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Politics / Re: Igbo Have Collective Opinion by Dedetwo(m): 1:45pm On Feb 04, 2021
As a well-informed Northerner that once lived and worked in SW before moving to Abuja, I can boldly tell you that igbos have committed more crimes in the SW, SS, and all over Nigeria than Fulanis. Even Wike once accused Anambra of importing armed robbery and crimes to Rivers. They are involved in armed robbery, baby factory crimes and many more, yet I have not see Yorubas scapegoat them they way they are doing to Fulanis right now. We should all watch what we are doing to ourselves in this country because Nigeria is all we have. Let's not allow bigotry to set this country on fire.

It is pitiful the above poster could not even muster intestinal fortitude to represent his\her forbearers by injecting his\her ethnicity instead of northerner. I duff my hat for NwaAro who did not only chastised the goon but lavishly expressed his being son of Igbo.

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Crime / Re: Israeli Army Raze Palestinian Village Second Time In Three Months by Dedetwo(m): 1:22pm On Feb 04, 2021
The so-called West Bank was never a territory of the so-called State of Palestine. Therefore Israel is not raiding anybody's village.

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Politics / Re: 6 Soldiers: Counter Nigerian Army With Facts, Not Fake News, Group Replies Igbo by Dedetwo(m): 1:12pm On Feb 04, 2021
These fools which parade themselves as coalition of civil rights group should have concerned themselves with governmental behaviors that create the room for such media propaganda. It is not the job of civil right group to attack propaganda. These fools appear more as government agents than civil rights group. What a bunch of goons.
Politics / Re: Igbo Have Collective Opinion by Dedetwo(m): 1:02pm On Feb 04, 2021
Shebi igbo man are Anthony Joshua. So you still want Yoruba join hands and fight biafra in the civil war.

Shut up your putrid mouth. Igbo had been a world boxing champion before the mother, who had Anthony Joshua out of wedlock, was born. Ndigbo did not want Yoruba to fight or join hand in Biafra but will tell Yoruba about their acts of cowardice in 1967.
Politics / Re: Herders Crisis: Ooni Replies Sunday Igboho by Dedetwo(m): 12:57pm On Feb 04, 2021
Ooni was never an Oba. Oduduwa and Akambi were chief priests not Oba.

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Politics / Re: Imo @ 45. by Dedetwo(m): 12:51pm On Feb 04, 2021
Why at 45 not 40 or even at the golden jubilee?
Politics / Re: Igbo Have Collective Opinion by Dedetwo(m): 12:47pm On Feb 04, 2021
Yesterday I confronted one igbo man talking rubbish against my tribe although he headed up apologized for his misconduct.

Im on my way home yesterday and I saw a friend and I packed beside an igbo shop to greet my friend. After we exchange pleasantry we are still discussion.

There a grew up igbo man reading news from his smart phone telling his wife that there is a protest in all Yoruba's states. He went forward by calling Yoruba coward that Yoruba's people that don't want to speak against crime committed by herdsmen and we are happy that federal government marginalized his tribe.

I let him talk the whole rubbish and I went to meet him Young repeat what you said now dude said regard what I told him you called Yoruba coward he said no he didn't say that, that he was just condemned fulani occupation in the region.

Seriously I want to give him hot slap but his wife was begging I just have to leave because he is a real coward.

Now I want to ask this question why igbo hate Yoruba? How many igbo leader come out and condemned fulani occupation in the southwest? Not even their socio cultural groups if its them that facing this challenges Yoruba elites will support them especially Afenifere.

Why igbo think government marginalized them? Is because they are not be president since we return to democracy. I wonder if its a Yoruba man Or ijaw man that governed Anambra or is hausa man that governed imo state ....Also the research made it known that igbo dominated federal government job .

Anyways let me clear you here no Yoruba hate igbo and we will not hate you for any reason we have been inter- married, working together. Let us leave by peace ...Where is the acheb that caused this problems?

Can you really confront Igbo chap of your age and stature? I shall say without equivocation that Yoruba acted cowardly in 1966 when their son was killed Ibadan and still could not even muster a noise support for Ogundipe in Lagos.
Politics / Re: Could Nigeria Paying For Hiring Chadian Jihadist Soldiers During Civil War by Dedetwo(m): 10:51am On Feb 04, 2021

sahelian mercenaries recruited mainly from Chad, Niger Republic and Mali by GOWON during the course of the war.

The Gwodo-Gwodo were implicated in numerous gross war crimes and operated under a Jihadist mentality on the hapless Christian civilian population. They were rarely engaged in military operations in retaking Biafra but as an "ethnic cleansing" and genocidal unit on Biafran towns and villages following their capture by Federal forces.


Today their children is terrorising nigeria...AND NIGERIA IS PLANNING ON GIVING THEM AMNESTY...


We must educate our people....the hidden history must be unveiled...nothing happening in Nigeria is by mistake...stop praying and take actions to leave the union...they can kill and go free under the name nigeria

I met a Chadian girl in Lagos whose father was still Nigerian army major. The major was swept away due his implication in the coup which killed Murtala Mohammed.
Politics / Re: Could Nigeria Paying For Hiring Chadian Jihadist Soldiers During Civil War by Dedetwo(m): 10:47am On Feb 04, 2021

Drooling Mumu!!! It takes a basement Mumu to recognize another.
Politics / Re: If Not For Nnamdi Kanu by Dedetwo(m): 10:43am On Feb 04, 2021
Nnamdi Kanu is the best thing that has ever happened to Ndigbo since Nigeria\Biafra war ended in 1970.
Politics / Re: Igbos Beware!!! See Why Igbo Presidency Is Such A Weak Idea by Dedetwo(m): 10:32am On Feb 04, 2021
The only thing likely to look into the problem of Ndigbo is actualization of Republic of Igboland. I am not for Biafra because of Nigeria. I really do not want to see anything Nigeria in future or leave anything such as Nigeria for my next generation. I honestly and wholeheartedly want a progressive country for Ndigbo. There are certain goons I sworn never to share a native country with them after Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Lagos State Taskforce Team Confiscates 80 Motorcycles In Yaba by Dedetwo(m): 10:23am On Feb 04, 2021
I really do not pity Africans anymore. They vote for the governments which treat them so badly. Even the so-called educated ones still vote for liberals whose actions demean Africans. Just laugh jackass in front of Africans, he\she translates it as being liked by the laughing fool.
Politics / Re: Abia Pays N100K To Herdsmen For Every Cow Killed In Clash With Farmers - Ikpeazu by Dedetwo(m): 10:13am On Feb 04, 2021

Okezie Ikpeazu, governor of Abia, says the state government pays herders N100,000 for each cow killed as a result of clashes between them and farmers.

The state government on Tuesday accused herders of kidnapping citizens of the state and of destroying farmlands with cows grazing openly.

Despite banning open grazing in June 2018, herdsmen have reportedly continued to violate the law in the state.

Speaking on Wednesday on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Ikpeazu said the same sum is also paid to farmers whose farmland is destroyed by stray cows.

The governor said the initiative is meant to gain the trust of the people and to prevent them from taking the law into their own hands.

Asked what the state government is doing to enforce the law against open grazing, Ikpeazu said: ”We have a strong mechanism with which we deal with the normal and usual cattle herders. We have what we call farmer/herder conflict resolution committee from the state where the CP is chairman to the local governments where the executive chairmen of various local governments chair, and members of that committee include the Miyetti Allah, the DSS and DPO of the various local governments up until the state. And we pay compensation of about N100,000 for any cow that is killed on account of a misunderstanding between the farmers and the herders and pay the same amount for farmland verified to have been trampled on or destroyed by stray cows.

“We have used that to make sure that at least, we give some succor and buffer so that when people disagree, they can wait for that committee to look into the matter instead of taking laws into their own hands. But that is not to say that we have not recorded a spike in the activities of these criminal elements that come in kidnap, rape and kill farmers. More often than not, some of these criminal elements don’t even have a cow. We are targeting those people and we are going to punish them.”

Ikpeazu said the best way to solve the issue of farmer/herder crisis is for the federal government to tackle the root cause of the problem.

“Nigeria is not diagnosing the problem properly. The problems we face in this country are existential,” he said.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Tuesday said the Eastern Security Network (ESN), its security arm, will commence the implementation of the anti-grazing law in the south-east.

IPOB had issued a 14-day ultimatum to south-east governors to enforce the anti-grazing law.


Can someone ask this dumbass fool how much his government pays to farmers whose crops were destroyed during herders and farmers clash?
Politics / Re: Divide And Rule, Self Destruct: Why Buhari Sidelined Alaafin And Invited Ooni by Dedetwo(m): 9:45am On Feb 04, 2021

Did you listen to yesterday speech of IMO STATE GOVERNOR? APC/BUHARI loosing ground in the SouthWest while gaining strenght in SouthEast. Watch as APC/BUHARI sweeps SouthEast in 2023 with the help of Eastern Leaders. Think deep and face your hurddles.

It is unfortunately you have ears for a supreme court governor who could not secure his party nomination. If the Efulefu had won election by his electoral prowess, the silly comments from him would have been valued. I do not think supreme court of Nigeria will go around the entire southeast electing governors.
Politics / Re: Divide And Rule, Self Destruct: Why Buhari Sidelined Alaafin And Invited Ooni by Dedetwo(m): 9:40am On Feb 04, 2021
The North have always found a willing tool among the Yoruba people.

So it's not new. Did they not use Awolowo, Akintola, Abiola, Tinubu etc.

Even the disaster buhari came through the Yorubas.

The bolded is where it all started with British in tow.
Politics / Re: Allow Nigerians To Buy AK47 For Protection - Ishaku, Taraba Governor by Dedetwo(m): 9:36am On Feb 04, 2021
I see blood everywhere if this law is enforced, I see husbands shooting their wives over irrelevant arguments, I see jealous boyfriends murdering the entire family of their girlfriends over rumors of cheating, I see car owners shooting people in trafficking over failure to move when the light turned green, I see students murder their lecturers for failing them, I see staffs shooting their bosses because their salaries got delayed by a day, I see community clashes in almost every state, I see death and blood. This I have seen.

I guess in your figment of imagination, the so-called girlfriend's family will not have their guns too. There is a reason people in country such as US do not disturb someone who has fallen asleep on the stirring wheel while waiting for traffic light to turn green. You just fine a space to drive around him. The students should think and rethink because the lecturers can park heat and maybe a better shot than the students. If the society is allowed to bear arms, it brings unforeseen discipline upon the people.
Politics / Re: Allow Nigerians To Buy AK47 For Protection - Ishaku, Taraba Governor by Dedetwo(m): 9:27am On Feb 04, 2021
If this dude, Darius Ishaku, runs for the presidency of the Nigeria regardless of his party affiliation, he had secured my vote, not one but as many votes as possible.
Politics / Re: “the Nigeria Military Will Hear From Us Soon” – Nnamdi Kanu by Dedetwo(m): 9:19am On Feb 04, 2021
War and unrest won't stop if we continue to listen to people whose livelihood depends on the chaos they cause. Apart from fight, destroy, what else is Kanu good at? What amuse me most is that this guy is somewhere hiding dishing out commands.

I met a guy at my former place of work, this guy is often called 'judge' obviously the way he talks grin. Then i engaged him in an intelligent argument one day. To my surprise, the guys seems very vast and garnished with information. Unfortunately however, he can't talk without pointing fingers to his head
"You these people no get sense"
"Dumb fools of the zoo entrapment"

After a while, i asked him why he kept using foul languages at me just because of unharmful arguments?.... I got my answer the day i watched Nnamdi Kanu myself. Always tackling issues with emotions, talking with foul languages. One more germain fact... Kanu is a vast guy, knowledgeable but to me, a coward!

Draa won't answer mentions.

Nigeria has no place on earth!!!! There is nothing a country about Nigeria. Which armed force on earth wantonly kills the citizen it sworn to protect? I am for total destruction of Nigeria so that nation states with people who have good social order will emerge.

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Politics / Re: Fact Check: Does Nigeria Have More People Living In Extreme Poverty Than India? by Dedetwo(m): 9:12am On Feb 04, 2021

Stop being intentionally myopic. Comparatively, the rate of poverty in Nigeria is way higher than what it is in India. India has an estimated population of 1.3 billion people with just less than 10% (100 million plus) living below the poverty line while Nigeria with a population of 200 million has over 40% (above 90 million) living on extreme poverty. Do the maths yourself and stop sounding stupid for sentimental or partisan reasons. Nigeria is on a very steep precipice and with people like yourself who will rather play the Ostrich than call out failure for what it is, it only a matter of time before the country is consumed by its failures. Cheers!

Who vetted this indices in the above statement to certify them as accurate. Very large population of China and India are swimming in abject poverty. Given what the China and India have in terms of technological advancement, it is foolhardy to stray into such comparison. China and India have been given more by technologically advanced countries than Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Fact Check: Does Nigeria Have More People Living In Extreme Poverty Than India? by Dedetwo(m): 9:06am On Feb 04, 2021
The population of people living under the index of poverty in China and India are greater in number than the entire population of Nigeria.
Politics / Re: What if Biafra Gains Independence by Dedetwo(m): 10:12pm On Feb 02, 2021
Some people are born with load of idiocy.


Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu Blasts Nnamdi Kanu: "Made In China Shekau" by Dedetwo(m): 2:31pm On Feb 02, 2021
Made in China grin grin
At least, it is better than "Made in Nigeria" hole such as Aisha Yusufu.

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Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu Blasts Nnamdi Kanu: "Made In China Shekau" by Dedetwo(m): 2:30pm On Feb 02, 2021
Ode number 1

An idiotic loudmouthed goon.
Politics / Re: Enforcement Of Anti-open Grazing In South-east Begins Soon – Nnamdi Kanu by Dedetwo(m): 2:22pm On Feb 02, 2021
I hope the enforcement of open-grazing ban in south-east should be brutally swift and zero intolerance.
Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu Seems To Be Regretting Attacking Nnamdi Kanu - See Her Twits by Dedetwo(m): 2:17pm On Feb 02, 2021
This foolish and idiotic pigeon hole called Aisha Yusufu has low intelligent quotient. Does she remotely equate humans to cows? Who gives a ratass if she her mouth or anus to say whatever crap she wants to say?

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Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu Blasts Nnamdi Kanu: "Made In China Shekau" by Dedetwo(m): 2:02pm On Feb 02, 2021
Shame on you. Tell the China Shekau to leave Aisha alone. Atleast she fights the government staying in Nigeria. The fugitive is reaping from the foolishness youth in IPOB by sending to early grave

Please shut your putrid mouth on the bolded. She is an agent of the government masquerading as an antagonist. Have you ever heard her bank account was blocked by the government?

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