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Education / Re: Personal Assistant Writes NABTEB Exam For Lawmaker by goose1: 3:09pm On Dec 02, 2011
Here is the PICTURE of the lady
Phones / Re: What's Happening To Mobile Numbers In Nigeria? by goose1: 1:16pm On Oct 27, 2011
There is nothing wrong with that, its a coded system with 11 digits and once you get the first 11 digits right,your call will go irrespective of what ever you add after it. When it gets to the 11th digit, it processes the call.chikena!
Education / Uniben Suspends One Of Its Lecturers For Helping Girls by goose1: 12:26pm On Jun 29, 2011
Anselm Igbafe, the Head of the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Benin, was a few weeks ago suspended by the university for illegally assisting some female students graduate with grades beyond their performances.

The students reportedly approached Igbafe with a request to help shore up their grades. Igbafe was said to have told them that what they wanted him to do was difficult, but he would do what he could if they gave him one week to see how best he could do it. Igbafe got back to them with a promise to assist–if they would pay certain amounts of money. The students agreed and paid.

However, one of the students was alleged to be having an affair with Igbafe. When the results were released, Igbafe’s girlfriend was shown to have graduated with a Second Class Upper Division degree in Chemical Engineering. Her result aroused suspicions, given that she was not known as a particularly bright student.

A lecturer who knew the girl was said to have asked what grade she made. When the girl told him that she graduated with a Second Class Upper, he informed other lecturers in the department.

One of the lecturers, who suspected foul play, wrote a petition to the Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Professor R.O. Ebewele. In the petition, he claimed that some of the female students, who still had carry-overs, mysteriously graduated with 2;1 degrees.

The Dean set up a committee to investigate the matter. The committee discovered that 10 students had benefited from Igbafe’s largesse in doctoring their results.

The students involved appeared before the committee and their testimonies indicted Igbafe, who was discovered to have altered results dating back to their first year.

Consequently, the University Senate, decided to suspend Igbafe.

Efforts to get Igbafe's reaction to the development were unsuccessful as calls made to his mobile phone went unanswered.

Present and past UNIBEN students please discuss what you know about this man and other lecturers like him
Business / Re: Putting Sanusi's Islamic Banking In Perspective by goose1: 4:34pm On Jun 28, 2011
There is nothing wrong in encouraging interest free banking,especially in a developing world like ours,if the level of illiteracy is very negligible. Considering the high level of uninformed people in this country,any policy that can shake the foundations of our nationhood, should not be encouraged.
My only concern with regards to this banking idea is,why must we add the name Islamic to it,even in the face of opposition.What is in the name that is so hard for Sanusi to change to a more acceptable one. Why not choose a name that will not make some sections of the country localise it as theirs.What if we call it common bank?
I hear people talk about the fact that patronage of it is not by force, yea,you are right,but are we setting it up just to divide us? or for it to join the list of failed institutions? We should think about something that will thrive and its attendant effect felt in every part of the country.
What about those that say the Christians should set up their own Christian banking,that is more division if you ask me.Let us eschew violence and think of ways of lifting this country up.The uninformed amongst us look up to us for direction,each time we give them more reason to hate one another.Enough said please
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam,a Religion Of Violence? by goose1: 11:17am On Jun 28, 2011

and the has arrived from the fingers of the oped, goose1, that northern nigerian Islam is more conservative than the Islam of the land of the messenger [as].

what a load of crock!

Maybe you need to re-write your view so we can get your argument without any room for ambiguity,but if I must say something to what I understood from your comment,with respect to the topic of discussion-VIOLENCE in the name of religion,yes Nigerian muslim is very conservative compared to those you call the land of messenger.
And please make sense!
Islam for Muslims / Islam,a Religion Of Violence? by goose1: 10:37am On Jun 28, 2011
This is in no way intended to stir up controversy,but to get to the minds of millions of Nigerias,muslims and chrisitians alike.Is islam a violent religion world over or just in Nigeria.
I ask this question because,if I am to be sincere with my self,each time I hear terrorism or bomb,what comes to my mind is Islam,Arab. Is this violence religious or ethnic?
Putting Nigeria predominantly muslim North and with a link to Arab world into perspective,one wonders what is actually responsible for the constant violence that emanates from that region. If I say it is religion, I will remember that we have Yorubas who practice Islam,yet they are not violent.If I think it to be ethnic,I remember that countries like Qatar,Saudi Arabia etc of Arab origin practice moderate islam.
So N/Ls,what do you think is actually the problem with our Northern neighbours
Business / Re: Anglican Bishops Kick Against Proposed Islamic Bank by goose1: 11:10pm On Jun 14, 2011
So funny how many Nigerians are so ethnic and religious minded.They only compare Nigeria with other countries when it suits them.Comparing Nigeria with UK in terms of sharia bank success shows they are either shallow minded tor just religious zealots,i think it is the later.Nigeria and UK are miles apart in terms of human development and education.I am not against sharia bank because of its applicability,rather because of the believe and understanding of the muslims in our midst.There is no need starting what will destroy our existence.What are the flaws of the present banking system that you want to solve with sharia bank at the risk of starting a civil war.
Sanusi,if u are short of ideas,drink more kunu or else resign than destroy us.
Politics / Re: Did Anybody Listen To Buhari On Radio Nigeria's Programme (eagle Square)! by goose1: 7:39pm On Apr 08, 2011
@poster.your position here is that of a campaigner.At this time in our national life,we don't need an orator in the mold of Bill Clinton (GEJ is not close to it),neither do we need a leader with the finest diplomatic touch.Other nations may need it based on their national demand/desire.We don't equally need a young chap,it is the least of our problem.What we earnestly need is a leader that has the moral right and desire to take on corruption. This is where Buhari come in,he may not be the best in other areas of governance,but he is the leader that fits our most pressing problem-corruption.
Guys lets vote according to our most pressing need.
Buhari for president
Politics / Re: Even At Pdp Rallies, It's Sai Buhari! by goose1: 7:49pm On Mar 11, 2011
Don't be deceived,Buhari is not a Muslim fundamentalist. Did Buhari cause the religious riots in Jos, NO.Did Buhari instigate the 1989 Bauchi riots, No.Did Buhari cause the 1990 Kano riot, No.Did Buhari enlist Nigeria into the OIC membership, No.Let those with the proof of Buhari's Islamic fundamentalist actions/inactions come forward with proofs.
I will like to see people accuse Buhari of corruption,either as a head of state or chairman of PTF.
Let us save this country my fellow youths,let us educate our fellow youths, let us rubbish the baseless propaganda that has been flying around us. Don't be deceived,the bane of our problem is corruption! without corruption,out refineries will be working at full capacity, without corruption power supply will be steady,without corruption our roads will not be death traps,without corruption there will be overwhelming job creation. Nigeria is blessed,but we need people of integrity at the helm of affairs.
Read more
Family / Re: Forcing My Mother-in-law To Leave My Home by goose1: 8:43am On Dec 28, 2010
@poster,I do hope this is a joke,but if it is not,there is problem in your house.
Now there are some facts you need to put into consideration before you decide on which cause of action to take.
1.How many children do you have with this woman?
2.Who is the sponsor of her business,was it you that openned the shop for her?
3.How many daughters do this woman (your MIL) have beside your wife?
4.Is her husband still alive,does your wife have any elder brother or a younger brother that is a real man?
The answer to these questions will decide how you act, there are many possible ways to deal with this depending on the prevailing circumstance.
But I think the first action you take is to cease her source of income; close her shop first. Don't confront your MIL directly,be diplomatic and use her family members to fight her, pay a visit to her son,husband,brother or uncle (this is where i doubt your story,i know igbos has a close family relationship and tend to side the son-in-law in almost every issue).
But if your MIL has your wife as her only daughter,it will be a big problem,in this case i will advice you cease your wife's source of income only, and allow your MIL to stay with you.
Lets see how it plays out first,but drop all claims of cheating,its not your problem now,solve the problem of gang-up and you have everything under control.
Politics / First Lady Scolds Governor Amaechi In Public by goose1: 11:20am On Aug 28, 2010
THE First Lady’s two-day visit to Rivers State ended in a fiasco Tuesday.

All was well, until Dame Patience Jonathan and her chief host, Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi got to Okrika – the First Lady’s home town.

The governor was explaining by video his school project in Okrika, saying there must be demolition of some buildings to have space for the schools.

Mrs Jonathan cut in, grabbed the microphone and said the governor should reconsider the way he was going about the demolition. MORE
Family / Re: Traditonal Marriage And Court Marriage by goose1: 12:58am On Jun 14, 2010
The issue of marriage has been so much misconcieved in Nigeria. It is time we get this things straight and do the right things first.Before I continue, let it be known that I have nothing against any form of marriage,but people should know the important thing needed for one to be officially married, the rest should be as your pocket answereth you.
Before now, there is nothing like traditional marriage, those that their parents married before 1970 should ask their mother if there was anything like traditional marriage during their time.Traditional marriage as it is today is not a Nigerian culture (whatever the tribe), it was introduced by some zealots. Court marriage is a legal stuff,and as far as Africa is concerned, marriage is traditional. The only tradition of most Nigerian culture, with reference to marriage is wine carrying.On that day, the brides father will handover the bride to the groom for keep, in exchange of any material thing agreed by both parties.
For those that believe couples are fornicating because they have not done white wedding, it is falacy!.As for the question, any order can suffice because both are not mandatory, but a way of showing off.Many couples do all these and end up begging for food early in their marriage.BE WISE ALL!
Family / Re: How To Be A Better Wife by goose1: 6:32pm On Apr 15, 2010

You're sounding very selfish here but I'll go easy on you.
That was the biggest mistake of your life,copying and pasting this to your wife because the message you're sending is ,baby you need to shape up and get it together.
No woman would take kindly to that and I speak as a woman.

And where do you get it wrong Oh Mr woman psychology specialist ?
What are you bringing to the table.
Whenever you want to change the course of your marriage,the first client should be you.
Not her
but you.

And who are you to have a guiding rule for anyone
Do you know what hre guiding rules are?
Did you spell out these your rules before walking her down the aisle ?
She may have run the other direction and left you with your book of rules.

Since you know that cream,why don't you go out and buy her half a dozen for mother's day
I'm sure she'll use it.
Your name papaejima tells me you have twins so obviously her hands are full
She has so much to do and who knows how much help she gets besides a husband hounding her about her looks.

Could it be also that you have stopped listening and responding such that the sister has to say it a few times to obtain a response?
Think about that.

Sounds to me like this woman is overwhelmed with the kids and her duties to run a home plus take care of you.
Give her sme needed credit,will you!
When was the last time you asked if she needed any help around the house?
that would be appreciated.

All that whole sermon belongs to you too
It alway goes both ways
what you give is what you receive
What you sow,is what you reap
If you make a woman feel on top of the world,she'll reciprocate same

You seem to have lost touch of the discussion, sounds like you are fighting a gender battle!
Oh no, hell not. Learn to take +ves from any discuss!
Events / Re: Is It Good To Borrow Money For Your Wedding? by goose1: 8:40pm On Feb 17, 2010
It will be beginning of his marrital problem.
Dont know how some people look at life.must you do wedding?
If you don't have the means,take your wife home and start a family in as much as you have paid the dowry.
And let me hear any pastor say it is a sin not to do church wedding!
Family / Re: How Do You Deal With An Overstaying Mother In Law by goose1: 6:00pm On Jan 31, 2010
I have read most of the thread from the ladies in the house,many of them are against it,and are ready to do anything to frustrate the mama from the house.Now lets look at it this way,your are the only child of your parents (a girl).You got married and later in life your mother became diabetic,meaning she needs closer attention,especially with regards to her food.She came over to her place to get relief and possibly live longer for you.A month later, your husband told you she has to go,how would you feel knowing she has no where else to go and cant take good care of herself.
I think toom much of these good-for-nothing nollywood videos are decieving lots of our girls.Why do women treat their husbands folk harshily and wickedly?,its time ladies learn how to love in their married life.
Celebrities / Re: Revealed!: Why 9ice's Marriage Crashed by goose1: 3:46pm On Jan 13, 2010






i accept some men (not all) do frolick outside wedluck,many atimes with yet-to-be-married girls.
Think of it,if you blame the men for not sticking their ass in one place,what will you say of the girls
that play with them.I don't even want to bring the issue of infidelity in married women here,but the fact
that this young women play with sugar daddies when they are not married,and as laws of kaama/nemesis
will have it,their husband do go out as punishment for the sins of the girls.I don't support it sha,but look
at it as a societal evil,and not a mans issue.many married and single ladies do sleep with married men.
I mean i hardly hear of married men having 'it' with other men.
Romance / Re: She Insists On Keeping The Pregnancy: I'm 27 by goose1: 6:21pm On Jan 05, 2010
you sound so funny, did i hear you say run away. Do you think that will solve the problem?, this is not the kind of problem you run away from,it is either you do the right thing or you damn the consequence (I bet you will not like it).
if you are not ready for marriage,i don't see any problem with that,if the girl said she is pregnant and want to keep it, fine.She can as long as she wants,afterall she knew you are still in school when both of you had unprotected sex.Let her have the baby,its your baby,but marriage is not by force.
Girls should grow up and understand that you can't force a man to marry you by claiming to be pregnant for him,to me it sounds stupid and damn nonsense. Always protect your self,if you and your man has decided to marry each other,then fine and do the right thing before getting pregnant.If the man refuses to marry you,you will finally turn out to be the ultimate loser!!
Romance / Re: Is It Compulsory To Wash Your Husband's Clothes? by goose1: 6:29pm On Jan 02, 2010
there are not many things better than this (name them if you know),it is a package,the moment you take away a part of it,the rest crumbles.
as for the debate, it is a formula,when you are married, you will surely find the one that will work for you and your spouse.
But both parties should try and make it work. Funny enough,if the marriage fails,both of you have failed!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Pricewaterhousecoopers (pwc):graduate Associates 2009 by goose1: 9:25am On Feb 05, 2009
Please can yet to serve graduates apply?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Jobs At Us Embassy by goose1: 9:20am On Feb 05, 2009
really a good site with good stuffs
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Kpmg Recruiting Fresh And Experienced Graduates by goose1: 1:59pm On Oct 20, 2008
See these jobs Here
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Jobs At Addax Petroluem For Many Positions! by goose1: 12:30pm On Oct 18, 2008
I am still waiting
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Jobs At Addax Petroluem For Many Positions! by goose1: 4:19pm On Oct 16, 2008
Pls does any one know anything about addax test format
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sosaco Nigeria (makers Of Jago Milk) Is Recruiting. Apply Here by goose1: 7:55am On Oct 07, 2008
Look up for jobs Here
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancy In A Top Telecoms Industry by goose1: 8:22pm On Sep 21, 2008
You can view some vacancies Here
Jobs/Vacancies / Sterling Bank: Graduate Recruitment & Entry Level 2008 by goose1: 7:53am On Sep 18, 2008
Sterling Bank: Graduate Recruitment & Entry Level 2008
Sterling Bank Plc is currently recruiting graduates for entry level recruitment 2008.
Minimum requirements for entry-level candidates is a B.Sc or HND with at least Second Class Lower degree or Lower Credit and are not more than 28 years old.
Apply at Sterling Bank
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Calling All Gradautes (bank Phb, Ge Oil & Gas, Horwath Dafinone Etc.) by goose1: 9:11am On Sep 13, 2008
checkup Here
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Guinness 2nd Test by goose1: 6:42am On Sep 11, 2008
Get some infor Here
Jobs/Vacancies / Join Transocean Internationall Offshore Fleet by goose1: 6:28pm On Sep 01, 2008
Join Transocean InternationalL Offshore Fleet
When it comes to your career, you don't want to make the wrong move. At Transocean, you won't.
We're the largest and most experienced offshore driller worldwide with 40 years of service in Asia and Australia. At Transocean, you can work with some of the most advanced rigs and operations in the world, operations that set records in technical firsts, efficiency and safety. We also have some of the most experienced people in the industry so you have the opportunity to learn from and share with some of the best minds anywhere.
If you have experience in either offshore or onshore drilling, or have knowledge and experience of commissioning, servicing and repairing drilling equipment we may have an opportunity for you.
We have competitive salaries, bonuses, benefits and an on -the-job training program that is the best in the industry.
Submit your CV for one of the positions from the selection below and inquire about starting a career with Transocean.
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