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Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 4:23pm On Nov 16, 2021
the link is not working

Sorry about that

(change the underscores to dot, I think nairaland does something about links)
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 10:58am On Nov 03, 2021
AfriOne Tablet 2 In 1 Transformer Tablet. That's what is written on the pack.

You might have to flash a stock firmware.
If doing a second factory reset still doesn't work, try this link:


BTW i'm guessing it's android right?
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 3:43pm On Oct 31, 2021
Afrione tablet

Do you know the model ?
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 1:35pm On Oct 29, 2021
Someone here should please help. I am having issues with my tablet. I restored the factory settings but the tablet is now stock on the logo. What do I do please?

What's the make of the tablet?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can You Answer These Tricky Job Interview Questions From Apple Inc? by blackweaver(m): 3:50pm On Apr 14, 2021

1. How many children are born every day?

Children are born once, not everyday

2. If you have 2 eggs, and you want to figure out what’s the highest floor from which you can drop the egg without breaking it, how would you do it? What’s the optimal solution?
Doesn't matter how high, the eggs won't break the floor

3.You have 100 coins laying flat on a table, each with a head side and a tail side. 10 of them are heads up, 90 are tails up. You can’t feel, see or in any other way find out which side is up. Split the coins into two piles such that there are the same number of heads in each pile.”
Each pile will always have the same number of heads, since each coin has a head and a tail

4. There are three boxes, one contains only apples, one contains only oranges, and one contains both apples and oranges. The boxes have been incorrectly labeled such that no label identifies the actual contents of the box it labels. Opening just one box, and without looking in the box, you take out one piece of fruit. By looking at the fruit, how can you immediately label all of the boxes correctly?

Just label all the boxes "correctly"

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Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 7:46pm On Jul 06, 2020

Ubuntu = Yes

Server = No

KVM bare metal hypervisor built-in Linux kernel, with VirtIO

not Qemu

Specs= 5th Gen i7, 12Gb Ram, Integrated Graphics, SSD

Cool specs
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 5:24pm On Jul 06, 2020

I've had decent performance with KVM instead of using virtualbox or VMware
Really? On ubuntu? Or are you using Ubuntu server?
Haven't tried KvM in a long time. Do you use kqemu or what?
What's the specs of your pc?
Crime / Re: 17-Year-Old Kenyan Girl Raped By 3 Men She Met On Facebook After Traveling 210km by blackweaver(m): 6:16pm On Jun 25, 2020
The girl's to be blamed.... Reminds me of my friend who went to visit a girl she met on Facebook... She actually saw a guy who claimed she's the girl's brother... That one took her to a bar, thank God she ordered for only water... So the guy now asked for her phone, he claimed he doesn't have airtime on his phone to call his sister... He feigned network problem while using my friend's phone... He stood up and went outside the bar... She waited for like 30mins he never returned lol... She just jejely paid for the water and left.... Imagine that one raped her... She couldn't even tell her family about it...

Please don't talk like that. Nobody deserves to be raped
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 6:09pm On Jun 25, 2020
Pls I can't log in to my dual boot of Ubuntu and Windows.
Any time I try to log in, after entering password and clicking enter it just loads and returns back to the login page.
And the password is correct and I can't even login and do anything

What if you type ctrl+alt+f1 and login to the terminal? Do you get any error?
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 11:26am On Nov 28, 2019
Am surprised this group still exist at all, this where I cut my Linux teeth, that was the good old days and what a nostalgia it brings!!!!!

Well things are very slow nowadays, people seldom talk much, except some annoying people who want to try and sell their market here
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 2:48pm On Nov 08, 2019

I think its adequate, I want to use a minimal os like xfce or smaller just to

But i5 16gb ram, 256 GB it's my work laptop and it's on windows but dont worry it requires me to switch off a policy, so decided to use my Linux personal system , I rarely use my personal laptop because I'm used to using only 1 laptop at a time

Oh, that would be xubuntu - ubuntu with xfce undecided I even forgot about it
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 10:19am On Nov 08, 2019
What's the most minimal linux distro, I want to run a project but on my personal system, i intend to use with VM

What's the specs of your system?

Anyway you can install lubuntu or ubuntu mate. Lubuntu is lighter, but you will have a little more functionality with Ubuntu mate
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 10:24am On Nov 05, 2019

It is my brother phone, but am sure there is nothing like that on the phone. Please is there any solution to it

Is it rooted? If so, maybe there's a way to get custom recovery on it
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 4:10pm On Nov 04, 2019
Good morning my people, please I want to find if it is possible to install PLAY STORE on GIONEE M6 (GN8003), though the phone does not support Google services, by so doing I cannot sign in on Gmail account.

Please is there any solution to this problem. I need urgent response from user of GIONEE GN8003 (M6). The phone is Chinese version.


Do you have a custom recovery e.g twrp or cyanogenmod? If so you can flash opengapps on your phone to give you google services
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 6:33pm On Oct 29, 2019

One obvious advantage is its faster than python and shell langs.You can do almost any task with it.I find myself using it because of web programming,GUI,games, database/system admin and so many others....just google it.

Really? I think I need to pick it up
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 1:02pm On Sep 23, 2019
My nokia 4.2 cannot send text messages anymore. i can receive messages just fine but when ever i send a text, the stamp under the message keeps showing 'sending' & the message delivering several times to the reciever leading to MTN taking 4naira consecutively. i have cleared storage, reset my phone, updated several times still nothing. i cannot find 'center number' anywhere in settings of the default Google messaging app. Any help is greatly needed. ��

If you can't find message centre number:
type *#*#4636#*#* into your phone on the dial screen
Select Phone information
Scrolldown and select the SMSC setting
Press Refresh to see the current setting (which should hopefully be the one you're looking for)
If this number is wrong then type in the correct one and press Update
Family / Re: My Wife Is Slowly Distancing Herself From Me..... by blackweaver(m): 11:48am On Sep 16, 2019

Pls help me folks, I came here becos I want anonymous advise, what else can I do to make the hurt go away?

Well you already know what you did wrong. No one wants to feel they were not first choice by their significant other.
At this point I don't quite know how you are going to go about it, but you need to let her know that even though in your ignorance you felt the way you did when you got married, now you've gotten to know her, you realise that she's the best decision you could have made.
You need to let her know that knowing what you know today about her, she would have been your only choice.
Basically you need to let her know how important she is to you and that you won't change her for anything


Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 4:27pm On Aug 27, 2019
How can I stop these pages from loading automatically in my phone?

Back up your phone and do a factory reset
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 3:39pm On Aug 16, 2019
Good day, pls my phone is not rooted and I need help with someone that has rooted his phone, I want to increase my whatsapp group to 10000, I know the procedures to follow just need to find someone online that has a rooted phone. My whatsapp number, 08069689266

What is the brand and model of your phone?
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 10:15am On Aug 07, 2019
thanks for the help so far. the phone is a refurbished phone, so i am not really sure what the model is. i have given up on the phone, got a new one today. Thanks all the same.

Oh, ok. I'm pretty sure we could have found a solution. Anyway no harm done. All the best with your new phone

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Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 5:14pm On Aug 06, 2019
I have done that several times, it always revert back to the Chinese screen. And yea, the phone is rooted.

I thought so, rom manager would only have that effect if your phone was rooted.
I'm guessing you're either in recovery or bootloader mode. You've probably flashed a rom that isn't quite compatible with your phone or something.
Let me see if I can get any information on getting a recovery for your phone.
That said, I need to know the model of your phone first
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 7:37pm On Aug 05, 2019
My phone got stuck on this screen after playing around with an app called Rom Manager. The app rebooted my phone to this. Please how do i get my phone working again

Try to put off the phone and start it again.

Is your phone rooted?
Pets / Re: Do Dogs Also Suffer Emotional Trauma? by blackweaver(m): 11:49am On Jul 29, 2019
Hello guys.

My friend had 3 big alsatian dogs. Unfortunately 2 of them died due to illness. But the third one that survived has not been the same since losing it's other 2 friends cos he witnessed their deaths in the cage. Doctors say it could have affected him mentally.

Honestly this once fierce guard dog has become a shadow of it's former self. It just sits around the house all day moping and doing nothing. It never barks anymore. A total stranger can come into the compound without any fear even though we don't cage him anymore. The most shocking part is that the stranger can shout at him and he'll RUN AWAY inside his own compound.

It grieves me to see him like this. Is there anything we can do for him now? Cos basically we're just taking care of him now as an aged friend.

That's him in the compound

They should get one or 2 more alsatian dogs, the first one will feel better
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 9:14am On Jul 08, 2019

There's need for a better forum. NL is shitshow TBH.

Lost its way, just a lot of garbage talk.
As much as Google+ wasn't really relevant, I sort of miss the place now. There are some tech communities I used to follow.
About the forum, do you have any suggestion(s)?
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 9:59am On Jul 02, 2019
Anyone here into single board computers? For me this is where the fun is ever since Linux essentially "conquered" the desktop and became easy to use. :p
. Anywhere I am quite bullish about the potentials of single board computers especially for specific applications and use cases. They low power consumption is a huge plus for someone like me who runs offgrid.

My goal is to build a home lab made up of sbc and I ha e the following in mind.

For NAS I got the Helios4 Open source nas project. It runs the Armada soc which is optimized for io and applications that requires high through put. Some models of synology runs same soc. The Helios4 nas kit can take 4 sata3 drives using dedicated native sata lanes. I intend to use it as my home nas with 4 x 8gb Western digital Reds. Not sure yet which OS to run but arch Linux debian and armbian are all strong contenders

For home theater system I got the odroid n2 which would be used as a media center to run Kodi. This sbc is currently the most powerful General purpose sbc out there and well equipped to run media.

Of cause tbe raspberry pi 4 would also cameo in the setup. It would be used mostly as compute nodes running various services and servers like kubernetes docker we services etc.
The only x86 chip in the setup is the pc engine apuc4 to run pfsense.

Never tried them. Where did you buy from?
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 10:36am On Jun 28, 2019
Wow this thread still exists still running Ubuntu, I guess I will share some stuff here. Linux has been my primary os for work for 6 yrs plus will share some things here later

Well things have been relatively slow, but we still pop in once in a while
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 4:39pm On Jun 06, 2019
hello engineers i just got a us used htc phone on verizon carrier.phone is unlocked but mobile data does not work on all sims all i can do is to receive and call out and send and receive sms.
Pls what can be done

What is the model? We need details

On the other hand have you tried adding the access points manually?
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 9:19am On May 28, 2019
are u familiar wit nokia or u r an engineer pls

not an engineer, most of what I know I got off the internet
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 4:49pm On May 20, 2019
I still want to format my notebook and install some ubuntu on it really. But I am worried if something will not work here anyway. I usually get support on their official forums and from what I have seen Linux become really something good in the past 5 years or so.

You can always install ubuntu in a vm, at least that way if it doesn't work your main OS is still ok
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by blackweaver(m): 9:31am On Apr 29, 2019
Seeing the title of this thread, I'll love to ask this.

Android OS update in Nigeria, are they pushed by Telcos or the Phone Makers?

I'm wanting to update to Android Pie, but its not been officially pushed to my device which is why I asked the question.

The phone makers. However, they have different release cycles for different regions.
Is Pie officially out for your phone model? How often do you receive security updates? If it's regular, say quarterly or more often i'm pretty sure you will get pie if it's out for your phone.
That said if you can get an update for your phone that is already available, I don't think installing manually will spoil anything
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 5:37pm On Apr 26, 2019

upgraded to it

feels much faster

some difference in looks

Oh, I better try it out too then
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by blackweaver(m): 2:10pm On Apr 25, 2019
Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo release day.

Have you tried it out yet? If so, any notable features?

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