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Health / Re: Natural Birth Or C-Section For Twins? by fostermd(m): 2:04pm On Feb 21, 2022
Decision to have normal delivery or CS depends on several factors such health of the mother( if there is no pregnancy induced hypertension, pre-eclampsia and other health issues), presentation of the lower lying baby during labour( if it presents with head( cephalic) or buttocks( breech), presence or absence of fetal distress, cord around the neck, placenta praevia( low lying placenta ) etc

The Gynaecologist will look at all these and much more to make a determination.
Ultimately be guided by the advice and decision of your doctor.

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Education / Re: JAMB Rejects Apology Of Timipade Kemepade, Candidate Who Cheated 21 Years Ago by fostermd(m): 12:05pm On Jan 24, 2022


Celebrities / Re: Olu Jacobs Has Dementia – Wife, Joke Silva Reveals Actor's Health Condition by fostermd(m): 2:47pm On Nov 20, 2021
The life expectancy in Nigeria is average of 47/48 years hence we don't get to see many people with dementia.It typically sets in after 65 years though there are few cases before that which is Early -onset dementia and also in those with Down Syndrome.

The few cases seen in Nigeria, unfortunately are attributed to spiritual issues.

No cure for dementia yet, sadly.There are medications to slow the progress such Donepezil, Memantine

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Education / Re: Dead Woman In Morturay Comes Back To Life In UNIBEN Anatomy Class (VIDEO) by fostermd(m): 2:37pm On Nov 19, 2021
The woman probably never died in the first place.She might have been in state of suspended animation or have catalepsy which can be tricky for inexperienced doctor who is certifying some dead!

Reason why I never issued death certificate to a corpse I did not treat and personally certified dead when I was working in Nigeria.I was requested to write death certificate for a dead 97year old man once whom I did not see.He was father of a friend in the village somewhere in Lagos.I refused but was busy and couldn't go with them as I was working.
I called later in the evening to ask if they got a doctor to obtain the certificate only to be informed that grandpa was awake!

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Health / Re: Nairalanders Help! Don't Know What Is Happening To My Skin! by fostermd(m): 4:51pm On Nov 14, 2021
Tinea corporis( Ezcema).

Topically oral antifungal such as Ketoconazole would be useful.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Bennett Replaces Netanyahu As Prime Minister Of Israel by fostermd(m): 7:29pm On Jun 13, 2021
Bennett is actually more right winged than Netanyahu and has more desire to occupy more lands from the Palestinians.
The Arab party in the coalition might reduce his plans or leave resulting in another election.


Business / Re: Femi Otedola Celebrates His Son, Fewa's Birthday (Photo) by fostermd(m): 2:35pm On Jun 02, 2021
Iyonu as in?

So, that child is Iyonu?

You people can be insensitive ffs!

What the writer meant is that ,it comes with significant burden.
I am a physician and I manage children with Autism. Mos families go through ht we term," carers' burden".This is very significant especially the ones with challenging behavior involving self injurious behaviour,targeting attacks,damage to properties, attack on family and carers,those who are non verbal and aggressive.
There is no treatment and you can only manage.Some carers have been injured and scarred from attacks and this is huge and significant.

Some are pleasant and high functioning with Asperger's such as Elon Musk.

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Travel / Re: Babawande Afolabi Launches Green Africa Airline, Acquires New Airplanes (Photos) by fostermd(m): 6:07pm On May 16, 2021
The front guy Afolabi worked as an investment banker and also previously worked at American Airline.

The airline is funded by Hedge funds,venture capitalists and institutional investors who have great confidence in him and Nigerian market which is grossly undeserved in aviation sector.The goal is to make the airline a low cost one.

They previously ordered 50 Boeing 737 max but cancelled the order due to problems and 2 major crashes of the model.They have now placed a confirmed order of 50 brand new Airbus,fuel efficient mid range aircraft worth around $3 billiin dollars.This is the single largest aircraft order by any Nigerisn company.

They have their game plan and the investors are very confident. I am.one of the early partners of the airline.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NPA Or Efcc, Which Of These Jobs Is The Best With Good Pay, Please Help by fostermd(m): 1:08pm On May 16, 2021
he worked there and ended up starting intels
Atiku did not work at NPA.

He was a Senior Customs Officer and by virtue of that worked at the port.That would have influenced his huge investment in INTELS knowing the cash flow in that segment.

Maritime activities through Dubai's DP World contribute 30% to the GDP of the country.It's a very lucrative sector

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NPA Or Efcc, Which Of These Jobs Is The Best With Good Pay, Please Help by fostermd(m): 1:05pm On May 16, 2021
Never knew it was that lucrative when I was in Nigeria.I had an opportunity to work there when my Godfather was still in power but wasn’t interested then because I felt it was like an agbero work from what I had read about what happens in the whaarf

It is very lucrative even from the alleged funds misappropriated there leading to suspension of the MD.

I worked as a doctor there and attended HOD meetings at the Ports in Lagos where monthly returns ate reviewed.
Some ports in Lagos,Tin Can,Roro,Apapa Quay and Container terminal bring in hundreds of Millions in dollars and billions separately in naira.
Imagine how congested our ports are and how Nigeria's economy is almost 95% import dependent. Charges to foreign ships berthing are domiciled in Dollars and those for clearing agents in naira.

If I tell you the corruption there....Let me rest my case

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NPA Or Efcc, Which Of These Jobs Is The Best With Good Pay, Please Help by fostermd(m): 12:24pm On May 16, 2021
Except things changes with harmonisation,least paid person ( messenger) earn #250,000 per month.

The salary scale is very good.I served and worked at NPA as a medical doctor for 5 years before leaving for Europe.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Leaves For France On Sunday For African Finance Summit by fostermd(m): 11:12am On May 16, 2021
The President has dementia....I wonder what he would gain from the summit.
Anyway,his doctors ate flying to Paris to review his health.

The guy's presence in Aso Rock is just drawing the nation backwards. The cabal and people close to him are taking advantage of his mental state!
Health / Re: Man Poisoned, Dies On His Birthday (Disturbing Photos, Video) by fostermd(m): 10:49am On May 16, 2021
A close friend of mine knows the guy in question. He wasn't poisoned, he died from kidney disease three months afyer his birthday.

See the medical report below.

The medical report clarifies it.The serum potassium level was too high and could have led to cardiac arrest.The hospital tried bringing it down with the IV dextrose and insulin,had 2 sessions of dialysis.
Living in a country like Dubai where temperature can reach 50 degree Celsius and he plays football regularly. He needs to be well hydrated with water NOT alcohol to prevent AKI ( acute kidney injury).Even in Nigeria's hot weather,not drinking enough fluid leads to kidney failure which is rising in combination with other causes.

Social media can be quick to draw conclusions and label people.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NPA Or Efcc, Which Of These Jobs Is The Best With Good Pay, Please Help by fostermd(m): 10:42am On May 16, 2021
AP Moller is a private firm

AP Moeller rightly is one of the concessionaire handing some of the terminals.Their salary scale would be different from NPA,which is a government parastatal and regulatory body.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NPA Or Efcc, Which Of These Jobs Is The Best With Good Pay, Please Help by fostermd(m): 10:37am On May 16, 2021
NPA pays better...worked there before relocating abroad.
Apart from NNPC,NPA is the richest parastatal in Nigeria reason you hardly see a Southerner heading it.
NPA is richer than at least 32 states in Nigeria.The various ports in Lagos and Onne earn in dollars and naira . Infact, a port manager at Apapa ,Tin Can,Container terminal may be richer than some state governors.
Moreover,there is less work.there as the terminals have been concessioned.It is mainly a regulatory body but provides pilotage,harbour and basically controls the concessionaire.

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Health / Re: #JusticeForPeju: Peju Ugboma's Death & Premier Hospital's Negligence by fostermd(m): 12:30pm On May 09, 2021
It's sad this had to occur.When her Blood pressure dipped after surgery, her pulse would have been rapid and faint.This should have indicated an internal bleeding.
An ultrasound scan or even an abdominal tap would have confirmed the bleeding which required taking her back into theatre to secure haemostasis and stop the bleeding. Many Nigerian doctors lack index of suspicion in practice,rather they kept transfusing her.This should even should have made them suspicious of significant leak.They even rebuffed the 2nd opinion by the family gynaecologist in the UK.
Many doctors in Nigeria act as if they know it all.I am.a doctor in Europe and we work as a multidisciplinary team and get input from all.members of the team.

The hospital and the doctors need the doctor need to be investigated and sanctioned by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.The doctors certainly are liable to gross professional malpractice and their practice falls short of the expected standard.


Career / Re: My Mum Insists "Medicine Or Nothing" by fostermd(m): 3:13pm On Apr 27, 2021
Even in Nigeria as bad as it may,all doctors are employed.never unemployed.
Better still if they travel.out.All medical courses including nursing,pharmacy,laboratory medicine etc are all sought after abroad.

UK and Ireland now have special visas and fast track pathway for them to relocate.Uk has currently shortage of 50,000 nurses.
Canada gives upto $50,000 dollars in relocation allowance for any foreign recruited doctor with a average annual salaries of $250,000 to $450,000 Canadian dollars.I have colleagues who have their own practice earning upto a million per annum.

It doesn't stop doctors from investing in other stuff.The chairman of Seplat Oil ,Dr A.B.C Orjiako is an orthopaedic surgeon and my senior in Medical school.

I have colleagues who own huge multimillion dollar farms in Nigeria though based abroad,real estates,serialentrepreneurs,heavy investors in major banks and other companies on stock market with millions of returns yearly.

You got to be broad minded.

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Career / Re: My Mum Insists "Medicine Or Nothing" by fostermd(m): 1:44pm On Apr 27, 2021

Frustrated and depressed kill u.How do u know
Medicine is a wonderful profession anyway anytime and if u go with the intention that u want to be rich then you are in a wrong profession especially in our setting here.
But if u love it and have passion for it.
It is rewarding and u have inner joy that you are contributing to life.
Can anyone do without a doctor
You always need them.

Let your brother talk her mum and let him follow his hear or else medicine will frustrate you .

Medical practice is not about money but the joy of helping and saving lives.
I have taken delivery of more 500 babies and the joy of seeing new born cannot be explained.
It is also the job where I certify people dead,see their last moments in life.It is humbling.No other job is like that...
Wives and husbands commit secrets they cannot tell their spouse or even a religious leader to you.

With regards to money, doctors in Canada, US,Australia and many European countries are rich.Even South Africa appreciate them.

Ultimately, the guy should not be forced.
I studied civil engineering for 2 years and wrote Jamb again to study medicine because my parents suggested.I have no regrets.

Doctors are well respected everywhere.I work in Europe and initially whe a black guy meets a white man acting funny,when they realise you're a doctor....everything changes.

Only doctors respectfully have access to everyone's privacy as part of their job.

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Career / Re: My Mum Insists "Medicine Or Nothing" by fostermd(m): 1:11pm On Apr 27, 2021
It's a rewarding career especially if you practice in developed world.You are well renumerated and appreciated.

You need to have good heart,care for people and work long hours.It requires loads of stamina from.2nd year till 6th.No semester breaks,calender is January to December, lots of examinations, clinical.and written.

It's my 23rd year as a doctor and still loving it.I left naija 16 years ago and no regrets.
You need loads of maturity as secrets would be handed to you and got to be very confidential.

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Crime / Re: Man Escapes Ritual Killing From Imo Hotel by fostermd(m): 2:37pm On Mar 26, 2021
Reminiscent of "Otokotoscandal".Popular family hotel in Owerri,Imo.in the 1990s whilst schooling at Calabar.

The hotel was used for serial ritual killings.
The residents eventually raised alarm,the owners faced the criminal justice system and the hotel pulled down by the Government.

The family who owned t were very popular and lived large with limousines etc
Health / Re: Doctors In Diaspora: How FG Frustrated Us When We Offered To Improve Healthcare by fostermd(m): 11:21pm On Feb 06, 2020
There are many Nigerian doctors doing their bits,carrying out medical outreaches in their communities etc...

What the diaspora medical community want is the overall development of medical practice to be at level of what is best practices in the world.
It will require significant technology transfer through the teaching hospitals where resident( post grad training doctors)who ultomately become consultants and specialists are trained.

Most naija doctors when we get abroad we pass the licensing exams reasonably well but lack in advanced clinical skills. We have to do clinical observership, re train before we can practice.

This transfer of knowledge requires support of Government who owns the teaching and General hospitals.it involves collaboration with leading hospitals abroads,involve rotation of skilled doctors from abroad rotating and working the the naija based ones.
There are medical emergencies in naija that anyone who has it will most likely pass away such as cardiac arrest,most cancers,RTA with head injuries and multiple trauma,gun shot to vital organs,etc

Nigerian women are still dying from normal childbirth!its appalling. I practice in an European country where,if a single woman should rarely pass away as a result of childbirth, the parliament, Prime minister etc will set up an inquest.The CEO of the hospital will certainly resign!
The issue is a holistic one of improving the healthcare system, not just an individual contributing their bits.

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Health / Re: Doctors In Diaspora: How FG Frustrated Us When We Offered To Improve Healthcare by fostermd(m): 10:11pm On Feb 06, 2020

If I may ask, what are the reasons for this brick wall from the part of the government? As an insider, is there any condition you know of from the part of the Doctors in diaspora that we don't know?

I still don't know why any sane person will refuse help. Is there any string attached in this scheme?
The stumbling block was people in the corridors of power.They wanted to be bribed before installing dialysis machines they wanted to donate to Government hospital.

The Commissioner for health in this particular state was even a former classmate in the medical school of some of my colleagues. They actually thought that should make things easier.Unfortunately,she couldn't help!

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Health / Re: Doctors In Diaspora: How FG Frustrated Us When We Offered To Improve Healthcare by fostermd(m): 8:30pm On Feb 06, 2020
Well, until I see the terms and conditions of the said program, it won't be wise for me to blame the government, even though the government have their own short coming.

Our doctors in diaspora should do well to furnish us the details of the scheme. May be the program was cancelled because of some certain inadequacy.
The Government should have at least allowed the program to take off after three years of planning.They can modify or make improvements gradually.
The 26 volunteers, doctors and nurses who had planned coming,already paid for their own airfare and must have taken leave with or without pay for the commencement of the program.

I am a doctor in Europe,22 years post graduation and i know the frustration and brick wall many of my colleagues face when they attempt to "give back "to Nigeria as most of us had our primary medical degrees in Nigeria.

There are loads of first hand stories.

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Health / Re: Doctors In Diaspora: How FG Frustrated Us When We Offered To Improve Healthcare by fostermd(m): 7:58pm On Feb 06, 2020
My medical doctor colleagues abroad purchased dialysis machines for installation at no cost to one of the states in Nigeria where one of their medical school colleague was the Commissioner for Health.The bureaucrats at the state/ ministry demanded for bribe before the equipment are installed.
The dialysis machines are rotting in a store as donors refused to bribe for a project they were donating to the state.

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Travel / Re: What Country Abroad Is The Best Where I Can Study A Professional Course? by fostermd(m): 6:19am On Jan 02, 2019
I am.a medical doctor in one of the countries in Europe 20 years post qualification.
I can advice you with first hand information on how to proceed to accomplish your goal.
You can send a message and i would gladly guide you .

1.Medical courses and other allied medical courses Nursing,Physiotherapy, Radiography,Occupational Therapy etc on completion gives you higher chances of getting work permit and remaining in the country because most developed countries have acute shortage of these professionals.
The pay is also rewarding

You can legally remain in the countries due to the reason given.
UK,Ireland,Australia, Canada, USA are top on the list.
I can provide the advantages of each country regarding accessibility, getting on the programs,the wages etc

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Politics / Re: Governor Umahi Visits Arthur Eze, Excited As He Enters His 2019 Rolls Royce by fostermd(m): 9:08pm On Dec 28, 2018
Aside the ooni of ife, show me a Yoruba man that uses a rolls royce and I'll show you ten prostitutes whose vaginas are still tight.

Someone rightly mention,Chief Akin Olugbade has 11 Rolls Royce scattered around his various residences in Uk and America
Family / Re: Woman's Wedding Ring Refuses To Be Removed, Finger Set To Be Cut - Facebook User by fostermd(m): 2:21pm On Oct 19, 2018
Don’t cut off the finger. You will regret it when you see how simple it is to remove the ring.
Even cutting off the ring, is better than cutting off the finger.


This is one of the simple methods used in Surgery textbook " Bailey and Love's Textbook of Surgery".. Tie a string at the distal end of the ringed finger.Straightforward.


Family / Re: Woman's Wedding Ring Refuses To Be Removed, Finger Set To Be Cut - Facebook User by fostermd(m): 2:11pm On Oct 19, 2018
Can be removed easily by a competent doctor...Not based in Nigeria but a ny doctor can refer to Bailey and Love's Textbook of Surgery.Its one of the the scenarios there.I have removed similar from my patient here in Europe.


Crime / Re: Tramadol Overdose Kills Man In Otukpo, Benue State (PHOTO) by fostermd(m): 1:41pm On May 03, 2018
Its time the Ministry of health stock the tertiary and secondary health facilities with antidotes of opiates drugs of which Tramadol is one.There is certainly an epidemic of abuse of these highly specialised prescription pain medication.The antidotes can save lives if administered very early to reverse the state of unconsciousness cause by overdose.This is needed whilst embarking on mass enlightenment and other rehabilitation measures for those addicted.
Health / Re: Woman All Smiles After Undergoing Surgery To Remove Huge Facial Tumour. Photos by fostermd(m): 10:30pm On Mar 26, 2018

Do you work in the medical field?

Ameloblastoma...tumour of the jaw and surrounding soft tissue.
Family / Re: Lady Confess How She Put Poison On Nipple To Kill Her Cheating Husband by fostermd(m): 2:53pm On Feb 25, 2018

shocked shocked

Are u an embalmer? lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

I am a doctor ,work in Europe and with crime anything is possible!There are loads of unresolved cases and spiees for developed countries have loads of poisonous substances in their arsenal which they use against enemies.One should learn from stories an explore the possibility instead of just concluding it's not possible.

Family / Re: Lady Confess How She Put Poison On Nipple To Kill Her Cheating Husband by fostermd(m): 2:35pm On Feb 25, 2018

Have u tasted? How cud u say it is tasteless? shocked

And she said she even put some on her lips...then how the hell she didn't die? undecided that one is juz a story for the gods sha.
I have not tasted it but it is well know in forensic medicine.There was a real case like I said in Calabar and my consultant carried out the post morgen on the stomach content.Of you watch crime stories you will notice it is well used.Whilst I can't confirm the case but it is possible.The must have ingested much more than what was absorbed by the woman's skin.She may have rubbed a protective cream on her on skin before applying the arsenic preventing the absorption into her own body.Anything is possible ,she must have done some erase arch before carrying out the act.

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