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Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by chiteny(m): 10:49am On Sep 26

That is understandable. Not very much of what I currently know and teach is common knowledge in churches today.

this Race.

May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ keep you.

Hello Chief,

Your posts are usually very long to read. I tried to read some. So i will just ask you to answer me in a simplistic manner (a few words in a sentence at most, bible verses could be dropped).

In your opinion, do you say that it's not in the place/age of today Christians to be used by God to perform miracles?
Also, are you categorically saying aside reading the bible, God does not speak to us through any other means?
Business / Re: FG Sells 12.4 Billion Shares To CBN (Photos) by chiteny(m): 10:26am On Sep 19

Good one...
People think Central Banks are owned by their Governments. They don't know that Central banks are very privileged private entities with great powers to drive economies the way they deem fit or profitable for their interests.
The FG just sold its assets in the Printing company to raise funds. I'm concerned that what it could raise was just a mere 17b naira from this sale.

Best comments so far. All that is left in this country is gradually being sold off or loaned out. Annoying thing is that the populace don't know (beclouded by 2019).
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze: I Was Attacked By Religious Mafia, It's Not God's Wrath by chiteny(m): 5:29pm On Sep 17
Freeze underestimated the true nature of power wielded by these gods of men. These demi gods have sons and daughters strategically positioned in every strata of society who are ever loyal and willing to return a favor to Big daddy.

Freeze is currently likened as one who goes on the streets screaming kill me. There's always someone willing to oblige him.

I once told him never to make himself the poster child of this campaign cos the cabal would readily crush him if they so wish. I think they are bidding their time with him.

Are you in any way in agreement with what he is doing? Are you saying he is saying the truth?

If yes, why the warning not to speak the truth loud. Remember, it only takes good men to be silent for evil to prevail.
Politics / Re: NNPC And Chinese Consortia Sign MOU On Fuel Production by chiteny(m): 6:17pm On Sep 05
Finally this country has been sold to China.
Politics / Re: 2019: How We Plan To Unseat Buhari – Moghalu, Sowore, Onovo, Others by chiteny(m): 12:47pm On Aug 25
This man looks good to go. Let me run a background check on his profile... ...

if you've heard him speak, you will have no doubt he is the president Nigeria needs urgently to remedy the present predicament.

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Crime / Re: Teenage Student Commits Suicide In Delta After Being Rebuked For Dating by chiteny(m): 1:20pm On Aug 20
Meen. Otapiapia is really effective o.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: PAMO University Of Medical Sciences Job Recruitment (75 Positions) by chiteny(m): 5:44pm On Jul 19
if there is no evidence,then its a lie

Is it a lie also that the money for this university was given to him by the rivers state government?
Car Talk / Re: The All New 2019 Honda Pilot Is Finally Here (photos) by chiteny(m): 2:41pm On Jul 19
Hope bow-joint no dey pull out for middle of road for this one?
Sports / Re: Qatar Is Ready For "Qatar 2022" World Cup (Photos Of Stadiums) by chiteny(m): 3:55pm On Jul 18
I am going for this particular world cup!!!
Fashion / Re: Lady Orders For High Heels Online, But See What She Got Instead (photos) by chiteny(m): 10:30pm On Jul 17
She got what she ordered for. What does she expect to get when she place an order for high heel shoes worth 3.51euros? A real shoe??
Romance / Re: Schoolboy Looking At A Curvy Lady's Backside Who Passed Him On Road (Photo) by chiteny(m): 11:57am On Jul 13
He's still young to know that a clothed ass is not reality.

If that lady should UnCloth now, the gravity of oozing stench and stretch marks he'll see will comfortably out-smell aboki's perfume.

Exactly why i'm not carried away with all those things. Na wash.
Crime / Re: Lady's Corpse Dumped On The Road In Anambra With A Murder Note (Photos) by chiteny(m): 5:36am On Jun 21
The lady might not be Igbo tho since we have a lot of Yoruba's littering our land these days, snatching our wives and husbands everywhere

An Igbo woman can never indulge in infidelity.

In a saner clime this is the easiest murder case to solve. The note should tell you to look for the victims married lover and that will lead you to his wife. He phonebook and a few investigation is what you need. If the phone book was confiscated by the culprit, get her phone number from her family and friends then you know where to take it to get the previous number dialled.


You have a small mind. Mtcheeeew, NL Children

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Politics / Re: AUDIO: Offa Bank Robbery Suspect Confesses To Be Working For Saraki by chiteny(m): 10:02am On Jun 04
Story Story. Another story to hit the headlines and die off after a few days. no victor no vanquished.

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Family / Re: He Did Not Enjoy Intimacy With Me, And Concluded I Am Cheating by chiteny(m): 10:40am On May 30

What do men really want? Today, you won't marry a liability, tomorrow, you won't marry a working woman.

Do not look for what men really want. Look for what your man really wants
Family / Re: My Father-in-law Is Making My Wife To Disrespect Me! by chiteny(m): 12:12pm On May 25
My name is Dahe. I struggled to graduate from the university. I made first class. After that, I got a job that pays 120k per month. But there is this problem with the job. You work like the bull and hardly have time for yourself. I sometimes sleep in the office just to beat time. It's work all through from morning till night.

There is this girl that I fell in love with. She was 21 then while I was 25. She kept complaining that I always keep to myself at work without a bit of care for her. The complain and accusations kept on till I decided to listen to her. I only worked for two months and had just been paid for the second month.

I invited her over to my house in Abuja. She came, and that time she was on her final year. She came with so many books and by the look of things, she was prepared to stay longer.

As usual, workload took over every event. At midnight, my phone rang and it was my girl. I was afraid to explain anything but I told her I was coming home right away. I did. It was hell in my home. We managed to make love and slept.

The next morning, my MD called demanding my presence. My girl insisted that I call him back and ask for a break that day. I did not.

Rather, I begged her and went to work. I truly loved her and wanted to propose to her before she goes back to school. But to make her feel good and belonged, I called her on phone to break the news. I proposed to her.

My MD sent for me to ask that I work through the night again. I said no. He pleaded, but I refused. It was hard saying no, but I had no choice.

At home my girl had turned herself into a ready made wife and I regretted not proposing to her till now.
I did not go to work the next day due to the new development at home. You understand what I mean..
My MD called to vent his anger, but I was calm and my girl swore never return to me if I didn't resign from the work. I took her word and resigned.

I looked for another work to no avail. She kept servicing my bank account with lots of money. Her father is rich.
She called me and asked me to speak with her mom and after some weeks, the dad. They kept saying, "please take good care of our daughter, don't break her heart".

My girl gratuated with a 2.1 honours and I attended her graduation ceremony where I met her parents live. After some weeks, her father called me to ask me about my plans with her daughter, I did not hide anything, and he told me to act fast.

A month later, I called him to inform him of my plans to marry his daughter the coming Christmas, but only that money was the big issue. He told me to go on with my plans that he will take care of everything. I jumped at it and we wedded. He took care of everything starting from invitation card to reception.

He refurnished my house in Abuja and transferred three years rent sum to my landlord's account. He paid in advance. Our first child came, still I and my wife are jobless. My In-law takes care of us.

I wanted to be in charge of my home but the man kept interfering, making the daughter to take a contrary decision on crucial matters.

My wife no longer takes my advice, what do I do? I need your candid advice on this matter. Please help me!

MY QUESTION: Will you as a father leave your home to meddle on your daughter's own home? Why won't you allow her to build her home with her husband?

You finished your annoying story with a very stupid question. If you were in your father-inlaw's shoes and you pay all the bills would you not do the same? He who pays the piper dictates the tune.

In as much as i don't want to go back to the past, i have to revisit it as it was the bed rock of your folly. You quite your job because your girlfriend asked you to. Then you gladly accept your father-inlaw's "money gestures" till now because they are rich. You simply sold your man-hood to your wife's family. I'm sorry to say that you are a toy in their hands. More sorrow await you if you don't take a drastic action now. Nonsense angry angry (sorry a little bit pissed off)

How to correct your wrong? YOU NEED A JOB OR SOURCE OF LIVELY HOOD AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY!!!! By this you will regain your manhood. It will be tough with your wife used to her parents financing everything and you always being around the house. But you have to man up in order to avoid stories that touch tomorrow. I know what i am saying. I have much more to say but will stop here for now.
Religion / Re: It’s An Abomination To Call Your Husband By His Name Or Pet Name - Pastor Says by chiteny(m): 8:59am On May 06
Advancement of the already well established male order......


Advancement of which male order. Remember this was how the wives of old addressed their husbands in bible. However he also said if the husband likes the wife to call him him "baby", no wahala. So i see no fuss about his speech.
Religion / Re: The Secret Behind MFM Fire Prayers And Why You Must Start Praying Them by chiteny(m): 8:50am On May 06

Source: https://olukoya.com.ng/secret-mfm-fire-prayers-start-praying/

Gross ignorance in stark naaked display!


Religion / Re: Why You Must Not Speak Ill Of Men Of God by chiteny(m): 8:47am On May 06
It is common these days to see people making mockery of men of God due to one thing or the other. If you know the Bible; even when a man of God err, it is not appropriate for people to speak ill of them. Rather pray for them and leave them to God for judgement.
We can all learn from 2 Kings 2:23-25. Have a blessed Sunday.

LOL. OP you have received enough bashing for this post so i will not add mine.

But i will only say one thing: Truth is that more than 90% or the "men of God" especially in Nigeria are not know by God. Also you must know the difference between correcting the evil deeds and teachings of these "men of God" and mocking these men of God. I think you confuse the former for the latter.

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Politics / Re: What Buhari And Trump Will Discuss About In First Official Meeting by chiteny(m): 4:09pm On Apr 29
Please who has an idea what time this meeting will be holding. I will like to watch live on CNN how Nigeria's President will shame his forefathers and the entire daura with some misyarnings
Religion / Re: Fleur Carine Matip: "Pastor Sunday Adelaja Wanted Sex From Me, Has My Photos" by chiteny(m): 5:17am On Apr 21
After reading the post, i discovered it was all about accusations with no evidence or proof. Stephanie Otobo did better. I believe DSA has touched some "anointed" gods. I believe he should also have been expecting a fight back.


Romance / Re: what's with Nigerian girls & this mentality? including my girlfriend! by chiteny(m): 9:27am On Apr 15
I actually read the post halfway because i got tired of correcting the grammatical instability and boolshit of both the OP and the OPee. I hope they are not secondary school graduates?
Properties / Re: New 10 Flats Of 2 Bedrooms Construction In Onitsha City by chiteny(m): 6:52am On Apr 14
Hello Chief,

Do you do building/architectural drawings? Where are you based. Would like to chat with you.
Religion / Re: Dead Man Revived By Bishop Oyedepo's Prophetic Mantle - Faith Tabernacle Press by chiteny(m): 3:34am On Apr 09
chei! Are you a Christian I'm ashamed of you. So oil saved you and not God? May God have mercy on you people. Tueh!!!

OMG. You have no sense of sarcasm.
Religion / Re: Dead Man Revived By Bishop Oyedepo's Prophetic Mantle - Faith Tabernacle Press by chiteny(m): 11:55am On Apr 02
Pls revive these people been abandoned .............so four hospital they didnt remove any organ or an autopsy confirmation.....herdsmen is killing people and you cant revive them
It's inappropriate to put these pictures up here na

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Religion / Re: Dead Man Revived By Bishop Oyedepo's Prophetic Mantle - Faith Tabernacle Press by chiteny(m): 11:17am On Apr 02
Don't be a doubting Thomas, just believe.

I'm a scaffolder and was working from a 10 storey building. While working I slipped and fell from the 10 storey building to the hard floor. But the power of God was demonstrated because I had the anointing oil in my pocket while working that day. I only sustained bruises.

The God of my father in the Lord is real.

Hope you believed my testimony too?


Politics / Re: Peace Corps: Over 173 Signatures Collected In Bid To Override Buhari by chiteny(m): 1:10pm On Mar 06

The objective is to primarily create jobs

And that's the way sane societies create jobs? By duplicating functions?

Any country whose greatest job employment agency is the Government is doomed for failure, especially one who duplicates job function for this purpose!
Family / Re: I Want To Marry Her, But I Am Having A Second Thought Because Of Her Mom by chiteny(m): 9:41am On Feb 14
My fiancee and I have been in a relationship for 5 years now. I met her since she was in secondary school. We both love each other and she is very nice, loving and supportive too.

We have talked and started planning on settling down and that should before the end of the year but I am beginning to have a second thought.

The problem is not my fiancee but her mom. The woman is very nice and welcoming but lately, she did something that I am not comfortable with. Last week she sent me a text asking for financial assistance. That her daughter (my fiancee) is yet to pay her house rent at school and that my fiancee younger brother is yet to pay his registration fee. And so she had asked me to loan her some amount before the end of the month when she will remit it. That she considered me a son and that's why she confided in me. I later sent her SMS that I don't have anything.

I was like why would she asked me for loan when her daughter never asked for one naira in our Five years of relationship? So my fear is, should I marry her daughter, wont she trouble me with further demands? Please is there anyway around this? Please what do I do?

Simply put bros, YOU ARE WICKED!!
Romance / Re: My Fiancée Is 7 Years Older Than Me by chiteny(m): 10:34am On Feb 12
My girlfriend is 7 years older than me, I'm 28 and she is 35 and we plan to get married.

●She can cook
●Experienced sexually
●She looks younger than her age.

She has all the qualities I want in a woman.

What are some issues we might have to face that same age couples wouldn't?

Mature response please!


She is 7 years older than you and so what? Afterall Noah's wife was more than 10 years older than him.

Bros marry her if she is your wife material that's all. Wife materials are difficult to come bay these days.
Politics / Re: FG Dumps Cattle Colonies, Asks States To Tackle Herdsmen Themselves- Daily Trust by chiteny(m): 9:35am On Jan 29


OBASANJO'S LETTER IS REALLY WORKING. But its already too late. We all know most of the FG decisions now are because of 2019 elections.
Politics / Re: Senator Mustapha Sani Mohammed Commissions Electric Pole In His Constituency by chiteny(m): 10:54am On Jan 23
They have not even buried the pole in the ground. Probably once the ceremony finishes and he leaves, the pole will also leave with him.

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Politics / Re: "Buhari Has Been Depressed About All The Killings Happening''- Femi Adesina by chiteny(m): 10:06am On Jan 21
Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says President Buhari, has been depressed and crestfallen over all the killings that have been happening in some states. Speaking in an interview with Channels TV on Friday January 19th, Adesina said those accusing President Buhari of not showing empathy to victims of the various crisis particularly in Benue state, do not know him.

Those who allege lack of empathy don’t know the president. We that work with him know him and we know how touched the president can be by things like that. Personally, I know how he feels about these killings, I know how depressed and crestfallen he has been about it. The fact that he has not reacted as some other presidents would have reacted by going to the place does not mean it does not touch him. The president would rather ensure that this does not happen again, and it has reflected in things he has done. He would rather want his actions to speak for him, than mere words.” he said


So depressed that he could not even utter a word about it in years! Oh, i pity him. Let he fly back to London to treat his depression.
Sports / Re: James McCarthy Suffers Double Leg Break by chiteny(m): 10:04am On Jan 21
Kai, his carrier is finished.

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