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Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 10:45am On Jul 08
Welcome to Australia, and best wishes. Try to connect with other Nigerians in Sydney. It's helpful to stay connected.

Landing Gist grin grin

I arrived in Australia on Monday evening Aussie time grin.. I was so happy and excited cheesy grin grin..

Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Workers' Program - Connect Here Part 11 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 11:35pm On Jul 06
In addition to all what everyone has said, I don't think you'll have much issue changing your spouse to accompanying post PPR. Considering your circumstances of having a newborn on the way, I believe you have a valid reason to convince any processing officer.

Your reason is simple, you and your spouse initially agreed for you to go first because she believed she could manage alone with one child. But while waiting for your visa to be processed, your family situation has changed; you now have a newborn (on the way). This has caused your spouse lots of stress worrying about how she would manage with both kids alone especially while recovering from the childbirth or delivery process as you do not have closed relatives in your city to help. On the other hand, it is also causing you much stress as well thinking that you'll not be part of your newborn's early days and even worse imagining the stress your spouse would go through caring for your kids alone. You fear either or both of you might suffer from mental stress or depression by the time you're finally reunited.

Consequently, you wish to request, and would appreciate their understanding, to add your newborn as an accompanying dependant and also change your spouse and other child as accompanying dependants as well to give you the opportunity to support your family, especially your spouse, to go through this new and daunting phase of your lives. Being together will ensure that you support each other through the toughest periods of anxiety and stress, and help you bond and grow your love more.

You don't have to take the above word for word. But you should be able to coin something out of that. I don't see any deceit or fraud or taking advantage in your situation. Your current situation is genuine and possible even if the initial intention might have been different. I do not want to include this in the above and surely it will not happen to you; but what if the delivery is by CS which takes some women couple of weeks or months to fully heal? What if your spouse suffers post-partum depression? What if she could not produce milk for the first week or two? For a moment, ignore the fact that you're a Nigerian or you live in Nigeria. Out here, these things are given serious consideration and in fact it's within your rights to ask to be with your spouse. So, think like a Canadian resident and go get that visa for your entire family.

I'm not very good with grammar, but I'm sure this can be put succinctly and convincingly with the right words and context. Draft something yourself and give it to someone to proof read. Maybe consult a professional (lawyer or legal practitioner, counsellor, writer, etc.) for help as it's worth it.

All the best.

Good Afternoon all.

I'm in a situation- please I need help.
A male married candidate with PR but yet to land, I chose my wife and child as non accompanied in my application.
I'm expecting another child in the coming month, I'm thinking of waiting for the new baby to be born, add the child and the first child as accompanied while my wife remains unaccompanied for me to sponsor her. Has anyone done this before or is this a bad step? Please help me.


Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 12:24pm On Jun 08
Just like yesterday, huh? How time flies... I've been good. I'd think the absence is partly busy lifestyle and partly not being up-to-date with the IMMI process. There's been a lot of changes over the years, and what was applicable 5 years ago no longer applies. 60 points was sufficient back then but today that's history.

In anyway, reading your subsequent responses to Tunlex, you seem to be on the right track. It's only a matter of time, invitation rounds and changes to the migration policies. COVID-19 restrictions and border control policy changes have greatly impacted processing standards/timeline and ceilings. Hopefully, the newly elected Labour government will make some favourable changes. The main thing is to be in the pool to stand a chance of being invited should things improve for the better.

As mentioned in previous post, it's worth considering alternative pathways and destinations. It's obvious the long wait have an impact on age points.

Canada Express Entry or Provincial Nomination Programs might be easier for some here.

One could also consider taking the study route to gain more points by studying in regional Australia. You could try getting partial or fully funded scholarships.


I can still remember when you got your ITA that year as Chem Engineer. It's been a long time.

How is everything?

Attached is my possible point I can get without work experience for 491 visa.

What do you think I should do or how should I go about it?
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 11:18pm On Jun 04
For Australia, your experience must be related to your degree or qualification to claim experience points.

So, if use use Chemical Engineering as your occupation, then it means you have no (0) years of experience.

And if you choose to use 35111 baker skill or 13112 sales and marketing, then you must have at least a diploma (OND, HND) or degree in Baking or Sales, Marketing, business or related to be able to claim experience points.

Your years of experience must be post your qualification i.e. you must have already completed your qualification before commencing work.

Canada might be another option for you as Canada considers experience and qualification differently. Your qualification does not need to be related to your degree. The downside with Canada is that you may need a Masters degree.

For both AU and CA, high score in IELTS is critical.

please help me evaluate this profile let me knw where to start from here

age- 32
graduated- 2010
Enugu state university of science and Tech
studied chemical engineering
work experience 6 years
skill- certified baker ( 3 years)
sales and marketing ( 3years)
all document and evident of work experience are readily available

what advice do you have for me
i identified 35111 baker skill and 13112 sales and marketing skills from the occupation list.

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Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 9:57pm On Nov 21, 2021
Since they asked, she can respond thus:

"I would love to move with my partner as we are still early in our marriage. However, we've discussed the alternative and he's also happy to join me later once I've settled in".

It's quite a tedious process to sponsor a partner to Australia. So, it's best to go together if it doesn't affect things.

Hi everyone, my wife has been interviewing with one of the big 4 in Australia and she just got a success mail asking of her salary expectations and “if she’s coming with anyone “? I will like to seek advice from gurus before we respond, if the firm will be willing to sponsor the 2 of us or I should let her go alone while i join her later. Thanks

Ps. We are just a year in marriage

Cc auss4life bellong


Travel / Re: 15 Million Naira Cash Or Relocate To Canada, Which Will You Choose? by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 8:46pm On Apr 23, 2020
Sorry, I missed this mention; turns out I've been off this since Nov 2019 grin

But yeah, I absolutely agree with @Bnimz on the subject of survival. And yeah, you need to be clear about having a visa with full work rights in any country as those I know in Canada that have full work rights are not barely surviving. There's obviously room for improvement and the desire or motivation to get a better job or your preferred career would be the subject of discussion rather than the need to survive paycheck to paycheck.

If survival is the end goal; I can't speak for Canada but in Australia, if you're hardworking, willing to roll your sleeves and get your hands dirty, not picky about the nature of job, then there are numerous jobs ranging from manufacturing / factory, warehouse, forklift, transportation, removalist, care, retail and hospitality to IT (NBN) and sales / marketing, etc., not to mention Uber / Uber Eat that can get you by until you get something better and preferred.

I believe most new arriving migrants started off with one or more of these sort of jobs to pay their bills. Few even enjoyed the jobs and went on to remain permanent. In all, just go with what gives you peace and happiness.


I don't think there's anybody who has spent two years in Australia on a visa with full work rights that will complain about barely surviving... You'll hear us complain about taxes, bills, house prices, etc o, but barely surviving? I don't know a single Nigerian in that category here.

I dey see @catchdwind4rmkd lurking in the background...., baba what's your opinion on the subject?


Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 8:08pm On Oct 15, 2019
Congrats, best wishes

After 3years. Recieved golden Mail. Grant notification mail recieved today for me, my wife and 2kids.
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 12:17pm On Aug 07, 2019
The purpose of this thread is to support, encourage and guide others on the UAE journey... But the last 10 pages of the thread have been dedicated to defeat that purpose... Where did these set of followers appear from? This is the only thread that is not serving its purpose so far.

The thread is not created to teach people how hard UAE is; it's rather intended to provide best information in settling in the UAE amidst the hardship. Followers can connect and network, share information, use one another as referees, etc. as is done on other travel threads to make life easier for newcomers.

But if we are all convinced that UAE is no longer a destination, then please let the thread be closed. Those that want to continue advising or discouraging people from coming to UAE can then create a new thread with the correct topic to attract those that want to be discouraged. Otherwise, you all need to actively research, plan and strategize the best way to survive out there. It's not easy anywhere, but migrants in other countries have learnt to unite and conquer.

Those that arrive and find jobs need to work very hard to get to the top or at least network with top managememt staff so that you can help others get into your company. It doesn't have to be professional jobs, helping someone get a job that pays bills can go a long way to help them settle. Don't get a job and delete the contacts of the recruiter or agent. Stay in touch and try to form a professional relationship with them. Be of good manner and work hard so your good reports will get to your recruiter or agent such that when you ring them about a friend, they would be happy to give them a try since you've set a good standard. Don't just isolate yourself in your place of work. Mix up... It's not easy anywhere...

Some of you claim to have thriving businesses, yet you can't employ or help your country men, rather you're discouraging people from coming and complaining about Indians, Philippines Et al. What distinguishes those from us is that they actively seek to help themselves. Any of them in any good position of authority would ensure they fill up every position with their people... Have you been to a Chinese or Indian restaurant or grocery shop? All over the world, they use that to bring their people in... You don't expect them to leave their people and give you the job na... Why can't Nigerians do same? Why can't a Nigerian become an hotel manager, a shift supervisor, a supermarket or stores supervisor or team leader, a warehouse supervisor, HR manager or associate, etc.? It starts with one person...

I have said previously, all of you complaining about hardship and discouraging others from coming to the UAE should please RETURN to Nigeria and prove your points. But the hard truth is that even if new migrants don't come to the UAE, the situation of those complaining might still not change. Also, a new migrant might even do better than those complaining of hardship. Everyone has a different approach to life... Let people try for themselves. All you can do is say it as it is but stop trying to stop people from coming and attacking or abusing those that refuse to listen or wishing them ill-fate so you can take pleasure in their failure.

But then again, if you're all convinced that it's the end of the road in the UAE, then close this thread. The thread is gathering the wrong traffic. People should be able to find the information suggested by the topic of the thread, not to meet a completely opposite discussion here.

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Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 3:03pm On Jul 06, 2019
The best way to support your advice is for those who say UAE is hard, they are suffering in UAE, Nigeria is better than UAE, etc. to pack and return to Nigeria. Then, you won't have to keep saying it, everyone will believe.

Your hustle is different from another. If it doesn't work for one person doesn't mean it won't work for another. Allow everyone experience it and decide for themselves. There is no minsing words when it comes to the current hardship in Nigeria. And many have tried to point y'all to the situation of things in Nigeria if it's been long you left Naija.

More than 85% of people making the move don't have any job in Nigeria. They're either being sponsored or using their life's savings. Another 10% probably have jobs with very low pay, say less than N50k per month. 3% are possibly undecided or those who just wanna leave Naija by all means or probably just excited about going abroad. And the 2%? Obviously professionals who can compete favorably in UAE; some, like most of my friends, may have even already gotten a job in the UAE before leaving Naija.

If someone had told you not to go when you did yours, would you have listened?

Hypothetically, life in UAE is tough; You're better off investing the money you wanna waste for visa in Nigeria; A N100k job in Nigeria is better than N150k job in UAE; etc. Then, could y'all just return to Nigeria and invest what you've saved so far or get yourself that N100k job? At least to prove your claims or heed to your own advices.

We are Nigerians! We are survivors!! Across the globe, Nigerians have strived, thrived and survived. Even in the America, Europe, Asia, etc., it's not all rosy for Nigerians. Few or even some still struggle.

Abeg e don do sef, them they beg Una make Una no come here suffer, Una think say na bad them dey do Una.


Adverts / Re: Response To Ad by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 12:52pm On Jul 06, 2019
I really wish you can go past this.

The post you shared is completely invalid in defending your actions. The suggestion was to continue the thread elsewhere with the aim of making things easier for newbies. It was made following a strong debate on how newbies were treated by asking them to go and read from page 1 of a thread with over 350 pages.

Contrary to your claims, only couple of newbies replied in support, others (including Alphadoor) said maintain Nairaland even if a new site is created while some solidly defended continuing on Nairaland. Everyone commented based on either "making life easier for new users" or "ensuring sustainability, acknowledging the help Nairaland offers to many and its popularity, etc." In the end, the idea was dropped because the people's choice was respected. I'm even surprised you're bringing up this, I can't even see its relevance in the subject matter. The post only attracted 9 likes, which obviously was to acknowledge an idea that was aimed at making things easier for people. The number of likes on most posts on the thread should tell you that the post you've made reference to didn't get any support. So, there's no such thing as many here. It's been 2yrs since then, no such site was created and the thread is still very active.

@Iceberg has replied your earlier post on the wrong thread. He pointed you to: Please note that nothing has been concluded or decided yet. this is just an idea for us to consider

I expect you to delete your post in the main thread so as not to contradict yourself. You deleted my post and advised us not to further derail the thread and make comments here instead, yet you went on to make more inciteful posts.

Do not try to change the subject. The bone of contention here is the way the ban was executed and actions that followed afterwards.

The fact that you're bent on discrediting people / causing defamation is not good IMO. Whoever wants to confirm what Justwise is claiming by sharing this post, please click on the name of the post and go directly to the post. Then, read the post itself carefully to understand it, and finally read any reply to that post and other relating posts before forming an opinion. You have to put things in context rather than make conclusions on mere quotes.

The hypocrisy of many here is unbelievable, they have planned to move that thread to another forum years ago.


Adverts / Re: Response To Ad by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 9:16am On Jul 06, 2019
Your attitude is really becoming unbearable for me.
What's this about deleting all my posts?

I have tried time and again to make sure my posts do not infringe the rules of this forum; yet you kept deleting every post I make because they do not support your views.

What exactly is wrong with my posts, especially the last one? Could you please allow me freely express myself? And if you're bent on shutting me up by all means, then let me know so I can use my time for something else. This is really becoming annoying to say the least. Are you intentionally trying to provoke me to break a rule so you can ban me too?

I have said it again and again, on this issue, I'll never support you. And this is solely based on how you've handled this issue so far and your actions against those that do not agree with you; it has nothing to do with your person.

You're human, and are bound to make mistakes in your decisions. Why not just accept your mistake, apologize and let's all move on from this. It does not in anyway affect your many good works on the Nairaland forum.


Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 4:19am On Jul 05, 2019
Since all my posts against the Just Moderator have been deleted, and only this one supporting him was left here; I'm forced to modify it and remove any complimenting or supporting statement. I'd appreciate if everyone that quoted me in their posts regarding my previous posts (which are now deleted) modify their posts to remove any reference to me in regards such posts. If "the fuse" is still not obvious to y'all, then I doubt what school of thoughts you belong to.

It's a shame the comments I've been reading from sycophants, including few I've had respect for before now. I'm out of this issue. Y'all do as you wish.

Apologies to anyone I offended with my posts about the subject, including the moderator in question; I strongly believe he needs to be investigated and called to order.
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 3:36am On Jul 05, 2019
The fuss is closing a thread because an OP flawed a rule.

The fuss is making another less significant because he/she flawed a rule. Worst is making claims against another because he/she can't post to defend it.

The fuss is his actions when people don't agree with him.

It's a complete abuse of power. Deleting posts or banning people because they oppose you is not the right way to go.

I have nothing against him on banning Bellong if he posts ad and didn't pay the fee. I made this clear in my post.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 1:14am On Jun 30, 2019
PCC for N20k? Like are you joking?

If you go in person, it's N5k or less.

If you choose to use someone, it still can't cost more than 10k.


Thanks a lot.

#20k saved! grin
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 11:00am On May 27, 2019
@Ashaju: it's sad to read about your unsuccessful application.

However, the subject you've addressed is a very critical aspect of the migration process and as such I'm obliged to comment.

Most of the Engineers on this thread, if not more than 70%, have used their undergraduate projects or thesis as their career episodes. I've also seen few that used their NYSC experience. In fact, I personally used my undergraduate project, MSc project and 4th year SIWES / internship for my 3 career episodes. We've even had someone on here who wrote a very convincing episode based on his personal research and got a positive assessment outcome. Hence, I find your advise misleading or probably it lacks sufficient information to make it valid.

Over the years, the assessing authorities have encountered many plagiarized and overclaimed reports submitted by different applicants which has made them become more strict in their assessments. Undergraduate projects are very much accepted and recommended by Engineers Australia, but they must be backed with both theoretical and documented evidence. The decision to request for more information, documents or interview is solely dependent on the assessor or case officer, and varies from one application to another. However, the most influencing factor is the content and quality of your career episode.

Some persons do not take time to right a good report, others copy directly from their original project report which was even also originally copied from another work. Thus, there is a very high chance that more than 2 persons have used the same project and more than 2 have also applied and submitted the same report to Engineers Australia. There are also those that make bogus claims on their report, especially reports which were based on internships that was obvious that the applicant was only there to learn. Yet you see applicants claiming to be the innovator, team leader, main brain behind a solution to a very complex or sophisticated problems. All of these only raise eyebrows and forces the assessor to request for proof, evidence, reference or even call you to test your knowledge through a short interview.

I agree that things have changed over time and the requirements have become tougher or more strict, however, a well written career episode containing clear, logical and valid theories, facts or even hypotheses stand a 99% chance of being approved even without a request for proof. And with verifiable and documented evidence, such episode has 100% chance of being approved. It is also worth stating that a commonly disregarded proof for undergraduate thesis is your grade in your transcript. Ensuring that you explain the significance of the project to attaining your final degree and the credit weight assigned to it as well as your actual grade as evident on your transcript will to a large extent be a sufficient proof for your work if you had a very strong career episode.

On a lighter note, I've seen an instance where someone wrote a career episode of over 2500 words, with drawings, designs, equations, result tables, experiments, etc. and when he was asked to send a copy of the original report, he said he didn't have it. I'm not an assessor but I was dumbfounded and disgusted. Such a person must be a genius of the 5th order...

Your case may not fall into any of those, and the fact that you're given the opportunity to defend your submission goes a long way to prove that the undergraduate thesis is accepted for the skills assessment, but you may have been affected by past applicants who have made the assessors to be more vigilant of bogus claims and unfortunately for you, you weren't convincing enough.

I'm sorry for the long post. To summarize, you can include your undergraduate project in your career episode and get a positive assessment if you did the work yourself and can prove /defend it theoretically and also provide required document evidence if requested. In all, KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Base on my experience, I will advise people not to include their undergraduate project as part of their C.E.

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Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 1:55pm On Apr 10, 2019
Y'all should try and avoid driving through RED lights as it's very dangerous for you and other road users...

Most of us are already on AUTO or Robotic mode especially after work. We have a foot on throttle, ready to Zoom once the light turns GREEN...

The result of the combination of our action (driving off immediately the light turns GREEN) and your action (continuing past a RED light) is an obvious one that doesn't need telling.

I once drove past a red light while lost in my thoughts. When I snapped back, I couldn't feel more lucky.

As for stopping when the light turns ORANGE, you also need to be careful in doing so as most of us apply the 5 Seconds rule before the light turns red. So, most often than not, cars behind you will increase their speed to beat the RED light. This is a known cause of accidents especially at traffic lights. If you stop when it's actually safer to go past the light before it turns red, you'll be judged as being at fault if it resulted in accident. Refer to your Road Rules... Use your rear mirror to see what the car behind you is doing. It's all part of the defensive driving skill...

I do say, I prefer speeding offenses to RED lights. 90% of Australian drivers are controlled by the traffic lights. They hardly watch out for others. They believe in their rights. In the case of accident, they know they're covered. Interestingly, some of them need the accident so the insurance company can write off their cars and give them a new one... What they forget is that Life Insurance doesn't mean you get your life back if lost; it's just a payment to support those you leave behind...

Drive safely...
Think of your loved ones...

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Family / Re: Can You Punish A Cheating Wife Like This?? by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 9:27pm On Mar 29, 2019


Nollywood kind...

OP is better off telling us he's trying to start his own movie production or learn how to write a script...
Or probably OP has never applied for a visa before...

On the slightest chance it is a true story, then the wife must be an ILLITERATE banker shocked who signed documents without reading coz you need a consent form signed by both parents for children under 18 years of age to travel, especially when they're not travelling with both parents to combat child trafficking which becomes very much critical when a girl child is involved...

And even if he succeeded to fake all the documents, as others have said, unless his wife is indeed an ILLITERATE and ignorant banker, all she needs to do to ruin his life is a phone call or letter to the Overseas High Commission and all that the man has spent will be in vain...

However, if na sharp guy, he can change identity and lose; possibly move to a regional or country town until the case dies... Anyway, I'm just tryna complete the script for OP! The guy still dey Lagos or Abuja with him kids grin


Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 3:49am On Mar 17, 2019
Nice posts!


Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 3:44am On Mar 17, 2019
It's the hustle...

Something only Bellong has distinguished himself in...

Hopefully, you won't join the crowd of getting lost in the wind months after arrival...

After 6 - 12 months of arriving, you may find yourself in the same boat depending on your job role and responsibilities as well as extra curricular activities.

In all, Grace is sufficient.

See you soon in Down Under grin

Thanks mate.
It's been ages.
Since you've stopped catching wind from KD

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Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 2:18am On Mar 16, 2019

Breaking News: GRANTED.
Details shortly.

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Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 2:17am On Mar 16, 2019
Congrats to all the recent migrants,


thanks to @GoodMemory, @utcheylee, @ozonechrome, @extraterestrial and all others for sharing their stories.

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Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 8:54am On Feb 26, 2019
Congrats, best wishes


Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 8:52am On Feb 26, 2019
Congrats, best wishes

wow.Finally this is it.My 489 visa was granted this morning
Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 8:51am On Feb 26, 2019

GRANT DON LAND O!!! ������
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by catchdwind4rmkd(m): 8:52pm On Feb 15, 2019
Congrats, more Grace...
Best wishes

So, I got me a tier 2 ( General skill shortage) visa today. I appreciate everybody in this family. God will keep saying "Yes" to our dreams.

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