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Family / Re: WHY Do Potential Couples Do This? by Ebymyk(m): 6:50am On May 31
Just yesterday, an ex of three years ago suddenly came out of the blue and we began chatting. Long story short, she said she's getting married next month. She's even young. I asked her "why do you want to get married now?", till now she has been unable to give a constructive answer to that...
wow... That's really serious...
Romance / Re: Young Man Cries A River After Being Dumped By Girlfriend (VIDEO) by Ebymyk(m): 11:42pm On May 26
And 2 of Dem worwor join...
Romance / Re: I Want To Marry Her But Discovered This Thing by Ebymyk(m): 8:48pm On May 15
It wasn't her fault she was disvirgined, she was misled... Once someone comes clean... You don't ditch them, nobody is a Saint... We are all humans... Looking for a virgin won't give you the happiness you desire... I think she's a good lady.. Don't let this damsel pass you by because of her past... Her past is even soft... Others that have terrible past and hide it nkor, bro... You Don get wife... Pray to God to direct you... But I think she's OK...
Health / Re: Erectile Dysfunction by Ebymyk(m): 2:36pm On Apr 30
grin My nigga
grin My nigga

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Health / Re: Erectile Dysfunction by Ebymyk(m): 4:37pm On Apr 29
Stop taking sweet things... Cut sugars out completely.. Take original agbo,the 1 prepared hot... request for man power to be added.. Work out more.. Eat right... Don't rush sex, take your time... Do pre-intimacy... You must give her good head...that's what will gum her to you.. Don't have sex under pressure, do it with a free mind, missionary style makes 1 to quick ejaculate, except you have mastered it... Not every body can last long doing missionary... I hope this is helpful..
Health / Re: Erectile Dysfunction by Ebymyk(m): 4:27pm On Apr 29
If u rugged....e get wetin I go tell u to take smiley smiley smiley smiley

Some of us at some point had this issue...probably cos we r introvert or didn't explore before marriage ....but I did explore and at some point I had the same issue too. I research and made Google my confider cheesy cheesy cheesy

Why not try this mix concortion for a start....

1. Coco Samba blind with Banana 🍌🍌 and Peak / 3 crown milk 30 min before the do...

2. If u wan use ur joystick kill person msg me on Whatsapp 08111817887....I wd guide you

If u need more guide on option 1. Let's chat.
bad oo... I will chat you...
Health / Re: Erectile Dysfunction by Ebymyk(m): 4:25pm On Apr 29
Sex technician.. grin Another one is when you are pressed like you wanna unirate.. Just dey nack.. Piss won't come out, sperm sef no go come out.. Na so d preek go big anyhow .. Anyways techniques many.. Discover the one that works for you..
are you saying, your dick will be buried inside her and you won't cum? Give me more lecture details on this bro, interesting..
Health / Re: Erectile Dysfunction by Ebymyk(m): 4:21pm On Apr 29

I believe this part. Sometimes when I have sex with other ladies, I can last very long, but with my girl. Sometimes first round and no interest again.
experience... 4 hours is too long... 5 mins is just fine...
Health / Re: Erectile Dysfunction by Ebymyk(m): 4:17pm On Apr 29
Hmm, that's too bad. I think what you're experiencing is premature ejaculation (PE) not ED.

What's your diet? Hope you're not the type that feeds on junk foods and sodas? Do you engage in working out once in a while? Can you go more than a round? If your diet is a healthy one and you also engage in working out, you might need to visit a doctor or take some herbal products.

What about forèplay or do you just jump into action? You might need to control how excited you are about the act else it will hasten up your ejaculation process. You also need to control your breathing too. Utilize the 'stop-start' technique. I don't recommend the use of 'drugs' because of addiction and damaging side effects.

And lastly, did you meet her a virgin? If she's an 'experienced' lady, you might never be able to satisfy her. If this is the case, the best thing to do is to free her, or else cheating is inevitable. If you've 'worked' on yourself and still no changes, do not go 'extreme lengths' just to satisfy a woman. Most women are poor in bed also.

You are going into sex with the wrong mindset. You are excited, happy, want to satisfy yourself,etc.

Change your mindset, you are there for one purpose alone and that is to satisfy her...anything you do, let that principle guide you...when you are getting too excited or hype, do anything you can to blunt that feeling either by redirecting your thoughts, reduce the speed of thrust, pause, change position, direction, etc.

Continue in this pattern until she comes, then you can get your come.

Once you master it, it become easier and you can gradually add your own excitement.

We can have a session, if you interested. Check my signature for details.
woman wey sabi ha fa..

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Romance / Re: My Wife Admitts She Visited A Guy But There Was No Sex by Ebymyk(m): 7:18pm On Apr 20
[quote author=Newton2024 post=122598526][/quote]chief, this your story has got me thinking too far about these women,I always ask what do they really want?its clear what a woman really wants is clearly unknown...
Romance / Re: My Wife Admitts She Visited A Guy But There Was No Sex by Ebymyk(m): 6:46pm On Apr 19
Married women are becoming something else these days. Imagine leaving your home to go sleep with your colleague undecided

May God save and protect all married men in Nigeria. Amen
that's why my extended family said his wife will never work in an office, he opened shop for her, stuck am with goods in front of the house...
Family / Re: If Your Wife Mistakenly Sleeps With Another Man, Pray & Fight For Her - Bukunmi by Ebymyk(m): 6:34pm On Apr 19
Useless woman... Na her hobby be that..
Sports / Re: Achraf Hakimi's Wife Filed For A Divorce, But Found Out He Got No Property by Ebymyk(m): 8:35am On Apr 15
Sir, I am aware Hakimi is 24 and his wife is 36. I am not sure of these statistics but I can confirm that his wife is far away older than him.

I won't lie to you sir, there was no marriage between them.

Most footballers hardly get married, they settle for partners due to the issues of divorce and scammers.

Do you know that 75% of footballers became a victim of divorce parting away with their hard earn money and 1 in 3 ended up in depression? This is also prevalent among musicians and celebrities.

Have we ever asked why most footballers don't marry or give their wealth management to their mother, father, or Anthony? This is because some women are in the business of destroying them. The truth is, most women are not in marriage because of the marriage but wealth and their selfish gain.

If all men could be like Hakimi, most women would not marry.

This is different for virtuous women who are really in marriage to make it better. They work with men to multiply their wealth and increase their horizons, and expand their reach. Any man with a virtuous woman is blessed forever. The woman will bring you speed and peace of mind.

I don't know the story of Hakimi but one thing is true, he knew from the beginning that the lady has a bad motive, so he played smarter. I may be wrong but I would love to dig out their past. But why would the wife file for divorce and requested half of his wealth? Is there any case of abuse?

May God bless all the women who are in their marriages to make them better and may God give our men who have entered one chance wisdom to overcome.

Note: Men or women, anyone can be a victim. Do your Marriage KYC/due diligence before entering any marriage.
honestly, points taken... Every day person dey learn... wisdom always wins...

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Sports / Re: Achraf Hakimi's Wife Filed For A Divorce, But Found Out He Got No Property by Ebymyk(m): 8:29am On Apr 15
Love this... You be man...Smart move.. I want to be like this man...
Romance / Re: If A Girl Can Cheat On Us With Big Guns, Who Are You That Wears Suits - Soldier by Ebymyk(m): 5:46pm On Apr 04
No data to watch the video.
Maybe the next commenter would be kind enough to use his/her data to watch and explain.
Family / Re: Should I Give my working Class Wife Allowance? by Ebymyk(m): 4:17pm On Apr 02
You won't have savings not to talk of a future. If your salary is ,#100. Feeding should be #40, give her #10. You too take #15, parents #10 invest the rest for future. Women will push you into well and claim innocency
a swear...
Politics / Re: Gen. Oladipo Diya Dies At 79 by Ebymyk(m): 1:57pm On Mar 26
Godspeed Soldier...Salute you...
Family / Re: "My Wife Is 21" - 60-Year-Old Kano Man Accused Of Marrying 11-Year-Old (Pix) by Ebymyk(m): 10:37pm On Mar 23
Paedophilia...alot is wrong with the North..
Romance / Re: Campus Prostitution A Growing Concern In Nigeria by Ebymyk(m): 6:20pm On Mar 22
All this stupid writer self na wa oo campus olosho have been since the beginning of education so their is no growing concern cus secondary school girls have also turn to olosho na Dem I dey Bleep pass cus Dem get sweet punna
haha, funny.... But true.. I need your kind of luck, bro.. grin
Romance / Re: Premarital Sex, The Cheapest Opportunity: A Case Study Of My Neighbor by Ebymyk(m): 6:52pm On Mar 21
Wat has been fuuuuked can't be unfuuuuked..so think before acting...
yes, deep talk... #fact#
Romance / Re: Premarital Sex, The Cheapest Opportunity: A Case Study Of My Neighbor by Ebymyk(m): 6:35pm On Mar 21
Well it could be the mixture of both when i was in varsity i stayed in the school hostel throughout so i wasn't expose to the outside world because everything i want is between the four walls of my school that time. I didn't even used to think of girls or sex much, maybe sometimes when i leave my room to read in the midnight and i see love birds hanging around the dark corners of some buildings i begin to wonder what they were doing

I thought i would still have that self control when i finished school and started living alone. Hmm there is this carefree girl in the same compound that will come to the window of my room to dress up purposely, because i was sure she has mirrow in her room. Hmmm when temptation was becoming too high she started entering my room to watch movie she has big boobs and it was a point of attraction for me i couldn't resist one particular night she slept on my bed under the pretence of not feeling fine i knew something was fishy about the whole thing but as a virgin that has been expose to things online i couldn't resist the urge it was too overwhelming i moved closer to her and touched her and started kissing her and she didnt protest hmmmmm na so comrade fall for temptation and end up loosing my virginity

Dammy wherever you her i have not forgiven you ooo😞😞😞😞.

That time i was working from home and i was always at home then she kept on coming and coming. It was only when she left the house i realize what i have been doing
wow, nice way to get laid... You be man...
Politics / Re: INEC Officials Caught In Imo With Hidden APC Thumb-printed Ballot Papers(video: by Ebymyk(m): 2:18pm On Mar 19
See their ugly faces..
Romance / Re: I'm Being Offered Free Sèx And I'm Scared by Ebymyk(m): 5:08pm On Mar 18
Hey guys.
I'm a final student of the university and my senior colleague here in school is offering me free sèx. Like, she calls me anytime she wants sèx and I can tell her I'm Hot and she'd allow me have sèx with her. My sèx isn't even good enough so it's not a matter of being a bed master. Want to back off but I dunno how to sad
link me up with her...
NYSC / Re: Tallest Corper Falls In Love With Shortest Corp Member After Meeting At Service by Ebymyk(m): 7:01am On Mar 16
Genetically, your statement is incorrect
please explain
NYSC / Re: Tallest Corper Falls In Love With Shortest Corp Member After Meeting At Service by Ebymyk(m): 6:59am On Mar 16
Omo. Let me reserve my comment. All the best to them.
say it... Please....
Politics / Re: Oluwaseyi Tinubu: Five Things To Know About Tinubu’s Son by Ebymyk(m): 4:58pm On Mar 15

The support he gave his father during this campaign season is remarkable.... They went all out for Jagaban as a family and won

..... Stolen Mandate... Will be recovered...
Romance / Re: Shocking As Guest Is Captured Touching Bride’s Private Area During A Church Wedd by Ebymyk(m): 4:31am On Mar 14
That woman must be a witch... Such things shouldn't be taken for granted... There's so much evil in this world... The bride and groom should go for prayers... She's a witch...

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Celebrities / Re: Tems Slammed For Her "Rude" View-Blocking Dress At The Oscars (video) by Ebymyk(m): 1:31pm On Mar 13
Over dressed to impress...
Romance / Re: South African Lady Displays Her Certificate Of Virginity by Ebymyk(m): 11:13pm On Mar 09
Virginity wins las las...
Family / Re: My Newly Wedded Wife by Ebymyk(m): 11:10pm On Mar 09
That you do pre-intimacy doesn't mean you do it right.

Talk to her about your sex life.
bad female

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