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Celebrities / Re: Angela Nwosu Receives A SUV From Her Husband, Austin Nnaemeka After Delivery by BreezyRita(f): 7:04am On Jul 22, 2021
Which sex therapist
Oh she is no longer proud of her profession
She is a Mami water worshipper
Make una no dey brand am like buhari brand boko haram to bandits grin grin

Thank you! Was surprised when I saw the caption. She calls herself a digital ogbanje. A digital mamiwater.
Sex therapist who?


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Erica Threatens To Kill Laycon by BreezyRita(f): 9:28am On Sep 06, 2020
I don't blame the babe tho
Laycon should just grow the fvck up. The girl made her choice, he should live with it.
Abi its shaa not by force, Arghhh

You sure you're watching this thing laidis undecided


Literature / Re: Who Is Your Favorite Author Of All Time? by BreezyRita(f): 7:26pm On Jun 28, 2020
Can't say there's a favorite. But I love these writers, and in no particular order :

Dean Koontz
Sidney Sheldon
Nora Roberts.
H. P. Lovecraft
Mario Puzo
Patricia Cornwell
Stephen King, because he's like a legend
Agatha Christie because she's the queen of mysteries.
Dan Brown (smor love)
Clive Barker
Sandra Brown

Finally, y'all haven't seen the awesomeness of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child? Damn!

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Literature / Re: Who Is Your Favorite Author Of All Time? by BreezyRita(f): 7:17pm On Jun 28, 2020
Dan Brown and his Langdon trilogies
Trilogies? �
Religion / Re: COVID-19: Christ Embassy Church Shut Down In Akwa Ibom State by BreezyRita(f): 8:24pm On Jun 21, 2020
They are lying. No one stopped them.
They were just looking for excuses.

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Crime / Re: Youths Snatch Riffle From Policeman For Collecting Bribe In Cross River by BreezyRita(f): 11:30pm On Jun 19, 2020
Cross River people still showing their level of hatred to their fellow brothers Akwa ibomites.
No wonder they still reek of poverty and their akwa ibom counterparts are way doing better and are ahead of them.
Same Oku Iboku youths that attacked akwa ibomite fishermen that were fishing at the river and killed 5 of them. Cross River state youths are cursed
Useless and backward Cross Riverians.I

Oku-Iboku is a village in Akwa Ibom state, Oga �.
What are you saying again?
Education / Re: Drone Shots And Photos Of Covenant University CU! Architectural Wonders!! by BreezyRita(f): 3:00pm On Jun 02, 2020
Architectural wonders indeed. I heard Bishop Oyedepo is an Arch. himself, true?
Religion / Re: David Ibiyeomie: "No Coronavirus In Nigeria, Politicians Using It To Eat Money" by BreezyRita(f): 10:28am On May 18, 2020
Ban all pastors, they use churchs to eat money

Churches, dear.

Get your spelling right before you embark on this journey.


Crime / Re: Ikotun, Lagos Robbers Caught And Tortured (Video) by BreezyRita(f): 8:24am On Apr 15, 2020
[quote author=hurryup123 post=88455050][/quote]

You're very stupid for posting this picture.
Raping mothers and daughters and stabbing equals stealing garri to you ba? �


Romance / Re: She Dumped Me For Her Ex, Shattered Me Into Irredeemable Pieces by BreezyRita(f): 8:14am On Apr 15, 2020
Please quit being silly and move on already.

What did you expect? You started dating a woman 2 months after she was heartbroken. You were her rebound.
Deal with it and leave other innocent women alone. We didn't send you.
Celebrities / Re: ‘I Got The Best Wife’ – Davido Shares Photo Of Chicken Pepper Soup Chioma Made by BreezyRita(f): 10:29am On Nov 20, 2019
It doesn't look nice. Maybe it's the camera angle sha.

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Phones / Re: Social Media Acronyms Every User Should Know by BreezyRita(f): 9:12pm On Aug 03, 2018

End of discussion.

I thought so too. But I've seen it used where "end of discussion" just doesn't fit. So I thought to ask.

Thanks anyway.


Phones / Re: Social Media Acronyms Every User Should Know by BreezyRita(f): 9:07pm On Aug 03, 2018
There's one I dont know. Forgotten too.

Oh wait! EOD. What's it mean, op?

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Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To Bishop Oyedepo’s $40m Private Jet Parked At His Hangar by BreezyRita(f): 10:44am On Feb 06, 2018
Going by his theory, he shouldn't have a house or car. Jesus had none of those. He slept anywhere he found himself.

His headache anyway


Romance / Re: Caption This Photo Of A Bride And Groom And Their Squad by BreezyRita(f): 5:47pm On Dec 16, 2017
Religion / Re: "I Have Never Earned Money From My Book Proceeds" - Bishop Oyedepo by BreezyRita(f): 6:55pm On Dec 15, 2017
13When the Jewish Passover was near, Jesus went up to Jerusalem.
14In the temple courts He found men selling cattle, sheep, and doves, and money changers seated at their tables.
15So He made a whip out of cords and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle.
He poured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.
16To those selling doves He said,
“Get these out of here!
How dare you turn My Father’s house into a marketplace!”

- John 2:13-16

My observation about Jesus, is whilst on earth, He knew how to write, BUT didnt even write a single farthing book
When Jesus did however decided to write, He wrote in the sands and the wind soon blew the writing away

If Jesus, for a casual visit, was to come back to earth, here, now, momentarily, just for second, He will, AGAIN, get hold of a whip,
and beat the living daylights out of these pastors for their filthy lucre

How dare, take advantage of people because they listen to you on a regular basis
Milking the sheeple and fleecing the sheep of their hard earned money by selling them "best selling books" etcetera

I guess you'll next tell me, I've forgotten that Paul, Peter, John were writers, who merchandised the gospel

What do you.mean by "merchandised the gospel"? You said Jesus wrote on sand. Why didn't the apostles write on sand too?
You want to fault Oyedepo and your best point was about his writing books?
Religion / Re: "I Have Never Earned Money From My Book Proceeds" - Bishop Oyedepo by BreezyRita(f): 10:33am On Dec 11, 2017
I can see that you looked in a mirror dimly when you typed that
Stop trying to make fetch happen
The stench is intoxicating.
Get away from me with that stench that smells like ignorance, drama, headache and a juvenile.

If it is not going to be too hard for you, please name one book which Jesus, when on earth, wrote

Speak not in the ears of a foolish [man], for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.

- Proverbs 23:9

Whoever criticizes people will be more highly regarded in the future than the one who flatters with his tongue.
- Proverbs 28:23
I don't get your point really. Jesus wrote on sand. So pastors today should write on sand too?

You forget Paul, Peter, John were writers??
Religion / Re: "I Have Never Earned Money From My Book Proceeds" - Bishop Oyedepo by BreezyRita(f): 10:21am On Dec 11, 2017
Some Nigerian are just too stupid! That country is blessed with stupidity! I wonder if you ever have a brain, or maybe your brain cells are dead to have poured forth such reasoning.The highlighted is just like I saying that I transferred money from my savings account to my current account. BTW what happens to all the proceeds from tithing, offering, sales of books, universities' proceeds, and many of his investment proceeds since he doesn't indulge in charity? Pls I need answers.
Ask questions sir. Don't advertise ignorance.

No Living Faith church pastor is in control of the church's finances; not even Oyedepo. There are people in charge of finance in the church.
When all income is received, tithe is removed and paid. The rest could go into missionary, church maintenance, projects, charity, etc.
And you said Oyedepo doesn't indulge in charity? Seriously? Or you mean he doesn't go with paparazzi when he does?

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Crime / Re: Kidnapper Caught And Burnt In Calabar (Graphic Pictures) by BreezyRita(f): 11:13pm On Dec 07, 2017
But this is stale news
Religion / Shiloh 2017!! A New Dawn!!! by BreezyRita(f): 8:02pm On Dec 05, 2017
The annual gathering of Winners Worldwide has commenced.
Theme: A New Dawn!

Mods please can we take this to FP?
Lalasticala, OAM4J
Crime / Re: Francis Nwaze In Rape Scandal With Esther Odinakachi, Facebook Friend by BreezyRita(f): 12:00pm On Dec 04, 2017

Lol! It is really funny. Because she knows his house, she believes it is evidence that he raped her.
As in ehn...... So lame

While I'm against rape/forceful sex of any kind, what's with all these rape accusations? Babes just be screaming rape[b][/b] everywhere
Make I find who I go accuse abeg.

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Crime / Re: Francis Nwaze In Rape Scandal With Esther Odinakachi, Facebook Friend by BreezyRita(f): 11:34am On Dec 04, 2017
Rape everywhere........

"If he never touched me how did I know his house"? Is this part of the evidence she claims to have? Or is it the confirmed forceful penetration angry


Celebrities / Re: #EndSARSBrutality: Olamide Reacts "Guide The People, Not Make Life Miserable" by BreezyRita(f): 11:27am On Dec 04, 2017
Guide or Guard
Religion / Re: In Defense Of The Church And Its Leadership by BreezyRita(f): 9:35am On Dec 03, 2017
Nice work op. But the3 church of God doesn't need to defend herself. She is God's bride. The gates of hell shall never prevail.

True believers won't be moved by all the things Freeze has been saying.

I speak for my church now. There's a continuous flow of new converts in the church every service. The church still marches on.


Romance / Re: "My Virgin Schoolmate Tried Forcing Sex On Me" - Nigerian Man by BreezyRita(f): 1:41pm On Nov 26, 2017
Just stop

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Business / Re: Black Friday Madness In Shocking Photos by BreezyRita(f): 1:08pm On Nov 26, 2017
So oyinbo too follow like Awwof laidis? shocked


Religion / Re: Is Daddy Freeze The Problem With Nigerian Christianity? by BreezyRita(f): 12:48pm On Nov 26, 2017

Freeze only stated and defended his understanding of the Bible, till date no pastor has sufficiently counter him with same Bible. I'm sure if Freeze agrees with you his bible will in no way be mutilated.
You visit FP at all? undecided There are post upon posts on tithing.
Someone created a thread on Paul Enenche's teaching on tithe. Go see it.
Pastors don't need to respond to Freeze. They aren't the government and so owe no man no explanation. They owe God.

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Religion / Re: What Do You Do When Your Mum Is A Witch by BreezyRita(f): 12:29pm On Nov 26, 2017
I'm happy for those who believe there's nothing like witchcraft. Shows they still maintain their childish innocence in this crazy world even though they are wrong to do so.

Op, you can do nothing to your mother is really she's a witch. Treat her right (as you would if she weren't), pray to God. You'll be heaping fire on her and the day she tries to harm you is when she'll die. Don't mistreat her, don't even make her think you're suspecting her.
Pray for her too. Some people get into this thing unknowingly and I think its quite difficult to come out of it.


Religion / Re: Paul Enenche: Gospel Truth Of The Tithe Revealed by BreezyRita(f): 11:54am On Nov 26, 2017
Why all these brouhaha about tithe, tithe shouldn't be by force pastors. God says thou shall not steal and if someone steal and bring tithes no pastor care to know the source of money. What a shame.
Bruh, if a man tithes from money gotten by evil, that's his own problem with God. Not the pastor's.
Religion / Re: Paul Enenche: Gospel Truth Of The Tithe Revealed by BreezyRita(f): 11:49am On Nov 26, 2017
Who is the said father cos God ain't got no account number!
I think I will start doing what he is doing ..---paying tithe to my account.
Please why not stop saying things you have no idea of. Are you a pastors financial manager? Do you cash his cheques. Why can't we stop jumping on a wagon to criticize pastors on tithing. Dem no carry gun for pesin head say make e tithe.
Bishop Oyedepo pays tithes in his church. The church in turn pays tithe to another church. Did you know that? Living Faith Church pays tithes too. When Abraham paid his tithe, did he give it to God directly?
I'm not trying to change your mind but if you want to argue please try and face facts instead of this sentimental sh*t here. I hope you k ow saying I'm wrong in an argument doesn't make me wrong? It just shows you got nothing to say.


What religion did Jesus practice on earth? Christianity or Judaism? Was Jesus talking to Christians or to Jews? Please stop taking the Scriptures out of context. Study the bible for yourself and stop following everything your pastor says.the bible is free. ..read!
Jesus practised Judaism because we're talking of tithing abi? Meaning the Lord's prayer and all His teachings shouldn't be used in church now. Right? When the Bible has clearly stated that all Scripture is given.........
You are the one taking the Scriptures out of context here

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