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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What I Did Yesterday After I Lost My Last N200 During Interview by Brethren0001(m): 8:54pm On Nov 19
In all, it is well...

I pray you get favoured through God's grace & mercy,

Keep the faith alive, your time has come...
Like a motivational speaker would say, "the issue is not the problem you are facing but the solution you can think of".

Yesterday was a tough day for me but as a full blooded naija man exposed to hard life from childhood, I immediately found a solution for the problem.

Let me make it brief.

While I'm working hard so to get a job and beat poverty, I'm also praying fervently for God's mercy in my life because a single fame from Him can bury all the years of shame.

I'm seriously in need of a job and so I applied for a vacancy I was in the know. I was called for interview yesterday. The transport fare wasn't even enough but I managed to gather what could take me to and fro. Dressed in corporate, I went. All I had with me was N800 including my feeding. So I spent N400 for food, paid tfare N200 to get to the venue and N200 left for my fro. How the remaining N200 lost in my pocket, I can't tell till now. Can't even tell if a fellow applicant pilfered me.

After the interview, that was when I realized I was without a penny. I searched everything to find the missing N200 but to no avail. I almost cried because of how important the money was (pray against every spirit of poverty). Having not seen,

I approached the first two guys for help but they shunned me. Naturally I don't like begging. I prefer to die in silence than begging openly cos I feel very bad if turned down. After the first two guys snubbed me, as a true Nigerian and full blooded 'kpako', and sportive in appearance, something struck me. Immediately, I folded my trouser upward and to add comic to it, I left the tie still on my neck and in no time, I was on the road jogging and heading back home at around 2-3 pm with my file in my hands.

People were looking and in surprise over the unusual jogging dress. That was how I jogged on major roads and short cuts till I reached house. I can't really quantify the total distance but it is something over 10km. As I reached house, I freshened up immediately even though nothing to eat, I found Garri and sipped. Life goes on!

My prayer: may I make it in this life, Amen.

People, in all you do, work hard and pray against poverty. It is not something to wish even your worst enemy.

Meanwhile, the interview ended on 'we'll get back to you". I'm still waiting for them.

Thank you for reading.


Romance / Re: Man Marries His Elderly Oyinbo Girlfriend In Owerri, Imo State (Photos, Video) by Brethren0001(m): 7:33pm On Oct 31
��� I
Damnnn niggar
Congratulations though

But why some niggarrrrs stingy like this na

Oyinbo woman wey everybody dey manage

He reach your turn...you just marry am
Health / Re: Suspected COVID-19 Patient Runs To Police As Attempts To Reach NCDC Fail by Brethren0001(m): 10:52am On Apr 27, 2020
Cooked story

quote author=dre11 post=88892671]Suspected COVID-19 patient runs to police for help

Phones / Re: Man Shares His Experience With iPhone 11 He Bought For N17k by Brethren0001(m): 8:56pm On Jan 01, 2020
Ungrateful man!! The phone sef get manners greet you welcome even still tell you goodbye, cheesy what if the phone na marlians wey no get mannerz?

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Romance / Re: Hookup Zone ❤️ by Brethren0001(m): 7:16am On Dec 28, 2019
Politics / Re: Contact Details Of The 109 Senators In Nigeria by Brethren0001(m): 5:43pm On Nov 23, 2019
Religion / Re: Evangelist Dapo Soyemi: Woman Wearing Trousers Will Not Make Heaven by Brethren0001(m): 7:03pm On Nov 20, 2019
I appreciate your sense of reasoning & exposition on this subject matter.

Well done @Eviana...

I do not believe that clothes (in particular, "pants" wearing) are a "salvational" issue.
After a brief struggle, I personally, discarded my "pants" collection years ago.
The interesting thing was that I never even wore fitted pants...or too-tight pants.
I understand that God's people should dress differently than the world, but I am not quite sure, that threatening the loss of Heaven based on "pants-wearing" is appropriate.

1 Sam. 16:7
"......for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart."

Proverbs 6:16-19 (KJV)
16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (KJV)
9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

HOWEVER, the Lord exclusively deals with the "heart".
When He transforms a sinner into a saint, there are noticeable changes that begin to take place...through sanctification.
The Holy Spirit begins His work.
A lady who perhaps used to wear extremely "tight" or "form-fitted" pants (which include professional, blue-jeans, or casual) will gradually buy less tight or a higher-sized pair of pants so that she is not misrepresenting who she is.
She may eventually figure out that pants no longer work for her and that appropriately "fitted skirts/dresses" are more appropriate for her.
When Christ gets ahold of a person, and they truly understand who he/she belongs to, change will take place...gradually..but eventually.
Not every Christian woman, though, will feel convicted about the "pants-wearing" issue.
So if a Christian woman chooses to continue wearing pants, then they should be fitted appropriately.
I love this motto that I heard from a minister:
Whatever is worn should be "loose" enough (pants/shorts/shirts/skirts/dresses), "high" enough (shirts that cover chest area), and "low" enough (skirts/dresses)...to cover business."


Education / Re: Babcock Expels Student In The Leaked Sex Video by Brethren0001(m): 6:09pm On Nov 20, 2019
And you got me laughing....
You eh!
Where is the sexing taping lets watching it and analyzes it and know if the school authority did the right thing or not, and if you op cannot providing the sexing taping, then gerrarrahia angry angry angry

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Politics / Re: Abayomi Adeshida: NUJ FCT Outraged, Demand Sanctions by Brethren0001(m): 7:52am On Nov 08, 2019
And the VP himself has apologize.
I'm disappointed with VP security details.

Webmasters / Re: Jack Dorsey Speaks Yoruba In Nigeria (Video & Photos) by Brethren0001(m): 7:50am On Nov 08, 2019
The associating with us is not for fun, but expoilting our cyberspace market... Making more more money!
They always want to associate with us, yet they call ALL of us scammers and drug dealers just because of the bad eggs living among us.


Romance / Re: I Am Getting Married Yet I Am In So Much Pain/ by Brethren0001(m): 10:17pm On Nov 07, 2019
It is well...


Romance / Re: RE: My 5 Year Old Relationship Ended Just Like That by Brethren0001(m): 1:05pm On Nov 06, 2019
Investigate journalist... Lol
Op was 18 in 2013. That's when I gave up.

I joined nairaland in 2007, how old was the Op then?

You get my drift?
Music/Radio / Re: What Music Are You Listening To Right Now? by Brethren0001(m): 8:34pm On Nov 04, 2019
Bird set free by Sia

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Invites Confusion by Brethren0001(m): 6:02pm On Nov 03, 2019
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Driving Job In Ajah Axis by Brethren0001(m): 5:58pm On Nov 03, 2019
Ejima - 08027706957
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is It Important To Disclose Your Employment Status In An Interview? by Brethren0001(m): 2:49pm On Oct 25, 2019
Absolutely true...

My brother, no he small thing oh. Even me sef dey ask myself why I was able to pull that stunt. Over-confidence is really key. But one must be careful so as not to be viewed as an idiot. There was another one sef, I talk something to the interviewer, the guy begin dey doubt himself. Me know for my mind say I no even understand wetin I talk.

All in all, na God hand dey arrange these things. I have seen brilliant candidates struggling to get jobs while not-so brilliant ones change jobs because they know how to engage and tap the Grace of God.
Crime / Re: Ogun Hotel Where Underage Girls Sleep With Men For N500 And N1,000 by Brethren0001(m): 12:32pm On Oct 24, 2019
Because the men are the lead culprit....
Why did they hide the faces of the ladies and exposed the men?
Crime / Re: Ogun Hotel Where Underage Girls Sleep With Men For N500 And N1,000 by Brethren0001(m): 12:24pm On Oct 24, 2019
Op, well said....
But I can confidently say, those within the community or law efforcement agency within that region can't tell us they have no idea about this not untill when it was brought to light. Laxity, is our major problem in this country. In one way or the other, we are all guilty of it!
I am still wondering how some girls would feel when opening their legs for different beings all in the name of making money to survive. Sex paint pictures. Having too many pictures on the memory create ugly emotions. I only feel those who are being forced into sex work.

However, the man wearing that T-shirt with "FUTURE" on this does not understand and significance of that word. He literally does not have any future
Romance / Re: Man Surprises Girlfriend With Food, Wine As She Gets Home by Brethren0001(m): 1:25pm On Oct 22, 2019
But this is lascivious in is entity, I smell fornication!!!
In between, somethings needs to be kept private because of the future...
My 2cent advice
Romance / Re: Man Surprises Girlfriend With Food, Wine As She Gets Home by Brethren0001(m): 1:19pm On Oct 22, 2019
The way you started writing, I actually knew you were up for troubles.
Do have a trouble free day mbok...
Hmm........and that's a real man. Not the wretched broke, sadistic NL apha males. Date them at your own risks smiley. I just feel like looking for someone's trouble tongue

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Romance / Re: Military Pre-Wedding Pictures Of A Nairalander by Brethren0001(m): 2:48pm On Oct 16, 2019
The girl will not be on nairaland.
Nairaland guys should start marrying nairaland single ladies na so as to create nairaland home
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Who Else Received This Job Invite? by Brethren0001(m): 1:40pm On Oct 16, 2019
Absolutely, true...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Who Else Received This Job Invite? by Brethren0001(m): 1:39pm On Oct 16, 2019
Crime / Re: Iphie Alfred: Lady And A Man Weeping In Front Of Police Station by Brethren0001(m): 11:00pm On Oct 02, 2019
Thank you for being there.
God bless you & may His grace & mercies continue to shine on you.
It is well...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: School Staff Vacancy In Ijesha, Surulere Lagos by Brethren0001(m): 12:06pm On Jul 24, 2019
Our client, a reputable Primary, and Secondary school in Surulere, Lagos, requires the services of a resourceful education professional to fill the following positions:
• Principal ( Secondary Section)
• Head Teacher ( Primary Section)
• Subject teachers.
• Accountant
• Drivers
• Cleaners
Principal: M.SC, B.Ed, B.sc with PGDE
Teachers: B.Ed, B.Sc or HND with PGDE
Secretary& Accountant: B.sc or HND
Drivers: Minimum of SSCE
Cleaners: Minimum of SSCE
Experience & Skill:
• The preferred candidate should not reside too far from Surulere.
• A minimum of 3years cognate experience in a reputable institution.
• Excellent and effective communication skill & good team player
• Excellent knowledge of software and networking.
• Excellent knowledge of Standard operational procedure
• Computer & Internet literate: Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheet, Powerpoint etc
Method of Application:
Please, how can we apply?
Career / Re: Wells Carlton Hotel Spotlights Ezenwoye, Others For Exceptional Service Delivery by Brethren0001(m): 10:30pm On Feb 18, 2019
Nice one
Politics / Re: Young Soldiers Travel To Maiduguri In High Spirits To Battle Boko Haram. Photos by Brethren0001(m): 8:00pm On Jan 18, 2019
No make mouth too much ooo. The BH leader might be reading this post like that, make them no locate you first bfr you start dreaming.
You got me ���
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Zidisha Loans by Brethren0001(m): 2:17am On Jan 03, 2019
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancy Vacancy by Brethren0001(m): 12:46pm On Nov 27, 2018
Pioneer metro consult wishes to inform d public of its vacant positions human resource personnel, managers, secretary. interested applicants should forward its C.V. or details on or before 30/11/2018 to igweobim@gmail.com or 09071588902. applicants wil b contact via their e-mail address or phone numbers.. requirement: you must b a graduate from a resounding institution. undergraduate may equally apply...signed Human resource manager.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Very Urgent Vacancies by Brethren0001(m): 11:10am On Nov 22, 2018
A well established organization in Ibadan is looking for 2 Administrative Officers who must be very good in Microsoft Packages and administrative duties and 2 Accountants

.Qualifications: HND/ Bsc with 3-5 years working experience. Interested applicants should send their CVs to rebnokconsultinglimited@gmail.com. Using the position as the subject of the mail.

Thank you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancies At Akwa Ibom Transport Company, Uyo by Brethren0001(m): 9:54am On Nov 20, 2018
This is a welcome development. Is time to bring my set skills to serve Akwa Ibom indigenous company…

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancy School Administrator by Brethren0001(m): 9:49am On Nov 20, 2018
Phone number is switched off.

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