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Sports / Re: Mauricio Pochettino To Become Chelsea New Manager by gozzlin: 1:20am On May 14, 2023
Please if anybody can help me with any little amount to eat I will be very happy. Feeding is a big problem for me and my family please no matter how small. I havent eaten anything since yesterday in the morning pls. My dad is a retired teacher and my mom is late. Am a single mother with my own son mouth to feed, the little money i make have use it to cater for my dad illness and pay house rent but his health is getting worst. Now we can't even eat or buy water to drink. Please if you're reading this message pls come to our aid, no matter how small it will go a long way pls. May God meet you at the point of your need as you have show us mercy amen

Acct num:
First Bank

Scammer! If you use the same energy you use in opening accounts here to work offline, you'd have become a millionaire by now.

Same fake story all the time, instead of finding a decent work to do offline.

You will soon meet your Waterloo.
Family / Re: My Wife's Family Calling My Son Another Name by gozzlin: 8:03pm On May 13, 2023
Oga go and rest, after all people can bear 3 to 5 names. Is it a taboo to you if your son answers just 2 names? Nonsense!


Celebrities / Re: Actor Saint Obi Dies At 57 by gozzlin: 7:32pm On May 13, 2023
Politics / Re: Farouq, Achimugu, Saraki, Linda Ikeji, Others For African Iconic Women Awards by gozzlin: 11:00am On May 11, 2023
AlexReports, abeg tell us how much you collect from each awardee to give them the bogus awards? I want to start my own awards company.
Celebrities / Re: Rihanna Names Her Son RZA Athelston Mayers (Photos) by gozzlin: 10:38am On May 11, 2023

Sorry to say this, but the boy is as ugly as his grotesque name.

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Agriculture / Re: Training/rearing Of Goats, Dogs & Pigs, Which Is Cheaper & More Profitable? by gozzlin: 3:48pm On May 09, 2023

It costs a lot to train pigs.

Why do you call it 'train'? Is it that the Yoruba word for raising animals also means train?

The correct English word is 'rear'. Rearing of animals, not training. Training means something else entirely. Know your English.


Agriculture / Re: Strange Bird Killed By Fulani by gozzlin: 10:46am On May 09, 2023

Na them dey kill now, infact, check our military self, na them full am.

No doubt about that.
Health / Re: Congratulation To Me by gozzlin: 5:55pm On May 08, 2023
10million and above, things are very expensive now especially baby things

Aren't you an 1diot? grin

I'm certain you don't even have up to 30k in your account. undecided

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Music/Radio / Re: Tiwa Savage Performance At King Charles III Coronation Concert (Video, Photos) by gozzlin: 5:36pm On May 08, 2023
Is it the the same Tiwa whose pussy was seen by all and sundry in that despicable sex tape?
Agriculture / Re: Strange Bird Killed By Fulani by gozzlin: 5:22pm On May 08, 2023
I hate seeing that name 'Fulani'. It has become synonymous with massacre, brutality and bloodshed in Nigeria.


Politics / Re: My Friend Said He Has No Qualms About The Old Man Winning But... by gozzlin: 4:40pm On Feb 24, 2023
No, no, no! That hideous old creature can never be my president. God forbid!

I cannot hang that grotesque face on my office wall.

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Romance / Re: I Have Decided To Quit by gozzlin: 6:22pm On Feb 11, 2023

I'd never sleep with a dead body. I might touch her body, caress her breasts and kiss her lips, but I ain't sticking my diçk in the pussy of a dead woman. And if I perceive any foul smell, I'm done.

You guys overrate sex. For me it's not the sex that matters. It's the time spent with her. When I was young I used to enjoy watching women sleep. The feeling is better than your overrated sex.

You masturbated to the sight of sleeping women when you were young?! Oh Lawd!
Romance / Re: I Have Decided To Quit by gozzlin: 3:46pm On Feb 11, 2023
A brief Overview

As I made the decision to quit this sort of pornography, I tried to make sure my last masturbation was going to be with one of my favorite videos. So I got out my hard drive, connected it to my PC and began to peruse through my folders. That was my first mistake.

I am OCD and I like to keep things arranged nicely. As a consequence, I have all my violent porn arranged in folders based on the company names. Again, believe it or not, there are over 30 different companies producing this sort of stuff, and each company tailors its videos and models to different interests.

For instance, there are companies like N-MAX and 2kill4 that only feature Chinese girls. Their videos involve murder and simulated sex or ragdoll play with the corpse, but there is zero nudity. I don't even think you can even consider this pornography. What I like about Asian actresses is how well they can play dead. They are by far the best at keeping death stares(perhaps its the anatomy of their eyes) but they are the absolute worst at any pre-death acting. For pre-death acting, the award goes to the white women, particularly the American models.

There are companies like DarkRooms that only feature Russian girls and usually involve gunshot and stabbing type murder amongst the models, that is, girls killing girls, which I like a lot, but they speak Russian 95% of the time which throws me off, and when they try to speak English to appeal to their English market, the accent is so heavy lol

There are companies like Velvet Fantasies that feature girl on girl stuff, but in a less realistic way, usually involving spies and clones. For instance the clones of a spy are hunted and killed by neck breaks and obviously fake gunshots without the blood. They also do some chloroform and knockout stuff at times. Not a fan of these though.
I like this company because the models are all hot and also because the owner of the company is the absolutely gorgeous, thick Jacquelyn velvets who started off working as a model for Annabelle's Fantasy many years ago and then Bluestones Silk before creating her own company.

Jacquelyn has been annoying lately cos she goes to sites where I usually download her videos for free and requests that all videos from her company be taken down. She expects everyone to purchase her videos from her online store. Lol. Imagine purchasing a 20 minute video for $25. Something I will download for free with 100mb.

Then there are companies like Psycho-thrillers, Peachy keen Films and Chris corner productions that do hyper-realistic videos mostly involving male on female violence, that if you stumbled on it for the first time, you'd think were real. My favorite videos are from these companies by the way. Not something I am proud of though.

I know you. You once had a Nairaland account which you used to post about this fetish of yours. You said you enjoyed videos of ladies being attacked violently and killed. You were even asking for a Nigerian lady who would agree to play dead while you fvck her.

I remember the backlash from most Nairalanders who called you a sick human being and a psycho, which made you to delete the account.

You're back again with a new moniker. You really need serious help. What will happen when you get married? Are you sure you'd be able to have sex with any woman?

You don't really know what you've gotten yourself into until the time comes.

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Romance / Re: Sex Party(orgy) by gozzlin: 9:37am On Feb 10, 2023
With that 25k one can get 3 hook up girls for a foursome.

Carry your sex party comot for here.

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Romance / Re: Are There Guys Like Me?? by gozzlin: 1:45pm On Feb 09, 2023

Nothing weird about him,
totally normal

We plenty like you, no worry

No be lie, Certified loner by mayorkun is my soundtrack right now cheesy

You must be really ugly, unattractive, broke and socially inept for you to be in that state.
Education / Re: See The Evil Happening In Uniport! by gozzlin: 1:26pm On Feb 09, 2023
I expect nothing good outta Rivers State where everybody there is a cultist and involved in one crime or the other. The lecturers are all cultists.


Romance / Re: Lady Turns Down Lover’s Surprise Marriage Proposal In Church(video) by gozzlin: 1:19pm On Feb 09, 2023
See the ugly girl sef with k legs and pot belly. Na the simpish man I blame sha. You no see fine girl propose to, na dis worwor girl. You no get taste at all.

It's a staged video sha.
Romance / Re: Lady Turns Down Lover’s Surprise Marriage Proposal In Church(video) by gozzlin: 1:13pm On Feb 09, 2023

An embarrassing drama ensued in a church as a young man attempted to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.

In a short clip seen on social media, the lady was backing the man as she held up a birthday cake given to her, while being flanked by cheering church folks.

Behind her, a man believed to be her boyfriend suddenly went on one knee, holding up a ring. On turning around, the lady stood shell-shocked, then reacted in an unexpected manner.

Unfortunately, she refused to accept and stated that they have only been dating for three months and its too early to start thinking of marriage.

She accused him of embarrassing her but the boyfriend seemed confusion by her reaction, and just as he was trying to process what was happening, she smacked him and plastered the cake on his face.

Source: https://www.withinnigeria.com/gist/2023/02/06/weve-been-together-for-only-3-months-lady-turns-down-lovers-surprise-marriage-proposal-in-church-video/

No need for the stupid voice over/ narration at the beginning of the video. It was so boring and unnecessary. Moreover you have a terrible voice and equally terrible accent, and your English is absolutely horrible. Just play video for us without the horrendous narration. We're cool with it that way.

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Agriculture / Re: Amazing Output From My Yam-in-sack Farming (pictures) by gozzlin: 4:05pm On Jan 27, 2023
So you are a Gardner and not a farmer, right? undecided

You're a sadist.
Travel / Re: Before Vs Now: Mommy 60 Years In Nigeria Vs 4 Months In UK (video) by gozzlin: 8:17am On Jan 27, 2023
I don't know why the pictures make me laugh grin grin grin.

I think it's the woman's facial expression. Mama no dey smile even in the UK. 😁😁😁😁😀😀

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Business / Re: How I Pampered Myself After Collecting My Contribution Of 4 Months. by gozzlin: 8:09pm On Jan 25, 2023
Does this Op pay the mods to have her uninspiring topics moved to front page every day? This is becoming annoying. 😕

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Celebrities / Re: Cynthia Morgan Wishes To Change Her State Of Origin by gozzlin: 8:04pm On Jan 25, 2023
If Tinubu from Osun state can claim he's Lagosian, you too can claim any state of your choice.
Romance / Re: Man Dating 23-year-old Woman Who Looks Like An 8-year-old by gozzlin: 5:43pm On Jan 24, 2023
Nigeria girls won't mind dating a shot dawf like shatta Wale, kissing and sucking his Dick for as long as money is involved.

Meanwhile that "8" years old girl has a lot to offer that man far more than an average Nigerian girl

Shatta Bandle is the dwarf, Shatta Wale is not a dwarf.
Romance / Re: See What I Decided To Do This Morning (pics) by gozzlin: 1:28pm On Jan 24, 2023
Op has anyone told you that poultry farming is a goldmine?

It's not a must to do music you know.

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Crime / Re: New Militant Group, Force Of Egbesu, Emerges In Niger Delta; Threatens Election by gozzlin: 12:10am On Jan 24, 2023
M0rons. undecided

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Celebrities / Re: Halima Abubakar Shows Evidence Of How She Dated Apostle Suleman by gozzlin: 8:06am On Jan 23, 2023
my brother I tire….when she was collecting money
She didn’t involve the public,,infact she wouldn’t have agreed that she slept with the man if someone accused her then…so why she dy disturb us?

If you watched the video you would have seen where she said she came out with this because of her protracted ailment which she suspects is spiritual and that Suleiman obviously has a hand in it. She bled for years and Suleiman enjoyed fvcking her even while she was bleeding. She further said if she dies from this, Sule should be held responsible. She is speaking out for the whole world to know.

Suleiman the conman obviously 'used' her spiritually.
Celebrities / Re: I Was Pregnant 3 Times For Apostle Suleman - Halima Abubakar by gozzlin: 8:47pm On Jan 22, 2023
The only fact I gleaned from this is that Suleiman doesn't use condom when fvcking these ladies. 🧐


TV/Movies / Re: BBTITANS Update: Khosi Almost In Tears Because Of Yemi Cregx by gozzlin: 7:59pm On Jan 22, 2023
Look at Yemi's legs. Yuck! Looks so dry, so bony, so scaly, so disgusting! Yuck!!! 🤮
Food / Re: N300 Food I Bought This Morning by gozzlin: 11:56am On Jan 20, 2023

50 cent plate of meal, less than $1 with egg

Things are very cheap in Nigeria we just don't know it

All what a Bsc holder spends to get a quality degree is less than #1,000,000 in a good Public University and he would take that same degree to UK and get a Job beating UK's over #20,000,000 degree

Ghanians and UK buy petrol at 1000, to 1800 per litters, Nigerians buy it less than 300


Mumu APC agent, comparing Nigeria to countries with high minimum wage, and stable electricity and very valuable currency. You're obviously a dumb illiterate.


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