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Romance / Re: When A Lady Claims She Ain't Ready To Settle Yet Gives You The Green Light by EricZeal(m): 10:01am On Sep 24
Pure truth walahi
My own is that simply because you met one lady that wants to explore her life to the 'fullest' and obviously not too interested in you.
You will now come here and start shouting up and down. Ladies this,women that..
Abeg go and look for someone who is interested in you.

Na friend dey sell friend for this life!
Family / Re: Married Women Caught With Other Men In Their Husbands' Houses (Video) by EricZeal(m): 8:57pm On Sep 15
What I notice on this thread is that ,alot of you rushing in conclusion making it look like all girls are modafookers

Yes na lie ,big lie we still get girls with conscience girls we no dey do do ,see alot of you guys complaining about ladies cheating do worse

After messing around with our younger sisters and eleder ones you run down here and say there is no good girl ,you yourself are you good?

Abeg let us rest jhoor cheating this! girl that!
Omorr make God just see us through �
Romance / Re: MEN! Never You Trust A Woman Even If She's Your Wife. by EricZeal(m): 10:54pm On Sep 14
See the thing be say we get good girls for Naija ,but getting one is just like you finding a needle in the dark

And the thing be say alot of guys don't deserve good girls ,if you deserve one maybe God fit pity you lead you to one grin


Health / Re: Pregnant Ghanaian Student Aborts Her Foetus In Her School's Toilet (Video) by EricZeal(m): 11:57am On Sep 14
Why did I open this thread [color=#000099][/color]
Romance / Re: #GoldenPenis: This Is Why Only One Guy Will Fvvck All The Girls!! (Photo) by EricZeal(m): 6:19pm On Sep 12
I swear they are making sex look like , it's the best thing you can ever get in this world

But at the end of the day why do they refuse to let people see the cons of unnecessary sex ,yeah because it's unnecessary at the end of all this,

You will still pay for your sins , I'm not a Saint though.
You people analogy are always extreme.

Human are higher animals for a reason.

What do you call a vigina that bleeps 5 penis, golden pussy? undecided

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Romance / Re: Girls Have Made Me Grow To What I Wanna Be A Rough Player by EricZeal(m): 10:38am On Sep 11
grin grin grin God bless you
bro, you don't have wisdom. In your attempts to break more hearts another babe go still run you street, and you go still cry come back here. Make we bet 10k each.
Romance / Re: Why Are Men Losing Interest In Settling Down? by EricZeal(m): 3:39pm On Aug 29
The truth be say ,alot of individuals are emotional damaged already ,so alot of people don't know what it takes to maintain a relationship or even make it work.


Romance / Re: A Girl Spent The Night At His Place And I'm Feeling So Bad About It. by EricZeal(m): 12:30pm On Aug 21
She go ignore this advice grin grin grin
My guy go just browse your puna with airtel 4G network N leave to connect with his taste.
you are obsessed, with your story, there is nothing special about the guy, he just believe he can have u anytime
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by EricZeal(m): 1:39pm On Aug 20
Make wolves win Abeg

Ejuke don dey redeuce that hin over holding of ball ,no be Everytime you go dey force dribble.
Romance / Re: This Is How I Welcome Rich Guys With Deep Voice and Beards Into My Home. by EricZeal(m): 1:40pm On Jul 24
grin grin grin Na by force ,na dick she like grin
forget about these useless guys they have nothing to offer.
Bring your pussy to me let me use a strapon and reset your memory.
The future is LGBTQ.
respond to my pm dear
Family / Re: My Ex. And Her Husband Are Now My In-laws. by EricZeal(m): 9:14am On Jul 21
True talk ,great lessons here .
This life, just like a fan rotates, can change at any given time.. What would have been a tragic heart break turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I'll be brief with this.

I met my Ex., a beautiful charming and wonderful young girl of 20 in the University. We dated for two years. During this period, I was supporting her in ways I can. (Normal lady's requests)
Later, things became a bit rough and tough. She started acting. I saw the signs from how she responds to my calls, no much visits as she used to, given excuses and all. I pleaded with her to be patient and believe in God for a better change. (Not the APC Change) but she openly told me "I no fit suffer"

I felt bad because like a flash, she seem to have forgotten the good days. And that was it. Two months later, I decided to give love a chance again. I met this beautiful and curvy lady of about 24. I shoot my shot and boom! Were off. Everything a man could ever want was in her. And she was like and Angel because after we started dating, things immediately turned around for the best. As fate would have it, she turned out to be a sister to the man my Ex. ended up with. We got married, and moved to Abuja. Life was sweet with her.. One day, she told me her brother and his wife would be visiting us and I said there's no problem.

Days later, on a weekend, we we're seeing a movie at home when her phone rang. It was her brother and the wife at the gate. She went to usher them in as the gate man instead they should call for confirmation. When they got in, the whole atmosphere changed... Like a dream, I was shocked to see that the wife was my Ex who didn't want to suffer. Apparently life hasn't been good to them and they needed help. I asked them to give us some time to see what we can do... (Honestly, I don't feel like helping) Though my wife is pleading on their behalf.

While I brought this up is to encourage men out there. Do not feel rejected because a woman left you. She might actually be an obstacle to your progress. It might be tough and painful. But see it as a blessing.
Romance / Re: I Chop Ashawo Big Nyash Yesterday! by EricZeal(m): 10:59am On Jul 08
You too dey lie
Sports / Re: Richard Odoh - Nigeria's 16 Year Old Exceptional Goal Keeper by EricZeal(m): 4:20pm On Jun 26
Alampasu should probably be in Ventspil in Latvia or clubless at the moment
Where is that Dele Alampasu goal keeper of last time under 17 team?
Romance / Re: Lady Watches As Her Husband Fights A Man At Enugu Airport Over Seat by EricZeal(m): 10:54am On Jun 24
grin Respect

In other word don't take the gentleness of a tiger for granted
Lol... Any guy that challenges me in front of my woman.. I always ignore and do like a gentle guy.. But few days later I mobilize my cartel and go and knack wetin no nice put for him body.. Thats why my woman can swear with her life I can't harm a fly.. Meanwhile I'm one of the most brutally feared cult guy in my town.. Wisdom.. Good sha.
Romance / Re: As A Lesbian, Have You Ever Had Sex With A Man And Did You Enjoy It? by EricZeal(m): 10:41pm On Jun 22
grin grin grin see this Mumu i no get your time
omorr you don't have a brain,your brain has long decayed before we started this conversation grin

That's why you can't comprehend your useless horseshit
You have no IQ at all
But you are the one that started it, you collected a Lesbian from her partner which I debunked and thrashed
They will never want you but it seems you are interested in them that's why you typed on this thread meant for Lesbian
Lesbians don't want you or give a fvck about your useless invalid opinion

Romance / Re: Why Do Fugly Guys Avert Their Face When A Pretty Lady Stares At Them. by EricZeal(m): 10:37pm On Jun 22
shocked cool grin
I no get your time abeg
cry harder, its not my fault you were made ug lee.
Health / Re: Why Do I Fall Sick After Masturbating? by EricZeal(m): 8:22pm On Jun 22
Hmmm you want to die before your time
With all the warning wey you don get as you
Masterbate you no wan stop

Young man you better stop it before it's too late
Romance / Re: Why Do Fugly Guys Avert Their Face When A Pretty Lady Stares At Them. by EricZeal(m): 12:20pm On Jun 22
Na this kind people dey born ugly pikin Nonsense !

No atom of respect for you fellow human being

Who sent you to look at them ? You better mind your business.

Abeg getout
Romance / Re: As A Lesbian, Have You Ever Had Sex With A Man And Did You Enjoy It? by EricZeal(m): 12:12pm On Jun 22
Omorr your level of comprehension is damn low ,who told you I want them

Abeg getout
Lols, you are a full-blown buffon grin
You can never collect a lesbian from her partner don't be stupid grin
For the sake of your identity, wellbeing and sanity fly away from them because they will never ever want you slowpokegrin


Romance / Re: As A Lesbian, Have You Ever Had Sex With A Man And Did You Enjoy It? by EricZeal(m): 9:46am On Jun 22
Lols but I don collect one lesbian from her partner,the partner wan die
But as a guy for the sake of your sanity stay away from them Sha .
Lesbians don't need or desire men in anyway,they don't see a future with them, but they use men as sperm donor or just a se.x to.y simple and short grin
Romance / Re: As A Lesbian, Have You Ever Had Sex With A Man And Did You Enjoy It? by EricZeal(m): 11:00pm On Jun 21
What an erotic username ,but I dey feel the name somehow Sha grin
I know sex isn't love. I don't think a lesbian needs a man.
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by EricZeal(m): 1:24pm On Jun 17
Fenerbache interested in his signature

Oga is he retired or now a free agent as you no tell us where im dey go.


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend And Her Male Friends by EricZeal(m): 12:42pm On Jun 15
You too get sense Abeg
Even twins that shared one placenta in the womb, gets to go their seperate ways after birth and hardly die same day.

Life is a race for one.

Don't try to own anybody.

people change, so enjoy their loyalty while they still have it and bounce when they feel you no longer deserve their loyalty.

In all, make money and enjoy your money. If anything should give you headache, it should be your lamborghini or what colour you should paint your mansion
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend And Her Male Friends by EricZeal(m): 12:41pm On Jun 15
No dey stress yourself with these kind of people wey no dey hear word haba !
Baba focus on yourself until you see person wey go get sense
No be by force jhoor
She knows what she's doing ,better use your head
When your girlfriend accept a guy's proposal of taking her out on a date , what does it mean

Please as a girl who's in a relationship with a guy you know that is doing everything just to make you happy is it right for you to accept guys proposal for taking you out on a date.
I am complaining because those male besties are not just besties they want to have their own portion of her they have target and that's her pants and if I tell her She will say nothing of such Will happen then I tell her if she makes her available it would happen sooner than later

Please guys I need a clear answer to this my Questions

Romance / Re: Am I Right To Break Up With Her For This Reason by EricZeal(m): 8:57am On Jun 15
I don't know if it's right for you to break up with her

But the bitter truth is that any individual who can't do without the attention of there fellow being will do anything to get it I mean anything .
Romance / Re: Why Do I Always Keep Meeting Bad Guys!! I'm Tired.. by EricZeal(m): 8:23am On Jun 14
Shey you dey whine me ni grin
Just check yourself you go know why
You can't just wake up one day and say why do I attract bad guys omorr bad guys know what they want in a female gender and may be you posses some of those qualities bad boys are looking out for

So madam check yourself
Please dont mind my typos...
Y'all remember my last post about how a guy threatened me because I didn't ask his proposal. He works at gigm. Well...after much considerations on how to go about the issue, I decided to send gigm a mail to lodge my compliant, I was also able to gather enough evidence from our chats and sent to them.
Gigm promised me to look into the matter, he got sacked few days after. The guy in question chatted me to beg me to send gigm another mail telling them that we have settled so he can called back.....he sha called me to apologize and all..that aside...
I sit back sometimes and ask questions to myself...like, why am I always unlucky with guys, I wouldn't deny that I haven't met the good ones, just very few of them..it ended in a very bad way
Ever since, its been from frying pan to fire...just when I decide to give my all to one person, boom...everything goes bad...I'm happy for one thing tho, I have something that keeps me busy, I'm not an idle person. But sometimes when I'm alone, back from work, need someone to gist and laugh with...there's no one...I have friends tho, but there's always a difference with that special one...I'm not desperate for anything, this just me thinking my life while lying on my bed after a stressful day's work....
Romance / Re: This Is How Nigeria Would Be Like If There Wasn't Yahoo Boys (photo) by EricZeal(m): 12:55pm On Jun 02
Sense dey this your talk but like you said this article doesn't justify Yahoo yahoo

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Romance / Re: Pls Help Am I Loosing My Boyfriend by EricZeal(m): 9:30pm On May 30
Omorr maybe he was told he isn't financially buoyant enough to take care of you sad and he doesn't want to waste anytime been with you but he doesn't know how to tell you babe it's over .
Dont mind the new monika,

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year now. but after he came to my house and saw my parents he has been acting somehow. Like he is avoiding me.he said sth like i am not good enough for you.

He is a student in 400l, i can say his background is average(not poor not rich). He But we love each other so much,we both in our mid 20s.

When he came i left him with my parents to go get somethings upstairs. I dunno what they told him. I really love him.

Please what do i do
Romance / Re: This Is Why You Don't Need To Marry (come In Guys) by EricZeal(m): 8:53am On May 24
I can actually see some atom of truth in what OP is saying ,but you making guys feel as if women are only good for sex that's how you're putting it

If a woman or even a man is not adding any value to your life the best thing is to take them of your life not rubbishing and making them look worthless

I believe we still have useful individuals that know when to take the Right step at the right time .
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Keeps Posting Her Ex Pictures On Her Whatsapp Status by EricZeal(m): 3:31pm On May 19
The writing is clear on the wall na, Baba what are you asking for again

Any sane individual that really appreciate his or her current relationship and respect his or her partner won't have anything to do with their ex.

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