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Properties / Re: 7-Floor Collapsed Building In Banana Island Was Unapproved - MPPUD Lagos by fujirice: 8:15pm On Apr 15, 2023
This right here is the reason why many Nigerians, including myself have lost faith in that country. How things like this keep happening and we keep getting the same cock and bull story all the time. Who on earth in his right senses will believe that a building of this magnitude is going without approval? If it’s true, then how many buildings really have approval in that country? What are the ministries, departments and agencies doing? From Lagos to Abuja, PH to Enugu, the story remains the same no matter the part of the country it happens.
The worst part of this is that nothing will come out of it at the end of the day. No heads will roll and we’ll sit tight and wait for the next building that will collapse and the cycle will continue.
Politics / Re: Naira Crunch: I Need N70m In ‘hard Copy’ For Election Expenses - Doguwa by fujirice: 2:46pm On Feb 17, 2023
So Labour Party was right after all, the structure they boasted of is a structure of corruption.
Tell me what a politician need 70 million naira for during election if not for inducement.
Car Talk / Re: NAICOM Increases Third-party Vehicle Insurance From N5000 To N15,000 by fujirice: 11:24pm On Dec 25, 2022
How much did they pay out this year?
Or the previous year?
Not to just be collecting from people.
Food / Re: UK-Based Lady Says Nigerian Foods Smell & Should Be Banned In Offices by fujirice: 1:22am On Dec 22, 2022
This UK people own don too much. Ahn ahn!
Every dïck, Tom and Harry wants to drop content because say they don jakpa.
Na wa o!

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Chelsea EFL Cup (2 - 0) On 9th November 2022 by fujirice: 4:12pm On Nov 09, 2022
Make we go collect our own wotowoto from City grin

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Leicester City Vs Manchester City (0 - 1) On 29th October 2022 by fujirice: 1:27pm On Oct 29, 2022
So now, it's no Haaland; no Manchester City?

Just like we've all seen that no Sané; no Liverpool?
Sané or Mané?

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Romance / Re: Why Do Men Fall Asleep Immediately After Having Sex by fujirice: 2:36pm On Oct 26, 2022

A friend of yours indeed
grin grin grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Heritage Foundation Says US Military Is WEAK And Unable To Win War (Pics) by fujirice: 2:07pm On Oct 24, 2022
Talk is cheap!
Russia, North Korea, China and even Iran will tell you otherwise.

In US's supposed weakness, na when you attack them first you go know the difference between B and the footprint of a cow.


Politics / Re: Àbike Dabiri Presents Her National Honour To Bola Tinubu (Photos) by fujirice: 7:35am On Oct 19, 2022

How did i come for you, or your mind just pricked you,
For many hears we have all listen and trust politicians to stand by there manifestos and promises, overtime it as taken us no where,
Infact this politician have gotten wiser over the hears they know all the promises that resonate with the masses, that what they cook throughout the campaign whereas when they get elected they serve us breakfast

it time to look beyond words & promises becos once bitten twice shy ... am not hungry for any scam debate, nigeria's problem is beyond big grammar and eloquence. lets judge them by there achievements/portfolio/records as public servants that is one sure way to know the best candidate.

Somehow we are in agreement. Maybe when I said body language, I should have replaced it with all what you wrote about their past performances.
Also, we can’t stress this enough, we need a President that is available and accessible!!! We cannot continue with absentee presidents no matter how competent he is.
That’s how individuals will hijack the government and we’ll be back to square one.
Politics / Re: Àbike Dabiri Presents Her National Honour To Bola Tinubu (Photos) by fujirice: 10:03pm On Oct 18, 2022

So who exactly do you have in mind that fit into the "class bound of young blood"

Please before you come after me, lets ask ourselves what is it really we want to achieve for our country.
I will say no further as people tend to get too emotional when they want to project their preferred candidate.

Have an open mind and listen to what all the candidates have to say and their body language then make an informed decision.
Politics / Re: Ezekwesili Knocks Abike Dabiri-Erewa (NIDCOM Boss) Over ‘Messy’ Twitter Comment by fujirice: 9:55pm On Oct 18, 2022
What have we done to ourselves?
Look at the caliber of people running the affairs of our government.
No class!

I am appalled and heartbroken by these people cry
Politics / Re: Àbike Dabiri Presents Her National Honour To Bola Tinubu (Photos) by fujirice: 11:27am On Oct 18, 2022
Give honour to whom honour is due!

The Lagos Landlord has been a destiny helper to many people.

I am not one of them (beneficiaries) neither have I met with him in person but the stories about his good deeds cannot be denied even by his most caustic critics.

He has a knack for discovering potentials in individuals.

Abike knows she owes her meteoric rise in status in life to this man and she's not some ingrates cum Judases like Aregberascal.

Asiwayo, sorry, Asiwaju, would have been a most suited person for the job but for the Mu-Mu ticket.
Apart from the Muslim-muslim ticket. He should have taken backseat and support all these people he has helped with his wealth of wisdom.
His health cannot take the pressure of presidency.
Unless we just want to continue lying to ourselves.
Politics / Re: Àbike Dabiri Presents Her National Honour To Bola Tinubu (Photos) by fujirice: 11:23am On Oct 18, 2022


Jokes apart.

Tinubu is a good mentor.

But not fit to be president

He needs more attention on is health challenges.
I agree with you.
Was about to say the same thing.
Even though I am not in support of his ambition, one cannot take away that he's a good mentor to his mentees.
But in my opinion, we need to move on from his likes. Let young bloods try their hands on this thing too.
We can't continue like this.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Aston Villa Vs Chelsea (0 - 2) On 16th October 2022 by fujirice: 3:02pm On Oct 16, 2022

Okay sir... I exaggerated a little (couldn't help it) grin

Still, it was a straight red card offence! undecided
Well, it was a 50-50.
If the ref had issued the red, I wouldn’t be sad.
I guess Chilwel was lucky there.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Aston Villa Vs Chelsea (0 - 2) On 16th October 2022 by fujirice: 2:56pm On Oct 16, 2022
That should be a Red Card for Ben Chilwell!

How did VAR miss that?!! Both of his studs were literally up! He could have crippled Ramsey there!
Make una dey lie small small na!
Which one be both of his studs were literally up? grin

That was a bad tackle no doubt but both studs were not up.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Aston Villa Vs Chelsea (0 - 2) On 16th October 2022 by fujirice: 2:53pm On Oct 16, 2022
Kepa is back!!!
Mendi go tey for bench like this o!

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Chelsea (0 - 1) On 6th August 2022 by fujirice: 5:36pm On Aug 07, 2022
How can you be impressed when you don't know history as a Chelsea fan, go and check how many times Chelsea has beaten Everton, they are rivals and the match is always tough. I'm even happy with the score.
Well, our standards are not the same.
I am not impressed with our performance, simple!
If you are, that’s fine by you.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Chelsea (0 - 1) On 6th August 2022 by fujirice: 7:50pm On Aug 06, 2022
I am not impressed by this performance from Chelsea.
Cucurela had a very good game today.
I like what I saw


Travel / Re: Man Discovers "Hidden Camera" In His Hotel Room At A Hotel In VI Lagos by fujirice: 12:03pm On Jul 30, 2022
Bushman. That's not a camera.
ECONAVI Intelligent Sensors detect unconscious waste of energy using the Human Activity Sensor and Sunlight Sensor. It is able to monitor human location, movements, absence and sunlight intensity. It then automatically adjusts cooling power to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted comfort and convenience.
Thank you for this enlightenment.

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Politics / Re: Prison Inmates May Vote In 2023 - INEC by fujirice: 1:25pm On Jul 20, 2022
I am not in support of this move at all!!!

On what grounds should these guys be voting? What are they contributing to the growth of this country to accord them that honor?
They are incarcerated for a reason and I’m sure it’s not for doing the right thing.

Nigerians in the Diaspora have been one of the backbones of Nigeria’s economy yet they can’t vote! Tell me why a convicted felon that contributes nothing to the nation except crime should be rewarded with selecting our leaders yet those that contribute hard currencies to the national purse can’t!

What is wrong with us for goodness sake?!
Are we under a spell or something?

Car Talk / Re: The Crazy Price Of Toyota Corolla by fujirice: 9:31pm On May 08, 2022

My service oil cost 7500 then I buy oil filter 1000 and pay 1500 to my mechanic. That's the service. And if I want to change the gearbox oil, I spend 3000 for it. All in all, I spend roughly 13k every 2month. That's just it. Is that too expensive?

Like I said, yours may not be giving you stress.
Out of curiosity, how often do you change your gear box oil?

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Car Talk / Re: The Crazy Price Of Toyota Corolla by fujirice: 3:12pm On May 08, 2022
I own a Peugeot 307 and I tell for a fact that corrola doesn't come close to it. In terms of fuel economy, availability of spare parts, the 307 is top much. Nigerians are just wired to Corolla because of how they abuse vehicle. Every car is good. Maintenance is key to enjoying a car. I even laugh more when people compare Toyota to Peugeot 406. Have you asked yourself why they use 406 as pilot 1 for long distance journey? Enough of this Corolla madness.
My brother, no need to jealous brand wey God don already bless.
How many people are involved in pilot 1 long distance driving every day?
We are talking about ordinary people making everyday commute. I am not saying that Corolla is better than Peugeot but there’s a reason people go for Corolla.
Yes, your 307 doesn’t give you issues but can you compare the amount you spend on servicing the car to someone’s who use a Corolla and say you are better off?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Brighton Vs Manchester United (4 - 0) On 7th May 2022 by fujirice: 7:33pm On May 07, 2022
grin grin grin grin
I just came to laugh

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Wolves (2 - 2) On 7th May 2022 by fujirice: 5:20pm On May 07, 2022
Charity FC at it again! sad
Properties / Re: Why Do Landlords Refuse To Rent Rooms To Single Women In Nigeria?? by fujirice: 8:27am On May 07, 2022
You don't see the hypocrisy in your writeup?

You don't see nothing wrong with landlords not renting to guys where you live, but when reverse is the case you you want to know if it's misogyny.

Maybe it's because some landlords don't like oloshos on their property. Brings bad luck.

I saw that too.
Her statement contradicts itself.

OP, what you observed is not particular to women alone. Single men go through the same ordeal and you can’t blame these landlords and agents. You don’t know what they have suffered in the hands of tenants. Some people are just pure evil.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Vs Chelsea UCL (2 - 3) On 12th April 2022 by fujirice: 9:36pm On Apr 12, 2022
During the prematch press briefing Anceloti said that they will surfer and indeed they are suffering grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Dr Chinelo's Death: Abolore's Obituary Picture Floods Twitter by fujirice: 8:09am On Mar 30, 2022

Someone asked to be prayed for, that she's been shot.

Another person asked if she was dead.

In my opinion, that question could have been for one of many innocent reasons.
i). Maybe to know if to continue praying for her or ii). to get information from her to relay to a rescue team.

Then the said lady dies.

And suddenly, Abolore, the man who asked a question out of concern is the villain and not the monsters who killed her.

Who is more heartless?

Abolore who made a tweet or the governor who has refused to resign despite the systematic genocide, constant massacre, an airport invasion by terorrists and a full blown act of terror on a passenger train in the space of a week?

Nigerians are just wired to transfer their frustration-triggered emotions at the wrong object.

Where is the government, where are the armed forces when you need them?

Has Nigeria degenerated to such a level of citizenry hopelessness that rather than hold elected leaders accountable and demand they resign if they can't effectively govern, we are bothered by a tweet from an individual who had no hand on the mayhem.

Please stop already.
It is not everything that you twist.

So, of all the questions you would ask a supposedly injured person, the one that comes to the top of your head is “are you dead now?”

Lord have mercy!

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Sports / Re: Ghana Vs Nigeria: 2022 World Cup Qualifier (0 - 0) On 25th March 2022 by fujirice: 10:09pm On Mar 25, 2022
What da hell is wrong with Etebo? That was a clear foul by Iheanacho!
Why was Etebo being dramatic?


Education / Re: Mathematician In The House, Help Me by fujirice: 5:53pm On Feb 17, 2022
I think you should take your time to first read those concepts or watch videos and then try to solve. You can even upload what you jave done for a cross check. It isn't a good idea to just upload assignments or schoolwork. You won't learn that way.
I totally agree with you

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Politics / Re: ASUU Declares Pantami’s Professorship Illegal, To Sanction FUTO VC, Others by fujirice: 1:37pm On Feb 14, 2022
sad Even though I'm a born again Christian, I think ASUU is been sponsored by my fellow Christians to discredit the wonderful achievements of honorable minister Pantami. The success he brought to the ministry of communication deserves more than professorship. God forgive we Christians and our hypocrisy sad

grin grin grin
You don’t need to announce that you are a born again Christian to give credence to your opinion.
Being born again is a lifestyle that people can see in your character.
It’s not a title that you throw around sir.


Romance / Re: I Lose Confidence Whenever I'm Complimented About My Looks by fujirice: 5:51pm On Feb 11, 2022
We have a lot in common. Hate to be put in the spotlight. And you can imagine I'm a teacher.

Me too grin
Car Talk / Re: We’re Ready To Roll Out Chery And Higer Vehicles - PAN by fujirice: 1:58pm On Feb 10, 2022
We needed car of 200k or less
E dey na grin

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