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Culture / Re: Ezechima Clan Analysis By Osita Mordi by chukzyblingz(m): 9:35am On Oct 28, 2016
Where is the Agbor and Aboh version?

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Politics / Re: Delta Community Holds SSG Hostage Over Herdsmen’s Attack by chukzyblingz(m): 3:02pm On Oct 24, 2016

I am from Delta and the problem stems from the fear-fear governor who wants to appease Aso Rock.

In Isoko and Urhobo land we have been looking for excuse to seize cow.

Delta Igbos are cowards. We are one in Delta but these Igbos should stand their ground and stop looking to Abuja.

After all, across the Niger river we don't hear of fulani miscreants misbehaving in Anambra.
You just succeeded in saying nonsense. First, there is nothing like Delta Igbo. It's either you're Igbo or not.

And who are the cowards? Is it the Ukwani people that are known to be great warriors? Or the Ika people? Or the Ika? Or the Aniocha area? Don't say what you know nothing about.
Culture / Re: Delta Igbos by chukzyblingz(m): 4:09pm On Oct 22, 2016

go and read the man's post campaign article and speech and know where edo come join. Be reasonable bro. He approached his brothers Ohaneze ndigbo who mistook him for an alien for his uncommon name for election support.
why can't use your brain? What's the Igbo meaning of Utomi?
Culture / Re: Delta Igbos by chukzyblingz(m): 12:19pm On Oct 22, 2016

Lie Well bro. The man himself complained bitterly that Utomi is Igbo. Its rare comprehension is the point here. Uncommon names like this are seen In Ebonyi and Igbo Rivers. Thanks but are sure you are an anioma person. Anyway anything can happen in Nairaland
are you ok at all? Must Igbos steal every word they come across? The man never said his name was Igbo. Utomi is an Edo word which means the same thing in Edo and Anioma languages.
Culture / Re: Delta Igbos by chukzyblingz(m): 9:31pm On Oct 21, 2016

Big lie!! 80% of there names and surnames is pure Igbo. Their stress and intonation is what differs. Only the name of their villages sounds edoid/yoruboid/igala-like while some also sound Igbo. I am from Anambra, attended Agbor college of education. I can understand agbor/ika by 60% but cannot speak it. They seem to have few exotic words outside the central Igbo. Our Ika lecturers all have igbo names.
strange that you agreed on the Edoid sounding names of Ika villages.
Culture / Re: Delta Igbos by chukzyblingz(m): 9:28pm On Oct 21, 2016

the truth is that Utomi a rare igbo word caused the confussion. Let Ifeanyi Okowa present. Dont use the mishap associated with one person as criteria. Una doo
Utomi is not an Igbo word.
Culture / Re: Delta Igbos by chukzyblingz(m): 9:27pm On Oct 21, 2016

Your lie get no limit. Our Ijmb dept chemistry lect has ch in his name chimezie. SE igbos have their own variant as Osebuwa
Why do you argue about what you know nothing about? Agbor people bearing names starting with chi doesn't make it an Ika name.
Properties / Re: Court Orders Tenant To Pay N900,000 Rent Arrears by chukzyblingz(m): 7:36am On Oct 19, 2016
What is a jobless man doing in a 450,000 house?

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Religion / Re: Priest Who Marked Independence On Refuse Dump In Owerri Sent On Transfer. Photos by chukzyblingz(m): 2:38pm On Oct 17, 2016
Transferred to a better place I guess? Was he promoted or demoted?


Business / Re: Dollar Scarcity: Banks Suspend ATM Card Usage Abroad by chukzyblingz(m): 7:02am On Oct 17, 2016
My Diamond ATM has not been working abroad since last year. I am in Nigeria right now and was planning to find out which bank's ATM works abroad, and this? Which way Nigeria? I think the best thing is to close all my Nigerian accounts


NYSC / Re: How NYSC Changed My View Of The North. by chukzyblingz(m): 10:57pm On Oct 16, 2016
This is advising people to commit suicide. I'm not stereotyping. Northerners are murderers. There are few good ones but majority of them can kill you for no just cause. This is a fact.


Politics / Re: Prove Your Innocence In Court, AGF Malami Tells Accused Judges by chukzyblingz(m): 9:39pm On Oct 16, 2016
Who is supposed to make any proof? The accuser or the accused?


Culture / Re: Here’s 10 Most Powerful Kings In Nigeria Today; Is Your King Among? by chukzyblingz(m): 11:56am On Oct 13, 2016
mr man you have been trolling every Delta thread posting anti-Igbo comments with this handle. Are you ok?
why can't you tell your igbons to have respect for others? Are you people ok at all?
Politics / Re: Pro-Biafrans Take Their Protest To A Spiritual Level. See What They Did. Photos by chukzyblingz(m): 6:27pm On Oct 12, 2016

And how the hell are u igbos Jewish?
Where the hell did I tell you I'm Igbo?
Politics / Re: Pro-Biafrans Take Their Protest To A Spiritual Level. See What They Did. Photos by chukzyblingz(m): 3:01pm On Oct 12, 2016
Today is the Jewish day of Atonement as commanded in the Bible

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Politics / Re: Which Ethnic Group Is The 4th Largest In Nigeria? by chukzyblingz(m): 10:17am On Oct 10, 2016
how can a tiny olukumi people who are deeply absorbed mean that yorubas are now in SS.
Even the olukumi have some benin root in them.
you're exhibiting a double standard here. How could you say no Yorubas in SS but there are Igbos in SS? Do you know about Itsekiri? Do you know about the akokos in Edo and some parts of Delta. The Olukumis are a different matter


Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 10:31am On Oct 07, 2016
Some people really need a job. Someone needs to tell the parents of these kids to seize their phones.
Politics / Re: 5 Lies Everyone Tells You About Northern Nigeria by chukzyblingz(m): 8:56pm On Oct 06, 2016
Not lies. 100% true. You just painted a picture of northern Nigeria. Excluding most part the North Central.
Politics / Re: Terrorists Are All Over The Place, We Must Be More Watchful, Buhari Warns Read by chukzyblingz(m): 9:03am On Oct 05, 2016
Fulani herdsmen

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Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Lauretta Onochie As Personal Assistant On Social Media by chukzyblingz(m): 8:18pm On Oct 03, 2016
I'm disappointed in this Anioma sister. She sold her conscience for political appointment
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 6:05am On Oct 03, 2016

Never in that your miserable life dare EVER speak for Asaba EVER EVER again your wannabe agbor loser.

Btw: Agbontaen SHUT THE Bleep UP.

We all know this is your new I'd after getting beaten silly in the past by that igbodo guy.

You freaking exposed yourself when you went around claiming that others are accusing you of being Agbontaen despite NOONE ever did.....Likewise, you just exposed yourself AGAIN. Your OWN guilty conscious exposed you.

And btw: do not ever put yourself in the level as Emeka. He's a REAL anioma. You're a BINI pretending to be ANIOMA.

Let me repeat this once more: IF you EVER IN YOUR Miserable Life speak for Asaba again, may you get slaughtered in your sleep. Ewu
it has now moved from you are Bini to a Bini wannabe? And Emeka Esogbue is a true Anioma today? And tomorrow he's anti Igbo? I thought according to you people, Igbo acceptance is what makes one a true Anioma. And issuing empty threats? Reason fthey call you people chest beaters lol. You're no Anioma person. And you're in one SE state deceiving yourself and your fellow Igbos that you're Anioma and residing in the States. And someone called me Agbontaen on this thread and I'm not Agbontaen.
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 12:05am On Oct 03, 2016
Shut up, a huge number of Ika people speak Aniocha, this I know first hand. Secondly, Aniocha Igbo is the official language spoken by Ndi Anioma apart from their local dialects. Thirdly, Enuani is pure Onitsha Igbo plain and simple, stop misinforming people you imposter. Who the hell told you that Asaba people do have difficulties while interacting with their kins from across the Niger. Maybe in your lying mouth. I doubt if you've even been to Asaba before you impostor. From henceforth I will continue to tag you as an imposter until you hid that your fake moniker

I lived in Asaba and I belong to Anioma unions with Asaba people. I have Asaba friends. Ika people don't speak Enuani. Whenever we're having Anioma meetings or any intermarriage/burial, everybody sticks to his language. It's mutually intelligible. All my brothers married from Enuani and Ukwani, I was present in all the marriages.

you people are very strange beings. Agbontaen (Solomon Mgbejume) a well known Owa man is an imposter. Everybody is an imposter. Emeka Esogbue is a very popular historian, but I believe if he comes on this site, you people would call him an imposter. You say this as a way of srlf consolation. This is a childish traits I'm seeing in you people.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 9:45pm On Oct 02, 2016
When you talk about Anioma pls don't include yourself because nothing in reality makes you an Anioma man save for your name. Even your Ika dialect you don't understand! So what else are you beating your chest for. Clear road and let real Ika guys talk not this fake Ika wannabe.
I'm well traveled man but I understand Ika more than people that have been in Agbor all their lives. Wherever I am, whether within or outside the shores of this country/continent, I look for my people
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 8:17pm On Oct 02, 2016
Funny especially when u said Lol! A tower of babel of sort I guess. You see the Aniocha dialect - similar to Onitsha Igbo - is like a central language that unites everyone in Anioma. And so when you have a political gathering or a social event everyone throws away their clan differences and speak a unified language. Nothing unites nde Anioma more than the Igbo language. Not even the nomenclature called Delta north nor the political divide called South-South, but the Igbo language.
Please this boy, stop saying what you don't know. One thing with these ndigbos is that they say in their SE and throw speculation around as facts. Ika people understand Aniocha but can't speak it. Stop this nonsense you're doing. Enuani is not central Igbo because Enuani people don't understand many things in central Igbo except those that learnt from outside Anioma or those that mingled with lots of Igbos in Asaba. There are too many Igbo people in Asaba and what many people here call Enuani is not actually Enuani. Though Asaba and Ibusa dialects are very closely related but many Asaba people still have some difficulties interacting with South Easterners. I know many people will doubt this but it's the truth
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 4:03pm On Oct 02, 2016
Exactly bro! Ask her which language do Anioma's use in communicating during their annual Akwa-Ocha cultural gathering? Or the language of communication during the last Delta north political gathering that produced Okowa as sole candidate of the zone. Lol! Or, maybe she should tell me whether my inlaws from Ika spoke pidgin when they came for my elder cousin's hand in marriage last year.
For her information, Central Igbo is the means of communication in Delta north. And just like in the SE everybody is expected to understand the language. One is allowed to speak one's dialect be it Ika, Ukwuani or Aniocha, but when you want to communicate with your fellow Anioma, you drop your dialect and speak in the language that is generally comprehendable to others.
. There was no such gathering of that produced Okowa as the sole candidate. The gathering you are talking about wasn't the reason Okowa won the election. Anioma was greatly divided during the campaign period that the two most popular candidates were from Agbor and Owa.

Back to the topic. We don't speak central Igbo in Anioma. Whenever there is any Anioma gathering, everybody sticks to his dialect as they are mutually intelligible. They all have an infuse of Ika words though the languages sound different.
Culture / Re: Ghana Vs Nigeria Words Pronunciation (photo) by chukzyblingz(m): 8:26am On Oct 02, 2016
That's not Nigerian accent but Yoruba accent. So Ghana doesn't have an accent?
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 4:51am On Oct 02, 2016
Seriously how can this benue babe lie up and down thinking we have dummies here. Nobody adds anyone on that group, you request for it and gets accepted. Biafra don't get discussed on the group but peculiar igbo culture, language, history etc.
stop fooling yourself. Nobody discusses Igbo on Anioma voice. read the group's description and you never see Igbo anywhere. The page is strictly pro Anioma and people in Proudly Anioma Proudly Igbo says it's Igbo phobic. How it's Igbo phobic I don't know. So anything that's not pro Igbo automatically becomes Igbo phobic?
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 9:27am On Oct 01, 2016
Uhhhmmm... Can we review the points in the screenshots below....
here you people go again claiming Igue festival? And turning the ones done in Anioma to Igwe? Why this desperation to turn everything to Igbo? FYI, there is nothing like Igwe festival in Anioma. We have Igue though some towns write it as Igweh, but same pronunciation. Igue/Igweh.
Politics / Re: OBJ: Jonathan Told Me He Didn't Read Before Signing Toothpick Policy by chukzyblingz(m): 7:01am On Sep 30, 2016
And some fools will believe this
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 6:28am On Sep 30, 2016
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 3:38pm On Sep 29, 2016

Elumelu is a proud Igbo man.

Ovia and Emefiele remain Indifferent to the Igbo tag.

Elumelu is richer than Ovia. Ovia is not even the most Anioma person, let alone Igbo man. Orji kalu is richer than him. Okonjo Iweala, a proud Igbo woman of Anioma origin is more influential than Ovia, Kanu nwankwo, Iheanacho, Chimamanda, and other countless Igbos are more influential than Ovia world wide.

You really are an Ignorant person.
you don't know Jim ovia. Jim Ovia was the 4th richest Nigeria from Forbes ranking. A position he retained for many years. Jim ovia is a philanthropist. He has made his mark and no longer pursue wealth as vigorously as he used to. I see some similarities between ovia and Bill Gates. They're rich but they're not one of those rich men that loves money more than anything else. Elumelu, Okonjo, Utomi, Obaigbena, Irabor, are all great men. We don't lack great men in Anioma land. And we don't compete between ourselves. there's mutual love and respect in Anioma land. Anioma is not even up to a state and some shameless people here are comparing us to the whole SE that's 5 States.
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by chukzyblingz(m): 3:04pm On Sep 29, 2016

Thanks. You come across as civil too.
I don't know that there were aborigines however, the significant corruption of the language spoken by
Bini emigres, your place names being Igbo, your progenitor having an exclusively Igbo title bestowed upon him and his name changed from whatever it was to a name with an exclusively Igbo alphabet point to the existence of Igbo/ Igboid aborigines in what is now known as Anioma. If however, your progenitor's original name was Eze Chime, it would point to a reverse migration eastward of an Igbo man/ clan.

Well, I'm am Agbor man and not from the Ezechime clan. But the truth is that his name was corrupted to Ezechime. The original name was Ikhime. Just recently, I started seeing some desperate Igbos trying to corrupt and igbonize the name of the the original inhabitants of Agbor before Agbon and his people came. The original inhabitants of Agbor are the Omijies. It's clearly the Ika form of the Bini name, omigie. You can imagine my surprise when I started seeing some desperate Igbos trying to igbonize the whole thing. Saying Agbor was founded by a man from Omini in Aguleri and how Ominijie means Omini eze ijie. They also went to the extent of creating fake websites to push forward the propaganda but it was busted. Though the fabrications and propaganda is still ongoing but I chose to ignore it. Same way they are going about the story of Oduduwa not having a Bini or Yoruba meaning ascribing an Igbo meaning to it. Imagine Igbos claiming Oduduwa. Isn't this a form of desperation? There are many versions of histories being spread around by these Igbos ascribing Igbo origin to Yoruba, igalla, Igede, Idoma, Ijaw, Edo, Ibibio and many other unrelated ethnic nationalities. If Igbos can go to this extent, what makes you think they can't go to the extent of corrupting Ikhime to Ezechime going by the fact that they have the means and the population? all historic figures many names in different places but sometimes, a name that's different from their original name get stuck to them and when this happens, the original name get lost but in the case of Ikhime, his name is not lost. People know about this

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