful.

Hey hone I am here and fine alhamdulilah. Hope you are well too? And you
Enjoy your eid. By the way yup hijab is beautiful!
Islam for Muslims / Re: What Stops You From Wearing The Hijab? by BahPulo(f): 5:44am On Oct 14, 2013
I used some of these excuses for years thank Alhamdulillah for knowledge
Girls always ask me what made me decide to wear hijab. my answer
'I took sometimes to read the quran'. But one more thing. I always try not to be so harsh on sisters who don't cover. My strategy has been to show them that the hijab takes courage especially these days so just start with baby steps and see how far it will take you. Example after salat leave it on or when going to Friday prayers dress the right way and keep the outfit on for the rest of the day. Also read blogs that talk about islam.... It has worked on my sister in law and my friend. So if you are a hijabi don't underestimate your influence, sometimes just your attitude can help change a sister.
I can tell you my journey has not been always smooth. I have to start my education all over in another field because my field of work won't hire me anymore. But because of a good support i found i have been able to cope alhamdulilah.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Muslim Women Decry Coverless Gender Protests by BahPulo(f): 11:13pm On Apr 08, 2013
if on only people understood the reason muslim women wear the hijab they would stop giving themselves high blood pressure. I have been on both sides of the discussion. for years I went out without the hijab while I dressed modestly all the time my hair was displayed looking back I wish I had the courage to take my hijab early. it liberates me, it keeps men with ignorant comments away from me when I am outside on my personal errands(any woman who has live in ny will appreciate what I am trying to get @ especially around prospect park) but most of all it is a constant reminder of what matter which is (Allah). So next time anyone wants to make it his /her personal mission to liberate me from my hijab he/she should have the courtesy to ask me first. I choose to wear my hijab, I don't pretend to be super religious or holly all I am trying to do is to practice my faith and the hijab is a tool that I have realised help me do just that


Islam for Muslims / Re: Muslim Singles, Let Us Have A Talk by BahPulo(f): 8:46pm On Feb 25, 2013

sister, nobody yet o, i don't know what they are waiting for o, but i pray Allah make it easy for each and everyone of us amin.

amin brother i guess when the time come it'll be easy

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Muslim Singles, Let Us Have A Talk by BahPulo(f): 8:17pm On Feb 25, 2013
toba: No one. Im still here though

ok but have u become a muslim yet? that's the only way you can marry a muslim woman

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Muslim Singles, Let Us Have A Talk by BahPulo(f): 7:22pm On Feb 25, 2013
deols: na wah

what was she thnkn

waooh look who is back!!! welcome dear it's good to have you back.

@ thread i see this is still alive so who has married since the inspection of the thread
Islam for Muslims / Re: Help A Muslim Sister Learn About Islam by BahPulo(f): 3:58am On Feb 03, 2013

Laughing @Mallam. I am fine my sister, thanks for asking.

lol I was going to say Almamy but remembered you might not know what it means so I went with mallam.
arn't you the almamy of this board?? lol grin
Islam for Muslims / Re: Muslim Countries Lead In Online Indecency Searches according to google by BahPulo(f): 3:50am On Feb 03, 2013
waaoh so much for you people don't u get tired I mean for people who say they hate islam you sur as hell spend too much time
on issues that concern islam and muslims. it shows 2 things:you either have no life or you are nothing but bigots which I suspected long ago any way.
look do us all a favor concentrate on your own religion and leave others to their. If the average user in this site is the mirror of the average nigerian then i am sorry to say this you guys are in deep trouble. learn from your west african neighbors believe in Whatever f***ch you want to and leave others alone. AS for you OP what do u gain in opening threads after threads bashing islam don't u have a god that you would rather worship or did your god tell you this is one way to worship him?? GET A LIFE

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Help A Muslim Sister Learn About Islam by BahPulo(f): 2:42am On Jan 28, 2013

She took the decision to stop posting on Nairaland.
. ooah that's too bad cause she added a lot to this board wishing her well though. and you mallam hope u are well? and thanks for the reply.
TV/Movies / Re: Mercy Johnson Vs Ini Edo: Who Is A Better Actress? by BahPulo(f): 2:15am On Jan 27, 2013
it's funny u are asking this cause i just finish watching a nice movies featuring both of them and mike in the village. they were both good. they made me cry which is very hard to do so i'll say they are both very good @ what they do with a little edge for mercy she is really a natural.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Nairaland Muslim Newbies: Introduce Yourselves Here by BahPulo(f): 1:48am On Jan 27, 2013
jayamy: Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters I'm new here and would really appreciate it if people welcomed me! #sonervous
welcome sis and don't be nervous @ all newbies u are all welcome salam


Islam for Muslims / Re: Mcdonald's Settles Islamic Diet Lawsuit by BahPulo(f): 1:34am On Jan 27, 2013
good for them. while i only make my food @ home with halal meat bought @ the various muslim store in my area i don't stop myself from eating meat(beef chicken) when i am outside cause it's not halal. i just thought as long its not pork i am ready to go. i can tell u majority of the people where i come from don't make any deal about it. my pakis and indian friends on the other hand u see someone who does not observe salat but he only eats halal. now days i do try to eat fish only though when i have to eat ouside
Islam for Muslims / Re: Help A Muslim Sister Learn About Islam by BahPulo(f): 1:21am On Jan 27, 2013
thank you i'll ask around too. by the way @ forum where is Deols?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Help A Muslim Sister Learn About Islam by BahPulo(f): 11:23pm On Jan 16, 2013
Thank you:
here are more questions

1) It is said that a woman can't touch the quoran during her period. does that mean i can read the koran from a phone, computer or anything as long it's not the holy book i am touching? also the book,fortress of muslimah can I read it since it's mostly hadith and few koranic verses in the book during this time?
2) I have difficulty refusing to shake a man hand when the person offer it. i feel it's rude and bad manners especially during an interview like today I walked in the first thing the manager did was to introduce himself with the hand in front of me I could not say sorry I don't shake men hands in that case what will u suggest?
3)what is your take on winning prize where people enter their names and don't have to pay anything to win? I believe since no money is involve in order to win it 's not haram like let say winning a lotto?

I'll be back with more when I remember them?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Manchester City (0 - 2) On 13th January 2013 by BahPulo(f): 6:57pm On Jan 13, 2013

Gbogbo frustration. I feel you jare grin grin grin grin grin
thank u @ least someone see where i am coming from . @ piano girl i have b een a fan sin ce hen ry's days walcott was my hop e aresnal will do something useful this year after van persi any way the match is over and nothing as usual snoe
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Manchester City (0 - 2) On 13th January 2013 by BahPulo(f): 6:38pm On Jan 13, 2013
femi4: Who is your favourite in City?
Well, I m selling Man City reg forms
silva is the one. but it'll depend how they do @ the end of the season. but if they buy my theo then i will just trash my arsenal jersey in the recycling bin

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