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Crime / Re: MAUTECH Students Riot In Yola After Man "Blasphemed" Against Islam On WhatsApp by goingape: 8:39pm On Feb 05, 2018

Why do you want to go and insult his Muhammad in his front? Because you are peace loving? I'm not a muslim, and I detest their reaction to issues like this, but christians should mind their religion.
until Muslim dicck rape your daughter and behead your family members, that's when you will truly believe that Islam is a religion of Peace

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Romance / Re: Man Kisses And Proposes To A Mannequin, His "Sex Doll" (Photos) by goingape: 10:20pm On Feb 02, 2018
In a bid to join the trending sex doll issue, a Nigerian guy was all smiles as he posed with a female mannequin whom he "proposed" to. According to the young man, he proposed to his "sex doll" and she gave him no reply. The pictures were shared online with comparison between Nigerian ladies and "free-minded" sex dolls who give guys less problems.

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2018/02/nigerian-guy-free-minded-sex-doll-photos.html
is there a place to insert diicck? undecided

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Politics / Re: Suicide Bombers Hit IDP Camp In Dalori, Borno. Many Killed by goingape: 12:08am On Feb 01, 2018

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Celebrities / Re: Oluwatobiloba Falana And Olajumoke Orisaguna In Wedding Photoshoot by goingape: 2:57pm On Jan 31, 2018
Their way to limelight and success story is very similar, so its only fair that they work together, The Little boy Oluwatobiloba who photobombed a wedding Shoot last year just landed his first mega deal, and its a modelling contract with Ex breadseller who also got famous after bombing in 2016 Olajumoke.

They had their first photoshoot days ago..

see more photos below!

News From Ebiwali-- https://www.ebiwalismoment.com/2018/01/little-boy-who-photobombed-wedding.html

the Islamic nation has done a good job by introducing bombs in every area them go!

know we can confidently use photobomb, bathbomb suicide bombs and so on

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Crime / Re: 'Touch Me Not Campaign': Girls Sexually Assaulted Make Shocking Revelations by goingape: 11:42pm On Jan 30, 2018
A Nigerian entrepreneur, writer and speaker, Mercy Makinde, has shared shocking revelations made by underage girls who are sexually abused. According to the CEO of IASPIRE RADIO, the revelations were made during the 'Touch Me Not Campaign' held yesterday in Lagos as she called on parents to listen to their children. Read what she shared on her social media page yesterday;

It’s been another depressing day today as we embarked on the TOUCH ME NOT CAMPAIGN and listened to the woes of our dear children of this country!

They are going through so much and we can’t just keep watching some evil people destroy the lives of these innocent children.

Parents please listen to your children. Believe them if they report any case of abuse to you. Our children are dying in silence !

They live in fear. They are being threatened by Abusers right under your roof. No matter the high class school you put them... no matter the plenty school fees you are paying... these kids won’t thrive if they are dealing with this trauma.

Parents please keep an eagle eye on your child. If you can’t deal with the reality of them being abused, rather than sweep it under the carpet please seek help . Call us!

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2018/01/young-girls-sexually-assaulted-make-shocking-revelations-lagos-event-photos.html
this piece of shiit were written by the same piece of shiit undecided

just look at this piece of shiit handwriting, there all look similar by the same piece of shiit undecided

this piece of shiit got molested by her uncle, friend, father's friend, and cousins! is this piece of shiit a super woman or a super piece of shiit undecided

how is this possible?


Celebrities / Re: Olamide's Mother Is Dead! (Photo) by goingape: 7:33pm On Jan 30, 2018
science mother RIP
I wonder why celebrity mother always die
because them do rituals with there love ones to gain more money!


Celebrities / Re: Olamide's Mother Is Dead! (Photo) by goingape: 7:31pm On Jan 30, 2018
Nigerian rapper, Olamide, has lost his mother today, 30th January, which happens to be his son, Batifeori Maximiliano Adedeji's third birthday.

He announced her death with a black Instagram post and wrote;

"����� Orisa bi iya o si �����"



I smell sacrificial things!

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Romance / Re: How Do I Deal With My Girlfriend's Male Bestie? by goingape: 2:22am On Jan 29, 2018
Hello guys it has been a while.... Please how can someone cope with his girlfriend having a male best friend? From my own point of view, I believe the boyfriend should occupy that space. Most times I call, she is always with her bestie and he tends to listen to our conversation and sometimes even interrupt it. Please serious and matured minds..

PS: She tells him everything, he knows stuffs about her that I don't. I'm not scared of him taking her from me just that I'm not comfortable with it all all and I'm loosing it gradually.
you are busy suffering while your Gf is also bush collecting preek from her bestie! undecided

Usele naija women in advance!
Islam for Muslims / Re: Canadian Mathematician Tried To Prove Quran False, Ended Up Accepting Islam by goingape: 10:08am On Jan 26, 2018
we know the bomb squad threaten to destroy his family, that's why he ended joining them


Romance / Re: Samuel Afolabi Weds Henna Luiza In Romania (Photos) by goingape: 1:43am On Jan 24, 2018
Naija women in Distress call now

Business / Re: What To Do If Your Creditor Resorts To Self-help Or Chases You With The Police by goingape: 8:06am On Jan 22, 2018
That was how I hired boys to broke one of my debtor's leg undecided

How much self you won use take hire lawyer for this country!

Follow this writeup at your own risk!
Romance / Re: I Never Get Sexually Aroused Or Attracted To Girls Anymore, Am I Okay? by goingape: 4:23pm On Jan 21, 2018
there you go with the wrong stereotype again, (girls are drawn to money) you're right about focusing on his hustle but wrong about the money thing, any girl that is after your money is not different from a prostitue so don't generalize, his problem is not the fact that girls aint throwing themselves at him, his fear is the fact that he's loosing his sex drive, not getting attracted to girls is a big problem, he might be transcending into homosexuality, my advice to you is try to know why those girls rejected you, you can befriend them and get acquainted to the point that they're comfortable talking to you, they'll tell you one way or the other why they rejected your advances, if you're lucky, they'll have similar reasons, looks and money isn't all you need to woo a girl I feel it has something to do with your personality so work on yourself
you are very right undecided

Since 98.5% of naija girls chase after money, going by your theory, majority of naija women are prostitute!


Romance / Re: I Never Get Sexually Aroused Or Attracted To Girls Anymore, Am I Okay? by goingape: 4:10pm On Jan 21, 2018
Hi nairalanders, I'm pete(pseudonym), I'm 22, and a virgin, I come from an average family, I won't say I'm too handsome but I'm averagely good looking, they was a phase in my life where I was hyperactive and always drawn to the opposite sex that mere looking at a pic I get erection, this made me chased a lot of girls with different tactics( sweet mouth, dressing, money) they all rejected me despite my looks and money, I resort to porn but find it disgusting, I switched to masturbat,ion it didn't work infact nothing is enjoyable about it and sex workers are a no no for me,

after trying desperately for years to get a real girlfriend for the first time in my life I gave up on searching, I kept loosing intrest in girls, now I never get sexually aroused anymore, even when I see naked women physically or we get locked in a room I will feel nothing, the only erection I get now is the early morning erection, I'm not gay but I am really starting to get worried

Lalasticlal.a please help a brother
you are very OK!

Don't ever feel sexually attracted to those apes called naija women undecided

What you need now is to start looking for foreign girls.

I myself naija women irritate me and I have never for once feel sexually attracted to those piece of shiit angry

Try and date a wihite woman and you will know that you are very normal!


Forum Games / Re: Is This Murder Or Suicide? by goingape: 2:31pm On Jan 21, 2018
Is this murder or suicide?
the blood on the wall shows it is clearly murder!

Suicide victim shoot there head sideways and the blood would have splash to left.

Someone shoot him head on!
Nairaland / General / Re: Man Takes Selfie After Surviving A Ghastly Motor Accident. Photos by goingape: 11:07pm On Jan 20, 2018
A Nigerian man is filled with thanks to God for preserving his life after a ghastly motor accident. According to Nezer Cosmos, he was seated right at the back seat where it seems the accident had much impact, but he came out without a scratch and decided to take a selfie.

Below is what he shared on Facebook;

It would have been a death story because i was seating right at the back seat, but God showed me mercy. Help me thank the God of my pastor and the God of my parents for not allowing my life end in an accident. It happened in a twinkle of an eye.

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2018/01/thankful-man-takes-selfie-surviving-ghastly-motor-accident-photos.html
this is a warning call for those who travel to meet Toto!

For ye liveth for Toto and die by the road .
Romance / Re: Man Flies In From Abroad, Proposes To His Girlfriend As She Cries (Photos) by goingape: 11:01pm On Jan 20, 2018
So beautiful...... olorun pick up my call cool
why would him pick your call when you are busy operating on differents preeks undecided

Stop playing with preeks and dedicate your service with God and he will answer your call, but ye wanted preek.
Romance / Re: Man Flies In From Abroad, Proposes To His Girlfriend As She Cries (Photos) by goingape: 10:58pm On Jan 20, 2018
A Nigerian lady Faith Orji was surprised by her abroad based partner with a marriage proposal. According to reports, the lady was in complete shock because she was told she was coming for a friends dinner party not knowing it was her day. Her boyfriend flew in from an undisclosed country and came in straight from the airport. His lady had no idea that he was in the country....

After all the screaming and reactions of disbelief, the handsome man finally got her to the proposal spot and asked for her hand in marriage...

She was very shocked after being ambushed with the marriage proposal in the presence of her family and friends who had already planned with her boyfriend.

She finally said yes not after bursting into tears.

Congratulations to them.

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2018/01/man-flies-abroad-surprises-nigerian-lady-marriage-proposal-pics.html

A man flies from abroad just to meet with one ape who will later open her private part to the public for commercial use undecided

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Family / Re: Man Marries Lady Impregnated By Another Man. Finds Out After Marriage (Photos) by goingape: 12:28pm On Jan 20, 2018
A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share story of his friend who was forced into marrying his girlfriend who was pregnant for another man.

According to him, the man was even forced by the girl's family to do some fetish sacrifices after the marriage.

The Twitter user wrote;

"A friend got married last year to the pregnant girlfriend not knowing the pregnancy wasn't for him. The girls parents were aware the husband was not responsible for the pregnancy #scandal. The man is being pressured to perform some rituals to cleanse"

He continued;

"They met on July 22 last year and the pregnancy EDD in January 2018. Gestation period is 9 months. She was months pregnant before they met and she still package the pregnancy for the guy. This world is wicked"

The lady has also been in constant communication with the real father of her unborn child while married to the man.


naija women with their public part undecided

Useless set of species


Crime / Re: Jigawa Market Where Prostitutes, Gamblers Do Their Thing In Public by goingape: 6:47pm On May 28, 2017
This OP is a douchebaggery for misleading NAIRALANDERS...

Crime / Re: Jigawa Market Where Prostitutes, Gamblers Do Their Thing In Public by goingape: 6:45pm On May 28, 2017
A section at the popular Gujungu market in Taura local government area of Jigawa state is said to be a bad spot (red light district) which harbors prostitutes, gamblers, singers and others who showcase their nightlife activities in public. According to a special report by Arewa Dailypost, the government authorities have failed to curtail the kind of activities going on there despite series of reports brought to their attention.

Young children and underage residents are said to have made their place their second home due to the kind of pleasure they derive from there...

Source; http://www.nationalhelm.net/2017/05/gujungu-market-see-market-in-jigawa.html

is your brain paining you!

Were is the prostitute?

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Nairaland / General / Re: 7 Things To Attempt In 2017 by goingape: 1:45pm On Jan 14, 2017
2017 just like others years will be filled with expectations, some good and some bad moments too. Here are Some things to do to make it Worthwhile ‎

Try to be Disciplined.
You know, nothing will change unless you change, even if what you are expecting changes, you will have to change to cope with it, You need Discipline to Change. You need to discipline your Self to Wake up Earlier, To Eat balance diet, To stop excessive drinking and Smoking ; You need to discipline your self to be more punctual in your Activities, No to procrastination. 

Try to Love what you do.
There is Difference between doing what you love and Doing just for the Benefit.
When you do what you love you will see no Pain in it just gains.
When in school and you love to be a Doctor, Every Teaching about it should interest you, cos your love for it will make it more understandable that just participating so you can have a Doc degree. 
Even most  Entrepreneurs, web designers, Cooks, etc are successful now because they love what they do, the Passion is there so they see no disappointment or Pain. 

Try to Seek/Share More Knowledge.
 Try to seek more Knowledge as it never ends, everyday we should learn a new thing. Read educational books, read Explorers threads and get more knowledge, even if it was might be of no use to you but at least you have a knowledge of it. Likewise, Share knowledge you have too, cos it's when you share knowledge you will get learn too.

Try to Understand people and Friends. 
Sometimes it's not necessary to just avoid some friends in the name of keeping your circle small, NO! . Try to know why he is behaving that way, Maybe he/she needs help, maybe ignorance . You avoiding him or her will put the person in Danger, first understand the person and know they reason why they do what they do.

Try to Travel Around. 
It's not necessary you Travel around the globe , travel within your Location and learn other people's way of life and leaving , learn other languages, and Enjoy the Culture you meet

Try to Understand your God
This is another important aspect to attempt, try to Understand how your God work for you, not solely dependant on when your Pastor prescribe Fasting for you before you fast, don't wait only for Morning and night time before you Pray. Try to know what works well for you and your God.

Try to be a Cheerful Giver. 
One Aspect is being a  giver and another a Cheerful Giver. The difference is the Joy added to the giving. When ever you get to meet one in Need provide the available help you have, not necessarily money but your Kind words or Knowledge.

Feel free to add yours will love to Learn from you.

Written by :Winetapper
Credits: Amiloaded

Cc. Dominique
try to number your stuff!

were is the 7 thing undecided
Romance / Re: 7 Easy Ways Of Identifying A Cheating Partner by goingape: 1:37pm On Jan 14, 2017
One of the major reasons for break ups these days is the rate at which people cheat. Many a times, people do not expect to be cheated on because they are faithful. But then, life can really be unfair at times. Is it not better you know the signs of a cheating partner and save yourself unnecessary heart break in future? Here are seven tips to help you.

1. His/her phone:

The surest cupboard housing cheating skeletons is his/her phone. Is she always with her phone? How secretive does he/she get his/her phone? If your partner takes the phone everywhere, I mean everywhere, like bathroom, toilet, and kitchen at all times, then something is up. If the phone is always on password and your partner won’t tell you the password, don’t just raise an eyebrow, you need to raise your two eyes entirely.

2.Style of dressing:

So, you notice your partner suddenly upped his/her game in dressing just like that. New clothes, new shoes, new perfume; extra efforts at looking good than usual? Then pay close attention. Something is definitely fishy. He/she wants to look good for the co-cheat.

3. Partner’s schedule:

Your partner’s usual schedule just changed without him/her being able to tell you exactly what has been keeping them occupied? It is most likely because they have made room to accommodate one more occupant. If it is not so, your partner will be able to tell you straight up and consistently what has been taking his/her time.

4. Cancels dates/appointments suddenly:

If he is fond of cancelling dates with you at last minute because of unavoidable reasons, yet cannot say precisely ‘why’, then you should be concerned. If the excuses sound odd to you, then you should probably trust your guts.

5. No time for intimacy:

If you both used to have intimate moments and your partner suddenly loses interest in it, someone is obviously doing your job for you. Sudden withdrawal with no sound explanation implies they are doing it with someone else.

6. Shrinks back from future plans:

If your partner suddenly becomes uninterested in talks about the future of your relationship, it is clear sign that he/she has such plans with someone else.

7. Avoids meeting friends and family:

If your partner suddenly starts avoiding the need to get introduced to your family members or friends, he/she is only trying to save you the waste of energy because he/she knows the relationship is going nowhere. So, read the handwriting on the wall clearly.

We live in a changing world. And as humans, we are constantly developing new ways of doing things…even new ways to cheat and cover our tracks. So, it is safe to say if you observe three of these signs in your partner, you should definitely raise an eye brow. If your partner can evade all these signs, then what you have is a professional cheat as a partner and you don enter one chance grin.
piece of shiit!

any woman were go cheat go cheat still clean mouths and you no go know, Infact she go cheat born bastard child and you go take care of that bastard child still he/she finish sch!

the easiest way to catch a cheating partner is to put juju on there private part! no corner corner story undecided
Romance / Re: Lady Dies 3 Days After Her Engagement (Photos) by goingape: 1:22pm On Jan 14, 2017
It is Allah's will
take your dirty Allah and get out of this thread undecided

bomb blash Allah's will!

terrorist Allah's will!
Investment / Re: The Secret Of MMM's Comeback by goingape: 10:59am On Jan 14, 2017
exactly, that's why you wrote a topic on MMM because currently it's the fastest means to get to front page....
I respect smellingAnus!

tell those matherfvckers to there smelly faces


Investment / Re: The Secret Of MMM's Comeback by goingape: 10:55am On Jan 14, 2017
Prior to freezing accounts in December 2016, MMM Nigeria majored it's transactions on Naira, with less emphasis on bitcoin. With Naira exchange on the platform, Mavrodi and his team could only withdraw a little from the system as they don't have Naira accounts to GH into . But I bet with the advent of a more bitcoin based exchange, Mavrodi and his team will make a huge swoop in Nigeria by creating several fictitious account to 'GH' into.

This could save a life. #myonecent

piece of shiit

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Celebrities / Re: Runtown Had Sex With Nana, Bad Guy Toba's Fiancee [PICS] by goingape: 9:53am On Jan 14, 2017

Excuse me? Ok I've noticed you. Move on to the next girl cos your yeye dey smell
piece of shiit

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Celebrities / Re: Runtown Had Sex With Nana, Bad Guy Toba's Fiancee [PICS] by goingape: 9:22am On Jan 14, 2017
Any girl that deliberately flaunts her cleavage and displays such pics online is a POTENTIAL hoe/loose girl/slag...and not worth wasting any iota of emotional stress on, not to talk about marital engagement!

nowadays ashawo don top there game ohh!

Infact na the most decent and well dress one be the real ashawo ohh!


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