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Car Talk / Re: Pros And Cons Of Electric Vehicles by hoyze24: 6:12pm On Sep 26
The wahala of EVs it too much abeg
Would you mind mentioning the problems?

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Romance / Re: In A Dilemma Right Now, Please Advise by hoyze24: 5:00pm On Sep 08
She's done it too many times. You should let her go.
She probably sees you as the best guy who will always come around no matter what happens. It's time you let her know you are never going to be together again.
The dream will eventually fade, don't spend time thinking about her and the memories you've had. Focus your energy on stuff more productive.
I'm sure you will meet a better lady.

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Romance / Re: She Is A Lovable Person But Her Past Keeps Popping Up In My Head by hoyze24: 5:06pm On Sep 07
You bring sensitive relationship issues to nairaland and you get people who ain't married or have gone through bad relationship to advise you.
Don't leave her because of her body count. She's definitely shown you how good of a person she is, you don't have a nice body count either.
Romance / Re: She Is A Lovable Person But Her Past Keeps Popping Up In My Head by hoyze24: 4:57pm On Sep 07
The good part about her is way better than whatever negative past you think. You should appreciate those who show up and support you in difficult moments. You can't change the past but can make the future fun and interesting. Don't be deceived, there are few ladies who can stand by you genuinely.

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Business / Re: Is It Advisable To Save Money With These Recent Events by hoyze24: 5:46pm On Jul 29
My friends have been advising me to start saving money for a while now, I don't earn much but I had already decided to start saving, no matter how little, just yesterday when someone heard us talking about it, he said with the way Nigeria currently is, saving has disadvantages because my 1million today will become 500k next year.

Save your money in dollars, digital dollars like usdt and usdc are the most accessible right now. Register on a centralized crypto exchange, engage in peer to peer transactions where you exchange naira for usdt.

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Travel / Re: Seeking Honest Advice: Considering Relocating Abroad - Need Your Thoughts by hoyze24: 10:08pm On Jul 27
You're 45, leaving Nigeria at that age to seek greener pasture abroad isn't a good idea. You seem not to have skills that can get you jobs abroad too.
You studied accounting, I assume you know something about finance. Why not learn stuff like trading stock, foreign exchange or crypto currency.

You can make good money that can sustain you and your family from that. The most important thing here is putting in the work.
Travel / Re: Seeking Honest Advice: Considering Relocating Abroad - Need Your Thoughts by hoyze24: 10:03pm On Jul 27
My friend and his wife once made such decision. I advised against it, they said that thier definition of success is THEIR KIDS SCHOOLING IN USA.
7 years down the line, one kid in university, others doing well in high school but parents have been living from hand to mouth.
There isn't anything you could do with accounting degree. You would surely start afresh with other jobs that feeds you and family without savings.
The kids enjoy free secondary education, you labour Latour Latour. If you are the kind that can't stand having savings per month, you might not survive it.
Go to oyo, osun, states or ilaro side in ogun state, get big farm land against next year.
You can farm up to 100 acres of cassava, under good farm manager( with help of locals too), you would make unimaginable profit after one year.
Invest the remaining money in little thing to feed family before the harvest starts.
Planting season starts March, buy land learn it next year start work

Farming isn't as easy as many of you think. it isn't a get rich quick scheme and neither one you go into without experience. Nigerians are wild and are looking for means to defraud people. Telling him to relate with locals isn't a good idea.

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Politics / Re: How Does One Survive With This New Utility Increment? by hoyze24: 11:22am On Jul 01
Mine haven't increased . IBEDC still charges the same fee.
Forum Games / Re: Logically Who Would Come Out Alive From These Four? by hoyze24: 10:16pm On Jun 20
The grizzly would win this. Grizzly bears are big, ferocious and they have thick layer of hair that could act as advantage during attack.
Silverback is strong but can't stand fighting a bear.
Lion wouldn't last here, lions are more powerful as pride.

Then the anaconda got no chance against any, it can be torn up by the lion and bear and a hit from the gorilla could shatter it.


Politics / Re: How Much Is A Litre Of Fuel In Your Area. by hoyze24: 10:16pm On May 29

N300 is too much biko. With dangote refinery fully operational, I'm expecting it to be way cheaper than that.
No, fuel is going to cost way more with subsidy removal. Also, dangote is a private company and he will sell to make profit. The interesting thing is fuel prices will vary when subsidy gets removed. It's going to be largely dependent on crude price and and other minors like distance from refinery. Fuel might cost over 500.
Politics / Re: Ortom To Buhari: Last Eight Years’ll Be Remembered As Worst In Nigeria’s History by hoyze24: 9:06pm On May 26
Buhari's performance as president beats that of Ortom as governor. A governor who owes salaries and has done nothing instrumental to Benue state in 8 years shouldn't call Buhari a failure. If Buhari is a failure, then Ortom is a super heavy failure.
Travel / Re: Nigeria Air Is Rented - David Hundeyin by hoyze24: 9:02pm On May 26
unless you are a top company like Air France, Emirates etc, most new/small airlines company's aircraft are rented and/or bought (on credit) from failing airlines or from airlines that want to upgrade their fleet.

you think AIR PEACE own their planes....? they mostly got their planes from a Latvian CHARTER company called Smartlynx. Smartlynx own their planes not Air Peace.

This is not true. Airpeace have planes that are delivered brand new from Embraer.
Health / Re: Please How Can I Handle This Infection by hoyze24: 8:00pm On Mar 03
You have gonorrhea, go see a doctor.
Politics / Re: Video, Pictures Of Peter Obi's Campaign In Awka, Anambra by hoyze24: 2:39pm On Feb 21
This man and markets, always looking for easy crowd.
Travel / Re: Madonna Students Returning For Election Burn To Death In Road Accident (Pix) by hoyze24: 7:55am On Feb 21
Same thing happened in Enugu in 2017 or 2018 when students from Taraba were traveling to school. About 10 also died from that. I really wish parents could find a better school to send their wards in the north or rather use flight. Rest in peace.
Nairaland / General / Re: How Much Is Electricity In Your Area by hoyze24: 11:41am On Feb 18

The meter in my house has a card, that's what we use to recharge. When I check online, it said the type of meter we use cannot be paid online and I would really like to pay online henceforth. Can you help me out on how to pay online. That's the picture of the card. And how to know meter number
The problem might be the application I recommend not working with the distribution company you use.
If it does, then you should be able to pay using the meter number.

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Nairaland / General / Re: How Much Is Electricity In Your Area by hoyze24: 5:05pm On Feb 17

Please,how do you guys recharge online?

Use buypower, download the app, enter your meter number, choose your location and then choose means of payment. You get units in less than 1 minute.
Nairaland / General / Re: How Much Is Electricity In Your Area by hoyze24: 4:59pm On Feb 17

Electricity in the East is the costliest in the country.

If I recharge 1k, I get 14 units.

I get lesser than this in Ibadan, 1k gives 13.6units.

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Programming / Re: Why You Hardly See Nigerians Teaching About Coding On Social Media. by hoyze24: 2:00pm On Dec 16, 2022

I actually don't want more people to be like me. It makes the market less competitive. The lazier people are, the better for me.
It's lame to think the lazier people are, the better for you. It's good when you encourage more people to learn with you, tech brings so much innovation and the likelihood of more people being able to innovate or make cool stuff make the society better.
That's why you see tech companies teaching people about their framework.


Politics / Re: FG Plans To Tax Cryptos, Other Digital Assets by hoyze24: 12:21pm On Dec 02, 2022
Restricting it doesn't mean it shouldn't be taxed. It's just a way of discouraging it because of the high volatility of the market and the unknown actors behind it.

Most of us who are into crypto will tell you the Government has been vindicated. More than 99% of investors have lost over 90% of their investment in crypto..Market has been bleeding for over a year now and the blood is still fresh and running.

I won't forget the day I woke up to see my investment of a million naira dropped to less than 50k. My own sef small..You need to see how a friend could not eat well for days because his own dropped from around 11million to leads than 100k.

Well, all these story no concern Government. That tax must be paid. Tax and death are the only certain things in life

The market is bearish at the moment. People's decision to invest is on their own terms and they should rather allow people to invest maybe with some regulations but shouldn't be banned or heavily taxed. Why do you think America haven't banned cryptocurrency? They see more than the price action movements, they are interested in how the blockchain technology which is of course decentralized can help them grow. There's web 3 now and it's built on blockchain. That's going to bring a new wave of development in coming years and guess what, Nigeria will be behind again.

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Travel / Re: Is Traveling Abroad Worth It? by hoyze24: 3:56pm On Nov 06, 2022
I've stated it here on numerous occasions that by the second year of the next administration, a Dollar will exchange for close to #2,000. Maybe by then, you'd understand what's fuelling the japa syndrome.

The country had been murdered from the inception, the funeral arrangements is what's currently ongoing.

No way a dollar will go for 2000. You can quote this after two years
Travel / Re: Which State Has The Worst Capital In Nigeria? by hoyze24: 6:27pm On Sep 15, 2022
You must be kidding! Abakaliki isn't a bad place, I at least enjoy the light decorations on the Enugu highway whenever I use that road.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Engage In ‘Unknown Bishop Challenge’ To Mock APC (photos) by hoyze24: 11:55am On Jul 23, 2022
Please let's support honourable Peter obi for the president's of federal Republic of Nigeria, we are tired of those thief's now,

Without a tribalism and nepotism any sane Nigerian know it's only someone like Peter obi that can now rescue Nigeria from total collapsing, but seriously some ethnic bigot people will just still prefer to hav their own man at the affairs of the country either he is capable or not than to go for what could have been the best solution to all nigerian's current problems, #ObiDatti2023 is certain
Is Peter Obi an honorable?
Religion / Re: Is It True That Dead Bodies Wake Up At Night In Mortuary? by hoyze24: 5:59pm On Jul 04, 2022

And another one [happened in saint hospital close to my area ] A Woman Selling Food Opposite.

Always purchasing food from one mama put.
One fateful day, one came to buy food without paying. She asked the woman to hold on let her go back to get the money...

Mama food wait no feed back. So she went to the hospital and explain everything that a patient came to bought food without paying, the security was arguing that no one came out.

So the attendant over heard the argument, and asked her if she could recognize the person and she said yes..... So the research was going on from ward to ward, but they could not reach the person.

Madam said she's not leaving without her money.. So they proceed to the morgue.. Lo and behold they found the person, since that day the woman resigned from selling food.

I don't believe this. You think someone would enter morgue because she's looking for who bought food from her? People are scared of dead bodie

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Politics / Re: Like In Kogi, A Yahaya Bello Presidency Will End Insecurity In Nigeria - BAN by hoyze24: 1:44pm On Apr 16, 2022
All of them na BAN people.
I don't pity Nigerians, if some think Bello can be a president, someone whose state is one of the most undeveloped in Nigeria and don't even pay salaries.
Politics / Re: Devastating Pictures Of Court Room In Benue State by hoyze24: 12:50am On Apr 06, 2022
Ortom and ikpeazu are d worse PDP governors

Ikpeazu seems to have done more than Ortom

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Politics / Re: Devastating Pictures Of Court Room In Benue State by hoyze24: 4:03pm On Apr 05, 2022

How are you sure they haven't given the court money for repairs but they decided to convert the money to personal uses?
Then there should be a committee that monitors implementation and completion of projects that have been funded.
What would happen if this project was paid for would be low quality job, not this disgusting premise.
Politics / Re: Devastating Pictures Of Court Room In Benue State by hoyze24: 3:41pm On Apr 05, 2022
Ortom is just a pathetic governor, very shameless fellow cool
He isn't done with the state. He's contesting for a Senate seat in 2023.
Politics / Re: Devastating Pictures Of Court Room In Benue State by hoyze24: 3:04pm On Apr 05, 2022
Benue have promiscuous girls.
Politics / Re: Devastating Pictures Of Court Room In Benue State by hoyze24: 2:51pm On Apr 05, 2022

Upper area courts now belong to Federal government? Some of you are even worse than Ortom grin
Lol! Na Ortom spokesperson. Na wetin e for talk be that.
Politics / Devastating Pictures Of Court Room In Benue State by hoyze24: 11:53am On Apr 05, 2022
Pictures of upper area court room in Katsina Ala, Benue state. How do you defend cases or deliver judgements in an environment like this. It's a blow to Benue judiciary.

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Crime / Re: 4 Kidnappers Pose As Passengers, Hack Driver To Death In Rivers State (Photos) by hoyze24: 10:39am On Mar 28, 2022
This is one of the reasons car owners hardly help people asking for a ride on the side of the road. People are so dangerous.
One of my lectirers stopped allowing students into his car; he claimed his laptop was stolen the first time he did.

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