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Romance / Re: Why Do People (Men Especially) Hate Feminism So Much? by Hamid7(m): 6:08pm On Dec 15, 2020

Hmm... If feminism is really misandry in disguise then what do you call we women who simply don't want to be seen as less than based on our gender?
Also where in history have men had to "gain their rights"?
No one is seeing women as less human. That's a feminist lie to make men treat women more gently.

Yes, in the past, men go to war to defend their wives, children and properties against aggression, men toil all day in the farm, men go hunting. Their exploits in all this field earned them honour, respect and rank in the society. And a direct benefit of this is, that high ranked men in the society will listen to their opinion on sensitive issues, they will rub shoulder with the king and elders. But the women didn't go to war, They didn't do much in the farm, They didn't go hunting. I bet they would prefer to run away instead of fighting, they would prefer not to eat meat instead of hunting, who will listen to their opinion?, who will take them serious?.

Even today, it is no much different, men are usually the breadwinners of their families, this earn them the privilege to make decisions in the family. Men pay the rents, the children's school fees, feed the family etc. He goes out with a woman for launch, He pays, she needs airtime he pays, she lost her phone, he buys her a brand new one. Whatever she does is being payed for by men( boyfriend, husband, father, brother, male friend etc) and she wants to be equal with this people.
If for any reason a woman does this things for a while, she will let the world know that you are not a man, and that she has been feeding you all this while.
In politics, engineering, literature, sports and virtually every other field, men are at the forefront, of course you will find women there, but they are not as respected and successful as their male counterparts. I see men take so many risks everyday. No one is marginalizing women, they simply didn take the risks men took.

If women want to have the same rights as men, let them should the same responsibilities as men. Let them take the same risk as men, if they do, they will earn whatever rights the men have earned. If they keep letting men do everything, they shouldn't expect to be treated equally. Let them sow responsibilities and they will harvest equality, dignity respect, rights etc. They can't get this things by simply demanding them. What you sow is what you reap.


Romance / Re: Why Do People (Men Especially) Hate Feminism So Much? by Hamid7(m): 3:08pm On Dec 15, 2020
Throughout history men gained rights by shouldering more responsibilities. Today, women want to have all the rights without shouldering any responsibilities.

A common bumper sticker reads: “Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.” It should read: Feminism is the radical notion that men should do whatever women say, so that women can do whatever the hell they want. - Jack Donovan

Feminism is actually misandry wrapped with the beauty of equality. No man in his senses will support it.

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Politics / Re: Mohammed Ogiri Thanks Yahaya Bello For Supporting Him To Become Councilor by Hamid7(m): 2:11pm On Dec 15, 2020
See leadership!
I'm beginning to like Yahaya Bello walai
You didn't like him before now?. All your comments show you are Bello's praise singer and ass licker.

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Politics / Re: Kogi Council Poll: APC Wins All 21 LGAs, 239 Wards; Opposition Parties Kick by Hamid7(m): 6:48am On Dec 14, 2020
It would have been news if PDP had won 1 LGA in an APC ruled state and vice versa.
My happiness despite not being in support of the charade call LGA election is that APC presented women as vice in all 21 LGA's which is a plus for the poor performing Youth governor in Kogi state
How does selecting female vices translate into good governance. We should start gifting women positions because they are women?. Don't be surprised these vices are more wicked than their male heads.
Phones / Re: How Can I Save Multiple Contacts On Android by Hamid7(m): 5:30pm On Dec 10, 2020
I assume you use Android.
Add the contacts indivtially to your contacts(save them in phone not sim card. You can't link contacts on sim)
Click on one of the contacts to show all information related to the contact.
Click the three dots on the top right corner.
Click link contact and select the contact you want to link.
Repeat these steps to link all the desired contacts
Crime / Re: Woman Slaughters Her Mother In Akwa Ibom (Graphic Photos) by Hamid7(m): 9:59am On Nov 28, 2020
Going through the comments i see people that on another thread were insulting the man for stabbing his live-in lover to death because she refused to register her new car in his name, but now in this thread they express shock, instead of insults, that a woman butchered her mother.

So, why is it that when men commit crimes there are men ready to haul insults, but when women commit crimes the same men express shock?
Why the double standards?
That's because men are brainwashed idiots who refused to realized their idiocy. Some even gave excuses on her behalf by saying she was possessed. From childhood men have been conditioned to believe that women are innocent and harmless. So like zombies, they are willing to defend women at any cost. My brother if you fall while walking, your fellow men will laugh out loud. If a woman falls it's different, they will all rush to help her get on her feet and even offer her a lift to her destination. Men are endangered specie and they haven't realised.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 9:29pm On Oct 27, 2020
Bartomeu finally decides to have small sense.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 5:28pm On Oct 24, 2020
There is no difference between Koeman and our two previous two coaches.
We need to replace players. We need real players not ornaments that cost so much but serve no purpose.
Someone should tell Messi to do more. He has been completely useless this season
The entire Barcelona board need to be overhauled else, nothing will work.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 6:53pm On Aug 15, 2020

You criticize Setien but you still reason like Setien....this whole analysis is trash btw

In other news ..Good morning Cules, just decided to make a quick stop here before I continue on my way cheesy
Everything is trash to you. Like one who's always moody, you have never liked anyone's opinion.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 8:57am On Aug 15, 2020
that is where you're getting it wrong Madrid allowed CR7 to go in a bid that he will still go nonetheless, but still holding unto Messi will not allow the likes of puig and fati not to develop because that depending spirit will always be with them
Yes, if Messi wants to go, he should go, there is no need keeping an unwilling player. But if he wants to stay, he should be faded out as Enrique did to Xavi, he shouldn't be pressured to leave. Madrid let CR7 go because he wanted to.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 8:35am On Aug 15, 2020
this is why Barca we never make it,.. You criticise all barca players but neglect to criticise Messi the old and worn out man..

Messi has pass his prime nothing much..

Allow him go and build another from la masia or buy youngster and nurture him or else if you bring in another young players they will also depend on Messi that his era is gone.

You're insulting Semedo that many of your fans use to praise as one of the best.,that's to show you are bais and Messi fans nothing much...
Messi is past his prime, no doubt but he still has some football left in him. Having Messi around doesn't equal depending on him. The next coach should have the courage not to depend on Messi.
Samedo tried, but he's still not good for Barca. Aside yesterday, what genuine impact does semedo have in any of our matches?
Messi should slowly be faded out. For all, he has done we shouldn't treat him like trash, we are not Madrid.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 8:21am On Aug 15, 2020
The interpretation I have of last night is that it there was a first leg and we won by 5-0 we would still have crashed out.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 8:06am On Aug 15, 2020
It was shameful watching barca play like that. This is easily our worst defeat in all of history. More than half of the players that featured yesterday have no business in that team, they have outlived their usefulness.

Pique, Lenglet: The first is old and past his prime and while the other is is damn too slow to play modern football.

Jordi Alba: This one offers nothing defensively and and can do nothing to stop a counter attack.

Busquets: defensive midfielder should serve as a buffer, to neutalize attacks before it becomes too dangerous. Having a more than 30 year old slow man in that position will expose the defensive line to frequent attacks.

Vidal: sorry cules, I don't know what that guy's doing in Barca. Some argue that he's supposed to bring some physicality into the team, but that only works if you have 3 or more physical players, just one won't have any effect on the game. What he has done since his arrival is to make needless fouls, besides he offers no creativity which is the first duty of a midfielder.

Suarez: Past his prime, he will not improve.

Semedo: That guy should leave, he was never good.

Griezman: Dear cules, this guy will play nothing at Barca even if we hire Pep as coach. He hardly shows any trait of a barcelona kind of player, he is an exact opposite.

All these players shouldn't even be playing in europe, their kinds are in the MLS, Quatar, China and even Japan, where old, tired legs are appreciated.

The coach: That man always looks clueless. What do you make of a coach who speaks to his players by proxy( through Sarabria). No sane coach lets his assistant do the talking when he's present, reason why assistant coaches seem to remain permanently quiet. Even worse, he's a damn coward with no balls. He won't succeed anywhere.

Bartomeu, Abidal, and rest of board members hired a coward like themselves. Barto should do more than making apologies, he is probably our worst president in 20 years he should resign and Abidal should follow him, he's just being Bartomeu's puppet all this while - making needles transfers.

Messi: This game was beyond his power like every other game where magic is needed from nit just one man, I won't blame him. However he should sometimes bark at his boys to to stop disgracing themselves. He should stop looking dejected whenever we're loosing.

This defeat is not even as painful as Roma or Liverpool but it's more shameful.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 10:18pm On Aug 14, 2020
I won't say anything about this match yet, until tomorrow morning.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 9:08pm On Aug 14, 2020
If Setien fails to make subs immediately but instead waits till the 80th minute....draft his sack letter.

If Setien fails to put on Dembele or Riqui Puig or Ansu Fati immediately but instead puts any of Rakitic or someone irrelevant...draft his sack letter.

If Setien fails to use his five available subs and turn this game around.....draft his sack letter.
He won't use those guys, or will introduce them too late. Setien has no balls .
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 11:03pm On Jun 27, 2020
To be fair to him I think he said that only after we had dropped points against Sevilla.
And a good coach wouldn't say that. What I expected was " This is a bad game, but we will improve. we will fight till the end". Yeah, something like that. Saying Madrid will drop point makes Barca look like a hungry baby waiting to be fed by Mama.


Politics / Re: COVID-19, Kogi: Sagay Advises FG To Send NCDC Officials Back With Full Security by Hamid7(m): 12:02pm On May 11, 2020
Why did NCDC officials refuse the quarantine option and returned to Abuja. Even the Chinese doctors were quarantined on arriving Nigeria.
Crime / Re: 34-Year-Old Man Beaten To Death In Imo; Accused Of Sleeping With Kinsman’s Wife by Hamid7(m): 9:14am On May 06, 2020
If it's true he was sleeping with a married woman, he deserves to be beaten to death again and again.
But the woman who willingly opened her legs doesn't deserve to be beaten? Who knows if she was the one that seduced the man. Two adults had a sexual affair, one is killed, the other is left free to keep fucking other availabe d!cks.


Family / Re: What Does It Mean For Babies To Be Looking Through Their Legs? by Hamid7(m): 11:53am On Apr 17, 2020
Here, It is believed that crossing over someone's legs or body will transmit diseases from the crossed person to the crosser.
Romance / Re: Give Me A Reason Why You Need This Cash by Hamid7(m): 8:22pm On Mar 28, 2020
All this people sef. Why create thread to chant about what you can't do


Romance / Re: Few Minutes To That Bro Give Away by Hamid7(m): 5:57pm On Mar 28, 2020
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Hamid7(m): 2:24am On Jan 14, 2020
Now I can chant FORCA BARCA!!!.
Quique Setien is here. This is a sweet night, let me go back to sleep.
Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello Reelected As Kogi Governor by Hamid7(m): 12:46pm On Nov 18, 2019

Daylight robbery ko. Night time burglary ni.

PDP has no choice than to "take am like dat".

We all witnessed how PDP did their many abracadabra too. In fact, APC is still a learner where PDP dey operate.

Let me give a few examples of past PDP wayo-wayo victories:

1. Wike "scoring" over 280,000 votes in his local govt (but awarded about 7k votes to his opponent) to be re-elected in 2019 when the presidential election didn't record a fifth of that votes in same LG.

2. PDP procuring court judgment to deny APC in participating in Rivers gubernatorial election.

3. Many instances during OBJ and GEJ where PDP would record 100% voters turnout in their strongholds and award 99% of the total votes to themselves. We saw the same trend even in 2015 and 2019 general elections.

4. I don't know if any party has killed innocent electorate for daring to align with an opposition party than PDP in Rivers, Bayels and othe SS/SE regions especially. We saw life photos of severed head of a grown APC leader (still struggling for life) in 2015. That gory image flashes back once in a while.

5. Maurice Iwu, working for PDP announced winner of presidential election while voting was still ongoing.

I can go on and on to prove that PDP deserves anything and everything that befalls it.

SHAT DA Bleep AP. Did you shit out your brain while pooing?
Politics / Re: Musa Wada: I Will Be Stupid To Congratulate Yahaya Bello by Hamid7(m): 8:11am On Nov 18, 2019
Definitely! It's very obvious that the election was heavily rigged to favor Yahaya Bello but not congratulating him doesn't change the fact that he still remains governor.
And congratulating him is tantamount to saying the election was free and fair.

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Politics / Re: Kogi 2019: Musa Wada Rejects Outcome by Hamid7(m): 7:50am On Nov 18, 2019

Electronic voting will not work in this country, trust me , riggers will preload results and swiftly digitalize rigging. When e- voting comes, the rigging figures would give many people heart attacks.
It will work!!!
And in the very unlikely case that it doesn't, it still wouldn't be as barbaric as manual voting. We are still backward because we want to use primitive methods to solve modern problems.
It will work!!!
Politics / Re: Darkness pervades the country as national grid collapses again by Hamid7(m): 7:42pm On Nov 09, 2019

Plus all the billions we spend? I doubt we have spent up to 20-30bn since 1999. We need ten times that.
Billions of dollars meant for power projects was embezzled under Obasanjo. "Fool me once, shame on you fool me again shame on me"; Nigerians have been fooled multiple times already, and every step now taken by government is seen as a looting strategy.
Trust is what the government and DISCOs need from the peopke, but they lost that trust long time ago. No one will hand his money over whom he doesn't trust. They should reclaim that trust first.
Politics / Re: Darkness pervades the country as national grid collapses again by Hamid7(m): 1:31pm On Nov 09, 2019

And that's a big part of why DISCOS and GENCOS cannot raise funds for power in Nigeria.

Nigerians don't want to pay for power. They want it for free. Hence the bribery and corruption
Nigerians prefer to run generators with their money since they are not certain their bills will be used to improve power. How much can they afford to pay with 30 000 minimum wage?
If the billions spent on power so far brought no improvement, why should we be willing to trust them with more money?
Crime / Re: Woman Caught Smuggling Rice In Her Body At Seme Border (Photos) by Hamid7(m): 12:57pm On Nov 09, 2019

If she was certain wat she was doing was right, why must she conceal the items...

You people are so backward and irritating, u dont have regards for the law, that's why you live in a shit hole...can u try this outside in a civilised country, stop using stupid sentiments to defend lawlessness.... They ban okada on highway, u will go defensive that "what will they eat", they ban trading on roadsides, you say government is harsh......these are signs of lawlessness and indiscipline....
On the contrary, they are signs of a failed government. Governance is a contract between the leaders and the common people. If the leaders fail to adhere to the terms of the contract, the result is indiscpline, lawnessness.

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