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Politics / Re: FG Unveils Citizens’ Delivery Tracker To Hold Ministers Accountable by Dwizeone: 1:31pm On Apr 08
The current Tinubu led government doesn’t enjoy widespread support which could be normal in politics. However,, the actions or inactions are making it worse. The courageous Fisayo (FIJ) report of IBD Dende smuggling videos, and worse still manhandling a custom officer hasn’t been accorded any attention, and you expect people to take the government serious. Also the alleged recent importation of luxury cars by the same IBD Dende who is alleged according to FIJ to be a close ally to Tinubu haven’t been given any serious attention. These issues need urgent attention to boost citizens confidence in the administration.


TV/Movies / Re: Movie Review: Áfáméfúná - An Nwa-boi Story. by Dwizeone: 8:12pm On Apr 02
I really love your review, nice job. However, the part of paternity fraud was not interpreted correctly. Amaka didn’t engage in home and away match. Lotanna was the result of the intimacy Amaka and Paulo had just before she jilted Paulo and went for Afamefuna. It was clear in the movie, she didn’t know about Lotanna being Paulo’s because after the wedding, she was faithful to Afamefuna, at least that’s what the writer painted. Afamefuna only found out after a confrontation with Paulo. There was no where it was shown that Amaka was amorous.

Generally Afamefuna is a good watch

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Politics / Re: Over 163k Nigerian Enjoyed FG's 50% Discount On Road Fares, Free Train Trips: FG by Dwizeone: 12:32pm On Jan 02
I was at GIGM to enquire for travel ticket today, the fair is 31,900 but no discount. When I asked for FG discount, the guy said he can’t remember when it was stopped, it sounded like it was just for a few days for them. The announcement was just for PR, imagine 163k for likely over 5 million travels this season.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Are There Remote Jobs In Nigeria? by Dwizeone: 9:29am On Dec 29, 2023
Of course there are lots of them especially in the tech space , my team work from different parts of the world. I haven’t gone to the office this year and wouldn’t.


Politics / Re: Open Letter To Gov Fubara Regarding The Recent Peace Agreement - CEO by Dwizeone: 3:39am On Dec 22, 2023

Except he can prove he signed it under duress, its binding on him...!!!

Binding on him as per how, signing that document is illegal as it goes against the constitution, hence that document is not legal.

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NYSC / Re: Chaos At NYSC Abuja Camp: Alleged Assault By Commandant On Corps Members by Dwizeone: 4:30pm On Dec 14, 2023
Physical Assault is not recommended in this scenario, however the corp member can be punished. We as Nigerians always find a way to subvert the system. if you know you want to eat as an corp member and there’s a time you should be at mami market while stay there when the time is against you, the tone of the video is already justifying he was eating. Nation building requires sacrifice, unfortunately our politicians have consistent shown a bad example, everyone is emulating it to the detriment of the growth of the nation.


Business / Re: FG Outlaws Black Market FOREX Transactions by Dwizeone: 1:12am On Oct 25, 2023
Nothing will really change unfortunately, the extra cost from excise tax on FX et al will be passed to buyers of FX. The sure way to boost liquidity is to eradicate foreign PMS purchase or better put, we must refine locally, increase production and export to earn more forex. Any other cosmetic efforts will most likely worsen the issue. Our environment is very sensitive

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Education / Re: Adamawa SUG President: Policemen In Viral Video To Face Disciplinary Sanctions by Dwizeone: 7:31pm On Sep 18, 2023
Hmmm … I personally thought they were fake police officers

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Politics / Re: Abdulsalami: Tinubu’s Govt Inherited Difficult Economy, Security Challenges by Dwizeone: 11:10am On Sep 11, 2023
Why is it difficult to call out Buhari’s terrible regime, deceit all the way

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Politics / Re: Count Me Out Of Your Political Bias - Mary Odili Replies Critics by Dwizeone: 10:25am On Sep 06, 2023
With the hate Obidients have spewed across boards, even if Peter should contest again in 2031, his defeat will be guaranteed and massive!

Most times we forget we are mere mortals and give verdict even when we can’t see the next hour. A single event can turn everything around. What I expect from Nigerians is to hold all their leaders accountable. No matter your political bias, let’s get these guys to be accountable for the benefit of all and not support blindly.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Dwizeone: 3:20pm On Aug 16, 2023

The argument is that : Now that the govt has discovered some of the loopholes thru which previous subsidies were mismanaged, that a control measure can be put in place to block it.

The proposed return is still temporary.....
One of the mistakes made was to remove the subsidy outrightly without carrying out thorough investigation into why it wasn't effective during the last admin.
The decision was too hasty.

Not like anyone is saying it shouldn't be removed but it wasn't well thought out initially.

Even the big boys are not excluded:

* Make una no vex, I go carry further posts go politics section. smiley
The president took major economic decisions without being prepared for the outcome, the major problem is the dollar supply, these policies were taken with the hope that FDI will increase somehow but the government took that decision so fast, Dangote refinery isn’t ready yet, your refineries ain’t working. So were is the dollars going to come from, the Naira has been floated. With the recently released CBN financials, you can see that the foreign reserve has depleted not to mention using it to secure loan.

The situation is terrible and would have been approached with preparedness. Re-introducing subsidy we mean mounting debt as well. Unfortunately even the expected cabinet members doesn’t inspire much confidence. We need to shore up our production on all fronts and a paradigm shift from the old ways of doing things.. I don’t envy the president at this time.

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Food / Re: Photo Of Big Antelope Killed By A Hunter by Dwizeone: 11:22am On Aug 09, 2023

The turkeys, chicken, fishes, shrimps, crayfish and periwinkle 'murdered' by you people don't matter right?

I wonder wetin una forefathers chop to survive pre colonial and colonial period 😏

You should know that these ones are intentionally reared for both multiplication and meat purposes.


Food / Re: Photo Of Big Antelope Killed By A Hunter by Dwizeone: 11:20am On Aug 09, 2023
You guys will soon finish all the animals in your neighborhood
Politics / Re: Niger Republic: A Word Of Caution To The Dogs Of War" ~ Femi Fani-kayode by Dwizeone: 11:20am On Aug 09, 2023
As them no give this dud portfolio e don wan get sense
Nairaland / General / Re: Electricity Distribution Company Staff Invade Lagos Community by Dwizeone: 10:29am On Aug 07, 2023
It looks like they are fixing new cables or new installation. However, left to Nigerians they don’t like to pay bills and want everything for free forgetting it’s a company and not a charity organization.
Nairaland / General / Re: Electricity Distribution Company Staff Invade Lagos Community by Dwizeone: 10:26am On Aug 07, 2023
Phones / Re: How Fast Is Your Internet? by Dwizeone: 2:21pm On Aug 05, 2023


Politics / Re: Despite Huge Revenue, Lagos Local Councils Underperform, Worsen Residents’ Pains by Dwizeone: 9:50pm On Jul 14, 2023
Apt, this article is telling and detailed the real happenings in Lagos, a section of the road in my estate was done with over 30 million Naira by residents.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Dwizeone: 8:53am On Jun 15, 2023
This bull eh... See my FTN COCOA doing wonders... Already close to 100% in less than a week

Is this a bull trap? grin

More upside to come, NSE stocks generally suffered from the poor economic policies of Buhari administration.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Dwizeone: 11:44pm On Jun 14, 2023
Everyone is right in a Bull market, plan your trade and trade your plan.

I greet una o


Politics / Re: 2023 Lagos Governorship Election Results From Polling Units by Dwizeone: 8:05pm On Mar 18, 2023
Low turnout generally

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Politics / Re: Lagos State Neighbourhood Watch Mandates Corps Members To Submit Their PVCs by Dwizeone: 7:50pm On Mar 04, 2023
Election must be seen to be free and fair. Instead of appealing to the people to vote your candidate you are employing funny gimmicks. The more these kinds of coercion is done, the more people resolve to vote against their candidate.

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Politics / Re: INEC Assures Use Of BVAS In Governorship & State Assembly Elections by Dwizeone: 4:49pm On Mar 04, 2023
The claim that there were glitches by INEC is the first step to unraveling what happened. If there’s an infraction, it will be clearly known. Unfortunately/fortunately technology makes the work easy. The log from both BVAS and the IREV server will easily show what happened. So the case by the opposition will be easy to prove. If the server was intentionally turned off as it is being rumored, the logs will show it. So APC is both jittery and celebrating, if INEC is complicit then expect a surprise. Any infractions can be found in the log files and that’s the reason LP and PDP are confident.

People were docile trusting INEC in the first election, in this governorship election, just watch out for real time reportage of server issues. Techies are prepared to show real-time sabotage.

What happened last Saturday was an embarrassment to say the least. If I get a hold of the log files, I can easily analyze what happened and let me burst one lie, there were no issues with traffic, the server as we understand was hosted with AWS meaning it scales ie when more traffic is detected, more bandwidth is allocated to it, we await for INEC to tell the court what hitches the server experienced.

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Politics / Re: Naira Redesign: Banks’ Cash Withdrawal Limit Is Illegal – Supreme Court by Dwizeone: 11:31pm On Mar 03, 2023
on cash withdrawal is different from on their money. They can use their money only within best practices nobody can use their money how they like in every situation anywhere in the world.

There has always been cash limit polices for financial institutions it's not new.
I’m surprised the Supreme Court doesn’t understand this, besides the restriction is via physical cash

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Politics / Re: Chimamanda Asks US To Support Election Transparency In Nigeria by Dwizeone: 11:11pm On Mar 01, 2023
In as much as i voted obi and l.p, this one na Over sabi wanna be woman. Na you know pass. She's wants to be more popular. Na her pattern right from her undergraduate days. Always choosing from a host of situations, the ones that will give her more attention and popularity. I knew she would write, as if u.s/u.k no dey aware say elections aren't transparent in Nigeria. We no see am for the herdsmen killings, boko killings, eastern killings, kidnappings and beheadings, igboho house siege and the killings, cos those ones can't bring popularity like this

Stop the lies, you didn’t vote for PO
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Already In The Lead In Lagos State by Dwizeone: 6:00am On Feb 27, 2023

Obi is out of the race already, he is not getting 25% in 24 states

Funnily it’s looking likely he might get it, the voter turn out generally is low

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Politics / Re: Will You Accept Peter Obi Presidency If Your Candidate Fails To Win by Dwizeone: 4:38pm On Feb 17, 2023
I would celebrate it
Someone said it’s win win situation considering that he ticks some acceptable traits as a leader

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Politics / Will You Accept Peter Obi Presidency If Your Candidate Fails To Win by Dwizeone: 4:29pm On Feb 17, 2023
The presidential Election is just a week from today and everyone is busy marketing and promoting their candidate which is normal in democracy. While the candidate of Labour Party Peter Obi is seen as one of the serious contenders, fellow supporters of opposing parties share a sentiment that if Peter Obi wins, then they will really not be in offended. Do you share this sentiment as well?

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Politics / Re: Rinu: Scarcity Of Naira Is Only Going To Help Politicians Buy Votes by Dwizeone: 3:56pm On Feb 15, 2023
That's the reality on ground. My students are all saying they are ready to vote for anyone that gives out new naira notes. It's time for polithiefcians to dangle scarce naira notes before the people undecided

I expect you to educate them to dissuade from doing that, it’s four years we’re talking about here
Politics / Re: President Buhari Says Nigeria’s Broadband Penetration Is Now 100% by Dwizeone: 7:04am On Feb 02, 2023
This is not true ooo

It is true, with the launch of starlinks owned by Elon Musk in Nigeria, no matter where you are, whether in Sambissa forest in Bornu or Achina in Anambra or Ipetumodu in Osun or Boko in Benue, you can access very fast and reliable internet. So yes via Elon Musk’s starlinks, 100% penetration has been achieved.

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Politics / Re: Osun: Not All Data Was Transmitted When APC Obtained BVAS Server Report – INEC by Dwizeone: 4:07pm On Jan 30, 2023
This is the most dumbest thing I ever heard.

Except if this guy can prove that a BVAS for a certain polling unit don't transfer the data at once.

Does it transmit in form of a batch job or it just transmit all data at once from the BVAS for a single polling unit?. It is just like snapping photo, if you try airdropping a single photo to someone, the photo gets sent at once and I don't think you will have a scenario where only the head appear on the other phone and the body is missing.

What about you downloading a video or watching a video as it is being downloaded and it starts buffering and stops because of bad network, ordinarily, you can’t finish the video and must wait till network improves to download the full video. It is only after completing the full video download can you say you have downloaded the full video. So yes, some data can be transmitted and some left out, it is very possible

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Car Talk / Re: Frustrated Due To Damaged Immobilizer/brainbox by Dwizeone: 11:55am On Jan 28, 2023
Brainbox can be fixed

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