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Romance / Re: I Am Considering On Embarking Into Yahoo Scam by BIGPREEK: 9:49am On Dec 24, 2021
Just like the Topic says.

No body wants do any graphic work
No one wants to bring any Job for me
No one wants to do any family portrait
I can even make a website for your business at an affordable rate with a Free online domain

I do all this mentioned above... Please help me with any of the above mentioned work above I don't charge much..

Abeg make una bring work..make me self flex tomorrow cool

I deliver fast
lol see mumu you want make we beg u? My Brother go do Yahoo nobody hol u.. by the time you go stay 3yrs shignbain u no go pick, you go turn ritualist

No free money anywhere
Romance / Re: I'm Suspecting My Girlfriend by BIGPREEK: 1:59pm On Dec 19, 2021
Yes all of them
Your sisters
Mother's aunty .
They are all useless all of them.

If you marry a Nigeria girl she will be useless also

quote author=Savedday post=108624926]9ja girls are out to add more burden to your life instead of softening it.

In mosdii voice: They are all useless..... All of them!
see the way you dey vent your anger for internet, jus accept the fact say Una useless,with only sex to offer jus pleasure, Nigerian women are utterly the worst African women to walk this earth


Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson Buys A Dog For Her Daughter, Purity (Video) by BIGPREEK: 9:14am On Dec 01, 2021
This husband snatcher again?
Cute daughter though
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson Buys A Dog For Her Daughter, Purity (Video) by BIGPREEK: 9:13am On Dec 01, 2021
Romance / Re: Someone Unfriended Me On Facebook Because I Uploaded A Photo Of My New Car? by BIGPREEK: 9:12am On Dec 01, 2021

she geh husband kon Dey ask psycho questions for Nairaland.
shes just having fun, she never asked any sexrelated questions na
Romance / Re: Someone Unfriended Me On Facebook Because I Uploaded A Photo Of My New Car? by BIGPREEK: 9:03am On Dec 01, 2021

Sometimes I wonder who dey bang this Momma
her husband
Romance / Re: Ladies Who Have Done Anal,does It Feel Like Vagina Too? by BIGPREEK: 9:00am On Dec 01, 2021

Do you wash your ass? Besides, I said MOST. Seems you don't know what's generalized...
theres a very big difference between washing your ass and sticking fingers up your butthole and feeling good about it

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Romance / Re: Why Do Ladies Like Rushing Home After Spending The Night At A Guy's Place (Pics) by BIGPREEK: 8:55am On Dec 01, 2021
Why u dey ask question as if you be novice You no know say that gender and hypocrisy na 5&6? Dem no want make people look them as nonvirgins but wereas, single mothers pu*ssy still tight pass their own grin
When u go university, you go shock. Some dey win "best couple" sef. From 100L to final year, dem go lodge for guys house, abortions na steady thing for them. But immediately they go house for holiday, you go see her with innocent character and long skirt just to deceive the parents. If woman matter still dey surprise you, then you be learner. Once again, some good ones still dey sha, but majority na chameleon oooo grin

I don talk am before and I go talk am again "The day I go mistakenly born girl pikin eeh, I go *********"
Bros I suppose buy you chilled beer for this comment, aswear couple life sweet eh and when I breakup upon finding a new catch, she gon still bring back the pussy to me as apology
Chai I miss those days


Romance / Re: Ladies Who Have Done Anal,does It Feel Like Vagina Too? by BIGPREEK: 8:50am On Dec 01, 2021

No, I ain't no gay. I'm straight and I like tities and ass. I just don't like hypocrisy.
check well you might be bi, cus your defence goes way beyond hypocrisy
Romance / Re: Ladies Who Have Done Anal,does It Feel Like Vagina Too? by BIGPREEK: 8:48am On Dec 01, 2021

You came to the wrong place lol. Most male NLders don't even wash their ass because it's gay to them cheesy
if u dnt wash you ass tell us so and not generalize strangers on a faceless forum to satisfy your gay tendencies...
Religion / Re: Pastor Becky Enenche Builds 10-bedroom Apartment For Homeless Girls In Abuja by BIGPREEK: 1:46pm On Oct 25, 2021
Proceeds from extortion,kudos anyway
Are u a virgin?
Romance / Re: Help! One Of My Boyfriends Is Always Begging Me For Money. by BIGPREEK: 1:45pm On Oct 25, 2021

Yes, what happened?
is your bf A virgin

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Romance / Re: Help! One Of My Boyfriends Is Always Begging Me For Money. by BIGPREEK: 1:25pm On Oct 25, 2021
Please help me. This boy is always asking for urgent 2k. He has refused to go and hustle for himself instead he's a leech bent on sucking all my money.

Yesterday the gold digging bitch even asked me for money to go and barb his hair. I'm tired abeg.

The only thing he has to offer is his tiny penis. Please I want to breakup with him. But I love him small.

How do I get rid of this goat
Are you a virgin?
Family / Re: I'm 23 Years Old While My Girlfriend Is 29 Years (Can We Get Married) by BIGPREEK: 1:19pm On Oct 25, 2021
seems you are mad, you marry person wey don see Life 6yrs bfor you were born, meanwhile ur just 23yrs, your Mates still dey school u dey here dey talk of marriage


Romance / Re: Have You Ever Experienced This With A Hausa Girl? by BIGPREEK: 1:18pm On Oct 25, 2021
I remember one day,after SS2 Mathematics exams paper was written,

and I was the one teaching the subject, 2 SS2 girls (who are now in the University) came to my class (I had a table and chair in JS3A, because I was their class teacher).

They saw me marking the scripts.

They saw the marking scheme with me.

The first girl started writing the answers from the marking scheme on a sheet of paper.

Suddenly the other girl took her script and began to copy from the marking scheme into her scripts, and the first girl followed suit,

because from what I saw, they didn't write anything reasonable during the exams.

I tried to stop them, but they copied everything and they later scored A.

You know if you are a Christian from the south,most students would not fear you as they fear their own people.

I, like many others from the south, was not harsh on the students, because you don't want to be harsh on the indigenes.

This is why the indigenes don't fear Southerners living there.

Although some Southerners try to make themselves hard, but I advised against, because the day problem will start, you may be the first target.
unbelievable btw did u later fvck them?As punishment
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija Season 6 Finalists On The Cover Of ThisDay Style Magazine (Photos) by BIGPREEK: 1:01pm On Oct 25, 2021
Celebrities / Re: Bella Schmurda Gives Scholarship To Boy Who Mimed His Song by BIGPREEK: 12:55pm On Oct 25, 2021
Encouraging rubbish, is this the kind of society we want to breed,

No more scholarship on math competition
No more scholarship on cowbell English essays
But instead we have celebrities encouraging misbehaviour by miming trashlyricswritten under the influence and encouragement of fraud

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Romance / Re: What Do You Think Of Girls With Pot Belle? by BIGPREEK: 2:36pm On Oct 01, 2021
Funny enough this puts 90% of Nigerian girls in this basket,

The trait is common among Nigerian girls/women, married and single, immediately they give birth it gets worst, they BLOAT

But this can be remedied with exercise and diet

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Romance / Re: Love Wins As Nigeria Doctor Marries His Lover. by BIGPREEK: 9:28pm On Sep 30, 2021
The dark guy is in good shape.

Looks like the both use the gym.
imagine this this kind of comment on a gay thread
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Met A Girl You Know In A Brothel? by BIGPREEK: 9:42pm On Sep 24, 2021
They are mostly interstate

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Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 26 Internet Fraud Suspects In Delta (Photos) by BIGPREEK: 9:29pm On Sep 24, 2021

There is a teenager in my street I used to hire to nail damaged doors for me. Very small boy who was in secondary school last year. I saw him this year riding one expensive bike. He met me on the road while riding my own rickety bike, and feigned not seeing me. We meet on the roads daily, pretending as if I don't exist.

I asked my wife who owns the bike and I was told the boy owns it and his house is also under construction. I asked what he does for a living and wife confidently said YAHOO as if it is a job with dignity.

The useless EFCC only goes after innocent people and those with expensive rides in the cities that they can fleece while budding fraudsters walk free in small towns.

I needed money to buy fuel for my bike's use last week and decided to carry passengers on my route. The guy I carried can be said to be a 'yahoo' guy from his look and rigorous typing on his phone while on speed. I dropped him in and bar in town and he asked me to wait for him. He directed me to move deep into the door of the lounge where fraudsters, judging from their looks, were into big-time merrymaking. Come and see expensive cars that were parked and I didn't see any adult figure at sight -- all of them below age 30. Their overtures showed that some of them live there 24/7 without any meaningful daytime job.

The country is rotten from top to the bottom!

so is ur problem the boy that bought a new bike or are u intimidated by their success,oga this ur post smells of INSECURITY and jealousy, if ur Okada man work no pay u upgrade to busdriving or truck driving, did u expect the boy to remain nailing doors for u so that ull feel like king over him..fraud is bad YES but envy is witchcraft
Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy Rocks Bum Shorts And Fishnet To A Show by BIGPREEK: 9:15pm On Sep 24, 2021
every woman likes preek
she womanizes

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Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua's Daily 5000 Calorie Diet Revealed As He Prepares To Fight Usyk by BIGPREEK: 9:14pm On Sep 24, 2021

Na dem.

Wow! shocked
Dem even get moniker for dis forum.
See dem enemyofprogress quoting us.
People dey o shocked shocked

Make both of una Colletii abegii....
Guy stop littering threads, na only u Waka come
Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy Rocks Bum Shorts And Fishnet To A Show by BIGPREEK: 1:04am On Sep 24, 2021
my sentiments is that she doesn't even Behave and carry herself like with class like her sister talkless of acting like an ajebo
she too like preek
Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy Rocks Bum Shorts And Fishnet To A Show by BIGPREEK: 1:02am On Sep 24, 2021
Even her squeeze squeeze nyansh no fit hide inside the bumshort grin

Aunty, you don dey turn evening newspaper...calm down make husband find you. You just dey live for social media. No man wants a lousy wife
grin nyansh squeeze Wella but she's not done fvcking around,

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Politics / Re: Nora Okafor's Ordeal With EFCC: '25 Hefty Armed Men Broke Into My House At Night by BIGPREEK: 12:33am On Sep 24, 2021
Kai...these guys ehn. They came to my crib sometime last year looking for yahoo boys(but as usual seems the occupants of the target house got Intel and were not around),They broke the doors,saw a cleaner in the house and they beat the hell of that guy and some of them kept asking who the occupant of my flat was and blah blah,my security man told them and they just did their job without trying to come inside my house (i wasn't aware till i was informed in the morning)
for Ibadan abi? Or lagos
Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo: Ladies Stop Filming Sexual Intercourse, Nudity With Your Partners by BIGPREEK: 12:12am On Sep 24, 2021
I've been a victim.
Exactly. Mine hid the camera. I was at his mercy for years. But God who knew my heart turned things around for me.
Long story my dear. He made me do some unthinkable things to prevent him leaking the video. I was really at his mercies.

I have a very long bitter story to tell my children.
I always knew you were a very useless LovePeddler, no wonder the hate on men, your damaged my dear, just hope your future hubby will be lenient if not he'll turn a woman beater bcus of ur attitude
Health / Re: I Lost My Sense Of Smell by BIGPREEK: 1:24am On Sep 14, 2021
I also experienced this 2 months ago when I battled malaria, till date I can't say my sense of smell has been fully restored but definitely better than July when I couldn't smell or taste anything
its nothing,your probably just horney and need some good dicking by a monster rooster while u cringe in excitementgrin
Family / Re: Married Only: How Often Do You Ask Your Partner For Sex? by BIGPREEK: 1:21am On Sep 14, 2021

She finds you so attractive. Nice. smiley
this girl u go like preek,send me a dm lemme fufill ur fantasy and shift ur womb in the process
Romance / Re: Annie Is Fighting A Lost Battle. by BIGPREEK: 9:30pm On Sep 05, 2021

Honestly I won't be surprised if it is the fact that she has enhanced her boobs and ass that is paining Annie o cos ladies don't like it if their rivals hot pass them lol!

No mind me... I be agbaya
haha Annie is only feeling insecure to her counterpart and afraid of losing 2baba reason for her outburst
Romance / Re: Ladies And Hanging PANT Ooh Inside Bathroom by BIGPREEK: 9:24pm On Sep 05, 2021

Rituals with a washed pant? Africans have a long way to go
oga Na Nigeria u dey na inferiority complex dey worry you
Family / Re: Please help!! My sister is being used. by BIGPREEK: 11:10pm On Sep 04, 2021
Abeg wey your sister phone number make I fvck her she go get sense by force,

Abeg her breast big?

I hope say her toto no dey smell

Abeg try check the shape of her ass for me

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