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Politics / Re: President Buhari Receives Olu Of Warri Kingdom In Aso Rock by CashVessel(m): 10:57pm On May 17


You don't know anything about those places obviously. Just conjectures to sound relevant.

For those people saying he is in warri and have nothing to do with ASABA..... They are both in dealta state and the problem will grow to eat his people too if nothing is done
Politics / Re: National Assembly Begs Chinese Govt To Rescue 62 Kidnapped Train Passengers by CashVessel(m): 9:59am On May 12
This lawmaker is a disgrace; so because the Chinese built the rail, they should do a rescue too. You can as well call Julius Berger and Setraco to be reaching accident victims too or those kidnapped on the roads. Who do us this kind thing sef?
Politics / Re: 2023: Orji Kalu Betrayed Igbo Cause - Edwin Clark by CashVessel(m): 9:34am On May 12

Stop spamming everywhere with obi candidacy, because no achievement to his name and no legacy except the only supposed saving that could not be traced again.
Your challenge is ignorance and it's no one's fault but yours. You have refused to read and find out things for yourself, but instead of keeping quiet you still have the effontery to market that ignorance of your as if it's bliss. May God help you and your likes in Nigeria.
Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Advises 2baba And Annie Idibia On Raising 13-yr-old Isabella by CashVessel(m): 4:07pm On Apr 23
Kemi just made sense for once, and this time around very well.
Religion / Re: Tiffany Trump And Michael Boulos Visit Pastor Paul Adefarasin In Lagos by CashVessel(m): 7:07am On Apr 12

MEMBERS of the House on the Rock have been visiting that church and contributing without being recognized on social media like this grin grin.
Yet here is someone who just paid a visit, who may not stay beyond 12noon...and this is the recognition she gets.

Let a celebrity visit a church in the United States let's see if same celebrity would attract such recognition. This was one of the reasons I stopped attending church 14 years ago.
I promised 2go back after ensuring Millions hit my account. 2day, I have gone back as a comfortable man. U need see Attention & respect!

Most Nigerian churches are just business centers. Many were set up by Lazy ?christians who can't think outside the Box. Some couldn't pass ordinary GES 100 course in the University. Most of my Student pastor coursemates were dropped from d university dose days for failing woefully.
But, Guess what today! They see VISIONS grin
Na die you dey so. Be consoling yourself with your godlessness
Career / Re: Cooking For My Married Boss: Right Or Wrong by CashVessel(m): 2:57pm On Apr 10
You need the job right? You should ask yourself this ; are you not making yourself vulnerable to rape or whatever heinous crimes could likely take place? The God that helped you get this job can help you get another. Tell him you aren't comfortable with that aspect of the job and if he insists you must do it. For the sake of your life quit. If the wife no pour you hot water, the man fit rape you...


Celebrities / Re: Gospel Artist, Osinachi Nwachukwu Is Dead by CashVessel(m): 10:16pm On Apr 08

I wish her well but most gospel singers do not make heaven.

Angel Amaikpe you don work for heaven gate before?
Family / Re: My Friend's Wife Always Loves Calling Me by CashVessel(m): 1:41pm On Apr 06
Continue with your busy schedule excuses while making plans to scram permanently before goat will now eat yam or vice versa.
Family / Re: Nigerian U.S. Marines Officer Returns Home After 6 Years To Surprise His Family by CashVessel(m): 1:31pm On Apr 06
Hmmmm this your uniform get as he he ooo ,it looks like a private guard uniform hope it's not what I'm thinking grin
Chai! Ignorance of high level. Instead of you to use the small data you have to Google their uniform, u dey here dey talk.
Autos / Re: Look At That Bus I Bought For 1.4m. Great Deal Or Bad Deal? Pix attached by CashVessel(m): 7:34pm On Apr 04
Good deal! Please I need one in Portharcourt.. How do I get it?
Politics / Re: Ochanja Roundabout, Before And After The Cleanups (Photos) by CashVessel(m): 7:07pm On Apr 04

OBIANO is the worst governor of Anambra since creation

Noooo.. Mbadinuju dwarfs him in that regard.
Politics / Re: How PDP Politicians Raided NNPC, Carted Away $20 Billion - Garba Shehu by CashVessel(m): 6:27pm On Apr 04
Rubbish talk. Even CBN does not have 20 billion dollars. Do you think you are talking to fools to distract us from you underperformance. These idiots must think they are smart.
Politics / Re: French Ambassador To Nigeria Visits Bola Tinubu by CashVessel(m): 4:21pm On Apr 02
The way they were visiting Buhari is the way they are visiting this man. The west don't mean well for us. God go shock them this time around.
Travel / Re: Longest Super Highway In Akwa Ibom Nears Completion by CashVessel(m): 11:45am On Apr 02
I like Udom, but for heaven's sake let him pay retires their gratuities and pensioners their pension..Some retired over five years ago.
Politics / Re: Pete Edochie: Tinubu Too Old, Too Weak To Run For President by CashVessel(m): 11:41am On Apr 02
Peter Edochie is a foolish man, we all know that before.

This same man supported Atiku in 2019 when it’s obvious Atiku is also old and over 70 then. I can bet it that like Obi Pandora, this same man will still support Atiku if he gets PDP ticket in 2023. Is Atiku a young man?

The same man who can't advise his son from resigning from his job to support a 70+ year old Atiku presidency in 2019 that now suddenly remember he has a brain in 2023 to advise Nigerians against voting 70 years old candidate is nothing but a FOOLISH man.

Mpukumriri addict old man.

I can see lot of mpukumriri addicts quoting me for being disrespectful and abusing an elder like Edochie. These are the same set of guys that come online daily to abuse Asiwaju without considering he is also an elder. So much hypocrisy.

The above is why I am reiterating again that "Pete Edochie is a compound fool!"
You will never be able to achieve what that man has achieved in his life and you sit there behind your Nairaland handle to insult him like the coward you are. Continue dey insult am; it's like you don't want to get old at all. Nonsense!
TV/Movies / Re: South Africans Pay More For Dstv Than Nigerians by CashVessel(m): 12:44pm On Apr 01
To be frank, I don't see why people are complaining. MultiChoice is a private company; if you cannot pay, look for cheaper alternative. Why should we blame DSTV for the increasing their prices when The one owned by Nigeria(NTA) is not working? HOUSE OF REP sef is meeting because of DSTV as if it's a Nigerian agency. What nonsense? We should focus our strength more on making our brands better alternatives to DSTV. Satellite TV is not cheap anywhere, even in the UK where they show premiership, it's cheaper to go the pub than have satellite TV.

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Crime / Re: Lagos RCCG Pastor Orders Arrest Of Man Who Shared Testimony In Church - Family by CashVessel(m): 8:13am On Mar 26
Na your part of the story we hear. Make we hear the other side too before we go comment. It's not by first to talk.
Religion / Re: Is There Anything Wrong In One Not Going To Church But Believes So Much In God? by CashVessel(m): 4:50pm On Mar 20
If you do not attend church you are not fulfilling God's will, and when you do that, it means you don't want to spend eternity with Him. Why?
The Bible says 'Do not forsake the gathering of brethren as some are in the habit of doing' (Heb 10:25). The Bible also says in I Cor. 11:18 says "WHEN we come together as a church" It didn't say 'IF'. So it's certain that we must come together as a church. Prov 27:17 says "Iron sharpeners iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of another. I Cor 11:23-33 talks about coming together for the Lord supper. The gifts we receive from God are for the edification of the church(I Cor. 12:7-14)
We lift up each other when we meet. God didn't create man to be in isolation. If you notice in Acts of Apostles 2: it says they were all gathered in one room when the Holy Ghost baptised them. There is an anointing called corporate anointing that occurs only in gatherings. That's why miracles are abundant when people come together in the name of God. Remember, "where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst". If you can attend church, attend and be functional; being æ blessing to others as well.

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee Just Broke My Heart by CashVessel(m): 1:50pm On Mar 14
Just move on and avoid prayer point for the future. If you want to deliver her, no wahala, but time dey go
Family / Re: Help Me Loosen My Brother's Grip On Me. by CashVessel(m): 1:38pm On Mar 14
He may be too strict, not allowing you have an FB account, but he's right if you don't have WhatsApp account. What should a teen be doing with a smart phone. You don't need it now and si you don't need WhatsApp if you aren't up to sixteen ( 16). Everyone is doing it doesn't make it right, you need to focus on your plans for the future. He can get you a laptop which is good, but going online should be controlled and for constructive purposes.
Spend time reading; read one book every month and you will thank me by the time you're 18 cos you will discover how much more you know more than your mates.
He sure loves you, even if he may not express it well, his intentions are real.
I am a teen teacher so I know what m talking about.
Family / Re: Help Me Loosen My Brother's Grip On Me. by CashVessel(m): 1:38pm On Mar 14
He may be too strict, not allowing you have an FB account, but he's right if you don't have WhatsApp account. What should a teen be doing with a smart phone. You don't need it now and si you don't need WhatsApp if you aren't up to sixteen . Everyone is doing it doesn't make it right.
Science/Technology / Re: Bird With Cipher Ring Falls From Sky In Ondo, Causing Confusion (Photo) by CashVessel(m): 1:32pm On Mar 14
It's a bird that is tagged by conservationists to monitor the seasonal migration of these species
Family / Re: I'm Scared Of Marrying Her by CashVessel(m): 1:26pm On Mar 14
We are not even talking about the cheating again, cos she has apologised. What is troubling here is her attitude. It sticks of ungratefulness and will easily cause you grief in future. She doesn't seem supportive. What's she going on dates for with other guys if you have made your intentions known to her and her mum? Why would she disobey or disregard your opinion and still proceed in the dates? Why would she be in bed while you're hustling and still expect you to cook in your house, while she presses phone under your roof and with your sponsorship?
If not you will be back here complaining about her after marriage.

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Romance / Re: I'm In A Fix... HELP ME! by CashVessel(m): 10:06pm On Mar 04
You need to tell your pastor if you really wanna stop. If you keep it to yourself, you will be engulfed by it. Good character and food pussy is every man's dream really, so you won't be able to stop. It does happen even to the strongest of us. It's only God that can help you. I have been there before bro, so I know what m talking about. If you have a guy man pastor better. Someone needs to help you overcome it.
Romance / Re: How Do I Handle Her?she Can't Do Without Sex For 5 Days! by CashVessel(m): 3:40pm On Feb 11
Give am belle. After first issue, libido usually drops as the number increases.
Politics / Re: List Of 5 Worst Governors In Nigeria (Opinion) by CashVessel(m): 9:36am On Feb 05
Na APC person write this list. Where is Yahaya Bello, Ayade, Hope Uzodinma? I agree with the following; Ikpeazu.
Family / Re: The Will That Calmed My Friend by CashVessel(m): 6:50am On Jan 29
Beautiful will! Your parents don't owe you their wealth. What they owe you is good education.

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Religion / Re: Prince Dele Banjo's Letter To Kumuyi by CashVessel(m): 2:31pm On Jan 24
You call him your father and have followed him all this while respecting his judgements, but all of a sudden you have matured to the extent that your warped mind is questioning his choice of musicians to invite. You even went public with your letter(what an insult). You should have told him you opinion in secret and.leave the church if you are not satisfied with the developments. For your info, heaven is for all of God's children who including the likes of Nathaniel Bassey, Paul Baloche, Donnie et Al. It is not for Deeper life members alone. There is no Deeper life quaters or RCCG quaters in heaven. NONSENSE!
Politics / Re: Should Swiss Woman, Nwanyiocha Be Made A Commissioner In Anambra? by CashVessel(m): 2:28pm On Jan 24
Wat does she know about our cultures and tourism


She Sabi am pass you. Not joking!
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Doesn't Want Sex Anymore by CashVessel(m): 2:26pm On Jan 24

Lool.. never u ever in ur life vouch for anyone when it involves sex especially a girlfriend. Na shock u go shock. Anyways, she's trying to manipulate u with sex. Be careful

Abi na you dey do am? All girls are certainly not the same, many may be, but not all. So stop forming paramount ruler in women matters.

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