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Romance / Re: Two Mates Fall For Same Woman On Holiday And Both Decide To Date Her (Photos) by Donjazzy12(m): 9:35am On Dec 31, 2020
Romance / Re: How Can I Reverse The Curses Placed On My Head From Multiple Relationship? by Donjazzy12(m): 9:28am On Dec 31, 2020
Fellow nairalanders,
Please, I need help.

I used to be a play boy, doing it for fun not knowing the consequences of my actions.

I have had countless heart broken, over 500 ladies. Promised and failed and disappointed many women although I never promised anyone marriage but always tricked them with a lovely relationship.

Now everything in my life seems backwards. Some girls have threatened to curse me in the past.

Now no money to even buy soap unlike before where I make over 700k monthly.

How can I set myself free and move forward in life?
Your mind is playing tricks on you. Just straighten your way with God. That's all, no lady's curses is doing anything to you because the same ladies have also broken countless guys hearts, misled them and ate their money. They also engaged in the same illicit sex with you. So, it is just your mind. Buckle up with God. Work hard and you will get back on your feet. No lady has any authority over you in Christ.

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Business / Re: How I Got Badly Disgraced By Sokoloan by Donjazzy12(m): 10:40pm On Dec 29, 2020
I don't want to speak about my experience with Sokoloan. But she insulted me & I called her Supervisors name, her boss name & threatened to fire her without pay. The idiot calmed down.

Unknown to her, my neighbor supplies food to one of their office staff & knows them by name.

They're very USELESS people in that Sokoloan!

Imagine threatening to send SMS to my contacts? WTF?
Please can you send me their name and number. Possibly their office address! Somebody is going to jail.

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Business / Re: How I Got Badly Disgraced By Sokoloan by Donjazzy12(m): 10:29pm On Dec 29, 2020
Forget about court or whatever. First you are at fault not to have repaid as at when agreed.

Secondly you don't expect them to accept that u will pay part or that u are working on paying later, this is business n if everyone that received loan from them behaved that way then d business will collapse.

Thirdly as for contacting ur contacts, it is because of breech of contract which is what they will say in court n they will also say that you accepted the terms and conditions when ur loan was applied for or approved.

You will not win in court my brother.
I know what they have done is deep but next time digest TERMS and CONDITIONS properly before rushing to accepts

In conclusion, u signed up for this. It's painful but take heart
You are one of their staff! That is why Soko Loan does not have a physical office because they know what will happen to them! They will be arrested and jailed and their fraudulent company shut down once and for all! That's the truth and they know it.

Secondly, Sokoloan sending text message to your contacts alleging that you are a criminal in itself is a criminal offense. It is criminal to defame. A loan defaulter is no a criminal. Even in the court is it is a civil case. But it become criminal when Sokoloan chooses to defame you!

If your Company Sokoloan is bold let them post their office address!

Criminals parading as a loan Company!

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Politics / Re: Ben Bruce Offers To ‘bring Together’ Bishop Kukah And President Buhari by Donjazzy12(m): 1:26pm On Dec 29, 2020
Senator Ben Murray-Bruce says he is offering himself to “bring together” President Muhammadu Buhari and Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese Matthew Kukah, Igbere TV reports.

The former Bayelsa lawmaker’s offer came on Monday following the controversy sparked by Kukah’s scathing Christmas Day sermon on Buhari.

Kukah had accused the president of nepotism, adding that he was sacrificing Nigeria for the pleasure of the north.

Murray-Bruce, however, said he was a Catholic like Kukah and would love to help Buhari and the cleric understand each other better.


Some northern groups including Arewa Youth Consultative Forum have come hard on Kukah, calling for his prosecution.

On the cleric’s statement, the Federal Government warned clergymen to avoid comments that can stir strife in the season meant for joy.
Shut up asshole! You are just speaking trash!
Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa: 'If You Know My Husband, Tell Him He Is So Lucky For Having Me' by Donjazzy12(m): 1:23pm On Dec 29, 2020
"If You Know My Husband, Tell Him He Is So Lucky And Blessed That God Saved The Best For Him" - Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa has asked people who might know her future husband to congratulate him because he will be lucky and blessed to have her as God saved the ''best'' for him, IgbereTV reports.

Toke who described herself as a self-made boss, said this via her Twitter handle this afternoon.

She tweeted:


A well known prostitute trying to hoodwink us!
Health / Re: Renua, Femi Giwa-Amu’s Daughter Commits Suicide After Rape Accusations by Donjazzy12(m): 7:34am On Dec 29, 2020

You obviously have very low IQ. No need to respond to you..
You obviously have NO IQ!
Health / Re: Renua, Femi Giwa-Amu’s Daughter Commits Suicide After Rape Accusations by Donjazzy12(m): 4:57am On Dec 29, 2020

Very typical! How does she want to destroy her father? What does she stand to gain! I hope you are not a child molester, because you will not go Scot free. You will be caught and disgraced.
Just keep quiet. Did you read the part where even her mother didn't believe her? Why was he not arrested? It is like you don't know what some children of nowadays do. You must be the child molester hiding behind your keyboard to type rubbish! Otondo!
Health / Re: Renua, Femi Giwa-Amu’s Daughter Commits Suicide After Rape Accusations by Donjazzy12(m): 8:15pm On Dec 28, 2020

You want to destroy your father and when you failed,you now went to commit suicide! Either way, whether you father molested you or not, you shouldn't have taken your own life. Not worth it.


Politics / Re: Is The SE/SS Qualified To Produce A President? by Donjazzy12(m): 8:11pm On Dec 28, 2020
We have all seen what a disaster Geoduck Johnathan (the first president from the SS/SE) was. And most of the governors and politicians from the region are hardly better. While the North is a big problem, we must also admit that the SS/SE is not producing politicians qualified to rule the country.

Am I wrong or right? Discuss.
You are cursed eternally with foolishness for this stupid and idiotic question meant to demean and downgrade people from the SS/SE! This is the real question. Are you poster qualified to have a brain and to write absurdities on Nairaland? You are so cursed, I am literarily shaking as I write! May Amdioha combined with Egbesu end your miserable cursed life!

How dare you cursed imp question the quality of citizens from SS/SE? How dare you? Who are you?

Are you even qualified to be a human being?

See, everyone stop trying to discuss with him! You are giving him relevance and a platform to demarket politicians from the SS/SE while keeping mum about his Opolo eyes god from Bourdilion!

You be goat!

Is Tinubu qualified to become a President? Is Southwest qualified to produce a President? That is the real question. Ewu Gambia!

He-goat come and answer!

We know all your stupid and foolish gimmicks!

SouthEast/SouthSouth is the MOST Qualified to produce a President and Southwest your gods are the least qualified .

Romance / Re: Receptionist Sends Message Soliciting Sex From Hotel Guest by Donjazzy12(m): 1:10pm On Dec 28, 2020

I got your point clearly and you have further reinforced your thought. Since it is a crime
1. And you are so sure ( because in your twisted mind 2 women chilling in a hotel room makes them lesbians)
2. Why not just call the police
You can do the calling. For once, help and stop a crime in your country! Be patriotic!
Romance / Re: Receptionist Sends Message Soliciting Sex From Hotel Guest by Donjazzy12(m): 6:46am On Dec 28, 2020

So being a lesbian means you dont have a right to your privacy or to your life again. SMH
You missed the point entirely. And yes being a lesbian in Nigeria is a crime!
Romance / Re: Receptionist Sends Message Soliciting Sex From Hotel Guest by Donjazzy12(m): 11:57pm On Dec 27, 2020
Some guys are really annoying.

If he gets sacked, he'll come online and start begging for money with various ridiculous lines.

A customer paid money to have some rest in your hotel, why can't you just let her be? If I were to be the manager, I'll sack that guy, cos he's clearly ruined the reputation of the hotel.

Responsible women will avoid that hotel.
As usual, in our foolish haste to condemn the stupid guy we completely missed the REAL story!

The lady in question Ms Monica is a lesbian who invited her friend another lady over to the Hotel for a hardcore lesbian hot sex session. The receptionist instead of minding his business felt that he had a better tongue and perhaps stronger fingers, which is why he made his offer to suck her pussy! This, gentlemen and ladies is the real STORY!


Autos / Re: Man Meets A 6-Year-Old Auto Mechanic In Benin - Pictures by Donjazzy12(m): 8:21pm On Dec 26, 2020

How is that child abuse?

If he was doing an internship in a bank, will you call it child abuse?

If he was learning how to play piano or how to swim at that age, will you call it child abuse?
Don't mind the idiots. Even UN is mad!
Family / Re: Man Takes His Grandmother Out For A Christmas Date - Pictures by Donjazzy12(m): 7:50pm On Dec 26, 2020
Shared with Caption ...

Source: https://twitter.com/hotbilzz/status/1342763991647580160

Only men can love like this!
Family / Re: I Am Angry. My Wife Did Not Inform Me That Her Siblings Were Coming Over by Donjazzy12(m): 10:03am On Dec 24, 2020
I returned home from my shop only to find my wife 4 siblings in my house I wasn’t happy because she didn’t informed me they were coming over and in this economy when the country is hard why would they come all four of them at the same time. my mother in law came for omugwo she stayed for 5 weeks she left 3 weeks ago I had given my wife 30k the money I borrowed from a good friend of mine to get her some few things to take home then 3 weeks after her 4 siblings are here too, they are 6 the last born who is 10 have been staying with us for 2 years now , I take care of her my wife doesn’t work and I am only managing I don’t know why her people want to
drain me.
Can you imagine as soon as I entered the house her sisters were asking me about their Christmas gifts , brother where is our gift as if I am their ATM . I just ignored them because I was already angry seeing them in my house without my permission but keeping calm was the best thing to do . what shocked me was the fact her brother was comfortably sleeping in my bed next to my 2 months old baby , my wife didn’t see it as anything bad she said he is her brother and wouldn’t harm his own niece but my point was not about him doing something wrong with her but the fact that he doesn’t have any respect for my bed that what really got me angry which led to my wife and I to quarrelled not in their presence but in our room but since it’s only parlour and room self con I believe they must have heard everything but I don’t care . My Wife thinks I am overreacting and I don’t like her siblings and she said she will tell her parents everything I said to her in anger which I didn’t meant to but nobody in my position will be happy if he happened to be in my shoe . How do I handle this problem
With my wife without causing any further problems between us and her parents because I don’t have money to feed 4 more mouths for 2 weeks because they are not leaving any time soon not until the 3rd or 4th of January and before her siblings came she complained about her Christmas clothes and hair I told her I will only do Christmas for the kids because I don’t have money she frowned her face and started giving me attitudes and on top of that she has invited her 4 siblings when I don’t have a kobo to feed all of them. Even the food we have in the house won’t even last until January because I bought enough for 5 people but now with 9 of us it won’t last and her siblings are expecting me to do Christmas for them too , I don’t blame them because they are small children 20,18,15,12 who thinks that I have a skeleton in my cupboard where I get free money lol . What should I do right now ? I am not happy Your advice is needed please
Now woman can try this on me. I will korokoro tell you that your siblings should go back. Nothing will happen. See all this sissified men need to be smart.
As for the solution, make it clear to them that you can't take care of them till January because things are a little rough now. Let them see things from your perspective. And I don't know how you guys marry a woman without establishing boundaries. Na men like una dey kneel down and propose to women. Be loving, but be firm.


Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Goes Berserk On Receiving A Bone Straight Hair From Her Boyfriend. by Donjazzy12(m): 12:48am On Dec 22, 2020
The Nigeria lady couldn't contain her joy as her boyfriend present to her a bone straight hair. The hair which is toping the ladies fashion is in demand .


This is to show you how useless most women are now! See how she is jumping! She values that expensive hair more than the man who bought it. Cursed creatures!
Family / Re: How I Met My Wife: Love Is Real by Donjazzy12(m): 11:14pm On Dec 20, 2020
Love is a beautiful thing, I still remember the first time I fell in love, I was 28 years old. I have been dating but have not really experienced Love ..

It was a Tuesday and I saw that babe walking by with her friend. My eyes were locked onto her and my senses flown away.

I was admiring God's beauty in a human. Like a man under a spell I immediately left what I was doing and started pursuing this babe like a lion after a prey..

I don't know where the courage came from but I walked up to them and started vibing with both friends without letting them know who I was into.

She got near her house and told me to go back, so I collected the numbers of both of them. Deleted the friends own immediately and saved my crush. Her name was Bukola.

Then my mumu started .. First I bought mtn card 400 to load so I can call her .. at first she gave me tough time , I'll call in the morning she won't pick , call on the afternoon same thing. Then in the night she would pick and then tell me "sorry I did not see your calls "..

Infact when I knew I was in love was the day she flashed me by mistake, I was hungry as hell that day, and me and my friend was already drawing map on how we are going to spend the last 200naira with me.. i'mmediately I saw that call. Hunger flew away . And because I don't have credit to call her back I quickly used the last 200 to buy card so I can talk to her ...
Only for her to pick and tell me "Pls I'm very sorry you're not who I wanted to call "..
I was disappointed but still want to talk to her then she told me "I'm busy right now , maybe later "...

Omo I received insult from my friend tire that day.. infact that momth was hell .. my friend was so angry with me that he called me woman wrapper..

But still yet I love her the same .
One day I texted her that it's mu birthday and that even if she won't call she should at least text me happy birthday..

After about 2 hours she called me for the first time , wished me happy birthday and ask if I'm celebrating it . I told her m not celebrating but I would be happy if she would follow me to a fancy restaurant..

She agreed..

And it started from there. From tastee fried chicken I took her to ShopRite and we did small shopping..

After that day she started picking my calls and I never stopped showing her how much I love her .. I make sure I always send her Good morning and good night text .. I also make sure every time I buy airtime I buy her own too..

But with everything she told me she's not interested in a relationship..

One day I stopped.. no more calls no more text .. o forced myself to stop talking to her .
After about a week I woke up to a text from her that says "I miss seeing your text messages and missed calls "...

I was happy so I called her back and like a miracle she came to my house that day and we kissed .. the whole skyrocketed from there .. after a while she allowed me into her paradise and I realized she's tear rubber .. long story short we are married now with 2 beautiful kids ...


Marriage with her was heavenly.. I remember I was working at GTBank when we got married, while she works with a private firm...there was no kids involved yet
We were so close that you would mistake us for siblings,,we do have our fight sometimes but anytime it happens. She knows my mumu button And I know hers too.

We eat and bath together... There was this time I traveled for a week.. Before I came back she fell sick cos she's not used to staying without me .
Life is so easy with her .My car is her car .most times I go to work with Uber while she drives ..
When I'm broke we eat what we have no pressure...

Pls dear youth Love still exists
How does what you just wrote here show that love exists? If you didn't keep spending on her from your birthday etc, if you hadn't been persistent, it you hadn't shown all the signs of a desperate man, would she have even noticed you?

So when did the love start? When?

My brother, you were just one obsessed man who tied his entire destiny to a lady he met on the road and you are very lucky she was bored in her former relationship to even notice you.


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Romance / Re: My Fiancee Is Acting Up A Week To Our Traditional Marriage (picture) by Donjazzy12(m): 11:18am On Dec 19, 2020

It's not just a woman, she is my Fiancee
She is not your fiance, she has been fiance's to many men codedly, fucking other men behind your back and claiming virgin.

I assure you, you will regret the marriage if you make the eternal mistake of marrying her.

Create your own excuse and call off the wedding, that is if you are man enough.

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Crime / Re: Man Accused Of Rape By Queency Benna Denies Allegation by Donjazzy12(m): 5:30am On Dec 19, 2020

I'm not disputing these facts sha...the fact that she followed him to a hotel room speak volumes...but my reservations is that.. more than two ladies has accused him...it means he's actually a rapist ...may he didn't rape her but must have raped others...

I blame social media for all these rise of sexual immorality....every body wants to pepper them...every girl wants to wear the latest hair..shoe ..clothe and bag...just to pose for the gram...

It doesn't matter how yhu get the money.... it's disgusting...I know a girl that had to sleep with a guy...just to make snap chat videos in his car... it's really disgusting...

This is why many guys have zero regard for ladies..
He did not rape her. The other girls accusing him are also prostitutes, that's how they behave. They are coordinating to bring him down. This guy is not a rapist.

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Crime / Re: Man Accused Of Rape By Queency Benna Denies Allegation by Donjazzy12(m): 5:28am On Dec 19, 2020
It is officially confirmed that Sin removes sense from humans..

See how 2 grown ups are messing up themselves Worldwide all because of the iniquity and sin of Immorality..

Whether Doctor raped her or not, He is now seen and known Worldwide as an alleged rapist..

Flee From All appearance of iniquity..

It will help you here on Earth and in Eternity..
He is not a rapist. Period. Stop promoting nonsense. A prostitute who negotiated terms cannot claim rape.
Politics / Re: Queency Benna: Alaska Obi, The Doctor Accused Of Rape Shares His Story by Donjazzy12(m): 5:42pm On Dec 18, 2020
Earlier Thread:

Alaska Obi, the doctor accused of rape by singer Queency Benna tells his side of the story during an Instagram chat with Ubi Franklin.

He said he had sex with the singer and agreed to pay 200,000 Naira. However, he only paid 100,000 Naira, hence the rape accusations.

Prostitute! I told ya all. That's how they lie. Most girls now are lesbian prostitutes. They sleep with men for money and sleep with small girls for fun!


Crime / Re: Queency Benna Accuses Alaska Obi Of Rape by Donjazzy12(m): 5:33pm On Dec 18, 2020
Singer, Queency Benna has taken to social media to cry for help after allegedly being raped.

According to Benna, a man raped her in a hotel in Abuja, leaving her feeling depressed and suicidal.

She shared his name, photos, and screenshots of chats they allegedly exchanged to back her claims that he raped her.

She said the man who is said to be a doctor, invited her for dinner and she was initially sceptical. She said she later went and it turned out she made "a big mistake".

She called him a "bloody hell rapist" and added that she's waiting for the doctor's report to be out.

She tagged the Nigerian police to her post.

Below are screenshots and a video posted by Queency, saying she's tempted to jump from the 9th-floor window where she was.

Watch The Video Below:


Instead of insisting on your balance, you come here to talk of rape! Dem dey rape prostitute wey don collect deposit? Please Lesbian prostitute keep quiet there!
This is not rape but a prostitute hangout gone wrong. Dem full for Abuja. If after the show Dem demand outrageous amounts and you say no, the next, thing, they accuse you of rape!


Romance / Re: My GF Is Getting Married, I Don't Think I Can Survive It by Donjazzy12(m): 5:19pm On Dec 18, 2020
Candid advice please
Foolish fool!

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Romance / Re: Should I Go Ahead And Marry Her With This Her Mindset? by Donjazzy12(m): 5:21am On Dec 17, 2020
I have a girlfriend I am meaning to propose to during the festive period, she's everything I want in a woman except few exception which might be a hindrance to the proposal.
Gist is, my babe is a graduate but lack of work made her to learn fashion designing, she's done with the training and she's very good with what she does.

After marriage, I have told her that I'll assist in her business, I'm planning to get a bigger shop space for her and equip it with modern day machines, tools and tailoring materials goods to help make her work lucrative. I'm budgeting about 1.2-1.5m for this.

The issue now is that, 3 days ago, I asked her what her role would be if eventually after marriage she gets the shop, equipments and all, where she would come in in terms of responsibilities in the house. Her reply was she doesn't want to assume any responsibility and that it's my duty to cater for the family and she can only help & I shouldn't make anything compulsory for her. So many thoughts came through my mind. One of it was that, where the proceeds of her investment would be going to if I should shoulder all the responsibilities in the house knowing fully well that she makes money.

I rang my mum and told her of her response, I was shocked that she backed her saying that I shouldn't have asked her to foot anything in the house that it was my sole responsibility as a man to cater for my family my wife inclusive. My dad too, same thing. Even told my gf mum about it too , she giggled and said I shouldn't have asked her n that it's my duty to provide for my family. They all sounded foreign to me. Or am I the one not understanding?

My question now is, why invest that kind of money in her when I'm not sure of getting little or nothing in terms in return help to run the family. That sum of money could get me 4 brand new bikes and 2 neatly used Keke Napep for transportation business. I'm sure I'll be getting returns from these investment weekly or monthly basis.

I don't want who wouldn't have any sense of responsibility at home after investing in her, even if she's covering 10% or 5% I wouldn't mind. Mere helping doesn't go down well with me, she might have and decide not to give out. I rather not invest at all and expect nothing from her.

I don't know if I'm the one over thinking this things or my parent and her mum aren't seeing things from my perspective or am I being inconsiderate?

Criticism, Insults and bashing are welcomed. Thanks
Don't marry her or don't do it! My elder brother did it. He is based in Lagos. He got her a shop worth 1.5 Million. Put in an extra 1 million-1.2 million to support her business. After sometime my brother business suffered a very serious hit, she refused to help out. Meanwhile her business was booming! Before you know it she stopped sleeping at home. Any little misunderstanding, she would just pay for a hotel and sleep outside. Today, they are divorced, she went along to start dating a small boy, because she felt she now has money. Thank God my Bros is now picking up!



Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Is Depressed Because People Insulted For Having Big Saggy Pawpaw. by Donjazzy12(m): 5:02pm On Dec 16, 2020
I've been depressed so many times. - Nigerian Lady Speaks on being insulted because of her saggy b0obs, says she was born that way & wishes she can change her body.

Please be kind with words, because life is tough enough.

Watch video below
And this is exactly, the kind of boobs I love!
Celebrities / Re: Cossy Ojiakor Shows Her New Man (Pictured) by Donjazzy12(m): 8:17am On Dec 16, 2020
Cossy Ojiakor has shown the world her new man only days after her former fiance, Abel Jurgen called off their engagement and accused her of domestic violence, IgbereTV reports.

Cossy shared a photo of a man, who looks like a foreigner, and wrote: "Enough of the ex...... meet my next.........."

She included love emojis and added, "I just love it when he calls me Queen Cossy. No 1 contender... moving on fast."

The nationality of her new man is not known yet.

Her ex accused her of domestic violence and Cossy hit back saying he started the fight first. Her ex then age-shamed her and said she's old enough to be his grandma. He added that he'll be covering the tattoo of her he has on his body.

In a direct hit at her ex for his tattoo statement, Cossy wrote to her new man, "Just get my name tattooed already."

A look at Cossy's new man's profile shows that his page is private.

His bio reads: "I am property of Cossy Ojiakor. Come get me baby."


I told you a lot of young men this days are idiots! When I knew it was when someone went and married Tonto Dike. I saw foolishness in display!

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Romance / Re: Beautiful Photos Of Nigerian Military Ladies That Can Make You Fall For Them by Donjazzy12(m): 6:34am On Dec 16, 2020
35 Beautiful Photos Of Nigerian Military Ladies That Can Make You Fall For Them (Photos)

In Nigeria, you will hear a lot of men saying they can never get married or date anyone who is in the military forces because of some viral videos which show how some bad eggs in the military forces treat people in public out of wickedness and abuse of power. In some of those videos, military women have also been spotted maltreating men because of their uniform and many men see military women as abusive which is very wrong.

Women in the Nigerian military can be very nice, beautiful, lovely and good in marriage and I can be a witness to that as I know one who is happily married with kids and still love and respect her husband, other men included.

Military ladies are not wicked, ugly or bad, don’t judge all of them because of the few you have seen in the street or video maltreating people. Get to know some of them and you will be glad you did. You might also fall in love with them because their beauty is just the same as those model you admire very much on TV.

Check out these 35+ beautiful photos of Nigerian military women slaying in uniform that can make you fall in love with them:-

What do you think about the photos ?Beautiful or not?


Incase you don't know na me talk
These are lesbians. Stop wasting your strength.
Travel / Re: Can You Believe This is Nigeria? Travelling As A Single Nigerian Lady (Pics) by Donjazzy12(m): 9:22pm On Dec 15, 2020
Thanks dear.. I appreciate
But must you be a lesbian? See lesbian leg chain! I was actually about to commend you until I saw the telltale signs of lesbianism, the identification leg chain. So, you are traveling with your lesbian partner?
Celebrities / Re: Man Rewards Girlfriend With An Iphone 12 & Wig For Standing By Him (VIDEO) by Donjazzy12(m): 5:55pm On Dec 13, 2020
For all those times she stood by him, man rewards his girlfriend with a bone straight wig and an iPhone 12 in Imo State..



@ MYND44

The whole thing is fake!

Everything about women of these days is transactional!

What is he celebrating? Because no Nigerian girl of nowadays will ever be faithful. He just wasn't smart enough to catch her!

The He-goat has been decieved. He will never get it right.
Romance / Re: Cossy Ojiakor's Fiance, Abel Calls Off Their Engagement Over Domestic Violence by Donjazzy12(m): 5:52pm On Dec 13, 2020
Nigerian actress, Cossy Ojiakor's fiance, Abel
Jurgen has called off their engagement.

Even though the engagement is barely 4 months
old, the fiance called it of on grounds of domestic

According to Abel, he took the decision after
Cossy got into a fight with him after getting

He wrote; "Finally, its over between Cossy and I
after she got in a fight with me after getting

"This is what she did to me, got bitten from
different corners."


Feminists and women are very silent on this.

The only reason women support eradicating gender based violence is because they believe it give them so much leverage and power over men, nothing else.

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Celebrities / Re: Kiki Mordi's Accuser, Oge Obidiebube Reportedly Commits Suicide by Donjazzy12(m): 4:25pm On Dec 13, 2020
In a sad development in the ethics allegations surrounding the acclaimed BBC Sex-For-Grade documentary in Nigeria Universities, a young journalist Oge Obidiebube has reportedly committed suicide by drinking two bottles of the banned insecticide, Sniper today December 13, 2020.

This follows days of incessant abuse and comments by the fans, friends and associate of a famed member of the Nigerian Feminist Coalition, Kiki Mordi on social media. Oge had earlier insinuated via posts on social media that she was the one who did the heavy lifting on the award-winning Sex-For-Grades documentary while Kiki was getting all the awards, praises and financial grants as a fall out of the documentary. This claim was corroborated by respected journalists Kemi Olunloyo and Ruona Meyer. Ruona in the past days came on social media to drag Kiki to do the right thing while Kemi, had called Kiki out for the same ethical blunder as far back as November, 2019.

After days of hot heavy debate on the case on twitter, Oge posted a video suggesting she was contemplating suicide on social media alongside other posts and her friend, Josh (@joshbillzz) said he was going to check on her.

An hour later, he posted that she has died after taking two cans of Sniper and being rejected by two hospitals. (see Screenshots)

Kiki has yet to react to these unfortunate turn of events


Another Lesbian bites the dust. Sad news! Why would you kill yourself because you were not giving accolades for destryoying men's careers and their families?

Sad News!

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